Nigeria requires 4.5 million new jobs annually to tackle rising unemployment – Report

To tackle rising unemployment in the country, Nigeria is expected to create 4.5 million jobs annually, according to a report by the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, NSRP.

While the demand presents an enormous challenge, it said concerted progress towards attaining the target would create lasting benefits not only to Nigeria but also to the entire African continent.

The NSRP report, which was unveiled in Abuja, particularly showed that the country’s unemployment rate is the highest in Sub-Sahara n Africa.

While the country’s economy is said to have grown at the rate of seven per cent during the last decade, the report showed that unemployment doubled during the period with poverty rate standing at a staggering 54.4 percent.

It quoted the 2013 United Nations Human Development Index, where Nigeria ranked 153 out of 186 countries and 118 out of 134 in Gender Inequality Index and linked some of the conflicts in the country to unemployment.

Parts of the report read, “Official measures of unemployment in Nigeria were as high as 23.9 per cent for 2011, rising to 27.4 per cent in 2012, while a 2012 UN report asserted Nigeria’s youth unemployment figures were the worst in Sub-Saharan Africa.

“With a total population of 167 million, estimates of the country’s total number of unemployed given by government officials in the media during 2012 and 2013 ranged between 20.3 million and 67 million.”

Already ranked the most violent country in Africa, the report stated that growing unemployment and its attendant conflicts have driven up the number of people killed through armed violence.

It estimated that an average of 3,000 conflict-related deaths occurred annually between 2006 and 2011, while violence against women and girls has been on the increase.

“Hundreds of thousands have been internally displaced by conflict,” the report further indicated.
“Consistent with global trends, there is in Nigeria evidence of a close correlation between youth unemployment and rising armed violence.

“The World Bank identifies the increasing magnitude of youth unemployment as one of two key indicators of the declining welfare status of Nigerians in recent times.

“High unemployment in Nigeria is associated with a growing gap between rich and poor, and there is evidence that such polarisation in itself reflects and fuels structural grievances.

“Unscrupulous political leaders and ‘winner-takes-all’ power politics exacerbate feelings of inequality and exclusion when ethnic or religious divisions are manipulated in electoral campaigns at national, state and local levels.

“Politically mobilised violent gangs, recruited from unemployed male youths and sometimes beyond the control of their original patron, are widespread across different conflict contexts in Nigeria.

“Retaliatory attacks between armed groups, or armed groups and security forces, can then occur, leading to a continuing cycle of violence,” the report stated.

The study reviewed the country’s employment generation and economic empowerment programmes including the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme (SURE-P), the Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria Programme (YouWIN!), and the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO).

Other programmes reviewed were Youth Employment in Agriculture Programme, the Agricultural Transformation Action Plan, the National Enterprise Development Programme, the University Entrepreneurship Development Programme, as well as the Integrated Youth Development Initiative.

The report concluded that despite the number of such schemes and the resources poured into them, youth unemployment and levels of insecurity have continued to grow in Nigeria.

In the worst cases, such programmes were found to produce the opposite effect based on interviews conducted on some youth in many parts of the country.

It was also found that the targeted population were never involved or consulted in the design, implementation and monitoring of the intervention programmes.

In a poll conducted to determine youth perception of government’s employment programmes, 39 percent of the population agreed government publishes information on the selection process.
Only 26 per cent agreed such programmes contributed to reducing the overall rate of youth unemployment.

Seventy-nine per cent of the sampled population agreed that only youth close to politicians got selected while 64 per cent thought female youth were discriminated against.

As part of measures to make such programmes work, the report called for better planning and coordination of youth employment sector.

It also advocated a clear road-map to steer government response – whether federal, state or LGA- rather than proliferating initiatives as well as ensure strategic mix of demand and supply through policy coordination at macro and micro levels.

It recommended that all arms of government convene on a regular basis to ensure joined-up approaches and maximum impact.

The NSRP is a five-year programme funded by the United Kingdom, UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) with the aim of reducing violent conflict in Nigeria.


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  • redeem

    that is why we need to separate—————————the SS cannot use their oil revenue to take care of 170m ungrateful humans——who have refused to give them resource control

    • Husseini

      This your “our oil” you are always talking about,let it be known to you and your cohorts that
      1. Oil is found all over Nigeria from the Atlantic ocean even up to Niger republic
      2. Quite unknown to you the past Nigerian leaders from the North deliberately decided to first exploit the oil in your SS to depletion while strategically leaving oil deposits in the north for future drilling when “your oil” has been exhausted
      3. Right now the price of crude oil is declining because America is a net exporter of oil from shale oil due to a new drilling technology called fracking
      4. Technology is moving fast. Very soon cars and even aeroplanes will be powered by solar energy and not by petroleum products.
      So chief, nobody to buy your “our oil”. Will you use it to fry fish? Be wise

      • redeem

        @WAHALA———–MONKEY–IF U HAD NOT SPELT YR NAME i WOULD HAVE TAKEN U FOR—–ONE OF THOSE FULANI COW HANDS–WHO STOCK THEIR MOUTHS WITH WOODEN STICKS IN ETHIOPIA——————–OIL IS FOUND ALL OVER NIGERIA MUMU———is that what your emir ati sultans told u—–in yr primary school geography lessons—soon u will tell us oil was discovered with revenue from cotton and groundnut—if the price of crude oil is declining as u said–why have yr governors not rejected revenue from my crude oil–in d SS——–Is brazil China and India also involved oil exploration activities in the Shale—————-u have no brain–imagine u saying that—————-cars ati aeroplanes will not be using fuel—fine so leave our crude oil revenue alone—thief–after being fed with my revenue for over 60 yrs–MALAM is it not time for u to thank us in the SS–and move on–with yr thieving life-

    • dele


      • redeem


  • Dr. Anuoluwa


    For the most part Nigerians are yet to show up themselves as fully evolved.
    Degradation amid depredation threaten their human dignity but they only hiss.
    But hissing is not a normal human reaction to existential threats to human dignity.
    To be deprived a job is to be deprived one’s humanity – but Nigerians don’t care.
    They’ll rather hug their poverty with bravado and take to beggary with arrogance.
    Such species cannot be part of humanity if they act as an exception to it.
    Nigerians are not poor and dying for lack of information of the causes of their woes.
    They are destitute for failing to be human – by confronting the causes of their ills.

    • Ricky

      Wow, that’s a thought-provoking question begging for answers.I doubt if
      anyone can answer it with a straight yes or no. The evidence seeing
      with one’s eyes tells me that no straightforward answer is possible.
      Nigerians have let themselves down very badly. Thousands of the youths just flee to wash
      toilets overseas. Can you believe that?

      Some of them even preferred to die
      in those rickety boats on the Atlantic sea from Senegal to Spain.

      myself must ponder your question further because real human beings don’t
      run away from their oppressors or run away from their homeland because of oppression of fellow citizens. No, not at all. Real human beings will instead organize to confront
      and vanquish their oppressors. Afterall, those spoiling the country by deadly
      thefts do so with the confidence that at worst these ‘brain-damaged
      people’ can do nothing except to run away.What a country!

    • redeem


  • John green

    Under which wing is this madness happpening and who’s the supervising assumed president of this nation. This is a big reason why we need change and no re-election for a failed government, when the timid youths are groaning on the street everyday without any job, we need a serious mind and a change of power for the center

    • redeem


  • Comfortkay

    What any government need to solve the rise in unemployment is a big project where Nigerian will find employment.

    • redeem


      • Comfortkay

        Did l mentioned your oil in my comments.God will never redeem you in this life or the next life

  • Dr Patrick Kolawole Awosan

    NRSP must stop deceiving Nigerians with the Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala led economic team that has been introducing and implementing deleterious-monetary-policies of naira-devaluation,run-away-inflation of essential-household commodities and school materials with exorbitant-school-fees in public highier institutions which indirectly encouraged private universities to come up with outrageous school fees making university education above the reach of average normal working families children.
    Where are the factories and industries that Dr Okonjo Iweala’s economic team has attracted to Nigeria domestic economy to date?Legacy of Ebele Jonathan regime is fuel price increase from N65 naira to N142 which NLC strike forced down to N97 naira per litre,triple electricity price despite nationwide perpetual darkness.transportation cost increases and food-stuff prices increases.Nigerians should ask themselves if their lives are better off than may 10,2010?

  • Amir

    Majority of Nigerians dismissed your column before the elections, dismissed it during the elections and will continue to dismiss your conjectures after the elections. Your opinion is meaningless and brings no value to the outfit that gave you space to vent your frustrations.

  • Frank Picker

    Sad and bitter man. Obsessed with Tinubu and Buhari. Eat humble pie and go to them for lessons on politics 101. You need to get out on the field to learn practicals from them instead of your dry theory. Totally irrelevant in all you write. Bitterness will eat you up. Sorry for you.

  • just kennie

    Its a big stain on the christaindom for someone like femi to be calling himself a pastor. It defies logic and make no sensible meaning. He never see anything wrong in Jonathan, he never criticize him, instead he abuses anyone that dear put in on check and balance. He focus solely on Buhari, as if its Buhari that denied the abdoption on the 200 girls, as if its Buhari that refuses to fire or hold anyone responsible when almost 20 ppl were sent to an early grave due to a fraud called immigration job. Its GEJ and not GMB that ferried $9.3 million Nigeria money into SA. $20 billion is still missing, to Femi it not missing, even now that the external aurditor is tacticaly denying thier work. Femi, Nigeria sees you in the same rank as Fani Kayode, Abati, Okupe….you have outlived your relevance..please get a life.

  • Agbo Gabriel

    Pst. Aribasala should know he has lost taste and relevance in the eye of the discerning public no matter the colouration of his epistles. This generation seem not to NEED you. Wisdom does not come with age and your national stand has proven that. You should concentrate in making amends before your creator and beg for forgiveness from your children and grand children. Too many passengers in this country.

  • Nuga A

    I blame Premium News for giving this guy unnecessary attention.Why do this people like twisting things and pasting falsehood lies to the public all to paint GMB black just as you people made false documentary against him on AIT, now you are twisting Fela’s song which was sang for Obasanjo when he want to handover to democratic elected Shagari in second republic now you are saying it is Buhari the song refer to.A pastor for that matter and a so called Professor.Aribisala hope you will not have heart attack on GMB issue. God almighty that put you people to shame doing the election will also put you people to shame on the successful administration of GMB and betterment of Nigeria.

  • Maria

    “Buhari asked for the vote and got the vote. But now that the election has been won, it is excuses galore! However, Nigerians voted for change: they did not vote for excuses. “… Hahahahahahahaha…. this lunatic is waking up from his long slumber. He has been masturbating with Madam Piss… Yeye pastor. If you are the only pastor in the world, then there is no God…419 is your name…419 pastor.

    • Garden-City Boy

      wants to be allow indefinite time, may be forever, to “dust books”,
      take a study program to learn the skills he needs. The presidency has
      become a classroom of some sort, where ignorance is granted the privilege of a
      learning curve. Buhari has, so early in the day, conceded that he is a
      congenital liar, having admitted he is not the masquerading magic-man he
      claimed. Who knows what his supporters will be thinking now that it is clear
      that, rather than a messiah, their man is an absolute disingenuous hypocrite.
      He is now to scout for contractors called “technocrats” to “help” his government.

  • Kwango

    Even Jonathan has announced ‘change’ to his masquerading gang of misfit public officers by reminding them of accountability and possible prosecution if found wanting. And GMB says some people have started refunding money to the federal government. This misguided hate preacher Femi has also ‘changed’ from announcing the empty achievements of Jonathan to admitting (within 1 month) that his erstwhile booming economy has indeed collapsed needing urgent attention from GMB. He too is preaching ‘change’ he claimed was not necessary few weeks ago. Such is the GMB effect, such is the change that we voted.

  • Marvin

    I still consider, femi aribisala as one of the most truthful Nigerian in this age as bob marley said ” the truth is an offence, but not a sin” please can someone tell where femi wrote a lie?

    • Abdulkadir

      The lie is when he insinuated that the President’s categorical statement during an interview with christiane amanpour indicated he is convinced of defeating bokoharam withing two months after taking charge at the helm of affairs. View the said conversation then make your judgement as to what the then presidential candidate meant. While Arabisala cannot say completely false statements against the president elect, he knows only too well that the best way to discredit a person you so much hate is to issue half truths.

    • Mosaku 147

      From sin he was conceived,in sin he lives,his sins will never depart from him till his end and in hell he shall rest. Femi Aribisala is a fake pastor.

      • Eric

        Tell us where Femi went wrong and stop writing hate speeches.

    • Festus

      I remember the President elect denied ever saying that he would make the dollar equal to the naira, if elected. Please check the records. He never said it. This is one of Femi,s lies. There could be more!

    • Garden-City Boy

      It does not come as a
      surprise that the sick, tired old dog incapable of learning new tricks will
      always fall back on the only game-plan he knows-trade-by- barter and essential
      commodity economic regime. During his military jackboot intrusion into the
      polity, this same fellow sat back in the comfort of the notorious DODAN
      Barracks Bunker where he kept busy with munching wraps and wraps of spicy Obalende
      Road SUYA made out of his patrimonial fulani cattle. Everybody knows how Tunde
      Idiagbon carried on with the entire intellectually-challenging job of the day, for
      which the dumb-ass claims credit today. Tunde Idiagbon must be turning in his
      grave with rage for this man’s dishonesty.

    • gboromiro

      Everywhere. Aoart from outright lies, there are misrepresentation, misinterpretation among others.
      Of course, same writer had written that GMB is not his president immediately after he was declared winner in furtherance of his campaign of calumny. He is a compromised writer.
      Or why else would anyone stridently criticize another yet to take up the mantle of governance.
      I am comforted that majority of Nigerians have voted change from the NONESENSE that is viewed as governance today.
      Deal with it!

  • Auwal Girei

    Mr. Aribisala it means u still dnt bliv dat GMB is on on a rescue mission, if he can used deceitness to obtaind electoral victory an save nigeria from goin down so b it.

    • Nkuu

      Go back to school if you believe even for a minute that Buhari has any thing meaningful to contribute. Talking of rescuing, let him first rescue all the almajiris for the wise ones tell us that charity begins at home.

  • Muktsa

    No where in the world can a political party fulfilled all its campaign promises. If Aoc can fulfilled the important ones, viz, power, jobs, security, minimal corruption , we are more than willing to forgo the rest

  • abbot

    Another clueless self acclaimed pastor.

    • Malik Isah

      Pastor, what pastor!


    This is a useless piece of trash. It lacks objectivity in every sense.

  • Abdulkadir

    Abdulkadir Yunusa Adoke True of your nature, you were never with honor nor were your forebears with any. You have served a typical case of the old saying, ‘A sheep cannot beget a lion, nor can a donkey beget a horse’. Your ancestors, in Valhalla or where ever lost souls repose, must be very proud of their prodigal son, not because you have succeeded were they have failed, but because in trying, you have kept their legacies alive. No thanks to your efforts to dissuade the public from voting for change, but you failed. Be sure that your efforts to cast the president in bad light will also fail.

  • Amin s fulani

    The problem I have with this piece is that it’s easy to see how naive and hateful the writer is, we all have been following President-Elect, Muhammad Buhari’s campaign speeches and promises and this whole article is full of misquotations, misrepresentation and misinterpretation.

    Femi you’re not just being hateful you’re disgusting. A Pastor with no integrity!

    • Mosaku 147

      A pastor with no integrity indeed.Aribisala is such a bore.

  • Mosaku 147

    At a point he hated FFK and compered him to his father,Fanny that same FFK is his best friend. Fake pastor.

  • SAM .A

    Femi ‘ Oro Kodun lenu Iya Ole” Story about robbery is not sweet from the mother of a thief.
    You did not vote for Buhari , it is your right to vote anyway u want. You denied after the majority elected him that he is not your president. Where is your locus standi to ask for fulfilling his promise even when he has not started.
    You have proved here time without number , that you are an hypocrite ,a Sadducee and Pharisee by profession , an Alakatikiti by birth an also a fake prophet . You practice yellow Journalism .You are always writing with too much POISON inside you, yet you claimed u are a pastor.
    You should follow your Hero Jona ,who fulfilled all his electoral promises to Otuoke on 29/5 and remain there with him . Remember to register for Politics 101 @ University of Otuoke .
    We shall be happy to miss political fanatics, & religious bigot like you in Lagos in particular and Yoruba Land in General .

    • gboromiro


  • tundemash

    Oloribukuku fake Pastor, this was your article on July 1 2014 predicting the end of Bola Ahmed Tinubu so who is having the last laugh now ?

  • absam777

    Did Aribisala write this: ”
    “Does Our President-Elect Intend To Keep His Word?”

    After saying that Buhari is not your president. What a hypocrite.

    Would someone tell please Uncle Sam Amuka that his paper is losing credibility every time Femi Aribiisala writes his rubbish

  • Festus

    The fake Pastor Femi Aribisala will continue to thrive in his hateful ways until he dies with his dirty mind.! Why won’t the shameless man keep his dirty mouth shut for a change? He is, indeed, a disgrace to christiandom.

  • Babatunde

    You’re never tired. Millions of Nigerians who in spite of bad weather came out to vote your principal (Jonathan) out and you dare to call them “”gullible electorates.” You have no respect for Nigerians, not in the least. By now I thought you should have given a big hug to a functioning PHCN transformer in your neighborhood. But here we are. Why do you hate so much? Mr. Buhari has never moved near the sit of power and you have already made up your mind and that of those who listens to your garbage that all is going to be business as usual. What a convoluted mind.
    It is quite unfortunate that you and your fellow co-travelers who believe that Nigeria should and will remain in the dark ages of chaos, corruption, and ignorance are still preaching your ridiculous and fake “gospel.” If you have nothing to contribute to the progress of Nigeria, please shut the hell up and let the rest of us chart a new course for our beloved country.
    If you must criticize, wait until Buhari’s policies are announced and implemented.
    Election is over and done with until 2019, it is time to roll our sleeves and begin a new nation building. Join us if you can.

  • Ifeanyi

    The write up do not in any way defy logic. Femi is very reasonable and articulate writer and has made his point, and anyone who do not understand should seek for clarification. I dont see the reason why people should not draw a constructive of the message, but rather derive pleasure in insulting and criticizing the messenger. That is really pathetic and quite uncalled for.

    • Malik Isah

      Fail, sorry eh! Try again next time

      • Garden-City Boy

        Okay, then. I was right about a pinhead who has nothing to offer except “Sorry eh, try again”. Are you an awusa man by any chance?

        • Malik Isah

          ode, where were you on May 28, hehehehe

  • Hawtgirl

    Well written. Some of us attended the campaign rallies and have a long list of the promises. It’s time to see them materialize. No excuses.

    • Garden-City Boy

      It does not come as a surprise that the sick, tired old dog incapable of learning new tricks will always fall back on the only game-plan he knows-trade-by- barter and essential commodity economic regime. During his military jackboot intrusion into the
      polity, this same fellow sat back in the comfort of the notorious DODAN
      Barracks Bunker where he kept busy with munching wraps and wraps of spicy Obalende Road SUYA made out of his patrimonial fulani cattle. Everybody knows how Tunde Idiagbon carried on with the entire intellectually-challenging job of the day, for which the dumb-ass claims credit today. Tunde Idiagbon must be turning in his grave with rage for this man’s dishonesty.

      • Malik Isah

        Sorry eh try again

        • Garden-City Boy

          Mine was not aimed at impressing pinheads.

  • Nkuu

    The election confirms that we have a large numbers of mentally challenge adults in SW, NE, NW, NC. How could any sane person vote a Buhari. The Western countries who supported MUMU Nigerians are all laughing at us; they have proven that many Nigerians have IQs similar to those of monkeys….

    Buhari should build 3 psychiatric hospitals in every state that voted for him. Nigeria will be better off if his supporters are giving medical attention…

    • Malik Isah

      Ntooooooo. .u Don fail, sorry eh

    • Gideon Abe

      Like ur fada

  • Amin

    I wish to liken this write up to the action of a man who kills a fly with a sledge hammer. I wish to observe, with the greatest respect, that this writer is committing the error of hasty conclusion.

    • Malik Isah

      His is a case of mental trauma. He is too traumatised that a man he hates so much lost the election

    • Gideon Abe


  • gboromiro

    Those whom our God wants to destroy, he would first make mad.
    Fake pastor, may the hatred and sadness in you continue to plague your tummy and mind till you are truly purged.
    Its no surprise at all when shameless people like you stay incorrigible.
    Who cares about your opinion. Buhari and Tinubu are in charge.
    Deal with it!

    • anwari


      • Gideon Abe


    • Gideon Abe


  • Malik Isah

    Aribisala, this your bitterness will consume you o! Even the person wey contest and lost the election no bitter like u

  • mustapha Shehu

    Frustration and madnee at work.Femi is simply crazy.

    • Rod

      What is the frustration here. Is it that he has lost the appointment GEJ gave to him. The man was simply pissed off with the many lies of the APC. Be rest assured that millions of Nigerians are on the same page with him. They are waiting for the first hundred days. We pray the magic they promised work so that we can congratulate him or they should be ready for the consequences of their actions. We pray he succeeds and spare us the troubles

  • Gbola

    I just wonder if Femi Aribisala reads the comments under his opinion
    piece every time he writes. After all, he is writing for public consumption.
    There are a wide range of issues to write on that must be beyond Buhari and
    Tinubu. Most opinion piece writers will wait a few weeks or months to begin to
    evaluate a new government. It beggars belief that anyone would begin to angrily
    criticise an elected government that has not even been sworn into office. Most
    people will be offering advice on what they expect the new government to do and
    what should be priority. Most serious Pastors would be praying for
    their success. They would by now have forgiven everybody that offended them regarding
    the election including the candidates and put Nigeria first. Femi Aribisala seems
    of a different mould. The dichotomy GEJ/GMB ended with the announcement of
    election results and acceptance of results by all parties. From that point
    forward, Nigeria is all that matters and Femi of all people who preach democracy
    and faith should know this. Since he certainly must have family and friends, I
    think they should move closer to him and tell him to relax a bit, take a step
    back, introspect and preach forgiveness not hatred. He needs to show more love
    and patriotism.

    • Gideon Abe

      Thanks. Seems Dr. Femi is turning into a kid again . maybe old age


    Dr, no be lie we will see… i dey feel you….. true talk… all there propaganda go soon ?????? they can”t full us.. let watch n see