Nigeria 2015: NANS endorses President Jonathan for second term

President Goodluck Jonathan

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, on Thursday endorsed President Goodluck Jonathan to run for a second term in office.

The President of NANS, Yinka Gbadebo, who led the National Executive members of the association on a courtesy visit to the First Lady, Patience Jonathan, expressed their support at the Presidential Villa in Abuja.

The delegation, which passed a vote of confidence on Mr. Jonathan, also presented a certificate of credence to Mrs. Jonathan for her pursuit of peace and empowerment of women and the youth.

“As pragmatic and visionary Nigerians, we can see through the veil of distraction and boldly applaud the Goodluck administration for infrastructural and social transformation,” Mr. Gbadebo said.

“We have unflinchingly determined to put all political detractors and evil geniuses to shame in 2015 by giving Mr President the singular and total support of all Nigerian students.

“As a united association, all students have been mandated to cast their votes for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to emerge victorious and continue the good works of transformation,’’ he added.

Mr. Gbadebo, whose studentship at the Obafemi Awolowo University has been questioned, noted that in order to actualise this, NANS had floated the Nigerian Students Transformation Vanguard to champion this cause.

He commended Mr. Jonathan for his support to Nigerian students and youth by appointing six past NANS leaders in his administration.

According to him, the past leaders included the Ministers of Information and Education, Labaran Maku and Ibrahim Shekarau, respectively.

Others are the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Kingsley Kuku, and Senior Special Assistant to the President on Students and Youth matters, Jude Imagwe.

Responding, Mrs. Jonathan while expressing her love and support for NANS, commended its leadership for consistent constructive engagement on national issues, “especially at this time when some Nigerians take advantage of every situation without concern for national security.”

“This really shows that our youths are coming of age and that they can be relied upon in the task of nation building,” she said. “Today, our youths in the tertiary institutions are hard-working and are hopeful of a better future for this country, in spite of our challenges.”

Mrs. Jonathan urged them to continue in their constructive engagements on national issues and lend voices to positive moves in the interest of the nation.

“Your organisation should continue to champion the cause of peace in our nation as no nation progresses in an atmosphere of insecurity.

“As students, you cannot stay in school if there is no peace. Therefore do not allow anyone to use you as agents of destabilisation. You must resist the temptation of being used by politicians as thugs during elections.

“You should learn to be patriotic and not be a willing tool in the hands of those bent of sowing seeds of discord among our people.

“As mothers, we are praying for you because we love you, you are our future, our hope. You must therefore remember the children of whom you are and face your studies squarely’’.

NANS is the coalition of all students union of tertiary institutions in Nigeria. It has been criticised in the recent past for being too corrupt, violent, and a willing tool in the hands of anyone willing to pay for its services.

Many of its past and present leaders including Mr. Gbadebo have also had their studentship questioned amidst reports that genuine students hardly get involved in its activities.



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    I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Gbadebo’s (NANS) endorsement does not represent the overwhelming wishes of Nigerian students. These NANS executives are nothing but mercenaries. They have simply lined their pockets at the expense of Nigerian students.

    Perhaps the longest university teachers’ strike has taken place under this Administration. The same Administration has been swindling graduates over jobs, forcing them to pay money for jobs not delivered. In place of jobs, this Administration gives deaths, a la immigration jobs. How any student will endorse such a government must baffle any right thinking Nigerian. Yet, these are the leaders of tomorrow?

    • Fish

      This guy in question is not even a student in the first place, a parade of foolishness at its peak!!!!!!
      This is a the defination of what money can do to a very poor minded Nigerian ….
      #JONATHANISM( the practice of foolishness with a gut ).

      • Vesper

        This discussion is for Nigerians only. Please withdraw or delete your comment and picture before I get angry. Waiting!

        • Fish

          I guess you will need to go hug the nearest transformer to ur house o….,
          People who are blind to their conscience !!!!!
          # JONATHANISM ( the practice of foolishness with a gut )

          • solomon

            Fish I will use you to eat my eba tonight.

            ebola patient pls find a cool place to die

          • Factual

            It means you will also die of Ebola Jonaharam after eating your eba.

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          How do you guys know that ‘Fish’ is not Nigerian?

          And even if he is not, the internet is a public, not a private forum.

          I wonder what you guys would say, do or wear, if the makers of Jeans and trainers state “these are made for compatriots only”.

      • sharp shape

        Are you crazy ? What’s your business with Nigeria ! Not your fault you want Nigeria to ruled by people that lack the cerebral ability and required discipline so your drug infested children can continue to exploit our resources the way your fore- fathers did ! Sorry white trash it will not work ! Sango and ogun plus amadioha deform you and your prostitute of a wife and your deformed children ! Soponna lo ma kpa gbo gbo awon ebi re ode olori ibu ! Rubbish !

        • Fish

          It’s just so obvious you can’t think beyond your belly.
          Wait until your children will ask you why you have wasted their future and you dumped as your imagination can serve you!!!!!

        • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

          Sharp shape, you too!!!

          Since when did the internet become a Nigerians only thing?

          This is a public forum.

          Please let us observe the civility and decorum required here.

        • Nigerian

          Hi! Mr. sharp RUBBISH shape.

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Bigot! Must you ‘export’ your foolishness and hatred? Fish has a right to contribute to any discourse anywhere. BTW the Internet did not originate in these parts. How dare you now lay an absolute claim to it?

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Truth Master,

      Don’t mind these fake “students”!

      One would have thought that they would use the opportunity of a one-to-one with Madam Piss to channel some words about being under-represented to the point of near exclusion from the recently concluded Confab that was convened to “discuss Nigeria’s future” – their future – and the incessant closures of the tertiary institutions of education and the elitist charges they are being made to pay for pedestrian level education!

      But no, they are happy with crumbs and more interested in what they can out of the ‘Deformation Agenda’.

      !f that is the future of Nigeria, any wonder the present is so fokked up?

    • solomon

      Until they endorse ebola tonubu total shame on you go and hung transformer if you don’t want to hear them


        You kind even write in readable English, yet you come to a public forum. You don’t HUNG a transformer, you HUG it!

      • Nigerian

        You sound so childish.

    • Okache

      Not at all my brother. The guy na job man. He was simply there with his shameless group to get something.

  • amazing2012

    Hahahaha GASTROPOLITICS ( Amala and begiri soup politics)
    On what basis are you supporting him ? On what ratio do you measure your support ? Are you supportng him because he has enemies, he cannot defeat ? No one want to know of his enemies what we are interested is how he handle them. Sympathy and weakness will not be a reason of support. Now you have open a new page in our political drama, any leader who need support will simply become weak and vulnerable to enemies and get support.!
    In 2019 who are you supporting ? Another weak person ? No body is interested in who rule what ? And how long provided he put a stop to BH and corruption, which translate to lack of our progress. NANS what you are after is not progress but your selfish interest. Stomach politics !!

    • solomon

      Any how you saw it he has endorsed the person they chooses if you don’t like them go and endorse yours mumu ebola tinubu agent

  • Ovie Obaro E

    Good! Who else did you expect them to endorse? The rabid hater of freedom of association, speech and movement? The one who initiated, invented and promulgated the notoriously draconian decrees 2 & 4?…..under which several student leaders and Journalists disappeared with no trace? …and under which Fela was arrested, beaten and jailed? (See youtube for evidence of the beating of Fela by the Terrorist Govt of the day)…no be today this guy don dey spill blood o! E don tey wey him love to spill blood. Nonsense!

    Jonathan is sure not the best for continent Nigeria…but he is far better than all the other jobless Islamist Terrorist vampires who seek to make gain from violence, bloodletting, threats etc. This is why I say, ‘Jona for life’. Hug a live 750,000,000KVA transformer if you don’t like my comment….Thank you for listening!

    God bless the Republic of the Niger Delta


    • sharp shape

      God bless you ! Death to buhari and death to tinubu insha Allah !

      • solomon

        No death to them but they will live in forever humiliations.

        God will surely put them in perpetual disorder and keep their children in evil hands as Elrufa has continue witnessing.

        • Nigerian

          You are already in mental disorder that’s why you are so childish and writing rubbish.

      • Checkmate

        You are still around? You should be taken to AIG Force Animal Branch for keeping.

    • John green

      Bunch of hungry youths who wants attention at all cost, is parading himself around to make more money from the federal government after all the millions he raked in last year through the asuu strike by allying with the benue state governor and other PDP governors, we all know his game and no commoner will buy his attitudes and greedy act of supporting a failed president……

      • Umpire

        React to his/her points. Engage him/her. No irrelevant diversions. Ok?

      • sharp shape

        Sharaaaaaaaaaap !!! Go hug a transformer !

  • ofonime Daniel Imoh

    Our able president we hail thee. Even when people castigate your administration, which is the best compared to other administration, you shall triumph. We that support you are more than those that are against you. Some politicians use money entrusted on them to destabilize your administration, but they shall fail. ” We can still see through the veil of distraction” I love that

    • John green

      Another hungry youths who wants attention at all cost, is parading himself around to make more money from the federal government after all the millions he raked in last year through the asuu strike by allying with the benue state governor and other PDP governors, we all know his game and no commoner will buy his attitudes and greedy act of supporting a failed president……

  • Nigerian

    Hahaha! I pity Nigeria. Our country will never move forward with the kinds of Mr. Gbadebo parading themselves as leaders of youth.

    • solomon

      Your household will never move forward with that of your half dead ebola tinu

      • Factual


      • amazing2012

        Solomon you are cursed ! So is because of rice and Irish Potato that you are defending lies ? Chai chai hunger no good !

  • John green

    Another hungry youths who wants attention at all cost, is parading himself around to make more money from the federal government after all the millions he raked in last year through the asuu strike by allying with the benue state governor and other PDP governors, we all know his game and no commoner will buy his attitudes and greedy act of supporting a failed president……

    • solomon

      He became hungry because he was not shouting of ebola tinubu

      • Sincerely Yours

        Seriously, to be candid, which one is more apt – Ebola (Ebele) jonathan or Ebola Tinibu. Which rings more true?

        • Nigerian

          The former indeed.

  • Ol’boy

    Nigeria deserves a thinking leadership which neither Goodluck Jonathan nor General Mohammadu Buhari can give.

    • Onike24

      No Nigeria needs a leader who can confront the enshrined self interest and get us out of this morass we find ourselves. Then we can look for a thinking leadership, right now we need an action and morally upright leader. We can’t think our way out of this mess

  • amazing2012

    Solomon may you be a victim of the inadequacies of this government them you will understand what I mean. He is not the only person from Niger Delta and we are not after region, tribe or religion what we are after is who will stop death and prosecutes corrupt officials. Is there anything g wrong with this ?

    • solomon

      Your entire linage are doom for their past evils so you won’t escape your worst end mark it and get prepare blood sucker North

      • amazing2012

        What made you to think I am from the North ? So no any good person to speak truth from your side ? When did region become a quantum of measurement of honesty, equity and justice ? When did tribe and ethnicity become factor of truth. Surely Ebola is from animals like you !!

  • Babso

    Is it not the same NANS that honored Bode George? These guys have derailed due to stomach infrastructure. Gbadebo cannot speak for the students as he lack the requisite qualification to do so.

  • Sopulu

    It does look like 2015 will not good for Propaganda Times, Sharia Reporters and Arab Promotion Congress (APC)

    • Dr.kay

      And it will be good for your people destructive party abi? 2015 is the turning point for Naija , a change to something refreshing , not pdpigs! If you hate those media outfits so much why legitimize them with your presence by feeding on their contents or your media friendly outfits are so useless you just have to come back to reality

  • Enemona

    The infamous NANS. Who takes them serious these days? A bunch of cheap thugs. Pick your crumbs and move over.

  • special@dviser

    If you want to get a good portion of the cow meat , you have to be close to the person killing the cow or pay a premium for it.

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Are these the same students who were at home for eight months recently when their lecturers were forced to go on strike due to infrastructural decay in our university system? Did they hear of the latest mass failure in WASCE results? What is their view on allocation to education in the 2014 budget? Is visitation to Presidential Villa enshrined in NANS’s constitution? Even if so, what educational issues did they discuss with the President during the visit? As one who has wards in three Nigerian universities, I can readily say that this move cannot represent the position of Nigerian students. NANS must know that they are the only source of hope for a better Nigeria of tomorrow. Hollow dance around the truth for transient pecuniary gains can only worsen the already bad socio-economic situation in the country and the youths should become a vanguard of change, not falling prey to being misguided by the already misguided elders.

  • True Nigerian

    I was a students union leader. It opened my eyes to the depth of the rot in Nigeria. As a student union leader, NANS was one thing that I found very repulsive. From uncountable guns and bullet spray in the name of national conventions/election down to conscienceless endorsements of just anybody or the dishing out of useless awards to any thief in order to get money and donations from them, NANS was a silly joke and remains so. This is why I say that Nigeria has to be changed from the top-bottom and bottom-top.

    NANS will endorse just anybody, including murderers and rapists if doing so would put money in the pockets of the few animals that often hide under the name of NANS. Most of them are actually violent campus cultists who have either killed many people or paid those that belong to that shameless underworld in order to help them to get their positions in NANS.

    Nigeria is in deep trouble. The largest chunk of the generation that is coming after the Jonathan generations are worse than the current and former vermins that have damaged Nigeria. And with the way the country and its political parties have structured the politics of the country, the few good ones will find it extremely unattractive and difficult (if not impossible) to come near the political terrain, let alone getting into the positions of power where they can make significant difference in the country and steer the country to an opposite direction.

    It is easier for a brilliant and visionary Nigerian to become the Governor of a State in a foreign country than for him or her to become a local government chairman in Nigeria. This is partly why Nigeria is on the way down. Just try to imagine Chuka Umunna trying to run for election as a PDP Presidential candidate or an APC governor in Lagos where Tinubu wants the next submissive crook to simply follow his orders. What do you think would happen to Chuka’s ambitions if he were to pursue them in the Nigerian milieu? That’s what I am talking about. He will be disgraced by the number of votes he will get in the same country that is direly in need of people like him. There is little or no hope for Nigeria, but people don’t know that because they are mostly sentimental in their judgement.