Speaker Tambuwal presidential posters flood Abuja

Speaker Tambuwal says he will make known the direction he will take with regards to his political future at the appropriate time


As politicians get set for the 2015 general election, posters of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal and his Deputy, Emeka Ihedioha as President and Vice Presidential aspirants were Saturday seen in most of the major streets of Abuja, Nigeria’s capital.

Mr. Tambuwal and his deputy are members of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, but PREMIUM TIMES observed that the posters posted today carry the logo of the opposition All Progressives Congress, APC.

The spokesperson of Mr. Tambuwal, Imam Imam, issued a statement late on Saturday stating that Mr. Tambuwal had nothing to do with the posters, even as he advised those behind it to take cognizance of the nation’s laws as regards political campaigns.

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has consistently frowned against the flagrant abuse of campaign laws in the country, especially with regards to the 2015 election.

“While we thank them for deeming us fit for elective office in the country, let it be known that since the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has not given the go-ahead for those interested in elective positions to start mobilisation, it is inappropriate for any person or group to print campaign posters and have them placed in strategic areas all over the country.

“Laws of the Federation are meant to be obeyed by the high and mighty. The Honourable Speaker will make known the direction he will take with regards to his political future at the appropriate time,” the statement said.

PREMIUM TIMES had last week reported how President Goodluck Jonathan has consistently been violating the nation’s laws with regards to early campaigns.

New billboards urging Nigerian voters to vote for Mr. Jonathan in the 2015 presidential election have sprung up at strategic corners of Abuja against repeated warnings by the INEC to politicians not to commence campaign before the stipulated time.

PREMIUM TIMES sighted some of the billboards at the roundabout adjoining Shehu Shagari Way and Ibrahim Babangida Boulevard in the Maitama District as well as the Ahmadu Bello Way/Kur Mohammed Street junction (opposite ThisDay Dome) in the Central Business District of the federal capital territory.

Unlike the previous ones scattered around the country, the new billboards, sponsored by a group, Jonathan Actualization Movement, JAM, are offensive to the provisions of the Electoral Act 2006 (as amended) because it is urging Nigerians to vote for the president.


With green backgrounds, the billboards have the picture of the president adorning the traditional caps and attires of the three major ethnic groups, Hausa, Yoruba and Ibo, on them.

The message on the billboards does not only suggest that the president has been picked by his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as its standard bearer, it also indicates that he has opened campaign in violation of the Electoral Act, which specifies that campaigns should commence 90 days before any election.

Section 99 (1-3) of the Electoral Act says: “For the purpose of this Act, the period of campaigning in public by every political party shall commence 90 days before polling day and end 24 hours prior to that day.

“A registered political party which through any person acting on its behalf during the 24 hours before polling day”

“Procures for publication or acquiesces in the publication of an advertisement in a Newspaper for the purpose of promoting or opposing a particular candidates, commits an offence under this Act and upon conviction is liable to a maximum fine of N500,000.”


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  • Dere

    Nigeria is a lawless country where beheading of fellow citizens is usual. And in that anomie, anything goes; when written laws become mere pretences to sanctimony. Elections have no meaning for policy outcomes, because only a bloody revolution can save Nigeria.

    • solomon

      why not TAMBUWAL VP EMEKA IHEDIOHA president.

      Why must useless cow brothers think they are to lead when they have no contribution to the national finances.

      I hate these cows called NORTHERNERS

      Emeka Ihedioha

      • HassanAbdullahi

        Then committing suicide will be best for you

        • solomon

          Head or tail you people are the losers.

          • Shehu


      • Shehu


  • Braun

    This article is biased. Tambuwal has nothing to do with his own posters but President Jonathan must be responsible for his? Na wa for una.

    • redeem

      This APC sponsored story is so amusing————the man who planted the said billboard for Jonathan was a former financier of the Buhari campaign outfit in 2011——————-clear Jonathan attention is yet to be drawn to it-as for Tambuwal he is of novalue to the PDP-we all know he is a member of APC–Aware all the fulani janjaweeds in politics are in APC-with their boko haramic ideas-The North is not only made up of Fulanis–there are other ethnic groups there also——-cheers

      • Shehu


        • redeem

          @wahala–keep on playing second fiddle to the fulanis-instead of the first eleven–

          • Shehu


  • wode

    I can see hands of PDP in this.

  • Ailenbata George

    This is politics made in Nigeria by born to rule dreamers

  • Ekpenyong Aniefiok

    Fellow Nigerian Citizens,

    On behalf of the patriotic and well-meaning peoples of the Middle Belt and the southern parts of this country, I , Major Gideon Orkar, wish to happily informyou of the successful ousting of the dictatorial, corrupt, drug baronish, evil man, deceitful, homo-sexually-c­­entered, prodigalistic, un-patriotic administration of General Ibrahim Babangida…

    Our history is replete with numerous and uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues by those who think it is their birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges of this great country to the exclusion of the people of the Middle Belt and the south.

    We are extremely determined to recover all ill-gotten wealth back to the public treasury for the use of the masses of our people. .. We are fully in control…All airports, seaports and borders are closed forthwith.

    April 22,1990.

    Is it not the same intrigues when we are threatened with flow of blood like dogs & baboons should one man lose
    elections? Who wud be so cowardly as to accept that? Not me. NEVER!

    24yrs after, has anything changed? Is it not the same “…uncontrollable instances of callous and insensitive dominatory repressive intrigues… birthright to dominate till eternity the political and economic privileges” which Boko
    Haram is enforcing? With 9 Presidents in 39/53yrs, the North want to continue to MISlead. The Whole of the South is just 2 Presidents in 14/53yrs. Where lies the balance?

    Any profitable and successful company anywhere in the world is led by seasoned and well educated men & women with not just brilliant ideas but economic power base and influence to inspire their attitude. But in Nigeria, the reverse is the case. The wealthy regions being misled by the overly poor. The only way forward is disintegration…and then there will be truly healthy competition and every emergent Nation will develop at its own pace…and not where those crawling have made it habitual to pull back those flying by wanton destruction of lives & property, vampire politicking, brazen legislathief stealing by garments & caps etc It is nauseating. Breakup Nigeria & corruption ends same day.

    God bless Majors Gideon, Mukoro & Co. …The brave men saw, what comrade Adaka I. Boro & Gen Dim Ojukwu saw. The triumph of evil over truth can only be ephemeral. Truth is: We need disintegration. We need real Nations not this Britico arrangement.

    • Shehu


  • Oladapo Adesope

    “If Buhari does with Islam what GEJ is doing with Christianity, Nigerians will stone him to death, Buhari has not done a third of what GEJ is doing with Christianity with his Islam”…..bitter truth

    • Ide4u

      GEJ went to the site of Madala Bomb blast and told those Igbos to get use to it.

  • Mayo

    This is a very poor article and I will try to respond to some of your points

    1) There is nothing wrong in removing a democratically elected government if it is corrupt: There is everything wrong with that. First there is a law against removing a government by force. Secondly, if the people feel the government is not serving them, they have a chance to remove the government at the next round of elections or get their representatives in the legislature to initiate impeachment proceedings against the relevant personnel.

    Let us even agree that it was right to have ‘forcefully’ removed an elected government. He set up tribunals to try some of those politicians but even when the military tribunals acquitted some of those politicians he still kept them locked up (E.g. Alex Ekwueme). In addition, why did Buhari keep the President (Shagari) under house arrest but threw his deputy (whom everybody agreed was just a figure head) into Kirikiri prison?

    2) He was a dictator: Yes, most revolutionaries turn out to be dictators but that doesn’t make it right. In addition, when people call Buhari a dictator, they refer to his tendency to ignore judicial rulings that he doesn’t like. Buhari enacted a decree for drug trafficking. The same decree provided an appeals process for convicted drug offenders but while this appeal was still on-going, he executed people. That is being dictatorial. In addition, the decree was backdated and used on people who were convicted when the decree didn’t exist.That is also being dictatorial.

    3) He supports Boko Haram: According to you, calling for amnesty is not the same as supporting Boko Haram. Yes, that is true. But that is not exactly what happened here. First, you have to condemn what the people did. Before this year, Buhari had never condemned Boko Haram. In fact, he once said (I’m paraphrasing here)- ‘…when Niger Delta carried arms, they gave them money. Now my people carry arms, they are killing them…’. How do you interpret that? While I don’t believe he actively supports Boko Haram, his utterances were very insensitive and I believe emboldened BH.

    4) He Supported Abacha: Nothing wrong with that. But there is everything wrong when he lists all the government he considers corrupt but explicitly leaves out Abacha. The fact that you support someone doesn’t mean you should be blind to the person’s issues.

    You said ‘..If Buhari does with Islam what GEJ is doing with Christianity, Nigerians will stone him to death, Buhari has not done a third of what GEJ is doing with Christianity with his Islam…’, please give me an example of what GEJ is doing with Christianity that is supposed to be bad.

    I’m not endorsing GEJ, neither am I denouncing Buhari. I believe we all have the right to support our preferred candidates. But while supporting our candidates, we should not misrepresent facts or tell blatant lies.

    • concerned9ja

      You either belong in or belong out. You picked six points, but in all these, you cannot even indict Buhari. Instead, you are using your own words, in the form of paraphrasing, to put words in the man’s mouth. Most of these things you said GMB did happen during the era of aberration and l want to challenge you who among the looters of today did not have roots from past military rgimes? One thing is clear, GMB left a worthy legacy one could look back to. For instance, go to Yaba Bus Stop in Lagos. The culture of orderliness and queueing for buses going to Pako and Unilag started in the days of Buhari/Idiagbon. Inside Unilag campus it is stil the same till today. Before that time, the culture of rushing, pushing and shoving were the order of the day. Today, the only thing GEJ bequeathed to us is Transforming corruption to an unprecedented height, mediocrity in governance, insensitiveness, associating with rogues, fugitives and drug pushers.

      • Mayo

        1) I paraphrased because I couldn’t remember the exact quote but he did say – his people were being killed and Niger Delta was given money.
        2) I wasn’t out to indict Buhari. I only set out to respond to some of the points the writer of this article had raised
        3) I don’t know about you but where I grew up, people queued in banks, bus stops, etc. Not queuing seems to be part of the younger generation. If you meet people who are above 55 – 60, you will notice that they easily get irritated when they see others jumping the queue. If you go to motor-parks to board a car for inter-state travel, you will notice that it is first come, first serve (this is also the same as queuing). Is it also the military that brought it in?

  • umunnem

    “He supported Abacha…” should be the most laughable. Have we forgotten the million man march for Abacha? Who were the organizers? Arthur Eze and the other Okoro chap from Arondizuogu. All Igbos!!! Abegi make I hear word. Hypocrites criticizing GMB out of fear of what he will do should he win. Today, America has sanctioned us (by not buying our oil) and crude is $77.00 per barrel. They reason that GEJ and Dez have too much money to burn so they are pulling out. NOI has said she will start retrenching the work force since there’s no money for payroll. How would there be any money when TAN, JJJ, JYG and other acronyms are taking our commonwealth and campaigning for a man who is ineligible to stand for election. Don’t you all read??? The constitution says 8 years of 2 terms, no more but it could be less. Is GEJ going to rule for 2years in the unlikely event he wins in 2015?

  • Tufiakwa

    Thanks for capturing those sordid acts of the mean hypocrite in one article.

  • Garden-City Boy

    Perhaps, your gibberish should have been better done in ‘pigeon’ English or even in German. The level here borders on the atrocious. This is English language caricature. Leaves one guessing if you left your English behind as you immigrated to Germany. I that the case? It is all sweeping generalizations you tend to hyperbolize to ridiculous degrees. Just imagine this one, “gave gbo the vice presidency slot twice”. Could that be written in better polished English?
    Regarding your Buhari, all you were able to accomplish one thing: forcible break into his closet, pull out all the tall skeletons therein and itemize them with exhibit labels. Are you absolutely sure you really intended to do that to Mr. Buhari? Were you just being sarcastic? Overall, you should be doing better than this, or can’t you?
    And, by the way, did the guy tell you he was a revolutionary….just as Castro, or you’re just giving him an unsolicited makeover. Your disillusionment is captured in the assertion: “If Buhari does with Islam what GEJ is doing with Christianity, Nigerians will stone him to death, Buhari has not done a third of what GEJ is doing with Christianity with his Islam”. Would you define those things about Islam Buhari does that Jonathan does with Christianity…. those things for which Buhari has earned his bad name and deserves to be hanged. We want to

    • Semiu

      I was expecting that much-bloated polished English from your conjectures, as you struggled hard to pour your water-loose counter-argument. Unfortunately, nothing extraordinary, yours is evasive tactics to take us from the core issues. Please, Prof. Bato of Literature, let’s stick to issues.

      Who is a revolutionary? You mean he must come with the label of Marxist? Call Buhari a Bonaparte, call him a Bismarck, the fact remains that he represents the radical face of the establishment. That is why his credentials remain one with no blemish. Jerry Rawlings has never been refered to as a Marxist, if that is what revolutionary is to you, a result of your reductionist understanding of revolution, but his name as a game changer in the political space of Ghana speaks for itself. Read about Lee Kuan Yew, read about Mohammad Muhathir. None of these two was able to change the misfortune of Singapore and Malaysia to fortune respectively without dictatorial antics. If Obasanjo was positive about Nigeria’s socio-economic reconfiguration, he would have used his civilian dictatorship pranks, then. If these stances are to far for your amnesiac cerebrum to recollect, Fashola transformed within arguable relative development, and he was also accused of dictatorship, more than not. This is the import of the writer’s arguments. This elementary inference and inductive reasoning should not be too much for a Facebook-certified Professor of English language.

      Asking what Jonathan has done with his crop of political clerics, headed by bling-bling Pastor Ayo, for a comparative analysis, and prediction of what the public roar would be if it is Buhari shows how far you are from infosphere. Some ‘googling’ will cure your acute perchance for retrogressive and divisive politics, the specialized field of politicking of your PhD President.

      • Garden-City Boy

        You docked the question, mister. I must pose it again: Did the egghead -the Kato’n Banza should I say- ever tell you he is the messianic revolutionary we had all waited for? What “game change”did he bring to equate a dumb-ass to Jerry Rawlings of Ghana? All he has brought to the table is pigheaded swagger, irresponsible and seditious outbursts, braggadocios disregard for the law of the land and authority, death and death threats and incitement of the almajiri rabble. It is on record.
        You are mired in your grossly misguided belief that a man whose only political beacon is this compulsive obsession for power-grab, his maniacal lust for control of the nations treasury “represents the radical face of the establishment”. You were only inches away from a ridiculously outrageous clam -thay your rockstar has read all there is to read about Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte, Lee Kuan Yew, and Mohamed Mukathiir. He then rolled them all up in one evolved this rare inspirational role model from whom he then draws his ‘exceptionalism’ that qualifies an extremist awusa maniac to rule us. Is that the case….by any means?
        But, I tell you what: Buhari represents one face. That face is that of awusa jihadist absolutism. And it is just a pity that his murky pedigree belies your hypocrisy. As seen by a good many, your guy is just as good as a pile of toxic waste.

        • Semiu

          You have finally showed your true identity -a dangerous combination of Islamophobia, tribal irredentism and religious bigotry. It will be hard to engage a fellow who had thrown all sense of intellectual honesty into the thin air, in hasty defense of the ongoing robbery of our collective patrimony. All you have said are mere propaganda, the certified tool of the PDPigs.
          Which record suggests Buhari has ‘maniacal lust for control of the nations treasury’ or ‘a compulsive obsession for power-grab’? What moral platform is a dogmatic worshiper of “stealing is not corruption” presidency has, for goodness sake? If all you are conjecturing about Buhari are so, we would not need you before it becomes a public knowledge. Tell me: Who needs to rack his brain, as Nigerians, before he attests to the presidency that has no respect to the rule of law, a nitwit on media show, saying ‘if we steal such million, America will know’, the same president who is hobnobbing with criminals in religious garbs, and giving Asaris and Tompolos the presidential immunity to threaten dissenters? Even as a democrat (a despot)?

          If you fail to see this gross rape of our democratic ethos, you lack all sense of morality to accuse a military government, that rules by fiat and decree, of same. It is incoherent and illogical, to be mild.

    • Beeba

      Garden city boy. In answer to your last 3 sentences, Jonathan just returned from a trip to Jerusalem with Oritsejafor. The same Oritsejafor whose private jet was caught in SA with millions of Dollars in cash. Assuming the nonsense about buying arms for Nigeria is true. Why of all jets the one belonging to CAN president? So the purchase of arms for Nigeria is now in the hands of CAN.Step back and be honest, if Buhari were president and the same scenario happened with the sultan for instance, there would have been street protests christains. Even if the jet had belonged to say El Rufai or Sanusi Lamido, what would you honestly have said. Anyway remember what the writer said, Henry Okar, a christains was the first to accuse Jonathan of terrorism. Do not allow sentiment to cloud your brain, there is only one God, no matter what you call him, and that is why that plane was caught, we are praying, and guess what, God has only just started, he will disgrace Jonathan like no other.YES!. . . . And anyway, do we have to look far for where BH get their arms?. . .and kill mostly Muslims? Dia ris God O.

      • Garden-City Boy

        You want a count? Tambuwal. Adamu Ciroma, Atiku, Buhari, Ali Ndume Lawal Keita, Junaid Mohamed, Ango Abdulahi, Kwankwaso, Lamido Sanusi Gummi, El-Rufai, Murtala Nyako, Hafiz Ringim, sokoto emir……you want me to name more awusa terrorists? I can go on and on.
        Now match your army of awusa terrorists against the Southern activists whom you brand militants only because they ask for their rights to ownership or their land. It will be foolhardy of you awusas to fall out of line in the next presidential vote. Doing so will precipitate one of the two situations, if not both: Arewaghanistan or the C.A.R. formula.

    • Igbo Mandate

      The author Ifechukwu Mbachu most probably got his secondary education in Nigeria, where today not more than 30% of the students finish school without a basic knowledge of the English grammatic, what a shame. I also live in Germany and I am sure, Ifechukwu has, if at all, only a basic knowledge of the German language, the equivalent of the English “pidgeon” English. How he got into a German University with this qualification remains his secret. I guess he is a gardner of security man there, many Nigerian here are.

      • Garden-City Boy

        The guy is mediocre.

        • Kendsaviour Ezeh

          Your father is a mediocre, just like GEJ, just like you. Empty headed simpleton. You could not refute a single point, yet u have the gumption to write rubbish. Piglet

          • Guest

            As soon as they rather opted to attack his person or question his qualifications, it became apparent they were shying away from what may be the truth. If you want to refute Ike’s write up, why not come up with something constructive? Just because maybe my English is better, don’t make my opinions better in political issues. Let’s stay with the subject matter.

      • Kendsaviour Ezeh

        Mumu mandate, no be only igbo mandate,na marijuana mandate. swine like you. Look who is talking!!! See the gbagun sef, 30% finish school without a basic knowledge of English grammatic chai!!!!!!!! there is only god oo, Idumota trader forming german based. Asswipe. Ewu gambia. Woe betide your entire family!!!!!!

      • Kendsaviour Ezeh

        Gardner of security man! Engligbo on point!

      • Kendsaviour Ezeh


      • Hans Oreva

        So now you know Mr machu personally abi, I’m fluent in french ND I live in canada, no one taught me I learnt by interacting especially since I live I quebec…. so tell me how you can vouch that he does not speak fluent german, I speak broken dutch and I did not have to live in Amsterdam fr more than 8 months so shut it with u r chicken brain and opinions jare, no be who Sabi speak English get sense

    • Kendsaviour Ezeh

      fucking idiots, instead of you refuting the points raised by the writer, you decided to concentrate on the typos , typos, that a gross misbegotten oaf like you also made, bloody nitwit.

      • Garden-City Boy

        And you call those points…egghead? Try something better, man.

        • Ejiro & Friends

          oga sir.. just because u sabi English no mean say you get sense oh.. abeg put your English for corner.. Let’s have some real talk here..

    • PoorManPikin

      you are a bastard, senseless thing!

  • kabir tsakuwa

    the moment i finish reading this incisive article, i know PDPigs will descend on you like hungry hyenas given a rotten carcass.But no matter what, truth need no excessive colouration. Well done

  • Matthew keyh

    i thank you for this column .Jonathan’s time is up .He should start to pack his bag and baggage from Aso rock Never in the history of Nigeria have i see the level of corruption and looting spree going on in our country.He use religion as an instrument to divide and polrise us as a nation