Jonathan’s presidency endangering Nigeria’s democracy – Bisi Akande

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and former Osun State governor, Bisi Akande, has warned that the actions of the President Goodluck Jonathan-led Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) are similar to that which led to the collapse of the nation’s First and Second Republics.

Speaking at a reception for him, Saturday, in his federal constituency at Ila Orangun, Osun State, organized by his party; Mr. Akande accused the federal government of using security officers to scare away prospective voters for the August 9 gubernatorial election.

“History does not change. It is people who fail to learn the lessons of history,” Mr. Akande said.

“It was this type of actions by the then ruling parties that led to the collapse of the first and second republics of Nigeria due to the reckless use of brutal force by the ruling parties against the opposition.

“The present ruling PDP is already toeing this line at the risk of our hard earned democracy for which some of our compatriots paid the supreme sacrifice.

“It is ironical that these same people who were collaborators with the military while most of us were either in jail, on exile or hunted by the killer squad are still the ones toying with the destiny of our people today, using the instrument of state to intimidate and harass innocent citizens,” said Mr. Akande.

“This is, therefore, a clarion call to all well meaning Nigerians and the international community to immediately prevail on the ruling PDP to call its dogs of war to order and ensure that these acts of intimidation as a prelude to the massive rigging of the August 9, 2014 governorship election in Osun be stopped forthwith.

“We are veterans in the struggle for the progress of our father land and we want to assure Nigerians that this plot will be resisted firmly and courageously by the people of Osun state. We are armed with the truth that we are all freeborn of our nation and that no one will be allowed to imprison or enslave us using our commonwealth resources for which they ought to be faithful trustees,” he added.

Mr. Akande also accused the Presidency of using federal powers to destroy the opposition in the country, adding that Nigeria is gradually moving towards fascism.

“Hunting for powers and to enable them be accountable to no electorate, PDP and its Presidency have begun to destroy opposition all over Nigeria by using massive federal powers to impeach governors and fully arming the police and the soldiers to protect and cover up their corrupt leaders while fraudulently manipulating the wishes of Nigerians at the pools with absolute impunity,” he said.

“It is increasingly becoming embarrassing that the PDP, in its own fashion of Democracy, tolerates no opposition. Any Democracy without opposition is fascism, prone to corruption and repressive rule.

“Unfortunately, the credulous international communities, from whose places Democracy was introduced to Nigeria and to whom we can expect to intervene, seem naive in appreciating the enormity of Nigeria’s Democracy bastardization system. It is definitely fascism that is being re-christened as democracy in Nigeria,” Mr. Akande added.

The former interim National Chairman of the APC condemned the use of soldiers during the just concluded gubernatorial election in Ekiti, saying that it favoured the PDP.

“It will be recalled that in the recently held election in Ekiti, hundreds of APC party supporters and leaders were hounded into detention at the eve of the election only for the federal government to hoodwink the global community to believe that the election was free and fair when in truth the process had been skewed in favour of the PDP in the pre-election processes,” Mr. Akande said.

“How can an election be said to be free and fair where majority of APC opposition members were detained for no just cause; where elected governors from other APC states were prevented from attending APC rally; while serving federal ministers and other appointees of the PDP-controlled Federal Government, who were equally not indigenes of Ekiti State, were allowed free movement in and out of the state?”

“The same scenario is playing out again in Osun state with massive militarisation of the State by men of the state security services who are shooting sporadically everywhere in order to scare away voters and intimidate our people before the elections,” Mr. Akande continued.

“Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, the military, by their nature, had no business with the electorates. During their rules, there were serious set-backs in the lives of ordinary Nigerians. They were dictators, and Nigeria was therefore worse under military rule.

“With PDP in power, votes do not count and, therefore, the electorates are not important in PDP’s culture. That is why Nigeria has been sinking and failing under PDP governments. This present regime is the worst. No peace, no infrastructures, no industry, no employment, no prosperity, no orderliness and no peace of mind. Instead, there is panic everywhere.

“Surely, this Jonathan’s Presidency is a political armed robber,” he added.


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  • Biodun Irele

    But why all this? I really don’t understand Bisi Akande’s jeremiad. It was reported right here by Premium Times yesterday, or so, that APC is ahead in the Oshun state pre-election polls by 73%. That’s a comfortable margin enough, if true, to even stop campaigning. Ah, ah, i smell rat here. Perhaps the result of the polls was actually reversed and now APC does not want to be a victim of its own mis-information, for otherwise, why panic, if APC is TRULY ahead in the polls by a whopping 73%? This Bisi Akande shrilly cry is closer in sound to the yells of a politician about to lose an election very badly than it is to the confident talk of a party claiming to be well ahead with 73% of possible votes.

    • D.J


      Quite obviously, Chief Bisi Akande is merely playing to the gallery.
      He comes across as long-sighted to imagine likely dangers in Abuja
      that may in future crawl out of the woodwork of Jonathan’s presidency,
      but then proves himself short-sighted not to see the flow of blood

      already streaming in Lagos state, as a result of utter mis-governance.

      In the one-month Ramadan season which ended a few days ago blood
      flowed freely on Lagos mainland as youths armed with pistols broke into

      people’s homes at midnight, to rob each household and kill tens of people

      at random in an un-precedented orgy of violence, every day for one month.

      Bariga, Shomolu, Apapa Road, and Iponri areas flowed with blood
      as un-employed youths took vengeanceon a mismanaged and wickedly corrupt state.

      Life has long lost meaning in Lagos state once official thefts asphyxiated the people

      from getting value for official revenue for the people’s basic sustenance, like water.

      • Elder Borode Kuti

        I thank God that i moved my family out of Lagos in good time before now although it was not out of choice. I had felt gravely insulted by Raji Fashola the day he announced that Lagosians have no right to Freedom of Information. At my age i could not take such an insult from a boy the same age with my second son.

        Raji Fashola said Lagosians only have a duty to pay taxes to him but they have no right to demand the account of how he spends (or pockets?) the taxes. That did it for me. I called my wife and children to start packing their luggage. General Sani Abacha, evil as he was, did not go as far as Raji Fashola went, to virtually declare Lagosians his personal slaves. Having lived overseas for upwards of 35 years myself i just did not have the stomach for such grievous insult to my dignity.

        • Reminisce6

          Elder,your excuse for relocation is far-fetched.

          • Segun Surulere

            Respect ur elders and listen to wisdom

          • Reminisce6

            I can clearly recognize wisdom when i see one and,nothing was disrespectful in my comment.

        • Elder my foot

          This cant come from an Elder, a supposed Yoruba elder for that matter.

        • jon b

          ArrrrrH Baba. Aarhhh .. This is serious matter oh!… but what channel did you use to demand information on the disbursement of public funds now? So where have you now moved to… ?

      • No Comment

        “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. Nigerian
        institutions are all compromised. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing
        and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt.
        Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

        …………APC Governor Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers state)
        (June 30th, 2014)


      Since you don’t understand the statement…..that is assuming you read it all…..let me summarize it for you

      1. The Jonathan Govt is doing all in its power to muzzle the opposition out of existence. No democracy can be worth its name without the opposition
      2. The Govt is bankrolling unconstitutional impeachments of opposition state Govs.
      3. Free and fair elections have become a mirage under the Jonathan Administration: Deployments of troops and other security agencies to intimidate and arrest opposition politicians and abuse of federal institutions, among others
      4. It is precisely these kinds of tactics that led to the collapse of the first and second Republics
      5. The international government should call the Jonathan Administration to order
      6. The same crude tactics used in Ekiti are being used ahead of Osun polls

      These are the issues raised by Baba Akande and they are genuine concerns. What then don’t you understand, Mr. Irele?

      Would want the opposition to remain silent in the face of these egregious actions?


      bisi and apc is crying now because of impeachment hangind on the defected pdp governor.when pdp governors defected to apc,it was well and good for our that pdp has woken up from their slumber to use their numerical strenght,jonathan is destroying nigeria.apc did see any thing morally wrong for a polititian to cross-carpet and still manitain his/her seat as a governor or senator.meanwhile in edo state one house member that defected to pdp has his decleared vacant and pdp is still fooling around with tambuwa and not declear all the defected lagislators vacant .i want ask apc,what is your manifesto for nigerians as an alternative party to choose in 2015 elections.less than one year to the general election no apc member can tell nigerian what they will do differently to give us power;what is their maniesto on refinary privatisation and how to end importation of fuel;what is their programe on education;what is thier programe on uneploymet,insecurity,land use act,indigineship and settlership that has caused so much tention in the country.what about state police and resource control;what is their programe on car importation that has led to ordinary nigeria cannot buy used car becos of increase in price.we all now forced to pay as high as N 5.5M to buy innosons suvs.there many things to talk about but apc and tinubu, buahari , bisi and of course rufai see election as junketing from state to state with compromised press and sloganeering.tell us something so we can make choices.for now we do not have any other party to vote for come 2015.note am not a politian but a suffering public servant whose pocket has been drained through pdp policies each month of the year.God,we need a change but not apc as presently constituted.

      • jon b

        Lets see if you can cross the Nasarawa bridge. Ha ha ha …

        Law makers careers gone!!!!!!

  • Segun Surulere

    Was he not the one that betrayed Omisore as deputy Governor in AD and short changed him ? Now lets wait and see what will happen if Omisore wins the election …. It will be very interesting to say the very least. Politics shaaaaa!!!!!!

    • jon b


  • Naija

    Why living in denial? APC is drowning and you are going down with it. Always looking for one to blame. You should be ready to go get accommodation in Lagos by the time Aregbesola is sacked and free money ceases you dreamer.

  • NaijaMindOfChange

    Bisi Akande have spoken the honest truth, i know that some PDPigs will find the statement bitter but deep in their heart they know that Bisi Akande have spoken the fact. this presidency is destroying this country.

    • Siyan Adefisoye [Oshogbo]


      Alhaji Bisi Akande spoke here shamelessly in aid of corruptive stealing by the bogus APC party. A responsible past party Chairman will not go against the impeachment of governors caught STEALING. By doing the opposite Bisi Akande only reinforced the impression in pubic mind that the All Progressives Congress [APC] upholds stealing as party manifesto. That is very bad of him at his age.

      At any rate, with the Ooni of Ife has today openly endorsed PDP’s Iyiola Omisore before newsmen at his Ile-Ife palace. Bisi Akande’s irresponsible statements are grist to the mill of those who shall be going to the polling booth on August 9th to vote against the APC’s Raufu Aregbesola for the additional reason of getting rid of APC as a party mired in in stealing – besides casting the same ballot to save the dignity of the Ooni of Ife’s throne of Oduduwa, which Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently publicly desecrated as “useless”.

  • jon b


  • Dr. Anise

    Dear Editor:


    Yoruba voters in Oshun state should peacefully conduct themselves next Saturday at the polling booth. There should be no violence at all. The ultimate choice before the Yoruba in this election is to protect the dignity of the Yoruba tribe from shame and disgrace. All of Yoruba history is centred on Ile-Ife where the outward expansion of Yoruba empire started. Historically, Ile-Ife is the source of Yoruba pride and history. Oshun state voters must save that proud history. They must resist proving to the outside world that the Ooni of Ife is “useless”, as rudely alleged by Bola Tinubu, the leader of the Islamic APC party.

    • Mustafa

      Ha, ha, ha, ha! See me see trouble. PDP people are now afraid. They fear that Raufu Aregbesola will win the election and that means the present Ooni of Ife will be dethroned for Bola Tinubu to get his reward and be installed as the new Ooni of Ife in replacement of the ‘useless’ one to be deposed. Ha, ha, ha, ha!

  • Tonnero

    Chief Bisi Akande is correct but is crying in the wilderness. No amount of caution will stop Jonathan and his PDPigs. The man without shoes has tasted power and is determined to capture Nigeria. As they say, those who want peace must prepare for war. Opposition parties that want free elections MUST make it expensive for the ruling party to rig. Failing that, let us just wait for PDP to declare they now have 34 state governors including a few cultists, thieves and murderers (leaving two for Labour Party and APGA who are PDP in all but name anyway). That way, if Emperor Jonathan says your father is crazy, you must concur and say he was actually in the psychiatric ward for 20 years even if everyone knows it to be false. If he steals $200 b through manipulation, we must all say he is only saving it in his private account for future generations. The fight against Abacha is probably an easier one to fight since the whole world knew Abacha was not democratic. This one perpetrates the same atrocities and more but pretends to be democratic and international community will be initially reluctant to weigh in. I do not believe you can fight an undemocratic president through democratic means since he subverts the electoral agencies, the security agencies, the legislature and the courts. In essence, he is a maximum ruler much like Mobutu, Idi Amin and other African despots. This is what happens when you give jewelry to swine or money to a child. Those who never fought for democracy but benefit from it never quite appreciate what it is. APC and all lovers of real democracy in Nigeria have their work cut out for them.