Another female suicide bomber strikes in Kano

Kano return

Another female suicide bomber targeting Polytechnic students has struck again in Kano, the spokesperson of the Police in the state, Magaji Majiya, has told PREMIUM TIMES.

Two persons were killed in the incident and at least seven others were injured, the police said.

“A female tenager blew herself up at about 2:30 p.m. and she was targeting the students of Kano State Polytechnic,” he said.

Mr. Majiya said the students targeted were prospective Corps members who had earlier received text messages from the polytechnic’s administration department informing them that their postings to various states for the National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] was out.

The Police spokesperson also said apart from the suicide bomber, two other students  died in the blast while seven others were injured and evacuated to a hospital.

“The area has been cordoned off and investigation has already commenced,” he said.

Wednesday’s attack brings to four the number of suicide bomb attacks in the city involving young female bombers.

Three attempts were earlier made on an NNPC filling station, the North West University, and the Trade Fair Complex in the city on Tuesday.


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  • Reward

    The bitter daughters of Lucifer on the loose. That is how classless terrorists are. Women who are most victims of attacks volunteering to die for nothing. Women are no saints or innocent when it comes to terrorism. Nigeria is becoming a case study in terrorism. How did it get this bad that a Nigerian can be brainwashed into becoming a bomber? Illiteracy is gradually paying back the society that pride itself in raising too many bitter children from too many bitter wives without proper care.

    • solomon

      let them die quickly shame on el rufal

  • Demola Daniel


    This is what someone bright said here before. Nigeria does NOT
    need to spend one [1] billion dollars extra on top of its annual defence
    budget to fight this type of female bomber. That one billion dollar figure was
    merely plucked from the air and intended to be pocketed as kickback from bogus defence
    contracts. No artillery or armoured tanks are required in this type of battle.
    No additional aircraft is required. This type of war requires human
    intelligence for the most part, and, human intelligence can be funded from existing
    budget of the Ministry of Defence. The National Assembly must therefore wise up
    to reject this one billion dollars bill from President Jonathan and his Defence
    Minister; Lt. General Aliyu Gusau. The
    bill is a fraud on its face.

    • solomon

      go there and do it mumu talk is cheap

      • Abugu

        But truly this trend shows these are brainwashed, amateurish and
        un-trained female bombers wiling to blow themselves up cheaply to kill one or
        two persons. This is surely not the sort of suicide bombing requiring one
        billion dollars to fight. The National Assembly is urged to summon
        the Defence Minister, Lieutenant General Gusau [rtd] to confirm the exact
        whereabouts of Boko Haram militias because Nigeria can ill-afford one billion dollars
        chasing after the winds.

        The idle talk in Nigeria’s official circles that the militias are holed up in Sambisa forest

        requires clear proof. Lt. General Gusau must first demonstrate competence and knowledge
        before his one billion dollars emergency budget can be assessed as sensible or senseless.

        Just saying, “I need one billion dollars to fight Boko haram!” sounds like his turning Nigeria’s
        treasury into his personal ATM machine.

        • Captain Mark (rtd)

          Lt. Colonel Jack Gowon fought the Biafran civil war in 1967 against a full-fledged Biafran military which fought as real men with incredible valour, without borrowing a single kobo throughout, because Gowon put a honest man (Chief Obafemi Awolowo) in charge of Nigeria’s defence finances’ planning. See what is happening today. President Jonathan wants legislative approval to borrow a whopping one billion dollars just to fight female sucide bombers. What nonsense! Nigerians must rise and say no to this attempted fraud. Nigeria shall prevail against these female bombers without borrowing a kobo. President Jonathan must be stopped. General Gusau too must be stopped. Neither of them must be allowed criminal self-enrichment under the pretext of fighting female suicide bombers.

    • redeem

      Can u do this in nigeria——–and APC and d fulanis will not shout blue murder———now have the fulanis not started lobbying for the IGP to come from their fulani north–

      —————–Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has fired two top ARMY officers following attacks by militants from Nigeria’s Boko Haram Takfiri group, in which at least seven people were killed and the wife of a senior official was abducted.

      Boko Haram militants on Sunday kidnapped the wife of Cameroon’s vice prime minister and killed at least three people in an assault in the northern town of Kolofata. Two separate raids by Boko Haram Takfiris also left four SOLDIERS dead last week.

      According to the decree, announced on state radio on Tuesday, Colonel Youssa Gedeon, commander of the Gendarmerie Legion in the north and Lieutenant-Colonel Justin Ngonga, commander of the 34th motorized INFANTRY battalion in the same region, were both sacked.

      The officers had a leading role in confronting the rising number of Boko Haram attacks in the region. Nigeria says the militants are using Cameroon as a rear base.

      Cameroon has already taken measures to boost security on its jungle border with Nigeria, sending over 1,000 soldiers, but has failed to stop the attacks.

      • salako

        Advice your week presdent to stood up to them and do the same.

  • Abdurrazaq

    Could this be true that these are the Chibok girls being let loose. I thought the govt. knows where they are. Lord have mercy.

    • solomon

      Who cares.

      Let them be hell they all go.

    • Angryman

      Yes, your fears may be justified that it is the Chibok girls that are being used but against their will, that is to say it may not be really suicide bombings
      Could it be that they are being blown up by remote control by minders
      Imagine the young innocent ladies being strapped with explosives which they cannot remove or defuse, and then forced into a crowd only to be blown up
      Otherwise where in the world do they get these young ladies 16-19
      If they were older one would be thinking in the line of black widows
      As many as five of them might have been blown up in the last 72hrs, because the one that attacked Saint Charles Church in Kano was said to be a young lady in hijab
      The explosion was said to have gone off while she was trying to go through a barrier ,resulting in the death of the officer that was interrogating her as to where she was going
      Attempts should be made to identify who these girls are
      I have since called for the establishment of a Homeland Security outfit with the aim of preventing Boko Haram attacks
      Bye for now

  • Okey

    We must take a security decision and measure towards wearing hijab to public places. The male bomber caught after the bombing of Gen. Buhari’s convoy was masked in a hijab. In this same Kano State female bombers have always masked themselves in hijabs. Must we sacrifice our security on the alter of religion ? We must limit the wearing of hijab to family
    premises and not to public arena. Egypt, to guard against exam malpractice perpetuated through wearing hijab banned its wearing to schools and other public places. That is Egypt, and Arab, Islamic state. The engagement of soft actors (women) in this murderous act targeted against soft targets (women and children queuing for kerosine) is a new dimension that requires a new measure. Next, they will proceed to going to schools, classrooms, to finish us there. We must stop the wearing of hijab or other religious masks to public places and limit the wearing only to family premises.

    The idea that the wearer can be searched belittles the inherent mortal risk because the wearer (bomber) has already set out to take her life with that of the searcher and any other lives. In any event, you must get a woman to search a hijab wearer or you MUST not search, that’s the tradition allowed.

    If for politics-of-religion govt becomes incapable of adhering to this advice, private organizations in Nigeria have and can exercise their security rights by adopting security measures not to allow any person, man or woman, to enter their premises in hijab or in any other masks. This is my little security contribution in this regard.

    • Adefemi Ojewunmi

      To get rid of the Hijab in public schools and in public places Nigerians will have to first of all stop the All Progressives Congress (APC) from coming to power, especially in Yorubaland where the religious situation is mixed and volatile, because APC promotes the Hijab as party principle, and, as compulsory outfit, even in Christian Missionary schools.

      • redeem

        when soldiers started killing boko haram what did buhari say-to jonathan–stop the killings of boko haram fighters–and when they introduced sharia law–what did obj say–he described it as political sharia-is it wearinf of hijab that u think jonathan would be able to stop–that is left for the sultan–who is the back bone of boko haram fighters———-to do–not an ijaw man with no political clout in Nigeria-

        • odiate obong

          that is also true.the Muslim leaders will be the one to cooperate with the president on this hijab issue.if the president tries to stop it it will be taken to another level that he is trying to insult and ridicule islam and that one is another gobe.

      • Jesuslover101

        Calm is needed here. The early Christian women were decently dressed and covered up in what we call today hijab. We should not be biased and give reins to hatred and irrationality. Do you think Jesus would approve of the epidemic of indecent dressing so many non Muslim women were today that typifies the objectivisation of women as sex objects? We need to wake up and see things as we ought to.

    • redeem

      99.9 percent of the Muslim clerics we have in Nigeria are from the west african sub-region-most of the are fulanis who migrated from the west african region-yusuf and co-their agenda is to install fulani emirs in every state in the north-the sultan and co-who was trained in pakistan knows these things–they are all aware of what is going on ati buhari–what they want is fulanui power-

    • yaji

      Get your facts right, there was never a ban on hijab (veil covering head and chest) in Egypt, the ban was on Niqab (face covering veil) which was revoked within a MONTH, which are you referring to? And Please, Egypt is not an Islamic state.

    • yaji

      Isn’t it curious that this escalation in bombings comes just after the president requested for 1 Billion dollars? Remember the chibok girls were kidnapped just before our dear president asked for a 6 month extension to emergency rule in Adamawa, Borno and Yobe State. Who gains from all this?

    • odiate obong

      i totally agree with you on this.this their big flowing hijabs must be banned.

    • Jesuslover101

      Mary Magdalene and all the women around Jesus wore what we call hijab. Do not let’s give rein ton blinded hatred which is what those behind these events want. Do we ban soldiers from using guns because armed robbers use guns? Bombs have been used without hijab far more than with hijab

      • Okey

        Mary Magdalene and even Mary the mother of Jesus all wore veils, call it hijab. That tells you that those vestments or what you call hijab or niqab are Palestine (Middle East traditional dressings which predate Christianity and Islam i.e. they “traditional” as opposed to the lie in today’s world that they are “religious.” And in the middle East, weather conditions and seasons dictate what people, not just women wear. But in Nigeria, religious hypocrisy is the determining factor. Two, it is never recorded anywhere that those women we mentioned here used their hijab for murderous or any nefarious purpose. Had they used it for such, the society of their time would have responded appropriately.

        Your analogy of armed robbers and soldiers is funny. Armed robbers are not only banned but criminalized. Soldiers are not. I get where you are coming from – in Nigeria, if an industrial complex cannot accommodate a worship centre, the project is cancelled; in Nigeria, we neglect the education of the children of our relations (I am not saying neighbors) and embark on pilgrimage with the money. That’s is whatt God wanted as it were.

  • Angryman

    What’s up Premium Times
    My posts get deleted as soon as practicable
    What are you people scared of
    I have better things to do than to be writing posts only for them to be deleted
    Bye – till you allow freedom of expression

  • Duruji


    The update is that six persons have since been confirmed
    dead in this female suicide bomb attack on the Kano Polytechnic. Another six who were critically injured have been
    rushed to hospitals and are now under intensive care. Meantime, 45 minutes after
    the attack on the Polytechnic, another militia bomber has detonated an explosive
    at the Aminu College of Islamic Studies, also in Kano. The casualties in this
    second bombing occurring today are unclear.

  • redeem

    sack dasuki–ati gusau———thank God the IGP is leaving–with his boko haramic ideas————-now the president yearns to have another-fulani as the IGP of police–to enable them incrrease the rate of suicide bombing in the country—abi——jonathan operates under pressure–he will give in to the sultan–once they mount media war against him-As have already been doing—-when the fulani north started introducing sharia law-and forcing their girls to wear hijab-did they not realise that they were training future suicide bombers-in Nigeria—-obj described it as political sharia–the pain in the whole thing is that its my oil revenue that is being wasted to fight the fullani led boko haram war-

    • Shehu


  • Chuks007

    Money is the clue. Duuh, did you have to write all that to describe the influence of looted billions $? #WhereIsOurMoney?

  • deji

    Ojeifo, should wait for his principal’s victory at the polls in 2015 and what will happen after before removing the tag “clueless” from his paymaster. You dont count your chicken before thay are hatched.

  • Bridget Obafemi Adetiba

    I like Nigeria.
    Let me remind you of these happening then you decide on who to vote for:
    1. At the hight of Centenery celebration College of Education was bombed Presd. Did not go not even a message.
    2. When we lost several lives in Yanyan Bombing Mr. Presdent was dancing at PDP rally in Kano.
    3. Immigration employment Scandal #1,000/- was collected from innocent Nigerians, most of them lost their lives, no compensation but the Minister remain.
    4. Kano College of Education was recently bombed he did not go and symphysize with Kano people but he was seen with TB Joshua a greedy criminal and murderer.
    5. $9.3 million was stolen or was used to finance Boko Haram for more arms to continue killing and another $5.7 million was again seized. Col. Sambo Dasuki is not fired.
    6. We should not talk of what is going on in NNPC Madam is Untouchable. Did you hear of her boy friend Gbenga that escape with $4 billion the money were saved for 2015 election.
    7. Did watched Madu Sheriff in N,jemina , capital of Chad?
    8. It the American Govt. That exposed the amount of money General Ihejirike stole, why do we doubt them. All financial transaction are monitored all over the world. They saw the money and where he kept them.
    9. Katsina State Gov. Was said to gave #2 billion to unseat Namadi. It didn’t happen he’s singing . That goodluck is a betrayal.
    10. He has moved to Russia for arms and training of Nigeria Soldiers while the whole World is turning it’s back against Russia. The same CDS who was the Chisf of Air Staff we lost 6(six) Aircrft to Boko Haram at Maiduguri Airbase and scores of our Men were killed is promoted. His town is currently under siege but he’s still in charge.

  • rawsilkysmooth

    Brilliant Ojeifo!!, just brilliant!!

  • Dan Fulani

    GEJ is clueless but not as clueless as others in the PDP who always think they can get away with what they are doing in this country.