President Jonathan’s alleged N100million largesse tears Chibok parents, leaders apart

It is unclear why the presidency stocks millions of naira in cash at the presidential villa for distribution to visitors at a time the Central Bank of Nigeria is aggressively pursuing a cashless Nigeria agenda.


An alleged N100million cash gift given to parents of abducted Chibok girls by President Goodluck Jonathan after a meeting at the Presidential villa on July 22 has sparked disagreement between some of the parents and leaders of the Chibok community in Abuja, the BBC Hausa service is reporting.

The presidency, the report said, allegedly released the funds to leaders of the Chibok community in Abuja for onward passage to parents of the kidnapped schoolgirls.

But some of the parents are now alleging they were shortchanged by the community leaders.

One parent, who was among those who visited the president, told BBC’s Abdu Halilu that he got only N200,000.

“I got only N200,000 out of the said N100million allegedly received by our leaders in Abuja. Some of us got N300,000 and some less than that,” he said.

He also said that he was not comfortable with the way the money was shared among the parents of the kidnapped girls and that he was shortchanged.

“Our leaders in Abuja are using the girls to enrich themselves. In fact, some of the parents were screened out of the entourage by the Chibok leaders in Abuja. Many of them are residents of Abuja, not parents of the kidnapped girls,” he said.

Another parent, who was screened out of the delegation that visited the president, said he got only N7,000 out of the money shared.

“I was at the farm when they brought the N7, 000 to my house and I collected it. Some of us got even less, N300 and below,” he said.

The parents stressed that they were not selling their daughters and that the money from the President just came to them without their asking for or expecting it.

One of the community leaders, Pobu Bitrus, who is also a member of the House of Representatives, was at the meeting with the president.

He explained to the BBC that after meeting with the president, monies were distributed to the parents in envelopes.

“After we met with the presidency, the parents were given monies in envelopes and that’s all. All other things they are saying about N100million, I don’t know about that,” Mr. Bitrus said.

It is unclear why the presidency stocks millions of naira in cash at the presidential villa for distribution to visitors at a time the Central Bank of Nigeria is aggressively pursuing a cashless Nigeria agenda.

Mr. Jonathan’s spokespersons, Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, could not be reached to comment for this story. They did not answer or return calls made to their mobile telephones.

After about three months of prevarication, President Jonathan finally agreed to meet with the parents of the abducted girls after he was persuaded to do so by Malala Yusoufai, the Pakistani teenager who champions the cause of girl child education.

The presidency has faced intense criticism over its handling of the kidnap of the Chibok girls being held by the extremist Boko Haram sect since April 14.


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  • Papamayor

    This is serious. Is this what the Pakistanis called #Blood money? Being compensated for the failure to bring back the girls?

    • redeem


      • Shehu


        • Devil is a liar

          Bad bellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee Shehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

        • redeem

          @wahala-u mean the president has no right to give them people who were hired from abuja by the state government 100m instead of the real people whose kids were kidnapped– ———-what do u mean by that how much is his security vote alone–mumu

          • Shehu


          • Ayo

            Very true!!

      • Ayo

        @Redeem you see how stupid you are!! “the president was given weeks to prepare” (prepare for what, please explain??) to spend money which is not in the budget – infact I honestly think you are worse than Dumbo Goodluck.

    • Dorcas

      Jonathan is a known fraudster… a briber.

  • vTrigger

    There is nothing wrong with supporting the families, after all, that is the least the Federal government can do for now while intensifying efforts to return the girls back to their families. It is not everything we have to fight, cause scandals or abuse people’s right. I hope the leaders of Chibok community will be fair enough to share the money equally and with passion to the affected families. We must also understand that not all the money should be given to the families at once, because there might be little expense incurred on transportation security of the money, etc. Everybody has his own reprehensibility.
    . God bless you all!!!

  • The Man

    Since those “parents” have decided to trade the life of their children for blood money I hope we can now rest.

  • Hannah

    This is the end of Bring Back Our Girls. Oh, what a country!

  • longben

    #bring back our girls plc should henceforth be known as #give us more cash plc

  • Dele

    I love our president, the greatest philosopher president ever to govern Nigeria. Jonathan school of good governance, Drink alcohol or buy your way out of the problem. The school of do nothing or look for the easy way out governance. It’s the best school of governance so far on the face of this planet. Get liquid peace or buy your peace. Up GEJ. Up Nigeria.

    • Höly Wähala

      You’re a big fooool. Supporting corruption with imounity. What do you adnmire about a clown who thinks he has just bought off the emotions of bereaved parents? Clowns like you are the problem… oloshi.

      • Dele

        Haba! Why don’t you read very well before you abuse? Do you know what is called satire? Na wa ooo….. Na abuse you just take follow me. I love GEJ….. He solves problem, either by buying his way out of it or drinking his way out of it. He knows how to solve problems… And Nigeria has never been better than now. Rather than rescuing the girls, he paid the parents to forget… And he will later drink ogogoro to forget… Good president

        • Wähala

          Don’t mind him, sometimes, clowns use my name to write rubbish…
          It’s gotten worse these few days. I’m on your side… O’jare!

      • Truthometer

        He’s just been sarcastic. He is on the same page with you. Oya, apologise to Dele.

    • larry

      God bless you ,i love your honesty

  • Jerry

    Was this money budgeted for? Where did the money come from? Does President Obama have unbudgeted millions of dollar in the White House for distribution? Hell no. What sort of Country is this Nigeria?

    • redeem

      from the security vote-s sha————————–the meat of the story here is that those who were not involved –whose kids were not kidnapped- equally benefitted–some of the people are even abuja based–they were not even invited but rented by the APC government in Borno state-to visit the presidnet–while those whose kidsn were abducted remained at home in borno state-

      • Ayo

        Redeem why do you always talk through your back side – instead of you to address the real issue of wastage and corrupt way money which is not budgeted for is being distributed to buy their loyalty and make them keep quiet you are talking rubbish about APC govt renting a crowd to go to Aso Rock, is that what we talking about ????

  • Höly Wähala

    Brown Envelope President. To him, everything can be bought. He doesn’t even see the inappropriatness of distributing mnoey on a day he was supposed to be mourningthe loss of the girls with their parents and profferig solution to their plight. Shameless crook. Disgusting gesture…

    • solomon

      Useless APC agent so Jonathan should have given them ATM CARDS or allowed them to go empty stomach the way they came.

      Nothing ever satisfy these hopeless Northerners and even the cash freely gave they can not share among them uselessself without fighting as usual.

      WICKED SOULLESS always looking for whom to blame.

      • Devil is a liar

        The APC politicians/governors are the main distributors of brown envelopes and worse off, Ghana most go bags. Why do the always play holier than though? They can’t deceive the public, everyone knows this.

  • Comfortkay

    When President elect and Vice place their hands on the Bible or Koran and swear to Uphold the Constitution of Nigeria and engaged in Money Laundering that is not democrat, it’s Immoral and a big Crime in international Arena.
    This is nothing new but it is gradually coming up how our former leaders stock pile Millions of different foreign money in their resident, has anyone seen them go to bank? Nope We have crooks as leaders in this country and they must be voted out of office and every loving Nigeria should say Amen.

    • Jika

      Amen,Amen and Amen.

  • Owo

    Tell Mr president that money cannot buy back the tears and sorrows of these people. His philosophy of stealing all the Nigerian money to bribe even flies cannot help him please any well meaning Nigerians. He is a chronic failure. Too bad to associate this man with the leadership of our great nation. Obj must pay for this shame he has brought to Nigeria.

  • Lawrence Agha

    How true is this story? Maybe, it will be more prudent to wait for further clarification from the President’s media men before one draws conclusions. If indeed physical cash was brought out of the Presidential villa, no matter the amount involved, for distribution, no matter for what purpose, then, those who have been singing the good tunes of President Goodluck Jonathan, will have a rethink. Meanwhile, let’s hold our horses until more information on this “money-changing-hands” issue is put in public domaine.

    • igbiki

      was this the first time?

  • Henrietta (Manchester)


    President Jonathan is very local, almost primitive. A modern man will instead firstly
    arrange that savings accounts be opened for each intended beneficiary, and he’ll
    then credit decided sums into each beneficiary’s account. Only a local
    man will carry bags of 100 million Naira in cash, like Jonathan did, and thrust it at
    bereaved beneficiaries to tussle over like dogs on biscuit.

    • solomon

      Are northerners not dogs.

      • Abate Dokpu

        You are beneath a dog.

      • Jika

        No one takes your comment seriously because you are of doubtful parentage considering the fact that you are a product from one of the numerous baby factories.

    • longben

      And you mrs manchester is not local but very foreign. How stupid is that mrs manchester??????

  • zygote

    With what the president has just done, people in the North will start kidnapping their children to get Aso Rock’s attention. Anyway, the parents should forget about their children since they have been paid for.

  • humm

    Shameless parents, they should have rejected the money, no matter how much it is.

    • Jujubeans

      Please, have a bit of empathy..put yourself in the parent’s shoes…first imagine living in extreme poverty, then imagine having your teenage daughter kidnapped, then imagine the president of your country giving you N100m to share. What would you do? Fact is, the blame lies mostly with the presidency for even OFFERING this “bribe” to the parents. For taking advantage of people who have probably never seen N200K in their entire lives.
      This is the typical PDP way, corrupt people’s morals and values in order to get what they want. It is despicable, ungodly and downright irresponsible!

      • Chime Chukwuma

        We are now seeing this APC way

  • ismail umar

    The President only showed a kind gesture to the bereaved. it is pathetic when people accuse the parents of selling their children, lets us respect them. Who on here goes for a condolence visit empty handed when he has the financial ability to aid the bereaved ?
    The parents never complained about being bought over, its easy for anyone here to sit and say the should not have collected the money but the chibok parents know their situation more than you.
    It is only when the government claim that the search for the girls have ended after the collection of the money that is when anyone can make a case of it.
    let us be constructive in our criticism and not politicize everything and Hope the girls are returned safely.