Eight public facilities that have gone extinct in Abuja

Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, is deteriorating and the meagre infrastructure are going extinct.

By Emmanuel Ogala

Since 2009 when infrastructural development peaked in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city, the city has witnessed continued decline in public infrastructure development and an extinction of existing ones.

These facilities were meant to make the Nigerian capital comparable to capital cities worldwide, and also enable residents enjoy the benefits of living in modern city. However, many of them are now defunct.

Here is a list of eight public facilities that no longer exist in the city of Abuja.

FCT Call centre (09-4603600-9)

Abuja city had a call centre that responded to enquiries, listened to complaints and took down suggestions. Although the call centre office still exists, with Jumai Ahmadu as head, they no longer take calls. The call centre infrastructure is now dysfunctional.



Public Wi-Fi

In 2006, the Federal Capital Territory Authority (FCTA) and Suburban Broadband Limited (b2) entered a $5 million partnership to develop a city-wide Wi-Fi service in Abuja.

The pilot phase of the project deployed six hot spots in the city, at – Millennium Park; FCDA (Federal Capital Development Authority) Secretariat in Area 1; Model Secondary School, Maitama; National Children’s Park and Zoo, Asokoro; Kadanya Street, Life Camp; and Old Federal Secretariat, Garki, Area 1.  Up till 2009, you could still access free wireless internet services at the Millennium Park. The project did not continue and the services have been shut down.

Traffic lights

A larger proportion of the robots installed to control traffic in Abuja have broken down. They are neither replaced nor maintained.

Nowadays, traffic wardens (police, beggars or concerned Nigerians) control traffic at major junctions on the streets of Abuja. In some instances the wardens are absent and drivers use their discretion to safely navigate junctions.

Road signs and directions

Abuja is fondly described as the fastest growing city in Africa by its officials; however the city is practically un-navigable by untrained minds.

The city, unlike others around the world, lacks user friendly road signs. In the few areas where road signs currently exist, a road user would have sped past it before decoding its directions.

Also, roads change frequently in the city due to construction works and fear of Boko Haram, but city officials have failed to update the signs. A great percentage of the existing few have also suffered serious wear and tear.

Queen’s taxi

Once upon a time, Abuja city had London style Queen’s taxi, ferrying passengers between the streets of Maitama and Wuse market. The remains of these taxis are parked in a garage popular for old public transport vehicles along Kubwa road.



Street lights

The current minister of FCT, Bala Mohammed, once told a senate committee that lighting up street lights in Abuja was contracted out to different (energy) companies. According to the minister, the street lights could not rely on electrical energy supplied by government’s energy company, the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).

Despite the use of generators, street lights are rare and erratic on Abuja streets at night. Street lights are only stable in high end areas of the city.

Elrufai Buses

Back in the days, 2009 and earlier, hundreds of public buses, the greens and the reds, lined roads to Abuja’s three gateway suburbs, transporting workers to and fro the city centre. These days, only a few of the red buses still manage to work two of the routes.

The greens are completely extinct.

Elrufai taxi

These Peugeot 306 wagons, also imported in hundreds, were managed by Abuja Leasing Company (ALC). Some were sold out on hire purchase agreements.

Although its services were expensive, they provided the most comfortable and secure taxi services in the city. Nowadays, both the ones retained by government and those sold out to private investors are rare sightings.

However, broken down remains of the taxi are visible around the Utako office of ALC.

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  • nyan

    i like this article infact, next time i will send photos of cattles crossing major roads in abuja

    • Pure


  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    these are problems caused by incompetent civil service. IBB and abacha using quota system employed quacks in their hundreds..

    • Enemona

      Far from it, IBB and Abacha left years ago, yes they are to blame but what has dumbo done about it??? He’s making it even worse with the famous dame going after lands at will. The FCDA has become her personal property. Development of the FCT or any state at that is not Jona’s priority, he’s more interested in doling out cash to his militant boys in Niger Delta, little wonder their half-illiterate wives have been displaying their imbecilic audacity in public.

      Whatever your name is, we know you’re trying to earn a living here by defending your paymasters but, at least, while you are at it, show some intelligence.

  • Innocent

    Bala Mohammed is busy selling lands while Abuja rots. In this regard, I would say, God Bless Elrufai.

  • Fatima Ibrahim Haruna

    Its s unfortunate that we do not have visionary leaders. The neglible few we have are not given the chance to consolidate their vision. Land administration in Abuja today is so corrupt that it cannot be compared to @Elrufai’s transparent way,At least we knew those that benefited from land acquisition during elrufai but. Under Bala Mohammed its an open secret that only those very very close to him have hijacked these process where tthey in turn sell at very exhorbitant prices to those who can afford it. To say the least I miss @elrufai purpseful leadership.

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      Elrufai probably gave u a plot just like his other ‘wives’.

      • deolakay

        If you were the sole signatory to land allocation in Abuja and your wife applies, is it a crime to do your job? Cynicism and Nigerians sha

        • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

          i wont sell maitama post office to my wife or PHCN land to her if i was in his shoes. the question is not whether it was actually fraudulent but whether ordinary man in the street will believe it was corruption, since his many ‘wives’ were involved.

          • deolakay

            I agree, but it remains to be seen though. looking at others post, i think people aren’t agreeing with you. If all his wives are qualified, he needn’t deny them. He personally signs ALL allocations and there is nothing else people can hold against him other than that.
            Though he isn’t a saint, this present administration is making people long again for his leadership.

          • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

            U need to know that most who disagree with me do so for tribal reasons. But to get back to the point. Nnaji for example resigned because the company he had an interest was bidding for a license in his ministry. Now there are no evidence to show that Geometric has cut corners or anything like that. But in the mind of any reasonable person, it will be nepotism if Geometric won that bid, so long as the minister has an interest. Public office is self denial. It calls for selflessness. This is where elrufai got it wrong and that makes him the least qualified to criticize the govt.

          • NAGODI


  • Patrick Obisuiyi

    Elrufai sacked and chased my uncle out of Abuja but still I believe he is the best FCT minister we have had. The present minister is only interested in pleasing Dame. I heard that the FCTA staff could not go for training this year bcos he dashed Dame Patience the training funds.