Jonathan vows to surprise critics with achievements by 2013

President Goodluck Jonathan
Former President Goodluck Jonathan's

More troubles for Goodluck JonathanPresident Jonathan says he is working hard to fix problems that preceded his administration.

In remarks that further underline his administration’s frustration with unrelenting criticisms, President Goodluck Jonathan on Monday repeated the optimism he has long held, assuring Nigerians of the impact of his government’s achievements by 2013.

Mr. Jonathan spoke at the 52nd Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in Abuja, where he described himself as “the most criticised president in the world,” saying his critics failed to understand the nation’s troubles predated his administration.

But the president assured, by 2013, he will be the “most praised”, a pledge he has severally given as his administration grapples with some of this country’s fiercest attacks against a government.

“I think I am the most criticised president in the whole world,” he said. “But I tell this noble audience that before I leave, I will also be the most praised president.

“I have experienced that before in my governorship journey in Bayelsa state. In fact, people who were close to me will tell you that even after the election, I told them, in my first 12 months, please cover your ears, because you will hear all kinds of things. But, as we progress, you will see (changes).”

The president’s comments came about 48 hours after a testy riposte by his media adviser, Reuben Abati, in what appears a coordinated attempt at scaling up the administration’s reaction to the criticisms Mr. Jonathan receives.

Mr. Abati’s article in the Guradian, where he variedly attacked the president’s legions of critics, describing them as “idle and ignorant”, stirred more trouble with his laborious decision at responding to faint issues as allegations Mr. Jonathan is an alcoholic.

Mr. Abati denied such drinks are served “officially” at the state house, and denied the president was a “glutton”.

The president said on Monday his government had been working hard to stabilise power and resurface roads, while also making efforts to bring to reasonable control the security challenges the country is facing.

“It is not easy,” he said. “We don’t have the magic wand. Except one is the miracle worker, that with the wave of the hand, probably will help to throw all these challenges away and prosperity will appear. But in pure governance issues, it takes time.

“Sometimes, even people who have held offices in government criticise me to the extent of personal abuses. Sometimes I ask, were there roads across the country and Jonathan brought flood to wipe out these roads? Or we had power and I brought hurricane to break down the entire infrastructure?

“If they say Boko Haram is because of poverty, were there massive irrigation projects in the North where agriculture can thrive and massive farms, and Jonathan brought drought to wipe out these farms? Under two years, is this possible?”

Mr Jonathan called for understanding, assuring that in the course of time, the results of his effort will be clear for even hsi critics to appreciate.

“Well, time will tell. What I can tell Nigerians is that let those who criticize continue to criticise. We will do our best, and as we progress, Nigerians will know the truth and we’ll see that we are committed and will surely transform this country,’’ he said.

Mr. Jonathan used the opportunity to denounce advocates of state police, saying the country was not yet ripe for such an arrangement, considering that it could easily be abused by the governors, a development, he said, could worsen the country already precarious security situation.


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  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    What an unfair world we live in with so many bad people. It is hard to believe that this government was elected by the nigerian people, just at the middle of last year. I think its only fair to give an administration three years to perform and then let the voters decide at the fourth year. Some presidents starts well and end bad and vice versa. let us not because of politics of hate, dwell in wickedness.

  • Enemona

    What a lame excuse!does it have to get worse before it gets better? This same thing every time: promises upon promises with very little to show for it. Lies upon lies, deceit upon deceit, that’s all we get for casting sincere votes for this man, that’s all. Common, what if problems exist in Nigeria, didn’t he know before canvassing for votes? Isn’t he supposed to tackle them? No, he has contributed to them. Someone should give me cold facts in areas where this president and his administration have performed. Damn it, he’s coming to seek our pity after he told us he doesn’t give a damn.

    Where is the fight against corruption after three years, all we see is scandals competing for our consciousness as if it has become a fashionable garment. What with the $6trn subsidy fund, the pension scam, farouk-otedola gate? What has happened to KPMG’s report on the subsidy regime? What has happened to the numerous reports/findings on corruption. Not even a single soul has been fully prosecuted. Don’t even try to give me those cliches of excuses that insult our collective intelligence as a nation.

    Our finances are in shambles, with so much left by Obasanjo as foreign reserve and all that was left in the ECA before Jona came, we have quickly run into debt thereby racing so fast to catch up with the odious debt of the Abacha years. The country has not recorded any positive thing, not even one tangible one under the presidency. The oil industry is full of sleaze and it is being cheered on by the corrupt and untouchable Diezani who is fully shielded by the president.

    We will not yield to such cheap blackmail, he is the most criticised because he is unwilling to do the right things. He has promised more than he can delivered, he’s been very shoddy in his approach to matters. His lack of tact and sincerity of purpose has brought him so much flak and that is expected to continue.

    The needs of Nigerians are basic, provide it if you don’t want to be criticised. Coming out and playing the victim to curry cheap sympathy won’t work, Nigerians are all too wise now. Words no longer sway us, your action should speak for you. We’ve seen your action in raising the price of fuel, we’ve seen your action in shielding corrupt and sleazy individuals, we’ve seen your action in contracts awarded to militants, we’ve seen your action in budgeting N1bn for your feeding, we’ve seen your action in appointing your wife as a perm sec in Bayelsa, we’ve seen your action in allowing your wife to waste resources on charades and jamborees.

    The result of your leadership, sorry, lack of it, is the teeming unemployed youth roaming the streets. The only set of people seeing any sort of employment and benefits are the cabals, their cronies in this administration, the ‘attack dogs’ and the internet rent-boys like the poster below. SHAME!

    • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

      1. Organized the freest and fairest election in our history.
      2.Stable fuel supply across the country ( a big problem before he took over)
      3. significant improvement in power supply across the country currently at over 4500mw in just one year.
      3. Steady train services in parts of Lagos state and new ones rolling between Lagos and Kano
      4. A new seaport in Onitsha Anambra state
      5. Unprecedented hard currency revenue in Cassava production
      6. Stability in Niger Delta allowing free flow of oil.
      7. A new revolutionary PIB that sanitizes the oil industry
      8. Restored dignity, decency, and gentility to the office of the president.
      9. First Nigerian president to probe the oil subsidy and the oil industry.
      10. unprecedented funding of PH.D scholars to close the academic gap in our universities,(hundreds of Nigerian scholars are benefiting abroad as i write)

      The list is endless. FACTS ARE SACRED. OPINION IS FREE. Frustrated people should take their frustrations to the right channel. Real Nigerians criticise Jonathan only on Boko Haram and not sundry issues he inherited from career criminals we call retired generals in nigeria.

      • bashwaziri

        You must be a benefactor of this evil PDP! Jona made promises b4 elections but how many has he achieved?
        We are tired of statistical or paper analysis abegi. Let’s see it on ground! All the issues you highlighted above, from free election or selection, rail, electricity and stupid oil probe that the thieves are still roaming the streets and even have more previledges than you! The common man just need basic human needs! We are not asking him for any magic as he was practically begging us to pity him to. If he can’t do the needful, let him resign, period! If with all the billions and trillions we are hearing everyday and still the PDP cannot make any meaningful improvement on the masses lives for the past 14yrs, then PDP as a party is a big failure! Period!!!

  • Now this is a whole load of crap.what happened to all the promises he made?did he do a thorough job of researching the nigerian problem before he came into office?that’s why I get pissed off with all these polical people who think we are nothing but mere dummies.they should have an understanding of what’s on ground before making vain promises.its either that or ‘I met an empty treasury’,excuse for ineptitude.I guess he’s getting what he deserves.never make promises you can’t keep.this is NIGERIA

  • Adil

    We Also Pray for the Achievement

  • Pivo679

    Sorry mate, this comes with the job and if you can’t take the heat just step down. We must put the bar real high for our leaders otherwise nothing is ever going to get done in our part of the world. It is the only way we can get leaders who truly want to serve the people and not themselves. You will write your name in history as the one leader that put this and that right also comes with the job.