How we raped, killed Cynthia, suspects in murder of General’s daughter confess

The murder suspects
The suspects say they drugged, raped and then strangled Cynthia

Ben Ezeamalu

The Lagos State Police, Wednesday, paraded two suspects who allegedly murdered, Cynthia Osokogu, a 25 year old lady they met through social media.

Ms. Osokogu, a postgraduate student at the Nassarawa State University, was strangled in her hotel room in Festac Town, Lagos.

The suspects, Ezekiel Eloka, 23, and Echezona Nwabufor, 33; while narrating how they drugged the deceased, said that they strangled her and made away with her money.

On July 22, the Area E Police Division in FESTAC found the chained, lifeless body of Ms. Osokogu in her hotel room.

Mr. Eloka said that they met the deceased on Facebook. And when she informed them she usually comes to buy goods in Lagos, they made arrangements for her visit while promising to help her get cheaper prices.

“When she got to Lagos, we met her at the airport and then took her to a hotel in Festac. We thought she had a lot of money, but she said she didn’t have any money,” Mr. Eloka said.

Mr. Eloka further stated that their effort to drug Ms. Osokogu’s drink was fruitless as they discovered the drug “did not work quickly on her.”

“We then attacked her, tied her up and used cellotape to cover her mouth.

“After that, we beat her to tell us where she kept the money.

“When we didn’t get any money from her, we tied her mouth and strangled her and then we abandoned her in the hotel.”

Umar Manko, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, said that the police used footages from the hotel’s Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to identify the suspects.

“We discovered that two young men came to the hotel and went to the room and after sometime came out with a package,” Mr. Manko said.

With the aid of the video footage and the call logs of the telephone conversations between the suspects and the deceased; Mr. Manko said that they were able to close in on the duo.

The police also said that they recovered ATM cards, different identity cards, and more that 20 SIM cards from the suspects.

The murder suspects
The suspects say they drugged, raped and then strangled Cynthia


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  • yeni

    Funny enough the names given on the news papers cannot be found on facebook.I hope this is not a way of covering for these serial killers..they shud pay on earth n in hell.can’t wait for satan to give them a befitting welcome party

    • I doubt if they will use their real names on facebook considering their criminal intentions of using the social media.

  • treasure

    Rip to da young gurl may her soul rest in peace,but am sorry to say a lot of gurls die everyday and they da police doesn’t do anyfin but wen is da generals daughter they found da criminals in no time pls lett da police use their gift in a lot of issues to they don’t. Pls its our country to let’s be fair.

  • Adili Kolado

    When someone from the high and mighty is involved, the Police would always close the lead and find the culprits/killers.
    1. Armed robbers terrorized residents of Jimeta for long; it was only when they attacked a former governor ( and killed a policeman at the scene) that they were arrested.
    2. Same robbers terrorized pepole along busy Yola road; the robbers were arrested in no time when they attacked and shot Atiku’s driver (Atiku was VP then)
    3. Many travelers lost their lives at a spot near Bauchi on Bauchi-Jos road. After several years and several loss of lives, the spot was repaired by Julius Berger in 3 days. Why and how? Because Yayale Ahmed who then Head of Service lost 3 children at the same spot!
    4. Reckless bullion drivers kill and injure many innocent citizens throughout the country, daily, but little action from the authorities. However, when the son of an Army general was involved with one of the vans some years back in Abuja, the driver and police escorts were immediately apprehended and charged to court!
    Sometimes I wonder if we should not always pray for calamities to happen to our leaders so that the nuisances will be gotten rid of! May God be our guide. Amen.

    • dr

      on point!

    • OfiNet

      You nailed the points. Next time when you made your points do not involved or call the God’s name in vain. The same God that created the bad and good. People at government/police are worse than the killers.

  • Status Quo

    This should let everyone know what a social menace sites like Facebook are! You can represent yourself as anything you want to be on these sites and the young who have little experience in dealing with the truth of human nature will fall susceptible to the inducements of various cads online!

  • Status Quo

    I will add also, our women have to much freedom. Women should be at home or out with their husbands or en masse for a reason! There are still people out there who prey on the weak and helpless and women are weak and helpless! What can a woman do if a man decides to have his way with her through force? And she’s out alone without the protection of her brother, father, or husband? This nonsense pumped into the heads of our women needs to cease for a lot of the ‘sexist’ ways were created for their own protection!
    And as for the justice system and how it works it is flawed and often unfair. That’s life though! I marvel at how Africans often question the privilege their leaders enjoy yet in Europe and Asia I don’t see the same sort of contempt by the people towards their leaders! They expect and know that this is a part of life. It would be nice if all was fair in love and war, but we know that it isn’t. Everyone can’t be generals for then where would the soldiers in the army be? Who would do the fighting? Worry not for the privilege of generals and presidents and the like for if the system is to survive and thrive we must accept only a few can lead! If everyone tries to lead, nothing will get done. The system will fall and we will be prey to foreign interests who understand that only a few can lead! God is the great equalizer and so trust him and worry not about your low station in the scheme of things for there is a reason you are there as there is for the high station of the general and the president.