Presidency agrees with El-Rufai on Boko Haram types

Doyin Okupe and Rueben Abatti
Doyin Okupe and Rueben Abatti

Idris Akinbajo

The Presidency through the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, Monday morning, said there are three categories of Boko Haram operating in Nigeria.

Mr. Okupe who spoke during a televised interview on the African Independent Television listed the three categories of Boko Haram as the religious one, the criminal, and the political.

These were the same categories of Boko Haram listed by opposition leader of the Congress of Progressive Change (CPC), Nasir El-Rufai.

Mr. Okupe however disagreed with Mr. El-Rufai on who the sponsors of the political Boko Haram are, insinuating that they were being sponsored by the opposition.


Watch: Nasir Elrufai’s views on Boko Haram


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  • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

    Old news. this has always been the position of the presidency. Remember the president stated that boko haram has infiltrated government rank. who in Nigeria doesnt know that there are political and religous leaders championing boko haram? was it not an Imam and his sons who were arrested in Bauchi last year for tearing all the posters of GEJ in the metropolis. There are still far too many mosques in the north, preaching hate against jonathan and southern Nigeria. Just last week ‘sheikh-without-a-kingdom Gumi compared Jonathan with ‘Ironsi days’. Or is it a rocket science, to say that criminals will take opportunity of the lawlessness in the north east.
    Please El rufai shoud spare us those fairy tales. If he needs award he should achieve something abroad like okonjo-iweala, soyinka, achebe,ezekwesili etc not this local championship he is seeking.

    • Myle

      I guess El-rufai rather want to make it Good in his own country and contribute also to his country! He doesnt have to go some where to make fame and come over to his country and translate that to a failure. He is a great Achiever and a Nigerian to the core. This madness and this copy copy govt, that is always waiting for some one to give them a clue then they will act, one can expect any madness from them. Sheikh Gumi is only making a comparism which i guess he got it not too perfect in that context. I believe it is worse. GEJ and Co administration is worse than that. EL-RUFAI is no match to you all and this Government. so please save your breath mr. spoke man

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        yes, he will still make ‘good’ from where he left under OBJ but never under jonathan bcos he is not needed. Rufai have no party nor ideology, his own is come and chop. An opportunist to the core, if in doubt ask Atiku.

        • Prince Joy

          Awusa, walnut or whatever, you comments have really shown much about your myopic thinking and utterances in a a free for nothing public domain. Is not a problem to be pro-government, but it should be based on genuineness and not saying jargons. based on your various comments, it can be deduced that you are accommodating strong hate for northern Nigerian, Opposition groups and comments to the Federal Government/Jonathan and you are anti-moslems even when the comments and opinions from them are excellent and correct ones. We dont need haters and people with these features/characters for the country to move forward.
          God Bless Nigeria

          • Adili Kolado

            Thank you my Prince. This Awusa man, ( let him truly put his real name) is on every comment in all the on-line papers spitting same shit all the time. Tell us your true identity.

        • Omoluabi

          Again, I beg to differ with you, El_Rufai as a minister of FCT achieved so much in turning Abuja into a modern city from the slum that they met in 1999. Now tell me, what has the GEJ administration done in this nation that can compare to that in any sector except for the virtual development that only him and members of his cabinet can see and flaunt.

        • Kzicltd

          What party? What ideology? PDP corruption and looting?O

    • Daniel

      Appreciate the truth he speaks …we need people like him .He is not needed abroad.What good is Okonjo iweala doing to us.Let him tell dis bad leaders the truth

    • Muhammad

      Mr Ugwo Awusa or is it Hausa. Can’t really imagine da type of tribalist u r. Have u ever think 4 once da national discriminating comments dat 419 CAN president publicly does. So unfortunate of u.

      I don’t know from where this hatred came from. The issue of Boko Haram only affects the northerners, every single day a northerner happens 2 be a victim in every of the killing but not Christians.
      Say whatever u like da truth will soon be revealed.

      • Mpitikwelu_na_Ugwu_Awusa

        I have no hate in me but i have no respect for people who cant treat others the way they want to be treated. A people who have ruled for 38 years out of fifty can not allow the first ijaw man to be president. and they say they are just people. In any case, dont worry about me worry about the hate been preached in mosques across northern states, especially by one sheikh Gumi, another local champion who ran away from saudi arabia, after been detained on suspicion of terrorism against christians. Please read his his latest sermon of hate. In any decent country faced with terrorism, politicians close ranks and unite to fight a common enemy but Elrufai and co have chosen to worsen the matter by their incendiary comments. It is only right that patriots should speak out for truth, even if it hurts.

        • Omoluabi

          @Ogwu_Awusa, I am not a Northerner, neither am I a Muslim, I am from the South West and I do not believe that because the North has ruled us for 38 wasted years, then the South to should waste another 100 years to justify whatever your argument may be.

          My thinking is that the leader of today wherever he comes from, North, East, West or South should learn from the mistakes of the past leaders and veer Nigeria off the coast of destruction, but the reverse is the case here as PDP, Obasanjo and our current crop of leaders have plundered this nation to the extent that the 38 wasted years looks like a child play. The GEJ administration has set a new record in corruption.

          Let us stop encouraging them by our comments.

  • Doyin just makes me laugh! He is 8 month pregnant!

  • philipe de pip

    I really wonder if we truly desire to ever get things right!!….those old regions that made up Nigeria…and those selfless heroes as leaders who desired to get things right and did the right things. What have we learnt from them?? If they thought the way we now do, perhaps there would have been no Nigeria today!,, Our leaders are now so selfish and full of a mentality of acquisition and flaunting ostentation as marks of positions. We revel in opression and care less about development except where it will add to our personal profile of accomplishment. We fan the embers of disunity and preach the gospel of hatred and division yet sing about unity and pledge fake loyalty to the nation. What breed of Nigerian leadership are we experiencing?

  • At last, there is a common ground between El Rufai and the
    FG. Hope he will be a minister in no distant time. Nonsense!