Farouk Lawan breaks silence, denies receiving $600,000 bribe

Farouk Lawan, the beleaguered chairman of the House of Representatives ad hoc committee on fuel subsidy management, named in a N96 million bribery allegation, has broken his silence on the matter, denying vehemently that he took a bribe from an oil marketer to remove his name from the list of those indicted for their roles in a gigantic fuel subsidy scam of more than N2 trillion.

In a statement made available to PREMIUM TIMES Sunday night, Mr. Lawan said, “I wish to categorically deny that I or any member of the committee demanded and received any bribe from anybody in connection with the fuel subsidy probe and I believe this is evident from the thorough and indepth manner the investigation was carried out and the all encompassing recommendations produced therefrom as approved by the whole House.”

Read the full statement below.

“My attention has been drawn to several newspapers and internet stories alleging that a prominent member of the House Adhoc Committee on Petroleum subsidy demanded and received the sum of $600,000.00 as bribe from an oil marketer.

“I wish to categorically deny that I or any member of the committee demanded and received any bribe from anybody in connection with the fuel subsidy probe and I believe this is evident from the thorough and indepth manner the investigation was carried out and the all encompassing recommendations produced therefrom as approved by the whole House.

“The general public is hereby reminded that during and after the investigations we have severally raised alarm on pressures on us from different quarters. In particular. I wish to refer to the front page publication in the Leadership Weekend newspaper of 28th April 2012 captioned “Marketers offered subsidy committee plane-load of dollars” where we alerted the public that a marketer promised to fly in a jet loaded with US Dollars which he “intended to share to both the House leadership and members of the Adhoc Committee” to influence the outcome of the report.  

“This clarification is necessary in order to clear all the insinuations being bandied about and more importantly to enable the government  concentrate on the implementation of the report.

“The present mudslinging is not unexpected in view of the caliber of people whose actions and inactions were found wanting in the report. I am aware that in their desperation to discredit the report and divert the attention of the public from the real issues of large scale fraud in high places established in our report, a video footage displaying a caricature of my person allegedly having a dealing with a marketer reminiscent of the military era when dignitaries were invited to the villa to watch a video clip of a phantom coup involving Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is already in circulation.

“I wish to assure all Nigerians that the sanctity of our report remains unassailable and it will be in the best interest of the country if the relevant authorities faithfully and conscientiously implement the resolutions of the House. No amount of redherring and cheap blackmail will affect our resolve to continue to act in the best interest of the country with all the available information at our disposal. No doubt, the last has not been heard.”      




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  • Bigyuse

    I will for now stand with Farouk Lawan untill proven guilty. I will want the accuser to answer the following questions for Lawan.(1) when you serielised and mark money, do you leave the receiver to take the money home and spend or you catch him red handed after collecting the money?(2) were the security agencies wai ing to identify the the dollars in US whenever Lawan travelled or at the airport when he want to travel out. (3) if the accuser is clean, why was he bothered to have zenon name removed from the report by hook and crook.(4) if one has to agree that the accuser is fighting corruption, what has been his track record for the fight against corruption before now? Once they started suspending their members over unproven allegations, I knew Nigerians whose hands are deep in corruption will suspend all of them, one by one.

  • concernednigerian

    I will be telling lies if I say I did not expect something like this to surface following the report of the so-called Lawan committee. I was called names and some described me as being sentimental. My position is simple, I will not sit idly by for the apostles of negativism and confusion to bring about the administration of Jonathan into disrupt. I support into-to the Presidency of Goodluck Jonathan because it represents a revolution. For the first time in the history of Nigeria, a man from the Southern minority has broken through the glass ceiling. He needs time to consolidate and deliver the dividends of democracy. And for the Jonathan Presidency I and others like me are ready to lay down our lives in the interests of equality of all Nigeria.That does not mean that the administration is beyond reproach for as long as it is constructive. Our position is diametrically opposed to the noise making, confusion and blind criticism from the South-West. I lost support for the Lawan committee the moment they recommended two Petroleum ministers, meaning one from the arid North. I am therefore not surprise at the allegation of bribery now placed at the door-step of Farouk Lawan. Let Lawan answer the allegation against him and also explain why the Petroleum Ministers from the North were not invited to testify at his committee? Did they also offer him $3million? We prefer no Nigeria than the Nigeria we now have. Please note that the South-South will no longer allow the proceeds from their resources to be managed by the ‘caterpillars of the commonwealth’. The overnight construction of Abuja at the expense of infrastructural development of the whole country informed our position on this issue. What was the state of electricity when we poured the entire resources of the South South on Abuja? How long has Jonathan been in office for him to have been expected to solve the multitude of problems of Nigeria? Yet the critics from the South West are incapable of looking at themselves in the mirror. What was the state of electricity supply in Nigeria within the eight years of Yoruba rule? To the North, why Boko Haram? So those who want to succeed Jonathan in 2019 should begin to place the economy of their zone on a sound footing. On this issue there shall be no dialogue, no compromise and no détente. Let those who want peace remove the causes of war. I say no more.

    • Babso

      You are nothing but a noisemaker. You are sentimental in your write up and cannot explain what the SW have done to warrant this nonsense you have written. All you people shout is south-south, why can’t you amke good use of the opportunity God provided for your region to do well and let other judge your performance. We are tired of this lack of focus please.

    • Middlebelt drunk

      Dear Concerned Former Biafran,

      I really sympathize with you demented nature of your mental faculties. While i do appreciate that a minority from the Niger Delta is President, I also believe that he has proven to be as clueless as a church rat. The question is simple, if MAJORITY of Nigerians feel that the GEJ administration has failed then who are you to go against public opinion.
      Remember that it was a Northern President that have your un-cultured vagabonds amnesty it wasn’t your shoeless, clueless, wife battered Jona.

      Swimming in the oil infested waters has poisoned your grey matter. We shall indeed pray for you.

  • Greyne Anosike

    My worry is that prominent Nigerians, even members of NASS had made such declaration in the past only for this Nation to discover that they had cases to answer. If Mr. Lawan is really involved in this mess, then our nation has no future. This guy is one of those we thought could represent the conscience of new Nigeria in the National assembly. What do we really do with all this money we stockpile and soil our names ., those of our families , Nation and above all ,soil the name of our God?
    With a salary that runs into several millions monthly, why wouldn’t our lawmakers pause and think of the best way to move this nation to greater heights? Let us see how this will end. There should be no action on the report until we see the end of this matter.
    Those who say we take in the report have forgotten that taking a kobo on some aspects of the report, has invalidated the whole report One oiled finger soils the whole fingers.. Look at the tax payers money involved in the probe, Its a national shame indeed if proven to be true..
    Greyne Anosike

  • Kill the Pest

    Where is Ken Namani?

  • We know the

  • The answer to all this dullwitted,but insulting threatrical nosnsene is simple.Consider for instance,the relationship between Otedola and the former, SENILE,President,Baban Iyabo,Otedola’s sole-maker and creator,his [OBJ’S] RECENT bashing and condemnation of the ENTIRE National assembly,the duo’s relationship with GEJ,aonther OBJ’S creation,on one hand,and Farouk’s stubborn determination to continue with his risky,thankless job of exposing the powerful,then you have a clue at your finger tips.
    Lawan may not be the saint he pretends to be,at least for now,particularly for his suffocating,long silence on the matter,if what some of his colleagues in the National assembly are saying may be true,but we can also figure out the utter desparation involved through the Villa and the larger PDP cult in the whole saga.