Wife tells court husband used child's bones for rituals

In a Magistrate Court in Abeokuta on Wednesday, Basirat Oluwole, whose husband had instituted a divorce case against her, shocked the court when she alleged that her husband is a ritualist.

Mrs Oluwole said her husband, Tajudeen Oluwole, a Caterpillar Driver, had used the bones of their dead child for traditional rituals. She said her husband took possession of the bones of one of her twin children who died shortly after birth. 

According to the defendant in the divorce suit, many months after the death of her baby, she uncovered the bone wrapped with inscription ‘Eegun Kehinde’, translated Kehinde’s bone, inside her husband’s wardrobe.

“I want to passionately appeal to court to help retrieve the dried bone of our deceased twin baby from him. The baby died before her naming ceremony, but her twin sister is still alive. I don’t even know where the corpse was buried.

“I discovered the bone of the baby inside his wardrobe wrapped in a paper with inscription ‘Eegun Kehinde’. I beg the court to help recover the bone from him,” she passionately appealed to the court.

The couple, in their individual submissions, asked the court to dissolve the 17 year old marriage. Both are however grappling over who will take custody of the children.

While delivering judgment, the court explained that its role is only to address matrimonial affairs. The judge declined to address the ritual accusation.

The judge, Israel Isola Fajebe, dissolved the marriage and referred the child custody issue to Juvenile Court. 


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  • Tonyogbe

    If the said wife could provide substatial evidence(s) as to the said exhibit ‘Eegun Kehinde’ why would the judge acclaim the court can only act on the marital aspect only.What message does this send out to the public,is the judge saying such rituals aren’t in exixtence in our society? Isn’t this judge issuing an blank check to other ritualists out there,isn’t it time we Nigerians face present day reality rather shy away from it, furthermore, where is our common sense and descretion on this judgement?


    • Vicruth99

      Tonyogbe, You are right. I strongly agree with you. This is a substantial evidence that this woman has provided. Why is the judge afraid to dig deep into this case? Why will the judge make this kind of coward’s statement? The husband has to tell the whole world what he has done with “Eegun Kehinde.” Look here! This woman has the right to fight this kind of wicked husband of her. She carries the pregnancy for good nine months. Who knows if not this wicked husband that kills Kehinde because of money or for whatever ritual that is known to him alone. Judge Israel Fajebe, pls you need to do something about this case. You have to convince us that you fit to be a judge! eh!!! Do something before this man begin to kidnap other people’s children for rituals. You know he has used his own child and blood now, before you know it many neighboring children will disappear.

      • Tonyogbe

        Vicruth99,Thanks Dear for your sincere comments and positive response to this HEARTH BREAKING ISSUE. I’d expect many more positive reactions to this issue but “we” Nigerians being what we are will never voice or protest bad things particularly when it concern an individual until the problem spread like forest/wide fire.

        Back to basis.If, at the 21st century our so called judges aren’t applying discretional ‘common IQ’ to their judgement (s) it means they are not living in a modern world. nowadays,everything isn’t just hanging on BOOK but also common sense.

        Where this to happen in the western world,their would be a mass protest denouncing the judge (particularly with Eegun kehinde at hand),the news men will be every where,but,in Nigeria, the press wouldn’t.Instead, they are after where they can gain cash only a phenomenon that has destroyed our society.

        The western nations we had designed our penal / criminal code after, had long amended their ways / laws to this regard.By the way,they were once executing witches and wizards meaning they acknowledge they had this problem and once we agree there is a problem,then,the problem is half solved.by this,(am no saying we should also kill the witches and wizards rather,we should make provision that they exist and thereby ask them to help maintain healthy environment)

        In sum, “we” must learn to hold the bull by the horn and resolve issues as they appear before they get out of hand.