UNILAG students protest naming of varsity after Abiola

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UPDATE 17: The protesting crowd is gradually disparsing as many students begin to make their way back to their hostels. A law student who addressed the protesters a short while ago suggested they protest daily till the president rescinds his decison and restore the school’s original name.

UPDATE 16: Banks within the UniLag (MAUL) Akoka campus have shot their gates for fear the protest might escalate. 

UPDATE 15: Minor Accident! A security kiosk used by some students as platform collapsed under them. Fellow students cheered the collapse. No one was injured.

UPDATE 14: Some students protested up to Ikorodu road, while majority remained at the school gate. The students who protested to Ikorodu road are making their way back to school gate but the police have already occupied a section of the road back to the school gate. The police now between the two student groups.

UPDATE 13: Police officers now sandwiched by students. But they are keeping their cool so far. The protest is still progressing peacefully.

UPDATE 12: Police arrive the protest arena, in large numbers, but keeping a reasonable distance from the protesters. Students are not moved by their presence. No action from the police yet.

UPDATE 11: Stretch of road leading to the university gate from Yaba Junction now “occupied” by protesting students. “Occupy UniLag” logo goes viral in social media.

UPDATE 10: The arrested student was fighting with a member of the Nigerian Legion who is a guard on of the school’s hostels. University security said the guard was drunk and has been arrested too. The guard is handcuffed to a burglary proof.

UPDATE 9: The university security have arrested a protesting student. He is taken into custody. The security officials are ‘beating’ the arrested student in the custody room.

UPDATE 8: The protest has been peaceful so far. Apart from UniLag security officers, dressed in blue, the police is yet to arrive the protest arena. The school’s Chief Security Officer was spotted at the begining of the protest.

UPDATE 7: The protest at UniLag gate grows bigger as a detatchment of students who went to protest at the E-Centre Yaba retunrs to the gate protest arena with hundreds of Medical students, dressed in their lab suits, from Idiaraba.

UPDATE 6: Protesting University of Lagos students are on onward march towards Akoko area. Students from the College of Medicine Idiaraba just joined the protest. The medical students came in chnating “No MediMAU”

UPDATE 5: Faculty Association leaders are persuading fellow students to go back into the campus. The persuations seems inefective at the moment. Students are still gathered at the protest ground near the school’s entrance gate. Both students and lecturers are protesting the name change.

A lecturer told our reporter that some of them teach “for the name.”

UPDATE 4: “We have always doubted the intelligence of this government and this has confirmed it. This is sensless. Unilag was establish by an act of parliarment. We will go to court.” Says chairman ASUU Unilag, Oghenekaro Ogbinaka

UPDATE 3: Acting VC of University of Lagos in company of the school’s registrar are standing on a Danfo bus, begging students who have blocked the school’s entrance gate to go back to their hostels. They students respond “ese, ese o, ese o, e wa ma lo” meaning, Thank you, you can now leave.

UPDATE 2: Officials are begging students to go back to campus saying, “We are with you.” Students shouted “NO”.

The university’s Director of Student Affairs, Professor Olukayode Amund, is begging the students and calling for caution.

He told our reporter, “We were all taken aback. There was no due consultation and they said this is a democracy.”

A student, Bolanle Ajayi, said, “Change of name is the least of our problems. Besides, there is MAPOLY, already named after Abiola.

UPDATE 1: The students are now outside the university main gate creating a human blockade to all vehicles trying to access the school. They are chanting, “We no want.”

Vehicles are turning back as the students insist the acting vice chancellor must address them. 


Reports reaching of us indicate that thousands of students of the University of Lagos are protesting the change of name of the school announced this morning by President Goodluck Jonathan.

The students are chanting anti-government slogans, saying the president’s decision is the worst he had ever taken. They vowed to resist the renaming of the institution.

The protesters are heading towards the school gate and are about pouring into the streets.

The school was renamed after the late businessman, politician and philanthropist, Moshood Abiola.

UNILAG students protest naming of varsity after Abiola





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  • KenMani

    I hope Femi Falana and Bola Tinubu will quickly speak to these minors whom they lead by the nose.

  • KenMani

    Why are they protesting….after all Ahmadu Bello University which I attended (1980-1983) is one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. The Northerners are so proud that the University is named after their illustrious son Sir Ahmadu Bello. Why are the Yorubas not proud of MKO Abiola and happy that a foremost university in Nigeria is named after him. Methinks, that by their protest they are now proving IBB right and confirming that his reasons for annulling the June 12 election lay firmly in the fact that Abiola’s people, the Yoruba’s did not want him to be President even though they go about deceiving people that June 12 and Abiola are the most important milestones in their lives.

    • Toriola Ogunkola

      Typical Nigerians, always talking lavishly. Fact is that the decision is UNPOPULAR and UNCALLED FOR. At this time in Nigerian history, President Goodluck Jonathan needs to start making popular decisions that will help save his regime. You don’t go about roaring like a lion and making decisions that (even if right and absolutely correct) contradicts the opinions of the people. How many current students of UNILAG knew what June 12 stood for? June 12 is history and the history can only be preserved with free and fair election which was what that day stood for and NOT change of institution which is a PRIDE of the alma-matas. Yes I understand what you mean by Ahmadu Bellow University but take a poll down there and change their school to University of Blahblah and see if they won’t protest.

      Wait a minute!! Didn’t Goodluck Jonathan says that there are about 50 Universities currently being built? Are you telling me not even ONE SINGLE one of them can be named after MKO? why UNILAG then?

      • KenMani

        Please tell us what makes the decision unpopular and uncalled for. Do you anything about MKO Abiola and the June 12 struggle. Please keep your mouth firmly shut and never say again that June 12 is history and that a decision to honor Abiola is unpopular and uncalled for. Please be informed that Ahmadu Bello University was renamed just like Unilag was renamed today and the Northerners are ever proud that the University bears the name of their illustrious son.

        • Maphorbs


        • concernedcitizen

          The decision is unpopular and uncalled for cos this is supposed to be a democratic regime but as usual in 9ja we can see that no such thing as democracy exists. If Jonathan rily wanted to do it the right way the opinion of those higher school authorities and other prominent people would be sought before that name change is effected. Not him waking up one day n den deciding dt d name change must be effected. That is just wrong. Secondly I take offense to u and the other commenter mking snide comments abt the Yoruba’s not actually in support of MKO. That was just irrelevant. Yes u made mention of ur ABU. Yes the uni’s nae was quite warranted and if am not mistaken a polytechnic from his home state has bin named after him. So y now uproot the name UNILAG and then give it the name MAU. Its so uncalled for. If they truly want to kip his legacy then could av ezly built anoda federal university in his home sate and name it after him. MKO neva contributed to the growth of UNILAG so y give him the honor for it. To me its just one of Jonathan’s absurd tactics to divert the attention of the masses from pressing issues. He isn’t addressing how to better the current educational system. Rather he is addressing flimsy issues such as name change. Just like the oda person stated aw would u feel if the name of ur prestigious alma mata is changed all of a sudden. Think about it properly before replying or responding. Same applies in dis case.

          • KenMani

            ahaaaa….. so it is today that you Yoruba people are telling us that MKO never contributed to the growth of UNILAG. Please tell us more… we are all ears. ….It is instructive for you to know that my letter of apology to IBB is on its way to Minna. Now I know that IBB was right when he said that the Yoruba’s forced him to annul the June 12 election because they never wanted MKO

          • Maphorbs

            This is just plain silly. UNILAG is not a YORUBA school. You are just a prejudiced person. YOU are the one who ought to raise salient issues…not whether Yorubas accept Abiola or not. Peope like you destroy this country. Tribalist!! Are all the students Yorubas??

          • adenle

            Don’t mind KenMani!

          • Sade

            You no hear me. I said I need a job too. I can do this job of helping our “world class” president. Do not mind those people jare.

          • Sadei

            Preisdent kenMani sorry President Jonathan, oh oh soryy, Dr. Reuben Abati, sorryy I do not even know what I am doing again sonce I need a job badly like KenMani. Sorry say I mistalk. It is this job thing. Please I need one.
            I can do media work too on behalf of our president and drive beauthiful and elegant cars around Abuja. After that i will campaign that we name three universities after our president Jonathan. Just get me the job please

        • Sade

          Oga KenMani,
          I go die here if you do not get me a job. Me too like our “world class” president now. Forget about those people wey no like our Oga president . Just give me o jare. I want be like you ambassador boyloaf too make I dey jet around the world.

      • Maphorbs

        It would have been more honourable to name anew university after Abiola. Bit to wreck 50 years of history is UNPOPULAR! Simply put,there are many more ways to honour June 12 than the renaming of an institution. What on earth?! The VC just died and you think the students will not take an opportunity to vent their spleen. At this point, SOFOLUWE UNIVERSITY would have gone better with the students than Abiola. A leader must be able to feel the citizens’ pulse…that is not the casee with Jonathan.

        • KenMani

          In fact, 50 years of history it makes it more befitting for what is at stake.

          • Maphorbs

            You can tell us then WHAT is at stake…cos we sure as hell don’t know o.

          • KenMani

            Please ask Bola Tinubu, Tunde Bakare, Femi Falana, Yinka Odumakin, his wife Joe Oke-Odumakin, Pat Utomi, Ndubuisi Kanu, Prof Nwabueze etc. etc. I am sure that they will tell you all that you need to know. So you did not even bother to know what is at stake before you started writing and protesting?

          • Sade

            I want a media job at the presidency too Mr ken. Please get me one.

          • Sade

            I need a job

  • concernednigerian

    Lagos is in Yoruba and Abiola is an icon of Yoruba quest for democracy. What is their problem? Why is there always noise and confusion from a section of the country? If they’re not insulting the President then they must engage in one form of mischief or another led by their so-called Human Rights activists. I must be sincere I do not like the name change, because I would have preferred the university to be named after Isaac Boro, but then I am not from the South West of the country. Chief Abiola was. Let the students, a good many of whom are from the South West, argue their case convincingly and make representation to the Presidency in order to resolve this issue amicably. Despite the abuse and insults regularly heaped at the person of the President by the South West, a good many of whom are hooligans and vagabonds, Jonathan was once a university student and served his NYSC in Yorubaland, hence more amenable to the demands of students.The students should explore that avenue because it offers prospects of early resolution.

    • Sade

      I have begged KenMani for so long to get me a job at the presidency so that I can drive beautiful cars too and travel back and forth America like boyloaf and dem dem dem. But KenMani has not replied. So I am writing thru this medium again for help. Please help otherwise I will report you to Pastor Oritsejafor the presidency pastor.

  • Lanre

    This is the problem when a society is devoid of heroes. This is the problem when our youth do not know our history. I am sure most of these students were born in the early ’90’s and did not know anything about June 12, 1993. If you talk to some of them about it, they will be like “uhn, whatchu talking about”?
    The debate is neither here nor there. Nigeria does not have a lot of precedents in institutionalising merit. Naming Unilag after M.K.O. Abiola is in my opinion a good move to remember the struggle those of us fought in 1993. Should it have been Unilag? This is debatable. However, Goodluck Jonathan is the Visitor to the University and it is federally owned. Has he broken any laws? This should be the concern of observers. Whichever way we look at it, Jonathan has done something positive to remember M.K.O Abiola.

  • KenMani

    Today and by these public protests, IBB have been vindicated when he said that the Yoruba’s forced him to annul the June 12 election because they really did not want Abiola. It is a pity that these same Yoruba’s have over the years used June 12 to unfairly rob IBB of so much. They must apologize to IBB and seek ways to remedy the injustice that have been done to him. So they really did not love MKO as much as they made us believe in public. I never knew that despite their public posturing on Abiola and June 12 they hated the man with a passion. Why are the Yoruba’s protesting….after all Ahmadu Bello University which I attended (1980-1983) is one of the prestigious universities in Nigeria. The Northerners are so proud that the university is named after their illustrious son Sir Ahmadu Bello. Why are the Yoruba’s not proud of MKO and happy that a foremost university in Nigeria is named after him? It all makes me sad.

    • The problem is not the young kids protesting, but your President who has no clue. Institutions are respected because of their name and are not arbitrarily changed. If suggestions for change are made, then bodies are consulted on the wisdom of the proposed change. because Goodluck has a uniform as commander in chief does not mean he is running a dictatorship. Imagine if someone attempts to rename Harvard to Obama University. Our clueless leaders should spend more time studying how things are done in democracies.

      Even if there is a proposed change, there is a legal way of doing it since Unilag was created by an act of congress. But do these jokers in Aso rock even have the intelligence or exposure to think? A president who promises security and cannot get his own security to do their job to allow him to face his people publicly should never be trusted. He is running a Mafia as the world has recently discovered. He is a massive failure in Leadership.

      • KenMani

        If Abiola is not fit for the best and the most priced, who else?

        • Sandexonline

          come oh Mr. or whoever you are? i perceive u are a saddist! what do u actually stand for in your life. Moreso i will characterize your comment as just an opinion lacking adequate content. Keep talking but your words are empty.

        • patriot

          The best & the most priced indeed. Abiola through June 12 became a national figure. Why not name something after him in Abuja, why sectionalize it to south west. If it is for the best & most priced, name Aso Rock or national assembly building after him. that reflects democracy.

        • Sade

          Mr. Jonathan now. Abi? This is why I said I need a job badly. I can do this thing too. Even sef abi woman . And I fine well well past ….emm emm. No will not say it.

    • Sade

      Do not be sad now Oga Kenmani. If you are sad, how will get this media assistant job the Presdent Jonathan I have been asking you to help me get for the past how many days. Do not be sad oooo I beg.

  • Teeboy

    Femi Falana or Bola Tinubu will do what, both of them are presently sick. More so that is the outcome of Bola Tnubu and GEJ recent meeting. Once GEJ discuss any issue with Tinubu it represent Yorubas interest. I am in support of renaming UNILAG after MKO

  • KenMani

    Former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria MKO Abiola really deserves much more. I must commend the President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR, GCON) for renaming the University of Lagos (UNILAG) after MKO Abiola. Notwithstanding, I would also like to appeal to the President to rename the National Stadium Abuja after MKO Abiola. If it would be asking too much to rename these two national monuments after MKO Abiola, then I would like the President to rescind his decision on renaming the University of Lagos after MKO Abiola and let us have only the National Stadium Abuja renamed after MKO Abiola who was widely known as the Pillar of Sports in Africa. It is instructive for us to remember that aside from the June 12 struggle, Abiola remains one of Nigeria’s former Presidents even though he was not sworn in. I had expected that Jonathan should have recognized and declared Abiola’s status as a former President of Nigeria and all the honors befitting of a President which was denied him while he was alive should have been bestowed on him on this occasion and forever. That way the injustice of June 12 would have been substantially righted. MKO Abiola really deserves much more.

    • Sade

      Are you running away from me. I do not know you are here again. Why now? I told you I need a job like yours. I want to drive sleek cars like you people in Abuja. Look I beg, me I no dey talk about corruption oooo. I go keep my mount shut, so do not worry. I will not betray you. I will keep our secret secret. I am a fine woman too. Please I need a job at the presidency. Please help.

  • lukman

    When leadership is given to imbeccile, that is what you get. Did he consult the key people in UNILAG before doing? Yes UNILAG is owned by FGN, but in democracy, you consult, from the feelers from those at the helms of affairs you will know if your decision is right or wrong. Is change of name what we need now? Is late MKO complaining from the grave (Rest in Peace) or his family? Let the man finish his remaing 3 years and go to OAU to learn leadership.

  • Sule

    UNILAG students: Please go to court after you’ve openly expressed your feelings. Mobilize yourselves; solicit donation from the public. You have a Law department, use the students and lecturers to pursue a legal action against FGN. GEJ should either rename Eagle square or Abuja stadium in Abuja after MKO, not Unilag.

    • patriot

      Your head correct my brother. MKO & June 12 was a national issue. not for only south west. It is guilty conscience worrying GEJ & his advisers. Am sure Rev Akinola’s corruption rebuke hit them. What is GEJ’s problem? this guy is bipolar. Instead of solving an issue, he leaves the . object to be addressed & start running after shadow. Look at Boko Haram , instead of findiing a solution to eradicate them, he built alimanjiri schools. He is just Mr pacifier. Nigeria is in trouble . He has lost direction & utterly confused. Nigeria is doomed. let us all start calling on God seriously to touch him or send a fearless man to eradicate all of them. GEJ is totally visionless. wondering how a blind man is now leading the sightful. God help us.

  • Ola Afolabi

    I was at Ife when IBB changed the name of University of Ife to OAU after the death of Chief Awolowo, we protested even though Ife was built by Chief Awolowo during his reign as premier of the old Western Region before the Federal government took over the university. That was a military government then. We are in a democratic setting, the president has to follow laid down rules. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard universities are still bearing their original names till today. Academic institutions do not belong monuments that you can be naming after individuals. I thought the president is learned but he keeps disappointing some of us that believe that for first time we have PhD holder in power, there will a more rational and civilized approach to issues of governance. President Ebele thump down for you.