Buhari was misquoted, says El-Rufai

The Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nasir El-Rufai, has said the former head of state and leader of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Muhammadu Buhari, was misquoted by the media.

Mr. Buhari was quoted to have said that there will be bloodshed in 2015 if the elections are rigged.

According to Mr. El-Rufai, a chieftain of the CPC, what Mr. Buhari had said to a select group of journalists in Kaduna in Hausa Language was widely misunderstood.

However, he added that the message that Mr. Buhari conveyed was very clear, “election rigging leads to negative reactions of the citizens, and the next elections should not resemble the fraud of 2011,” he said.

The former FCT Minister also said Mr. Buhari is not the first person to sound that note of warning.

“The Alaafin of Oyo sent the same warning to the PDP last week: ‘if you rig elections, violence follows’,” he added.

Mr. El-Rufai also said the country’s history of elections rigging and its aftermath is well documented for all discerning citizens.

“[Buhari] made a conditional statement which is supported by past history of what happens when elections are rigged,” he said adding that the proper way for the government to respond is to assure Nigerians of ‘perfect elections’.

“In 1965 during ‘wetie’ period in the Western Region, in 1983 when the National Party Nigeria attempted to steal elections in the old Ondo State, in 1993 after the annulment of the June 12 elections and in 2011 after the massive rigging in at least 14 states of the federation, citizens revolted against the theft of their votes,” Mr. El-rufai said.

He also said that if the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its rigging partners, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Police, the State Security Service (SSS) and the Judiciary do not intend to rig the 2015 elections, they should not be worried about Mr. Buhari’s statement.

The former FCT minister said every genuine democrat should be concerned about what to expect in 2015.

“Massive subsidy fraud and stealing to build the financial war chest for 2015, removal of judges who would not do their bidding, tenure extension plans, sponsoring violence in parts of the country to justify militarized occupation and easy rigging,” are pointers to the fact that the government plans to rig the elections in 2015.

He also said that the President and his party are rattled by the statements of Mr. Buhari simply because they are guilty.

“Jonathan and PDP apparatchiks are scared of GMB’s warning. The guilty are afraid”.

Still hitting hard at the government, Mr. El Rufai said “a federal government that cannot pay salaries of its staff on time, unable to pay FAAC allocations to States and LGAs in full and on time and unable to provide us basic security is quick in panicking and responding whenever GMB speaks”.

“Let them explain the N3 trillion subsidy fraud, they are silent…pensions fraud…and now fertilizer fraud is next…we are all waiting”.


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  • “Nasir El-Rufai argues that if PDP does not intend to rig the 2015 elections, it should not be bothered about General Buhari’s remark.” (Nasir El-Rufai)

    With all due respect to Nasir El-Rufai, sometimes, I think he says things just to know the depth of Nigerians intelligence. What about if GMB is not trying to get into the presidency seat with his stupid remarks, may be, I say may be, PDP might not have the intentions of rigging the 2015 elections.

    • Danarewa

      PDP cannot win the prsidential election without rigging. Take a look at their score card. What have they done to get relection? Unless Nigerians are the fools that they are willing to be divided along ethnic and religious lines.

      • Otopsyn

        One thing is for sure Danarewa,where ever GEJ falls once,Buhari will fall twice if he puts on the same shoes.In an organized electoral setting,Buhari will not get such votes as were ascribed to him in 2011 elections.

  • Shamo

    But he also said GMB was misquoted (as I suspected the first time I read the newspaper report). Why don’t you guys give this man the benefit of the doubt and at least try to question what the so obviously south-biased media say about him? A little reflection is all that is needed for you to know that this man really is the real deal and he meant well for all Nigerians regardless of ethnic or religious affiliations! Talking about reflections, I think there are so many questions to ask your man Jona that u can start a four year degree course on his misappropriations and disastrous leadership deficiency. Goya, the Spanish Painter, said “the death of reason creates monsters” But Simon Blackburn also wrote “critical awakening is the antidote to the death of reason” So reason my fellow people or the lack of it will destroy us as it has started already.

    • Danarewa

      I agree with you, Nigerians have not learnt any lesson from the past. Whe I reflect on GEJ’s campaign slogans and how Christians in the North gave him massive votes, and how his south-south kinsmen rigged the election beyond reason to give him victory, I weep for the country. The man ha sbeen on the saddle for over a year, and he is not doing anything to justify the votes given to him. I wonder what our Chrsitian brothers and sisters, especially the clergy will tell us now with all the scams taking place and the dismal performance of the PDP government. We allow ourselves to be fooled by this cabal that have no fear of God in their hearts. I don’t care whether Buhari becmes Nigeria’s president or not, but please let us think. Is PDP ably qualified to govern us? What ahs the party achieved in the last 13 year to earn ou rvotes in 2015? Whether they present a northerner, westerner, easterner or south-southerner, they don’t deserve our votes. That’s my own submission. Buhari has told us the truth. If we want to remain slaves, we should allow PDP to rig the election again.

  • sampson chuks



  • Zahaliryi963

    Mallam then I hope Buhari will work tirelessly to stem the registration of underaged voters too.The frustrating thing is that the kettle is calling the pot black

    • Danarewa

      Gentleman, you are not fair to Buhari. Was he the person that registered the undergaed children? Why don’t you blame INEC for registering them? INEC has all the powers to insist that people must present their birth certificates before getting regsitered. That is th eonly way you can weed underaged voting. Even if you arrest the children and ceensor their parents, many of them will still get to the voting centers and votes so long as they have voters card. The politicians and INEC have to come toegether and agree on credible ballots, which include non-registration of underaged voters. .

      • olad

        you people are not sincere with yourselves, What happened in 2011? is it the rigging for PDP in south south or the rigging for CPC in north? the fact is both CPC and PDP rigged in 2011 and if there was no rigging Buhari couldn’t have won. Danarewa when election was rigged for buhari, it’s INEC fault shey? but it’s PDP fault when election was rigged for Jonathan? either you pple like it or not there won’t be bloodshed in 2015 by God’s grace unless anybody that wants to sed his and his family blood

    • Otopsyn

      I support you.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong in what Buhari has said. It is inconceivable how a party that has performed so woefully in the last 13 years will still be winning elections. Rigging and the dispensing of financial gratification has taken the place of the common will at elections. Today, in the South-West Tinubu and the ACN are being called all sorts of names because they have been able to devise effective counter strategies to defeat the PDP rigging machinery.
    Gen. Buhari is obviously not a young man and so at his age some of a soldier’s anger in him should have petered out. His concern is borne out of the fact that the will of the voting electorate is supplanted by a thieving,corrupt political elite (far more prevalent in the North). That elite was in the NPN in the second republic and they are doing the same thing in the PDP today. Subverting the will of the people. The PDP cannot win free and fair elections today in Nigeria. If they continue like this they cannot win in 2015 neither.
    People should put on their thinking caps. People should be tired of a political party that has superintended corruption on a grandiose scale. Except of course if the IQ of a Nigerian is below that of a Dog or a Baboon.

  • Engranyaboko

    Yes indeed Buhari was misquoted by TV where he spoke in English. Let the Elites whether in North or South continue to toy with our Lives. The laws of God is Watcing which do not know Christians nor Moslems. Everyman stand alone. MR Anya

  • kontagora

    What Buhari said in Kaduna
    “I thank you very much, I wish you safe journey back home, and you should continue to be patient. I and the leaders of your party have decided that by the grace of Allah in 2015, either there will be fair election or it will be a tough contest where nobody will find it funny.

    I have discussed with Kaduna people recently because of what has happened that took us even to the Supreme Court, but it still happened in Kogi, Adamawa and Sokoto bye- elections.

    In Kaduna, the Igabi case has become famous where they voted senator, voted representatives and the party leaders, just as you are here now, moved and stayed there, until CPC was given her rightful vote.

    Therefore, in 2015, all wards in Nigeria should become Igabi, otherwise we should leave politics and assume we are slaves, and continue living in slavery. Thank you very much, May Allah help us.”


  • uduakomiri

    Buhari, with or without rigging has lost the presidential election on three (3) consecutive occassions. He lost in 1999, 2007, and 2011. The 2011 election was by far free and fair compared to the previous elections.

    What baffles me is the fact Buhari prefers to blames others but mainly pdp for every shortcoming of his including his inability to canvass for votes in all parts of the country as much as he did in the north. This is a very cynical way of looking at why he keeps failing and possibly re-assessing his approach. When someone slips on the same crag on a hill, it is no longer a mistake, it becomes a way of life. Success comes with hard work. Those who refuse to accept the bitter flavour of failure deny themselves the appetite to reach for the sweet taste of success. Unfortunately, we live in a country where from top to bottom people sit on their backside all day and pray for miracle rather than go out sweating for it. Buhari always under-estimates his opponents in the same vein he over-estimates his own abilities.

    But what Buhari and pdp failed to notice at all is that the 2011 election was the most tech-wired, media-savvy, straightforward election in Nigeria if not the whole of Africa. I dont mean the efforts of inec but rather the creative energies of a network of young, media-conscious, internet-savvy, social-network connected Nigerians who through ReVoda, EiENigeria, Sahara-reporters, facebook and twitter streamed live data feeds and split-seconds updates from polling booths around the country.
    Unlike other elections where people relied 100% on state media reports, results from many polling booths were uploaded immediately to various online sites in Nigeria and beyond before the state media outlets in Nigeria made these available. So the picture of the voting trend in each election was in fact 99% clear minutes after voting ended in polling booths. But the most interesting aspect of the last election was the irrefutable documentary evidence on the level and nature of rigging as well as which parties were involved in such cheating.
    Eye witness video and pictorial evidence recorded by Nigerians from across the country on their mobile phones did reveal that all the parties were involved in rigging for their preferred candidates. There were various video clips of under-age voting in CPC controlled areas in large parts of the north, there were video evidence of rigging sanctioned by local PDP officials at various levels, ACN and officials of the other parties were also involved.
    While rigging was a feature of the last election, on a balance, it was not as widespread as in previous elections. It smacks of arrogance for one party whether in opposition or not to accuse another party of rigging when evidence on the ground suggest all the parties were involved yet having said that, the level of rigging in the last election could not have stopped Buhari from winning or losing. It was obvious GEJ had better campaign strategy. He was able to sell his programmes to Nigerians better than Buhari. He had facebook and twitter presence something Buhari ignored completely. GEJ also had the power of incumbency in his favour. A year before the elections, Nigerians were moved to gunning for him to take over what was left of Yar’adua’s tenure. The way he handled himself during the period Turai and co held sway while Yar’dua lay in coma and captivity in Saudi Arabia endeared him to many people thus positioning him as the candidate to beat in the last elections. The arrogance of some northern candidates in trying to determine who should and shouldnt contest the presidential elections including the feudal posturing of Atiku, IBB,Ciroma, Gusau in calling the bluff of Nigerians from other regions was the last nail on the coffin of the old generation candidates from the north. Again, there were younger, generally accepted candidates from the north. Ribadu and Shekarau could have been better alternatives to the old, tired faces the northern political aristocracy keeps regurgitating every general election year.
    Buhari belongs to the class of has-beens. Nigerians respect the fact he is one of the very few military leaders in our history who made some efforts at riding the country of corruption but the truth remains he is in the past. Buhari doesnt belong to the Nigeria of the future. It may be hard for him to accept but it is the bitter reality. Jonathan was a child of necessity in 2011. But given the huge disappointment he is, there is no doubt GEJ belongs to the Nigeria of the past, diseased, bedridden and in coma forgotten in the back of a King Fahd ambulance at the aso villa, the Nigeria that fizzled out with Yar’dua.
    2015 should be for younger, braver Nigerians who have some energy to bring the change we long for…it shouldnt and must not be a contest for grandads and snivelling old hands. We need people like Ribadu , Fashola and their peers from the east and south south. We need individuals who have governed or managed complex public or private institutions and provided practical solutions in complex situations for large populations. Leadership demands proven expertise rather than clan leanings and qarrulous regional patronage. By some estimates, there are around 20 million people living in Lagos, half of that number in Kano and Kaduna and half of that in Port Harcourt, and Onitsha. In some European and American countries, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Port Harcourt, and Onitsha have complex populations and social and infrasturactural needs that qualifies them as having the same sort of expertise required to manage full fledged nations. There are very few Nigerians who have developed the sort of skills required to manage these places, and it is this calibre of hands-on technocracts that should manage Nigeria at the federal level.
    Simpletons and dimwits (sobarodo) should simply stay away from the presidency. I learned the other day there are company directors in Nigeria who earn more than the UK prime minister (£120,000 per annum). Nigeria has so much potential, a very young and energetic population (15-24 year olds make up more than 65 per cent of our population) and with a huge untapped business and resource-rich swathes of the country waiting to be turned into el dorado.
    Wake up Nigeria!

  • shorebattery

    I don’t see anything wrong with what Buhari said. Even if he had said there would be bloodshed if the 2015 election was rigged, what was wrong with that? In any case why should people continue to rig elections? Rigging of elections is stealing people’s votes and transferring these votes to a candidate that is not worthy of such votes. That is an unconscionable act. Looked in another way, rigging at elections is similar and equal to the effect of a military coup. We all know that a military coup is illegal and is punishable by death penalty. This goes similarly with election rigging.

    To put matters in their right perspective, I would advise the PDP to abandon rigging and let us test the popularity of all the political parties, come 2015. This would be a very worthwhile experiment. As it stands now, every political party at the opposition claims and makes counter-claims about how its votes were stolen, manipulated and doctored by the winning party. Let’s have a vote of confidence of all the contesting political parties in the 2015 general elections. And should the PDP actually win, then I am sure Buhari would bury his head in shame and go back to retire in Daura. But if another political should win then the PDP bigwigs would go home also and rest, consoling themselves with the zillions of naira they would have stolen from the public treasury.

    And any political party that emerged victorious at that election would positively want to work for Nigerians, having realised the high level of confidence bestowed on it by the electorate. Please let’s try this experiment. At least if for nothing else, it would eradicate this spate of insecurity in the country posed by the Boko Haram, alleged to have increased its fury from the allegedly rigged election of 2011.

    • Otopsyn

      Why are some of our contributors so shallow in thought and dissipitated in mannerism.Why is it that they and their cohort,Buhari always cry fowl of an election if Buhari looses?Who is Buhari in the first place?What gives him and his countable number of supporters the effrontery to think that the presidency is his birth right.Lets not decieve ourselves,Buhari can never win in a free and fair election.This reminds me of a comment made by a stalwart of Buhari’s party after the 2011 results of the general election was released.He said ‘this is ridiculous!For PDP to have won this election shows that their rigging technique was more productive than ours.’This shows that CPC rigged,of which Buhari is aware of.I hate people being desperate,Buhari is just too desperate for this quest (presidential pursuit).Whenever it is announced in the media that Buhari won,after the 2015 election,no one should be deceived that he won the presidential election,he only would have won a jack pot.

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