Azazi under fire for blaming PDP for Boko Haram attacks

The National Security Adviser, Owoye Azazi, has come come under severe criticisms over his comment Friday that undemocratic practices in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party triggered the recurring deadly activities of the extremist Boko Haram sect.

Mr. Azazi had while speaking at the South-South Economic Summit in Asaba, Delta State, said the worsening insecurity in the north eastern part of the country, exacerbated by the frequent and deadly attacks of the dreaded sect across the country, could be traced to the politics of exclusion of the ruling PDP.

But speaking today during a visit to the bombed premises of THISDAY Newspapers in Abuja, President Goodluck Jonathan said Nigerians should ask Mr. Azazi to expatiate on his claims that the ruling party’s unsavoury politics was responsible for the country’s intractable security challenges.

“People need to ask NSA to explain what he really meant,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“I have read it from the papers. I don’t believe  it is the undemocratic practices of the PDP that gave rise to this or any other militant groups.”

The president said although he had read the comments attributed to Mr. Azazi, he was yet to believe that the NSA really meant what he said.

Mr. Jonathan said as far as he was concerned, Mr. Azazi could have miscommunicated, failing to articulate his thoughts accurately.

“Sometimes, you have something in your mind you want to communicate but the way you communicate it , different people will give different interpretations,” the President said.

He however added that the NSA’s dissection of the ruling party was wrong, saying “the PDP is one of the most democratic parties” in existence.

Shortly after the President spoke, the national headquarters of the PDP issued a sternly worded statement, saying Mr. Azazi’s statement was “a very poor reflection of the foundation and the internal workings of the Party as well as a wrong deduction on the roots of security challenges in the country.”

Spokesperson for the party, Olisa Metuh, said no one should blame the party for the country’s current security challenges as the PDP “remained the strongest catalyst for the unity and progress of Nigeria.”

Mr. Metuh said, “We wish to state without any ambiguity that our great Party remains the only political party in Nigeria that is not owned by any ethnic group, person or group of persons. All Nigerians are equal stakeholders.

“All our special National Conventions for the election of our Presidential flag bearers since 1998 have seen candidates emerge on the strength of National unity, a common motif which envisages that every section of the country, majority or minority can aspire to the highest political office in our fatherland via a well entrenched rotation and zoning principle in the constitution of our party.”

Saying it remains united in support of Mr. Jonathan, the party urged Mr. Azazi to focus on his job if he is to continue to enjoy the backing of the ruling party.


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  • Francis510

    Mr dummy Jonathan you are a fool. PDP party is most useless party in the whole world. You are all bunch of criminals. Azazi already.said the truth. .Even why cannt you get all the BH in your goverment arrested. You did said that, they are in your goverment. Just ready to pack your loads by 2015. We dont need you any more. Declare your assets, fucking thief, looter. We dont want incompetent and impotent leader like you. Aziza is very correct.

    • Zazzau

      Mr. Francis510, why descent on Mr. President like this? I can really adduced from your comment that you are too angry not only with the criminals party in Africa-the pdp, but our commander in-chief too. If really it descent too quick like this for Mr. Jonathan, I am really sorry for him,while, not for in reality, but for Nigerians who voted/claimed to voted him on sentimental bases. And hope all these Nigerians will open their eyes to shop for a well articulated, prepared, visionness, etc come 2015. Look at it just within one year in office, Mr. Jonathan-the fresh air make one of worse performing President in our history. I am really sorry and pity you Mr. Francis, hope 2015 your eyes will be open clearly without any conjecture

  • Nagodoo

    General Azazi hit the nail on the head. PDP is the problem of Nigeria as at now. Majority of Nigerians can attest to this. Ask the common man on the street, he will confirm this truth. Ordinary Nigerians have become so disenchanted with the PDP brand of politics where they use state powers and our money to continually muscle their way back to power in total disregard of our will. The only Nigerians that are blind to this facts are the PDP incompetent rogues in power themselves. I knew they will attack Mr Azazi for this statement because they are so intolerant of the truth. How I wish they could react to Gboko haram menace with half the speed they have reacted to Azazi’s truism. Just watch it, they will soon scheme him out of power for daring to say the truth. The truth will however remain sacrosanct. PDP has killed sleep bydestroying democracy in Nigeria and they will never find rest again.


      ABDALLAH:- its confusing linking boko haram with a political party, simply becauce thier deadly attacks are not on top class politicians or party secretariate, but 100% on the masses, in other hand, it is obvious that 99% of the masses are not happy with the rulling party. l thinking our in ability to identify root causes of our individual problems and address them, will keep on compounding the problem.To crown it all, we should try at always and do justice to our leaders even if themselves dont do it inrespective of religious,ethnic or regional differences.

  • Lanre

    It is one thing to say PDP is your problem. It is another to ask who are those in PDP. Masquerades? Do they not have names. When people like Obasanjo and Babangida are in a party with Anenih. The same people who saw nothing wrong with the annulment of an election? All you have to do is throw the dog (Yoruba People) a bone; they will grab at it like hungry carnivores.
    Nigeria’s problems are caused by (at most) 25 people. I am not mentioning names yet.

  • Sule

    Let us wait and see what Oga GEJ will do to Oga Azazi. We are in a season of madness and Nigeria will not know peace until all the thieves in PDP become incurably mad and begin to fight themselves. By the way, next to PDP is the currupt Judiciary. Their days of reckon draw near.

  • Ahmed

    This is why we aren’t going anywhere in this country. The Gen spoke of the accumulated knowledg and info he gathered. Instead of takin his observatns serious, they want to crucify the NSA. What he said is well know nd believed by Nigerians. Now Azazi, U’re Nig’s man

  • musa

    We have always believed that the BH that is operating today is a tool of the pdp. The espose on the petroleum subsidy is undoutebly the reason for these recent bombings. If not how can one explain the reason Nduka remained at the south-south submit while he house was on fire? He also said the bombers wasted their time and reources. This simply means that Nduka knows the attack was coming and those who planned it made sumptous promise to rebuild the edifice for him. It is meant to divert our attention from the subsidy findings. Would Nduka have remained at the submit if his child was involved in the inferno? Wake up Nigerians. Time has come for us to call soldiers to come up and rescue our father land from the hand of pdp-our comon enemies.

    • Lanre

      My man. God save the innocent o. You are thinking. Spot on.

    • Dubeygol

      Just listen to yourself. Do you you really believe all the crap that is coming out of you mouth? Delusional cattle!

  • westernman

    I don,t blame the chief security adviser for anything. The man spoke responsibly as a statesman.Mind you he is the chief security adviser and you don’t expect him to sweep the truth under the carpet. Infact,it was[nt a misguided statement according to Mr. President.He actually spoke the truth.PDP is a highly cosmeticized political party.PDP membership sweeps across all spheers of filthiness and garbage ranging from political thugery which gave rise to the DREADFULL BOKO HARAM. Thieves which gave rise to embezlement of public funds by Bankole whom the court now says he has no casse to answer,Ibori who is currently serving jail term in the UK.