EXCLUSIVE: Boko Haram speaks: Why we attacked THISDAY

The Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati Wal-Jihad, popularly known as Boko Haram, says it attacked THISDAY Thursday to send a strong message to the media that it would no longer condone reports misrepresenting it in the press, or blaming it for acts it knows nothing about.
Abul Qaqa, spokesperson for the sect told Premium Times, in an exclusive interview, that his organisation was fed up with the deliberate misinformation being peddled about it in the Nigerian and foreign media.
“We have repeatedly cautioned reporters and media houses to be professional and objective in their reports. This is a war between us and the Government of Nigeria; unfortunately the media have not been objective and fair in their report of the ongoing war, they chose to take side,” Mr. Qaqa said.
He identified three instances where he claimed his group was deliberately misrepresented by the media. The first, according to him, was the rumour of his capture by the Nigerian intelligence agencies.
“Some reporters are aware that I am Abul Qaqa, they know my voice through our long interactions and they also know the role of Abu Darda who heads the enlightenment committee and sometimes facilitates interviews; yet they (media) go by the unsubstantiated view of government that Abul Qaqa is in custody and I am the new spokesman or number two,” he said.
Premium Times had continuously reported that Abul Qaqa was not arrested contrary to reports and that it was Abu Darda, another member, that was arrested.
The second misrepresentation, according to Mr. Qaqa, was the reporting on the kidnappings of foreigners in the Northern part of Nigeria.
“Another issue was the recent kidnappings in the north; we were clear with our position as a group during a teleconference with reporters but we were shocked the next day when newspaper headlines added a lot of things which I never said during that interview.”
The third example, Mr. Abul Qaqa said, is the mistranslation of the video the group posted recently.
 “Another example is the recent video posted on YouTube by our Imam; I challenge every Nigerian to watch that video again. There is no place our imam either said he will crush President Jonathan or issued an ultimatum to the government in Nigeria; but nearly all papers carried very wrong and mischievous headlines.”
When asked why THISDAY appeared specifically chosen for the attack, Mr. Qaqa said THISDAY’s “sins” are more grievous.
 “It is not only THISDAY that has been engaged in negative media campaign, fictional stories and constantly promoting fake stories by the JTF to give an impression that they are making headway against us yet there is no time the media investigated further as an objective and responsible bystander in this war.
“But the sins of THISDAY are more,” he said.
“They once insulted the Prophet Mohammed in 2001 and we have not forgotten. They recently said our Imam executed me which is false. Here I am speaking to you, I am alive and healthy.”
Expect more media attacks
The group’s spokesman further warned of more attacks on the media.
“We have just started this new campaign against the media and we will not stop here, we will hit the media hard since they have refused to listen to our plea for them to be fair in their reportage,” he said.
Mr. Abul Qaqa also said his group  would give further information on biases by the media.
“In the coming days we will give details and instances where the media have not been fair to us and why we are going to attack them as well.”
Media should be neutral
“The media in Nigeria are not a problem to us if they will do their job professionally without taking sides,” Mr. Abul Qaqa said.
“But each time we say something, it is either changed or downplayed. But when our enemy says something even without logical proof, it is blown out of proportion.”

“We have repeated asked some reporters to retract some stories or even give us the right of reply but none of these requests were given to us.”


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  • Abdul

    Hmm. This only gets worse in this country. Now the media? When will GEJ stand up and be counted as a president, commander in chief of the armed forces???

    • otunbasorun

      Stop this useless talk about GEJ, let us stand against murder and terror

    • Frank

      Idiot Adul. Keep blaming GEJ. Your muslim brothers are busy killing in the North and you are blaming the GEJ you love to hate. Now you want GEJ to rescue your from your self-inflicted woes, caused by your selfishness and North-Must-Rule mentality. Let the North keep hating on GEJ and SS instead of looking inwards.

  • Iska Countryman

    black out the morons…

  • Kbenks

    kai kunchi durin uwaku…. wot d fuck is wrong with you people sending or spreading stupid news about muslims.. dis person u call Abdul Qaqa doesnt exist and God will surely punish anyone framing muslims ummah.. and earlier on today you said they caught the person that set d bomb and now u are saying one Abdul Qaqa send a message… just be careful cos fire of hell will burn liers

    • Buba

      We Muslims are not fair to this country. We have grounded the north to a halt. May Allah forgive us and give us peace. The south is taking our Christian brothers away. Oh sardauna, where are you.

      • Kbenks

        den u ar not a muslim man.. how will a muslim bomb his own people.. have u ever heard any blast @ east or south? none onli d muslims areas like KANO, KADUNA, ABUJA, BAUCH, MAIDUGURI etc were the majority are muslims. wake up man i guess uv been brain washed..

        • bj

          and why re the blasts in mostly churches?

          • Kbenks

            mostly churches? name d churches dey blast and if ppl ar caught tell me there names, thats the people bombing the church… everything of u ppl is confusions

          • bj

            who re the u ppl?ure obviously a fanatic so i dont ve words for u. ive met peaceful and kind muslims. ure nt.every comment is a fight to u.

          • Kbenks

            name them… u said so

      • Frank

        True @Buba. @Kbenks, muslims do seem to love wanton and senseless killing and bombing of others including felow muslims – Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Northen Nigeria comes to mind.

        • Hcredo

          @Frank, yr talking like a true ignorant.

        • Kbenks

          you knw ur problem @frank u r so dumb dat ur dad had to throw you to the dustbin…. if you dont know anything stop talking rubbish, i know you are not brain washed but you are just so dumb to see whats happening… an assignment for you “go and learn how to read bible, translate ibru, learn how 2 read and write den watch d news and have good sense of humor” before coming down to media and say a word…. and stop saying wot you dont know about islam cos wot you are saying here is not d teaching of islam.

    • Abu Mohammed

      you’re obviously another ignorant bullshit muslim. your fellow muslim who wanted to bomb the office in Kaduna was caught. you obviously must be living in some huts in Kanama. asshole.

      • Kbenks

        who are you referring to man cos i knw u r just an imposter…

  • kyrielEzeugoh1

    Hello Abul Qaqa of Boko Haram, Innocent blood splashed is too much to endure by the orphans and widows. It is enough! I don`t pray for you to be killed if eventually the law caught up with you and your cohorts. And I see that death sentence is not enough punishment for you and your sponsors.

  • Asba

    Insha Allah your days are numbed, Who so ever is responsible for this act. God will never let you go free. Please STOP!!! spelling innocent peoples blood. It could be you next time.

    • Kbenks

      mashaa Allah… this is a man that knows what he is doin and in shaa Allah d truth will soon be out for the world to see

    • Talatarmafar

      JIHAD is permmisible

  • Alphonsusduniya

    All terrorist are moslems but not all moslems are terrorist. Moslems check yourself. To the innocent Christians, God says. ”vengeance is mine’. So keep up your good works. If we all die in this way, we die in the Lord Jesus

    • Kbenks

      point of correction not all terrorist are muslims i think most of them are christians because here in nigeria most people they caught with sophisticated weapons or in bomb possession are christians and you wont hear anythin on the media but when they caught a muslim you will then hear it all over the world… you people are not fair to each other talk more of 2 d great muslims… i laugh wen u fall in the fire of hell man so stop blabbing shit here

      • Deyjoessy

        @Kbenks. I have been following your comments from the beginning and it’s so shameful how you open your mouth and talk carelessly i think you need help. our country is burning up in this inferno of terrorism with countless innocent people dying and you come here shameless and talk nonsense without the slightest regards for the relatives of the victims of the bombing. please stop it.

        • Kbenks

          yes man but u don’t have to insult me either… yea i said some sort of things out of anger and the way all dis ignorants are blabbing about islam.. thanks for the advice and may Allah (S.W.A) reveal who so ever this boko haram is…

  • Boko Haram is Haram: http://www.bokohalal.blogspot.com

  • Abu Mohammed

    Kindly tell Abubu Qaka or whatever he calls himself to be bold enough to take up a more dignifying role of a suicide bomber so that he can bomb himself to hell or wherever to get his virgins. he’s such a asshole.


      I believe you are not sound religiously that why you are saying such negative things about islam,let me remind you that any muslim thats involved in such an act just did it for worldly thing and he must be ignorant like you? islam is a religion of peace and harmony. BEWARE!!!

  • Alphonsusduniya

    Watch out for Kbenks. I believe he is one of them. While people are expressing their views he is busy insulting individuals. Immaturity I call it.

  • okoye felix

    this is bad, the media houses should be more truthful and persistent in the way they treat matters going on in the country…

    • Kbenks

      yea now dis a true christian dat knws wot he is doin

  • impartial contributor

    i hope you all know that there is no where in the Qur’an that justifies the killing of innocents of any race or tribe or religion, peace is the most preached thing in the holy book. in fact it was only the muslim crusaders that did not pillage, rape or raze their enemies during the time of the wars of old and no other religion can boast that #FACT

  • Please go to http://www.loonwatch.com “All terrorist are moslems but not all moslems are terrorist.” From that site one will see that only some retarded Muslims constitute 6% in global terrorism.

    • Kbenks

      u r just an illiterate… dats all i can say

  • Kingboy

    what soever you call yourself if you are bold enough whu not you come out and tell nigerans why you are bombing nigerians than you hiding and under a camera and sending pepole to do your job why not you send your mum,dad or youger ones if you have any to do your job. you are a weak man you are afrid that why you can do it yourself but let me tell you one thing every day fo the bomber one day for the police men to catch you.

  • Mallamk29

    See how fellow Nigerians are quarreling over religions that was not created by them but by God Almighty. Why can’t the two major religions team up and fight this ugly monster called bombing. Innocent people of both religions are dying daily for no just cause. Haba!

    • To me, only MallamK29 is talking sense. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) married many wives most of whom were widows in order to take care of those widows and their orphan children. The motive was to sanitize the society from the menace which those orphans could constitute in the society. Today, some people are killing and maiming innocent people and rendering their wives widows and their children orphans in the name of jihad. Is this Islam? Muslims and Christians must cooperate to stamp out heresy in Nigeria. MallamK29 is quite right.

  • bennyo

    the guy is an ass hole is that what muslim teach

  • Gbasa

    why didn’t u ask him, why they attack place of worship?

  • Fati

    This situation is very sad!!!these people definitely do not represent ISLAM!this is barbaric and evil,they know very well that they are agents of doom and are perpetrating this evil acts for their selfish reasons only! ok what will you say to when ulamas condemn their acts and they go after them and kill them?HABA!!! we should look at this issues objectively, there is more to it than meets the eye!i bet you they are illiterates that don’t even know the teachings of ISLAM!with rocks in place of hearts!