Bishop Oyedepo faces N2bn suit for slapping church member

Popular pastor and founder of the Living Faith Christian Church International, David Oyedepo, will face a legal action for slapping a young lady during church service, last year.

Robert Igbinedion, a Lagos based lawyer, confirmed to Premium Times Friday that he had filed a suit, on behalf of the young lady, at the Ogun State High Court for the enforcement of the lady’s fundamental rights to freedom from inhuman and degrading treatment, human dignity, fair hearing, and freedom from discrimination.

Mr. Igbinedion is seeking an award of N2bn as ‘general and exemplary damages’ against Mr. Oyedepo.

“If a wrong is done to the young lady, she is bound to receive justice for that wrong,” said Mr. Igbinedion, a Solicitor at Salus Populi Chambers.

In the suit, Mr. Igbinedion said that the young lady, while answering an “illegal” alter call, was trying to explain herself when the pastor gave her “a dirty and thunderous slap.”

“The respondent (Mr. Oyedepo) made the alter call for witches to come out, he did not make a similar call for other categories of sinners like illicit drug dealers, contract inflators, fraudsters, adulterers, and fornicators in the church,” read the suit.

Mr. Igbinedion, who represented the victims of the celebrated Pastor Emeka Ezeugo (popularly known as Reverend King) at the Magistrate court, in 2006; stated that cases of violence in the place of worship if not nipped in the bud could escalate into ‘uncountable’ dimensions.

Furthermore, he said the calling out of the young lady (and others) as witches are illegal, unconstitutional, and a breach of Section 34 of the Constitution of Nigeria, African Charter on Human and People’s Right, and United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Right.

The suit asked the court to compel Mr. Oyedepo to issue a self-signed public apology to be published in two national dailies and one international satellite television station.

It also wants the respondent to issue a similar alter call for drug dealers, corrupt government officials, bribe-giving contractors, and other category of sinners who are members of the church.

In December last year, a video of Mr. Oyedepo viciously slapping a teenage girl during church service for saying she is “a witch for Jesus” appeared on popular site You Tube.

Though later removed, the video went viral within days with the pastor, fondly called Papa, receiving a lot of stick from outraged viewers and members of the public.

One viewer described the act as “unbiblical, barbaric, and a disgrace.”

Days later, another video surfaced in which Mr. Oyedepo tried to justify his action saying “it is my ministry to slap” and that the fact that the witch, rather than going to court, apologized showed his superiority.

“People now complain on the Internet that I slapped a witch.  If I see another one, I’ll slap,” he said in the video. 


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  • Annyjoroi

    Igbenedion is Very Broke nd wants Publicity……..errrrm Public Apology I laff inn spanishhh

    • Israelakinlawon

      Oyedepo is called man of God, I advice good citizen of Nigeria to leave his case for God because his doing all dis in Gods name and the bible says he who add to my wold I’ll adds to his affliction, I promise u all he can’t go free. Lawyer Igbinedo do ur job wt d fair of God so dat pple will not think bcos of what u’ll gain that’s why ure inquisitive. Remember the lady was slapped in Oyedepos church not in market/inside her house. I suggest, take d issue to d most senior Pastors then work on d report u may gather from them. Tnx for d good job.

      • Stildude47

        Mr igbinedion said similar alter call should be made to drug dealers and others. In the same vein, he should file suits against police, politicians, armed forces for violating and abusing other poor people. Gold digger. He is diving into a world unknown to him. There is no ‘legal’ in this realm. In any case, who does he think have been coming out every service day during alter call. If not drug dealers and co then who?

        • Tade

          Isn’t it a shame what mindless religion has done to us as a people? That is why we have failed to make any progress. We spend all our time in religious places looking for a miracle. The average advocate of the good pastor on this thread can’t even write without grammatical errors… how do we compete in a globalised knowledge economy when we don’t know jack and all our “brilliant” people are con-artist pastors. Msheewwwww.

  • I congratulate someone for coming out to this act. WE cant keep doing wrong in the name of the Lord. Refer back to the days of Reverenrd Jim Jones of Guyana, David Koresh and the likes of the so called acclaimed men of God who killed men and women in the hundreds because of their ability to brainwash the people. Jesus did not even attack those that called hm names neither did he send soldiers to beat the living day light out of them. He prayed for them and healed them. They had reason to glorify God. Yet we followers of Men of god and not followers of God believe any thing these men of …say. I believe he should explain himself more. He acted on his own and that it. Lawyer, Do your Job

    • Kendall

      Mr congratulator,ur brain needs 2 b washed too,firstly ,the lady call him papa so as church members he is our father in the faith,and the bible recommends that fathers chasten their children when they do wrong,so she lied,how many cases of police abuse and shooting of innocent conductors have ur lawyer referred to the court,ur lawyer is seeking 4 cheap publicity and if he is hungry,the church have a welfare package for d less privilege.If your lawyer is a wizard,i think he needs a slap too

  • Og

    If we had correct legal system, Oyedepo go pay tire.

  • mani_ken

    The truth is that Oyedepo is a witch who has bewitched his church members with false Christianity and in the process he is successfully taking his church members to hell. That is there business. But he has no right to violently slap a fellow Nigerian. He must face the full weight of the law which must include a fine of N3Trillion Naira as damages plus a ten year ban from all manner of his false christian activities. Nothing less will do. Oyedepo is indeed an extreme form of human evil

  • Isaac

    @ OTEGA. You are on Point!!!


    Honestly someone needs to stop pastor oyedepo, u will slap if u see another witch. That ridiculous pastor #HABA#

  • Emepat2010

    hahahahaha sowi my dear lady bt dt was an holygoast slappppp make una collect 100billion nt jst dt little amount cos he has money

  • Alphonsusduniya

    Since she is his church member she would have turn the other cheek. Anyway to the other members what do you think? Tomorrow may be your turn.

  • Oluosuntechnic

    i feel very sorry for some of you, who are passing judgement on the man of God, bcos the measure of your judgement to a man of God determines the magnitude of your own. Why not leave the judgement for God. wehter he is called by God or not, i do not think it is onus on any man to judge a man of God. Those of you that have suddenly turned out now to be lawyers (self-acclaimed) be careful, so that u don’t use sentiment to pass ur judgement. Thanks.

  • emmanuel westernman

    bad news to hear about the so called david oyedepo.liiving faith members worship him as GOD.

    • Abidexsammy

      Why don’t just hear. listen, but also confirm. Judge not!

  • Kemi_adebogun

    to some extent i dont blame d man of God bcos i was priviledged to be in that fateful service. the pastor called for witches to come out of their own accord, when she knew she wasnt a witch why did she come out/?, besides he didnt call out for corrupt leaders and since u guys dont attend his church u dont know d kind of curse he place on them. And to the human right activist where were u when harsh conditions were placed on the entire nigerian populace,

    • Abdul

      Two wrongs do not make a right. If she wasn’t called, isn’t it easier to send her back to the congregation? It is barbaric and humiliating for men to slap (wo)men.



  • Samuel

    We need to be objective in viewing these things. When a witch infiltrated the ministry of the apostles he rebuked the spirit, he did not molest the lady. When Jim Jones was brainwashing Americans he was called Papa like you call your bishop today, 800 people were poisoned with Cyanide for no other reason other than, no one questions the man of god. If the law is potent, no one, i say no one should have immunity under it. But in Nigeria, there are two applications of the same law (to the rich and to the poor). If a man cannot be held accountable in a simple case of self control like this how can he be held accountable in other matters.

  • Samuel

    Are Nigerians justifying brutality and abuse in the church? Where is the gospel we preach? Is a bishop God, that he cannot be querried? Even if everyman will account for the things he has done eventually, there is a moral obligation to follow simple rules while on earth. The church needs God’s visitation for Nigeria to improve.