Army parades pastor, police officer for gunrunning, sale of military kits to terrorists

Behold the suspected gunrunner and supplier to military kits to terrorists

The 23 Armoured Brigade, Yola, Adamawa State, has clamped down on a syndicate specializing in gunrunning, and sale of military gear to men of the underworld.

Nancy James and her accomplice, Haliru Jumba, a pastor with Kunini Deeper Life Bible Church in Lau Local Government Area of Taraba State were caught with some cache of arms hidden inside a sack of garri at a military checkpoint in Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State.

The military says the intercepted cache of arms was heading to Gombe State where one Danjuma Luka, who is now also in police net in Taraba State, was waiting to take delivery of the consignment.

The capture of Mr. Luka by the military followed the arrest of Ms. James, who the military says was making her second delivery of arms, after a previous  successfully operation in February.The brigade spokesperson,  Lieutenant Victor Olukoya said the woman, caught with four double-barrel guns and two pistols, would have gotten away but for  the vigilance and diligence of his men who effected her arrest, putting their counter-terrorism training to good use.

Mr. Olukoya said the officers subjected the sack of garri in the vehicle to a thorough search which he said led to the discovery of the arms. 

“The weapons were hidden in that bag of garri and after searching the sack of garri, the guns were discovered, and the men arrested,” Mr. Olukoya said. 

The army spokesperson explained that the pastor arrested in company of the woman “is still only an accomplice” and that the police would be left to ascertain the extent of his involvent in the gunrunning scheme.  

Also paraded by the army is a police corporal, Reuben Joel, attached to the anti-terrorism unit of the Nigeria Police Force in Aba, Abia State. He was accused of trafficking military and police uniforms to terrorist cells.

Mr. Olukoya said it was amazing that a serving corporal, attached to the anti-terrorist unit of the police command in Abia State, would be involved the illegal  sale of military uniform in far away Adamawa State. 

The arrest of Mr. Joel by the army followed the arrest of two persons by the military at a checkpoint in Mubi, who were caught with  ten uniforms and ten pairs of military boots. 

After they were interrogated, the men confessed to taking supply of the military uniforms from Mr. Joel, and that they were taking the consignment to Hong in Adamawa State.The  arrest of the uniform traffickers, the army says,  has helped in unravelling incidences of attack on police checkpoints and banks by men clad in military and police uniforms.

“It is obvious that these are the people attacking police checkpoints and banks with regalia of the military and police. It portends that we have desperate people willing to go to any extent to maim innocent lives,” Mr. Olukoya stated. 

However, the army has attributed the success of its current operation to a revision of its strategies in combating the increasing waves of attacks by armed groups. 

It has therefore appealed to well-meaning Nigerians to cooperate with the military in its determination to rid the country of criminal elements and check the proliferation of arms by submitting themselves to checks at checkpoints.



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  • Azbello50

    The truth must surely come out…… prayers intensified every where.

  • musilm we hope 4 more

    • Daniella

      the innocent citizen will always one way or the other take the blame for the crime of the rich. I’m sure they really know this not what they are looking for. just desperate to present something to the public.

  • Awwal_mubashir

    This is despicable, God save us

  • Ken_Mani

    Don’t be deceived!!! These are all nothing but well orchestrated PROPAGANDA SET UPS aimed at creating doubts in peoples’ minds while the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani continue with their ethnic cleansing activities that will not stop until (1) the people of Middles Belt especially Christians are completely wiped out (2) the Islamisation of all of the North is achieved and Christianity completely wiped out from the North. (3). The Presidency is returned permanently to the incompetent and uneducated Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani parasites and leeches.

    • Abubakar

      Haba Mr.Ken! I believe your intellect is superior to the content of your contribution to this phenomenon.Let us constructively bring in ideas that would put the menace on a permanent hold, inrespective of our tribal or religious sentiments.No religion that is open to humanity would condone blood shedding of innocent lives.The victims or their loved ones would agree more.Any religious leader in Church or mosque who prophecies violence is just a devil no more.May God reveal the truth,ameen.

    • Asconrita

      U are one of the few Nigerians who are bent to go to war but the God of masses is better than ur god of destruction. Oh GOD continue to expose the evil doers of these killing of the innocent souls,amen. Did I hear KEN say amen?

  • Alhassankabir

    Good job! I stronly beleived everbefore now that we have three type of Boko Haram:- (1) Boko Haram made by Maiduguri. (2) Boko Haram made by Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN). (3) Boko Haram made by Politicians. “NIGERIA WILL SURVIVE”

  • Ken_Mani

    Don’t be deceived!!! These are all nothing but well orchestrated PROPAGANDA SET UPS aimed at creating doubts in peoples’ minds while the Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani continue with their ethnic cleansing activities that will not stop until (1) the people of Middles Belt especially Christians are completely wiped out (2) the Islamisation of all of the North is achieved and Christianity completely wiped out from the North. (3). The Presidency is returned permanently to the incompetent and uneducated Northern Muslim Hausa-Fulani parasites and leeches.

    • Ashile2004

      well its not your fault is because of your boorish and ignorance that will not allow u 2 understant

    • Concernednigerian

      Coconut headed bigot ! A christian heads the team that apprehended them. They are christians. They were not forced. Are they denying? Yet, u foolish bigot, without proof to counter this say its propaganda. U are not any different from those that seek to divide this country. U have no idea what war or real chaos means. Do not wish it!

      • Eljamilg

        @Concerned Nigerian, thanks for speaking our minds. If I had seen what this arse hole wrote earlier ehhn, him for wish him Mama and Papa never born am, shege kawai. God save Us from all their evil plots, Amin.

    • Blackxsmember1

      Different stroke for different people, have you any level of education at all.? though im not surprise by your post atleast from a typical African(selfish and Illiterate) and a Nigerian(sentimental and brainwashed Idiot). wat a bad combination u have dere…anyway just an advise, try tinking of a way forward for d country instead of pointing fingers at a Religion u knw nottin abt or a particular race just bcoz u dnt speak d same language dem…..plz plz we need Nigerians to tink like Humans not Apes. Please dont take this as an insult i never meant to insult u.

      • ken

        you see i like people like you because you are always hiding behind the truth

    • Holybombay

      we will never get any where in this country save people reason and react to issues without prejudice, sentiment be it religious or tribe. your mind set about the Northerners, Hausas, Fulanis and in broad sense the MUSLIMS will never make you a good brother or Nigerian.

  • Og

    The guns and kits on display do not look like what Boko Haram uses, rather like hunters’ guns.

    • Holybombay

      what do you mean “The guns and kits on display do not look like what Boko Haram uses, rather like hunters’ guns” . how could you be so sure or assert that statement.

  • Dantsamiya

    We should not be naive, we should look critically at the whole thing and the event leading to the arrest. This attitude of doubting Thomas we portend will not encourage our security operatives in carrying out their jobs, as you are quite aware of the dangers they are expose to. We should exercise some restrain in our utterances.

  • M S jagab

    With this kind of stories it is very unfair for people to be linking this kind of terrorism to islam and muslims. Islam does NOT preach terrorism. If these people were not caught up people will be linking the muslims.

  • Obe

    @Alhassankabir, There is one more, Boko Haram made by opportunists! Almighty Allah will vindicate muslims and Islam. He is for ever faithful!. Well done, 23rd Armoured Brigade Yola. Keep up the good work! To the doubting Thomases who never believe that some christians belong to the fourth group of Boko Haram, here is a proof. Take it or leave it!!!

  • Abubakar Ahmad

    I am sure Allah is surely answering the daily prayers of Nigerians. We salute the good officers of our security outfit.

  • Ibrahimmaryam

    We should show the faces of all those involve in any act such as this magnitude of crime . Therefore is not only the Hausa or the northerners are Boko Haram sects . Please keep it up . If we will stop taking bribes on our checking points we will exel .

  • Cj4realstar

    Boko is one …………..the one you people made no other one again ……….ayusa people

  • Abb_juda

    The reality has stated reveling itself. May Allah Help us.

  • Sahabiib

    WE will get their inshaALLAH becouse we will continue to pray to ALLAH to expose who ever is behind the instability of our country and God will answer our prayer becouse he is in control.

  • This is happening, because sadly in Nigeria, people are merely motivated by money. They don’t give any long thought to the long term consequences of all they do. They only see the short term (usually monetary/material) gain of any actions. The same way people vote after given bags of rice, they’d sell anything to make money without thinking. People need a philosophical reorientation to understand what it means to be part of a society, part of a community, part of a nation.

  • Rasuz

    Because they are poor, but when is it that the bigwigs in the business would be apprehended?

  • Igdogo

    Attention Mr. Ken_Mani You can go back to the archives and check how many christaians were arrested last year trying to bomb churches.And who knows,may be most of the bomb blasts allegedly carried out by Boko Haram are by christians.This is not the first time christians are arrested for such offence but no body hears anything about them again.

  • Faithchambers

    I hope these are not Christians acquiring arms to defend themselves against Boko Haram. CAN should step in because of the Pastor to investigate this matter thoroughly

  • Ibrahimfatee

    Hmm i cabt belive this,thank god now is nt boko haram of maiduguri,is boko haram of christian association since the so call pastor is involved,for heavensake we are facing sme problm already in our dear country instead of finding a way to the problem still creatin anoda,look at it with a woman invovled i dnt know what she want in her life for chossing this crazy business,well done our dear securitiess may the Almighyty continue to guide u forever nd ever.

  • Egberongbe25

    this goes to show that the present insecurity in nigeria cuts across all ethno-religious lines. muslims and christians are equally guilty! as there are good muslims so are good xtians and vice versa. those who kill innocent people in the name of religion would all burn in Hell according to the Quran. those of u who attack islam due to boko haram are just been myopic and sentimental! those who attack xtianity also suffer the same disease. aw many good muslims northerners or southerners av we seen in this country. MKO ABIOLA, MURTALA MUHD, RIBADU, BRF, SHEHU YARADUA, and so many others. are these not muslims. so there is a clear diff btw islam and boko haram just as there is clear diff btw xtianity and those popular pastors who have transformed churches into biz empires. NIGERIANS THINK CLEARLY ; A LOT OF OF people commit nefarious acts in d name of boko haram! kudos to d naija police for catching these ones! lets commend just as we wld condemn them (police) when they fumble!


    This just goes on to show how unscrupulous elements in the society, despite ethno-religious differences capitalize on the current security crises to hatch and carry out their nefarious activities. Well done! We shall overcome!

  • Gamalin20

    In a situation where Christians are turned into canon fodder and killed with impunity like insects, they have every right to acquire arms and defend themselves. The hypocrites shouting “hurray” in this forum are the same ones who applaud the massacre of Christians and actually support boko haram. How many Christian communities and families have not been viciously attacked by islamists who think that they should not exist simply because of their faith? Yes, the Christian cannot just sit by and watch as he is eliminated. However they can acquire arms to defend themselves and properties, they should do so. Islam considers it a sacred duty for one to defend his family and if he dies in the process, he is assured a place in ‘paradise’. I cannot condemn these people for doing just that.

  • Ahmedkuarawa

    Pls check that woman head i believe some short guns has been hidden.From kurawa

  • Yugarba2000

    Nigeria is for Nigerians,divide it or leave it those to survive will remain but the fight for Muslims and Northerners is horrible a leader should be faithful its left to you Mr President ,but God is just.