2019: Minister commences campaign for Buhari/Osinbajo ticket

President Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo

The Minster of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, on Wednesday briefed President Muhammadu Buhari about a campaign organisation for the 2019 elections.

Mr. Shittu, who spoke with journalists after the meeting with the president, said the campaign team will be called “Muhammadu Buhari/Osinbajo dynamic support group.”

“I informed Mr. President that I have appointed national chairman of the board of trustees of Muhammadu Buhari/Osinbajo dynamic support group and on 20th of this month we are commissioning the South-west zonal office of the campaign organisation of Buhari/Osinbajo.”

Details later…


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  • Nwa_Africa

    Adebayo Shittu is a Yariba hungry man

  • Julius

    When confused edeorts run a country what you get is Nigeria. A country that is 5th largest producer of oil in the universe but imports fuel and petroleum products (gasoline etc) scarcity are almost quarterly dosage for the citizenry. A country with huge young population (70% under 35yrs) and yet has gray haired men in their 70s & 80s as president and Vice president. One of them does not even remember his age….A country where suicide bombers and killer herdsmen are never named and their family members or place of origin never identified….A country that imports everything and exports nothing but Islamic terrorism.

    • cheky

      Are you now a “wailer” Julius?

      • Okakuoofbenin

        No!! He has had enough of this mediocrity

    • FreeNigeria

      I wish I can up-vote you one million times


    On a day when Nigerians are mourning and outraged at the gruesome murders of fellow Nigerians in Benue State, this Minister considered it nice to come up with this nonsense???

    This is callous.

    • Nwa_Africa

      Buhari does not care…………………

    • Sam Sam

      When 28 Nigerian girls drowned in the Mediterranean as they fled from economic repression and Nigerian Army attacks did the Federal govt send any representatives. Even the burial was conducted by Italian govt and Abike Dabiri (Special Adviser of Nigerian Prisoners & Drug offenders in Diaspora) was nowhere in sight. Evil people!

    • Okakuoofbenin

      Don’t blame him bros, blame the Benue people. They voted for him.

  • Anifowose

    How can Buhari be seeking re-election? He went to London to receive treatment for 101 days and has now SECRETLY flown his son to London for treatment after a bike accident but keep deceiving the Nigerian public that the boy is receiving treatment in Abuja. This Buhari is a liar undiluted. I hope my Yoruba brothers dont fall for his lies this time around.

  • Jimi

    The alternative Nigerians have to Buhari appears to be Atiku. Both sorry choices.
    The task before Nigerians now is identifying and encouraging to run, a person they believe to have the vision and honesty to lead Nigeria in the current complicated environment. Who is that person? Look around and nominate your person and lets have a go at screening them.
    I believe Buhari is a lost cause. He is not capable of learning or being corrected. Sadly, Atiku is not a good option. What do we do?

    • Fanny

      Why Atiku? You mean from the South, East, North & West of Nigeria there is no smart man or woman anywhere to lead Nigeria? Are we cursed? I just don’t understand. Can an Atiku or Buhari contest any election at any level anywhere in Europe and America and get nomination? So why do we accept mediocres in Nigerian politics?

      • Yugoslavia

        I feel you brother. Maybe we have to wake up Lord Luggard from the grave. Maybe. Just maybe.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          What goes round comes around. Buhari is fighting corruption, increasing food production etc.
          Things would have been much better for us but for NDA – Ijaw pipelines vandals who reduced oil production by 60%, when prices were as low as $28PB.

      • Gary

        The problem really is that Nigerians have bought into the notion of a leprous two-party system committed to the North-South zoning arrangement introduced by the corrupt PDP.
        The APC has since proven that it’s a breakaway split from the PDP in composition and orientation. So we now have two sides of the same counterfeit coin of corruption and mediocrity.
        But there are and have always been alternatives which the media have deliberately ignored or denied the oxygen of publicity for the Nigerian people to consider.
        A woman Professor just threw her hat in the ring for the Presidency. Has PT or any news agency gone beyond just reporting it to interview the woman and her antecedents?
        Did the other registered political parties not field candidates in 2015 and how much coverage did they get before our partisan journalists and pundits summarily dismisses them to shill for Buhari and the APC as the answer to ridding Nigeria of corruption under the PDP?
        Another election cycle is starting again and the stage is again being set to ram Buhari and Atiku down the throats of the people: a choice between Dumb and Dumber. Then Tinubu’s will tell his people who to choose as the lesser evil and protect and protect “Yoruba interests” (defined as what is good for Tinubu) at the federal level.
        The Sultan of Sokoto will pass word down to the Emirs who will tell the Islamic clerics to tell the faithful and Almajiris who will best serve the interests of the North and Islam.
        Then the regional power brokers like Ibori, Saraki, Mark, Rochas current and past governors will proffer to speak for their respective peoples and deliver their home states to the highest bidder for money and influence.
        The rural voters often for no more than a bag of Rice and a thousand Naira, then gladly give their votes to whosoever the local political chieftain tells them to support.
        That is how we end up with a Buhari, Dino Melaye or Rochas Okorocha and the sundry nincompoops visiting misery and retrogression upon the country.

        This is what passes for democracy – Nigeria style. The voters are merely required to validate the choices others have made for them.
        Let those who know better, do better for us to change the trajectory of our country in 2019. We can and must do better than having to choose between Buhari and Atiku. Don’t limit yourselves to the APC and the PDP. Consider other parties and candidates for your votes. And by their fruits (antecedents) you shall know them.

        • Izedomi Ohirein

          The north alone can not elect President of Nigeria, so are the the South.
          What do you make of our people in the South who sell their votes and complain of marginalisation.
          APC is very different from the PDP.
          Key members of the APC, like, Buhari, Osinbajo, Oyegun, Tinubu, Akande,Lai Mohammed and Ogbonnaya Onu etc were never in the PDP. That is the difference.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            So fucking what? Does that make them better? No!!! Like Gary correctly put it they are both evil sides of the same counterfeit coin.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Fela is your hero, fine.
            Go and take over one local government and lets see how well you run. Run a state after before going to Abuja.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            No not my hero. African hero!!!

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Why can’t those who do good things, be your hero. Those who set up Facebook, google, dangote etc.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            So Fela did bad things by fighting for the poor abi? FYI he is the only Nigerian known allover the world today for his relentless fight to uplift the African allover the diaspora. He is celebrated allover. Wetin concern Agbero with overload? Google and Facebook don’t put food on the table of poor Africans my brother. The only reason Dangote made it this big is his Hausa/Fulani background and illegal government waivers. I am suprised you didn’t mention Anini.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Dangote is doing good for Nigeria, Africa than Fela.
            Dangote Cement is employing hundred of thousands Nigerians and saving foreign exchange for Nigeria and 14 other African Countries.

          • Gary

            You really believe that those you mentioned above made any qualitative difference to the formation and the structure of the APC? C’mon, you know better. Not less than 60% of the current APC office-holders across board were former PDP defectors. Someone on this PT forum did a yeoman’s jobof listing them not too long ago so the info must be in PT archives now. Remove the PDP people and the APC will revert to being no more than the union of Northern and Yoruba Moslems (Tinubu’s ACN faction and Buhari’s Islamist CPC faction).
            Tinubu was crucial in getting Buhari the party’s presidential nomination but the difference makers in the APC’s ultimate victory were the PDP defectors – the Governors and NASS legislators who switched sides.
            And by the way, how much influence do any of those you mentioned above have in the running of the party and country today? Was any of them consulted about the Maina caper, goings-on at NNPC, the continued detention of Dasuki and El-Zakzaky? Or the economic and political priorities of Buhari and his inner circle? Not even Yemi Osinbajo, who could not fill two low-level Ministerial slots as Acting President, can honestly claim to be in the loop of decision-making in the administration he serves as VP. But he’s quite happy with the title and deluding himself and his mentor that he is protecting “Yoruba interests”. So did Jonathan as VP and even President. We saw just how much the latter protected “Ijaw interests”, not so?

          • Okakuoofbenin

            Gary please run for the office of the president. You will at least be an improvement from these dead beats

          • Gary

            I’m flattered, thank you but I’m a Niger Deltan and Jonathan’s poor performance has foreclosed the likelihood of a minority from gaining the nomination of any party in the foreseeable future without the sponsorship of a political godfather like OBJ did for him. I’ll be damned if I would ever agree to become anyone’s stooge for personal or political gain.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            We have a 3yrs old APC political party whose President had health issues for almost 6 months of their 2yrs old government.
            Some rogue members of APC lead by Saraki seized the national assembly in coalition with the PDP.

            Ijaw NDA pipelines vandal reduced our oil production by 60%.etc.

            We have boko haram, fulani herdsmen, armed robbers, kidnappers and biafra miscreants problems

        • Okakuoofbenin

          Spot on bro!! We need really to start a MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE where Fela left off. God bless you.

          • Dick

            No. Where Isaac Boro, Dim Ojukwu and Gideon Okar left off. That is the most pertinent way to begin the awakening and revolution.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            We need industrial revolution, not madness.

          • Dick

            Industrial revolution with a brain dead dumb like Buhari? Come on! Tell me something else. A man who goes to London for treatment and comes back with declaring state of emergency in the health sector? I hope you understand what we mean when we talk of INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION?

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Your line of self destruction, will lead us nowhere.
            You can start a campaign to ban foriegn medical treatment at public expense, instead of insulting Buhari who did nothing wrong.
            Zik went to the USA for medical check up in 1965 and had not returned by January 1966 when the Army seized power. Ojukwu and Ekwueme died in the UK hospital at public expense.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            What did we get from Jonathan, who presided over our hight Oil revenue under any single government in 6yrs more than the revenue of the preceding 16yrs.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            Dumb ass!!! You are using Jonathan Nigerians fired almost three years ago as a lame excuse for the disaster your incompetent Buhari has become? People with brains are brainstorming on the way forward, the least you can do is shut your mouth since you obviously don’t have a reasoning faculty.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            You are resulting to foul language because you lack anything sensible to say.
            Buhari has recovered from his illness, let him continue fighting corruption, smuggling, armed robbery and kidnapping.etc.
            Buhari is encouraging agriculture, solid mineral, standard railway and road construction than any government before him.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            Apologies for my rudeness. The Nigerian situation can piss anybody off.

          • Izedomi Ohirein

            Accepted. God bless Nigeria.

          • Okakuoofbenin

            But i still insist that Buhari is everything but what you ascribe to him. Think of it honestly. Fighting corruption? please don’t make laugh. He is lawless, a tribal bigot (otherwise give me a reason why his Miyetti Allah confranity have been on the rampage since he took over and the security agents apparently scared of him cannot do a thing?) He has an analog mindset in a digital age. He is only there to represent the Hausa/Fulani interest and believe me every sensible person in the South and Middle Belt knows this.

          • Sunny

            I support you 100%

        • Arabakpura

          Then when the whole episode is over and assuming he is successful – forbid it Almighty God, he will relocate to London permanently and leave Nigeria rutherless! God does not sleep! He will go the way he came!

  • ojomaje ijato

    Can someone remember the group called TAN? They chopped from GEJ big time but no show at the end. Some other people are getting ready to chop from PMB and will surely fail again. Can Aso villa residents ever get it that such groups irritate Nigerians?

  • FreeNigeria

    I hope Thunder scatter them all to eternity on that day

  • Ifeanyi

    What will Buhari run on?

    • Otile

      He is going to brag that he is the Minister on Petroleum, a position he first held in 1977. Nobody can tell him what he is benefiting from Niger Delta oil, he knows, and will never leave the oil for the owners. He will always go to war to control the oil.

    • Arabakpura

      He will run on infused blood!

      • forestgee


  • victoria

    Lets nominate Allison Madueke or James Ibori or Stella Odua or Kalu or madam peace or madam Okonjo or saraki . we have all this good options.

    • Mike4God

      Then u have failed

  • Veronica

    Instead of Buhari to die and go he wants to increase the misery of Nigerians.
    17 Nigerians committed suicide in 2017 ranging from house wives, Farmers, Sacked Civil servants, Taxi drivers, students and Medical Doctors. This averaged 1.5 suicides per month and placed Nigeria in August 2017 atop coutries with highest rates of suicides due to economic challenges. Only God knows how many will take their lives if Buhari continues for 1 or 2 more years.

    • Otile

      It is immoral for Buhari to continue for whatever reason.

    • Sunny

      What a country. Instead of the government finding a lasting solution to this shameless fuel scarcity, this minister is busy scheming for 2019 .
      What a country.Where many cannot afford a decent meal in a day.

  • Otile

    The so called one Nigerian experiment has failed woefully, let people go back to their different nationalities. SS SE are the most cheated in this fraudulent union.

    • O’tega

      Dear Brother,
      Use South & East please. Stop using SS SE.
      SS SE is a distraction. Do you have NN NE? Specifically do you have NN? Instead they named it North Central so that they (North) can add states like Kogi, Kwara. Benue and Taraba to the North. Have you ever seen a Benue man who like Aboki? 99/100 times a Benue man will be mistaken for an Igbo or some Southern tribe but they are called Northerners. These are the things we want RESTRUCTURING to change asap! Please no SS SE going forward. Use South & East or Biafra & Niger Delta.

      • Otile

        But the criminal looters indelibly stamped us with the dishonest labels of South South and South East. It will be hard to shake off the labels.

  • djay

    The minister should resign. These are the kind of waste politicians the president has surrounded himself with. some one that can’t deliver his constituency.

  • Emy

    The parasites are at it again. They sing “one Nigeria” but they know it is all because of the oil and natural resources of Biafra and Niger Delta.

  • Man_Enough

    a herdsman is a manufacturer. a fast food seller is an exploitative capitalist. who contributes more to life and living?

  • Yahuza Muazu

    The entire westerners and northerners are in support of you is only a looter or it’s beneficiary Will hate you since Even your enemies conceded your proven honesty.

    • Arabakpura

      He does not have the energy anymore; can’t you see that he is no more in charge?

    • Otile

      You are a shameless illiterate with no reasoning faculty. Aboki nama

  • Yahuza Muazu

    This what all inymurai could do in social media, asked Ojukwu your warrior who abandoned you and fled during the civil war that could he be able to distinguish between SALT and SUGAR


      Your English is poor, Aboki you need to go back and get a proper education first

  • Arabakpura

    Here ends the first and last administration of General Muhammadu Buhari! From now on, there will be no more governance until he leaves office!

  • forestgee

    This time part of the campaign funds will come from Railway contracts not Rivers State Government

  • Daniel

    I await what Buhari will tell Nigerians and I will like to see those who will vote him.

    If rigging is the plan, it will be too much to achieve.

    I pity his supporters.

    Time to return to Daura. Enough damage!

  • Timothy

    Come 2019 ….Buhari will still be president and by that time APC would be nursing his replacements after he leaves office. It is not a matter of noise or hate speech that determines the elections. If you dont have a voters card….pls stop making noise. If you have and prefer any candidate from the looting party PDP, please exercise it….if you are expecting a no body from one remote party to take over as president, that person must be firt popular to the people and the entire region, especially the regions that counts during elections which includes, Kano, Lagos, etc. If the person can not get that, am sorry dont cry over spilled milk, Buhari will still win.

  • baba jafaru

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    or you want to get solutions to your problems,check baba on facebook,JAFARU IKPEKUN