Buhari returns to Abuja after 103 days in London – LIVE UPDATES

Buhari arrives Nigeria
Buhari arrives Nigeria

President Muhamadu Buhari is expected back in Abuja in the coming hours after spending some 103 days in London where he received medical treatment for an undisclosed ailment.

Mr. Buhari’s prolonged absence sparked protests, the latest led by the group, Resume or Resign.

During his stay in the United Kingdom, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo acted as president.

Mr. Buhari is travelling via Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, and is billed to arrive at 5p.m.

Already, there is jubilation along the Umaru Musa Yar’adua express way, also known as Airport Road, Abuja.

PREMIUM TIMES’ Evelyn Okakwu is at the Abuja airport. She, alongisde, other reporters, will bring you live updates on Mr. Buhari’s return.

Stay plugged in.

There is jubilation at the Umaru Musa Yar’adua Expressway, also known as Airport Road, Abuja.

Also at the presidential wing of the airport, different groups are singing in various languages, awaiting Mr. Buhari’s arrival.

There is high presence of security operatives. Only accredited journalists are allowed access into the presidential wing of the airport.

The presidency has tweeted this photos of the presidential motorcade, including mostly Mercedes Benz S-Class vehicles. The photos are captioned “Awaiting the president”.

Groups jostling for attention near the Abuja airport where they await Mr. Buhari’s arrival.

The president is expected to inspect a guard of honour at the presidential wing of the airport.

Special Adviser to the President has just released a short video saying the who-is-who in the Nigerian government are at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, waiting for the president.

“It is a carnival-like atmosphere here,” he said. “Nigeria has not witnessed anything like this for sometime. “It is a special day for Nigeria.

Watch Video Here:


The Guard of honour is ready at the airport. The president will inspect it on arrival.


The President’s plane has landed at the Presidential Wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja at 4.36pm.



The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geofrey Onyeama, tweets, welcoming the President back.


Acting President Yemi Osinbajo receives the President



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  • Frank Bassey

    Yeah! He must resume or resign.

    • 0tile

      Thanks to Awon #ResumeorResign protesters, they did a fantastic job of mitigating this shameful international embarrassment.

      • Krai For Naija (K.F.N)


        Today there are now
        28 million un-employed youths inside Nigeria today – a staggering figure
        equal to the entire population of Ghana; a neighbouring West African country,
        according to a latest official bulletin issued by the federal Nigerian Bureau of
        Statistics. The new and horrific jobless figure in Nigeria today is over half the
        whole population of Nigeria at independence on October 1st, 1960 and equal
        to all the living human beings presently in Ghana today.

        • musa aliyu

          And all na Buhari cause am? Mtchewww!!!!!

          • greg


      • Angry Niaja

        Deseani Madueke NEXT

  • galaxy

    areafada and nigerians won

    • Coalition for Good Governance


      Why Buhari fled London in a hurry

      We thank
      the Nigerians in London for legally obtaining protest rights to barricade
      President Buhari’s London residence for round the clock RESUME OR RESIGN protest
      including; candle-lit marches around Buhari’s London residence. Within 24 hours of
      their obtaining protest march permit in London President Buhari had no option but
      to flee to Nigeria if he is to avoid international disgrace for sitting tight in London
      for over 100 days and expecting to be taken seriously as a President of Nigeria.
      Kudos also go to the British Home Affairs Secretary for facilitating the permit to
      smoke out a seemingly laggard Muhamadu Buhari from his hiding place in London.

    • musa aliyu

      Which tug won? The doctors know it is time and he is back. No nincompoop forced him back.

      • Frank Bassey

        Osinbajo, Saraki, Dogara, Shehu, Adeboye …. All visited PMB. The refrain was: “I will come when my doctors order me to return”. Adeboye’s visit yesterday did not reveal that PMB was returning until the patriotic handful of Nigerians in UK who obtained the permit of Queen Elizabeth to protest at the Nigerian House. Suddenly, the “doctors” realized it was time to release PMB. Who is fooling who? RESUME OR RESIGN, Period!

        • taiwo

          You have made a very sound point there. PMB cannot afford to experience the huge protest that will give him sleepless night at the abuja house in UK.

  • Cub

    Nobi de resume or resign protest, na the rejection of his asylum application wey make hurry back,

    • Lanre

      I think the protests were going to be too much of an embarassment to the usual shameless Nigerian Leadership. Trump has to maintain the negative news worldwide.

  • Mai Gida

    I am the least perturbed by the huge amount of public fund wasted on his healthcare in a foreign land while our hospitals continue to suffer from lack of funding. My question though is this: When will he similarly allow Col. Dasuki the right to seek medical treatment? If Buhari deserves medical attention the it is inhumane to deny same to Col. Dasuki. I bet you that this man is going back to his country of naturalization sooner than many of you realise.

    • taiwo

      Rather, the question should be that what is the hope for Nigerians who cannot afford healthcare in foreign land?

      • Mai Gida

        I agree totally. The man denied Nigerians “foreign exchange’ for education but turned around and squandered a fortune on healthcare. Who picked up the tab for all his medical junkets? This man knew he was sick all along. Come to think of it, his disappearance immediately after winning the election was indeed his very first “medical vacation”.

  • Evi

    Honestly, I feel pained that some Nigerians still at this level of awareness can still allow themselves to be fooled by this government, I am sure we will be disgusted if they have the courage to mention the amount of our foreign currency spent in treating the president abroad. This should have been an opportunity to handle whatever ailments he has in Nigeria thereby showing to the world that our medical system has been improved upon. Shame to the health minister and to all who felt bold to say the president went for a medical vacation abroad. I wonder what change they claim they have done. Rubbish

  • patriotism P

    Patriotic Nigerians will not join issues with corrupt ones engages in corruption fighting back project. Our prayers is “May God grant PMB good health, long life, strength and wisdom to lead Nigeria effectively”. We are totally in support of our incorruptible, honest and patriotic comrade. Thank God most Nigerian masses are aware of his good intent in view of the single digit number of his anti-protesters compared to thausands pro-protesters.

  • Lanre

    The usual sycophancy of backward thinking people.This is the reason in 2017 Nigeria cannot take care of its ruler with indigenous medical staff and facilities. The loud mouthed Nigerian political elite shamelessly spending the commonwealth of all on their own comfort.Disgusting!

  • MichaelJp

    I really thank God for the return of the president who knowing that one day he will have to go decided to use his last years on earth to show us the way to a better Nigeria. Someone somewhere someday must sacrifice that we may see and know the cure and remedies to our pain and troubles. What I see is hate against the president, what I see is the attacks of the rich – – the so called wicked and corrupt leaders. You see, the poor cannot fully in actuality tell who want to do good but the rich can. They are are so used to luxury life that they will kill any one that will share their lots with the poor. Today we finally know and understood that Abacha would have changed the fate of this country for generations upon generations to come. But he was stopped and tagged as corrupt which isn’t true. If he had been allowed to achieve his course we will have no need going to other countries to seek a better life. Yaradua was destroyed because he meant well. But I tell you the truth, one day someone must change this fate. This is not the true fate of Nigeria, we are far bigger than this dream. Cunning and as tactical as they are, able to achieve their tricks; wicked fellows who are the true cause of our suffering successfully put the good man, the good president with a new vision to a sick bed so as to accuse him of his own words knowing that the health sector is not yet available for such health condition. God will judge you all for attacking this man and creating all sort of problems. This corrupt nature is the one reason for things like IPOB resurrection. Nigeria is blessed enough for every citizen to enjoy but not blessed as much for selfish looting. All you wicked and corrupt leaders against his time, you are worst than robbers – – all the days of an armed robbers life, he may never get the opportunity of a billion naira but you take billions.
    I welcome the president and I pray for his health and the fighting spirit of his life. Long live you our president. Amen.