What I discussed with Buhari in London- Osinbajo

President Muhammdu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo at the FEC meeting on the 22nd of March 2017
[Photo Credit: Novo Isioro]
President Muhammdu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo at the FEC meeting on the 22nd of March 2017
[Photo Credit: Novo Isioro]

The Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo, said he travelled to London, UK, on Tuesday to see how the ailing President Muhammadu Buhari is doing physically.

Mr. Buhari has been in the UK on medical vacation for over two months.

Mr. Osinbajo said although he had been speaking with the president over the phone, he thought “it will be a good thing to go and see him and also brief him on developments back at home.”

Speaking to State House correspondents ahead of the weekly meeting of the federal cabinet, Mr. Osinbajo said, “We had a very good time, we had a good conversation on wide ranging issues; he is in a very good spirit. He is recuperating very quickly and he is doing very well.”

On the state of health of the President, Mr. Osinbajo said, “He is in a very high spirit, he is recuperating very fast.”

“We had a very long conversation, we spoke for well over an hour and his humour is there and he is doing well”.

When asked when Mr. Buhari will return, the acting president said “Very very soon.”

“I think we should expect him back very shortly because he is recuperating very fast and very very well.

“He is recuperating very fast and we expect him very shortly; more sooner perhaps than you expect,” he said.

The acting president, however, said he did not discuss the swearing-in of the two ministers from Gombe and Kogi states who were screened and cleared by the Nigerian Senate on May 3, 2017.

The House of Representatives on Tuesday urged Mr. Osinbajo to swear in the two ministers-designate.


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  • Agba

    Osibajo said nothing here,Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb,that will be difficult to control by millitary coup,mark my words.



      This Yemi Osinbajo or whatever his name actually has no sense. We should have suspected
      this thing before when Bola Tinubu said he nominated him to be Buhari’s running mate.
      Since we know that Bola Tinubu himself cannot think properly we should have known
      that Bola Tinubu can only nominate somebody that can’t think properly too, not so?
      Is London the seat of government of Nigeria? Why should Yemi Osinbajo travel
      to London as Vice President before he can discuss with his boss, President
      Muhamadu Buhari? Instead of Yemi Osinbajo to become ashamed he is
      going to tweeter to say WHAT I DISCUSSED WITH BUHARI. Nonsense!
      Has Vice President Pence of America had any reason to go to Togo
      and come back to insult Americans by tweeting: “What i discussed
      with President Donald Trump”? Black man has no shame!.

      • wso

        Truly you need an Interpreter.

      • SteveOMarcus

        So blackman must imitate the whiteman to prove himself? Copycatism is not a virtue my friend.

      • MilitaryPolice01

        You are talking absolute rubbish

      • psammy

        Must you comment on issues in public if you have difficulty in understanding simple English?

      • LagLon

        strike team 1: psammy, militaryP, SteveO and wso… a well coordinated put down on Interpreter, but it was too coordinated… also all of you went for the comment itself and not the story itself. i.e.

        psammy – your comment could have been better if you started thus ‘well one to Actg P for trying to reduce the uncertainty in the land…’ then the insult.

        MilitaryP – your statement has no frame or base.. but it is what it is.

        SteveO – love the reverse psychology of your statement and the logical gaps. especially since our constitution is copied from the US.. but its nice… another voice in the pull down.

        wso – cheeky.. but you could have tied in a few of the points from interpreters post – maybe like who is talking about ‘bola tinubu here’.. ‘why is interpreter upset that the actg vp communicated with the people.’.. that said the fact that there are no pictures is telling enough.

        also you could have spread them out a bit (all in 1 hour is too quick) and to some extent replied to each other, so it seemed like a conversation. good work fellas.. the stipend is definitely due this month…..

    • Adamson

      Military coup on your head…mark my words.

  • Netanyahu

    What nonsense is this? Has osibade’s brain deteriorated to this level under three months of being in power? Is this why this midget wasted taxpayer’s money rushing to London, the offshore aso rock? This is embarrassing, to say the least. Anyway, their days in office are numbered with the supreme court judgement of today sacking their mole, sherriff, the boko haram leader.

    • LagLon

      bros, he went to collect something his wife needed from harrods….

  • Otile

    Osibande stop lying your head off. Honorable pastor my foot.

    • Adelowo SS

      Just go and hang yourself because of frustration and envy, poor son of Biafraud.

      • 0tile

        Are you oduafraudians not ashamed of this man who lies and calls himself a pastor? Ordained pastor my foot.

    • Julius

      Yeah, like the man you called father lied to you that he is really your father. smh..what a life.

  • George

    Very very shortly.

    Buhari only invited him to beg him not to disgrace his family after his final exit because of what he Buhari did to others.

    Just to say pls no matter what happen soon keep my back Osunbujo and the Tokenism yes sir my boss and Aisha now comes in to say pls Osiiiiiii we don’t want further embarrassment sir as we are expecting the inevitable.

    • Abu-Mu’awiya

      Death is inevitable and it is in the no man’s hand,you may die before the oldest and or sickiest person in Biafran land.

      • 0tile

        Then why did Mohamed Buhari brutally murder so many Igbo people and Shiites? Are his vain wishes more important than the lives of his victims?

  • Ola

    Since you people know what Osinbajo is not telling us , why don’t you go ahead and tell us instead of passing all kinds of insults on the man.

    • Julius

      Oh no, they won’t do that. They really don’t care as long as they can insult somebody then their lives is complete. What do you expect from losers ?

    • 0tile

      God forbid, this man has impugned his own integrity so fast. How come?

  • Dazmillion

    I used to have alot of respect for Osibajo but I am beginning to suspect the man is smoking some high grade opium, if he can tell us a boldfaced lie that he had an intelligent conversation, about the a highly complex society like Nigeria, with a delirious sick 95 years old man who thought he was heading to Sokoto when he was being transported to the UK for urgent medical intervention.

    Shame on you Osibajo

    • ed

      May be he’s doing better. That’s possible. We don’t know at this point.
      He’s expected back very soon, going by what the acting President Osinbajo said.

      • share Idea

        Did acting president not tell you people that he would be submitting probe report of SGF after 2 weeks…hope the 2 weeks not there yet

        • 0tile

          The man is a_damned lair. Ordained pastor of God my foot.

      • Julius

        They are not interested in that. They wanna hear that the man is dead…period , then they move to cursing the VP and wishing him dead too. That’s what they consider their contribution to the country i.e biafraud.

      • 0tile

        You are saying that he is expected back very soon, which means you are expecting him back before August. My question is August of what year?

    • Kallah Bature

      He is just 75yrs not 95yrs.Twenty years will be enough time for him to have a second term to deal ruthlessly with your masters who stole our country blind.

    • Julius

      You used to have alot of respect for Osinbajo ? lolz, You are too funny. When exactly did you start respecting anything or anybody in your wretched life ?

      • Dazmillion

        In case you did not know, Jesus can help you with your problems

    • 0tile

      Satan has take the hindmost of the man. Stop trusting him.

      • Julius

        This is coming from you a God forsaken pervert . You are always quick to mention satan or devil. Your feeble mind will never let your soul rest in peace. Keep it up.

  • ed

    Nigerian must put things in prospective. President Buhari went on medical vacation in London for the second time.
    He made the Vice President the coordinator in chief of the Nigerian armed forces.
    Unlike the first time earlier in the year when the Vice President was the acting president.
    The Cabals took advantage of the reduced power and authority of Ag President (coordinator.)
    Unfortunately President Buhari’s medical condition forced him to stay in London for the past 67 days and counting.
    We can’t blame Osinbajo for doing his best giving the handcuffs.

    • 0tile

      If we can’t blame Osibande nor Imam Buhari who else are we to blame, Satan?

      • Julius

        We can start by blaming the woman that should have swallowed you . How is that ?

  • Cosmas I.


    Look, this thing I want to say is my frustration. Things are getting worse and worse under
    Buhari and Osinbajo. The army that wants to do coup and said it has just been sleeping.
    I am not interested again in parties like PDP, APC, APGA and so on, but in bloodshed.
    We need bloodshed in Nigeria to start moving forward for the first time in all history.
    Thieves and victims cannot live together in peace and unity inside the same house.
    Nigerians cannot live in peace and unity together with treasury thieves in power.
    We need bloodshed to get rid of treasury thieves first before any other thing.

    • Visio 2000




      ONLY A BLOODY REVOLUTION TO physically eliminate CORRUPT OFFICIALS can save.

    • Guest

      You react like your father Satan, you need bloodshed….to do what, drink ’em?

    • JOHN

      The blood shed must begin with your own and your family members’ blood to feed your god Satan the devil because he feeds on blood as his food. You also need to identify yourself publicly.

    • Sword of Damocles

      “Thieves and victims cannot live together in peace and unity inside the same house”
      This is very deep, but a lot of Nigerians don’t hear you tho. The above has been the cause of kata-kata throughout the history of man as recorded, but as is Human nature, our ruling elites no dey hear word, until someone “bust ’em in the mouth”. But I am happy that at least ONE Nigerian other me understands your quote above. FACT

  • obiora

    The short Man is fighting for his job realy. The fake has sold himself below prise. Why now. I think your Yoruba news papers said that Senators are afraid. So the Midget run to King Lion´s dead body as protection. Mr Fake dead King Lion can do nothing.

    • Abu-Mu’awiya

      There is what you don’t want between Mr. President and his VP to have that is cordial relationship,if you wish go and electrocute yourself.

    • Julius

      And your 7 footer father is wasting away in biafraud. What a waste !

  • Maverick

    As if Buhari didn’t come back before. In what condition is he coming back? Weaker, dying, to work from bedroom instead of Aso Villa? Why is this man delaying the inevitable?

  • Iskacountryman

    liar…buhari did not recognise him and spoke to him in yariba language…

  • atakamosu

    Osinbajo went to observe first hand as he agreed to do when confronted by the Senators inquiring as to the true state of health of Mr President. Again putting 2 and 2 together, Saraki met with Osinbajo a few days before he flew to London to see Mr President. He now has the full picture and knows Buhari will not be running come 2019. so the real gladiators will be Atiku, Kwanlwaso, El Rufai, Saraki and Lamido. Unfortunately Atiku has a monkey on his back from his time as VP, Lamido has EFCC, Kwankwaso is a local champion that can only appeal to some Northern elements, El Rufai has too may enemies and thus we are left with Saraki who has a strong relationship with Senators across the divide. Tinubu will fight him tooth and nail but at the present time there is no other strong candidate other than Donal Duke from South South. And if DD enters the race , Osinbajo supporters will throw his name into the pot. 2019 will be something to behold.

    • princegab

      Making yourself feel good

  • Counsellor

    No matter how fervently u wish somebody death your wish will be in vain if it is not wish of God. You did not create yourself. If u are wise u would easily understood that all your evil thoughts and wishes for others have only brought you doom and sorrow. Be wise and fear God. Some of u are so frustrated in life that u don’t care if u die the next day. But no matter how aggrieved u are ur evil wish can’t make any difference.

    • 0tile

      Do you know that Osibande has become a big disappointment, a shameless lair? I pity the few oduafraudins who still believe him.

  • 0tile

    Has anyone ever heard you discuss meaningful economic issues anywhere? Have you ever said anything about development or technology? Have you even admitted that your rapacious Northern rulers are cheating the rest of us? Your mind is focused on the 72 virgins Nabi Mohammed promised you people in Aljinat Firdaus. Haba

  • emmanuel

    Osinbajo is a fake Pastor and he will stand alone when the thick plot against him begin to unfold. He is sure worst than Jonathan and beginning to show himself as a rudderless leader.
    Anyway, i never saw him as a good man anyday.
    A man who wined and dinned with the head of the Lagos Mafioso gang, did business with him and was a confidant, can only be a Pastor in Nigeria where that appellation is only a title and a means of conning gullible people for over fifty percent of them.
    Let Osinbade carry on as if all was well. He will be chased away from that office by civilians through protest very soon. We cannot remain in this quagmire forever.
    They used Jonathan initially as a signpost of their inept leadership, until they exhausted all the lies and propaganda. Then that record became broken and now, they talk about releasing monies when they have stolen every available money.
    So they are now to issue bonds,

  • Paul Eric

    In my little understanding of the English word ‘soon’, it could mean tomorrow, next week, next month or even the next decade. Please can we get the specific date?

  • emmanuel

    I am sure Buhari’s family can simply donate whatever is left of him to the Hospital there and let the man go marry seventy virgins, his reward for unleashing suicidal hunger, hardship and foolani herdsmen on Nigeria middle Belt and South that have taken several lives in the last two years and half!