Supreme Court sacks Sheriff, declares Makarfi authentic PDP leader

Caretaker committee chairman of PDP, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi speaking to newsmen after Supreme Court sitting in Abuja on Wednesday (12/7/17) sacked the National Chairman of the opposition of the, Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff. With him are Sen. Ben Obi (L) and Rep. Jones Onyereri.
03460/11/7/2017/Ernest Okorie/BJO/NAN
Caretaker committee chairman of PDP, Sen. Ahmed Makarfi speaking to newsmen after Supreme Court sitting in Abuja on Wednesday (12/7/17) sacked the National Chairman of the opposition of the, Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff. With him are Sen. Ben Obi (L) and Rep. Jones Onyereri. 03460/11/7/2017/Ernest Okorie/BJO/NAN


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  • Cypo

    Congratulations to PDP and best wishes to all the authentic members of the Party. PDP… Power to the People!!

    • klarity


      THIS JUDGMENT means PDP party will win the 2019 presidential election without a doubt.
      The mole in the party called Ali Sheriff is nullified and gone forever. The PDP can now do
      the needful and pick up the slack as the useless and corrupt contraption called the APC
      incumbent government wobbles and fumbles in ignorance and eith utter incompetence!

      • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

        I agree with you. But there’s a serious problem here – watch out for a massive spike in boko haram activities. The Supreme court has just sent someone back to his base – a base which his fiddling with PDP had distracted him from.

        • Akinde Olaiya


          Another thing is that Premium Times is a wicked newspaper for the wicked and by the wicked.
          Can Premium Times swear that they don’t know anything about Musiliu Obanikoro who has
          been prostrating at the gate of Bola Tinubu since April, to be allowed to defect to APC as
          errand boy – the same APC party that Musiliu Obanikoro’s son defeated in a past local
          government election in Lagos state?

          If Premium Times is fully aware of this fact why
          did Premium Times not phone Musiliu Obanikoro before publishing this judgment
          by the Supreme Court, so that Musiliu Obanikoro can now stand up and stop the
          mess of disgracing himself by wailing at the gate Bourdillon Road to be allowed
          inside to kiss the feet of Bola Ahmed Tinubu?

          • Acting Citizen of Nigeria

            Hahahaha. You no go kill me with laugh o. Koro and all of them traitors go dey shit inside their pants now for the political suicide they’ve committed, just like the people and the military in the North-East would know that a storm is coming.

          • PREITY

            Actually they are shameless, they got no problem with running back and forth , no ideology with Nigeria politicians.

          • Nazi Naija

            Yes, the soldiers in the North east will be shitting their pants now, this is the time for Nigerians to take back their country from this illiterates, APC has taken us fifty years back of development

          • Mazi Naija

            Hajajajajahahahaha am laughing in reggae blues. PDP all the way

      • aboki

        NIGERIANS would decide come 2019 through ballot papers one MAN one vote not by internet or premium time.

      • KBE

        May God punish him and Cairo forever. Gulak and Co same thing.

  • Agba

    The damage has been done,pdp will find it difficult to gain ground,because pdp and apc are dead party In nigeria of today.

    • J.J Johnson


      The ICPC anti-corruption agency was on a distinguished road by declaring Raji Fashola wanted on 3rd September
      2015 with very hard facts suggesting that Raji Fashola raided the Lagos state treasury whilst holding public office.
      Raji Fashola received 3.2 trillion Naira in cash as tottal gross revenues in his eight years regime of sheer thefts,
      but crookedly wrote down 2.43 trillion Naira on the Lagos state account books, thereby disappearing a huge
      and whopping sum of 800 billion Naira; whilst ignorant and innumerate Lagosians kept on waving brooms
      in the afternoon like freshly cursed lunatics.

      In tandem with his confederates, notably Supo Shasore, the Raji Fashola crooked team went on a plundering
      mission to put an end to the future of Lagos state – which immediately became a bloodbath; since stealing
      begets stealing and theft begets violence as a non-regulated criminal activity. Twenty-eight (28) million
      youths now roam the streets all across Lagos and in the 35 states in Nigeria as un-employed youths
      in consequence of Raji Fashola’s type of plunder.

    • suleiman

      This is not necessarily true. It is the same individuals from PDP and APC that would form the new party you are anticipating. It is not about name but the individuals that control the party. I hope you know that the current APC as constituted consists of nearly 70% of former PDP members.

    • KBE

      You are in for a rude shock. This is the beginning of a new dawn. PDP LETS GO

  • Eko Group


    A sum of ₦800 billion
    is screamingly missing in Lagos state till today, and likely stolen under the
    direction of Raji Fashola between 2007 and 2015, but the retarded populace in
    Lagos state were long brainwashed and programmed to utter curses only on the
    rival party – PDP – whilst the real APC treasury thieves haul away the state
    treasury as private property, for their own nuclear families. Judgment day has
    come with this Supreme Court decision removing the hurdle on the way to a
    national alternative with a reformed PDP party to defeat the rogue APC
    government of thieves; dullards and school certificate forgers.

  • suleiman

    Everybody knows that Sheriff was sponsored by the APC to destabilize the party. Now that it is game over for the enemies of democracy, it is time to rebuild the party and take over the leadership of this country by 2019. PDP remains the only viable opposition to the crass called APC. I do hope that PDP would put its act together and stop the nonsense of factionalization. I also hope that PDP would embrace internal democracy and avoid the errors of candidate imposition which led to its losing the elections in 2015. We know that Sheriff and his cohorts would never give up. The will devise another means of stalling the party. I wont’t be surprise if he goes to court for another flimsy or ridiculous excuse. My candid advise, to the party is that it should not do anything to allow Sheriff another opportunity to go to court. It is time for the party forget about the corrupt and criminal individuals now running to the APC to cover their crimes and focus on 2019. A word for the wise is sufficient.

  • Imma Eboroh

    Premium Times Editor,

    What Ahmed Makarfi must do

    This is not the time to campaign against the incumbent APC government. The jury is no longer out.
    The verdict is in that APC is the worst government Nigeria has ever had. The ongoing economic
    recession has already convinced most Nigerians to flee the wrecking ship of the APC Islamists.

    What PDP must do first of all is to REFORM their own party by excluding tainted members from
    public office henceforth. That is the first item on the agenda. Nigerians want to see a reformed
    PDP party and the only way to prove that ethical makeover is to set down the rules barring
    any PDP member who is indicted or attainted with crime of whatever nature from seeking
    public office on the party’s ticket. That is the way to go to draw the necessary contrast
    against a mentally bereft APC party that’s studded with thieves and criminals in power.

    • thusspokez

      What PDP must do first of all is to REFORM their own party by excluding tainted members from public office henceforth.

      In the context of defection of corrupt politicians, a gain for the APC is a gain for the PDP — it reduces the number of corrupt people in the PDP but increase those in the APC. Further, as part of the reform process, PDP must also enshrine in its constitution, forbidding any previous defector from rejoining it.

    • Frank Bassey


  • KBE

    The happiest day.

    • 2017 Cassandra




      • reposte by popular demand


        Condolence to General Obasanjo

        Where’s General Obasanjo who said PDP party is dead? General Obasanjo can now see that political analysis is not given to him or given to any Tom, Dick and Harry. General Obasanjo got zero percent in
        public policy analysis because he’s mentally dishonest. Anyone possessed of average intelligence would understand that for PDP to die APC must be growing inversely. General Olusegun Obasanjo does not
        think much. After the defeat of APC by 62% in Oshun state last week it should have been obvious.

        Like an ostrich which buried its head in the sands, he could not see the APC elephant just rotting.
        A party like APC which scorns thinking and thinks development is common sense, is a tragedy.
        As a tragedy the near-illiterate APC party threw Nigeria into the worst recession within a year.
        Obasanjo does not know that as APC fails and implodes, PDP party will naturally be vivified.
        Knowledge eludes General Obasanjo on what he endeavours without relevant schooling.

        • Last Patriot


          Once Muhamadu Buhari ultimately quits office at whatever time, federal boards must be dissolved;
          including N.T.A, FRCN, NCC, NNPC and NBC. President Buhari stuffed federal boards with invalid
          and mostly unthinking appointees. The result is utter mediocre performance all round. No federal
          agency is exceptional today or seen to be working with any sense.

          An immediate audit must follow and all indicted board members; chairmen and directors, must be
          convicted and then sent to prison. That first step will send a strong signal to Nigerians and to the
          international community that at last a new and purposeful government has come on board after
          Muhamadu Buhari’s nonsense, laxity and uselessness.

  • Kickboxer




  • George

    Nigerians congratulation and a big thank you to my brothers and friends Fayose, Fani-kayode I love you all and God loves you more.

    My happiest day ever since this animal buhari came in. Thanks to judges. More hopes are ahead.

    A big shame on Sheriff with his APC backers.

  • George

    Hallelujah Jehovah is God and his Son Jesus Christ lives forever.

    OBJ must die

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Shouting Jesus Christ and wishing someone dead?! Jesus Christ stands for love and not HATE! Spread love not hate.

      • Frank Bassey


      • George

        Our Bible teaches us not to spear the witch and OBJ is one.

        • SayNo2Tribalism

          You do not deserve a reply but who gave you the power to proclaim another human a witch? If you truly read the bible Jesus Christ stands for love even a “witch” will be embraced by him.

        • Nnamdi Ugwuadu

          That was old testament bro. The new law says love one another. Bless those who curse you and feed them when they are hungry. It is well with you and your house hood bro.

    • thusspokez

      The usual crass. It is people like this poster — not Nigeria — who needs a (neurological) restructuring. What comes into their heads is rather astonishing.

  • share Idea

    One of my happiest days in since 2015. Now, the real PDP will strategies to take back their rightful place. All lovers of democracy should be proud of Nigeria today with this ruling.

  • edeje

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  • Netanyahu

    When a woman marries a second husband, she is in a better position to compare and contrast. I believe Nigerians, including myself are wiser now. We can’t wait for 2019 to come. These janjaweeds will be flushed out once and for all, and never again shall we vote in an illiterate as president. Nigerians have suffered enough.

    • share Idea

      Apology accepted. Please when next time situation like 2015 is presented, let us not be fanatic & emotional about it so that people like you do not make same mistakes. Nigeria we hail thee

  • Border_Marksman

    Good for PDP. Good for Democracy. Good for Nigeria. Period.


      What is good about the Nigerian politician?

      • Border_Marksman

        No perfect situation. A viable opposition is good for democracy. If APC (as an opposition party) had not beaten PDP in 2015, would we know how bad our option was to 16 years of underperformance? Now we know abi?

  • Dazmillion

    The fat pig Doyin Okupe might be making his way back to PDP

  • El Patron

    I don’t think this changes anything, it certainly doesn’t end the crisis

  • JOHN

    PDP should immediately appoint or elect Fani Kayode as its spokesman to expose and talk intelligently about the evil of APC and their policy that led to the destruction of anything noble in this country. PDP should immediately get a vibrant and fearless spokesman.

    • Tunsj

      Really? You got to be kidding.

      • Border_Marksman

        Why must John be kidding? He makes sense to me? Or is your Nigeria working well for you now?

  • Ohajianha Ozichukwu

    What a day of joy. GOD THANK YOU.

  • Ohajianha Ozichukwu

    When justice is delivered the heart of men and women of goodwill rejoice and experience peace. May the Name of God be glorified.

  • Comfortkay

    Sheriff fraction will be back. But l wonder what kind of leadership are they fighting for, afterall Nigerian has turned their back against PDP; because PDP is dead and buried period.

    • Border_Marksman

      You have no idea what you’re talking about. How can PDP be dead? The most truthful politician in Nigeria today is a PDP governor (Fayose) whether you love him or hate him. Or would you rather believe Liar Mohammed and Tinubu who are telling you that all is well with PMB and his administration? The deputy SP is a PDP member and his closest ally is Saraki (who was twice elected a governor and then a senator under PDP). Two of the strongest senators (Mark and Akpabio) are PDP members. PDP is far from dead and you will be in for a rude awakening coming soon.

  • Yego V

    For the first time I’m thinking of joining a political party with such a man- Makarfi, as its leader. Most important is the exit of evil members that have denigrated the party ; the likes of Rotimi Amaechi, Abdulfatah Ahmed, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Murtala Nyako, Aliyu Wamakko and the “devil” himself OBJ. It is my prayers that God grants wisdom to Makarfi to revamp and renew the party. Until then I’ll remain a spectator and a critic.