Osun bye-election: PDP’s Adeleke ahead in protest vote — NAN

Adeleke voting
Adeleke voting

Mudashiru Hussain, the ruling All Progressives Congress candidate may have lost the Osun West Senatorial bye-election to Ademola Adeleke, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, according to actual results declared at various collation centres in the state.

Unofficial results show that Mr. Adeleke, brother of the former holder of the seat, Isiaka Adeleke, swept the two local councils in his home town of Ede. He also won Egbedore and Ola Oluwa local councils.

Projections in other local councils also appear to show that he is coasting home to victory, the News Agency of Nigeria reports.

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The local councils in Osun where voting took place today( Source: NAN)

His victory, if confirmed by the Independent National Electoral Commission, will be a big blow to Governor Rauf Aregbesola, less than two years to the end of his tenure, amid permutations for the 2018 governorship election.

An APC stalwart told NAN it may be a disastrous night for the party.

“Though collation is on, projections are not favourable for our candidate, even as we await results from some units,” the stalwart close to Governor Aregbesola said.

Mr. Adeleke had wanted to run on the APC platform to replace his brother, a member of the APC, who died on April 23. He was initially cleared for the election by the party and his opponent, Mudashir Hussain, disqualified because of the allegation that he failed to resign his commissionership position.

But the National Working Committee of the party later overturned Mr. Hussain’s disqualification and cleared him to contest in the primary election.

Mr. Adeleke, believing he would be outsmarted in the scheduled primary,  defected to the Peoples Democratic Party led by Ali Modu Sheriff,  to run for the seat.

In the run-up to the election today, it was clear sentiments would rule the ballots, especially as the public felt an Adeleke scion should be compensated for the sudden death of Senator Isiaka Adeleke, who was planning to run for the governorship election next year.

And then, there were what seemed to be politically instigated protests against the government by pensioners and some workers, accusing the Aregbesola government of owing them arrears of payments.

Signs of a possible failed bid by the APC candidate came in the result for his polling Unit 1, Ward 3 in Ejigbo local government.

He got 152 votes, Adeleke of PDP got 148 votes, a difference of just four votes.


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  • Spoken word

    aregbe the failure

    • Pirofessor of Politics


      Party politics is not indigenous to Nigerian cultures and people. Nigerians don’t know what party politics means.

      They see it as meaning a football team that must be cheered on even if it is playing badly. Party apparatchiks themselves are also ignorant. They defect from the losing party to the winning party as soon as election results
      are announced. Nigerians are deemed daft for those reasons. In Lagos state all the elected PDP party legislators have been bribed or coaxed by APC Lagos government to defect to the party they’d defeated at the election.

      That’s the measure of daftness in Nigeria, where Musiliu Obanikoro – a stuttering riff-raff of PDP party hierarchy
      in Lagos state, is said to be prostrating at Bourdillon road to be allowed in as a defector, even if it means as a cheerleader of APC party which his own son had defeated in a previous local government election.

      Stealing is the overriding purpose of elections in Nigeria. No principles, no ideology, no thinking, no plans,
      just stealing. That is why Nigeria had much better electricity output in June 2015 within two weeks of Buhari
      resuming office without yet appointing any Minister. But today, after appointing the usually daft Raji Fashola
      as Power Minister, zero megawatts has been the result and Nigeria disappears under total darkness.

      • thusspokez

        Party politics is not indigenous to Nigerian cultures and people. Nigerians don’t know what party politics means.

        I don’t see anything wrong with this. The western adversarial politics is very flawed. Politicians are elected to solve problems, i.e., they are problem solvers, it therefore makes no sense for political party to adopt a dogmatic approach to problem analysis and choice of solutions, as it is the case in Western politics.

        They see it as meaning a football team that must be cheered on even if it is playing badly.

        This seems to contradict you earlier assertion that “Nigerians don’t know what party politics means”. Well in that case, why would they be cheering for their side if they don’t know what… or loyalty to their party?

  • SOA

    Good report. Congratulations in advance for Adeleke!

    • Kallah Bature

      It looks like Ali Modu Sheriff is consolidating his grip and base in PDP.His antagonists should applaud his midas touch on their dying party.

  • thusspokez

    Supporters of Tinibu — often elevated to the level of god by his supporters — , would often claim every success in western Nigeria for him. So the almighty Tinubu juju didn’t work this time then?

    • Pat

      Tinubu is having a good time while you are busy hurting yourself just for hatred of someone that does not know you exist. This is democracy and it is a better way for people to elect those they want to lead them. Just go ahead to congratulate the people and the winner and stop fuming unnecessary hatred.

      • thusspokez

        The tone of your comment would indicate that you are very disappointed that the APC had not won.

        Obviously, the result has denied you the opportunity to come here and tell readers one how the Almighty Godfather, Oba Tinubu had once again used his juju charm to singled-handed win the election for the APC.

    • Political Observas


      APC is underrating a rising wave of anger at the party
      for crass incompetence, ignorance and outright thefts, exampled by ₦250m
      (million Naira) pocketed by Babachir Lawal via a self-awarded public contract
      to a private company he incorporated. APC is a party of illiterates and it shows,
      as it is defeated in its presumed Oshun state stronghold by 62% of the votes.

      If APC can no longer win Oshun state, where does the ignoramus APC want to win
      in Yorubaland, given that the APC has no chance in hell of winning the south-south
      or the south-east states, unless the Igbo, the Efik, the Urhobo, the Anang, the Ijaw,
      the Anioma and Ibibio people all suddenly feel suicidal, as Christians, to crazily go
      and vote for a rabid Islamist APC party for a Jihad.

      • Luke Oghar E.


        “The only way to stop us from stealing is to stone us. The Nigerian followers are as guilty as the Nigerian
        leaders. The Nigerian institutions are all compromised and there is no alternative to them as it is. Nigerians appear not to be against stealing and corruption but only against how long you stay stealing and being corrupt. Don’t ever expect those in public office to fight corruption on these facts.”

        ….…..APC Minister Rotimi Amaechi

        (Minister of Transport in Nigeria)

        (June 30th, 2014)

        • Luke Oghar E.


          “Democracy is defined as a government of the people, by the people,
          and for the people, but what we had in the time of Jonathan was ‘greedocracy
          – which is government of the greedy, by the greedy and for the greedy. Today, under
          Muhamadu Buhari, we have ‘criminocracy’ – a government of the criminals,
          by the criminals and for the criminals. Wrong appointment for instance led to the
          emergence of the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation
          (SGF, Babachir Lawal) who became a grass-cutter”.

          ………………APC Senator Dino Melaye

          (June 1st, 2017)

          • Eko don spoil finish!


            Not less than 800 billion
            Naira was stolen between 2007 and 2015 by or under Raji Fashola of APC
            in Lagos state. EFCC has acted like ostrich, not even asking any questions.
            The proof of this theft is there, in the handover note Raji Fashola delivered to
            his successor Akin Ambode, where Raji Fashola crookedly understated total
            revenues earned by Lagos state in his 8-year tenure as 2.43 billion Naira.

            It was his Commissioner for Planning Ben Akhabueze who later told Punch
            newspaper the real truth, that 400 billion Naira was earned annually by Lagos
            government under Raji Fashola, meaning that gross revenue was no less than
            3.2 trillion Naira in 8years – and not the 2.43 trillion Raji Fashola forged in his
            handover note to hide away a missing and conclusively stolen 800 billion Naira.

          • Ebun Ona




          • Afolabi Akamoh

            Because Dino said this,on my birthday,let me contribute!!!
            Ole npe Ole in Ole
            BUHARI must go
            DINO must go
            NASS must be sacked
            One MUST BELL THE CAT

        • Luke Oghar E.


          “We don’t dispute the fact that Jonathan should not have been made the president of Nigeria

          at the time he was brought in, but the point remains that Muhamadu Buhari must also prove

          that he himself is a saint he portrayed himself to be. But my fear is that there are so many

          corrupt persons around Buhari and in the APC party, while Buhari deliberately decided

          to limit his probe of corrupt persons to only those who served under Jonathan. This is

          very sad and a clear evidence of selective trial of opponents.”

          ………………Balarabe Musa

          [August 21, 2015]

          • vivas

            @thusspokez:disqus & @marcosavelino:disqus:

            A country administered by honest and knowledgeable people is best,
            and it’s to be preferred. The physical elimination of all treasury thieves and their business accomplices in Nigeria is a task that must be done. Roll out the tanks now and drain the swamp!

            Let Nigeria’s revolutionaries quickly form a fighting alliance with the military men in uniform. It’s time
            to clean up Nigeria with physical action. Enough of talking to treasury thieves in government who’ve destroyed the basis of community happiness. It’s time to kill the treasury thieves and make Nigeria great again.

          • Afolabi Akamoh

            Count my support,please

          • thusspokez

            Roll out the tanks now and drain the swamp!

            I am sure that Donald Trump is finding out how easy it is to “drain the swamp” in the US!

            Let Nigeria’s revolutionaries quickly form a fighting alliance with the military men in uniform.

            I don’t know how old you are or maybe you have erased all your memory of army rule.

            What makes you think that the army is better than the politicians? At least, with the politicians, Nigerians can vote them out; criticise them on social media and elsewhere; they can be investigated and prosecuted by the Nigerian law enforcement agencies.

            Wasn’t it the grossly incompetent army that created 36 unsustainable states. All the army heads of state are multi-billionaires — not to mention those who served as directors, chairpersons and ministers, e.g, Danjuma.

            Do you Nigerians ever learn from your past mistakes or easily forget them only to repeat them? Your suggestion is ridiculous!

          • AFOLABI AKAMOH

            Comrade Balarabe Musa,may u live long.U are very right

        • Benjy

          @marcosavelino:disqus: APC is a fascist ISLAMIST party
          aiming to dominate all of society by silencing all voices of dissent. This had
          happened before in the 1930s and the result was a horrific war with ten [10]
          million deaths.

          • Musikal2017


            Excuse me. I am not trying to advertise or anything like that. I just want to share lyrics

            of my new album that will soon be released into the market next month or latest by October 2017.

            Please sing after me as follows:

            Raji Ajibole…ole….Fasholajibole….ole,….ajibole….ole…(twice).

            Thank you.

          • WORDS-ON-MARBLE


            One can only hope that Nigeria will quickly learn its lesson from Libya; that in a revolutionary
            situation like today – where the government itself is seen as the economic threat to the pursuit
            of happiness, the army cannot be neutral, otherwise, revolutionary militias will take the army’s neutrality to mean the army’s support for this wretched status quo of living by plunder.

            Already the signs are that Nigeria is badly imploding in the same way as Libya today.
            The Nigerian populace perceive that the army is unconcerned about the genocidal
            thefts going on in Nigeria today and that the army does not fulfill its given duty –
            constitutional duty, to fully assist the people; the civilians – as opposed to
            complicit civilian authorities in government
            – to maintain law and order
            by rolling out the tanks against this slew of corrupt government officials,
            so as to constitutionally safeguard Nigeria’s internal security.

        • Afolabi Akamoh

          He since admitted they are ALL stealing.They SINCE continued !!!

      • marcos avelino

        Pagan animist just 70 years ago – now you are a kristian blood thirsty crusader. Ithought yr new false religion preaches love. African savage can never change

        • Political Observas




          • Afolabi Akamoh

            I concur !!!

          • thusspokez


            Hmm I agree with you on the need for a revolution but opposed to any bloody one simply because — as we have seen in world history of revolutions — the crooked leaders and their cronies always escape the anger and mob; the middle class and the poor often account for 99% of the casualties.

    • Eric Tee

      @thusspokez:disqus: Anyone who’d expected the APC party to win this Oshun state senatorial election is unwise.

      APC party under Alhaji Muhamadu Buhari made Nigeria worse than he met it in 2015 – with 62% currency

      devaluation, plus 17% inflation to deepen poverty, on top of another 64% increment in the cost of petrol –

      to loose a price vector across transportation and products pricing of both imports and locally-made goods.