“Stay Off Politics,” Army Chief Buratai warns Nigerian soldiers as coup rumours spread

Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai [Photo credit: Naij.com]
Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai [Photo credit: Naij.com]

The Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, has given a stern warning to army officials to stay off politics and politically related activities.

Mr. Buratai gave the order on Tuesday via a statement issued by the Army spokesperson, Sani Usman, a brigadier general.

“This is to inform the public that the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Nigerian Army, has received information that some individuals have been approaching some officers and soldiers for undisclosed political reasons. On the basis of that, he has warned such persons to desist from these acts”.

Although Mr. Usman did not disclose the “political reasons”, military sources had told PREMIUM TIMES that the Army hierarchy was disturbed by rumours of a coup being planned by junior officers.

A top military official told PREMIUM TIMES Mr. Buratai, a lieutenant general, had even raised the issue with Acting President Yemi Osinbajo and promised to nip it in the bud.

The concern may have informed Mr. Buratai’s decision to reshuffle the postings of top military generals last week.

The rumours worsened following President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent sickness that saw him travelling to London for further treatment, weeks after he spent over 50 days in London for medical reasons. Like in his previous trip, the president wrote the National Assembly transferring powers to his deputy, Mr. Osinbajo.

On Tuesday, the army chief warned all officers and soldiers interested in politics to resign their commission or apply for voluntary discharge forthwith.

“Any officer or soldier of Nigerian Army found to be hobnobbing with such elements or engaged in unprofessional conducts such as politicking would have himself or herself to blame,” the army spokesperson said.

Nigeria has witnessed 18 years of uninterrupted democracy after the last military government relinquished power in 1999. The country in 2015 also witnessed its first ever opposition victory which saw the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party losing presidential and parliamentary elections to the incumbent All Progressives Congress.

Mr. Usman on Tuesday reiterated that the Nigerian Army will remain apolitical and respect the Nigerian constitution at all times.


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  • new republic

    The coup will restructure Nigeria and if the coup fail it will turn to civil war because Nigeria are tired of that constitution that favour one side of the country

    • Lokal Observas


      BUHARI government is in coma

      Now in coma the Buhari government
      wants to borrow and throw money into the utter chaos Nigeria’s become after
      Buhari’s mask fell in public to reveal a directionless and corrupt government –
      which bad example mutated cancerously across the 36 states to dip Nigeria,
      not just in total darkness from electricity failure, but in total anomie where
      the beheading of fellow citizens on the streets in the afternoon is regular,
      as a measure of Nigeria as a failed state under a fumbling, sickly and

      President Muhamadu Buhari.BUHARI’s shambolic APC government –
      or whatever remains of it after President Buhari checked into
      a London hospital indefinitely last week – is a case study in the ignorance of

      • Lokal Observas

        .……….(2) BUHARI government is in coma

        The Buhari government said it wants to be seen as ‘anti-corruption
        ’ but when the media exposed a test case of BABACHIR LAWAL who
        awarded himself 250 million Naira grossly inflated contract just to cut grass with
        cutlass at a refugees’ camp, President Buhari went through the motions and said
        he’d set up an administrative enquiry panel which, he (Buhari) said, investigated
        and found Babachir Lawal not guilty.

        When thereafter
        the media screamed havoc and the Senate was forced to support the
        media in its own interest, President Buhari ate his words and reluctantly
        signed a letter suspending Babachir Lawal indefinitely as Secretary to his
        government. By then it was too late. Buhari’s mask had fallen. Buhari who
        told the public to accept conflict of interest self-award of federal contract by a
        government official can no longer claim any anti-corruption credentials ever
        again. The Buhari government was finished from that moment. What’s left
        struggling to breathe is a lifeless body of what could have been.

    • Boogie man

      Wishful thinking

  • Tunde

    You evil people will never succeed! You couldn’t put a wedge between the VP and PMB so you now resort to trying to have the army do your evil machinations; hahahahahahaha Losers! You obviously think PMB is in power by the hand of man! News flash! The Almighty God made him president! Hahahahahahaha, not your petty votes! Hahahahaha it will take only God to remove him!

    • Tijani

      God made Buhari president? Not petty votes? Not pvc? OK let’s see in 2019. Fake Pastorians and Dullardeens.

    • Walahi



    • Chym

      Just listen to your miserable self

  • Eluba Inas

    We don’t want another military government. We have had enough of their nonsense. They come and destroy all institutions. Let the politicians gets their acts together, stop inter party fights, stop seeing the other party as your enemy, stop creating unnecessary headache through tribal and religious conflicts and above all try to strengthen the institution of democracy.

  • Izedomi Ohirein

    All well meaning Nigerians should be ready to attack any group of Soldiers who try to topple our democracy ever again. Most of these vagabonds in power are beneficiaries of 38years of military maladministration.
    Accountability & due process are the answers to bad governance, not misguided military misadventure into politics.
    IBB and all corrupt ex-military looters need to be brought to book as part of the ongoing war against corruption. We need to recover all our loots.

    • Walex


      The only patriotic path to follow in Nigeria is to obey the directive of the Supreme Court of Nigeria
      which said it is the duty of every Nigerian to fight corruption. Soldiers are not exempt from that
      directive. Soldiers are Nigerians. Obedience to law is no felony. Opposition to corruption is
      the obedience of law. Nigerians must support the mass assassination of rogue politicians,
      treasury thieves, complicit retired army generals and their criminal proxies in business.

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        We must look out for criminal gangs trying to use misguided soldiers in our military, that never again shall Nigeria allow an unconstitutional access to Aso Rock. No Coup de tart, no rigged elections.
        One Man One Vote.

    • Maduka Okoro

      If you mention IBB only what of Bulgari ? Was he not the first beneficiary of the coup before IBB toppled him. He Bulgari should also be brought to book.

      • Izedomi Ohirein

        Buhari was there for 18 months only. he fought corruption as military head of state with late Idiagbon.
        IBB was there much longer, he institutionalised corruption & there is clear evidence that he enriched himself at public expense.
        Abdusalam Abubakar is known to have enriched himself than Buhari & Obasanjo put together.
        IBB & Abacha should be given Oliver Cromwell treatment at Eagle’s Square.

  • Opekete

    Any military adventure into our political system will spell the final burial of Nigeria as a nation. The Northerners will regret ever conceiving the idea in the first place.

    • A.A Olas




  • ::????????



    • The Optimist

      From the look of things, the military will be a greater failure and a greater disappointment than politicians. In the first place, what is their reason for plotting a coup other than personal gains or, possibly, steer the political leadership of this country in the favour of a particular geopolitical region? Was it not what lead to civik war in the 1960s?
      We don’t need no more trouble!

  • new republic

    O God let the coup plotters be junior officers like JJ RAWLING OF GHANA that will eliminate all these old cargoes that don’t want Nigeria to great.and if they fail that is civil war.

  • Intrepid


    • Kaykay


      Please what is the alternative
      to military coup where thieves are governing honest people, and if the country
      is being wrecked and destroyed with ignorance, tribalism, nepotism and
      Islamism? It is when we know the alternative that we can be more informed if a
      military coup is a better option. For now we can only say that the present
      worsening situation is as un-acceptable as it is avoidable, as national budget
      under President Buhari goes down the drain, with no accounts tendered and with
      nothing to show for the over 400 billion Naira budgeted and fully released to
      the Ministry of Power under Raji Fashola whilst darkness continues to deepen
      Nigerians to blindness.

  • Alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

    Kay soyemi/Julius, Maria, tundemess/tunsj/womanEnough/sgt soro, amazing2012,Rommel,kiddo, ashawoLeader/dele20/progressive/nightCrawler/frontman, and other e-scoundrels are SILENT..QUIET!
    16yrs of Democracy, no whisper of coup..2yrs of APC and rumors are flying on Brooms!!
    I have been telling u people..from now on..na to dey loOk dis APC dey laff!

    • Tunsj

      My parent raised me to not make fun of the mentally challenged. So I will keep my opinion of you under wraps.

  • Dele Awogbeoba

    This is classic disinformation made to cover for the movement against the mostly Yoruba GOC and to somewhat isolate Osinbajo by a mostly Northern armed forces. It also aims to mark as suspects those officers that may oppose such movements. Interesting as the only southern spy chief was the subject of a sting and suspended (due to resources for operations actually approved by the Govt and disclosed to Buhari by the NSA) him now indefinitely.

    • marcos avelino

      Nonsense always reading tribal and sectarian motives in every action. When Hejirika and minima under Jonathan did the same reshuflement no one complained.

      • EKOIle

        Touche! Heal thy self doctor!! isn’t that your M.O? Hausas/Fulanis are these, Yorubas are that.



    • Incircle


      APC party officials steal with impunity whilst Buhari buries his head in the pillow of a hospital bed in London
      so as not to see the insane thefts going on by the APC coalition of thieves. This status quo of stealing is
      what’s causing the specter of coup d’etat. Nigeria can’t go on like this. Nigerians are robbed, oppressed,
      cheated and looted by APC elected officials who take state treasury as their personal ATM machine.
      Jobs and government contracts are reserved only for APC members. Nigeria has become the
      personal property of APC party men who steal daily basis without pretence to accountability.

      Raji Fashola exemplifies the rot of corruption in APC party. He stole 25 plots of land in Lekki in May 2015
      which plots were later seized from him by Governor Akin Ambode in August. That was after Raji Fashola
      stole 75 million Naira by tricks, by issuing a criminally inflated contract for website-creation to his relative.

      These thefts are all public records. Yet, President Buhari appointed the self-same Raji Fashola as the
      Power Minister in charge of electricity, knowing that altogether, 800 billion remains missing till today
      under the forged 8-year accounts of Lagos state which Raji Fashola fabricated to cover up thefts.
      It is no surprise that Nigerians have been sweating and tearing up in darkness, ever since.

      • Karl Imom

        PDP never recovered a single KOBO from PDP thieves in 16 years. Go home!!

        • Nonames

          @karlimom:disqus ,

          President Muhammadu Buhari is full of frauds, lies, deceit, crap, dishonesty and perjuries.

          Buhari has no shame, no school certificate, no reputation for honesty; no sense, no wisdom.

          • Goxy333



          • GusO

            Be careful what you wish for. We could have another Babangidda or Abacha who will loot us dry.

          • musa aliyu

            So that ur aunty okonjo Wahala could be brought back to coordinate how U will sell Nigeria by hectares!

          • musa aliyu

            But he has emasculated your pdpigs! That’s enough achievement.

          • Netanyahu

            e dey pain you?

        • Wailing Wailer


          President Buhari invited the whole world to judge him by the
          standard he laid down. Buhari said he will NOT appoint anyone who has a
          potential case for TREASURY THEFT. That is the measure Buhari invited. That is
          the sole basis to judge Muhammadu Buhari’s character on this Ministerial List –
          his own standard. Assessed as such, Muhammadu Buhari is a moral failure, and
          certainly not good as his own word, for sure. He’s dis-appointed a nation;
          killed the dreams of new Nigeria, and, terminated all his bogus anti-corruption
          campaigns. For Buhari had official notice on September 3rd, 2015, that Raji Fashola
          and Rotimi Amaechi were under ICPC probe. Yet, Buhari truncated the war against
          corruption by appointing both financial crimes suspects on September 27th.

      • Nonames

        “Nigeria is no longer a country. It is not a country where people can live to survive.

        Nigeria is a place ruled by criminals and thieves, as well as by those who believe in

        plundering and looting.”

        ……Mbazulike Amaechi

        (Nigeria’s First Minister of Aviation)

        • musa aliyu

          The same he-goat that looted Nigeria to train his children abroad? Mtchewww!!!!

  • Karl Imom

    Gen Buratai is a bloody hypocrite!! Who is he fooling? This is the guy that has criminally removed the Nigeria Army School Of Military Engineering from Makurdi (Benue State Capital) to his hometown of Biu (a local Government Capital) in Bornu State. What-else could be more political than that? And he did so without congressional approval.

  • This is FAKE NEWS. Period. We are not loosing any sleep.

  • Joe chucks

    The best thing to happen to Nigeria now is a coup d’etat because we can not continue like this as a country..If nothing is done urgently by the military to stop Poohari,his apcshit and Foolani herdsmen from plugging Nigeria into tribal and religious wars,then Nigeria will split before 2019. I don’t care where the officers come from so long as they have sound mind to stop this divisive devilish and tribal bigot of a government from killing Nigeria totally….Officers , please do the needful and majority of us are behind you guys…..

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Brains are free.

      Please grow some.

      • Julius

        too late..I assume he is over 10 yrs old.

    • Joseph

      Joe chucks, you are wrong. Military intervention can’t restore hope to Nigeria situation. It will benefit only few. Besides, we should not pray for mutiny for no one knows who will survive it.

    • musa aliyu

      Yes. Let’s have back ur pdpigs looters so U can be settled and that’s all! Ewu

      • Netanyahu

        If this is the PAC change, I want PDP. Does that cause you to lose sleep? Awusa/foolani goat.

  • Gary

    Funny that our Army Chief would be so casually warning his men about coup like they are about to steal candy. We are talking about treason and nobody has been arrested by the same regime that massacred civilians for merely blocking traffic.
    Something just does not add up about this wolf crying. The military chiefs publicly pledged their loyalty to President Buhari on his return from London. Note the pledge was to the man and not the constitution or the country.
    Then few days before Buhari returned to London, he again met with some service chiefs. After which the Army redeployed top officers and put Northerners in charge of troops and combat units.
    Now Osinbajo is acting President and our Army Chief is issuing this strange warning about politicians talking to some junior officers.
    We have been around long enough in this country to see how real and phantom coup plots have been used to not only seize power but also to purge the military of “troublesome” people. We have also seen the slow rollback of the reforms put in place by President Obasanjo to reflect Nigeria’s federal character in its officer ranks.

    This story just does not add up.

    Any attempt to use force or intimidation to jettison the Constitution and democracy over possible succession will lead to the dismemberment of Nigeria as currently constituted. The country belongs to us all.

    • Zakut Bechor

      You truly got the joke from Burantashi

    • MilitaryPolice01

      Spot on. Intelligent minds like yourself I prefer to read and engage, especially in this age were all sorts of charlatans suffocate the virtual space.

    • David Adeniran

      I couldn’t have expressed it better. You killed it, kudos!

  • smart G

    Nigeria needs to restart. A reset or reformatting is needed for a new Nigeria.
    Some call it restructuring, some may call it True federalism , some even imagine a coup and fresh political parties and election within 2 years.
    All are welcome if the intention is good…..we are going no where with the status quo.

    • MercilessMessi

      Lol! Nawa o!
      Don’t let the SW(Yoruba)-APC hear you o.
      They have come too far to see their ‘aim’ dashed while they’ve got one hand on the trophy!
      I dey laff oooO!

      • vay

        What do you mean?

    • Alhaja tunsj soyemi(iya basira

      What an insensitive comment. Haven’t you noticed tunsj and KaySoyemi are on the prowl after I succeeded in smoking the naive e-rats out of their holes?
      You want them to start seeing the Lagoon as an option??

    • musa aliyu

      So U are among the coup planners that attended the Minna wedding? Shuo! Una never know nothing. Tryam and see.

  • Scatter

    Just scatter them, Buratai!

  • Gerald Okoduwa

    Was that one of the things discussed in Minna conference of looting Generals?

    • oyoko

      u are on point. possible that was what was discussed by these God forsaken generals. Burutai, pls be steadfast, u have started well by the reshuffling of your staff.

  • Washingtonpost

    COAS Burutai is not sincere. Who’s responsibility it is to finish out those soldiers? Or is this a kite for more sinister agenda?

  • D-A-N-G-0-T-E – C-E-M-E-N-T

    FOR NGN1400 PER BAG.

  • David Adeniran

    Another Phantom Coup? Please go and tell this to the marines! You are using a combination of Babangida plus Abacha’s outdated brains. You seem to be the one just like Bamayi who is planning to set up some innocent officers and political personalities. We don’t believe you!

    • oyoko

      wetin u sabi. better remain with ur MTVmusic station.

  • Peace Forall

    I foresee the Northern Oligachy trying to bring nigeria back to military rule and full dictatorship. They should not forget that there is no room for military rule in ECOWAS nations and we will not hesitate to join the ECOWAS Soldiers to remove the Northern military threats and pave way for Democracy and peace in this region.

  • FreeNigeria

    I pray they succeed and eliminate the entire political class. may their likes never be born again into the human race.

  • Kalofy

    My comment in The Punch…
    Fret not, General. A coup may be desirable to a lot of people for different reasons. For the North, it is a means to hold on to power. But for the South especially the Southsouth where I come from, that coup will signal the end of Nigeria. It will perhaps be the easiest way to dissolve Nigeria peacefully. I can assure you coupists that you certainly will govern only the core north.
    And I add: When this news broke, it was like sweet music to us in the Southsouth. If a coup is staged, it is bye bye to the entity called Nigeria. We may very well have four-five countries emerging from the disintegration. Your guess is as good as mine which of these emerging countries will sweat the most when thinking of how to survive.

  • Emeka Osisi

    A coup will surely set the Nigeria ablaze. If it’s sponsored or supported by any of the Ethic and Geopolitical entities in Nigeria, that entity would be subject to a retaliatory counter strike as this is not the old days of hunter and the hunted. The Jungle don mature and everyone is armed to the teeth. I’m of the opinion that Nigeria needs a reformatting but not one based on violence. The issues can be resolved by the people prioritizing the things they give absolute power over their lives. Nigeria needs a Cultural revolution that stems the poisonous Tides that have beset the African continent for a thousand years. Anything short of this is a waste of time, effort, lives and hope as it would surely fail. Any act of violence that can be perceived as one ethnic or geopolitical enclave attacking another within Nigeria can be escalated to a full blown conflict that will make the Syrian war look like a get together. The only solution for Nigerias problem is for all Nigeria s to rethink their position and reprioritize in the way we allocate power and importance to every aspect of our cultural and religious lives so as to harvest a true National spirit. Anything other than this is a sure road to destruction.

  • Tunsj

    Thanks my brother. Have a great week.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      And you too, Omo Iya.

  • Julius


  • thusspokez

    Any nincompoop — and it can only be nincompoops — Nigeria army officers who is contemplating a coup should first get their heads examined. Gone are the days when officers would smoke weeds and head for the broadcasting stations to make silly announcements followed by boring marshal music.

    My dear, we live in a more sophisticated world today compared to pre-1990s: the Internet, mobile communication, cyber war, fake news, terrorism. The number of terrorist groups will increase following a coup. Consequently, the army will find itself fighting these groups, including boko haram, Niger Delta militants and other yet unformed groups; and will be unable to govern Nigeria. Indeed, Nigeria may not survive another military coup.

    War cost money, and more of the dwindling income from oil will be used to finance the wars against these groups. This means that there will be less money to finance anything else. This will lead to greater hardship and unemployment — not to mention the fact that economic impacts of military rule were always disastrous. Consequently, Nigeria will slowly slide into chaos, civil war and breakup.

    So what would these benighted officers have achieved by a military coup against a democratically elected government? Hence, I suggested earlier that they have their heads examined.

    BTW is this the same military that has no clue how to mange modern media and news? It’s methods of countering even minor criticisms are very crude and even less sophisticated than what ‘The Flintstones’ would use. How would the juntas cope when the world world and its modern media turn on them?

    Anyway, until I hear of arrest of the potential coup plotters being made, I should consider this ‘fake news’ cook up by the Nigeria army. Beside, the Acting President is a Southerner; and there is no history of military coup against leadership from the south — perhaps for fear of the consequence.