Blow by blow account of Dino Melaye’s certificate controversy hearing by Senate

Dino Melaye

Today, Dino Melaye, the senator representing Kogi West, appeared before the Ethics Committee of the Nigerian Senate for hearing on his certificate saga.

The vice chancellor of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, was also at the hearing. And so also was Ali Ndume, the Borno senator who raised the point of order that triggered the hearing.

Here is an account of deliberations during the hearing as provided by the Twitter handle of the Senate, @NGRSenate.

UPDATE 1: 1.33pm: Senator @dino_melaye appears before Senate ethics committee on allegations he did not graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria

UPDATE 2: 1.34pm: Senator @dino_melaye admits under oath that he graduated from Ahmadu Bello University

UPDATE 3: 1.37pm: Sen @dino_melaye presents documents to ethics comm. Acceptance letter, acceptance of offer of admission, result from ABU, final year project

UPDATE 4: 1.38pm: Senator @dino_melaye said he officially changed his name from Daniel Melaye to Dino Melaye and he is ready to tender the affidavit

UPDATE 5: 1.53pm: VC of ABU, Prof. Ibrahim Garba, being put on oath now.. says from records, @dino_melaye was a former student of ABU

UPDATE 6: 1.54pm: “Yes. From records, Dino formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated from ABU. BA Geography” statement by VC of Ahmad Bello University

UPDATE 7: 1.56pm: ABU VC reiterates that @dino_melaye graduated as Daniel Jonah Melaye. BA Geography Third Class, BA Geography in 2000.

UPDATE 8: 1.57pm: Sen Urhoghide ask @dino_melaye where his original certificate is? Dino says, yet to collect certificate from ABU. Said he will collect it.

UPDATE 9: 1.57pm: The VC of ABU is now before the Committee. VC Prof. Ibrahim Garba to testify on the legitimacy of Senator @dino_melaye as ABU graduate

UPDATE 10: 1.59pm: Senator Ndume thanks the Committee. Says I did not petition. I only raised point of order on privilege

UPDATE 11: 2.02pm: Ndume backtracks, Says he did not petition, raised point of order on privilege, decision to refer matter to Committee is that of the Senate.

UPDATE 12: 2.04pm: Senator Ndume said he did not expect the matter to generate the hopla it has generated

UPDATE 13: 2.06pm: Sen Ndume said he didn’t expect matter to generate hopla it generated, said he listened to VC & agrees with him that @dino_melaye graduated

UPDATE 14: 2.09pm: Ndume was Asked if he did any due diligence before raising the matter on the floor as a privilege, Said he only raised the issue.

UPDATE 15: 2.14pm: Senator Peter Nwoboshi asked did Senator Ndume see Dino’s NYSC discharge certificate? Says wait let me read it. He reads. 2000 to 2001.

UPDATE 16: 2.19pm: since Dino has defended himself & the VC has concurred, and a copy of the NYSC certificate presented, Ndume says “there is no big deal.”

UPDATE 17: 2.20pm: Senator Na’Allah tells Senator Ndume that the Committee is being painstaking and Procedural to be able to produce a credible report

UPDATE 18: 2.21pm: Ethics Committee temporarily halts proceedings due to power failure. Says it wants its proceedings to be on record

UPDATE 19: 2.25pm: Na’Allah ask if Ndume will go with Conclusion that allegations against Dino are false? Said only brought up to protect integrity of Senate

UPDATE 20: 2.29pm: Are you satisfied that integrity of Senate has not been affected?
Ndume: I am leaving satisfied that this committee has done a good job.

UPDATE 21: 2.47pm: Senator Ali Ndume stated that he relied only on what he read in the papers to raise a point of Order against @dino_melaye

UPDATE 22: 2.50pm: Senator Ali Ndume is hereby discharged and the Committee will compile and submit their report for further deliberations.


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  • new republic

    This is kangaroo sitting,where vc did not come with any scripit of Melaye to proof himself rubbish.

    • isiaka

      just to tell you that, they were dog of the same street, barking together. they were fooling themselves. when the real truth has been exposed.





    The only thing that really publicly proves anybody graduated from ABU is the Convocation Brochure that has your name listed as appropriate … please show us the Convocation Brochure where your name is listed … period!

  • slkie

    Please, which type of committee hearing is this? No one verified the documents, nothing tendered? No certificate… Just the oral proclamation by the VC that Dino graduated?
    No affidavit to show change of name?
    This committee is just a charade and a disgrace

  • persona

    This VC keeps making issues for himself:
    How does the VC know that he is the same person and yet addressed him as former Daniel, now Dino…how the VC take know when he was not the one that graduated him?
    CSO should make sure this is now properly investigated.

  • Citizen

    This is a script well played. Everyone seems to have master his role and play same well. Since the VC said Dino graduated he, at least, suppose to present the record. A thorough job would have included the presentation of the graduation list, convocation brochure, and the original certificate all bearing the name of Dino Melaye.
    On the part of Dino, one would have expected him to tender the affidavit he deposed to when he change his name instead of the rediculous promise that he will present same.

  • Arabakpura

    The chain is still around Dino’s head! How can one person be this controversial? Change of name?no certificate? no affidavit? Nobody should take Dino Jonah Melaye serious again! Thank you Ali Ndume! You have played your part!


    This is a sham and a shame on our Senate kangaroo committee. The same kangaroo committee exonerated Saraki of forging custom clearance documents. Do such a committee rely only on oral presentations? How can a senate invite a VC all the way from Zaria, and will not ask him to tender before them basic academic records like 2000 graduation list of students from Geography Dept , ABU, convocation brochure for 2000 graduates , school copy of Dino`s original BA certificate and an affidavit to testify that, Dino Melaye is same person as Daniel Jonah Meleye. The VC should have also been asked to explain and tender evidence to answer the following :
    1. When did the Geography Dept stopped issuing BA Hons Degree and switch to Bsc Geography.

    2. Whether ABU admit graduates with 3rd class into Post graduate courses?

    3. Dino academic records and transcripts

    4. Did the University receive a copy of Dino change of name and did Dino published such a change of name information in any of the dailies as provided by Law?

    Acceptance of admission letter, copy of Undergraduate dissertation, NYSC call up letters are not indices that , a student graduated properly. We can see the caliber of persons managing our affairs of state. Third class materials from a University like ABU. No wonder Nigeria shall continue to be a 3rd world country.

    • Ogunrotifa Bayo

      @ Albert, these are matter for the court to decide. I know that court processes and procedures will be thorough. Since Dino has gone to court for libel lawsuit, Saharareporters should not be afraid to confront him in court with evidence that he did not passed the required number of course units to be graduated.

      • ALBERT

        The senate committee is suppose to be an investigative body and a body of records with powers to summon and order arrest. So what were they investigating when they could not even ask for a written document to be tendered? Is that the US Senate committee operates and handle issues? With 3rd class graduates running our affairs of state, what do we expect?

        • McAlfred Uta

          What of failed school certificate holders who never saw the four walls of a university? What is your take on them?

      • GusO

        I suspect that Dino will silently withdraw his lawsuit from the court without fanfare. Then he cannot be challenged after that in court with the details of his fake certificate. I’m not sure whether an individual or organization can sue him to court to challenge his degrees without the bribed court judge hiding behind the whitewashed Senate Hearing to declare that Dino has no case to answer because the Senate already acclaimed his certificate.
        But he should still answer for his already debunked claims of having degrees from Harvard and LSE.

  • Remi

    Senator Melaye has told the Senate committee that he is yet
    to collect the original of his B.A (Geography) degree certificate; yet, the
    Vice Chancellor was unable to tender that certificate, which presumably is still
    in the possession of Ahmadu Bello University. Interestingly, all the documents
    that Senator Melaye and Professor Garba have either published or tendered to
    date, are just incidental to establishing the truth of the matter – which is
    whether, or not Senator Melaye holds a first degree of ABU Zaria. Statutorily,
    it is only the Senate of the University that is empowered to award degrees. Hence, it is the list of graduating students, as
    approved by the Senate of ABU – and not a 16-year old, statement of result –
    that is authentic evidence of graduation. It is the University Senate approved list
    of graduating students that is used to write out the certificates, prepare the
    convocation list and statement of results – where such documents are issued
    centrally, as opposed to it being issued by the various departments.

    One question that will perpetually dog Senator Melaye is why
    he had, all along been trying to prove by induction, that he possesses a
    bachelors degree from ABU, rather than do so evidentially. It would have been more
    credible if Senator Melaye had driven
    four hours northwards to Zaria to collect and tender or publish his bachelors degree certificate,
    than having Professor Garba come to Abuja to “bear witness” to it. Honestly,
    parading a “statement of result”, in lieu of a certificate that is not lost, 16
    years after graduation is suspect, in the least.

    • McAlfred Uta

      What point are you making? From the proceedings Dino changed his name after graduating in 2000, and did NYSC in 2000-2001. Are these not logical from the proceedings? If you think the certificate is more important than the VC’s testimony from academic records, please proceed to court and challenge the Senator. Unfortunately the chief petitioner Ali Ndume whom Dino called Boko haram suspect has accepted the obvious but has not bothered to take Dino to the same Senate committee or court of law for associating him with Boko Hara. Now he is most likely going to face the Senate hammer for maligning a fellow Senator while you are here crying more than the bereaved.

      • Remi

        The point I am trying to make? They are:
        • The easiest, and commonest, way to prove that you hold a claimed qualification is to tender an extant certificate bearing that qualification. That is why each time we go for a job interview, or we are challenged, we take along original copies of the qualifications we claimed. Where such certificates are not to hand, we make all efforts, including travelling to or contacting the issuing institution(s), in order to get them.
        • To the extent that Senator Melaye’s bachelors degree certificate is not lost, and he knows where it is, he does not need Professor Garba to prove his qualification. Therefore, I find Professor Garba’s involvement here unnecessary and suspicious.
        • Furthermore, it is quite curious that Professor Garba and Senator Melaye have adduced all incidental evidence to prove Senator Melaye’s claimed qualification, but glaringly left out the core evidence itself – i.e. Senator Melaye’s certificate, which to all intents and purposes is right inside Professor Garba’s pocket.
        • You said Professor Garba “affirmed” the Senator’s qualification from “academic records”; and we ask, which “academic records” – one that underwent ABU Senate oversight or one that did not? I hope you know that students expelled on account of poor performance also have academic records?
        • Given the calibre of the personages, institutions, high-wire politics and reputations involved in this case, it cannot be wholly said to be an ordinary enquiry about the genuineness , or otherwise, of a claimed qualification. Hence, we must treat with scepticism statements emanating from political appointees, especially where their institutions fall within the purview of the oversight functions of the Senate.
        Finally, I have no beef with whether, or not, Senator Melaye changed names or how many times he did so. His explanations about why his names are different is OK and credible with me, at least until further evidence is adduced otherwise.

      • likita

        How can he not collect his certificate after 17 years

  • Apostel

    The VC of ABU has proven nothing, absolutely nothing, no single evidence, nothing. Totally bullshit. Melaye is holding not even the simplest university degree, he never ever graduated in any Nigerian university not to mention any university abroad. Melaye is a school dropout, he never finished any class from A to Z.

    • Sam

      Dino knows more truths will still come out and that is why he has not be tweeting rubbish out after this kangaroo sitting

  • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

    Blow by blow crap.

    This showboat hasn’t done anything to disprove the allegations made by SR.

    It doesn’t even pass the basic tenets of examination; why should Nigerians be subject to a purposeless talk shop in the name of Senate investigation?

    • Julius

      You have to laff at dem my broda !. It was truly a comedy hr ! Shame of a Nation.


    Corrupt society.. Money has changed hands.

  • Allen

    Travelling all the way from Zaria to Abuja empty handed to give an oral evidence when he could have easliy brought along dino’s certificate or even the official university graduation brochure for Dino’s graduating set, leaves much to be desired. I mean these are documents this vc could easily lay hands on. For a university vc to leave his exalted office to be involved in such charade makes mockery of the academia.

    • ilesanmi

      It was not in place of the VC to come along with Dino’s certificate; did the committee demand to see the graduation brochure?

  • jon

    Oh my God and we elect them vice chancellor is proof of certificate what a shame the proof is out let him take Sahara to court let me see how it will be proven without certificate

  • A VC’s testimony and Dino’s defence are sufficient facts for arriving at the conclusion this committee reached? What a joke!

    Dino may actually be a graduate of ABU and he may not, but this committee made a huge mockery of investigative processes.

    How can anyone be convinced beyond reasonable doubts that Dino graduated from ABU 17 years ago with just his claims, a VC’s testimony, pockets of statements from different senators, and no certificate to show?