UPDATED: Buhari arrives Nigeria

President Muhamadu Buhari has returned to Nigeria, after 51 days on vacation in London, United Kingdom.

PREMIUM TIMES correspondent in Kaduna said a presidential jet, 5N-FGN, conveying the president landed at exactly 7:40 a.m. at the Nigerian Air Force Base in the city.

Mr. Buhari was dressed in a black caftan with a black cap to march, and was received by Kaduna officials, amidst tight security.

He was immediately taken into a waiting helicopter to Abuja.

“Only select journalists were allowed to take photos and record video of his landing and take off,” our reporter says.

Femi Adesina, the special adviser on media and publicity to the president, said Mr. Buhari’s  plane landed in Kaduna  well after 7.am today in Kaduna, debunking earlier reports that the president flew in at about 4.am.

“We are now at the helipad at the Aso Villa  awaiting his arrival from Kaduna. The flight will take about  40 minutes,” Mr. Adesina said  in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria.

In Kaduna, President Buhari was received  by Deputy Governor Barnabas Yusuf Bala.

An excited Kaduna governor, Nasir el-Rufai, said on Facebook:

“The President is back. He has landed safely in Kaduna and received by Acting Governor Barnabas Yusuf Bala and senior KDSG officials. The government and people of Kaduna State are proud to receive our First Citizen back to his home to face the task of rebuilding Nigeria. Alhamdulillah. Jumaat Mubarak to everyone.”

Mr. Adesina had announced Thursday that President Muhammadu Buhari  would return to Nigeria Friday (today).

Mr. Buhari left Nigeria on 19 January 19 for a vacation in London and was scheduled to return to work on 6 February.

During his visit to UK, he also said he would conduct some medical checks.

However,  a day to his resumption, he requested for an extension of his holiday, following the recommendation of his doctors that he wait for further tests and rest.

According to Mr. Adesina, President Buhari expressed appreciation to teeming Nigerians from across the country, and beyond, who had prayed fervently for him, and also sent him their good wishes.

While in London, the president received visitors at his base in the British capital, and made telephone calls to dignitaries in Nigeria.

There are widespread speculations in Nigeria that he is unwell but the presidency has repeatedly dismissed the insinuations.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post has been updated to reflect additional details received on the president’s arrival.


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  • isiaka


    • Voice of the oppressed

      Allahu Akbar, aliamdulilah

  • Watch man

    You are welcome PMB!

  • Musbau Adebayo

    Praise to God Almighty

  • Sarah

    Welcome back and we thank God for His mercies.
    There is only one Presidency and it is the Buhari Presidency.

  • D a n g o t e-C e m e n t


  • T-Rex

    Welcome back oga Bubu.

  • Deansmart

    Glorry be to almighty God

  • tundemash

    Shame on haters ! What would the cl0wns crying desperately over a phone call do now ????? Claim this is his twin ??

    • Julius

      They will come up with something else. Losers are full of lies and excuses. This is their lives in display for all to see and read. God is indeed awesome !

    • Defender


  • Voice of the oppressed

    Aliamdulilah,welcome back Mr President.

  • Dan Arewa


  • Danladee

    Welcome back Mr. President. We’ll continue praying for your good health and energy, so as to continue putting our country on the right track. Though the enemies of the country are very powerful, the Almighty will see you through in demolishing their camp. Thank God, you have a good team mate in Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

  • Bigtin

    Alhamdumilahi! Welcome back Mr President. But the PMB i saw yesterday hosting the Bishop of Canterbury needs more rest. I plead for the sake of your family and loved one’s to resign and tend to your health. God bless Nigeria

    • wode

      It’s not really about him as a person, it’s about what he stands for!

    • Defender

      Thanks but no Thanks. Yeye dey smell

  • Maria

    No, it is not Buhari it is his ghost! Mumu Yibos spreading lies…See yourselves!

    • Oskirin

      tank God ooooooooooooooooooooooo.fayose oya carry ur shoe go aso rock go talk to him since u said u want to speak with him.

      • Maria

        Dont mind him.

    • Julius

      Well, they lost again.losers will always lose . Now, they will invent another lie..keep reading their comments.

  • Welcome back home Mr. President. I wish you good health, energy and the wisdom to steer our nation in the direction of glory and prosperity.

  • thusspokez

    Why is PremiumTimes confusing it readers with conflicting photos? One shows Buhari arriving in the daytime, another showing at night. Which is which?

  • No-Comment

    Breaking News:


    “President Muhammadu Buhari has asked Vice-President Yemi
    Osinbajo to continue in acting capacity while he keeps resting. He said he was
    feeling better, but still needed to rest.”

    ……..CABLE NEWS

    • Lex Locus


      So why did
      he come back to Nigeria? Just to come and sleep again – after sleeping in
      London for 50 days? This is a show of vain. The pictures show a sick man in a
      sick body. Anyone who has eyes can see this man is not fit to continue to hold
      office. Nigerians must wake up and stop being silly. A sick person in LUTH
      hospital can walk a little but that does not mean he’s not sick. Even there are
      terminally sick people who can talk for few minutes. That does not mean they are
      not terminally sick. The whole point of returning to Nigeria is more annoying than
      his staying away in London for the rest of his life. A president who comes to
      come and sleep is no president at all.

      • systematic

        so animals don the use human name to speech nonsense abe, u are a big full moron animal in human skin u shale die with ur prayers

    • wode

      It’s not Cable New but Wireless News! Rubbish!

  • systematic

    welcome back mr president ones again welcome back mr president i am highly exited mr president, those who are wishing u diet shale die before u by god grease

    • Joe

      can you read what you wrote please?. Terrible!. diet, shale, grease etc. Are you sure you went to formal school?.

      • systematic

        no sir

  • Son of Man


    Premium Times can never convince me! I know that Premium Times is supporting Buhari
    to destroy Nigeria completely. Nothing that Premium Times is telling me here will ever
    enter my ears. If Premium Times likes let them bring 2,000 photos of Buhari playing
    football with Messi and Ronaldo together, I will not be deceived. As far as I am
    concerned Muhamadu Buhari is still in London and doing many tests to solve
    too many diseases doing him, including his penis that is paining him. For me
    that is where i stand. Nothing that the Mujahedeen writers in Premium Times
    wants to tell me will be believed. We all saw Buhari taking holy communion
    or doing good wishes with Arch bishop of Canterbury yesterday in London.
    So how come the same Muhamadu Buhari cannot wave at all in Kaduna?
    Is his hand paining him too? I can’t believe this sort of Mujahedeen story.

    • systematic

      so animals don the use human name to speech nonsense abe

  • Linda L Hayes

    I’m happy now… Hoping dollars will rise again as the mumu is back. Let it climb to 600 naira to 1 dollar

    • systematic

      u are a big full moron animal in human skin u shale die with ur prayers

    • Defender

      Your Father Mumu!

    • Powerlessconscious

      biafraud. God has shamed you all.

  • Julius

    The devil is a big liar. Back to square one for the biafraudians !! Y’all lose again…All Hail the losers !!

  • Black or White

    Mr. Buhari was dressed in a black caftan with a black cap to ”march”, and was received by Kaduna officials, amidst tight security.
    Na wah Premiumtimes

    • wode

      And are we not in March? Lol!. Anyway, I understand what you mean.

  • wode

    Praying for and wishing the President an improved health, more wisdom, God’s guidance, protection and courage to deliver on the mandate handed to him by the Nigeria masses. Welcome back Mr President.,

  • systematic

    one by one god is showing us the enemies of progress in Nigeria

  • Julius

    Somebody please check on otile. He might be playing in traffic naked. Shame on liars and the evil doer. God is indeed awesome.

    • Really

      He has returned hale, hearty and charty as we can see.

      My friend death is better than the situation of endless excruciating pains at hand. Pitty

      BMC Sai Barbarian.

  • Nwode

    I am personally disappointed that the cold blooded killer did not die in his sickness. After he ordered the killing of IPOB peaceful protesters where I lost 2 siblings. I know the Almighty God will help us all grieving Biafrans seek justice even here on earth before the suffering in hell fire. I lost 2 beloved cousins just like that. May their killer never have peace. May their killer be afflicted even more with incurable pestilences.

    • Really

      Death is far better than the endless excruciating pain he is surfering now.

      If that is being hale, hearty and chatty as they claimed may it continue for him endlessly.


      • Need more rest

        How can a skeleton/walking corpse be hale, hearty and chatty? Haba! You believe Liar Mohammed?

      • Julius

        New name ? Lmaooooo, if death is better than an endless excruciating pain that YOU are suffering now, why are you still alive ? .. .suffering not surfering, Mr. intellectual

        • Really

          Ask yourself.

          Sai Baba

          • Julius

            I will never wish you death but, I think you will commit suicide soon !

          • Really

            Sai Baba

    • Julius

      Did you also wish Ojukwu slow burn in hell ? He sent your folks to their early death without blinking an eye. Started a war without weapon , sending you all on a suicide mission which you haven’t fully recovered from . Did you ?

      • Really


        Keep working hard.

        He is back to pay you your Stipend eventhough as hale and hearty Skeleton, but that should not border you so far you are paid. OK

        • Julius

          I always work hard for myself. That stipend do not pay my gas thank for a week and some days. The difference between you and I is that you are a loser, a negative hatred being which I’m not. I wish my country well while you are scamming your people about a failed republic . Nah, you keep hating and we shall see where it leads you.

          • Really

            SAI BABA

  • Rosemary

    Of what use is a walking skeleton/corpse?

    • MaskedPhantom

      I wonder o. They say he will soon run back to London

  • monti



    Vote Prof. Soludo for president

    • emmanuel

      Great! At least for once Nigeria will be competing with the likes of Germany, US and UK. BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBut you know what? His greatest opposition will come from UK, US and France. These 3 countries are die hard imperialists and slave drivers who never want to see the educated, sharp and arrogantly brilliant as a leader in Africa. They would prefer a sparsely educated nonentity whom they will find malleable in order to achieve their aim of perpetual CONTROL. Wicked and evil nations they are. Enemies of progress in Africa.

      • un spkn

        Soludo is the greatest western stooge. Until NIgerians learn ‘Critical THinking’ we r going nowhere. They have tried to assassinate Bubu like they did Abacha, didnt work.

        • Senseless Boy

          What sense is in ur comment?

      • emmanuel

        Soludo and Sanusi are the worst CBN Governors Nigeria ever had. My own Emmanuel (original emmanuel) will never support a Soludo for Local Government chairman.
        Let him keep spending his money, there are people to always help him spend it.

      • Lanrewaju

        Right Bro! Europe underdeveloped Africa and still continues to do so.

        Ask for $10m to build research centres or industrial plant, and they wudn’t give you. And ask for $100m to fight AIDS, malaria and leprosy and you will get more than enough.

        Ask them to sell industrial technology to you, they will refuse, BUT they are ready and ever willing to sell guns and bombs to all dictators as long as they can pay.

        No doubt, Europe & America underdeveloped Africa and they are still in the business

  • Powerlessconscious

    Biafraud are in BIG TROUBLE. A dark group.


    NOw let the sword of truth continue its judgement in an increased speed.

  • Ajinomotto

    An Animal in Human Skin or if you like, an Animal in Craze Man’s Skin. That is how Fela described Buhari in his 1985 hit song after he ordered soldiers to arrest, flog, beat and detain him without trial in 1984. All because Fela dared to criticize his mumuistic policies and corruption ridden government. Today a thief of Army staff with property well beyond his income can afford is untouchable. A Customs chief, (an APC party carrying member) following the footsteps of Abubakar has redefined corruption. And a sick body and mind is presented to be hale and herty and fit to govern. Nigeria is really a Zoo.

    • un spkn

      I see you are back in business. Your pay masters have re-contacted u. Fela was describing all world leaders in his song. Bush, Nigerian Military and all so called world leaders. Dont make it a Buhari thing.

      • Ajinomotto

        …I Never hear that before oh!
        …Make Government talkie o!
        …My people are useless, My people are senseless, My people are indiscipline (Buhari made this comment in 1984 justifyin WAI)
        …Which kind talk be that oh!
        …Na Craze talk be that oh
        …Na Animal talk be that oh

        Tell me, if line 3 is true, then who is Fela referring to in lines 5 & 6?

        Shuldren like you who were not born in 1984 should sharap your mouth when elders speak. Some of us received PhD degrees inside Shrine. Odel!

        • luckea

          thank u jare for taming the idiotic animal. @ Ajinomotto

  • Mentus

    Two questions; How much did this vacation cost Nigeria PLC? How many weeks/month is a Nigerian president entitled to?

  • un spkn

    The imperialists, Globalists, Neo-colonial stooges across Africa and the looters wont like this. Expect a resurgence of negative media

  • Otis

    Alamumudilali, Welcome back boohari

  • luckea

    back or not won’t change the damage caused by this present administration.
    no body believes in you guys anymore. they may say anything pleasing to your ears but invariably, they mocking you behind your back and derived the joy of doing it over and over….. APC government have failed the nation and that is period……

  • Is africa Cursed?

    David Cameron lost brexit vote, less than 2 weeks after, he resigned and left office.

    Act 1, Scene 1:
    Yaradua is terminally ill, he remains on sick bed for 99 days and dies trying to remain president.

    Act 2, Scene 1
    Buhari is terminally ill, goes to London for 49 days and returns like a skeleton. Refuses to resign and insists he is fit ro govern


    We are waiting for Act 2, Scene 2. Lets see how it goes

    • aisha ani

      Maybe he came back to resign, why don’t we wait and see.

      • dele20

        Mumu, PMB will surely still be re-elected in 2019

    • muazu wali

      Act 2, Scene 2. Buhari will serve his second term until 2023. I hope you will still be a live and in Nigeria. Otherwise you are free to migrate to the US and join haters’ club chaired by Donald Trump.

  • BreakUP 9ja

    NIGERIA (192m) = GERMANY (80m ) + UK (64m ) +SPAIN (46m) + NORWAY (5m)

    Is Nigeria a country?
    If one were to AMALGAMATE the 4 countries above into one, wouldn’t it look like Nigeria? Wouldn’t a sick man from economically depressed Spanish desert want to remain in Power 4ever?


      Our problem is the fake Nigerians, the Ibolas

      • Really

        Why then fight tooth and nail to retain your problem, the fake Nigerians according to you , even when they expressed the desire to go over and over again?

        Just let your Ibolas go and be cured of all your ailments,

        Otherwise you and your cronies are the only folks in the world that with all pleasure enjoy having problems.

        Very simple

  • George

    The Devil has returned but God will surely disgrace Buhari once and for all.

    Thunder fire him. Bed-wetting president alas bingo


      Devils are the Ibola treasoners and saboteurs. Sai Buhari

    • Apostel

      George, believe me, it is no joke; very soon you will remember my words; there will be no doctor who can cure you

    • muazu wali

      Prayers of a mad man and companion of Hell. With so much bitterness and hate in your mind you are already sick! You need help!

    • soyo

      God has brought our leader back to life to put to shame you and your family. And to collect the remainder of the loot stolen by your disgraced thieving fathers.

  • George

    I wish Buhari total pains on earth before he meet with Abacha, Awolowo, Tinubu mama fake mother, MKO Abiola and late Oni of Ife in hell fire where devil is fucking their smelling assssssssssssssshole


      Cursed Ibola. O ma se o

    • muazu wali

      Who has the authority for heaven and Hell? Be careful otherwise you too may be an inmate!

    • soyo

      You are going there first in Jesus name. You generation of thieves, Buhari shall remain your nightmare forever!

  • George

    Mugabe is dead next is BuhariOBJTINUBU

    • muazu wali

      Who told you, the Angel of death or Satan the cursed? Do not ever express your wish, speak based on facts!

  • Du Covenant

    All the Fayoses can now simply go to HELL!.