EXCLUSIVE AUDIO: Question and answer with abducted Bayelsa girl, Ese Oruru

Ese Oruru (Aisha Chuwas)
Ese Oruru (Aisha Chuwas)

Below is a transcript of a conversation between what appeared an unnamed police interrogator and abducted Bayelsa teenager, Ese Oruru.

The exchanges took place at the premises of the Zone 1 Police Headquarters in Kano, on Monday.

The recording was exclusively obtained by PREMIUM TIMES on Monday afternoon.

In the recording, Miss Oruru was heard saying she did not want to return to her home in Bayelsa, a claim a lawyer said should be disregarded because she is still a minor.

Kano-based human rights lawyer, Huwaila Mohammed, said “the police should ensure that she is protected and returned to her family.”

“She is still not matured enough to take such a weighty decision without parental consent,” Ms. Mohammed said.

Read our earlier report on Miss Oruru’s claims here


Interrogator: Please what is your name?

Ese Oruru: My name is Aisha Chuwas?

Interrogator: From where are you here (sic), come Kano?

Ese Oruru: From Bayelsa State.

Interrogator: How old are you?

Ese Oruru: I am 17 years old.

Interrogator: Ok, what are you doing here in Kano now?

Ese Oruru: I am not doing anything but I came here to be a Muslim and I will stay here.

Interrogator: In your own, own, own choice or….

Ese Oruru: Silence

Interrogator: Ok, Aisha your parent tell us you are (sic) abducted from Bayelsa. It’s true?

Ese Oruru: No. I am not (sic) abducted by anybody.

Interrogator: Ok. Tell us the truth.

Ese Oruru: I am (sic) not abducted by anybody, I came here on my own interest. Nobody forced me to be a Muslim.

Interrogator: That’s all

Ese Oruru: Yes

Interrogator: Ok, Thank you Aisha.


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  • concernednigerian

    Shame on you Premium Times. How did the little girl end up in Kano? Was the little girl married off by her parents in Bayelsa? What is the purpose of this publication; to defend the concept of child bride? What is the name of the Police Officer who conducted this so called interview and under what conditions? What is so attractive about the muslim religion as being practised in the North? Please confine child bride issues to the North since you say it is your culture. This whole publication is nauseating.

  • T-Rex

    For this conspiracy it shall not be well with whoever recorded and published this audio tape! Your teenage daughter (s)shall also take such ‘voluntary decision’ in this world.

  • Guest

    PT should tread carefully with this matter so that it does not affect whatever is left of its neutrality. The voices on the audio are clearly speaking English with Hausa accent.Surely, the girl could not have lost her ijaw accent in just a few months of being in Kano? I expect PT to carry out basic background checks such as getting the parents of the girl to confirm if indeed the voice on the tape is that of their daughter? Your credibility is at stake here.
    Finally, if indeed the man asking the questions is a police investigator (atrocious english, meaningless questions that cannot establish if indeed she is a victim of crime), then we are in deep trouble!

    • emmanuel

      she is an Urhobo Girl.
      Sharia fraud is what is manifest here. Same pattern for recruiting the Child female suicide bombers.

  • Amir

    Nonsense Audio. Assuming she is 17 and can speak English, does she not have sense to write to the parents or speak to them on phone all these 5 months? She said she was not abducted yet she could not come out! Why did she not tell the parents she was going to Kano, or meet the mother when she came to Kano? This is certainly a doctored audio manipulated by her Muslim kidnappers.

  • Paul Young

    This isn’t right. Sounds like the supposed interrogator is trying to justify her abduction and conversion to Islam by asking leading questions so she will answer what she was brainwashed to say. This is wrong on so many levels

  • ThΦrn-in-Đ-Ŧlesh

    This tape is absolute fraud !!!!

  • evidence

    The girl speaking from that tape has an hausa/fulani accent. Ese could not have in the space of a few months acquired that accent. Premium Times, I thought you were an investigative online media,how come you didn’t arrive at the same conclusion?  ‎This shows that Premium times in a aider and abettor of kidnap,rape and forceful marriage of a minor. It is only when it comes to publishing Buhari’s partisan anti corruption war that you remember to do your job. Disgraceful! 

  • adeade

    This recording is a conjured doc.. How can you tell us the girl from Bayelsa speaks this way..in fact the Hausa girl who was lucky to be able to speak English was asked to read a script…it is well with my country..

  • Right Minded

    I dont really understand what PT is trying to portray here. Are they trying to justify the kidnap or they are indirectly defending the abductor and Islam. Am sure what Premium times are doing is to make the case easy for the abductor if eventually charged to court. They will say since the girl wasn’t forcefully abducted and married according to the recorded audio tape, the man cannot be convicted. If you check Premium Times management, you will see that it is full of biased Islamic bigots whose only job is to write malicious stories about anti Buhari Nigerians while they write good but fake stories about Buhari and his senseless govt. This audio tape is totally fake!! Shame on PT!

  • JayGeeX

    With technology at its current stage, it takes just about the same amount of effort to record and transmit a video as it does for an audio caption.

    That anyone should try and push this fraud is not surprising.. I mean IF the ‘majority’ could believe ALL the LIES that brought this government to power, why shouldn’t they fall for this…?

    This bold move of abducting the girl was simply as a result of a RENEWED sense of ownership of the Nigerian Estate..

  • Right Minded

    How can this girl be 17yrs when her elder brother is 16 yrs..kai! PT, u wont seem to amaze Nigerians. And you call yourself investigative journalist. yeye dey smell!

  • Askme

    This voice definitely doesn’t sound like a southerner, the accent is an Hausa accent. Wash she born in the North or this is just another ploy to deface the truth by Premium Times.

  • Babso

    Emotion, emotion, emotion is all I can read from all the comments here. Though painful that such a thing happened in the year 2016, it is not enough to condemn PT as they are not the interrogator. Anyway, the good news is that Ese will be handed over to the parent today. It will not be a bad idea for the parent to take the case to court for justice.


    If a Southerner abduct Hausa/Fulani girl, there will be riot and killing of Southerners living in the North. Hausa/Fulani always believe they are above the law. i don’t blame them, I blame the Southerners who are fools.

  • Youth Council for Change

    This whole thing is stage managed, there is something fishy as all these cover up plots dont add up.

    Thorough investigation should br initiaand the accused arrested first. I cant believe nothiNigerian twist” being said abt the boy, not even his picture or any form of identity made public.

    This should be escalated to international humans rights desk if its beyon the capacity of relevant authorities. But i want to believe operatives are on it, lets this dont take the usual “funny Nigerian twist”