Supreme Court upholds Udom Emmanuel’s election as Akwa Ibom Governor

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel

The Supreme Court has upheld the election of Udom Emmanuel of the Peoples Democratic Party as governor of the oil-rich Akwa Ibom State.

The court gave the ruling validating the April 11 governorship election on Wednesday night but did not provide reasons for its judgment.

The court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal, which nullified Mr. Udom’s election.

The Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Udom of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, won the lawfully cast votes in the April 11, 2015 election.

Full details of the ruling would be provided on a February 15, the court said.


The Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja had on December 18 nullified the Akwa Ibom State governorship election of April 11, removing Mr. Emmanuel, from office.

Mr. Emmanuel’s election was challenged by the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Umana Umana.

At the election tribunal, Mr. Emmanuel of the Peoples Democratic Party, had secured partial victory, with the election cancelled only in 18 out of the state’s 31 local government areas.

The tribunal had ordered a rerun.

Mr. Emmanuel had challenged the ruling, insisting he won in all 31 LGAs.

The APC candidate, Mr. Umana, also appealed against the ruling, seeking a total nullification of the election.

But a five-man panel at the Court of Appeal dismissed Mr. Emmanuel’s argument, and cancelled the entire election.

The appeal court had said the tribunal was wrong in its refusal to comply with section 179 (2) of the Constitution.

The court said having agreed with the evidence of principal witnesses, video evidence, and evidence from state collation agents, the tribunal should have concluded that there was no collation and that votes were merely allotted.

“The question is, if there was no collation, can there be said to be an election,” the court asked. “Indeed where there was no collation of election, there cannot be said to be an election.”

The tribunal was wrong in failing to nullify the entire election, the court ruled, setting aside the judgement of the tribunal in the 13 LGAs.

“The entire election is hereby nullified. The election that brought Mr. Udom is hereby nullified,” it ruled.

The appeal court then ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission to conduct fresh election within 90 days.

That verdict has now been upturned by the Supreme Court, and Mr. Emmanuel can now breathe a sigh of relief.


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  • Maria

    Hmmmmmmmmmm! This is where all the socalled fights against corruption will be trashed… I weep for Nigeria.

    • Mike udi

      The judgement in surpreme court can’t b salaminaze

    • Maria Darego

      That is if the fight against corruption is not based on strict law enforcement and legal foundation!!!! If it is based on lies, propaganda and media trials; it would be trashed in the real law courts!!!

    • Otile

      Smelly cunt, The people of Niger Delta feeding Nigeria detest your corrupt Islamic APC party. Weep for your godless party.

      • New Nigerian

        Civility is the mark of a good education. Stating your point of view with dignity and respect of others who also are entitled to a point of view without harassment (of any sort) is the ground rule of civil public discourse.

  • Ahmed Liasu

    I’m not surprised.

  • Maria Darego

    Lies and Propaganda can only go so far!!! Sooner or later it must all crumble!!!!!

    • Maria

      Abia state too has been upheld…. is that also APC case?

      • Akatikpo

        Alex Otti struck a deal with APC to decamp after swearing in.

      • Otile

        Smelly cunt, know ye that the people of Niger Delta are in no mood for your Islamic APC party. Imam Rochas is a traitor. Corrupt Oshio is a political leper.

        • New Nigerian

          Stating your point of view with dignity and respect of others who also are entitled to a point of
          view without harassment (of any sort) is the ground rule of civil public

          • Otile

            You are right by implying that she might be a male or transvestite assuming the name Maria. From his/her comments this is possible.

  • Babso

    I hope these Supreme Court judges know the implication of all these judgement they are upholding. Indeed, they are the weakest link in the fight against corruption.

  • True Nigerian

    Rig, kill, maim, destroy and win. Then wait until your matter gets to the Supreme Court, and you will be able to keep the proceeds of your crimes. Chances are, the Supreme court of Nigeria just doesn’t have the ability to think otherwise.

    Buhari, go and reform the electoral act now.

  • Africa

    The law is really an ‘ass’…what are these justices at the Supreme Court smoking over there?

    • Ade Omowest

      Dem dey smoke ganja (Igboo).

  • Paul Young

    What i want to know is it that the election tribunal and appeal court judges were bribed or dont know what they were doing? Either way we are in trouble. Yet again the supreme court has made a mockery of the election tribunals and the court of appeal. No problem at all o, they should just know that they have set a very dangerous precedence because 2019 election people will bring thugs armed with assault riffles and rocket propelled grenades(RPG’s) to the polling units and carry away all the ballot boxes and bring them back filled to the brim. Now we know it doesn’t matter how you win, just make sure you win at all costs. Oh and of course it also means that INEC can now go ahead and sell all the card readers because the supreme court has said they are useless. So come 2019 we are back to square 1 as far as election rigging goes

    • Mayo

      It doesn’t mean the election tribunal judges were bribed. It could simply mean that they interpreted the laws wrongfully. There are situations where the different election tribunals have ruled differently for basically the same set of things. For example, the Lagos tribunal upheld Ambode’s election even though it was challenged based on the issue of card reader while another tribunal invalidated the results because of card reader issues. How then do you reconcile the two?

      • Paul Young

        which is my point exactly. these are serious cases we are talking about and the tribunal judges and even the appeal court judges will open their mouth and pronounce judgments they are not sure of? This is a very big shame. All judges below supreme court level in Nigeria need to be retrained and in the interim all cases that these people have judged including armed robbery and what not they all have to be reviewed because they may have also ‘interpreted laws differently’ and sent innocent people to prison or set the guilty free. Its really a shame. Only in Nigeria you see election tribunal and appeal court decisions overturned THREE times in less than two weeks on very high profile governorship cases

        • share Idea

          If you have been following the election tribunal sittings especially Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Taraba, Gombe, Abia and Delta, you will easily see desperation of FG through overt interference with their conducts… nigeria we hail thee

    • Maria Darego

      Yes o! You can bring out millions of underage voters and threaten that “both the monkey and the baboon would be soaked in blood” and win the Presidency!!

    • share Idea

      Your party tried all that in Bayelsa and what was the outcome? Big disgrace, keep deceiving yourself that all the PDP won elections were rigged while that of APC were genuinely won

      • Paul Young

        My party? My guy not every one is partisan like you. Neither PDP nor APC has done anything for me. Besides you missed my point. Well I guess you are overjoyed about ‘your party’s’ victory so enjoy it

        • share Idea

          I’m not a member of PDP but extremely happy for the judgement because I hate APC sheer high level of hypocrisy and propaganda. APC does not think of holistic governance – thus, survival of PDP (with all their imperfections still remain the only nationalistic party) will rekindle the hope of returning Nigeria to a nationalistic future .

          • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

            Keep fooling yourself.

            Do you think if Nigeria fails under Buhari, it would only be APC members who’d suffer?

    • Okafor

      How many people will they kill? Thugs will soon know that is not worth dying for politicians

  • Ade Omowest

    These useless Supreme Court judges will soon exonerate the rotten and corrupt Senate President Olusola Saraki as the most honest and incorruptible Senate President Nigeria has produced since 1960.

    • Okafor

      When I read that the gov of Akwa Ibom state visited Tinubu I was not happy. So now I’m with him. Trust yourself when you’re right and trust our Living God. Congratulations! Now go back to serve the people AKS ,as they call themselves.

  • Cleartruth

    Supreme court has shown that they can’t be intimidated by dictator buhari. Pdp must now get their acts together and pose a viable opposition to apc so that our democracy may grow for the good of all

    • Paul Young

      A dictator can influence any government institution in his country. Don’t deceive yourself. Anyway whatever makes you sleep at night

    • share Idea

      Aptly stated, now Buhari will understand that Nigeria is practising democracy and not theocracy

      • K.C


        Once the Supreme Court has decided the two previous governorship
        election lawsuits of Rivers and Delta states, all cases filed on the basis of
        discrepancy between the card reader machine accreditation and actual votes
        will be dismissed on the footing that the card reader is not provided for in the
        Electoral Act (2010) as amended; or, stated in 1999 Constitution (as amended)
        as a recognized basis in law to challenge an election as void.

  • Akatikpo

    The President of the Court of Appeal, Mrs Balkachuwa should hide her head in shame. The worst judgments giving in this election cycle emanated from the court of appeal under her leadership. Shame on her.

  • IG

    This is the fight between our corrupt judges in the supreme court against innocent Nigerians. When are we going to start removing corrupts judges from our system. A BIG SHAME TO OUR JUDICIARY AND OUR DEMOCRACY

  • Eldorado

    Upon the mountain of evidence? !!
    Corruption in high places
    No change
    No need

    • asuevie

      which evidence?
      Did you see the crowd, multitudes that went on jubilation in Rivers State after the Supreme Court judgment?
      Bury your head in shame!

  • Fairgame

    Hehehehehe…. Lying liars APC plan to use federal might to overturn elections in the niger delta states have failed! Thank God for that! Underage voters and threat of violence and Boko Haram foots oldies are not ground to overturn the presidential election but these APC fraudsters and violent men want to set the niger delta aflame by overturning elections they lost through federal might. God pass all haters of peace

  • dudu

    Me see these Supreme court judgements of Rivers and Akwa Ibom states as a ploy to get back at the President. God save us in this country, It is not yet utopia, we truly have a long way to go. Why am I not surprised that in another few weeks the SP will have no case to answer. Almighty God, Nigeria is in your hands.

  • David Adeniran

    That election was a charade and it was so clear. It was not even to declare APC candidate as winner but to order a RERUN. These Judges are simply an APOLOGY. Anyway they are products of the corrupt society.

    • Fairgame

      Greedy lying liars APC keep your filthy hands off the Niger delta states. No Niger delta state treasury to loot for APC the way Amaechi looted Rivers state treasury for Buhari’s election. May your pain continue. Lagos. Ogun, Oyo and bankrupt state Osun state treasuries can be donated to APC plus all the state treasuries of impoverished northern states who are being sustained by revenue allocations.

    • asuevie

      …any are product of what? immorality?????

  • SAM .A

    This Supreme Court Judges have continue as usual as if nothing has changed . They awarded Yar Adua the Presidential victory , few months after YarAdual said he didi not wim , the election was rigged , These sane set of Judges , heard it , saw it how Operation wetie took place in River State , how ballots boxes were stolen in Akwa Ibom ,card reader deliberately neglected contrary to INEC order. The number of votes more than accredited voters. An old professor who could nor read result that he wrote at election., Ex Governor stated it that election did not take place in its area , he was not allowed to vote. Foreign election observers wrote a comprehensive report about the carnage called election , these SC Judges swept all these evidence under carpet and ruled as Yar Adual days . i .e status quo must be sustained.
    With this kind of Judiciary and separation of power stuff, PMB’s anti corruption war is DEAD ON ARRIVAL . But we the people voted for change , gave him the mandate to wage this war , we did n’t vote for these judges , they were selected .
    From the above the War Against Corruption have to start from this Judiciary , otherwise Nigerians Israel is back to Egypt after it had started the journey to the Promise lLand .

    • Fairgame

      Hehehe. May your pain and mourning continue. Greedy violent lying liars APC keep your filthy hands off Niger delta states. Your plans to use the courts to sack the governors while keeping the APC governors in other states who were voted in by underage voters most especially Buhari has failed. State treasuries of niger delta states will never again be used to fund a demonic party like APC same way vagabond Amaechi looted Rivers state treasury to fund Buhari. APC can keep bankrupting Osun and co but keep your dirty hands Off the SS and SE. Alhaji Rochas Okorocha will soon be sent to Sambisa forest as governor of Sambisa forest.

    • asuevie

      you forgot to mention Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Yobe and the entire not except Gombe.
      Thank God for democracy. The people are getting wiser now.
      By the way, where is TInubu? Shame

    • Joe

      We should be grateful to S-Court because if otherwise had happened we will just end up with one party state. With what has happened yesterday, we have hope for better leaders with time.

  • Atunde Adeola Yusuf




    CALL 08186948992

  • Engr. A Baruwa

    Any politician who wins an election by virtue of the jettison of the card reader…should not claim the people have spoken and given him a mandate. Is it the registered voters who did not vote, or the fewer voters who came out to vote that he has disenfranchised. To now claim that victory is by GOD’s grace and declare a holiday for such, is the height of a morally bankrupt political class. One can only wonder what kind of animals are these politicans with no single moral fiber. A complete bunch of hooligans in govt houses across the 36 states.