VIDEO: Nigeria’s Interior minister, Dambazau, converts SSS officer to “shoe shiner”

Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, has been caught on tape using an officer of Nigeria’s secret police, the State Security Service, to clean his shoes in public.

A video sent to PREMIUM TIMES by one of its readers showed the minister, dressed in white gown, relaxing on a couch with his legs stretched out.

The SSS officer appeared from the sides, with a handkerchief in his right hand and a holstered service pistol protruding from his jacket.

He was shown stooping before the minister, using his left hand to lift Mr. Dambazau’s right leg, slightly above the floor to clean his loafers.

The minister bent his head to notice him, before looking away to focus on the event unfolding in a distance.

The minister was at the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Academy in an Abuja suburb for an event in December.

He was seated between what seemed to be top officers of the NSCDC who merely took short glances at the SSS officer stooping before them.

Soon, the right leg shoe was glistering again and he steadily dropped it back to a dusty floor.

The minister adjusted himself in his couch and gently raised the left foot, appearing detached, while the SSS officer took it in his palms again and wiped off the dust.

Top Nigerian officials are known for misusing or abusing security details posted to them.

Apparently irritated by the way security officials are treated by the VIPs to which they are attached, the Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase, in May last year, warned police officers against running errands or doing domestic chores for their principals.

“Those of you who are posted to VIPs, on no account should you carry their bags and on no account should you act as domestic servants to them,” Mr. Arase told police inspectors and other rank and file on May 21, 2015, shortly after he was appointed Inspector General

“You are police officers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and they must respect you as such. Your uniform must be respected, anybody who wants to hire a domestic help should not use our policemen who are sent to protect them as domestic help.

“I have directed the commissioner of police in charge of the airports that if they find any of you carrying boxes (of VIPs) and rifles, and dragging them all over the place, they should arrest you and you will be punished.’’

It is not clear whether the SSS gave a similar instruction to its personnel.


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  • ConScience

    This is very distasteful and brash and no amount of spin or claims of free will from the SSS officer can make this look acceptable in the court of public opinion or common decency. Rtd Lt. General Dambazau should quickly apologize for his lack of cognizance and abuse of his office and this administration.

    • IZON Redeemer

      This is what happens when u have a thief–appointed as Minister–by Buhari———–The trouble with d Apes in APC is that each and every one of them know the other is a thief-and if not properly handled will like Amaechi, spill the beans about how much Buhari is stealing from the people–Buhari is a National disgrace-if not a curse to the Nation–I mean If Buhari was that disciplined, his followers would have known how to handle themselves-I mean look at the way he handled the Chibok girls–on whose back the USA climbed to make him President—-In the developed economies of Nigeria–Dambazua who stole the army blind, over 4b would have resigned immediately–But can Buhari his Fulani brother who was also part of the plot to smuggle Late Yaradua into the country from Mecca to Medina, then unto Nigeria-ever be able admonish the tribal marks of his fulani brother from Chad? The answer is Nay!

      • Ogbunigwe

        He is simply a curse placed on the nation by the gods for numerous sin of the leaders

        • Jakadiya

          I think the SSS man should even do more than that. Is he not an Ibo man from Arochukwu by name Michael O. Chihioke? What is it that an Ibo man cannot do for a few naira?

          • Ogbunigwe

            And yet, you worthless imbecile stoop so low to be their gateman and shoe shiner, ass wiper!

          • Jakadiya

            Of course, it makes economic sense. The shoe shiners and gatemen are paid by the Ibos for wonderfully discharging their duties and the shoe shiners and gatemen go to visit the Ibos in the red light district to discharge their tensions with as little as N200 that ultimately produce morons and imbeciles like you. You better trace your true identity, who knows, you may change your name to Tukur Musa.

          • Ogbunigwe

            A hopeless bastard like you, a social misfit and a public disgrace like you, will always close your hand fan ear to the truth, but it will not change the fact that an Incest octopus like you will die serving them, go to hell, you ass wiper

          • Jakadiya

            You are a half roasted barracuda gasping for breath. You are just a symbol of pathetic hopelessness with an abysmal congenital characteristics associated with paradoxical dementia. You need urgent medical attention to hurriedly arrest your aggravated mental deterioration.

          • Ogbunigwe

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          • Jakadiya

            Your psychosomatic behavior is akin to the inert parochialism of a typical loud mouthed ape that is full of grandiloquent verbosity, yet signifying hollow cognitive maturation.

          • Ogbunigwe

            The crying of a Yaribastard pig like you will not change the fact that you are a product of incest, Your Hopeless 20 naira cheap whore Sister is your Fat smelling mother and you are now wanking your smelling little Agbojedi hucking sister, you can go to hell, ass wiper you are and that what you will remain, you are simply a worthless imbecile . Bark more, a hopeless rottweiler

          • Jakadiya

            A cheap Chow Chow calling me a Rott. Better go and defecate because the akpu you ate six months ago is still in your system causing you to behave like a drunk masquerade.

          • Ogbunigwe

            I have made my self clear to a hopeless buffoon like you, you must die on top of your mother, hopeless bastard

          • Jakadiya

            You are an irredeemable miscreant aptly qualified for rehab in Damaturu Centre for the mentally disabled.

          • Ogbunigwe

            A moron like you will always cry, and i will continue to make a hopeless goat like you cry, Go and dig your smelling maa the more, Brain damage weeray

          • Jakadiya

            Go look into the mirror and tell me what you see and how you look. There is the blood and gene of suya seller in you as a result of your sweet mama’s promiscuous generosity and desire to financially empower herself for you to go to school.

      • ConScience

        Please I am not a party to your self loathing tribalist outbursts

    • umolu

      If Dambazau can accept such a service in the public glare only God knows what services he gets in private.

  • Höly Wähala

    That SSS officer should be fired immediately for bringing the service to disrepute… since he apparently did this on his own free volition. And if it turns out the Minister of Interior ordered his security to stoop so low in public, he owes the service unreserved apology and, President Buhari should call Dambazau to order. This is the same clown who illegally deployed a battalion to Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, to overss the midnight smuggling into Nigeria a dead President Yar’Adua yet, went unsanctioned. This latest disgraceful act by our so-called VIP is reminiscent of Mrs. Akpabio ordering people old enough to be her parents to kneel before her to address her even in public. Shame on Nigerians who obey these silly instructions… truly sad!!

    • Iskacountryman

      na nyamiri…it is part of his job description…

      • Ogbunigwe

        Shut the hell up,you smelling fag, hopeless Yaribastard/almajiri desert donkey like you, may thunder strike you dead, incestuous product

        • Iskacountryman

          his name is michael chijioke…

          • Ogbunigwe

            Son a whore you remain and that you will die in, Rat!

          • Iskacountryman

            nawa wa for you…abi na me make the officer de polish shoe?

    • IZON Redeemer

      Who would have sanctioned him–Jonathan retired him—after he stole 4b from the army and threatened to fire Jonathan–soon after his arrival from mecca- —-Yet Buhari picked him abd dusted him as his Minister–meaning Buhari was in support of what he did with Yaradua–including forging his signature on the budget-in Saudi Arabia with the aid of Turai—-That is Nigeria for u and the Fulani untouchables–This same man made sure his inlaw was reinstated back into the army like Buhari is doing to Captain Sagir from Chad–for syping for Tinubu ati APC–but General Kuti is in prison———————————-with the Yorubas looking at him sheepishly—no help for the son of man–Dr. Beko who foguht to give us this our nascent democracy that thief buhari is enjoying——-using it to disobey court orders with impunity

      • Observer

        you talk like my 5 years old nephew.. i dey gbadun your state of tabularasa

  • IZON Redeemer

    This is what happens when u have a thief–appointed as Minister–by Buhari———–The trouble with d Apes in APC is that each and every one of them know the other is a thief-and if not properly handled will like Amaechi, spill the beans about how much Buhari is stealing from the people–Buhari is a National disgrace-if not a curse to the Nation–I mean If Buhari was that disciplined, his followers would have known how to handle themselves-I mean look at the way he handled the Chibok girls–on whose back the USA climbed to make him President—-In the developed economies of Nigeria–Dambazua who stole the army blind, over 4b would have resigned immediately–But can Buhari his Fulani brother who was also part of the plot to smuggle Late Yaradua into the country from Mecca to Medina, then unto Nigeria-ever be able admonish the tribal marks of his fulani brother from Chad? The answer is Nay!..

    • Jakadiya

      Chibok girls? I learnt they are in Otuoke.

      • IZON Redeemer


        • Jakadiya

          Where were you when GEJ said they sighted the girls?

  • ToriolaOlufemi


  • Spoken word


  • Iskacountryman

    the security officer is of eboe origin from oraifite…

    • Ogbunigwe

      God punish your hopeless family and Generation, pig are responsible for your pregnancy, Jobless Imbecile!

      • Iskacountryman

        ha ha…take am easy…just curse only me…na wetin?…

        • Ogbunigwe

          Zoom off, igbo affairs will consume you animals one day

    • Höly Wähala

      He must be a Yoro… only an eye-service yoruba man who roll on the floor before their elders would stoop so low to appease his boss. How much do you want to bet when more details eminate that the pfool is a Yoro… odeku?

      • Iskacountryman

        i am a practising muslim…do you have virgins in your community?

        • Höly Wähala

          We don’t welcome child molestors in Igbo land… fuck-off with your Allah Akbah bullsh*t, there is but one God and no one comes to him without accepting our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… you pfools are all going straight to Hell if you don’t repent and stop marrying minors. Animals!

          • Iskacountryman

            is it my fault that you have to have a huge bride price before you marry?…

    • Jakadiya

      In fact his name is Michael O. Chijioke.

      • Iskacountryman

        nyamiri know their work in nigeria and their rank…ba magana…

  • John

    Nonsense. Premium Times you do not have some news to write.

  • Ogbunigwe

    Is he among the buyaria angel noise makers abi ministers?

  • deji

    Both Minister and diss official should be fired. This is insane… Impunity! Buhari should be ashamed of this Minister.

  • Ogbunigwe

    This kind lazy Almajiri quota system minister will have maid who will be responsible for wiping his fat smelly and stinky ass after defeacating

    • Jakadiya

      The SSS man is Michael O. Chijioke.

      • deji

        The Minister is more at fault than Chijioke. Chijioke is only a junior officer trying to do eye service or lick ass to keep his job. But the useless Minister is the one that should have prevented him from doing this shameful act.

        • umolu

          I think you are so right. If he is good enough to be made a minister, he should have known the shoe shinning service he got in public is offensive to any decent society.The minister has no values.

        • Jakadiya

          Danbazau is always arrogant and full of himself.

      • Ogbunigwe

        Shut the hell up and go back un top of your hopeless mother

        • Jakadiya

          Yes sir. But your mama is sweeter and more accommodating despite her variegated skin.

          • Ogbunigwe

            Do i need to repeat my self to a hopeless buffoon from south pest oduaapes zone, kindly go back on top of that smelling fag cheap whore you called a mother, weather accommodating you incestuous product or not!

          • Jakadiya

            I would have done that but for the fact that we don’t inherit our fathers wives the way you do. I wonder how you cuddle the old woman and how she welcomes you in with a sigh of delight. Carry go, enjoy yourself.

  • Jimi

    Thank you premiumtimes for the video. It is important because it shows that a minister that has no respect for an officer clothed in official uniform will not have respect for our laws and “bloody civilians” We need to hear from Buhari on this issue.

  • ed

    The same minister reinstated a key double agent Major General in the Nigerian Armed Forces. The General was dismissed under Jonathan for his support of Boko Haran and disregard for Nigerian troops. Danbaza put him back to lead our troops The question is why are we indirectly under Biko Haran authority.

  • Hans Oreva

    This Danbazzau fellow should resign!

  • Jaspa Matanga

    It is a notorious fact that this Mr. Danbanza is a very pompous nicompop

  • RestructureNigeria


    As long the Muslim population remains around or under 2% in any given country, they will be for the most part be regarded as a peace-loving minority, and not as a threat to other citizens. Although there WILL be Islamic attacks.

    United States — Muslim 0.6%

    Australia — Muslim 1.5%

    Canada — Muslim 1.9%

    China — Muslim 1.8%

    Italy — Muslim 1.5%

    Norway — Muslim 1.8%

    At 2% to 5%, they begin to proselytize from other ethnic minorities and disaffected groups, often with major recruiting from the jails and among street gangs. There will be MORE attacks at this level.

    This is happening in:

    Denmark — Muslim 2%

    Germany — Muslim 3.7%

    United Kingdom — Muslim 2.7%

    Spain — Muslim 4%

    Thailand — Muslim 4.6%

    From 5% on, they exercise an inordinate influence in proportion to their percentage of the population. For example, they will push for the introduction of halal (clean by Islamic standards) food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for Muslims. They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature halal on their shelves — along with threats for failure to comply.
    There will now be a level of fear from the natural population towards muslims.

    This is occurring in:

    France — Muslim 8%

    Philippines — 5%

    Sweden — Muslim 5%

    Switzerland — Muslim 4.3%

    The Netherlands — Muslim 5.5%

    Trinidad & Tobago — Muslim 5.8%

    At this point, they will work to get the ruling government to allow them to rule themselves (within their ghettos) under Sharia, the Islamic Law. The ultimate goal of Islamists is to establish Sharia law over the entire world.

    When Muslims approach 10% of the population, they tend to increase lawlessness as a means of complaint about their conditions. In Paris , we are already seeing car-burnings. Any non-Muslim action offends Islam, and results in uprisings and threats, such as in Amsterdam , with opposition to Mohammed cartoons and films about Islam. Such tensions are seen daily,
    particularly in Muslim sections, in:

    Almost DAILY attacks in this range

    Guyana — Muslim 10%

    India — Muslim 13.4%

    Israel — Muslim 16%

    Kenya — Muslim 10%

    Russia — Muslim 15%

    After reaching 20%, nations can expect hair-trigger rioting, jihad militia formations, sporadic killings, and the burnings of Christian churches and Jewish synagogues, such as in:

    Ethiopia — Muslim 32.8%

    At 40%, nations experience widespread massacres, chronic terror attacks, and ongoing militia warfare, such as in:

    Bosnia — Muslim 40%

    NIGERIA– Muslim 42.8%

    Chad — Muslim 53.1%

    Lebanon — Muslim 59.7%

    From 60%, nations experience unfettered persecution of non-believers of all other religions (including non-conforming Muslims), sporadic ethnic cleansing (genocide), use of Sharia Law as a weapon, and ***ya, the tax placed on infidels, such as in:

    Albania — Muslim 70%

    Malaysia — Muslim 60.4%

    Qatar — Muslim 77.5%

    Sudan — Muslim 70%

    After 80%, expect daily intimidation and violent jihad, some State-run ethnic cleansing, and even some genocide, as these nations drive out the infidels, and move toward 100% Muslim, such as has been experienced and in some ways is on-going in:

    Bangladesh — Muslim 83%

    Egypt — Muslim 90%

    Gaza — Muslim 98.7%

    Indonesia — Muslim 86.1%

    Iran — Muslim 98%

    Iraq — Muslim 97%

    Jordan — Muslim 92%

    Morocco — Muslim 98.7%

    Pakistan — Muslim 97%

    Palestine — Muslim 99%

    Syria — Muslim 90%

    Tajikistan — Muslim 90%

    Turkey — Muslim 99.8%

    United Arab Emirates — Muslim 96%

    100% will usher in the peace of ‘Dar-es-Salaam’ — the Islamic House of Peace. Here there’s supposed to be peace, because everybody is a Muslim, the Madrasas are the only schools, and the Koran is the only word, such as in:

    Afghanistan — Muslim 100%

    Saudi Arabia — Muslim 100%

    Somalia — Muslim 100%

    Yemen — Muslim 100%

    Unfortunately, peace is never achieved, as in these 100% states the most radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred, and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims, for a variety of reasons. Then you have BOKO HARAM, ISIS..Islam with a hall pass!!!

    • amazing2012

      You don’t have time ! So how do you want the Muslims to be reduce ? Killing them ? Hen you are a terrorist and sick !

      • Tanko Maihula

        Please ask him to explain what he means.

      • RestructureNigeria

        Killing..? Is that the only thing that your block head can come up with?

        What about restructuring the country? The only unenforced agreement between Nigerians was for us to live as 4 regions. There was a reason for that. Again, the 2014 political conference proffered solution on how to fix the mutual suspicion. They should implement the resolution of the conference. Whatever be the case restructuring is the only way to stop an evolving all-out war that would make Congo region a child’s play.

        • Tanko Maihula

          Go and read Nigerian History with open mind, then you will understand better.

          • RestructureNigeria

            open mind is a phrase people like you use to CONFUSE low-information Nigerians… me….Nigeria will restructure….take it to the bank. It is time up for Islamic fanatics in Nigeria.

          • amazing2012

            Please divide it, let see the level of your sense of reasoning !

          • RestructureNigeria

            Okayoo oga UNITER, we see your UNITING reasoning at work and it sucks! …I suggest that even your UNITING reasoning is not working for your family too.

        • amazing2012

          Ok divider ! How do you intend to divide the country into 4 regions ? It seem you are ignorant to Nigeria religious demography !! Please divide let us see who will belong to what region in your conscience.

          • RestructureNigeria

            UNITER!….stop shaking in your pants….merely gave you options differerent from your “Killing & blood” default mindset

    • Tanko Maihula

      So who are those Nigerian’s you are calling to wake up? to do what? for them (muslims) to be killed like the crusaders are killing them in Iraq, syria, afghanistan, Yemen, somalia. etc under one guise or another?

      • RestructureNigeria

        those Muslims who want peace; those Christians in the northern part of Nigeria who have been decimated by Islamists ideologies and Boko Haram; Nigerians from the southern part of Nigeria who pay taxes to develop all parts of Nigeria , whose fathers, uncles, aunties have paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending the territorial intgrity of Nigeria but can’t travel or be respected when they reside in the Islamic enclaves AND SO ON AND SO FORTH

        • Tanko Maihula

          Will like to ask you the following:
          1) how do you define peace? (2) who are the muslims who want peace? (3) there are no Nigerian from northern part who pay taxes?
          Will like you to answer truthfully and remember the world is watching US and we don’t have monopoly of facts.

          • RestructureNigeria


            PEACE: a state in which the secular constitutional rights of Nigerians, implying that Sharia laws, customary laws, Christian rights, & traditional religious rights apply only to those that adhere to such rights everywhere in Nigeria

            (2) those who understand that Sharia Laws apply to Muslims ONLY, meaning that they can’t seize properties of Nigerian citizens in Muslim enclaves

            (3) they pay taxes but they block other tax payers from accessing all parts of the country


            the issue is not whether I would offer my opinions truthfully rather it is what you would do with the truth; would you begin to think about how to circumvent the contentious issues Nigerians raise about the excesses of Islamists in northern Nigeria. I believe that the Islamists have exhausted the patient of Nigerians and there will be trouble if these issues are not addressed. So, no, it is not going to be a Civil War kind of crisis, I predict, but no one including supporters of Islamists in Nigeria wants to US to walk this route which things are moving towards. I AM CALLING FOR RESTRUCTURING ONLY BECAUSE I HAVE DEALT WITH THE BEST FROM ALL PARTS OF NIGERIA, But those voices are in minority. The only way to avoid calamity is restructuring and I think it is in everyone’s interest.

          • RestructureNigeria


            PEACE: a state in which the secular constitutional rights of Nigerians are respected all over the land, implying that Sharia laws, customary laws, Christian rights, & traditional religious rights apply only to those that adhere to such rights.


            Line 4= patient=patience

            Line 6= want to US…= want US…

          • Tanko Maihula

            Excellent, But remember if not because of arrogance of few among us who believe that they are the one to set an agenda for all of us in the sixtieth (1966) i believe we may not find ourself in this crisis of confidence. Assuming the murderers of 15 of january 1966 (Major Nzegwu & co.) did not do what they did (killing of military and political leaders of other part of Nigeria) out of pure hatred and superiority complex. WILL NIGERIA BE AS IT”S TODAY?
            We are a Federating units, means we are people of different culture and believes and none will trade his for the others. therefore to live in peace is to at least respect each other right. respect cannot be a one sided, it must be mutual otherwise it’s nothing but domination WHICH ANY FREE SON (not a slave) WILL NEVER ACCEPT. This’s what the northerners/muslim resist and will continue to do. Just cast your mind back to the period after the civil war, is there any accident of abandon property in any part of northern Nigeria? but non of the igbo’s who left lagos, ibadan, benin and port court got their properties back after the civi war. WHY?
            Yes to restructuring, but the culture of looking down on others must be address first, and try to understand what is Islam and who are muslims and differentiate the two. It’s unjust to attribute all my actions to my religion, just like you want us to differentiate what colonialist/crusaders dotv with christianity.

          • RestructureNigeria

            Haaa…did I not state that my attempt to tell you the TRUTH would only result in you trying to “circumvent” the truth? You are definitely a Boko Haram or Islamist apologist.

            You may rationalize the ISLAMISTS’ HACKING of Nigeria’s federation as much as you want. The evidence is gathered enough for all to see. We shall see if you can maintain the born-to-rule status quo or suffer for impoverishing and under-developing Nigeria with your Islamist born-to-rule mindset.

          • Tanko Maihula

            Yes, you can called me ( BEING A MUSLIM) whatever name you like. but the TRUTH is there for all to see and there is no amount of shouting, name calling, abuse or blackmail that can re-write history.
            I thought you are civilise enough to engage you intellectually, but for jumping the point and resort to abuse and name calling instead of accepting facts, i knew who i’am chatting with.
            It’s not part of my up bringing to shout or abuse people that i disagree with, therefore i rest my case.

          • RestructureNigeria

            Hahaha…..suddenly the truth that I communicate has become “name calling,” “abuse or blackmail,” and an attempt to rewrite history (Islamists’ hacked history, you mean).

            For Islamists “Civilized” are those who support with Islamists’ bastardization of Nigeria and complete disregards for citizens’ rights.

            You write about your upbringing, Seriously? Islamists need a dose of education on constitutional secularity of Nigeria. Stop harassing Nigerians in Muslim enclaves in the northern part of Nigeria. IT MUST STOP or NIGERIA RESTRUCTURES. It is a simple as that.

  • D_Onlytrue1


  • gboyegaa

    This minister should be relieved of his post and the SSS guy too probably demoted. Both of them are disgrace to their positions. It is clear that a minister that feels comfortable in the public with such an embarassing action cannot have respect for the rule of law. As far as he is concerned that guy is no human being because he did not even look at him but his shoes while he changed his legs for his proud shoe shiner.

  • yakas

    I read Buhari’s broadcast of thief Buhari where he talked of corruption but there was no corruption because I just went through the list of members of Shagari’s cabinet, aides, ministers, advisers, assistants and others, and I think we were 75 or so. Throughout the two-year period of the military tribunal, only five people were indicted. Most of those convicted were state government officials but people at the centre, the majority of them, were not indicted and so we cannot describe that regime as corrupt. Buhari had his onw reason for sacking Shagari.

    The corruption that we are now talking about was exacerbated by the military from 1983 to date. Even the misfortune we had was that when this country was going back to civilian rule, Nigerians again hnded over power to the military general like Buhari. Who in turn gave power again to retired military officers like Dambazua and Rtd Col Ali and therefore they ran the system with the corrupt military psyche.

    Now Obj, handpicked Yar’Adua and after he died, he (Obasanjo) manoeuvred to get Jonathan to take over with the hope that he would continue to dictate from the background. He amended the constitution of his party to make himself the life-chairman of the Board of Trustees BOT. Isd that no corruption’? Luckily for us Jonathan refused to allow Obj use him as his House Boy.
    This was after he had sold everything saleable to his kitchen cabinet boys-from El Rufai to Ribadu and when Yar’Adua came, he realized that life could not continue that way and he decided to reverse the sales of many of those properties and other policies. When Jonathan succeeded Yar’Adua, Obasanjo also hoped that he would stay in his Ota Farm to be dictating things to Jonathan because dictatorship is part of the military psyche as we see in Buhari now and they live by directing their subordinates. The same way Dambazua is asking an SSs OFFICER To shine his shoes—Yakas

  • Ade

    President Buhari, this is another form of corruption. Fire the minister now!!!

  • IZON Redeemer

    This is what happens when u have a thief–appointed as Minister–by Buhari———–The trouble with d Apes in APC is that each and every one of them knows the other man or woman is a thief-and if not properly handled will like Amaechi, spill the beans about how much Buhari is stealing from the people–Buhari is a National disgrace-if not a curse to the Nation–I mean If Buhari was that disciplined, his followers would have known how to handle themselves- properly in public–A british minister resigned simply because he went on holiday with his his family-while some part of the country was under water-and refused to say he was not around when the incident took place-I mean look at the way mumu Buhari handled the Chibok girls-issue recently—he snubbed them—–The very girls -on whose back the USA climbed to make him President—-In the developed economies of Nigeria–Dambazua who stole the army blind, over 4b would have resigned immediately–But can Buhari his Fulani brother, who was also part of the plot to smuggle Late Yaradua into the country from Mecca to Medina, then unto Nigeria-ever be able admonish the tribal marks on the face of his fulani brother Danbazua from Chad? The answer is Nay!

  • Maria

    Danbazzau must be sacked asap…this is one problem that propelled Rawlings of Ghana to act…PMB this is slavery…I did not expect this from your cabinet… this f00lish fellow must be removed and I call on all Nigerians to demand his removal from office. This is a disgrace to this administration.

    • ukoette ibekwe

      Both the security personnel and the minister must be sacked. But heck all the ogas in Nigeria do it and so see anything wrong.

      • Keep

        Ar you crazy? The officer was following orders!

  • IZON Redeemer

    This is what we call Journalism at its best——kudos to Premium Times for the first time—–u guys did well with this story——————–I mean the courage to publish alone is enough–keep it up——-3 happy———cheeeeeeeeeeeeers to u guys———-This does not mean I will not hammer u guys when u fail us again oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh sha———————animals

    • Höly Wähala

      Why do you spoil every good comment with, “animals” ??

  • Curseless

    Life under apartheid that people of conscience roundly condemned wasn’t this complicated and demeaning. How can this Buffalo of a man called Dambazau feel comfortable having this done in public? He must be sanctioned by the President for this disgraceful action.

    • Maria

      Indeed he is a Buffalo…a buffoon!

    • DanielOsazuwa

      Ignorance about Military tradition is not an excuse to bale out hidden hatred and vituperation on him. He is a retired General and a former Military Chief. Every retired General has at least 2 military aides for life. As a former Army Head, he is entitled to at least 4. The man in the picture is one of his Military aide NOT a DSS personnel. He is just doing part of his duty: making his Oga look clean always. Any good Quater Master around and seeing the General shoe dusty might punish that military aide for “lack of diligence”.

      It’s a military thing.

      • Curseless

        That tradition is very archaic and probably peculiar to Nigeria because we love to live big. The chief of police have warned his ranks against doing this kind of rubbish but it persist because of ignorance. Before you know it all these untested generals will step it up by asking their so called orderly to clean their behind. Give me a break!

  • Ebubedike

    That is the “change” or better called brain dead change brought by Apes (APC) and the illiterate Bokohari.

  • The ss guy is just doing eye service. Our tradition! Why won’t an oluku clean a generals shoe

    • Sparzo

      I suppose ”our tradition” does not include the dignity or respect for your fellow man.
      It does not include being professional in public office and duty.

      What did you say your tradition is?

  • C3kwe

    This is disgraceful. It is unthinkable that a member of the British security services or special branch stooping so low. Nigeria Security services should be proud of themselves and the work they do. This interior buffon should step down and the security ‘guard’ sacked.

  • ukoette ibekwe

    That is why they recruit as these illiterates into the armed forces and paramilitary. They have very low self-esteem and maybe being in servitude would earn some of them paradise, who knows.
    This is disgusting to say the least. And think everyone one who has seen this nonsense should call their NASs member to get this minister fired for publicly demeaning a Nigerian and Nigerians as a whole.

  • ibsoken

    It is the extension feudalism which is practiced by the socalled traditional leadership system in the north.

  • TrueNja

    This is impunity and abuse of office. Dambasau must be sacked immediately by PMB. This is not Change I voted for.

  • Babagordy

    Well in the Army Dambazzu will have had nothing less than 20 soldiers who are either cooks, drivers, cleaners who are living close to him dedicated to doing all his personal chores. I know they have a soldiers who washes and iron the uniform of officers from colonels, one is dedicated to shining shoes, Should his belt be the type that has brass buckle, it much be shined too. This is what I knew when I was growing up in the barracks. Perhaps the SSS official that cleaned Dambazzu’s shoe was a former soldier who transferred his service to SSS. Habits are not always easy to shed, even if Dambazzu did not encourage the cleaner of a former soldier, he will feel he is failing in his duties to a former army honcho.

  • Arabakpura

    The shoe must not be cleaned at that particular time! It might also be that the man didn’t send him but his overzealousness!
    The man couldn’t have seen his dirty shoes because of his pot belly!

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Do not jump to conclusions. Perhaps Dambazau was simply doing the SS officer a favor by letting said officer clean his shoes.
    Who knows? Maybe the SS officer has a fetish of cleaning shoes and Dambazau is just being accommodating.

    Now, if another video surfaces with an SS officer cleaning Dambazau’s nyash……then we have a problem.

    • Zakut Bechor

      Guy, u wan burst my bele with laugh abi. hahahahaha

  • Nkem

    This clearly is a test case for President Buhari. He should fire Danbazzau as soon as possible. If he doesn’t then most of us would begin question seriously the nature of the “change” that he has brought to governance and the extent to which this is still going to be business as usual. The reason we got to where we are, where government officials see public offices as their personal estate is clearly because of this kinds of impunity. The SSS should also recall and query the officer concerned to send a clear message to its operatives that there would be consequences for those who collaborate with government officials and politicians to abuse their positions.

    • Shugaba Nkasa

      Watch and see! We bet your life that Buhari removes him soon.
      The only delay will be getting clearance for the replacement from the NASS as the NASS recently started peeling coconut with their teeth by trying to impeach Buhari.

      • eclub

        Let me get this straight, Nigerians:

        A guy commits genocide, overthrows a duly elected government awhile back, disobeys court orders, holds former civil servants and his fellow citizens in gulags, runs down the economy, AND it’s okay with you, AND as soon as he hires a snob as interior minister that uses government security staff to clean his shoes then you got a problem with it?

        Oh wow. Go figure!

        • Shugaba Nkasa

          You need to get in touch with your inner moron and ask it to shut the f*ck up!

          We are certain that if the closest person to you develops diarrhea, you will find a way to blame Buhari.
          The subject matter at hand gives you no room to vent your frustration so please carry your bad belle
          away from us.

  • eclub

    This guy is As Seen On Cartoon Pages!

    WOW, good work PTng!!

    I’m not blaming this one on Buhari, no way.

    • Why would you not blame Buhari for this nonsense.? The man is dancing to Buhari’s body language. I bet the man is scared he could be arrested without arraignment and locked up.

      • tundemash

        Dunce, when u fail to satisfy your wife/girlfriend, i guess Buhari is to blame. Did Buhari make u a refugee in USA ?
        Did it ever occur to your confused mind that this stup1d SSS oficer might just be overzealous ?

        • Fred Duke

          You can’t say whether the minister allowed such or nog. He was not even concentrating when he noticed his “boy” (hopefully his orderly) carry his shoes with handkerchief. It is just eye service on the part of the shoe shiner. They cant convert DSS to directorate of shoe shiners sha. Mek una relax.

        • eclub

          Tunde, you are that SHOE SHINER for Buhari on this forum.

          Take a good look. That is you and the way you come across.

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, keep hanging to any straw you can since your hope dimmed on March 28th !

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar, u are a drowning man cling at any straw. May your wailing be everlasting. May your children pick up the baton of wailing from you.

    • okenwa

      If water spoils from the source, all the water will spoil. In otherwords nigeria is run by order. Very soon them go use nigerians clean thier anus.

  • whales1212

    How are you different from this officer if you’re defending those stealing from your country, how are you different if thugs in your community like tompolo is the one speaking on behalf of all those educated guys in your community. How really are you different if you’re hailing governors who constructed road with your money, my money, our money? Look you’re not different, what this guy is doing is a state of mind. These kind of stuff will stop when we take our country back and behave responsibly, at the end of the day, we live in an insane country, we just have to manage it.

  • T-Rex

    Lol,very pathetic! But i doubt if this is a DSS operative,almost all the Nigeria’s security agencies has a plain clothes unit deployed to VIPs and government houses nowadays. Most common is the SCIB unit of the Nigerian Police,they are attached to Govs,ministers ,and other VIPs ,they are all dressed in suits so its hard to tell the difference,lol.



    The DSS (Directorate of Shoe Shiners) under Buhari is nothing but a place for illiterate Almajiri’s …. some of whom were known shoe shiners who go from house to house and street to street soliciting for shoe shining opportunities.

    • whales1212

      The way you’re going on about baba, I hope you don’t see him in your dreams sha? Take it easy bruv,he’s gonna be there for 4 years,only 7 months gone,hmm you still have a long way to go?

      • Nigeria4u

        Do you think he can make it up to 4 years?, he will not be able to handle the pressures that will follow him this year, it will be too much for him until he realizes that we are in the era of democracy and rule of law not lawless military rule.

        • whales1212

          He will by God’s grace. We’re solidly behind him. “And when the Lord returns the fortunes of zion” it’s still gonna be like a dream to you bruv.

    • Waalay Naija

      Dont kill yourself its PMB’s turn so bottle it ……GEJ had his turn and we saw the result …Togo is not too far you can relocate

    • Fred Duke

      Hahahahahaha…. Ridiculous!

    • Rommel

      And those that president Jonathan made billionaires are who? does seem to me that disciples of Lawrence Anini are today high chiefs and role models in the Niger delta

  • walejohnson


  • Dr.Suleiman Abdulahi


  • John Christian Alex

    Premium times the guy that did that is not a DSS personnel. He is the minister’s personal orderly dressed in mufti. And in the military world wide that is one of the duties of an orderly. He keeps his boss shinning.

  • Fred Duke

    I don’t know whether the guy is a military orderly or his SSS staff. If it is SSS, then it is his eye service that pushed him to do that. Because I’m sure there’s no way the minister would have called or sanctioned him to come and shine his shoes. If it is his personal PA or orderly, it is understood because he’s making the boss look good and therefore is doing his work, whether it is in the public or not. If that act was carried out by an SSS officer, he should be rebuked, arrested and punished so that others too can learn that they’re there to ensure safety, not running errand. Assuming it was an SSS agent, how would he had protected the boss at the point of dusting the shoes if someone had fired a shot at the man at that instance? Politicians have so debased Nigerians that no one is thinking is thinking right. Eye service all over the place. My boss once asked me to come and offload some reams of papers from his car and take to the 2nd floor. I told him I will call the Messenger for him. He just told me sorry, he didn’t remember. But I knew he was looking at my age and not rank, but I let him know that I know who I am. He’s never asked me to do such things again. He accords me my due respect, cos I work WITH him and NOT for him.

  • ceweeco projects

    His real name is DANBANZAA. Change indeed!!!

  • ilesanmi

    It does not matter whether the person cleaning the shoes is a DSS Officer, Police Orderly or a domestic Servant. The fact that “His Royal Highness” Danbazzau approves of such a “Royal” treatment not just in public but in a public function, is an indication of being un-serious person from whom much is not expected as a minister.
    If Buhari is really serious about his war against corruption and indiscipline, he should not allow this “little” but serious misbehaviour of his public officers to go unsanctioned.

  • Lanre

    Nigerians are a funny lot. Read the comments here and you just laugh. Dambazau. Who was the man that was in charge of the operations that hid Yar’adua? Was it Lanre? Yeye. You never see anything. If he like, let him get SSS to clean his teeth in public. For all I care. People who are governed by emotions and not reason do not deserve better. In the spirit of One Nigeria, I hope that shoe shiner is a Yoruba man.

    • John Smith

      What has being Yoruba got to do with the story now? Can’t you just concentrate on the issue at hand without bringing tribalism into everything?

      • JayGeeX

        I don’t think you get where @disqus_oMAXjVRhNR:disqus is coming from…

    • PlusOne

      Confirmed, he’s from Ijebu Ode!

      • Lanre

        Bless you, then. Thank you for the information. At the rate we Yorubas are going, in the next 10 years we would have been successfully integrated into the Nigerian Caste system been expertly developed by Hausa-Fulani Overlord, Muhammudu Buhari. By then, we will not only shine shoes, the wife of that Ijebu-Ode officer, will be fanning Dambazau.

  • Nigeria4u

    That is Bhuari change 4 u. Buhari is busy breaking Nigeria laws while fighting those he accused of breaking same laws.

  • wazobia scatter!!!!!!

    As$ kissing as a means of promotion and favoritism would net in this clime ……………….

  • Company man

    PMB has good intentions for this country but his greatest problem is that eighty percent of his ministers and advisers are outdated individual whose thinking faculties are not 20th century compliance.

    • egoigwe

      Ditto PMB???

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      Price: FROM #200,000 TO #1,500,000

    • PlusOne

      They’ve all gone past their “use by date”, far beyond their sell by dates.

  • Rommel

    Well who is surprised? this is the shameful culture of Africa,this is how many Nigerians get along in their career especially if they have been found wanting,it is possible that this guys name has been shortlisted for transfer to Boko Haram infested area

  • Cleartruth

    Every year you hear strange things from dictator buhari and his apc gang of liars.

    • Fadama

      Nonsense comment. Inasmuch as this should be condemned, don’t turn this to achieve cheap political gains. Pictures were once circulated of a former Nigerian High Commissioner to the UK kneeling before GEJ

      • eclub

        Fad, you are that SHOE SHINER for Buhari on this forum.

        Take a good look. That is you and the way you come across.

        • Fadama

          I have long concluded that your idiocy knows no bounds.

      • Skillz

        How does this relate to Buhari???

  • wode

    As a public officer, Dambazau has failed in his first public comportment test. It’s known that some of these aids could be overzealous in a bid to win the heart of their masters, it’s up to a well-discerning and humble master to know what is decently allowed and what is not from the aids. It seems the minister enjoyed the action of the officer and that’s most unfortunate coming from people expected to be vanguard of change in reasoning, attitude, conduct and comportment. He seems to have forgotten that everything in life is transient and he should have behaved much better.

  • Bigtin


  • Lawrence Agha

    Is anyone surprised to see this? There is no doubt that the men and women in high position in Nigeria inflict much more demeaning treatment to their assistants. These class of outdated men do not know that we are living in interesting times, when nothing is hidden from the eye of one tiny lens or a disguised microphone. This is nothing to raise dust in a certain part of the country, it is an exhibition of the mindset of the oligarchs in power. To them, it’s only their person that matters, every other person should be sitting at their doorsteps with their palms stretched out for a coin or two. If the security detail is treated this way, or, allowed to publicly humiliate himself, what then is in store for ordinary Nigerians who come in contact with this Minister in his daily activity? Even though the security personal volunteered to ridicule himself in full public glare in other to get into the good books of his boss, decency and respect for other humans dictate that the Minister should have declined, thanked him while shoving him aside to mind his security duty. Another prove that these hordes of security attachee assigned to these political office holders is a waste of public fund. What if there was a security breach the minute this man dived to do his shoe shining duty?

    • PlusOne

      Too much grammar.

      Simply, APC is already getting worst than PDP – I’m ever so sorry that I voted for this.

  • kumi

    APC is a dead party it will broke down come 2019 watch and see

  • ojays

    This dss officer did not respect himself, he is a disgrace to his profession. The minister should be sacked forthwith bcos this is not how our security men should be used. He as the minster in charge should know better.
    Hope the president has take note

  • eclub

    The image, and video is SYMBOLIC.

    Everyone of us that follows, and praises authority, without questioning their actions, or holding these presidents, governors, ministers, legislators, are the guy shining that shoe; and the fat guy getting shone are the presidents etc.

    So, don’t forget it.

    As long as you are that sycophant that praises, and worship Buhari, he wont even notice you like Dumbazzau din’t even look at the shoe shiner.

    But for the grace of God, the shoe shiner is you.

  • Excisionist

    Abdulrahman Dambazau – Interior Minister

    1. Danbazau is a blood sucker.

    2. His term as army chief of staff would be remembered for

    a. The convoys of military equipment delivered to Boko Haram in Mosques and other places with full military escort.

    b. Danbazau is the former Army Chief of Staff the Australian lawyer referred to in connection with sponsorship of Boko Haram and supply of equippment to them. It was not Gen. Ihejirika as the Hausa-Fulani propaganda machine deceitfully made it out to be. Bad news for them – Western Intelligence Agencies are fully aware of this.

    b. Militarization of Fulani cattle herders who wore military uniforms and, using sophisticated weapons (including machine guns), slaughtered thousands of people in the Middle Belt areas and razed town after town and village after village.

    c. Extension of the heinous acts of the cow herders southwards to SS, SE, and SW as far as Suburbs of Port Harcourt and close to Lagos. They destroyed farms, raped women, engaged in armed robbery and kidnapping with impunity

    d. The beautiful city of Jos and surrounding towns and villages were destroyed during his tenure.

    e. Mismanagement of funds meant for equipping the army and building modern facilities such as hospitals for them

    3. Danbazau’s place should be at ICC not in Nigerian government.

    Doesn’t this video confirm what kind of man he is. Keep your eyes open because there are worse things to come from this man .