Jonathan honoured in U.S. by Luther King’s SCLC

Former President Goodluck Jonathan was on Thursday honoured by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

He was awarded the Presidential Award in recognition of his “leadership in advancing human rights, social justice and the fight for universal freedom”.

The SCLC, founded by the late American civil right leader, Martin Luther King Jr, in January 1957, is currently led by Charles Steele Jr.

The event was part of activities leading up to the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 18.

Mr. Jonathan, the first African leader to be so honoured, also received Martin Luther King Jr’s sister, Naomi King during the event.

Before his remarks at the event, Mr. Jonathan met privately with the president of the SCLC.

The president of the SCLC, Charles Steele Jr., proposed to work with the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation to advance the cause of peace around the world and to bridge the gap between people of colour in the Diaspora.

Mr. Jonathan responded that his vision was to help stabilize and promote democracy and peace in Africa.

He said there won’t be economic progress without peace.

The former president said that was the reason he pushed for Nigeria’s intervention to ensure peace in various African nations such as Côte d’Ivoire while he was in office.

The former president expressed gratitude to the SCLC for inviting him, saying it was “virtually impossible to separate this worthy body from its founder, the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, or from epoch making landmark events of the American Civil Rights movement”.

“My personal takeaway from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, is service to God and the brotherhood and equality of all men before their Creator,” he said.

“In keeping with that, I have learnt not to look up to any man, except he is taller than I, or to look down on a fellow mortal, except I am admiring his shoes”.


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  • Sparzo

    How much did they get?

    • evidence

      He dug up the remains of Martin Luther King and bribed him, after which he buried him with the dollars. Morons like you think your brain is for decoration and have refused to use it, even if your life depended on it. Buhari that has not bribed should tell us how he would have won an award for advancing human right and social justice, when he continues to show disdain for our constitution and the rule of law and delights in the abuse of human rights. 

      • Chuks

        Jonathan’s wife went to South Korea and bought an honorary doctorate degree with millions of dollars, how much less SCLS award that nobody contested with Jonathan. People that benefited from Jonathan are all over the world with their stolen money buying up every useless award to shore his disgraced image. All kinds of award are out there for grabs including ‘best dumbo award’, local champion award, misfit ward, incompetence award, mediocrity champion etc.

        • evidence

          We all know buhari is a saint and Jonathan is the devil. We all know Jonathan bribed to lead the delegate to Tanzania, he bribed to collect all the awards he has been receiving, he also bribed to replace Bill Clinton as keynote speaker at ‎the Hope Global Forum.
          Your saint on the other hand, could not get any foreign award and his future son in law had to help him hide his shame by presenting him with an Honorary in Kaduna state University, even though his WASC cert is still the eight wonder of the world. Clown.‎

          • Chuks

            If you are genuinely impressed and happy with Jonathan’s award, why are you at the same time bitter? This is because you know his record does not merit any award even from D’banj. If people like Andy Uba can buy fake doctorate degrees, and Stella Odua fake Masters, what kind of street side award can they not procure for Jonathan with their stolen war chest. If Jonathan gives me half of the money he gave Metuh, Anenih, or Fani Kayode, I will buy ‘clueless award’ for him from Harvard and still have change.

          • Damilola

            Lmmmmmmmfaooooo hahahahahhahaha….. but why dis back and forth argument and hate on person progress na? Your friends and neighbours must really be careful with you, or else someone of your blood cud pull someone down base on ur foolishness that followed unfounded accusations. We have new govt already since 8months let them finish him up na. They said they had some evidence some people stole $150 billion during their America sojourn, those ones asked them for evidence they responded they’re still investigating, where and how did you get the figures then? One of them said GEJ spent 64billion Naira for independence celebration in 5yrs, the OSGF following the investigation of some groups disclosed the man only spent 333 million in 5yrs which is accountable. That one went back to his FB page to delete his propaganda. What of SWF, NLGN, … ? Just chill and see where the Dasukigate ends man. If those ones are already proven to be outright fabrications, why wud a sane civilised fellow believe any accusations from same group of bullocks and Apes? So I will advice u instead of hugging the transformer cos of another man’s success, wait till they prosecute him and hear the allegations to be raced gains him

        • a2ajayi_maxwell

          Good shot, bro.

        • Funso Craig

          Bro. You too much meen!!!

  • Omoagunmate


  • True Nigerian

    The award has just lost a huge chunk of its prestige, if it had any. Terrible, really terrible!

    Who is the head of research for this body that gives honour to a common thief? That person should sacked immediately.

    What does human rights mean to the body that gave Jonathan this award? Jonathan stole and stole from Nigeria and used their money to fund his selfish ambitions to the detriment of many Niigerians and their rights. Does human rights exist is isolation of the economic aspects of those rights? The answer is capital NO!

    Martin Luther King Jr will cry in his grave if he sees this.

    • Damilola

      Looooolz go collect it back from him man. This black man syndrome of pull him down radiates round ur blood. Now we have his adversaries in power let them jail him or indict him if truly there is someti against him. Just wish him well till that time comes, abah. I don’t have a slight visible percentage of doubt that soonest, you guys will have to start explaining to yourselves why you descended so low to flow and sink with wily demagogue politicians and their cynical ploys.

      • True Nigerian

        Make up your own mind. I’ve made up mine – that Jonathan was, is and will always be a horrific thief. His records in Bayelsa point to the character of a mindless and reckless thief. His character in the presidency points to the same fact. I didn’t come to that conclusion because of Dasukigate or Buhari media, as you less discerning lots would like to believe. I reached that conclusion in 2010 shortly after I marched on the streets and under the stinging heat of the sun to demand that he should be made a president. You dey hear me so?

        What the heck do you know about black man syndrome? What is Black man syndrome to your warped mind? A rightful rejection and condemnation of roguery and roguish destructive governance? Is that what you call the pull-him-down blackman syndrome. If so, you are the pitiable person. My mind is totally emancipated.
        The worst blackman syndrome is the one you have – the stockholm syndrome – the thinking that when a blackman is a criminal, you must praise him because he is black. I’m sorry I don’t buy into your warped brand of pan Africanism. It is the kind that has kept the black race in darkness. Wake up and smell the coffee. Impudent stealing, mindless corruption, deceit and lies are not part and parcel of African culture. You have the wrong end of the stick here.

        • Funso Craig

          Thanks bro. This is apt.

        • Original_Raskal

          you go die of hatred ooo! Judas hanged, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hang yourself one day!

          • True Nigerian

            Yours is the Nigerian way of thinking – crude, slavish, primitive, unenlightened and blind. For such minds, harsh facts sre evidence of hatred. You won’t see me there. You’ll be there alone or together with other unthinking compatriots of yours. I hope you’re not typing from abroad. I hope you are living in the cesspit country you and like-minded folks created with your low and slavish mentality.

          • Original_Raskal

            hated kills! it is worst than ebola! you are on your way to the grave man!

          • Damilola

            No enlightened man talk from both mouths as you do without facts bro. Maybe u can find a place to sit and articulate your points well while this man didn’t deserve this. Then we can look at it if we can revoke the title from him. I wonder how someone with a serene mind wud ever think someone bribed his way to be honored in such pedigree. You think they don’t have dept that research for em? You think they just woke up and felt GEJ shud be given? You think they don’t have their moral standing and integrity to be protected? You think they will do what they can’t stand by? Leave this thing mister, you’re missing it. Go back to that administration and study objectively, leave hate and rumors. Even Obama accepted his part of ineptitudeness at the State address. No leader is without some faults, but making it seems his is extraordinary to to display mediocrity in excess.

          • True Nigerian

            I don’t waste my time trying to show an enlightened person the obvious. It’s a massive waste of my time, and I am a very busy man. As I said, you can make up your mind on what Jonathan is. I’ve made up my own mind long time ago. The facts and justifications for the view that I hold about the mindless thief called Jonathan are so glaring that only an irredeemably biased mind like yours would be asking me to show him the facts or shut up? What facts should I show you? The same ones that are all over the news since 2010? I’m too busy for that. Ramble on if you like.

          • Damilola

            Loooooooolz baba chillax… you really busy than I do, I see. But you have the time to type all dis just to abuse and further take ur hallucinations to another level right? Safe trip buddy….Continue.

        • Damilola

          I don vex u gaan o… Continue. You know what? The black man syndrome I told you about is that which seeks to pull is fellow man down for no tangible reason. Now tell me what happened in 2010 I’m interested. He stole from your shop? Let me know plz and be sincere with yourself so you don’t make accusations you’re not sure of, cos I will gladly ridicule you like your equals. So be sure of the basis of your assumptions

    • Chuks

      If you live in the US you will be surprised how these meaningless awards are hurriedly arranged with a few people at fast food restaurants or abandoned buildings but given mention in Africa. Most of the award organisations are under severe funds shortage and mortgage commitments that they can award ‘Freedom or Democracy Medals’ to North Korean politicians even in absentia as long as it’s paid for.

      • Funso Craig

        If GEJ can organize Chatam House protest, what can’t he do??? He has a lot of blood money in his hands to spend. Running upandan to clean his ever stinted PR. Rubbish!

  • Amir

    Soon Sahara Reporters will investigate and announce how much Jonathan and his agents paid for these town hall awards. This is a man whose record of incompetence and failure is second to none. Was it not after he failed reelection that we learnt how much he used to bribe delegates for nomination? What he couldn’t achieve in performance, he achieved in paying with federal resources, an example of permanent inferiority complex. The world has no regard for Jonathan’s prepaid awards.

    • Damilola

      Loooooolz… Naija!!! It is well

    • share Idea

      Your messiah (Buhari) only managed to get honorary PhD from a school that does not offer Doctorate degree (in Kaduna recently) after he could not produce forged WASC certificate and you have the effrontery to address the best president Nigeria ever had in those gutter language. Please keep enjoying your CHANJI and never transfer your current administration frustration to a person that does not know that you exist. Nigeria we hail thee

      • jude L/A USA

        What are your facts?

      • musa aliyu

        It’s better to have an honorary PhD than to fake one, like the one your dumbo lord ferry about


    Congratulation Mr.Jonathan. You will continue to grow and almighty God will continue to shame your enemies. Continue your good work. God is with you.

  • smart G

    Very soon the truth of the Chibok girls, the truth of the alleged 2.1 billion dollars will start to emerge.
    Jonathan will be vindicated at last.
    Remember that Dasuki has not been heard and Jonathan has not spoken.
    He promised to speak after 1 year of rest.
    Nigerians will be shocked.
    No matter how badly damaged the reputation has been. Only the truth will repair them.

  • share Idea

    To my fellow fans of GEJ, I like the quote “…“In keeping with that, I have learnt not to look up to any man, except he is taller than I, or to look down on a fellow mortal, except I am admiring his shoes”.” on this article and that note, I join millions of well wishers in extending my congratulatory message to a deserving and patriotic ex president of Nigeria for the historic award and pray that God give him good health to reap all the fruits of good deeds he did to Nigeria.

    More of these are awaiting our hero (GEJ) – for discerning Nigerians like me will always look out for you wise council.

  • a2ajayi_maxwell

    Jonathan, as the perpetrator-in-chief of the monumental heist that has decimated the Nigerian socio-political/economic landscape, is undeserving of honour. The honor he has received from this institution/organization was likely paid for image-laundering purpose. He is a classic example of a shoeless boy becoming a clueless President. Whatever good he may have done, and am not disputing that, is eclipsed by the incalculable harm he has done to the fabric of Nigerian unity and corporate existence. He deserves a rightful place in the Nigerian and global hall of infamy.

  • @Kazkanye

    #LooterKING Jonathan Ebele Goodluck! Congratulations!

  • Nkem

    Readers brace up for the next round of revelations tagged SCLCgate, detailing the size of the financial contribution from Jonathan to this group. You wont have to wait very long, I assure you.

  • tundemash

    How much did Fortunato pay for this ????

    • Omoagunmate

      Abi o!

  • JM

    Seriously my people, I credit GEJ for quitting jeje, but if im get sense and he really knows the sufa sufa in Nigeria, im for just siddon for Otueke and send thank u note for thee yeye awards from people who said nothing when Nigeria was being ruined, and can offer nothing now wey people dey try recover. How come sef mama peace no dey join am for these ajala travel? Chei, god dey o o o !!!

    • musa aliyu

      You no see say hin first met with King’s daughter? Why hin go need patience for that one? Cheeiii!

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Fortunato is trying to buy his way to stardom and infamy. SCLC needs to be ashamed for engaging in this sort of practice.

  • Onike24

    Ole Buruku, there is nothing as odious as a shameless Barawo! Don fortunato

  • musa aliyu

    This people no dey read Nigerian news online? Chai, den for don see how their “peaceful ” recipient ordered the distribution of billions of dollars meant to execute war for campaigns.

  • Omotolaaraujo


  • Du Covenant

    These people do not even know what is happening in their neighbouring States not to talk of far away Nigeria. The same people who think Africa is a country. Lets see how many such awards will come up and how many ‘institutions’ this man will address twice!.

  • Henry Nworu

    Honour rightly given to whom it is due. The rising tide of hate, blackmail, calculated infantile disparaging is beginning to subside, as is naturally always the case. Patience has it’s rewards (surulere) Africa’s image has been placed on a high pedestal as a result of the heroic action of Dr. Jonathan. This is just the beginning.
    How honourable. We salute you! Your Excellency.

  • Arabakpura

    They should have made him a Pastor! Also, his quote would have been a classic if not for the poor usage of “I”! Again? Historians should edit it before sending to the archives!

  • Hard Fact

    Gold is sold only to those who know the value. It can also be paraphrased that ‘Only those who recognizes Gold can actually appreciate it’. This is evident in this award and recognition given to Dr Emperor Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (JP).

    No matter how PT tries, Dr Jonathan will always rise and keep rising and remain a shining start to all around the world. Tell me, which village ever gave Buhari any award for over 32 yrs after leaving office? None. The only award he has recieved so far is the award he won wthe his terrorist compatriot – Abubaka Shekau of Boko haram.

  • Sir Louis

    No wonder the black population in the US is fast loosing relevance. It is like the SCLC leadership are ignorant of current affairs and developments around the World that they would make trifle of their award for whatever it is worth by giving it to an incompetent and careless fellow who presided over the greatest corruption milieu in contemporary Nigerian history. Jonathan watched while Nigeria was ruined economically by people he referred to as his aides. Pity for SCLC and the black Americans!



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  • eclub

    I guess the international and civilized world has rendered their verdict to Jonathan haters, after hearing them out, and it is thus:


  • Sincerely Yours

    It had to be in Atlanta, and Andrew Young had to be involved. What else is new? Contributions must have been made to these people. Shame though, that the honour was from an organisation founded by Martin Luther king Jnr, after all he stood for during his life time. Also, don’t these idiots know what is happening in this part of the world? American blacks, no wonder they can never make progress.

    • eclub

      I hope Blacks realize the tribe of the person talking about them like that, that it could only be those who hate Jonathan: which would be either hausa, fulani, or yoruba..