SHOCKING: 2016 budget documents stolen from National Assembly

The hard and soft copies of the 2016 budget documents President Muhammadu Buhari handed over to the National Assembly on December 22, 2015, have been declared missing, PREMIUM TIMES can authoritatively report.

The Nigerian Senate was scheduled to commence deliberation on the proposed budget Tuesday (today).

But Senate Leader, Ali Ndume, shocked lawmakers at a closed-door session, when he told them the budget documents had been stolen, people familiar with the matter told PREMIUM TIMES.

Mr. Ndume, our sources said, explained that deliberation on the budget could therefore not begin until fresh copies of the documents were obtained from the presidency, the Ministry of Finance or that of national planning.

The Chairman, Senate Committee of Appropriation, Danjuma Goje, was subsequently mandated to lead a search for the documents and liaise with the presidency, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on National Assembly Matters, Ita Enang, and the national planning ministry on the matter.

The Senators also resolved that the matter be kept under wraps, saying making it public could embarrass the presidency, the National Assembly and the country.

Our sources said senators of the Peoples Democratic Party accused the presidency of being behind the theft of the documents, an accusation rejected by their All Progressives Congress’ counterparts, who reportedly said it was too early to speculate.

Some lawmakers told PREMIUM TIMES they are suspicious that the presidency might have colluded with the management of the National Assembly to quietly withdraw the documents after detecting some discrepancies in them.

“Can you imagine this kind of national embarrassment?” one senator asked. “Documents that were presented to us with fanfare have been stolen.”

The spokesperson for the senate, Aliyu Abdullahi,could not been reached for comments. So also is Mr. Goje, the chairman of the appropriation committee.

President Buhari had on December 22,2015 presented a N6.08 trillion budget for the fiscal year 2016 to a joint session of the National Assembly.

It was the first time in three years a Nigerian President would personally present a budget before the National Assembly.

Copies were however not distributed to lawmakers before they proceeded on Christmas and New Year holidays.

But weeks after the budget was presented to lawmakers, there were speculations that Mr. Buhari had withdrawn the documents to enable him to correct some discrepancies, a claim the presidency and the national planning ministry denied.

In the budget, capital expenditure takes N1.8 trillion, marking a significant over 300 per cent increment from the 2015 vote of N557 billion.

According to the estimate, N396billion is voted for education, being the largest sectoral allocation.
The health sector gets N296 billion while defence has N294 billion.


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  • okenwa

    Mr buhari was not aware of what that is in the box he was carrying. Well lets wait and see if the figures will change and if the figures changed then buhari will be held resposible fo stealing the documents.

    • joe

      You should know by now that the words “Buhari” and “stealing” do not rhyme. Dasuki, stealing, Anenih, stealing, Fani,stealing, Falae,stealing – those names rhyme better. 🙂

      • Joe

        are you kidding!!!. Buhari is more dangerous than a thief. I prefer armed robber than shekau.

        • David Musaed

          Joe you don take your medicine ?

          • Joe

            Dave, I have no medicine to take. Since the day I saw buhari weeping because he lost election in 2011, I lost confidence in him. Why should a former head of state weep because he lost presidential elections?. I believe, the world is yet to see buhari’s agenda for nigeria. This president have some motivations that are wrapped to his chest. I just hope and pray that every evil agenda that will cease peace in Nigeria will not materialize.

          • PeterPaul1


        • joe

          Impostor. Impersonator. Go get another alias 🙂

          • Joe

            no sir. I senior you by far!

      • share Idea

        I hear you – but his name resonates with forgery and lying- Nigeria we hail thee

  • Watch man

    Yes, this plot was expected. Truth is that the document is not missing. Certain persons in the National Assembly worked secretly with the Executive arm to withdraw the document so that it could be doctored to accommodate IMF/Lagarde input. The Executive arm submitted the document/budget without proper IMF scrutiny and since it has been publicly presented it has to be secretly withdrawn to avoid public uproar. Who is deceiving who? The Bretton Woods Lagarde has already inundated us last week that her team of “doctors of death” will be in Nigeria this week to “assist” in going through the budget and to tidy up grey areas. So, the plot was expected. This goes a long way to prove that Nigeria is in the grip of the New Word Dis-order agents of darkness. Their agents (eg. the puffy cheeked lady, Okonjo Iweala and others) have been instrumental in creating enabling ground for their total control of Nigeria’s economy. It is unfortunate. Really unfortunate!

    • share Idea

      Please do not mention the name of our hardworking and patriotic citizen -Okonjo in the list of people that wrecked Nigeria.

  • evidence

    The Clowns that plundered our collective wealth for over 40 years are back in power. 
    This deceitful party ‎must think all Nigerians are fools like their rabid supporters that don’t use their brains.
    It was reported last week that Buhari secretly withdrew that conduit pipe called a budget after presentation when it’s content was greeted with outrage. A budget that is 11 billion higher that the previous government’s and benchmarked on $38 when crude is $30. ‎More of this clownish, deceitful and vindictive government’s antics will continue to unveil itself. 

  • FreeNigeria

    Incompetent NASS!!! If na to tiff big money, dem be expats. If na to buy vehicles for N4.7b, dem go be first

    • Otile

      That’s Alhaji Alibaba Ndume and co doing their job.

      • band olu

        Or Ekweremadman & co who forged d senate standing rules doing their job…

        • Otile

          So you too are defending this fraud. Some of you yorubas are pathetic.

          • band olu

            Some pple are trying to frustrate & embarrass this govt bcos they are no longer in power but they will fail….

  • Obosi Warrior

    This is a shame. There is some reasoning in the logic that the presidency might have had a hand in this because of some inherent flaws evident in the budget proposal vis a vis the oil benchmark. But I had thought they should have requested for it formally or wait for the time of debate to make the necessary adjustment.
    I still maintain that Buhari meant well but he should put his house in order. Enough of these many lapses.

  • Otile

    Buhari is very dishonest. Nigeria needs to divide. Shame on Fulani Yoruba fraudsters.

    • David Musaed

      Nigeria needs to divide ? There is another country called sambisa my brother you can move there free of charge. Lmao

      • Otile

        Are the yorubas and their Fulani masters not desperately fighting to stop them? If any yorobber were to kill Imam Shekau wouldn’t he be declared the highest hero in one Nigeria united by crude oil?

  • Nigeria4u

    419 government, everything about this APC is always like scam, they do not even have respect for Nigeria law.

  • Intrepid

    APC abracadabra.

    • Otile

      This is Alhaji Alibaba Ndume and his yorubastards for you. Nigeria we hail thee.

      • SAM .A

        You have just confirmed that a Yoruba man was the person who displace your father and gave birth to u as a Bastard , no wonder he gave u a bastard name Otile.Your mom and dad have disagreed on who owns this disorderly child.

        • Otile

          Are you defending this fraud? You are pathetic.

        • gboromiro

          The custodian must take full responsibikity. Howevr, it could be a PDP inspired sabotage. Anything to frustrate the current administration or make it look bad. Another reason to promote Biafra (to be peopled by all PDP members, including their Yoruba and Hausa converts).

  • BenAri22

    Collection of idiots that blame the President. As much as I am not too much of a fan of his these days, how do you blame him after he turned the budget over to the National Assembly? Blame rests with those who had custody.


    Are you too dim to see this? I pay you a million Naira and go my way. You lose it because you didn’t value it enough to protect it or deposit it in the bank (or in this case, make copies). Now it’s my fault it has vanished?

    Grow some more brain cells, you PDP prostitute bloggers.

    • Otile

      You must be a brain-dead yoruba. What your master Imam Buhari brought to the so called lawmakers was a printed copy of the deceitful budget, He still has the digital copy of the document in his computer at Aso Rock. Yoruba ronu.

    • Damilola

      You don’t have to be partisan to speak up your mind on issues that affect your state and person, seriously do you mister?? This could be however, when issues so obvious even for the blind and the dullest heads to see and at least have a clue becomes daunting for such fellow to comprehend and even going into rage without verifiable facts or points, when the the obvious is stated by some individuals.

      If you come to my house or wherever, to give me 2 million Naira as you stated, and at night some gentle men came to get it back, especially when such is not a kind gesture but a deal, in which have heard people whispering you needed that money for an urgent purpose afterwards, sir ure a prime suspect.

      As an ordinary Nigerian I have a copy of the bugdet with me in soft copy, how has that become an headache for the APC led NASS or the presidency?? Instead of crying foul, the Senate leader and a Party dedicated to this course wud gallantly print another copy, unless their printers were stolen alongside the missing budget. In that case they can borrow from the presidency. So no tangible excuse for this sir, other than the fact that, the bugdet is an hoax. I hope we get the new copy

    • Paul Young

      I am a firm Buhari supporter but i have no doubts in my mind that this budget was withdrawn by the presidency. Clearly there were errors in it. I am kind of disappointed because everyone makes mistakes, how you deal with it is what matters. I expected the Presidency to admit they needed to make corrections. no harm there. That said this is still Nigeria where government magic happens everyday. Still optimistic for i know the next 3 years plus will be good for Nigerians

      • Otile

        Ore mi, your Fulani master Buhari is dishonest, simple.

        • Paul Young

          Not a single president we have had is honest. When you understand that then you will know thats no yard stick to measure a Nigerian Presidents performance. If you think otherwise tell me one past president/head of state you think was honest let me disprove you

          • Otile

            Ore mi, President Shehu Shagari tried his best to serve Nigeria but fraudulent Buhari intervened, and you know it.

          • Rommel

            You are gradually becoming insane

          • Otile

            It takes an insane man to know one.

  • Otile

    Wallahi, this is a disgrace, a debacle unheard of in the history of civilization. Imam Buhari the illeterate, what are we going to do with you?

    • Omole Isiaka

      based on your expression i think what you are going to do is to commit suicide!!!

      • Otile

        You must be a recent convert to Islam. You are now suggesting suicide as your Fulani masters suggest to youths. Think life not death, ogbeni.

        • Es3

          Oshiomole’s “go and die” and El-Rufai “go and climb the mountain” to Nigerians rules their propaganda-warped veins!

    • Rommel

      The PDP are capable of anything and so do you

      • Es3

        Meanwhile PDP never took this long to present budget to the national assembly talk-less of withdrawing same through the backdoor to go back and prepare the budget again (since it was not even ready at the point of presentation in the first nstance) as Buhari/APC has done here?!

        • Rommel

          The PDP were not interested in governing the country,they were merely pretending while plundering which is why little progress was recorded after 16 uninterrupted years in power,do you know how far a serious country would have traveled if that nation has patriotic leadership? this is the first time in a very long while that the country is trying to implement a budget

          • Es3

            Now, we have seen the progress Nigeria (and Nigerians) have made after it took 6 months to put government in place, over two months to end fuel scarcity (a record of its own), over 7 months to present a budget to national assembly and withdraw that again through the back door (as such was not even ready for presentation in the 1st instance), no budget for approval and hopes of timely implementation gone with the winds, worsening inflation and exchange rate, worsening power supply and the list seem to be endless?!

            There are records of what Buhari/APC said about the economy of Nigeria while campaigning which confirms their full knowledge, what they said about previous mismanagement of the economy, and the distinctive deadlines they gave themselves to “change” – not leaving out ending Boko Haram and rescuing the Chibok Girls , etc?! What happened to all those promises, or were they lies???!

            Nigerians would appreciate if someone in that party/government would tells them the truth at least. for once even it involves admitting their lies! Why are still lying till date,even in the face of hard realities that are obvious to all???

            Remember: =//= NO EXCUSES!

      • Otile

        And you and your corrupt APC party are not capable of doing anything. I see.

        • band olu

          No budget document is missing after all, it was a rumour started by PDP as usual who are trying to embarrass this govt…

          • Otile

            What next? Are you ready to take the bullet for your Fulani master?

    • Bash

      The good thing is that none in ur family generation to generation can ever achieve what he has academically

      • Vic+or

        What he has academically? Huh? And what, pray tell, is that? Have we now found his certificate?

      • Otile

        Talk about your illiterate family, ogbeni. Maybe your family generation all have forged certificates like Buhari. A disgrace to defend forgery!

  • Shugaba Nkasa

    Had these been documents about your vehicle upgrades or allowances, even air would not have access to touch it, but since it pertains to everybody, it is missing.

    If these people worked for yours truly, all those ones talking about the missing documents (especially those pointing fingers, and those that say they can’t work until they get fresh copies) would have all been fired!

    How is this even news? You lost some documents……are these documents classified “secret”? No!
    Print new copies and do your job!
    You are not even ashamed to let the public know that you are so incompetent, you can not pick up a phone, call whatever office has copies and have the copies faxed or emailed to you so that you can do your job. You have to have a senate session to declare documents missing.

    • share Idea

      You’re saying as if the document is has been prepared by executive. Just last week the finance minister was asking MDAs to submit their budgets to her office and I raised concern about the suggestion since we have told that budget proposal has been submitted to NASS. APC is lying party with straight face

      • Shugaba Nkasa

        Even if it is Angel Gabriel, that prepared them, We are saying the documents have copies!
        We are saying they should stop being incompetent, go get the copies and do their job!

  • SAM .A

    The Senators have just confirmed the name people have been calling them Barawo, Onyeozi Jaguda. There is nothing they can not make to disappear in that Chamber , even including papers.

    • mukaro

      Read the story again and reason. Do you need a soothsayer to tell you that the Presidency surreptitiously withdrew the budget to amend/doctor it? When some analysts were shouting that what Buhari presented wasn’t a realistic budget, APC people defended on them. Buhari has also come under heavy criticism over the the increase in presidency’s budget which he pushed up from N6.6 billion under jonathan to N18 billion. So, sit down, reason, then talk.

      • Damilola

        “Sit down reason and talk” that has been my epistle here. Thanks for that sir.

      • share Idea

        Don’t mind them. By the time APC government finish with Nigeria everyone will know that governance is not by magic. The leader of APC forged his WASC certificate and uptill today, the result is no where to be found. Buhari have corrupted every segment of government and kept lying with straight face.

        If such a sensitive document could disappear from NASS only God knows what can be saved in Nigeria.

        The government always have a way flying the kite through PT and thereafter officially confirming the situation.

        • Abidilagungun

          No, his results were stolen

  • Alpha

    But, how can “soft copy” miss? In cd or flash drive or the on the web? You mean the NA secretariat is so daft not to know such document should be in a ‘cloud’ as soon as received?

    How do we have the most undeserving person in charge of every sector in this country!

    • Bahaushe_Mai_Ban_Haushi

      @ Alpha,

      Honestly I wa not only disappointed in NASS but I was embarrassed. Even if you save the copy n a ‘cloud’ if its meant for NASS, virus would infect the servers and the soft copy meant for NASS would be deleted! May God continue to help us!

  • Bawan Allah

    This is a deliberate attempt to tarnish the government of APC. How can they allow such documents to disappear? If it’s their payment vouchers, will they allow it to disappear? Kai nawa for naija.

    • Es3

      Tarnish which government…on the budget that the government withdrew through the back door by themselves???

      • Bawan Allah

        How do you know? Any source?

        • Es3

          Senate … the source.

    • Otile

      Do you really buy this APC crap?

  • Abdallah Gumel

    Your embarrassing yourself National Assembly. How could this happen? Someone stole hard copy and soft of budget documents in your custody and start relating it to Mr president.

    • FreeNigeria

      Don’t mind the Mumu NASS. This shows how bad Nigeria is being run by the NASS who are there for one purpose only, Loot the commonwealth. Headed by head thief prodigal son Saraki. They come up with the kindergarten excuse for their incompetence.

  • Es3

    Stolen for where???

    Buhari/APC submitted an unrealistic, empty, double to triple costs, thoughtless budget that was reported as withdrawn after critics of the proposals by “opposition party”and others, a claim that APC denied vehemently?! Now this???!

    What other confirmation do Nigerians need to know that Buhari/APC actually withdrew the budget through the back door as earlier reported, thereby creating room for it to be described a stolen?!!!

    If stolen at all, who else would steal it if not APC themselves?!!!

  • Tunsj

    The dogs ate it. Case closed.

  • Rommel

    And we keep wasting scare funds on these human filth’s?

  • Burning Spear

    This is the most senseless satanic comment to be made by the government of Buhari—A clear indication of the type of criminal minded thieving Apes that abound in APC—What type of demonic childish statement of this—for heavens sake?——Usually when budget proposals are to be presented to the House of reptiles–several copies are made available to the lawbreakers who had the courage to climb the fence of the National Assemble in their quest to outst Jonathan from power—but do not have the strength to protect a simple document because of the number of rogues we have in APC—-The budget had to vanish from the hand of the leader of the boko haram fighters————-Imam——–Ndume of all people in Nigeria because of the billions the thugs in APC buried in the budget for the upkeep-of the Fulani–Boko haram fighters———We warned Nigerians about the demons troubling the soul of Buhari and his fake anti corruption crusade————-but they would not listen———————–Buhari is the biggest thief on mother earth———————Unless we get rid of him via a revolution–a civilian coup, there is no hope for Nigeria now or in the near future————————-not an iota of hope for the ELECTORATES -with his fake budget of madness–! So long as Buhari remains in power with the Apes in APC.——


    PDP at work. Blackmail.

  • Burning Spear

    This is the most senseless satanic comment to be made by the government of Buhari—A clear indication of the type of criminal minded thieving Apes that abound in APC—What type of demonic childish statement is this—for heavens sake?——Usually when budget proposals are to be presented to the House of reptiles–several copies are made available to these same lawbreakers who had the courage to climb the fence of the National Assemble, in their luciferic quest, to oust Jonathan from power—But do not have the strength to protect a simple document because of the number of rogues we have in APC—-The budget had to vanish from the hand of the leader of the boko haram fighters—-in the House——–Imam——–Ndume of all people in Nigeria because of the billions the thugs in APC, secretly buried in the budget for the upkeep-of the Fulani–Boko haram fighters———We warned Nigerians about the demons troubling the soul of Buhari and his fake anti corruption crusade————-but they would not listen—to us!——————-Buhari is the biggest thief on mother earth———————Unless we get rid of him via a revolution–that is a civilian coup, there is no hope for Nigeria now or in the near future————————-not an iota of hope for the ELECTORATES -with his fake budget of madness–! So long as Buhari remains in power with the Apes in APC.——Nigeria will never make any progress–it woulsd be lies upon lies upon lies—till 2019———when it would be too late to sack even at the polls!

  • Abidilagungun

    I guess this is an internship on how the actual budgeted funds would disappear, first the document, then the funds themselves

    • REDEEM

      Did Nigerians ever ask Buhari the fake anti corruption crusader to tell us how he spent the 4.5 trillion Naira budget for last year-?-Were questions asked why Buhari after only 5 months in power needed –800b exr budgetry allocations-to settle the needs of Aisha his wife? Did we ask him to explain–Instead money donated for election purposes are been tagged Kudi–ati Awo for the purchase of arms–I do not know if Nigerians are in a trance—–Yet these same gullible 9jas who believe Buhari– are yet to pick up the courage-throw away their old regional toga.-and ask Buhari to tell us where he got the weapons to kill 31 Ijaws in Bayelsa state and 300 Shiia Muslims and at the same time have some bullets left to fight boko haram with—Aware Buhari has not bought even a bottle of gun powder, for the soldiers–It has been one lie after the other—daily–by Adesina who used UNTHINKING FULANI Dasuki as a mole for APC—what a country———–what a president

  • Izon Redeemer

    Is this the socalled Mr.Discipline that the USA imposed on Nigeria? The anti corruption crusader from the Fulani emirate? I laugh–very soon they will tell us it has been recovered again-in Katsina state–ati Osun the abode of Tinubu the thief–after secretly increasing the budget to 16 trillion—Yes the Apes in APC can resettle a Fulani soldier who went on awol–when caught spying for the Apes in APC—As a result of which have generals sacked because of a Captain–but cannot protect a simple document—-of the entire budget—What a shame what a country–Whenever the Fulanis ati Yorubas are in power–the masses moan and mourn in the wilderness for the soul of Ijaw man Jonathan—————- animals

  • Action_Nigeria


    Liar Mohammed told me that he saw President Goodluck Jonathan around 11pm in the National Assembly Complex on December 31, 2015 with some armed Niger Delta Militants …. Liar Mohammed confirmed to me that their mission was to steal the lousy budget documents.

    The DSS must act now!

    • FormerNigerian


  • Höly Wähala

    Hahaha chei… Arrest Kokoma Kemi and Udo Udoma kia-kia! They must behind the heist after IMF and Mrs. Christine Lagarde lambasted the bloated budget made by crass and incompetent technocrats. This is first in history and the culprits must be paraded before national TV and flogged 24 lashed of koboko on the raw asz. Dis na b´madness, not even Dr. Dumbo withdrew any documents he submitted to the NASS. I’ve said it and will reiterate… Diploma Kemi should be redeployed to another ministry and the all-important MInistry of Finance put in competent and tested hands. Barawo Kemi should go biko before it’s too late…

  • shola

    “Copies were however not distributed to lawmakers before they proceeded on Christmas and New Year holidays. And why not?
    Can anything come out positively from this house apart from exchanging fisticuffs?. God save Nigeria.

    • ukoette ibekwe

      How did the NASS members participate in the budget presentation without individual copies. How do we behave as if being in the house is rocket science.
      With this nymphoid NASS, Nigeria is in a big problem.
      Imagine that the leadership of NASS is the one that is a little critical of Mr. Buhari, what would have happened if NASS had a non critical leadership

  • Ogom

    “Hard and soft copies”?
    I’m assuming this means both printed document AND word files sitting on someone’s computer?

    How does someone “steal” a word document? The National Assembly is full of jokers. Only problem is this isn’t funny.

  • Quirkycox2016

    Breaking News:

    Official thefts in Delta State escalate

    “Delta State Police Command has declared wanted the embattled suspended

    chairman of Uvwie local government council, Mr. Henry Baro and the chairman

    of Central Motor Park, Effurun, Mr. Napoleon Odibu over their alleged

    involvement in the invasion of the Shoprite in Warri last week

    by thugs loyal to the council chairman.”


    • Pdee

      Other countries are busy developing…see d type of news we hear in the all time Giant of Africa…bravo

  • Dandaman

    Seems the National Assemble people will do anything to embarrass the President. Now speculation will start that Mr President organised for the documents to go missing……
    Corruption Fights Back

  • Ahmad

    Chai! These NASS goats are very very impatient. They can’t even wait for the YAM to boiled before they finish it. May God almighty deliver us.

  • zung

    NASS, what would they not do? First they faked or forged their rules on electing their officials on which basis their present leadership was elected. Second, they are being accused of being the chief launderers of money in Nigeria,and now they made away with a document well presented to them and the public. Sure………….? What output are we expecting from them? I buy the idea that this is a deliberate act.

  • Outraged

    It must be JONATHAN that stole it. That man is stealing everything now

    • Burbank

      Jonathan don’t stole budget documents – he stole the budget

      • Otile

        You got a dumb sense of humor, odale.

        • Burbank

          Stealing from the Nigerian people is only humourous to Jonathan and his supporters.

  • betanaija

    It’s only in Nigeria this kind of low rated, nollywood badly written script can play out. Are we ever ashamed of our actions in this global village? I weep for my country because it’s gradually turning to a banana republic.

    • Burbank

      That’s occured for the past 16 years.

      • logmein2nite

        I thought we voted for “Change”?

        • MushinSpeaks

          Yes you voted CHANGE. However, its not President’s responsibility to keep watch of documents in the national assembly.

          • Otile

            Has he offered to give them his duplicate copy? I know you will defend him to death and even take the bullet for him.

        • Otile

          The yorubas voted in their Fulani master for change for the worse and it is already playing out. Chengii my foot.

        • Burbank


  • IZON Redeemer

    Did Nigerians ever ask Buhari the fake anti corruption crusader, to tell us how he spent the 4.5 trillion Naira budget for last year-?- Did Buhari buy a bag of cement from his Fulani brother Dangote with the 4.4 trillion? Were questions asked why Buhari after only 5 months in power needed –800b exra budgetry allocations-to settle the needs of Aisha his wife? Did we ask him to explain–Instead, money donated for electioneering purposes are been tagged Kudi–ati Owo for the purchase of arms–I do not know if Nigerians are in a trance—–Yet these same gullible 9jas, who believe Buhari– are yet to pick up the courage-throw away their old regional toga-and request Buhari to tell us where he got the weapons to kill 31 Ijaws in Bayelsa state from? Ati the 300 Shiia Muslims killed by him at the same time. And still have bullets left to fight boko haram without buying even gun powder for our soldiers? After the murder of the Shiias, the USA head of the Neo Imperialist—who imposed Buhari on us–GIFTED HIM WITH 24 TRUCKS——But the same USA, refused to come to the aid of Jonathan, because of alleged human right abuses-as reported to them by the sultan of Sokoto–El rufai and Sanusi- Since Buhari assumed the mantle of leadership—It has been one lie after the other—daily–by Adesina who used UNTHINKING FULANI Dasuki as a mole for APC—what a country———–what a president———let my people go

    • Burbank

      “let my people go.”

      Did Seriake Wike Akpabio Obiano Orji agreed to this?

      • logmein2nite

        They mustn’t agree.

        • Burbank

          You elected them!

    • logmein2nite

      Are “Nigerians in a trance”? Of course, an anti-Biafran trance. That’s the unifying foundation of all pro=Buhari support.

  • Kola Adekola

    Manifestation of NEPA BILL CERTIFICATE.
    Nigerians, you were warned.

  • I dey hear!


    “Shocking details emerged from the recently presented 2016 budget that the executive arm of government
    will spend the lion share of N5.87 trillion or about 96.5 per cent of the total N6.1 trillion. Then, about N205
    billion (or 3.5 per cent) goes to the other arms of government. The Legislature and the Judiciary will get N115
    billion and N90 billion respectively, Vanguard revealed. The breakdown of the budget also indicates that the
    federal government intends to spend N39 billion in running the Office of the President with major allocations
    going to car purchase at N3.9 billion; and, another N189 million to change tyres for specified vehicles
    in the Presidency.”


    • Burbank

      So no problem if the budget documents are stolen since you already have the details.

      • logmein2nite

        Except that they can deny it.

        • Burbank

          That’s free speech.

  • vTrigger

    What is a budget document if over 200 Chibok girls cannot be traced for 2 years by all the security agencies, including French, American and British intellegence all combined.

  • rico

    but you all forgot that over 200 girls were stolen the same country.

  • Sparzo

    Which/whose office in Nyass did the documents disappear from?
    Both copies? And why both copies?

  • Uwadiegwu

    The so called budget did not disappear. The rubbish could be found in the dustbin near the public toilet at the National Assembly Complex. Honestly, that is where Bokohari’s so called budget belongs.

    • Burbank

      The National Assembly Complex is not in the President villa.

      Don’t blame the other shops in your area if your shop is shoplifted.

      • logmein2nite

        Bad attempt to rationalize an obvious national embarrassment and absurdity. National Assembly and Presidency all belong to the same party of dubious :”Change”.

        • Burbank

          Bad attempt to ratyionalize theft. Period.

    • MushinSpeaks

      You will be fine. Buhari is your President and you can do nothing to that; also know that there can only be one Nigeria.

      • FormerNigerian

        Keep repeating the 2nd half of your statement (after the semi-colon) to yourself while looking in the mirror every morning. It might make you feel better and less deluded but it’s now so far from reality 🙂

  • james

    Nigeria is a joke… At-least clueless GEJ didn’t do this… Presidency refuted that they had requested for the Budget back from the NASS, yet the come out such and obtuse lie like the both soft and hard copy of the Budget was stolen form the NASS.

    • ukoette ibekwe

      Imagine if something like this can happen in broad daylight, what is going on behind the scenes. I guess we should take Buhari’s word for it that thieves made away with the budget instruments

    • Burbank

      “At-least clueless GEJ didn’t do this”
      GEJ didn’t stole the budget documents – he stole the entire budget.

      • logmein2nite

        If you steal the money in a budget at least we know what you stole. When you steal the budget itself, what can be the motive? To steal the “entire budget” without trace? An ashamed entry into the World Guiness Book of Records!

        • Burbank

          “If you steal the money in a budget at least we know what you stole.”
          And you didn’t know the massive theft of money from Jonathan’s budget by Dasuki, for years, until Buhari became president.

  • hyperbole123

    oniranu gbogbo. from the so-called president down. a bunch of distracted, clueless ego-tripping neanderthals!

  • C3kwe

    Insanity rules in Nigeria. It beggars believe. Conspiracy to deceive the country by those that are fightingso called corruption. This is corruption at its epic. Corruption is not only measured in Naira and Kobo.

  • sam

    Premium times which of the copies were stolen? The ones with Saraki or Dogara. Only you need to explain to Nigerians because 100 of copies were provided by the presidency according to mallam Shehu.

  • Omotolaaraujo

    It’s a sad day for Primates. You’d think after all the wasted time and money in Nigeria, that a group of Senators could manage one building and some official documents.

  • Cleartruth

    You always hear of strange things in apc government. Throughout the years of pdp misrule we didn’t hear that budget was stolen. Dictator Buhari and his apc gang of liars , shame on you.

    • Burbank

      “Throughout the years of pdp misrule we didn’t hear that budget was stolen.”

      That’s because “throughout the years of pdp misrule,” stealing is not corruption.

      • logmein2nite

        So which is now the world’s greatest scandal = “corruption” or “stolen budget”?

        • kevin

          what does stealing a national document mean to you? a virtue? what is corruption?

        • Burbank


    • MushinSpeaks

      For you to believe that budget is missing, then you can consume the notion that Nigeria is in Europe.

  • Watch man

    I need to reiterate again that the budget was not stolen. It was a plot between NASS and the Executive arm. Remember that Lagarde said last week that her team will be in Nigeria this week to scrutinize the budget. This is because the govt of the day wishes to borrow huge amount from IMF (never mind their denial). This has been the trend for long. And of course since the budget was presented publicly it has to be withdrawn secretly to avoid public uproar. It is unfortunate that Nigeria has never really had genuine patriotic leaders that care about the people. A situation where IMF/Lagarde would be the ones to determine how we should spend our money is indeed preposterous to say the least.

    • Burbank

      A real embarrassment to Saraki and Dogara who cannot even secure documents in their own houses.

    • Sir Demo

      You don’t seems to understand that a budget is just a proposal, which is open to amendments as necessary. Why will the Presidency withdraw it secretly? These legislaTHIEVES are really playing with fire that will consume them all. Try to frustrate the govt? It ain’t gonna happen.

  • ojays

    I dey laugh ooo. It was not stolen it just disappeared and will reappear very soon. Baba is only taking his time, budget will be ready for scrutiny by May approval will come in October. Only pls pay salary as at when do o. Otherwise workers will agitate for change (the real change) ooo.

  • ojays

    All road constructions have stopped with no sign of resumption of work very soon. Change of govt should not affect such things at all. Its just too bad.

  • simple!


  • Bahaushe_Mai_Ban_Haushi

    Honestly I was not only disappointed in NASS but I was embarrassed.

    Cloud computing companies do not allow any soft copy of 2016 Budget Estimates for Nigeria file(s) meant for NASS to be saved on your ‘cloud’ servers as it is likely to infect your cloud servers and all the copies of the files saved on your servers (including bacck-up copies) would be deleted Beware! By all means run the other and not walk! They say ‘To be Forewarned is to be Forearmed’

    May God continue to help us!

  • Marshal Brutus


  • Sir Louis

    Unthinkable! unbelievable! This is going too far!

  • Sir Demo

    The cabals surely want to use the legislaTHIEVES to frustrate the promised and unfolding Change. It is becos of the approaching Saraki case and the strong stance of PMB on the insensitive SUVgate!

    The moment copies were not made and availed to each NASS members immediately after presentation and thus enable deliberation upon resumption, I have been expecting this shenanigans. These thieves will not go down without a fight. I only wish it will not be a terminal political fight for most of them.

    After the Judiciary, our legislature is our biggest problem

    • absam777

      Thank you for speaking my mind. If it is true that the documents are missing, I am fully persuaded that it has more to do with Saraki and his gang in the senate. It is part of their game plans :

      1). To frustrate the government and slow it down.
      2). To use the passing of the budget as a bargaining instrument for Saraki’s case to be over looked.
      3) To frustrate the election case against the Senate that brought Saraki and Ekweremadu into the leadership of the senate.

  • Soul_brother

    Stolen indeed. If you lie to get to the top, you will definitely tell more lies to remain there

  • MushinSpeaks

    They reported budget is missing and we here fighting eachother. Even if, the President is not to be blame here. Hundreds of copies were given to legislators and you think its a child’s play to recover all these document?I think we should have deep reasoning before making comments. CHANGE is here.

    • Papi

      I seriously begin to think that coming online to comment is now a past time hobby of Nigerians. People have moved from beer parlor gossips or newspaper stand gossip to online, cuz thats the only thing they believe the use of mobile data can do for them. More worrying is the rate at which we attack eachother online based on any topic at all, thinking its fun. This is never about the love for the country. Some will rather the govt fail and they are willing to die for the failure of the govt. If America and Europe was like this, we will not be wanting to run there for greener pastures. We are not ready to grow and develop our country. We just want it to burn down, and then go seek refugees somewhere else. I’m sick and tired of our black mentality!

  • Ochon

    Let’s assume the National Assembly were careless to have misplaced the budget is it so difficult for the executive to quickly send another to Nass?

  • tazo

    can dis actually be true? hmmm dis govt eh wat is it dat they are up to, that a whole budget will get missing under their nose and they cant give account of it. this is the change we are looking for.

  • S. A. Maigari

    What is shocking about this? It is the way the headline is cast that makes it shocking to readers and made them comment in a shocked way. If it was cast thus; “2016 budget documents misplaced at National Assembly” it wouldn’t have shocked anyone. Do you see how sensational headlines can play with your emotions?


    The question here is, who wrote that budget for president Buhari and convinced him to go and read it before the National Assembly and the whole world? Can we say president Buhari is truly in-charge of this nation if indeed the 2016 budget was written without his consent and input and given to him to just go and read? What is happening to our nation? Every foreign investor, business owner, stakeholders have the right to be afraid as things stand. Will it be right now to call our genuine concerns on the issue of budget as “wailing wailers”? As coined by Deri against the Apes in APC? Now that the truth is out suggesting president Buhari withdrew the budget back because he could not believe some of the contents he was told were in it at the Media Chat, are we still THE “Wailing Wailers” his 419ner Adesina spoke about?

    In a country where even Banks are now struggling to stay afloat, business owners are being forced to close shop, foreign investors are leaving the country, and our economy almost sliding into recession, we need a president who knows the economic issues of 9ja and not a president who does not even know the contents of the budget he read before the whole world.—What a shame! What a country!—————–

    • olotu

      This kind of reaction is expected from the presidency! Will they agree that stole the budget? They won’t.
      This budget of yams got missed cos is unimplementable. A padded budget!
      Sure, very soon even the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria would be declared missing for the simple reason that as president Buharigradually metamorphosed to full blown dictator, to chief justice of the Federation, a supreme leader like that of North Korea.
      When a well crafted scenario like this plays out, they will simply deny it, then rewrite already prepared document, includes features like Sharia law, the president as supreme leader; the president can decide those be granted bail etc.
      This is what you get when you package a well known bad product to deceive prospective buyers yet they bought into it knowingly……

  • Dr Pat Kolawole Awosan

    Senator Bukola Saraki and senate leader,senator Ndume and other members of the senate leadership all must be held responsible for the missing original copies of 2016 national budget.It is pure negligence,irresponsible and sheer non-focus and non-serious senate leadership that are up to some strange tricks by declaring the 2016-budget copies missing.
    Bukola Saraki,Ndume and other members of the corrupt-ridden senate must face the consequences of their actions
    with severe penalty at the end.

  • Idowu Folasade Adetunji

    Now that the proposed Budget document grew wings right in front of NASS’ eyes, what are we going to do about it?
    It is shame that NASS will engage in turning a soft and hardcopies of a very important document into a VAPOURISED VIRTUAL DOCUMENT. Every member of NASS is a suspect until proven otherwise.
    I hope the office of the President still have the master-copy saved somewhere, if they do, send a softcopy to the printing house for a reprint and charge the cost to NASS.
    I wi…ll suggest the office of the President to use CLOUD COMPUTING / Online Backup technology in all of their dealings with NASS going forward.
    Create for example a DROPBOX account and store important documents in it.
    Ask all NASS members to create their own personal Dropbox account to enable access to vital documents via laptops or mobile device.
    Grant NASS members READ ONLY access to applicable document like Budget Proposal etc.
    Once the Budget is approved; revoke the right.