Buhari names TY Danjuma, Dangote in committee on North-East rehabilitation

Theophilus Danjuma

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday said a committee to rehabilitate infrastructure and resettle Internally Displaced Persons,IDPs in the North-East sub-region will soon be formally inaugurated.

The committee, to be led by a frontline statesman, Theophilus Yakubu Danjuma, a retired lieutenant general, will also include Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, a statement by spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said.

Speaking at the State House, Abuja, in response to a goodwill message delivered to him by a group, Women In Politics Forum (WIPF), President Buhari announced that all forms of assistance and aid in this respect, generated locally and from foreign countries as promised by the Group of Seven of Industrialized Countries (G7) would be channeled through the committee when inaugurated.

He said he had compiled a list of damaged infrastructure,including schools and bridges and handed it to the leaders of the G7 and the United States, adding that “I didn’t ask for a Kobo (in cash). It is up to them to choose what they will undertake. Already,some of them have sent teams to verify our assertions.”

President Buhari decried the impact of the Boko Haram violence on women and children, declaring that they are its worst victims.

“In the North-East, what I saw for myself and on those clips is a source of concern for people with conscience,” the President said. “They are mostly women, and children who are orphaned. Some of them don’t even know where they come from. This is the pathetic situation in which the country has found itself.”

He said the fight for the return of the Chibok girls was ongoing and “continues to be a most worrying issue” to his government, emphasizing that the administration will do all within its powers in making the best efforts to secure their freedom.

The President acknowledged the case made by the WIPF for better representation of women in his government and assured it that women would fare well in the composition of parastatals and their boards in the first quarter of this year.

He also defended the records of the administration in response to criticism that it is slow, arguing that steps must taken with caution to avoid mistakes.

“People say we are slow. We are trying to change structures put in place by our predecessors in office for 16 years. If we hurry it, we will make mistakes. That will be a disaster.”

President Buhari assured that the country has a budget proposal for the new year that is good for employment and manufacturing.

“By the end of the second quarter,the full impact of these positive measures will be felt,” he told the visiting women.

The WIPF, made up of women leaders from 26 registered political parties, led by Ebere Ifendu of the Labour Party, expressed their full support for the government’s war on corruption and insecurity.

They asked the administration to usher in laws to promote gender equity as well as action towards the implementation of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act.

The Women’s group made the record of being the first organization to be received by the President in the New Year.


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  • Agofure

    Trust me, all the contracts for any job or road construction
    or building of anykind and all the cement to be used will be to the companies
    owned by Dangote. You see, my people of the Niger Delta, the Hausa man is
    playing some games here and we cant just be looking. Do you ever hear anybody
    mention Dangote’s name during the elections? But he was behind the scenes
    spending monies and PT will never report it. Imagine TY Danjuma who has become
    a billionaire from the oil wealth of the Niger Delta is now on a committee to
    rehabilitate the North East. Between North East & Niger Delta which onw
    needs rehabilitation? Has oil pollution for decades not technically killed more
    people than self inflicted Islamic terrorism? Separation is still the answer.

    • Ango

      Wailing waiters! Go hell

      • Justice

        No he will not. But all those appropriating his God given resources and rendering his environment wasteful to prop up parasites should go to hell, including you.

        • Ango

          Hahaha Wailer keep wailing I’m having ma fun

    • Buhari4Ever

      If GEJ, an Ijaw man, after almost 6yrs in Aso Rock could not rehabilitate Niger Delta, why should you expect Buhari to do it for you?

  • Rommel

    Good development

    • Okafor

      I remember Jonathan appointed the man Danjuma also and he did nothing. Let’s hope he and his committee will be ready to work. They don’t money for they enough to turn NE into Dubai from oil blocks in the SS. But is the war with BH over? If not so it will be a wasted effort, for they will frustrate them

  • Debust

    Agofure be quiet and blame GEJ for Niger Delta problems

  • eclub

    The trouble with SW supporters of Buhari is that they even lack any sensitivity, and outrage when Buhari marginalizes them. The Yoruba who buoyed this man to the presidency are completely disrespected in these contracts and appointments.

    Are the Yorubas under a spell?

    If it’s Jonathan, then they will go crazy. Omo you are toyed with like slaves. Wake up!

    • newvoice404

      Keep on deceiving yourself, Yorubas are fine and are doing great. No one is buying your propaganda. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

      • eclub

        It’s not you alone that determines if you are fine.

        • newvoice404

          Hahahahahahahahahaha you will soon wake up from your deluded dream of wanting to pitch Yorubas against a region or regions by all means. It has never fly and it wont fly!

          • eclub

            Listen kid, nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to the Yoruba brothers and sisters; during the last campaign, I actually saw about half a dozen different Yoruba families come on TV and say something like this, look, “Buhari as a dictator in 1984 killed my dad, put my uncle in prison without trial for years, tortured my mom, but I forgive him this time around and I will vote for him, my entire family will vote for him because Jonathan is not performing well”.

            So, you see, I cannot reason with anyone that irrational, anyone so morally bankrupt, anyone bent of cutting off their nose to spite their face. It looks like fun and games for you guys, but it is actually much, much sinister than you understand.

          • They’re yibo speaking yoruba, posing as yoruba’s this tribe of people are naturally born fake merchants
            They’re not yoruba’s

          • newvoice404

            So I am your ”kid”now and you dont even know my age. Anyway this is still typical of your type. I will say it again, you know nothing about Yoruba people, so stop claiming that you know. You cannot push or cajole Yorubas to fight your fight or hate those you hate . Yorubas will always do political things according to their political conscience and that is why they are thriving and you are confused and wailing . Keep wailing. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

        • Sir Demo

          When Yinos like you can not even determine for Igbos, you want to be determining for Yorubas?

    • Chuks

      Why do you PDP e-rats always reduce governance to tribe and appointments? The mentality of the new generation of Nigerians has become very dangerous to national development. In selecting people to rebuild the NE, should it again be what to gain from the appointment on the life and misery of IDP’s? Lord have mercy!

      • eclub

        It’s reality, deal with it.
        Don’t be an ostrich.

        You actually can’t be serious!

        • Don

          Eclub be reasonable….keeping quiet when you have nothing to say is not a curse

          • eclub

            Oh I have plenty to say. The country is going to be in peace, or it’s going to be in pieces; it is incumbent on all of us to speak out.

            Buhari just massacred thousands of people, and you expect us to keep mum? God forbid!

    • Arogbo

      The Yorubas are not under any spell, but rather have a good sense of judgement because they know a winner when they see one. PMB past antecedents as a man of integrity has endeared him to so many Nigerians who likes his anti corruption stance.

      • Justice

        C’on @arogbo, you don’t really believe that.

        • Sir Demo

          Absolutely! And rational minded Igbos as well. Only the Yibos, wailers and Ekpas are mourning cos no more freebies.

    • Dear yoruba’s fri-enemy expert on the “yoruba”

      The “Yoruba people voted for GEJ twice in turn for what? he loaded his cabinet with yibo so they should all vote for him one more time as to what end? Yes we voted for PMB so far we have no cause to regret, so speak for yourselves live the Yoruba’s alone they can take care of themselves they’ve so far fair much better under PMB than under GEJ all igbo cabinet and administration

      It better to be slave to hausa than to be friend with yibo, a man with no root, no home land, a wondering criminal

  • evidence

    Buhari has borrowed 2.1 billion ‎from World Bank to siphon in the name of reconstruction and rehabilitation of North East. 
    It is only in buhari’s alternate universe that one can reconstruct and rehabilitate a region still under the siege of terrorists without first defeating the terrorists. 
    This is just another conduit pipe to siphon more money.  ‎

  • 9ja is finished under buhari

    Is the war in the Fulani North with Boko Haram over? A clear indication that the Fulanis are behind the crisis in the North East—-The Fulanis said they wanted the amnesty scheme for Niger deltans stopped–so decided to hide under funds borrowed from the World BANK, to develop the North East-if Jonathan an Ijaw man had nominated Ijaws to take charge of——-the oil spills in Ogoni or the Niger delta–the entire Nigeria would have gone on to call him names———————But since the order to Saintly Northerners like Dangote ati Danjuma to embark on the job of rehabilitating the Fulani North, is coming from the almighty head of the Fulani emirate Buhari–none has the right to talk in Nigeria—after all did Buhari not contest elections without a certificate–? Who was there to challenge him in Nigeria? NOT ONE PERSON–Yet they tell me nigeria is not a tribal society–then is it–a club house for the 3 major tribes——————‘ let my people go now tha the prtice of oil is down to 50 cents—–Buhari cannot even tell 9jas what he did with the 5.6b dollars left in the coffers of NNPC—-by the previous government–all he does is to lie about Dasuki stole this and that——-Animals

    • Paranoia has gotten hold of you, do hold on back

    • Buhari4Ever

      Deri Orbuka, campaign is over!! GEJ lost the election and will never smell Aso Rock again. This is 2016, move on and do something meaningful with your miserable life else you will die a bat

  • Ifeanyi Nwoko

    A good development. Put a committee and funds together to rebuild a ravaged area, even though terrorists have bnot been dealt with. Brilliant. What’s next? Borrowing billions to buy mop and bucket to mop up the Atlantic?

    When common sense becomes uncommon.


    Defiance of Court Order is indeed a “HIGH TREASON” if there is one like that in our penal books. It becomes the “HIGHEST TREASON” (if such exists in our penal books) if the defiance is unfortunately coming from the head and mouth of a democratically-elected President who shoulders the obligation of being the Enforcer of law in Chief. Sections 6 and 287 of the amended 1999 Constitution vindicates me. Until President Muhammed Buhari withdraws his unfortunate arrogant statement and apologizes to Nigerians, I withdraw my support for President Muhammed Buhari and apologize to all Nigerians for actively supporting the machineries that brought a tyrant back to power.

    The Constitution of Nigeria is the plank upon which democracy is standing and if it is destroyed, democracy is gone. It is sacred and must remain inviolable. In law, nothing stands on nothing. If you put something on nothing, it will collapse. Open defiance of Court orders is literally rumpling the Nigerian Constitution and casting same to the trashcan.

    Let it always be remembered and may history and historians record that at a time like this I rose to condemn presidential impunity. The time to rise and stop Mr. President Buhari in his unconstitutional path is now. I eternally believe Thomas Paine when he reasoned that “IF THERE MUST BE TROUBLE, LET IT BE IN MY OWN DAY THAT MY CHILD MAY HAVE PEACE” May God save Nigeria from Traitors. May God bless Nigeria and give her peace! I choose to say no more.”….

    • Ifeanyi Nwoko

      Well said. But unfortunately, I cannot blame Buhari. I blame the millions of Nigerians that supported and empowered him. If, by your definition, flouting of a court order is high treason, what then do you call the flouting of the will of an entire nation, along with the entire body of government. This is what Buhari did in 1983. Instead of him being perpetually banished from Nigerian governance, he has been rewarded for his bad behavior with the highest seat.

      More is coming. Let us be watching. Abi we are wailing wailers. Welcome to the club.

    • eclub

      Every relevant institution that can initiative his impeachment has been rigged, and he spent 5 months putting that in place, in the hands of his sunni moslem. Northerners, or Hausa Fulani people, so we no longer federal character but impunity. Was he was done accomplishing that, he went on his massacre, and unconstitutional behavior. ..

      So we are in a serious time.

    • Good Governance

      Go to hell, have you ever support PMB, coming here vomiting rubbish, if your family members were among the IDP, I am not sure you will still be talking about defiant of court order.idi*t

  • All Trust

    Make sure that after rebuilding, you will hold the terrorists back as it will be unfair to allow them ravage the rebuilt place again to turn again to use commonwealth for rebuilding. Free oil money; made in the south but enjoyed in the north. Nigerians still keep watching. Nigerians may have been scammed.

  • Proud Yoruba

    You must put other ethnic nationalities on the committee as well to ensure accountability, we don’t want another Niger Delta commission used to siphon money and no good to the average man on the street!

  • ed

    The most clear evidence that President Buhari is not sincere about the Boko Haram war is this committee.
    Just like the defence and security personnel for the Nigeria armed forces made up of all Northerners. That I assume is expected from Buhari.
    The most depressing thing is the failure to end the war first,
    The victims that were in bad shape but safe in the camps. Came back based on the illusion from the president that Boko Haram has been defeated. Only to be bombarded by Boko Haram before and after Christmas.
    Common sense application would’ve forced a reasonable President to rethink the failed effort to end the war and re strategies. But we keep celebrating incompetent and creat more avenues to milk fund by the over blown elites.
    May God help and safe Nigeria.