Presidential Media Chat: Buhari’s maiden chat — LIVE UPDATES

President Muhammadu Buhari is tonight hosting his maiden Presidential Media Chat since assuming office on May 29 this year.

The challenges confronting Nigeria – insecurity, the economy, corruption, dearth of infrastructure – are still largely the same issues the last administration grappled with.

The presidency promised in the past to entertain questions from Nigerians via telephone, although the phone failed to work during those episodes of the programme.

Critics believe the phones were programmed not to work as a way of blocking citizens from asking the president embarrassing questions.

So, in case you are able to reach the president on the programme today, we suggest you put these questions we have raised to him, in addition to others you might have.

We also urge the editors, who will interview the president, to consider asking him some of the suggested questions.

Our reporters are providing live updates of the session.


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  • Oh!

    “Thirty years ago as Head of State, we collected those we perceived to
    be corrupt and put them in protective custody, until they prove they
    were not guilty”

    Some people may think his excellency is speaking in tongues of jagbajantis. The simple fact is the he is speaking the truth. It is up to the listener to understand what he means by “protective custody”

    The protection is not for the alleged criminals. Buhari was protecting the Nigerian hoi polloi from further actions from the accused.
    Allowing them to roam free gives them latitude to buy, coerce, intimidate or whatever else themselves out of trouble.

    • NamesAre4Tombstones

      The fact that you do not see anything wrong with locking people up “until they prove they are not guilty” shows that you are just as much of a dunce as your Daura dullard.

      • Abiboss

        Don’t you think some high powerful Nigerians involved will assasinate these suspects if they are released? If they could kill Abacha, Abiola, Bola Ige and co, they will strike again. This case is beyond Dasuki and co.

        • k

          disobeying the law when it comes to Nigerian lives should be unacceptable, lots of countries persecute high ranking officials without denying them their basic human rights…

          • AbdulAziz

            Well, this is not lots of country but a country someone recently referred to as a zoo. What more do you expect from the zoo keeper? Free the animals? In your dreams!

          • george igalo

            This is total nonsense; I cannot even understand the man a
            bit. Buhari is not organize at all. He’s avoiding questions and not giving
            direct answers. In fact this is a complete wayo government, in the likes of
            Amechi and others you said that you’re fighting corruptions, nonsense. Why don’t
            you use them as example, after you know that they looted more than enough. Shame
            to Buhari, he don’t even know that petroleum minister is from Delta state and
            he said the man is an ibo man lol lol lol. By the way what did Nnamdi Kalu do? Of
            course he has two passports because he’s a Nigerian and also a British citizen.
            you just hate the ibo’s . I read your stories on your contribution during
            bafiara way. Well I pit those that voted for you, them go hear am no bi small.

          • musa

            The northern started boko haram just to destabilize the
            previous administration and now they refused to go because they are getting financial
            support from top Islamic sec. Try and
            make them to leave because you started it just because you want to rule Nigeria
            by all means.

            Naria have turn to rubbish, people are suffering just
            because APC as a government are hungry for power. Now you guys have the power
            but you’re confused. You people should do something because people that voted
            in are suffering, and don’t use the past administration as an excuse for your

            Your fighting corruption, is this the way to fight
            corruption???????? This is not a democracy at all, if its, why are you re-arresting
            that was released by court????????

          • Kachiku is an Igbo, a member of the Igbo tribe in Delta state. Igbo is a tribe, not a geographical space. Members of the Igbo tribe can be found in the southern and eastern parts of our country. So our president is right. Check again before asserting.

  • X-rated


    Asked why publicly known and officially
    indicted treasury thieves (like Raji Fashola and Rotimi Amaechi) were appointed
    Ministers, the answer Buhari gave was most devious. “I was very careful not to
    pick anyone as Minister who is standing trial in court”, Buhari said.

    The answer Buhari gave is so irrelevant to
    the question asked that Buhari looked complicit as an enabler of corruption in
    Nigeria. It is a shame. In Raji Fashola’s case, assets worth nearly a billion
    Naira that Raji Fasola stole in Lagos were detected and seized from him
    in August. That clear-cut admission and proof of theft was winked at
    by Buhari who may have diminished himself with hypocrisy.

  • Hellenic Ehikomahi

    May God save Nigeria. President Buhari is saying we cannot devalue the Naira against French Franc or German
    Mark. Oh, my God. These two currencies long stopped existing decades ago. The only person who does not
    know this fact is President Buhari. May God save Nigeria. This is not a good day for Nigeria’s image, surely.

    • Ebubedike

      It’s called dementia!

    • Arabakpura

      You can also represent them as those if you don’t want to mention Euro!

    • peri koma

      Early stages of dementia ..

    • Beth Murphy

      He was given Example Idiots.

      • Say the truth

        Read your comment again and correct the error.




      “I will not support devaluation of the Naira. I need to be convinced that there is need for the country to devalue the Naira. Is it against the dollar or pound?

      “We have our priorities. To provided money to fund the projects we have already outlined, and not for those who want hard currency to import textile and toothpick.”

    • Amir

      Honestly I love that aspect of his response. This means we have a president we can trust. The Germans and French do not know what our currency is called. I’m so glad we have a president who is not hankering after the names of foreign currencies except you black market economic saboteurs. It is so disgusting that while British students do not know Nigerias currency, Nigerian primary one pupils know even black market exchange rates. So bad.

  • Leonard A Esere

    How often is he going to be speaking to Nigerians on the developments his government are making?

    • Burning Spear

      which development are u talking about Mumu? On how to borrow money from the world bank—or the fake promise he made to pay unemployed graduate 5,000—-

      • John

        You are the biggest of the Mumus, Burning Spear. How could PMB run a looted presidency without borrowing money? Even the chief looters, Jonathan, borrowed money.

        • emeka Ezenwa

          If Jonathan is a chief looter why is he not in prison, is that not part of the curruption Buharia claim to be fighting?

      • Amir

        You PDP e-rats, fearing retrenchment next year, cannot wait for the unemployment benefits.

  • Leonard A Esere

    One thing he didn’t say about the Boko Haram what is coursing the delay to defecting Boko Haram!


    It is a shame that we have such a human as our president–he c ould not answer a single question–from Fashola to what have u-

    • Mr Wise

      I guess you did not watch the interview

      • REDEEM

        what did he say when asked why he made Fashola minister of 3 lucrative ministries–what was his answer–‘ Can u help me out?

        • dom

          must he expose Fashola’s strength because of critics like u. Even the blind knows that Fashola is bold and equal to the task. Lets learn not to be partial. God bless Nigeria.

          • scimitar

            Will you be happy if the super minister is Ibo. I am not owning Fasola only his achievement in Lagos

          • ayo

            Fashola is another fraud coated with media sugar,propaganda and falsehoods. If fashola is so good why is Lagos where he exclusively governed for 8 years in such ruins with nothing to show for over 8 trillion naira and 1 trillion debt spent by fashola in 8years.if buhari is sincere and not up to any mischief against Nigeria, could him so shamelessly tell the world that Nigeria is so bankrupt in human resources that only a tested and proved highly sophisticated fraud like fashola is d only capable hand to manage works,power and housing ministries when a state he ruled 8 years can’t boast of any of the 3 after spending a whooping 9 trillion.

  • Say the truth

    Unfortunately Nigeria has never been blessed with any articulate president. President Buhari just said Kachikwu from delta is an Igbo meaning he is representing Igbo interest. He said, may be I didn’t hear correctly, that the minister of education is Igbo? He evasive about the payment of 5000 to the unemployed. He is not committed to paying any 5000 to any unemployed and that is why he did not answer when it will start. He said those granted bail by law courts should not be released because they committed atrocities. Shocked by the president’s depth, on issues raised and the level of his intellectual organization? It appeared vague and pedestrians at best, the level of his grasp of the matters. If from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks then I rest my case. Meaning you have been scammed by APC’s propaganda machines. You are stuck to this man for at least 4 years, enjoy the ride.

    • PolyGon2013

      It is called democracy. you can change him in 2019, should he decide to go for his second term. Sai Buhari.

    • Amir

      If you say Buhari shows pedestrian grasp of issues I wonder what you said about Jonathan. It could be you have a pedestrian understanding of what Buhari said. He mentioned that the quality of our tertiary education is poor. I’m sure you are one of the products of poor education and a good example.

      • Say the truth

        You are a product of Nigeria quota system of education, so, I can understand your predicament.

    • Yes Kachikwu is an Igbo, a member of the Igbo ethnic group in Delta state (his name and the language of his ancestors which his people speak there in Delta state, prove this fact). Igbo is an ethnic group, not a geographical space, so it stands to reason that the Igbo ethnic group do not occupy only the eastern region of Nigeria. Igbo settlements can be found in the southern and eastern parts of our country. Our president is correct about Kachikwu’s tribe.

  • PolyGon2013

    Fashola was not made a super-minister for nothing! Fashola, we know you can do it. You will end up becoming the best Minister, Nigeria ever had, after the mighty Papa Awolowo! Sai Fashola, Sai Buhari.


      Is that why Papa Buhari could not tell the Nation why he gave Fashola 3 Ministries to handle?-Buhari was asked a very simply question instead of answering it–he started twisting and turning like an army recruit learning how to stand at attention on parade ground-The entire interview was a mess———–a National disgrace—-How Buhari became president of Nigeria is still a mystery–Yes the CIA helped him but—not this one

      • Kay

        The end justify the means. We’ve seen how far Jonathan could take Nigerians backward. It is not a hidden secret that the immediate past government meant no good for Nigeria. CIA didn’t help Buhari to become president of Nigeria but Nigeria masses who were fed up of maladministration of Jonathan led government installed Buhari the current president of Nigeria. That decision by Nigeria masses is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria. THE SOURCE, go and sleep.

      • primus

        the interview was a huge success…….The SAUCE please look for any transformer when there is power supply and hug it.

  • Kuku

    This is the first time in 2 decades in Nigeria that a sitting president answered questions intelligently even better than a ‘PhD’ holder. I think nigerian educational system has to be revamped to ensure quality education and prevent frivolous award of doctorate degrees. GEJ has exposed the flaw in nigerian postgraduate schools.

    • ikenna

      Are you sure you watched the program?


    Is that why Papa Buhari could not tell the Nation why he gave Fashola 3 Ministries to handle?-Buhari was asked a very simply question instead of answering it–he started twisting and turning like an army recruit learning how to stand at attention on parade ground-The entire interview was a mess———–a National disgrace-

    • Kay

      The end justify the means. We’ve seen how far Jonathan could take Nigerians backward. It is not a hidden secret that the immediate past government meant no good for Nigeria. CIA didn’t help Buhari to become president of Nigeria but Nigeria masses who were fed up of maladministration of Jonathan led government installed Buhari the current president of Nigeria. That decision by Nigeria masses is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria. THE SOURCE, go and sleep or else, go and kiss electric transformer.

  • Burning Spear

    Some of the areas the commission indicted the former governor, according to Okah, included the withdrawal of N53 billion from the state reserve fund between 2014 and 2015, misapplication of N3 billion Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) agriculture loan, concessioning of Hotel Olympia for 40 years at $1 million, the Justice Adolphus Karibi-Whyte Hospital of which the state paid $39.2 million out of the $98 million cost without anything on ground to show for it, leasing of Orosi House in 2012 at the cost of N300 million per annum even when the building was already gutted by fire, as well as N35 billion spent of the monorail project, among others.

    He said Amaechi would be prosecuted along with the former commissioner for Finance, Dr. Chamberlain Peterside, and his counterparts in the Ministry of Power, Sir Augustine Nwokocha; and in the Ministry of Agriculture, Hon. Emma Chindah.

    Okah stated that the state government also ordered the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, to commence the recovery of funds realised from the sale of the four gas turbines from the former governor and Nwokocha.

    On the state’s power assets, Okah said: “The first term of reference was to ascertain the sale of the Omoku 150 megawatts gas turbine; Afam 360 megawatts gas turbine; Trans-Amadi 136 megawatts gas turbine and the Eleme 75 megawatts gas turbine by the administration of former Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

    “The commission finds as a fact that the sale of 70 per cent equity from the First Independent Power Limited in Omoku gas turbine, Trans-Amadi gas turbine, Afam Phase I gas turbine and Eleme gas turbine, have been very difficult to justify. They have therefore recommended the review of sale of the power assets and the government of Rivers State has accepted that recommendation…..

    • Gugurus Ekpa

      Smoldering Spear,

      When will the last smoke from your spear blow out? Do you need me to change your diapers for you today while you smolder?

  • Abiboss

    That means the looters will not have a good deal under this government. I think they need to investigate some judges because they are helping looters to get away with their loots.

    • ayo

      But fashola,amaechi,sylva ,kwankwaso,obj,elrufai ,ngige,fayemi,segun oni,etc are having so what d hell are u talking about.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Buhari – Best President ever.

  • Gugurus Ekpa

    Jonathan really really hated Nigeria.

    • emeka Ezenwa

      Then why is he still free enjoying his stolen money and kanu is being held for exercising his right to free speach? I’m sure the illiterate dictator will have no answer.

      • Gugurus Ekpa

        Hating Nigeria does not make you a cripple and incapable of moving around, does it? Does hatred turn people into cripples in your village?

        • emeka Ezenwa

          Is hating and looting money meant for the development of a country not an offence to enough to get him locked up? That’s if he’s really guilty because u nigerians are born in lies, it’s hard to believe anything coming from Nigerians.

          • Gugurus Ekpa

            My good man, be patient. They are getting there. We are already trying to select the color of jump suit and handcuffs that Jonathan prefers for his time in jail.

      • uduakomiri

        Me chie onu! Buhari is a more sensible leader than the last 3 presidents Nigeria had. Stop talking trash. It is Igbos like you, fake Igbos, that put the real hard working and honest Igbos on the wrong side of history. It is ironic that someone who describes his country’s president as ‘illiterate’ is unable to show any form of superior reasoning that suggests any fragment of literacy.
        It is unfortunate to see a lot of easterners, and Igbos jumping on the bandwagon of Biafra, out of misplaced dislike of the present occupier of Aso Rock. Problem is, the last occupier of Aso Rock may have had a few Igbo ministers, but outside these so-called Igbo officials’ circle of friends and family, what other benefit did these Igbo ministers under Jonathan bring to eastern Nigeria in terms of infrastructure, education, economy, health, employment and development? The reality is these officials under Jonathan did not benefit eastern Nigeria and Igbos just like officials from other regions did not benefit their people because the corruption in government in Nigeria personalises the benefits of governance and the only beneficiaries are the politicians, their relatives, and friends rather than the governed.
        Again, on the issue of Biafra, as Igbos we need to tell ourselves the simple but bitter truth, Biafra from the beginning was never programmed to succeed. Biafra was Ojukwu’s personal ego-war which he dragged all the other Igbos into. Ojukwu knew from the start he could not win, he also knew the war was needless, it was a bargaining plot that went out of control and he did not know when to stop. If Ojukwu believed in Biafra, he’d have stayed behind with his people to end the war as a brave soldier who believed in the Biafran course. Like the present pretenders who claim to be Igbo leaders, Ojukwu was as much a dictator as any other Nigerian military leader that we all love to hate. Did Ojukwu in his lifetime ever win a single election in eastern Nigeria? That in itself says a lot about Ojukwu’s worth as a true Igbo leader. Again, who is this Kanu that is stirring up shit? Did anybody elect him to represent Igbos? If IPOB or whatever they are called are agitating for Biafra, the question we have to ask is, what is the total population of eastern Nigeria, and how many Igbos in Nigeria are members of IPOB or even support their cause? What gives Kanu legitimacy as an Igbo leader? Leadership is not something that one picks up, it is not a title that one appends to his name like ‘Prince’ whose father’s is not royalty. Leadership is also not a mere political award, it is something that is earned. Obama toured every nook and cranny of USA, travelled thousands of miles, spoke to millions of citizens, attended thousands of state, and out of state conventions to speak, argue, beg, solicit and try to convince fellow Americans on why he should be their leader. Obama had to sell to Americans his plans for America, he submitted himself to a vote to test the will of his people and the gave him their mandate. That is called leadership. How many people voted for Kanu to become Biafran leader, assuming we believe there is anything called Biafra? Buhari has the vote of roughly 12 million Nigerians, and anyone who wishes to challenge his authority must show us that he has the votes of 12 million Nigerians ( or should we say Biafrans). Since Kanu has none, not even a half vote from anybody Nigerian or Biafran alike, he is simply a private citizen rather than a leader. He is a pretender to a mandate no one gave him. He should go and sort his shit out with the law. If every Nigerian wakes up one morning to start inciting hate and violence against others who do not share his beliefs in utter disregard of the law, then one wonders the kind of country we want to live in, whether it is called Nigeria or republic of Biafra, makes no difference because law is law anywhere on earth. If Kanu submitted to the law of the USA when he lived there, why would anyone think it acceptable that Kanu should be allowed to break the law in Nigeria?
        Many Igbos are smart, intelligent and hard working people just like most Nigerians, and it is unfortunate a few un-enlightened crooked opportunists are exploiting the Igbos’ longstanding disaffection with the Nigerian federation to try to further their own personal goals. A lot of the people who fought in the Biafran war on both sides, truly believed in the course they were fighting for, and it is an insult for some imbeciles and cowards who have never fought a real battle in their lives to desecrate the ultimate sacrifice made by men and women of the defunct Biafran army, and their brothers and sisters who fought on the Nigerian side.
        Anybody who does not want to be a Nigerian should simply leave, and change his/her nationality!
        Nigeria is ours. It is mine. I know of Biafra. But I belong to Nigeria!!

        • ayo

          Guy I must commend you for your sincere and thoughtful assertions. You really spoke my mind but to say that Jonathan government did not benefit the south east people in terms of project is not totally true .least to take the second Niger bridge project from the cupboard of fraud and deciet where obj,ibb,etc kept it into a practical reality is something to cheer not to talk about other things.again making Enugu airport international indeed is another plus,completing Enugu abakaliki to ikon road ,Onitsha Owerri road,head bridge to zik round about etc etc is a plus though there was more to have been done.all the same u have my vote on KANU,Biafra and Igbo .truth is truth.

        • emeka Ezenwa

          Which sense has the illiterate dictator exhibited apart from causing mayhem, killing and locking up both the guilty and the innocent?  Everyone knows u yorubas need nigeria more then even the hausa/ fulani ppl, that’s why the world kept quiet on the issue of biafra because times have change and even if they give u oduduwa u’ll still run to the British to come and colonize u again and give u any name they wish.
          Listen! It only shows how desperate u oluwole yorubas  are when u use fake names trying to be who u’re not.  Continue with ur nigeria we dont mind, we don’t want to be part of  lawless county, a place where lawmakers are lawbreakers, no freedom of expression,  a place field with habitual thieves as leaders. Lastly! One hundred years of the ungodly amalgamation has expired, learn to exist without us!

          • scimitar

            Because of Lagos,Yoruba are better placed than any other group. Let the social scientists in Biafra do a study.

          • uduakomiri

            If anyone reasons and sounds like an illiterate at all, it is you! If you think you belong to Biafra, well go and live in Biafra, go to Biafran school, or work in Biafra, get a Biafran passport, use Biafran money and if you have a business, please accept only Biafran currency let us see how long you will last before hunger smokes you out of you silly stupor.
            Biafra died a long time ago. That’s the bitter truth, and in this 21st century, no smart Igbo would support Biafra, not after the hardship that followed the civil war. It is certainly the few Igbos who are not very enlightened that will buy into this Biafran deception of some guy who spent half his adult life in England and America, has a British or US passport as a get out card if things get too hot.
            Only fools die for nothing. If you don’t want to be a Nigerian, get the hell out! If not, just stuff it and keep quiet!

          • Chukwuka Okoroafor

            There was no expiration of the Amalgamation. That was a hoax spread back in 2013.

        • scimitar

          My brother, tears welled up in my eyes. God bless you. No retreat no surrender the enemies of the black man from the 4 winds shall be vanquished.

          • uduakomiri

            Our people are intellectually lazy. Many of us Nigerians are too sentimental for our own good. If not, how could any rational Igbo man or woman or and any Nigerian for that matter entertain the thought of stirring up sectarian hatred, after over a million Igbos died in the Biafran war many of them starved to death, and many Nigerians on the federal side also died in great numbers. How do we continue with all these sectarianism, see what boko haram is doing in the north, in the beginning, they said we are fighting for Islamic state and thus were killing non-Muslims but see now how that tune has changed, and boko haram now hunts muslims like animals. It was same thing in the Niger delta, the militants claimed to be fighting for Niger Deltans, but then they turned their guns on the very people they claimed they were fighting for. Have we all forgotten how the whole of Niger Delta around 2006-2010 was turned to the kidnap headquarters of Nigeria, in fact at some point, Port Harcourt, Bayelsa, Warri, and Benin became more insecure than Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Mogadishu, Mexico City and Bogota combined.
            As a country, we cant go on spending time pretending we belong to an imaginary country when we are citizens of a nation state like Nigeria. It is a mark of cowardice that people are unable to air their views no matter how strong or absurd it might be without turning to threats of secession and outright blackmail. The irony is that all these people who lead these sectarian movements in Nigeria are all losers, criminals and politicians who are only interested in extracting personal recognition and gains rather than any genuine interest to open up discussion and engender debate at the national level

  • uduakomiri

    If Nigeria had civilian presidents like Buhari since 1960, if at least half the state governors are like Buhari, Nigeria would be heaven on earth. If 2/3 of the national assembly members are like Buhari, Nigeria would have long been the sanctuary of progress and real development on the black continent, if most Nigerians are even slightly as principled as this Buhari, our country would be a foundation stone of greatness, there would be so much good in the country that the few rotten ones among us would be so scared of going against the people, groups like Boko Haram, oil thieves, thieving politicians and businesses, oil marketers, religious fanatics, and our hating African neighbours and their foreign collaborators would be so scared of the name Nigeria. God bless Nigeria! May God give Mr President the wisdom to continue, and the strength to be humble, fair, truthful and fearless!. For once in the history of this country, we have a president who think and reasons like a president. Buhari must know that he is yet to achieve anything, he has taken only baby steps and the task ahead is immense. Buhari should also know that Nigerians have grown so sceptical that even if he were to do what no human politician in history has ever done, the citizens would still not be impressed. So the point is, we elected him to do a job, and he should do it as if his life depends on it. And he should know too that leadership is a demanding but thankless job. That is why since the last 40 years, Nigeria has not really hard someone who deserves to be called a leader. True leaders lead rather than expect to be led. A true leader is a servant of the people rather than someone who expects to be waited on.
    Buhari, please lead Nigeria well. Thank you and God Bless!

  • ayo

    The greatest calamity that have befallen this nation is that even the educated and well informed amongst the Judas race and the almajiri imbeciles have wilfully turned blind,deaf , peddlers of falsehoods,wilfully got their minds bankrupt and made themselves irresponsibles simply to cover the error of their judgment in marketing and using every thing within their disposal to rigg buhari into power.the buhari have turned out to become a national calamity in every aspect of leadership ,buhari have allowed hate ,bitterness, myopia, vengeance, malice and pettiness to becloud his senses of judgement and discharge of the duties of his office. Buhari is d worst thing to happen to leadership in Nigeria. From d constitution of his kitchen cabinet,appointment of his ministers,carriage, compartment, expression of personal views and opinions. Buhari have shown that those who made the rules that workers should retire when they become aged like 65 years are indeed full of wisdom. Buhari have shown himself to be outdated, weak,demented,thoroughly tired and even expired as to be able to hold the office he is occupying. To make matters worst buhari have made himself unteachable ,unserviceable and unbending. This is a big calamity befallen Nigeria at this period of time. What a big wound on our nation. This is what tribalism, hatred of others,inordinate ambitious can do to a people and nation. Nigeria have betrayed real transformation agenda and bought calamitous iniquity coated with lies,falsehoods, propaganda, blackmail and body odours. May God Almighty consider the groaning of Nigerians innocent women,children, aged,sick and destitutes who have been overwhelmed by this bizzare almajiri somersault and deliver our nation. Those who sold this bad market to Nigeria because of hatred of other people must openly confess their wickedness against nigeria and call upon God openly to forgive them and avert the inescapable judgment that they deserve.good morning Nigerians.

    • Hassan

      Goodluck did worst than Buhari

      • ayo

        Good luck was not d best,he was a child of circumstances but he lived up to his best capacity and left Nigeria better than he met Nigeria but buhari is a terrible calamity and a terminal wound on Nigeria .an old man of buharis age should not be found with this pettiness, clannishness, myopia and unrestrained fist of rage.what is the advantage of old age if buhari will become this colossal failure in leadership. 7 months down the line buhari have badly fractured Nigeria in every ramifications. What a calamity. After buharis almajiri dance,it shall be impossible for an old almajiri to ever win the votes of reasonable Nigerians again. Nigerians have shot themselves on the head with this buharis inept,clueless,arrogant, almajiri somersault called leadership.

        • Alpha

          Gej is the worst disaster 9ja had experienced. Could be too early to summarize on Buhari, I will therefore not say he is better yet, but any rationally thinking human being will never agree with your categorization of Buhari in your posts here. About GEJ, see this:

          1. Under OBJ (1999-2007) crude price was between $30-$75 per barrel
          2. Militancy crippled Nigeria crude export between 2003-2007, oil lifting hovering
          between 1.2-1.4mpd,
          Yet that regime left close to $70billion in foreign reserve/excess crude account; exited Nigeria from the decades old Paris Club debts, executed most of the projects that succeeding regimes are laying claim of (let someone point where Yar’Adua or GEJ built any gas turbine?)

          I am asking why former president Jonathan, under whom the country witnessed the highest oil boom in history, as a matter of fact, the man received more money than all previous administrations put together including the colonial masters, yet no project can be pointed at today as a legacy of the Jonathan administration, on top of that, he left a huge debt, with only paltry $30 billion left in foreign reserves and $2 Bliion in excess crude account, in-spite of receiving over $250 billion from crude oil sales! So if we add the amount from crude oil sales + $32bln missing from the $62bln forex he inherited + the billions not accounted for from excess crude account,it is clear that we need to know what happened to all that money.
          Dr. Jonathan, where is that money???

          As we fail to highlight this glaring heist on the Nigerian people by the GEJ administration, we are inadvertently supporting the worst crime ever committed against the nation.

          Its time someone gathers the ball to call some people to account to Nigerians!

          • ayo

            Only men who are born liars,of Judas tribe and treacherous mischievous blackmailers are holding your view.

          • 100%Iboguy

            A typical biafran response! When confronted with superior argument they resort to their trademark motor park language and abuses.

          • Alpha

            God bless you!

    • Oh!

      Welcome sir!
      You now own the record of being the first to publicly identify himself as an imbecile.

      Look at your statement….you are ranting against “the educated” and “well informed”.
      …of course being the imbecile you so proudly display to the world, we can not expect you to see the problems with your comments ….especially when you rag on those you yourself term are “educated” and “well informed”.
      Perhaps it is time for a refresher course in English? In any case, pick up a dictionary……..the info contained therein may seem insurmountable, but we guarantee you that it will help.

      On another front, you must Pardon us ….we only just woke up for reasons we don’t care to disclose. it is 6:30am here in NY and it is too early to mess with asinine monkeys, especially those of your calibre!

      P.S. Yes! We threw that NY thing in our comment intentionally. Is it a red herring? Maybe…..or..maybe it is something else.

      Regardless, In your shoes, we will proceed carefully…..there is no point in stubbing ones toes (or as we say it “kicking stone)……..there are certain stones that kick back!

      • ayo

        Oh!,please I plead with you and your ‘we’ to please forgive me and don’t waste d precious life of your fellow citizen simply because he expressed his own view on a public platform where views and comments are solicited on national news item.what is my offence now for which you have left elephants to hunt for a lizard simply because you don’t like my views and feelings about my President who is given the rare privilege of administering the resources of my nation and presiding over me and you in a democracy. If my comments offends your and your ‘we’ sensibilities or hurts your feelings I whole heartedly withdraw all or the offensive parts ,please do accept my apologies and forgive me and forget me because I am neither an equal nor opposition to you and your ‘we’ this age of boko haram and terrorism, I must be careful even about those who kick back to destroy because of little thing like ones belief and convictions .sir a beg no bite me nor even swallow me since there are more serious issues to bite,for even my whole body is too small for your finger nails not to talk about your and ‘we’ teeth.

  • Oh!

    Ndigbos are not necessarily id1otic. They are our people. But,Like Chinese, we push our kids to the limit (even with threats of disownnment)!

    Forget ethnic backgrounds, we won’t even allow our children to marry someone from the next village (talk less of state or ethnic background) for the stupifying reason that the suitors village is too close to some ‘evil forrest(- think Ogbanje)

    Ndigbo wants to rule Nigeria because we feel it is our entitlement as the brightest in the land.

    News Flash! Our inteligence is not due to some divine intervention.

    Every Nigerian that was raised on the normally fishy diet in the South East has the same circumstances that elevate mind power.

    This is mainly due to Docosa Hexaenoic Acid (DHA) which positively affect brain development in infants and is found in the greatest concentrations among fish eating mothers.

    We do not want to ruin your high, but we have to direct you to something called Argungu fishing festival.

    We (Ndigboare) are not as smart as we think we are, we are just prone to making a lot of noise about intelligence….and if you consider it closely enough, making a lot of noise is evidence for the contrary.

    We will do something against our better Judgement and give you information about the very first Igbo President of Nigerian that comes into power with mainly votes from the north,
    He isa Surgeon and his Uzor E.

    So far, all our actions have only served to delay the first Igbo presidency. Continue…….2019 is already gone!
    Keep picking at the scabs and we will guarantee you that what you wrongfully think in your head will become fact: No individual from the South East will EVER rule Nigeria.

    Advice is to Quit your BS and work with the Government we have. It is the right thing to do….otherwise, stay there and keep wishing for Biafra!
    Will Biafra ever happen? Maybe! If it does, it will be the worst thing that ever happened to Ndigbo!

    If and when Biafra is actualized, it will take decades to finalize the inherent Governmental territorial issues. At such a time, it will cost you more money to mine a barrel of oil than it is being sold on the market. You will spend $28 to produce something that you can only sell in the black market for $17 (These are not arbitrary numbers- they are calculated)

    we are talking about renewable energy sources (COP21).
    With that in mind, All the land Biafra thinks it can swing do not have enough surface area to generate anything substantial with regards to solar or wind energy

    It is your candle. As such, burn it however you want…both ends if you like. You can even break it into tiny pieces to give you more ends to burn.

    God bless us all.