Dasukigate: The Sun newspaper returns N9million it got from ex-NSA, Dasuki

Uzor Orji Kalu, Publisher, The Sun

The management of The Sun newspaper issued the statement below, Sunday, to announce its return of the N9million it received from the office of the National Security Adviser “as compensation for the seizure of its newspapers and stop­page of circulation during the Good­luck Jonathan administration in June 2014.”

It said the the N9million cheque had since been returned to the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria, NPAN, for onward passage to the office of the National Security Adviser.

NPAN and N120 million compensation: Our position 1

In deference to public outcry and the need to protect its corporate integrity, the Management of The Sun Publishing Limited has re­turned the N9 million received from the Presidency through the Newspa­per Proprietors Association of Nige­ria (NPAN) as compensation for the seizure of its newspapers and stop­page of circulation during the Good­luck Jonathan administration in June 2014.

In a statement issued yesterday and signed by its Managing Director/Editor-in- Chief, Mr. Eric Osagie, The Sun said it took the decision following the controversies, which the payment of the compensation had generated and the need to come clean on the matter.

The statement reads further: “The Man­agement of The Sun Publishing Limited has considered the public outcry and diverse controversies generated among media hous­es, the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) and the public over the N120 million paid by the Goodluck Jonathan administration as compensation to newspa­per companies for the unlawful seizure of their newspapers and stoppage of circulation by armed soldiers in several cities across the country in June 2014.

Having reviewed the situation, we wish to state as follows:

After the unlawful action of the military, to which The Sun lost millions of naira, we had signified the intention to commence liti­gation against the Federal Government along with other affected newspaper companies.

2. However, at the level of the NPAN, which The Sun is a member, a de­cision was collectively taken to accept the Presi­dency’s offer of peace­ful settlement in place of litigation in the interest of peace and national se­curity.

We were later in­formed of the payment of N120 million compensa­tion out of which the sum of N9 million was paid to The Sun Management by the NPAN.

At the time the com­pensation was paid, we had no inkling whatso­ever under which expen­diture sub-head in the Presidency the fund was sourced and that it was al­legedly part of the funds meant for the purchase of arms.

As a very responsible newspaper organization, which places premium on ethics, individual and cor­porate integrity, we are certainly embarrassed by the turn of events and the unfortunate insinuation of involvement in the illegal sharing of the nation’s commonwealth and the feasting on the blood of soldiers fighting the war against insurgency.

We believe strongly in our corporate integrity and principles of fairness and social justice, which have driven our business considerations over the years.

In the light of the foregoing, we have re­turned the cheque of N9 million to the NPAN for onward transmission to the source through which it came.

We have seen that the good intention not to seek redress in court has seem­ingly backfired.

We have also given notice to our lawyers to immediately commence the process in court to redress the huge loss suffered through the actions of the military.

We assure our teem­ing readers of our commitment to serving them faithfully and conscientiously by upholding the time-tested principles of fair business ethics, eq­uity and social justice.


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  • Dazmillion

    I think the good citizens of Abia state will be more interested in the return of the billions Mr Kalu stole from them.

  • Ashibogu

    Orji Kalu, there is God oooooo! You have denied your good and longtime friend Nduka. Na wao! Aka Ibom man say life toro!

    • Arabakpura

      Read it again! He has not denied him; they are just opting for blackmail – they will all conspire to go to court and cause some distraction!

      • Oworoman

        Isn’t it too late for the court.

        • Arabakpura

          No. It’s not but they will fail for being unpatriotic!

  • Tom Nwafor

    I really don’t understand what is happening in Nigeria. Should we continue to act in fear of public opinion even when our action is justified in law and moral standing. If an arrangement was made to settle a matter out of court in order to avert public disorder and security challenges and a compensation paid to achieve that, how has it become corruption or impugned on the integrity of those concerned? Is it the business of NPAN to question the source of fund used to settle their members? Have they disappointed the public by accepting peaceful settlement instead of towing the part of war? I think it is better for us in Nigeria to always listen more to our conscience rather than being swayed by public opinion when it is not necessary. Thank you SUN Newspapers for this refund. But know that it has not made you a saint in my own estimation. You only acted in fear of what Buhari and his government might do to members of your management or your company’s interest. More so, when it is hinted here that you are still going to pursue legal options to recover the losses you incurred during the said military seizure of your newspaper for which settlement was already achieved by the payment of the N9million. I have said it before and I will keep saying it: If the use of security votes in Nigeria is audited and made public both at the states and Federal levels by all past Presidents and Governors, people will spend eternity crying for our dear country Nigeria. The linking of this one to Boko Haram and the purported blood of our soldiers lost as a result is just to serve the political whims of Buhari and APC.

    • whales1212

      We do appreciate your long story,however it won’t make sense in a sane society and as bad as things are in Nigeria, it doesn’t make sense either. To put your argument into practice, if you buy stolen goods, you can’t use the argument of “why should I bother where it came from” as an excuse ” right they didn’t know, but that doesn’t make the revelation less important.
      I think people like you who are good at finding justifiable means of defending corruption has got to stop,it is you with mentality like this allowing these evil lots to rip off the country.
      They’ve done the right by returning the money,period!

      • Obong

        Right on point brother, no ignorance in law.

      • Tom Nwafor

        My long story will not make sense to you because we are in Nigeria where the kettle easily call the pot black because it is occupying a privileged position. Buhari and APC are indirectly probing sources of President Jonathan’s campaign fund in the guise of Dasukigate. It would have been better if they first and foremost disclose the sources of their own campaign fund before pointing accusing fingers at another.

        • Richard

          Mr. Nwafor, the NPAN knew the source of the money paid to them was a proceed of fraud and that was why there was no reportage of the payment. If this probe is to know the source of Jonathan’s election campaign , I think it worth the exercise, knowing fully well people would be curious of the source of campaign fund for the ruling party in the next election.

        • Expose hypocrisy

          I hope reasonable people should commend Buhari for indirectly probing GEJ’s campaign funds but should equally pressure him to probe his own election campaign, though, am not sure that he would not allow that to happen because it will even be messier than he thought.

    • balman

      @Tom : the error made by NPAN members was that the world heard when military attacked and siezed all their newspapers but no single newspaper publish collection of 9m each. This action looks fraudulent!!!

      • Tom Nwafor

        You have spoken some sense. The peaceful settlement and compensation ought to have been reported the same way the military action against the affected newspapers was reported. Aside from this, I insist that NPAN has no business inquiring from where the money used to settle their members came from. Is like asking President Buhari and those working with him to disclose the sources of fund they use to settle different government obligations before they do so. Let us be a little realistic in this

        • Burbank


    • Arabakpura

      What is terribly bad about it is their deduction of 1 million Naira each to fund their secretariat! Have they been waiting for this type of money to fund their secretariat?

      • Tom Nwafor

        This is another aspect of the matter. However I believe they must have acted in agreement since they accepted N9million instead of ten without complaint.

        • Arabakpura

          They were paid 10M for sure but conspired amongst themselves to use the opportunity to contribute 1M to their organization which ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to contribute!

    • Du Covenant

      The so called Nigerian elite have no conscience this is why we are in this mess. I welcome a Nigeria where public opinion is considered an important element in the way we do things henceforth. We are characterised as a very corrupt country because we allow our government to operate ‘slush funds’ under the disguise of security vote. Countries that have made progress do take public opinion seriously and do not use their security votes as slush funds.

      • Tom Nwafor

        I agree with you that public opinion ought to be taken seriously but only when the whole truth of every matter is within the public domain. The use of security vote is never questioned in Nigeria at all levels of government – local, state and federal. If we decide to start it, it must be made to apply to all and not selective. This is my stand and it has nothing to do with the fight against corruption.

        • Du Covenant

          My broda, left to me we should abolish the nonsense called security vote. These are slush funds and you know it. Buhari is doing his bit at the federal level, I hope the governors will follow suit but they won’t because they are so greedy and won’t let that easy bucket of money slip away, they spend it with impunity. It is interesting how we pick and choose what decent countries do but, once it comes to the accountability aspects of things we begin to talk African. Nigeria is not a rich country and we can’t afford to be wasting so much money under the diguise of security vote. 99% of our fellow citizen live in terrible conditions year in year out, we need that money to be put to proper use for all of us and not some idiots to squander it as they wish!.

    • Obong

      So you don’t know if someone uses the proceeds of stolen funds or fraud to pay you his/her outstanding debt, by law you are an accomplishment.
      There isn’t ignorance in law brother. Had it been any APC Chieftain or members are mentioned same process will ensure they are brought to account for it.

    • Burbank

      People, like you, that feebly try to justify the corrupt acts of fraudsters is the reason Dasuki finds it so easy to divert billions of dollars from the treasury to his pockets and that of the newspapers owners.

      Until Buhari got elected as president.

      • Tom Nwafor

        God forbid that I should support corrupt practices in any form, whether in government or out of government. I have remained poor today after being in several positions in government because of my avowed stand against corrupt enrichment. What I am saying in this matter is that NPAN which accepted some money from the government on behalf of its members has not done anything wrong by not asking the source of the money before doing so; and that the Sun Newspapers which accepted its own share but has now returned it because of what it calls ‘public opinion’ has not done the right thing in my own opinion.

        • Burbank


          Since you put it that way, then the error of judgement is on my part.
          My apology sir, for unjustly accusing you of supporting corruption.

      • Festus

        @Burbank, I think you probably have not read Tom Nwafor’s comment properly. I do not think he is justifying corruption rather, our castigation of the recipient (SUN/NPAN) of this compensation. I agree with him that it is not the duty of the NPAN or Sun newspaper to investigate the source of the compensation. As far as they (NPAN/Sun) are concerned, they complained of unfair treatment from the Nigeria Military, intended to sue the FGN but the FGN through the office of the NSA offered to compensate them in other to avoid distraction and for the sake of peace. This in my own opinion is a good intention but just as everyone has said, I agree that it is wrong for the FGN to have used the funds set aside for the purchase of arm for the purpose of case settlement. Now, if we say the sun’s claim of ignorance is not acceptable, wouldn’t be right for us to also condemn the presidency for accepting the SUVs from Dasuki? The presidency has said they received the compensation from the presidency thru Dasuki but they were notprivy to the fact that the fund is for the purchase of arms. There should be no sacred cow and as you have said and that is the position of the law – Ignorance is no excuse.

        • Burbank

          O agreed with you.
          The error on my part against @Tom Nwafor is unjustified. After re-reading his comments and yours, I do agree that @Tom is fully justified in his defence of NPAN.
          Thanks for pointing out my error, sir.

    • Richard

      First you need to realize that NSA is a statutory agency of the government. Any money going to a statutory agency must be appropriated. The money that went to NSA was not the President’s security vote. We need to get this right. Before the election Jonathan administration went to the congress to ask for permission to borrow money to fight Boko Haram. The approval of the money is what is called appropriation and the money went to NSA. If the President funds NSA from his security votes he does not need to go to the congress. If not because we had a failed congress , it is the duty of the congress to oversee how the money borrowed was spent. The Sun newspaper did the right thing having realized that the money it got was a proceed of fraud. The probe of NSA

  • Rommel

    So under the Jonathan administration,newspapers were clamped down?

    • Jon Rhoma

      Please don’t generalise to make it look as if Jonathan was dictatorial. That’s certainly not the case. I believe this was at the time when an injunction was obtained against the publication of a certain book belonging to a ‘big man’ who was disobeying the court order and the military stepped in the seize the books.

      • NoBeLie


    • Richard

      Newspapers were not clampdown but were bought over by JEG administration.

  • ed

    The money were paid to buy favour from the news media.
    How many displaced business and farmers got paid for all the military actions. Talk less of Boko Haram killing of innocent citizen. Sun newspaper is not telling the truth.

  • Romberg

    Was there a time PT and or SR ever demanded for and or received any form of payment from the last administration?

  • UOU

    Current Press Secretary of Buhari, Mr Femi Adeshina was the Md of Sunnewspaper when that money was disbursed so what happens to him now that he is shouting corruptions, corruptions, corruption? Hypocrites and mischief makers, we are still waiting for black saint buhari to return his own share of the money since, gowon time till date

    • Tunsj

      If what you stated is true, then Femi Adeshina has lost all credibility.

      • UOU

        Check the facts please, he was and only became buhari’s spokeperson after the elections, facts does not lie

        • Julius

          Thy dont deal with facts.. The simply hate facts. They are like retards, once they made up a story, they stick with it.

      • Julius

        Mr. Adesina doesnt own the company. The check wasnt made out to him. He didnt even receive the check on behalf of Sun newspaper. Bro, dont listen to these fools. Kalu got the check and it was made out to his newspaper. Kalu is a thief and has always being a thief. He stole his state blind and his poor people kept quiet. Na Yoruba fault. Abi

        • Expose hypocrisy

          Just like all your Yoruba former Governors did steal, lazy dirty tribe.

          • Julius

            Lazy dirty, yet you love living in our land !. Why dont you all move back to your hell hole ?. Can you answer that for me ?

    • just kennie

      Bros, unfortunately, it doesnt work that way. If the money was received by The Sun then the company will be held liable.
      In th case of Dokpesi, he received money from NSA into his personal account, that defies any reasonable logic.
      Now that you understand, kindly join the crusade to make Nigeria a better place

  • Arabakpura

    We don’t want the money since it is said to be blood money, however, we need our money and hence we are going to court! Serving God and mammon at the same time!

  • sammyctu ode

    The owner of Sun newspaper is a high crook, a thief, a very corrupt man and a total nuisance so I’m not surprised he got the money. This stolen disbursed money should have been paid through the ministry of information not NSA so Kali should have known he is receiving blood money. How come nduka did not pay Punch, Tribune, Guardian and other independent principled newspapers but only paid those that are cheap papers to launder drunkard Jonathan and criminal pdp images?

  • @solomonwise

    I would have showered accolade but for “We have also given notice to our lawyers to immediately commence the process in court to redress the huge loss suffered through the actions of the military”. This smacks of double speak!

    Lives were lost,mistakes were made and realising this mistake,you came out publicly to dissociate yourself having from the “compensation” realised the source of the fund is questionable but going further to seek redress is a way to pacify the “fallen heroes” whose lives you cut short by sharing in the loot that would probably have kept them alive? What happens if the federal government decide to “seek redress” by pressing charges against your newspaper for being a partaker of the loot? Ignorance is no excuse in law remember?

    I would advise the management of the sun newspaper not to seek whatever they term as redress as losses of human lives which the nation suffered as a result of the ArmsGate cannot be quantified

    • sam

      Orji Kanu is a bloody thief, the Federal Govt is waiting for the Sun or Moon at the court.He wants to context Abia north senatorial re-run, suddenly he has become a man of integrity. All the abandoned cases involving Orji Kanu will be revisited. He must pay the interest accrued from that N9 or N10 million.

  • Nkem

    Now when will the biggest culprit, Nduka Obaigbena, owner of ThisDay Newspaper, be made to come back and account for his crimes?

    • Tunsj

      Let’s wait and see what will happen. All these clowns that collected the money should be ashamed of themselves.

      • Nkem

        Those of them who have any conscience would be ashamed. But of course not for Nduka. Becoming President of NPAN was all part of his agenda for the 2015 bonanza. I had suspected all along that that Thisday Newspaper had been turned over to Jonathan’s people even before the election. The kind of partisan spin they were and have been feeding the public has been very disgraceful. Now they are finding it very difficult to report the revelations that have been coming out. Even on their Disqus platform they make sure they only allow comments in favour of Jonathan and the culprits in this crime. Really disgraceful.

    • Curious1

      Would you know where Nduka is from? Is he Edo-Ibo hybrid?

      • Julius

        lolz. Both!

      • Peter_Edo

        you know the Bini kingdom in its early days under Oba Ewaure which extended all the way to Onitsha left some indelible marks in the ways and customs of the lands they conquered. Nduka Obaigbena is Ibo from Delta state , but his surname is a consequence of the aforementioned.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      The rats have abandoned the shops.

      Nigeria will be in long battles for extraditions.

      • Julius

        Kalu has always being a rat !. True to form, they are cowards. Remember Nzerebe ?

  • Burbank

    “N9million cheque had since been returned to the Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria, NPAN, for onward passage to the office of the National Security Adviser”

    Had GEJ been president today, RECOVERY of public money looted by the government and their criminal networks will NEVER happen.

    • Olu from South Africa

      It will be re-looted period!

  • Omotolaaraujo

    This man is as unimpressive as his peers. Jonathan always comes out of a situation acting like a criminal. Bad habits die very hard.

  • MammanJiyaVatsa

    Sheriff in town !

  • Wise Head

    The more Buhari “fights corruption” with soiled hands, the more it taints him horribly. Who was the MD of SUN when the N9 million was was received from NPAN and from Dasuki? Was it not the current spokesman of Buhari’s anti-corruption regime, Mr. Femi Adesina? In a decent democracy, he would have honourably resigned by now or Buhari would have demanded his resignation. But they can never do such a thing. Buhari’s has been named in the scandal too. He was said to have received $300, 000 and 5 SUVs from this same Dasuki. He has only accepted that he got two. Did he reject the rest or was it not offered at all? When this offer was made to him, why didn’t he raise alarm as the Sheriff about to come into town to cleanse the land? Make una commot make I see road. Anti-corruption kor, Corruption nii

    • Julius

      You are a moron. Was the check made out to Mr. Adesina ?. How daft can you get. You exposing your ignorance daily on here . 5 SUVs ? I see you forgot to mention Kalu who got the check. I wonder why !

  • Atunde Adeola Yusuf


    CALL 08186948992



  • Artful ºDodger

    We have also given notice to our lawyers to immediately commence the process in court to redress the huge loss suffered through the actions of the military.

    You will have to return the profits already made by the use of the money to have any moral ground to continue with your litigation.

  • favourtalk

    All the looters that stole from our treasury must surely return all the loots or else, more trouble will befall them. We don’t want a society where looters will be free again

  • Bloody rogues! See them trying to be smart by half. Who do the Sun Management think they are fooling?

  • Ebisi Skido Iyke

    Honestly i believed in the words of some scholars which said if you fight corruption,corruption gonna fight you back because you gonna find out you are also in the game..Mr Buhari should forget all these his probe and face the problems of Nigerian,probing ,probing is never Nigerians problems and His is NEVER sincere in his probing..All of a suddenly some corrupt APC members are not saint only the opposition are devil..As it seems now if PDP get back to power they will start fighting APC is these the way out for this Country….

    • susan

      Buhari will never forget probing political criminals, Nigeria has to sanitise the system that is infested with cockroaches before we move on or else it will all be in vain. More power to Buhari and the masses of Nigeria.