Why we are yet to disclose details of corrupt officials returning stolen funds — Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday explained why his administration was yet to release names of corrupt former officials of the past administration who voluntarily surrendered their loot.

Speaking in Abuja at this year’s edition of the annual Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation Lecture, President Buhari said “any disclosure now may jeopardize the possibility of bigger recoveries”.

Mr. Buhari said, “As I stated recently, a good number of people who abused their positions are voluntarily returning the illicit funds. I have heard it said that we should disclose the names of the people, and the amount returned.

“Yes, in due course, the Central Bank of Nigeria will make information available to the public on the surrendered funds, but I must remark that it is yet early days, and any disclosure now may jeopardize the possibility of bigger recoveries.

“But we owe Nigerians adequate information, and it shall come in due course. It is part of the collective effort to change our land from the bastion of corruption it currently is, to a place of probity and transparency.”

Read full speech by President Buhari below.


Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I want to begin by appreciating the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation for its impact on the development of ideas through its annual lecture series. The fact that the themes of the lecture series have focused on critical puzzles bordering on human development lends credence and justification for the sustenance of the lecture series.

It is no doubt that an event like this demands a lot of sacrifice financially and otherwise. Apart from the contribution of the lecture series to human development, it has also unveiled the genius personality of Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe, whose philosophical insight is gradually finding place in the psyche of academics globally, particularly at a time when Africans are determined to rewrite their own history.

The topic of discourse at this session, which is corruption, significantly ties into my vision for our great country, Nigeria, that we must kill corruption before corruption will kill us. My being here to deliver the keynote address at today’s session is instructive on the resolve of this government to interface with initiatives that are fundamentally patriotic and assisting in our path to socio-economic and political recovery.

In the last general elections, in the midst of a number of issues upon which we campaigned as a party, the one that gained higher currency in the psyche of our people was that Nigerians needed leadership that could be relied upon to tackle the orgy of corruption in the country.

While our programme of action identified corruption as a very dangerous challenge that must be curtailed if our country could ever generate a future of hope, the issues of collapsing educational system, diversification of our economy, fostering a welfare based agenda for the disadvantaged, infrastructural development, among others, were also very prominent in our campaign focus.

The primary attention that tackling corruption earned in the course of our campaign and in determining the final outcome of the election underpins how seriously Nigerians see corruption as a fundamental factor crippling the progress and development of the country. Nigerians are, indeed, convinced that except we curtail corruption, the country will remain in perennial regression.

It is upon this conviction of our people that corruption poses great danger and should be curtailed that we anchor our hope. It underpins our assurance that the efforts of this government in checking corruption will yield significant successes in the final outcome.

In other words, we note that sheer heroism cannot achieve the elimination of corruption from our social space. What is most required is the conviction of the populace that corruption is an antithesis to social cohesion and development, and must be eliminated. We must get to a point where every Nigerian begins to hate corruption with a passion, and collectively determine to root it out of our body polity.

Any effort to try to deal with corruption without a convinced populace will end as spasmodic, ephemeral exercise, lacking the appropriate social impact. When we are talking about corruption conventionally, it is a manifestation of the human mindset. It is the human beings that manifest corruption.

To win the war on corruption, therefore, begins with the people accepting that there is an error to be corrected in their lives, that there is a need to refocus and re-orientate the values that we cherish and hold dear. It requires change of mindset, change of attitude, and change of conduct.

The decision of the Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation to choose corruption as the topic of discourse at this session is, therefore, encouraging to this government, pursuant to our vision that winning the war against corruption requires our synergy, a collectivisation of our resolve that corruption must be eliminated in the social psyche of the Nigerian nation.

Even in my earlier years in service to our country, I had personally identified the destructive impact of corruption. Taken from the narrow perspective of the embezzlement of public funds, its social consequence of gross economic inequality alters the basis for social peace and security.

When given the opportunity to play a leading role in our national history in 1984, we acknowledged that corruption is not just about the embezzlement of public funds but that the perversion of our consciousness and mindset was the point at stake. This was the basis of our WAR AGAINST INDISCIPLINE (WAI) – Indiscipline in any way and manner is a form of corruption of the human essence. That was why we waged campaigns against indiscipline, and its many manifestations in the 1980’s during my tenure as Head of State of our great Nation.

Sadly in this season, we find ourselves in a Nigeria where indiscipline has been taken to an unprecedented level. Th rule of law is grossly perverted, and corruption has been elevated to a way of life at all strata of the society. In striving to reorder our country and put it on the path of recovery, we have thus identified the need to tackle corruption head-on. In this regard, we have taken steps towards recovering a reasonable amount of the money that was looted or misappropriated from public coffers. Investigations are ongoing on public officers who served, or are still serving, and those whose conduct are questionable will be compelled to accept the path of honour and surrender their loots.
As I stated recently, a good number of people who abused their positions are voluntarily returning the illicit funds. I have heard it said that we should disclose the names of the people, and the amount returned. Yes, in due course, the Central Bank of Nigeria will make information available to the public on the surrendered funds, but I must remark that it is yet early days, and any disclosure now may jeopardize the possibility of bigger recoveries. But we owe Nigerians adequate information, and it shall come in due course. It is part of the collective effort to change our land from the bastion of corruption it currently is, to a place of probity and transparency.

Quite frankly, the anti-corruption war is not strictly about me as a person, it is about building a country where our children, and the forthcoming generations, can live in peace and prosperity. When you see dilapidated infrastructure round the country, it is often the consequence of corruption. Poor healthcare, collapsed education, lack of public utilities, decayed social services, are all products of corruption, as those entrusted with public resources put them in their private pockets. That must stop, if we want a new Nigeria. And that was why I said at another forum that people need not fear me, but they must fear the consequences of their actions. Corrupt acts will always be punished, and there will be no friend, no foe. We will strive to do what is fair and just at all times, but people who refuse to embrace probity should have every cause to fear.

Look at the corruption problem in the country, and tell me how you feel as a Nigerian. Our commonwealth is entrusted to leaders at different levels of governance, and instead of using the God given resources to better the lot of the citizens, they divert them to private use. They then amass wealth in billions and trillions of naira, and other major currencies of the world, ill gotten wealth which they cannot finish spending in several lifetimes over. This is abuse of trust, pure and simple. When you hold public office, you do it in trust for the people. When you, therefore, use it to serve self, you have betrayed the people who entrusted that office to you.

Again, how do you feel year after year, when Transparency International (TI) releases its Corruption Perception Index, and Nigeria is cast in the role of a superstar on corruption? In 2011, out of 183 countries, Nigeria was 143 on the corruption ladder. In 2012, we were 139th out of 176. In 2013, we ranked 144 out of 177, and in 2014, we stood at 136th out of 174. Hardly a record to inspire anyone. In fact, it is sad, depressing and distressing. Our country can be known for better things other than corruption.

In the process of trying to recover stolen funds now, we are seeking the cooperation of the countries were these loots were taken. Time it was, when such nations may have overlooked our overtures for assistance to fight corruption. However, we now live in an era where corruption is anathema, looked upon as something that should be tackled head-on because the actions of the corrupt can have global impact.

It is to be noted that resolving the problem of corruption transcends merely arresting and trying people that have held public office. This is because, to curtail corruption, we have to reorder the mindset of all. Empirical facts have shown that even those who are critics today are most times not better than those they criticize. When they are availed the same or similar opportunities, they act likewise. In other words, those who didn’t have the opportunity criticise and blow whistle but when they get into office; they become victims of the same thing they criticize. Nigeria must grow beyond that point, and be populated by people with conviction, a new breed without greed, radically opposed to corruption.

This points to the fact that curtailing corruption might require a more broadened social engineering. It, indeed, requires conforming every mindset in the social order to the moral tenets in which propriety anchors as a way of life.

That was why in the earlier dispensation, we saw corruption beyond the embezzlement of public funds. We knew that a morally upright personality, a disciplined person, will not embezzle people’s money or betray the confidence reposed in him after being elected or appointed to manage any office.

We knew that due to the perversion of our mindsets, people would rather abandon pedestrian bridges and flyovers and run through the traffic in very busy highways. We understood the economic and social worth of every Nigerian and the need to preserve their lives; we tried to enforce compliance with commuters using the pedestrian bridges provided for their safety. We even went as far as enforcing the discipline of queuing to board buses and not the chaos of scrambling with its attendant dangers. The people saw where we were headed, and cooperated with us.

That effort of the past was under a military regime, a dictatorship as it is classified. Now we are under a democracy. The democratic system has its benefit in the rule of law and the fact that a man cannot be assumed guilty until it is so determined by the court of law.

With the rule of law and its advantages, the same could however pose as serious limitations to curtailing corruption when the legal system is not adequately reinforced. The onus, therefore, is on those who run our legal process to ensure that the corrupt does not go free through exploiting the weakness and lacuna in the system.

I agree with Anyiam-Osigwe that corruption is an attitude and it is about the wrong attitude. The problem with tackling corruption is that when people have become used to a particular way of doing things, even if it is not the proper way, they find it difficult to change.

We all know that to lie is not good. But we have a sense of justification each time we tell lies. This sense of justification encourages us always to do the wrong thing. It is in this context that the mindset becomes an issue. There is the need to bring back our minds to the pure state of the human identity.

While changing the mindset of the people is integral to dealing with the manifestation of corruption socially, it is also important to heal the wounds inflicted by the corruptive indulgence of specific people who have been entrusted with public positions or funds.

Thus, it is the responsibility of government to investigate reported cases of corruption. In the process, suspected culprits could be arrested, detained or questioned. All these efforts would eventually end up with prosecuting the case in court. A government that closes its eyes to brazen corruption loses its essence, the very reason of its existence. Such a government is sheer flippancy, a waste of time, moral and sociological absurdity.

In Nigeria, it needs be said that two problems stare us in the face. First is that our laws need to be strengthened if we must realistically contend with the miasma of corruption. The second is that we must correct the gaps in our legal system that are exploited to frustrate the process of justice. A number of anti-corruption cases have been rendered inconclusive due to legal limitations.

Dealing with corruption, requires the collective will of every Nigerian. Without our collective will to resist corrupt acts as a people, it will be difficult to win the war. We in the leadership will provide the right example. We will not pay mere lip service to corruption. We will eschew it in every aspect of our lives. However, we are but few, in a country of more than 170 million people. We need the mass army of Nigerians to rise as one man, and stand for probity in both public and private lives. It is only then that we can be sure of dealing a mortal blow on corruption, which will engender a better country.
Nigeria has been brought almost to her knees by decades of corruption and mismanagement of the public treasury. We must come to a point when we all collectively say Enough! That is collective will, and that is what will bring us to a new state and status. If this country will realize her potentials, and take her rightful place in the comity of nations, we must collectively repudiate corruption, and fight it to a standstill. It remains eternally true: if we don’t kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria.

I thank you for listening.


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  • David Adeniran

    Good job, my President!

    • duwdu

      I agree.


  • moonwalker

    cant see how saying you will release the details later helps in any way. if I intend to return stolen funds and I hear that my name will still be released later, I will rather take my chances with the corrupt judiciary. I think PMB is not thinking a lot of his public statements through. rather it will be better to grant concessions to people who returned loot voluntarily like reduced prison time while still releasing all the names and bearing down on the law enforcement agencies and judiciary to do their jobs properly and expeditiously. PMB’s present position is ridiculous

    • duwdu


      Keep taking your chances with looted funds, and nemesis eventually catches up with that kind of mindset; by then, the mitigating conditions possibly afforded those who return their loot voluntarily, would not be afforded those ostriches that think like you do.

      By the way, how else would you have wanted the President to have handled the information, without him being accused by some of not doing anything?

      In any case, don’t you ever think, for one moment, that the present government does not/will not eventually get to know every detail of looting that had occurred…there are always whistle blowers – and the’re being systematically encouraged to so come forward. What may not be complete – at least for now – is the will across board to go after EVERY looter of our patrimony!

      As for me and my household, change (for the betterment of our society) is here, and is becoming more and more glaring.

      Some other people would rather not see anything good in this government though, simply because of their morbid hate for anything Buhari/not originating from their clans. Such people usually are perpetually unhappy, and end up taking their morbid hate into their graves.

      ‘Nuff said.


    • Wale

      Evidently you know nothing about plea bargaining.
      Confess your sins now and get a light sentence or waste our time and go to court, if found guilty, we throw the book at you.

  • just kennie

    Check your head. All enemy of progress will die.

  • Michelle Messi

    Haha! Hahahaha!
    OH PleeeeeeeASE!!!!!!!!!

    *while you are at it, please check what the Dollar/Naira exchange rate is.
    Your fans were made to understand your body language will crash the rate to $1 = 1Naira…but word around town has it that what you actually meant was $1 = 1000Naira.
    I think it’s expedient you speak out to allay the fears, tension and apprehension that has engulfed that country as a result of the Naira FREE FALL!

  • Maria

    Jonathan, Okonjo, Maduekwe…we shall soon see how much una return from the looted fund.

    • Dollar$man

      You must be a glorious daft fo ol. You gullible idi ots keep on lapping up this rubbish. Why cant he give us speeches on how he plans on resolving our problems. I cannot even find petrol to buy in my area right now. Dollars are not available even for legitimate LC and business transactions. The economy is falling apart. All this is simply an attempt to deflect attention from what is needed to be done in the country. I weep for you ignorant people. They say Okonjo-Iwela released funds. Can you think of what would have happened if she refused to release the funds? We have such short memories. At the time, Boko Haram was riding roughshod over the entire North East. Elections could’nt even take place. Now we are questioning arms that were purchased and monies paid to the media. In wars, our national security team need to use all the tools available. ISIS is thriving due to media propaganda to recruit people. We need to open our eyes and stop all the rubbish talk. Buhari is chasing rats when his house is burning.

      • Michelle Messi

        How can someone with morbid fear of debates give a speech on how to solve our problems?

        • Wale

          The dumb azz jona skipped the debate in 2011 as well, so you must be yapping from experience.

    • Höly Wähala

      Jonathan, Madueke, Maria… we shall soon see how much the Aborigines stole from Naija!
      I only say, ‘Give me my ansa nah!’ How long does it take the Holy Spirit to respond to a simple prayer? Lol!

      • Wale

        The “Holy Spirit” did not accept or condone to your “prayer money” (the owo adura).
        still laughing.

  • joe

    Imagine Nigerian was being ruled by this decent, clear, courageous, fearless and competent MIND like this guy since 1999, imagine where we would be now! SO much time have been wasted, OBJ, Yaradua, mumbo-jumbo, … God help this country and may Buhari have more wisdom and sound health bring us out of the hole.

    • DanielOsazuwa


    • tundemash

      God bless u.

  • eBusinesz

    Is this why you cannot supervise/support conducting of credible elections by your INEC in Kogi and Bayelsa
    Is inconclusive also part of tackling corruption

    • joe

      Buhari is in charge of “supervising/support conducting of credible elections..”??? ok o 🙂

      • Michelle Messi

        The agents of government (Military, police, Dss) were used to destabilise the elections in southern ijaw.
        These agents of government take their cue from the highest authority in the land…the presidency.
        The president is the presidency..and the presidency is the president.

      • eBusinesz

        He solely appointed the INEC chair and totally responsible for what they offer us in that commission. for now its promoting violence and hence handing us inconclusive elections.
        Recall, JEGA gave us who should continue! He GMB changed it within 24hrs

  • evidence

    Anti corruption rhetoric is not substitute for governance.Let the EFCC and ICPC do their jobs and face the myriad economic problems facing Nigeria. Buhari keeps distracting his blind and gullible followers with these speeches to deflect the fact that he has zero idea on how to solve Nigeria’s economic problems. Naira is in free fall.Fuel is scarce and expensive to buy, companies are retrenching, governors want to slash minimum wage, buhari has no clear or sound economic blueprint.  The economy is in coma and all we hear and read everyday is corruption. 


      Honestly u cant say it any better, when this arms deal now is over flogged and people starts complaining again about governance they bring up another one and the gullible will start clapping again, why wouldn’t efcc do their job and the president look into governance.

      • Reason-ability

        Where is governance suffering my people? First you said he was ruling the nation on his own just like a Dictator, now he has his Ministers working and you say he should concentrate on governance. Where is governance failing please. The Nigerian Police has not been as active in my over 50 years on Nigerian earth as it us now and the Budget presented for a long time now takes real consideration of welfare of people and increases allocation to Infrastructure development. Kachikwu is solving the NNPC problem, money has been approved for payment of subsidies which Buhari is not removing so that the common man does not suffer, yet you are never satisfied. Who are you people for G.d’s sake?

        • joe

          They are Nigerians! From Nigeria.- A country with too many miscreants, never-do-wells, thieves, diezanis, dasukis, orubebes, Iwealas, Anenihs, Aninis, Osunbors, Oyenusis, Fayoses, Fani-kayodes, Ebele-Jonathans, shina-rambos, poppins…. A country full of Armed robbers. A den of thieves!

          • Reason-ability

            May God help us from Alibaba’s 40 thieves, the 40 thieves’ children and their children’s children. AMEN. They are now legion. If only we had killed Alibaba and his 40 thieves!

      • joe

        What kind of people are occupying this space called “Nigge*ia??? The country is virtually on fire because of mass-looting and unprecedented corruption. The terrorist Boko Haram were running over and taking Nigerian territories because people are a pocketing the money meant for fighting the terrorists. You called that “over flogged”.????? Innocent people are killed daily by Boko Haram, and few months ago Boko Haram actually murdered thousands of soul in one day, and around this time, Dasuki et al are sharing the money meant for stopping and preventing that carnage. So in your view, prosecuting people for causing Carnage and genocide is over-flogged???. I wonder how many people in Nigeria have your kind of mentality. I hope not very many. or else, as a people, WE ARE F*CKED!!!!!!

    • Romberg

      His praise singers will hang their teeth on you oo. They don’t believe it is not Buhari’s job to make laws, identify the accused, investigate, prosecute and judge suspects, and rule the nation at the same time. They are happy with joblessness and the poor state of the economy. The other time, mr Lie said the ministers will now start firing on all cylinders. Yet we have not seen any blueprint on their intentions. Despite all their noise in the opposition, and having being in government for 6 months, they have only had a chance to visit the northeast and one IDP camp. There is no evidence in the media as to what they have done for this people. His blind followers still don’t think there should be quick action on corruption in Buhari’s own government, and his records at PTDF. They don’t think Nigeria deserves a clear intendment on the road to success. It’s all mud slinging and excuses.

      Imagine, disclosing the names of those who stole public money will prevent others from surrendering? How are the two related? You stole from me, return it. No I won’t return everything because people now know I have stolen? Tell that to the marine.

      Do you notice the thing he called a keynote speech? It is disappointing. Now I know why we are where we are….

      • Prince Wumi Adeyemi A

        You are nothing but a frustrated fellow. When you knew you were this good why didn’t you contest presidency? Spectators are the best players. Is it compulsory you comment on social media, when you are obviously devoid of ideas?

        • Romberg

          Somehow, some of you guys are so shallow. You will be back to swallow your pride.

    • joe

      “… Let the EFCC and ICPC do their jobs and face the myriad economic problems facing Nigeria…”??? EFCC should face economic problem?? :))) With a statement like this, who is gullible and blind and has zero ideas?? 🙂

      • evidence

        EFCC and ICPC should be allowed to do their jobs and buhari should face governance but we all know you’re trying to be smart. If you are half as smart as you’re trying to be, you would have thought twice before voting for an illiterate cert forger quota system ‎bigot relic who thinks 97% plus 5% is 100%. Moron.

  • Breaking News

    Breaking News:

    Hon. Waripamowei Dudafa, the Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs
    to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan is on the run, said the EFCC.

    • Edward P. Echebu



    • No Bull …..

      He’s not on the run, he’s on medical trip abroad

  • Sword of Damocles

    I Have a simple advise for Mai Gaskiya: Speeches like the one above MUST/ SHOULD be broadcast live to the country. The words of a patriot. Compare the words above to the actions of people like Saraki, Mark, Ekweremadu, Ebele Goodluck, Andy Uba, Dino Melaye, Diezani Madueke, Sambo Dasuki, Ngozi Iweala,, Andoaka, IBB, Abdulsalami, John Shagaya, Jide omokari, and the list goes on and on. when the President speaks of “betrayed the trust of the masses” (which in essence is TREASON), the aforementioned persons are only part of the whole MULTITUDE of so-called leaders who betrayed our/their ancestors for material gain. what a sorry lot.

    • Dollar$man

      I love your thesis. I guess this will make $1 = 1 Naira. Foo lish man. You are an illiterate monkey. Keep looking at your rear view mirror when you are driving. This Buhari of a man is driving us into head on collision and you are talking about Andy Uba and others.

      • Sword of Damocles

        I will let your words speak to your COGNITIVE CAPACITY. PS, does a LITERATE “monkey” exist? The reason why I didn’t curse/abuse the heck outta ya, is that your words extrapolates on the level of confusion(lack of cognition thereof) you are experiencing & thus have condemned your “generations to come” to purgatory Naija style. Have a nice day, “the essence of NOTHING”.

    • Hassan Lawal

      …..thank you very much for that sense of reasoning,……very few Nigerians has got that.

      We wont appreciate for now, what this president is doing to our country and for our children,…..the lesson is deep-rooted,in the past years or so morals almost became a taboo,when you see fathers like Dopkesi and others (Thieves),smiling and waving to the t.v like hero while being wailed away for stealing.

      Now tell me what kind of children are these people fathering?

    • Burning Spear

      @wahala—–Only a mental case will listen to such rubbish——from Buhari————

      • Sword of Damocles

        Read the names of the persons above AGAIN, and then you will realize that “you are S-L-O-W”. @wahala???? God help us all

  • olawale

    PMB will recover every looted funds. We have to kill corruption before it destroy the economy

    • Burning spear

      @wahala—-the money is not his–it came from the oil wells in the south south—And not the groundnut pyramids –or cocoa pods in the south west–which revenue came from your end–abi are u like the Fulanis–another parasites in Nigeria–chopping from the awooof oily pot of the Ijaw Nation?


    I don’t know how Jonathan and Mama Patience can survive this TSUNAMI

    • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

      At least Kanu the leader of IPoB is still alive in the Gulag of Buhari–He is yet to be hanged like the way Buhari tightened the noose around the neck of Ken Sarowiwa-the Ogoni civil rights activitist-

      • joe



        Kanu will receive FIRING SQUAD. Its going to be FUN

      • kuli

        Are you drugged?

      • Reason-ability

        Buhari ke? Is this man actually mentally sound? I hope he has a wife so that she may be on stand bye to take him to “Aro” as soon as the dam breaks

  • Very Proud Oily IZON Redeemer

    Same old recycled propaganda rubbish from the Apes in APC! Does the names of those who returned their loot, include names like Amaechi, Fashola, Dambazua, the current Chairman of INEC, Prof Yakubu, who stole more than 800m from UBEC? Col Ali who emptied the accounts of Kano state and helped in hanging Ken Saro Wiwa? One of those mumu political comments by Buhari ati the Apes in APC period–If not another form of corruption! When Mrs. Madueke left 5.6b dollars in the coffers of NNPC, Buhari refused to announce such to the hearing of Nigerians-until she on her own revealed the said amount to the public! Instead of telling us the truth about how much was left–in the accounts of NNPC, Buhari went to the World Bank to borrow 2.6b dollars—-when we had over 5.6b–in d accounts of NNPC! Besides, Saint Buhari is yet to tell Nigerians what he did with the 6m the South Africans returned to him———–He cannot even open up to us about the REMITA–scandal!—And who owns it ati how much was being paid to d firm–Now every government receipt have the stamp of REMITA—The disclosure of the names of those who returned money allegedly stolen by Jonathan ati his wife and his men will help shame them—-Buhari has no excuse whatsoever from shielding thieves who confessed their sins to the public—–or is this not another (Abacha did not steal a dime from Nigeria-show?)

    • Kuku

      With your incessant yelling every now and then like a mad man in the market place, you’ll soon rupture one of the aneurysms in your brain and surfer a stroke attack. That’s when you will keep quiet forever. Hope your pay master and family members won’t blame PMB your ignorance.


    Finance Ministry Releases Documents Authorizing Use Of $300m Abacha Loot For Arm Purchases and not 2.1b dollars as announced by Buhari.

    The Nigerian Federal Ministry of Finance have released the authorization letter the then Minister of Finance wrote to President Goodluck Jonathan for the release of $300million to the office of former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

    The fund was $300m not the $2.1billion as reported by the media and some government spokesmen. Here Is The Letter Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala Sent To Jonathan Before Release Of $300m To Dasuki

    According to Hope For Nigeria, former Nigerian Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, explained yesterday through her spokesman the issues surrounding the $300m released to Former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki. Following pressure by Buhari and his team in APC for government to tackle the issue of equipment for our troops. Now the same people are pretending not to know how government struggled to buy arms even with the embargo on the prucahse of weapons against Nigeria by the USA!

    • Michelle Messi

      He keeps getting his figures absolutely wrong!
      This buttresses the point that a Credit in Maths is of infinitesimal value to a President of the largest country in Africa.

    • Hassan Lawal

      ……OMG!!!….what has that got to do with the fact that some people misused or abused their positions by stealing our monies,…..

      …..only God can explain what is wrong with black men,just check out the comment you posted,are you trying to justify the fact that they stole?

      ….then you need to get your brain checked.

      • THE SOURCE

        Buhari lied–and lied–where is the 5.6b dollars that Mrs. Madueke left in the accounts of NNPC

        • BABUYANMA

          Madueke will die in Nigeria’ prison. Wait and see

    • Burbank

      WOW….good news
      Only a “paltry” $300mn by PDP standards.

  • Michelle Messi

    BREAKING NEWS : $1(USD) EXCHANGES FOR N260 ON 11/12/2015!!



    • Wale

      Clap for yourself;
      Are you happy now?
      Last time it was 20 pounds,next time nada. That is if we allow/accept you guys back.

  • Burning Spear

    If u have an Ibo audience to speak to, all u do is to confine your regional Fulani thoughts, to tackling the issue of the murder of over 9 Ibos during the protest for the release of their leader in IPB-Chief Dr. Alhaji Kanu. Ati the murder of those innocent men and women by the Buhari Gestapos, who had nothing whatsoever to do with corruption in Nigeria. Corruption is the only fake thematic matter on the lips of Buhari- who sadly for Nigerians, is fully surrounded by the most corrupt Ministers on mother earth. So on which moral ground is Buhari standing on to talk corruption-to us in Nigeria? The axiom (Show me your friends or MInisters and I will tell u who u are) is what is at play here again. We all remeber the Abacha did not steal any kobo phrase sha! Time Buhari ati his media advisers are told in very simple Fulani ati Yoruba dialect or language to stop playing games with the minds and soul of Nigerians–This his anti corruption theme, is sounding like a broken record! on an old 1914 turn-table player.

    • Smarty

      Am not sure why you sound so frustrated, all I can say to you is PMB is not going anywhere. Please fill free to vote your leader Nnamdi Kanu in 2019 or better still GEJ.


    APC, Party of professional liars and career propagandist


      IBOLA fraud calling himself Kano. Demonic animals

    • Burbank

      That’s why Buhari is prosecuting Saraki and Nyako.
      Under PDP, even their own HQ is abandoned after their own building fund is looted.



    • tundemash

      And you creek rat is a sore loser who just lost his future to the PDPigs.

  • blackdove

    I am extremely proud to have supported your candidacy and eventually your administration. I have no doubt in my mind that you are God-sent. We will continue to pray for your success, good health, long life and abundant wisdom. Mr. President, it is only thieves, terrorist and the criminally minded that will not support you or your government, but “who God bless no man can curse”.
    May God continue to bless you Sir!

    • Burbank

      God bless Buhari
      God bless Nigeria

  • Burning Spear

    Corruption is the only fake thematic matter on the lips of Buhari- who sadly for Nigerians, is fully surrounded by the most corrupt Ministers on mother earth. So on which moral ground is Buhari standing on to talk corruption-to us in Nigeria? The axiom (Show me your friends or MInisters and I will tell u who u are) is what is at play here again. We all remeber the Abacha did not steal any kobo phrase sha! Time Buhari ati his media advisers are told in very simple Fulani ati Yoruba dialect or language to stop playing games with the minds and soul of Nigerians–This his anti corruption theme, is sounding like a broken record! on an old 1914 turn-table player.


      Corruption is DEADLY cancer. You demonic IBOLAS won’t know that

      • Fatai Abdul

        Beats me how people can close their eyes to the truth. I honestly do not like any of the parties but even a deaf, dumb and blind person would know PMB truly means well.

    • Burbank

      This his anti corruption theme, is sounding like a broken record, which Buhari will play non-stop at full volume for the fraudsters looting Nigeria.

  • redeem

    With the naira pegged at 197 to a dollar officially and selling at 249 in black market, what tribe, what people and of what religion benefit?

    Abacha did it. He pegged the naira at 21 naira to a dollar. His son simply goes to the bank, gve them 21 naira, collect dollar and go and sell to Aboki/mallam/Northerners who control that racket and they sell to other Nigerians. This is documented truth.

    Years later, Buhari is doing the same thing. CAN YOU GO TO THE BANK TO BUY DOLLARS AT 197? WHY NOT? Now if you and I cannot go and buy dollars at that official rate, what is the purpose, of what use is the pegging of the exchange rate at that price?

    haha! I hear your brain working. I hear you thinking.

    Now I ask again “How come mallams always have dollars?”

    Furthermore, if Buhari was so insistent on “defending the naira”, something that has driven businesses away, caused job loss for hundreds of thousands and is depleting our foreign exchange…foreign exchange that PDP gathered up for children unborn (Buhari has wasted 4.7 billion in six months) how come he is not raiding and arresting Abokis (Aboki means “friend” and is how we refer to Northerners who sell dollars especially, and not used derogatorily) who are “undefending” the naira by selling at 250?

    Truth remains that the Aboki is the major beneficiary of this huge disparity between the official rate of exchange and parralel/black market. Buhari is as usual ready to destroy the country just to favour “his people”.

    • Uzoma John

      We are all reaping the punishment of your evil Jonathan and his forty thieves who destroyed our economy and turned naira into tissue paper. God willing, PMB at the helms of affair, we must, I repeat, we must overcome the evil machination of Jonathan and company who after stealing all the dollars and pounds in CBN, went ahead to print more naira notes in billions plunging us into this sorry state. No good thing will ever come out from you and those you are fronting for. Redeem the devil’s advocate. Keep grieving for an election that was won and lost since March. Onye oshi di ka gi. Anu mpam.

      • Burbank


    • Burbank

      Buhari is as usual ready to destroy the people that favours themselves over the country.

  • Arabakpura

    Ride on Buhari! You are God sent and Nigerians will know in due course!

    • Burbank


  • Outraged


    • agbobu


  • Gugurus Ekpa

    A President with a soul and love for his nation—-Long live President Buhari. God bless you.


      Man of little faith….show me the money !!

      • Burbank

        Man of big zero….. open your wallet

        • Psi Ciroma

          Please Mr Burbank….STOP using religious symbols as your profile picture….it may be offensive especially if you are not speaking religiously or with truth may God bless you as you respectfully worship the Almighty Allah

      • tundemash

        Where do u think the looters get the money they pay u from ? MOr0n !

    • Burbank

      God bless the champion against corruption
      Buhari is the hero for the victims of corruption, and a curse to its perpetrators and supporters

  • JJ

    This was the main reason I supported PMB. Once he’s doing well on this subject, he will always have my support. Other subjects I consider minors for now.

    Sai Buhari!

    • Burbank

      Sai Baba

  • e_orpheus

    “Nigeria must grow beyond that point,..and be populated by people with conviction, a new breed without greed, radically opposed to corruption.”

    The man’s attitude to his purpose makes me proud. Well done sir.

  • eclub

    We are to believe that the government of Buhari is on a quest to end corruption in the society, but he will keep a secret of those returning looted funds? And the reason for the secrecy is to catch bigger fish? What a fish tale! Who buys that?

    Secrecy is a symptom of corruption. Secret government is the hallmark of a dubious administration. Only kids will buy such anecdotes.

    Open up the government, be transparent!

    If Jonathan was corrupt, he got away with it due to secrecy. So if Buhari continues with secrecy, he is not only corrupt, he is also a hypocrite.

    Don’t treat us like children.

    • John

      You lack wisdom.

    • band olu

      U refuse to listen to reason..

    • Burbank

      Secrecy is a symptom of corruption
      GEJ is loud about it and Nigeria is corruption-free for 6 years!

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar, what have u done by those in the public domain? Dasuki, Dokpesi and Nduka Obiagbena ?

  • No Bull …..

    Corruption has met its match.
    You have my full support Mr President.

  • eclub

    Think about it, it’s analogous to a police officer taking money from a thief, puts it in his pocket, and says it’s not bribe because he intends to use it to catch a bigger thief. Well, it is bribe unless he declares that money and the giver of that money publically. If Buhari and any official collects money as returned loot, and fails to charge the culprit, it’s bribery, especially if it’s done secretly.

    • Burbank

      Like GEJ secretly told NOI to give the money to Dasuki and hide from NASS.

  • Man_Enough

    Breath of fresh air. Jonathan never spoke against corruption with conviction.

  • Psi Ciroma

    Thank you Mr P….. This is one crusade/jihad worth living for!

    Corruption is spiritual , true repentance is required

    • Burbank

      Repentance will be plentifulful in Kuje and Kirikiri.

      • Psi Ciroma

        Please Mr Burbank….STOP using religious symbols as your profile picture….it may be offensive especially if you are not speaking religiously or with truth may God bless you as you respectfully worship the Almighty Allah.


    As long as Nigerians have not been allowed to see the so called list of those returning money,one can safely assume that the whole story has been cooked up or hyped up and deployed for psychological reasons to intimidate suspected looters. Buhari has no constitutional right to pardon crooks even before they are charged to court therefore all looters must face the due process of law. In the time being,this is mere APC propaganda.

    • tundemash

      Yeah right. Nduka Obiagbena just confessed to receiving N600m from the office of the NSA, which is his insurance company, as compensation for the bomobing of its office in Kaduna. I guess that is also APC propaganda .. abi ? CL0WN !

  • agbobu


  • Burbank

    May the course set by Buhari for Nigeria leads us higher to the ranks of the first world nations.
    God bless Nigeria

  • agbobu


  • Action Group

    This paper deserved a standing ovation,it tells the true a story on where we are and what we need to do before corruption kills Nigeria.All well meaning Nigerians should join PMB in fighting this “asymmetric” social before it kills our beloved countrycountry.

  • famaks

    Buhari, you may never read this, my voice is too little to get attention of your P A s, but in the name of Jesus, whom I serve, heaven will back you up.

    Go on with the fight, they may hurt you and speak evil, rest assured many like me secretly will be praying for you.

    Corruption is so terrible in Nigeria because the educational foundation is faulty, we should start from nursery school curriculum to teach against corruption.