Dasuki kicks as Buhari orders arrest, says, “I was never invited to defend myself over arms deal”

Former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki
Former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki

The immediate past National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, has denied ever receiving any formal or informal invitation to appear before an Investigative Panel on the Procurement of hardware and munitions in the armed forces.

Mr. Dasuki, a retired colonel, was responding to a statement that President Muhammadu Buhari had ordered his arrest and those of others implicated in arms deal, was quoted by PRNigeria as saying, “I have never been invited formally or informally to appear before the panel.

“I am therefore not only surprised but embarrassed by the seeming indictment by the panel purportedly operating from the Office of the National Security Adviser that never contacted me.

“For the record I am proud to serve my nation with the best of intention and ensuring the recovery of more than 22 local government councils from Boko Haram terrorists.

“Because of the pride of how we tackled terrorism and defeated Boko Haram terrorists through our gallant troops and partners in the twilight of the previous administration, I have insisted on open and public trial of my stewardship rather than secret trial in the court as being canvassed by my prosecutors.”

“I wish Nigerians will go back and reflect on what we did with even little or no supports from some countries. We performed miracles before the emergence of this administration. I even thought the committee was to investigate procurement from 2007 to 2015. Yet only my name is always being mentioned even when some of the issues were before I came into government.

“I left Nigerians to judge.”

President Muhammadu Buhari had on Tuesday received the interim report of the investigative committee on arms procurement with an order for the arrest of all indicted persons in the arms scam.

According to a statement by the president’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, the committee, which was inaugurated on Aug. 31, was yet to complete its work. But its interim report unearthed several illicit and fraudulent financial transactions.

“As part of the findings, the committee has analysed interventions from some organisations that provided funds to the Office of the National Security Adviser, Defence Headquarters, Army Headquarters, Naval Headquarters and Nigerian Air Force Headquarters, both in local and foreign currencies,’’ it said.

It stated that so far the total extra budgetary interventions collated by the committee was N643.8 billion while the foreign currency component was $2.2 billion.

The report indicated that the amounts excluded grants from the state governments and funds collected by the Directorate of State Services and the Police.

The statement said the committee observed that in spite of this huge financial intervention, very little was expended to support defence procurement.

“The committee also observed that of 513 contracts awarded at 8,356,525,184.32 dollars; N2,189,265,724,404.55 and 54,000.00 euros; fifty Three were failed contracts amounting to 2,378,939,066.27 dollars and N13,729,342,329.87 respectively.’’

According to the statement, the committee also noted that the amount of foreign currency spent on failed contracts was more than double the one billion dollars loan that the National Assembly approved for borrowing to fight the insurgency in the North East.

It stated that the committee also discovered that payments to the tune of N3.850 billion were made to a single company by the former NSA without documented evidence of contractual agreements or fulfillment of tax obligations to the Federal Government.

“Further findings revealed that between March 2012 and March 2015, the erstwhile NSA, Lt. Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd) awarded fictitious and phantom contracts to the tune of N2,219,188,609.50; 1,671,742,613.58 dollars and 9,905,477.00 euros.

“The contracts, which were said to be for the purchase of four Alpha Jets, 12 helicopters, bombs and ammunition were not executed and the equipment were never supplied to the Nigerian Air Force, neither are they in its inventory.

“Even more disturbing was the discovery that out of these figures, two companies, were awarded contracts to the tune of N350,000,000.00; 1,661,670,469.71 dollars and 9,905,477.00 euros alone.

“This was without prejudice to the consistent non-performance of the companies in the previous contracts awarded.

“Additionally, it was discovered that the former NSA directed the Central Bank of Nigeria to transfer the sum of 132,050,486.97 dollars and 9,905,473.55 euros to the accounts of Societe D’equipmente Internationaux in West Africa, United Kingdom and United States of America for un-ascertained purposes, without any contract documents to explain the transactions,’’ the statement said.

The statement noted that the findings made so far “are extremely worrying” considering that the interventions were granted within the same period that the nation’s troops fighting the insurgency in the North East were in desperate need of platforms, military equipment and ammunition.

“Had the funds siphoned to these non-performing companies been properly used for the purpose they were meant for, thousands of needless Nigerian deaths would have been avoided.

“Furthermore, the ridicule Nigeria has faced in the international community would have been avoided,” the statement said.

The committee noted with disappointment that those entrusted with the security of this great nation were busy using proxies to siphon the national treasury, while innocent lives were being wasted daily.

“In the light of these findings, President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the relevant organisations to arrest and bring to book, all individuals who have been found complicit in these illegal and fraudulent acts,’’ the statement said.


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  • Iskacountryman

    where on earth does an elected president orders someones arrest…hand over the case file to the police for prosecution, if a crime has been committed…

    • Magenta

      Where on earth wil someone go to central bank n collect billions dollers infact jonathan should join dasuku in prisons

    • kinsly

      If an elected president can order the security agency’s to attack national enemies why can’t he order same agency’s to arrest someone who broke the law?

      • Rumournaire

        Or someone who actually sabotaged national security!

    • tundemash

      Dunce , the President is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces. So can he not give an order to forces he commands ?

      • Iskacountryman

        he does not appear to be a busy man…

    • Höly Wähala

      Tief… your source of crumbs has crumbled ba? Didn’t Dr. Dumbo order Mrs. Waziri’s EFCC to arrest then fugitive James Ibori? How about Kabiru Sokoto, didn’t same Dumbo order his rearrest after people like Dasuki helped him escape from jail? It’s called, ‘Executive Order’ by the C-in-C and fully protected by the Constitution… Go to School. Mumu!

      • Iskacountryman

        executive order…it is a recipe for a bias accusation…when the case gets to court…

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Pls stop making your ignorance very obvious.

    • Nwa_Africa

      Here is not about suya……………………..

      • Iskacountryman

        do you want a question on ngwo ngwo?…nyamiri

  • Jagunmolu

    No sympathy from me. Mr Dasuki. And for those who are not sure and just making noise. The President has every right to arrest any individual on national Security issues and even forceful arrest. We shall know whether khaki be leather

  • Curseless

    Mr Dasuki has nothing to fear if he did nothing wrong and my advice to him is to go and honor the invitation from the committee . Trying to appeal to the puplic emotion at this point will not yield much support and may be counter productive particularly if this mind boggling looting happens to be true at the end of the day.

  • Arabakpura

    This Dasuki thinks he is smart! He did this the first time and eventually he was exposed as a hypocrite who tried to buy the sympathy of Nigerians! As a matter of fact, it will not be wrong to say that he was a great sponsor of Boko Haram by his actions and inactions!

  • kunle Zeal




    WITHOUT Dangerous Pills, Herbs and Medicationn.

    No Pills, No Drugs, No Creams, No Herbs../

  • Abubakar Tanko Muhammed

    Rape of justice

    The facts are emerging , justices Abubakar, ofeshi and the 3rd fellow who sat in the panel collected a bribe of 700,000 million Naira made available to them to thwart the electoral mandate of the people of Taraba . Justice Ofesi who is from Benue had resisted the bribe offer for a long time and indeed wrote a dissenting judgment which accounted for why the judgment was delayed for a long time , unfortunately , he finally succumbed to the allure of money . Very funny enough , not even one witness called by the 1st respondent was given consideration at all by the tribunal . A total of 54 witnesses were called by him , the tribunal members apparently blinded by the money glossed over the testimonies of these witnesses .

    • aisha ani

      Can you please expatiate on this bribery issue, it kind of fell out from no where and I am sure a lot of people don’t know what its all about. Who bribed the 3 Justices?

  • Al

    Arrest the traitor now!

  • aisha ani

    This is the new mantra, “I served Nigeria with the best intention”

    • tundemash

      no more “i am being witch-hunted”. lol !

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Get cracking boys

  • MI

    Defend what? It’s a matter of national security.
    You have a chance in court to defend yourself rather than planning your escape on medical ground. Looters!!
    It’s very right to arrest him because of the sensitive position he held and budget provision to his office which handled almost all the arms deals without any arm arriving Nigeria thus worsen our insecurity and exposed our army deliberately to danger. If Sambo is not aware, he has a very bad case perhaps the worst, Wicked man. All you did was to build massive house in Abuja and Kaduna and bought several others around the world. Jetting round with your family in private jets.

  • persona

    This guy is already singing…good stuff as against I will go to court.
    He understands the tenets of national security and he will be clearly taken down.
    It underscores why he refused to collect the letter personally so he can deny he was ever served AGAIN.
    The DSS seem to have turned the tide and made it obvious that by blocking his house, they wanted him to implicate himself that he is at flight risk if he dared to escape…smart thinking by DSS.
    Dasuki knew he was been investigated and he knew the venue BUT he is now saying he was a miracle worker.
    His statement about “partners” is very striking to me…is it our able pastor’s jet or the SA mercenaries or even plus including BH financiers…the gist is indeed loading.
    Justice Ademola, this is above your pay grade. Any thing national security is a case of bow and go for any judge.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Col Dasuki, consider this your invitation to go and defend yourself. No need for all this ‘gra gra’!

    • persona

      He don gentle by saying he did miracles as against we will meet in court.
      The president will crush him now just as the C-in-C gives orders to other generals to crush BH before December finishes.
      What partners is he talking about here is my concern jare…Pastor’s jet, SA mercenaries, BH financiers or fellow accomplices? The plot thickens.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)


  • Mansur A.

    Why do they want a secret trial?
    Why is the government so scared of having an open trial?

    • dem papa

      E no dey hard to know who benefit from Dasuki. See hin face. Ole

    • tundemash

      Dummy, Dasuki was the National Security Adviser privy to national security. His secret trial is standard anywhere in the world.

      • Daniel

        Let me also remind the reasonable commentators here that the probe carried out by the NSA office is not different from what was done in Rivers State that indicted Rotimi Amaechi. He did not also attend and there was no ORDER for his arrest.

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Why are you so bothered more than Dasuki himself.

    • Contact Point

      Dasuki is a secret agent, he involved himself in secret deals and run secret accounts so it is not unusual to offer him a secret trial.

    • musa aliyu

      It was to protect him from us stoning him, whenever we catch any glimpse of the thief. Now that the cat is let out of the bag, we shall see how he will mingle with us, after masterminding the death of 40000 people

      • James

        You want to stone him? Have you stone those thieves whose looting of the country turned you and your brothers into hapless Almajiri? Have you stone those former northern leaders whose pillaging of national resources turned you into an imbecile because they made it impossible for you to go to school and your your head. Olodo! Dey gather stone wey you go take stone am. See monkey and high life!

        • musa aliyu

          You don’t have to tell us that Dasuki your brother was writing your script in bleeding us white. Go back to that your “miraculous ” school and they ought to teach you that never had money been stolen from Nigeria’s coffers than the ones stolen by your paymasters, as exposed . Nincompoop. You and all of them that made us urchins, while you remain an armed robber, will pay the price now. Change is here, like it or not. Buffoon.

  • Mansur A.

    Why didn’t the committee extend the ‘probe’ to 2007 since Dasuki said some of the issues they have now raised pre-dates his appointment as NSA?

    • SayNo2Tribalism

      Pls sir you can do that when you become President in 2019.

      • Contact Point


  • Paul Graham


  • Mama Kay

    Yes Dasuki, you did your best for your pocket and bank balance.

    All you northern elites that think you are entitled to dip your grubby fingers in the till of the FGN and take what is not yours.

    Your people are suffering but all you care about is your own comfort.

    At long last someone is here to rescue the masses from your clutch.

    • Daniel

      Let me also remind you that the probe carried out by the NSA office is not different from what was done in Rivers State that indicted Rotimi Amaechi. He did not also attend and there was no ORDER for his arrest.

      Can Buhari be said then to be carrying out a political anti-corruption?

      • Contact Point

        Y are you fooling yourself?

        • Daniel

          Sorry. You are fixated on a mirage. Nice day.

        • Daniel

          Sorry oooo. Beer parlour talk.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        stop this your nonsense. You are comparing coconut with belt buckles!

        • Daniel

          Double standards.

  • Nkem

    This same Dasuki, they took letter of invitation to his house, he refused to open the gate say him no go collect the letter. Now he is clowning around, he must think this matter is a joking matter!
    This same Dasuki we heard he was distributing money to his government colleagues like he was Father Christmas. Him no think say the day of accounting go come, now him no want agree say the day of accounting don come.
    He must be the dumbest intelligence officer I have ever seen.

  • Sodje Pierce

    Premumu Times, you people have no shame. Is Dasuki the issue and the ‘star’ news or that over 35 innocent Nigerians have been blown up? Look at how France is responding to terrorist attacks on its soil and juxtapose with how Buhari has responded to about 2,112 persons that have been killed by Islamic terrorists since he came to presidency just about 5 months ago. Even here in Nigeria you refer to Islamists terrorists as ‘Insurgents’ and not Islamic terrorists.We cant even call them by their name. Edeorts! ….Keep giving us Dasuki stories. Keep blaming Dr Jonathan. Mumus.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      You and the moron agreeing with your comment should shut up! You are both not very intelligent.

      The French were attacked by external forces!

      Dasuki is alleged to have ‘vamoosed’ funds for weapons that Nigerian armed forces need to quell an uprising by fellow Nigerians!

      • Patrick

        Accused right? So, why don’t you wait for the law to run its course?

  • Höly Wähala

    Dasuki should be hauled into jail and nothing will happen, this is the exact ploy behind his refusal to appear at his doormat and recieve his Invitation to appear before the panel, so he can claim he never got the letter of invite. I reiterate, no man is above the law especially when we’re talking about $2.1bn missing and 17,000 lives lost because of it. This is how Diezani refused to appear before the NASS investigative committee over our missing $20bn and is now soliciting public empathy from a posh Hotel room in the UK claiming cancer. Sambo Dasuki and all the Service Chiefs who worked under him should be arrested without deference to our corrupt justice system, afterall, it is a Justice Adeniyi Ademola that is trying perfidiously to assist Dasuki in escaping from the law under spurious excuse of seeking medical attention. Ibrahim Lamorde of the EFCC has already escaped with a Charge of N1trn hanging over his head, Nigeria cannot afford to let another big fish slip from the net…

    • musa aliyu

      Olori buruku , let me add for you.

    • REDEEM

      @ WAHALA AN IBO MAN WITH NO BRAIN—————I think what u are saying is that, the same treatment should be handed over to your Brother who is now under lock and key in the gulag of Buhari–Kalu of the IPB—the conversation is about the respect for the rule of law–and not the color of the nose of Dasuki——————-or the zone he hails from in Nigeria—In his case we even know his father—Sultan Dasuki–what about Buhari’ even if he is late-Sadly this was the same Dasuki who looked the other way while Buhari rigged the just concluded Presidential elections-

      • Höly Wähala

        Go and sit down with your lies. Didn’t Abacha demote his father from Sultan of Sokoto throne, did heavens fall then? Didn’t your moron Dumbo order Farida Waziri to arrest your cousin, James Ibori, where was your voice for rule of law? My brother, Nnamdi Kanu, did not misuse $2.1bn of your oyel money, and he did not cause the death of 17,000 innocent Nigerians while he pocketed their salaries. Oloshi buruku ni Sambo… Dumbo is next. Thieves!

  • tundemash

    “I left Nigerians to judge.”

    You are guilty and ought to be shot for being a wicked soul that stole money meant to protect Nigerians

    • Daniel

      Let me also remind the reasonable commentators here that the probe carried out by the NSA office is not different from what was done in Rivers State that indicted Rotimi Amaechi. He did not also attend and there was no ORDER for his arrest.

      • musa aliyu

        What did Amaechi do? Was your Wike not just trying to justify that he needed loan from banks and he went to create hoax? Was that also not a ploy to exacerbate the enmity he foolishly harbor for his friend? A beg, go back to your sleep.

        • Daniel

          Well, you choose what to believe. Dasuki is corrupt, while Amaechi is a saint.

          A nation of double standards needs repentance before it can develop.

      • abuasmau

        Rivers state issue. President will only comment when it threatens Nigeria’s sovereignty.

        • Daniel

          Hhehee… I see double standards.But the same President told the whole world that he would not work with those who have corruption cases.

          Politics of reward for hard work has made Amaechi minister despite obvious pillaging of River State treasury.

          So where is Aso Rock finding the moral authority to fight corruption amidst thieving ministers?

          • abuasmau

            Well PMB must work with Nigerians not Saints not Angels. Believe.

      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        Rivers state issue did not result in the loss of thousands of Nigerian lives and worldwide disgrace of the once African giant!

        • Daniel

          Hmmm. Plundering the state treasury is an economic crime that may have led to the death the of the unknown many.

      • tundemash

        So what stopped your Wike from having the courage to have Amaechi arrested on those charges ??????

        • Daniel

          Who is the Nigerian police loyal to? Abuja not Port-Harcourt.

          • tundemash

            Really ? And that stopped Wicked Wike from charging Amaechi to court ? So finally you are confessing that mad Police Commissioner Mba was used against Amaechi ?

          • Daniel

            I have never debated Mba’s controversial role in Rivers State. We all know state governors are toothless dogs when it comes to security issues in this country.

  • Daniel

    I am not flattered by this order. All I am interested in is justice to all including Dasuki. I want to see the names of the others who are involved in this mess,and if truly he has been given fair-hearing.

    Let me also remind the reasonable commentators here that the probe carried out by the NSA office is not different from what was done in Rivers State that indicted Rotimi Amaechi. He did not also attend and there was no ORDER for his arrest.

    So juxtaposing this two scenarios, I am wont to conclude that Buhari has not convinced me that he is all out to fight corruption without the political cost.

    • Contact Point

      not same dumbo, check your record and their set up

      • Daniel

        That is not a proper reply. I cannot be flattered .

      • Daniel

        Who are those that make up the APC?

  • kolomonbroscob

    he wants Nigerians to judge cos he knew most of the so called Nigerians are “dump-ass” they might not know the difference between a thief who knows how to Conn ways for himself and a leader who sworn to defend his country

  • Contact Point

    Come, did i read this man saying the fought and defeated BH at the twilight of their time? Even said he performed miracle? Are we not in Nigeria when these “miracles” were performed? Oh my, dz country has really been taken on a very long ride with impunity. In fact, no more trial for this man, he has shown that he is guilty so take him straight to prison.

  • Dan Arewa

    Exactly! You performed miracles, Sambo Dasuki. Especially the fact that you fought Boko Haram for more than five years but it was only six seeks created by you that was used to hibernate them. That is a real miracle. Something you could not accomplish in six years, you demanded six more weeks and it was done. That was really a miracle. But you should know that Nigerians are no more gullible as you people think. We are not idiots. All these and many other things you have to say, you can say them in COURT.

  • bikky

    Dansuki, Dansuki ,Dansuki keep your mouth shut, you want Nigerians to judge you when do we become judge that we will preside on your case like frivolous judges that granted you permission to travel out when you alone sit on the pots that can feed Nigerians for two years, you alone kai,you capitalised on Jonathan weakness to loot the nation dry and killing of innocents souls while you are smiling to bank with their monies, heaven of heaven shall judge you and your unborn children. A haa its too much from plateau to Borno to Yobe Jigawa can Adamawa,kano,Kaduna several lives were lost properties destroyed while you and your cohorts were smuggling both our Naira and dollars including Euros. Go,go gooooo to jail Dansuki.

  • Bimbola

    Reading the comments on this platform. One cannot but notice the depth of the division in Nigeria caused by the political class. You will not really understand what these guys are quarreling about unless you belong to their inner caucus. What ordinary Nigerians see and know is what they tell us in the media. Please don’t lose your sleep over these clowns called politicians. I know we are all suffering in this country as a consequence of their actions and inactions. So when you want to make any comment whether for or against, think again. Is it really worth it?

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      Your aparthy with regards to the affairs of the motherland is at the very least, disturbing.

      Would we be wrong in assuming that attitudes like yours are part of the problems we face as a nation?

  • Olola

    Judge yourself and tell us if you don’t deserve to rot in prison? I wonder what you want to do with such money that you will die and be buried naked.

  • Amir

    Babangida overthrew Buhari in 1985 and held him on house arrest for 4 years, investigated and not even allowed to bury his mother yet Buhari did not claim medical treatment overseas. Today even Lamorde wants to be allowed to see his doctor overseas. A land where judges even disobey the law! Dasuki singlehandedly embarrassed Nigeria and Jonathan’s government locally and abroad.

  • sammyctu ode

    Dasuki you are a very callous and evil man. While Nigerians were dying in their thousands in the NE and across the north, You started stealing the money and awarding phoney contracts. How much is your pension as a Lt. Col, How much have you made in the business you have been doing since you retired that will enable you to live in a high brow area of Abuja and how much have you made that you can afford overseas medical bills? I know a lot of retired military generals who can’t afford to own a house even in agegunle so you can’t claim you are not aware of what you did. Many soldiers were court marshalled because they don’t have weapons to fight boko haram but meanwhile you and Jonathan were disgracing Nigeria and sending innocent citizens to their untimely graves. You said Nigerians should judge and our judgment on you is that you have committed a big crime against humanity and you must be prosecuted. PMB is not Jonathan which is why God installed him as president. Majority of Nigerians believe in him and we trust him. He is not hounding you he just wants you to account for your sins. You will rot in he’ll because your evil singular action of stealing money to fight boko haram has led to the death of so many people. ROT IN HELL DASUKI.

    • REDEEM

      @ WAHALA AN IBO MAN WITH NO BRAIN—————I think what u are saying is that, the same treatment should be handed over to your Brother who is now under lock and key in the gulag of Buhari–Kalu of the IPB—the conversation is about the (respect for the rule of law-)-and not the color of the nose of Dasuki——————-or the zone he hails from in Nigeria—In his case we even know his father—Sultan Dasuki–what about Buhari’ even if he is late-we need to know the family history of Buhari———–Why should everything about that man be shrewded in mystery? Sadly this was the same Dasuki who looked the other way while Buhari rigged the just concluded Presidential elections-in the North

  • Nwa_Africa

    What is still delaying the military and the DSS from arresting terrorist dasuki the sponsor of terrorist gay nnamdi kanu?

  • JJ

    No wonder there was a coup against the Nigeria nation during the period of election. Tunde Bakare (fake pastor) was part and parcel of it. The reason why he had a contract for the PDPig as the Chief Promoter, Election Postponement/Cancellation Officer. He should be arrested and investigated. He was aware of the detailed evil plans of these PDPigs during the period and he was one of the main ‘executioners’ of the evil plans. What a pastor! What a shame!

    • Maria

      It seems you have lost your mind.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    If this order comes from the presidency as reported, then President Buhari has broken his word! He promised that he will not interfere with law enforcement agents and their legal duties! Ordering the arrest of individuals is a breach of trust..because we took him at his words. The PMB we know, will never go back on his words!

    In this light, we are waiting to hear from whatever spokesperson decided to put words in Buhari’s mouth!
    Regardless of how solidly we are behind PMB, a breach is a breach is a breach….regardless of significance.

    • Burning spear

      The issue here is about the respect for the rule of law—-who the hell is Buhari not to obey a court order-? Are the Objs and Falana ati Syoinkas not quiet now—–having imposed a mnster on Nigerians–they have all gone into hiding—This is a wake up call for Nigerian to call for the removal of Buhari from power—Buhari has a Law Prof as his VP who is telling him not to respect the court order-what a country—–It is as if we are back to pre modern era of the rule of the Sword by the Fulanis-


    Folks, you remember how DSS, Muhammadu Buhari’s Gestapo the DSS–now his attack dogs confiscated Sambo Dasuki’s passport?

    The court has ordered the DSS and FG to allow former NSA, Dasuki, to travel abroad for medical checkup. Instead Buhari is saying he will never leave the shores of Nigeria so Buhari had to frame him uop wioth these fake stories

    The court ruled that the DSS, its agents or any other body or law enforcement agency does not have the right to stop Dasuki from traveling, after having granted same by a court of competent jurisdiction. Buhari is now afraid of his own shadows–The very moment Premium Times carried that Janjaweed sotry on her front page on behalf of APC and Buhari-concerning how much Nigeria has spent on the boko haram war—–today———-I knew the article was designed to whip up public sentiments against Dasuki-Why does Buhari want Dasuki dead? This was the same Buhari who removed his father as Sultan of soskoto under Abacha now this–we warned Nigerians about Buhari–but they would not listen–what a shame


    Folks, you remember how DSS, the Muhammadu Buhari’s Gestapo –now his attack dogs confiscated Sambo Dasuki’s passport?

    The court has ordered DSS led by a cousin of Buhari Lwal Daura ati d FG to allow former NSA, Dasuki, travel abroad for medical checkup. Instead Buhari is saying he will never leave the shores of Nigeria. So Buhari had to frame him up with these fake stories–when every Nigerian knows how hard it was for Jonathan to perocuere arms from even from the black market.

    However, the court ruled that the DSS, and its agents or any other body or law enforcement agency do not have the right to stop Dasuki from traveling abroad. Having given the said order by a court of competent jurisdiction, Buhari is now afraid of his own shadows–The very moment Premium Times carried that Janjaweed stroy on her front page on behalf of APC and Buhari-concerning how much Nigeria has spent on the boko haram war————–I knew the article was designed to whip up public sentiments against Dasuki-Why does Buhari want Dasuki dead? This was the same Buhari who removed his father as Sultan of Sokoto under Abacha now this–we warned Nigerians about Buhari–but they would not listen–what a shame-

  • StormRider1

    Dasuki abeg quit kicking and prepare to defend and give account of your tenure as Nsa on these arms deal in court. Nigerians know all that has gone down so far as regards this case and don’t want anymore political drama of the past but justice and funds recovery.

  • Bryan

    Under whose leadership was the 22 LGA’s taken initially? Gen Azazi said the sponsors of bokoharam were in the government then, but the cabal assassinated him.
    The former government reclaimed those local governments and made progress when it looked like they were going to loose the elections. I strongly feel the sponsors of bokoharam asked them to stand down.
    This government should work with former president GEJ, because I am sure he was deceived and all these happened without his knowledge.
    If Mr Dasuki is innocent he should be let go immediately. The government shouldn’t hold people based on trumped up charges or to settle political scores.

    • Sword of Damocles

      :”This government should work with former president GEJ, because I am sure he was deceived and all these happened without his knowledge”

      And you know this HOW???????

  • Debekeme

    Blood cries out.

    Government officials, do you all not understand that there is a direct line between money you steal and the death and misery of Nigerians?

    Dasuki, when your fellow Muslim Northern people die and suffer, there is a direct line between the money you steal and their condition.

    Blood cries out and demands justice.

    Nigeria has the HIGHEST number of victims of terrorism in the ENTIRE world and their blood cries out.

  • Julius

    He did not address the allegations against him. This dude thinks he is smart. He was invited but refused to show up and answer their questions. He even said so a week ago that he wanted his lawyer to go with him. How would you want your lawyer to go with you to where you claim you were not invited ?.He can forget his flying out now. I understand he is on the list of the names given to Buhari when he came to the U S.

  • Debekeme

    Give it 30 minutes. PDP will soon come to Dasuki’s defense.

    Fayose and Metuh are preparing their script.

    Lets help them write the script. Here are the usual lines:

    1/.APC impunity
    2/.Buhari is a dictator
    3/.Re-introduction of dictatorship
    4/.APC tyranny
    5/. APC destroying Democracy
    6/APC agenda against Nigeria
    7.APC agenda against PDP
    8/. Its Tinubu’s fault
    9/.APC wants to use the money to bride the judiciary
    10/. APC wants to use the money to rig elections
    11/.Its a plot against Saraki

  • Peter

    Buhari is witch hunting this man. Will somebody please tell him to stop this vindictiveness and go ahead to fulfill his electioneering promises to Nigerians.

    • musa aliyu

      But we voted for him to do this when you were busy voting the Pdpigs. What’s your own? Go jump into ocean

      • Dy

        If u were not stewpid u shud hv known that 35+ Nigerians are dead bcos someone like Buhari who passed Mathematics with F9 grade is presiding over Nigeria.Has he addressed the nation like French president did? Or there are no resources to address the nation on television? Or did Jonathan steal TV cameras? Or did Jonathan steal Buhari’s tongue too? Maybe the only thing he can pronounce with his tongue properly is ‘oil money’. I must be president. Rubbish!

  • peaceometer

    You still have the opportunity to defend yourself, why are you making an attempt to run away. Haba, BH over running our armies just like that?


    Buhari is simply clueless and a liability to Nigeria. 37 persons, I mean 37 human beings with Nigerian passports as citizens have just been killed under his watch by Islamic terrorists which he loves to call ‘insurgents’, and he looks the way of Dasuki for cheap popularity and to divert attention. He, Buhari, can’t even address the Nation on live broadcast and brief Nigerians on the state of affairs like Fremch president has done. The French president has held 3 press conferences and 5 security meetings between Friday and today….But Buhari driven by uncommon vendetta and his notorious vindictive instincts is busy pursuing Dasuki….and the ignorant leap in the air in applause. 200million mumus!

    • Sword of Damocles

      no its more like half a million mumus(if that many) and they are all from one section of the country, I will let you guess where?

    • O’tega E. Domingos

      Frankly speaking I am bemused as you are when I think of Nigeria. I begin to wonder if we are a country in the real sense of the word. Our attitude to terrorism is awful. Imagine 37 blown up violently and Nigeria goes on as if nothing has happened. There are no candle light vigils, no memorial services ever held, no remembrances…nothing. This is sickening. Hell in my opinion should be better organised and responsive to tragedies like this which the Nigerian Govt, media houses and politicians treat with levity. The news media are perhaps even worse. Driven by hate and ethnic affiliation, they churn out rubbish every other day to prop up a Buhari regime that has presided over a country that has lost 2,112 Nigerians in 5 months. This is calamitous. Clearly unacceptable. But Nigerians will prefer to remain silent because we have been forced into this ill fated union by some over zealous economic migrants – Britain. Maybe, just maybe this is why up till this moment, 19 hours after the blast, not even a single president or country or even the UN has expressed condolences as regards the terrorists attacks in Nigeria….In fact, for Buhari, engaging experts from US to teach spokespersons to state Govs how to speak English is higher in priority. Shame!

    • Bunduma Mohammed

      He is clueless like your drunken fisherman who drinks and womanised his Presidency until Nigerians kicked him out

  • DanielOsazuwa

    I can finally confirm that these bastards agreed totally within themselves that Nigerians are fools. I non blame them.

    Under Dasukiwatch as NSA, Boko Haram became a monstrous monster. Under Dasuki watch, Boko Haram virtually took over 3 States of the Federation. Under his watch, Nigerians soldiers were noted for “technical maneuvering” into Cameroun due to lack of battle gears. He now want us to praise hi. For failure?! UNBELIEVABLE !!!

    This was the man using our corrupt Judges trying to frustrate his prosecution under the guise of travelling abroad for treatment. Probably even trying to evade prosecution.

    My advice to the FG is that this case must be handle by the Military Court because of it security implication. The case must not be taken before any of our pay as you go Judges..

  • Proxy of Pat. Obahiagbon

    Dear Editor,

    That ₦25 billion theft miasma and Muhammadu Buhari

    A transmissive cacophony reached my abode and entered my hearing cavity.
    The purveyors asseverate that Vizier Muhammadu Buhari is into larceny, theft,
    conversion, stealing and asportation of a commission fee he approved on the
    Single Treasury Account [TSA] through the instrumentality of REMITA. I like to
    asseverate that even if the gravamen here is true, an extenuating circumstance
    is true also. Vizier Muhammadu Buhari has never stolen before. If he stole now,
    the alibi is the “doctrine of necessity” – the same doctrine that brought Jonathan
    into office to ruin Nigeria, that’s the same doctrine that pushed our very amiable
    Vizier Buhari to try his hand on larceny and asportation for the first time in his life.

    • ike



    Buhari is a Fulani oligarch who does not believe in equality before the law. Never! That is why he is disobeying court orders with impunity. Again when his certificate less satanic Military life is examined against background of the way he jailed Lateef Jakande, Jim Nwobodo, Ambrose Ali, Pa Adekunle Ajasin, Chief Ayo Ojewumi on cases that had no foundation in law and allowed Awwal Ibrahim, the then Niger State governor, who was arrested in Heathrow Airport in London with 14 million pounds sterling and several millions of Niara and dollars to be set free, then u can understand why he has thieves like Amaechi, Fashola, Fayemi, Dambazua, Prof Yakubu of INEC-who stole over 800m from UBEC as his Ministers. Ati the main officer who hanged Ken Saro wiwa–as his right hand men-in the Customs-Then his harasssment of Dasuki should not come as a shock to Nigerians. Buhari also allowed Shehu Kangiwa, Sokoto State Governor who conducted and supervised the famous Bakolori Massacre of poor peasant farmers, whose land were appropriated without compensation to walk a free man hours after placing him under house arrest for some few hours. Nigerians should blame themselves for rewarding such a dangerous, insensitive, dishonest, mean, cruel, partial, egoistic, religious, fundamendalist, conscienceless human being like MOHAMMADU BUHARI with the presidency of Nigeria via the USA. Aware of his evil track record, so why are we 9jas still wondering why the Nation State of Nigeria, has not and will not make it to the promised land with Buhari as president?

    • Ogboju Ode

      You are either a beneficiary of the corruption ridden regime of jonathan or simply a buffon whose intellectual capability is significantly degraded and moral quality is akin to those of boko haram guys in our midst. You need deliverance.

  • marig

    Now we know why he is trying to run out of the country.The noose is getting tighter. Are there no hospitals, clinics, doctors and nurses in Nigeria?

  • Proud Yoruba

    Dasuki is never coming out of jail again.

    What wickedness, siphon money from military during a time of war and watch innocent people die because of your selfishness and greed?

    I pray we can get all the money back soon. God Bless Nigeria my country!

  • Rommel

    Dasuki fails to understand that they are not obligated to invite him since they lack prosecutorial powers,the court is there for him to go prove his innocence as the state seeks to hold him liable for the needless deaths that occurred as a result of his wickedness and greed in the Goodluck Jonathan administration