Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi is new Ooni of Ife

Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, new Ooni of Ife

The Osun State Government has unveiled a new Ooni of Ife.

He is Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, a 40-year old real estate magnate and prince from the Giesi Ruling House in the town.

He becomes the 51st Ooni of Ife.

The Secretary to the Osun State Government said the selection of the new Ooni followed the completion of all processes for the filling of the exalted stool.

Mr. Ogunwusi was selected from 21 candidates presented by the Giesi ruling house for the exalted stool.

The statement, made available to PREMIUM TIMES Monday on morning, said, “The Governor of the State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola has approved the appointment of a new Ooni of Ife.

“He is Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi of Giesi Ruling House of Ile-Ife, State of Osun.

“This choice follows the completion of the due process by the kingmakers and the communication of their decision to Government.”

The announcement of a new traditional ruler for the ancient town came 89 days after the death of Oba Okunade Sijuwade at a London clinic.

Mr. Sijuwade passed on after a brief illness on July 28, although Ile-Ife chiefs only confirmed his death on August 10.

Who is Adeyeye Ogunwusi?

Born 40 years ago into the family of John Oluropo Ogunwusi from the famous Ojaja Lineage of the Giesi ruling house of the Agbedegbede Quarters in Ile-Ife, Prince Ogunwusi’s mother, Margaret Wuraola Sidikatu Abegbe Ogunwusi, was born into the family of Soji-Opa, a prominent Cocoa merchant in Ile-Ife.

Mr. Ogunwusi attended The Polytechnic, Ibadan, where he obtained a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Accountancy.

After school, he grew rapidly in business, becoming a successful real estate merchant.

His bio on the website of Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited (a subsidiary of GTBank) on which board he sits as non executive director, reads, “Mr. Ogunwusi is a graduate of Accountancy and a certified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria and of the Institute of Management.

“He has been involved in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts locally and abroad for over 11 years.

“He was involved in the development of the Northern Foreshore Estate, Cityscape International Limited’s Buena Vista project in Lekki, Primewaterview Limited’s projects, Westcom Limited’s projects, and the Ajaokuta Steel’s and Delta Steel’s resuscitation projects

“Adeyeye (Ogunwusi) is currently the Managing Director of Howard Roark Gardens Limited which is undertaking multi-million naira Jacob Mews Estate project in Yaba and the Lakeview real estate development in Lekki.”

To become Ooni, Mr. Ogunwusi defeated 20 other contenders, including his 48-year old real estate- magnate brother, Adetunji, the Group Chairman of Primewaterview Holdings (comprising of Primewaterview Limited and PWV Management Services).


The emergence of Mr. Ogunwusi as Ooni was not without controversy.

No sooner had the search for the successor to Oba Sijuwade began than some ruling houses in the town started bickering over whose turn it was to produce the next king for the ancient city.

Although it appeared settled that the Giesi house would produce the next Ooni, being next to the Ogboru ruling house in the succession order established by government declaration on the Ooni chieftaincy title of 1977, the Ogboru rand Lafogido ruling houses challenged the  decision of the kingmakers to restrict the search to Giesi .

The Ogboru family contended that the Giesi ruling lineage should blame itself for conceding its turn to produce an Ooni to the late Oba Sijuwade, saying the concession to the late king was to him as an individual and not to the Ogboru clan as a whole.

Two members of the Lafogido Ruling House also sued Governor Aregbesola, the Obalufe of Ile-Ife, the late Oba Solomon Omisakin and Lowa of Ife, Joseph Ijaodola at an Osun State High Court over the decision to allow only the Giesi Ruling House present candidates for the stool.

They asked the court to nullify the 1980 Ife Chieftaincy Declaration, saying it was “lopsided, unjust, unconstitutional and unfair.”

The court dismissed the suit, paving the way for the selection of Mr. Ogunwusi as Ooni.

There are four ruling houses in Ile-Ife – Lafogido, Giesi, Ogboru, and Oshikola.

Oba Sijuwade, who reigned between 1980 and 2015, is of the Ogboru royal lineage.

Before Mr. Ogunwusi’s appointment, Monday, the last descendant of the Giesi ruling house that occupied the position was Ooni Derin Ologbenla  and that was between 1880 and 1894.

The other royal houses have also taken turns to produce Obas for the ancient town at various times.

The Ogboru lineage produced Oba Adelekan Olubuse I, who reigned between 1894 and 1910, with the Lafogido ruling house producing his successor, Oba Ademuluyi Ajagu (1910-1930).

Oba Sijuwade’s predecessor, Adesoji Aderemi, who reigned between 1930 and 1980, came from the Oshikola ruling house.


More to come…


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  • Congratulations kabiyesi.

  • Action Group

    At last, a Prince has been proclaimed by the Kingmakers after all the hues and cries.We enjoin all Ile-Ife sons and daughters to congratulate the new king,sheathe their swords and give him their support so as to move the ancient town forward.All hail the Oni of Ife,Kabiyeesi o!!!

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)


  • mdsurgeon

    Is this not the same guy who is being investigated by EFCC?
    Not that I care anyway.

    • Olaolu Saeed

      Yes the same guy! But not yet found guilty, don’t worry he will vacate the throne if convicted!

      • mdsurgeon

        Or they would attempt to use the “throne” to quash or influence the case!!
        Who knows how many palms he’s greased to be nominated?

        • Olaolu Saeed

          According to the new Ooni, Tinubu has settled the matter!

      • Peter

        What of the many corruption cases hanging around Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s neck before he became the emir of Kano? How many of such glaring cases were ever investigated after he was made the emir? Abeg leave Nigeria and let us move forward.

        • Olaolu Saeed

          Wish corrupt cases, election is over stop dreaming!

  • Ejiro


  • …almajiri…


    • Ejiro

      Lolz… your intention is to create a heated argument on this forum this morning. If the symptoms of your ailments persist, pls visit your physician before it gets late, this advise is because i love you.. Good morning sir!!!

      • …almajiri…


    • Lilimax

      He is a Christian and was born a Christian. Live with it!

  • McAlfred Uta

    Congratulations Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi. Your education, age and experience will aide you to rule your subjects well. My appeal to you is to carry out comprehensive reforms and create paradigm shift from some of the events heralding the passing on of Oba Sijuade. Kabiyesi o o o. May you reign and live longer than your predecessors.


    It is the money from my Niger Delta that will be used to pay these small small boys called 1st class chiefs. This is why me people and all youths in our land should arise. Arise and take control of your destiny. Take control of your RESOURCES. Now!

    “Those that believe in Nigeria have every right to continue to do so and to voice their resolve to keep Nigeria one. What they do not have the right to do is to refuse to offer the same degree of freedom of expression to those that do not believe in a united Nigeria and who instead believe in the peaceful dissolution of our nation to speak their minds and voice their views. What is good for the goose is surely good for the gander. You cannot grant one side of the divide freedom of expression whilst you deny it to the other.” —- Femi Fani Olukayode

    • muazu wali

      If as agreed and accepted by the majority that there is a country called Nigeria any desention is treason and groups opposed to the idea are tractors. A minority will be forced to go along with the majority. That is how it works in a democracy.

      • San Patch

        You don’t even know the meaning of the words that you are spouting. You cannot even spell correctly. Let me help you, Muazu.
        1. The correct spelling of the word is “dissention”, not “desention”.
        2. Not “tractors”, but traitors”. Oh, by the way, a tractor is an off-road vehicle employed for various purposes on a farm. It is not an offence under Nigerian law.

        Any dissension to the agreement of the majority is not necessarily treason. Treason is a calculated subversion of the interests of the state; an active betrayal of one’s country. People can still dissent to the state of affairs in the polity without being treasonous. If not, the civil rights and women’s rights movement would have been considered treasonous. They were not. So, Muazu, stop using words you don’t understand. Try to educate yourself before spewing badly-spelled versions of words you learnt in Political Science 101 online.

        • Hadiza Yahya Shehu

          @San Patch,

          By whose standard is it that dissent is not a crime?

          • San Patch

            By the standards of human decency evidenced in every civilised country. Not the fictitious standards of an imaginary deity.

            Because decent human beings recognise the value of free speech and the potential fallibility of the majority. If dissent is non-violent, does not lead to loss of life and property, how can it be a crime? i.e. how can it be punishable by law?

            In every civilised country–like the places where Nigerian elite love to buy houses–dissent is not a crime punishable by law. People in Switzerland, for instance, may frown on dissent, but it is not a crime. It is only in the benighted parts of the world [fill in your favourite country] that dissent is a crime.

            In these countries, it is a crime to dissent from the dominant religion. People in these countries start frothing at the mouth whenever Prophet Moh’d/Jesus/Buddha/local god/local ruler, worshipped by the majority, is denounced. No surprise that these bastions of intolerance are the most backward places on earth. Seriously? Who wants to live in Afghanistan? Tolerance is the price of living in a free society.

          • Hadiza Yahya Shehu

            Your statement say that Nigeria is not decent society as we governed with “indecent laws”. Our constitution and laws criminalise free speech in certain ways.

            We can not compare ourselves with Switzerland. We can also not compare ourselves with Afghanistan or North Korea (where punishment for any dissent view is death).

          • San Patch

            I never state or infer that Nigeria is not a “decent” society. There is a sliding scale of decency, as you suggest. Nigeria is not Afghanistan. Neither is it Switzerland. In Nigeria, one can express dissenting views (within certain limits). So, fair point, I concede that to you.

            Nigeria is a more decent, more tolerant, more “civilised” society than Afghanistan.

      • New Me

        @muazu wali # desention and tractors? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I hell you lol.

        ekushe o


    • Maria


    • Ogedengbe

      Most of the lands in Niger Delta belongs to Yoruba and Edo people.

  • Hah!

    Kabiyesi oo! May the reign of the new Ooni last Loooooooooooooooooooooooooog with Peace, harmony and tranquility.

    • Maria

      Even before you were discovered by the british, it was the money from your barren land they used to fund ooni… you people are suffering from inferiority complex.

      • Omo Oodua Tokan-tokan

        You are just mad and delusional. In fact you are really pathetic walahi. When your child molester and terrorist Emir of Kano was installed, nobody raised a highbrow. Why must you always feel so jealous and unsecured anytime good news come out from the Southern part.

        • Peter

          Don’t mind the sadist. She never stood for anything good. Everyone is happy at this momentous. May her evil mind continue to live with her. She once called herself a Yoruba woman but her utterances all along speak volume about her satanic and hateful nature.

        • Peter

          Correction please!

          Don’t mind the sadist. She never stood for anything good. Everyone is
          happy at this momentous occasion. May her evil mind continue to live with her.
          She once called herself a Yoruba woman but her utterances all along
          speak volume about her satanic and hateful nature.

          • Maria

            As for you, read my comment and go to my profile and read all my comments before you expose your idi0cy.

        • Maria

          You dont have to boil over non-issue… And I am sure you did not read the content of my comment. Read my comment again and then read your response to me… I responded to the comment of the guy(who calls himself @Nonsense!!!) who said it is his Niger Delta money that will be used to fund the new ooni…. but someone either in disqus or PR put the comment as a response to fellow @Hah comments… I deserve an unreserved apology from you… I did not know you so much hate people like this…. your response shows you dont read comments before unleashomg your pre-meditated anger. Omo oodua tokantokan ni mi. Ooodua a gbewa ooo.

          • Höly Wähala

            Hahaha @ the “ede” to cement his mouth shut… Respect! You write better than homegrown Yorubas who come here to make noise everyday. RESPECT!

        • Höly Wähala

          @Maria is core Yoruba, that comment must have gotten mixed-up by Disqus or the Editors at PT but it’s nothing to be quarelled over. I spent some time in Ile-Ife and anyone who knows those people can only wish their new Oba goodies. Maria is arguably the Most extremist Yoruba lady online so, it’s quite unfortunate you’ve taken a mishap to the extreme with your comment. You owe her an apology!

      • Hah!

        I hear you but however disagree. Endeavor to read History. Period.

        • Maria

          I did not disagree with you at all… Someone somewhere mixed up my response… my comment was for a guy who claimed Ooni is being funded by Niger Delta money. Thanks.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    congratulations sir,
    Please go ahead and start doing what obi’s do!
    In the mean time, does it bug anyone that the people that created the Benny Hill show actually colonized Nigeria?


    The new face of the Yoruba race! Imagine if this was the face of Nigeria. Youth,Imagination, ardour, zeal…I wish the new Ooni well,more grace to rule your people, and wisdom to be a father of all

  • San Patch

    Yawn. New Ooni of Ife. Yawn. Bore.

  • Barnabas Ebuga

    Wishing him successful reign…

  • bikky

    Wishing young energetic accomplished real estate manager turned Oba a successful reign over Ifeland and Yoruba land. I wish Kabiyesi to use his youthful energy and wisdom in collaboration with other Yoruba obas to transform Yoruba land to a greater land. Kabiyesi o.

  • Rominiyis

    Long May You Reign in Peace and Prosperity our Most Exalted King Enitan Ogunwusi

  • kumuyi Emmanuel

    kabiyesi, we love you ,may your reign be peaceful, kade pe lori ki bata pelese,ki irukere do okini igba odun odun kan

  • madilu

    Wishing him as an individual the best. However, I feel in this new millennium we need to do away with all these titles. The U.S. constitution written over 200 years ago bans all these types of stuff, and that was why they were able to advance more than other nations. In my opinion all chieftaincy titles should be banned in Nigeria. Likely, the wearing of costumes to official business (agbadas, baban rigas, etc) should be banned. The now developed western nations have their own national costumes, but wear them only on ceremonial occasions. Whenever I see Nigerians wear the costumes I see a sign of laziness, a sign of a people not ready to do honest hard work.

  • TrueNja

    Congratulations! May your reign never be like your blood thirsty predecessor. We can’t never forget Ife Modakeke war.