Meet Nigeria’s new Inspector General of Police, Solomon Arase

Acting Inspector General of Police, Solomon Aranse

Solomon Arase, the new Acting Inspector General of Police,  was, until his appointment, the Head of the Force Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department,

The apex intelligence gathering arm of the Nigerian police,  the Force CID is the only arm of the police that provides Intelligence on Crime and National Security.

Mr. Arase, 59, was born on June 21, 1956. He hails from Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state.

He enlisted into the Nigerian Police on December 1, 1981 after graduating from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, in 1980, with a degree in Political Science.

A lawyer, Mr. Arase also has a Bachelor of Law degree and Masters of Law from the University of Benin and University of Lagos respectively.

He attended the Nigerian Law school and was called to the bar in 2000.

He also has a Master’s Degree in Strategic Studies from the University of Ibadan.

Mr. Arase has served in various commands and formations of the Nigerian police, including being the Commissioner of Police for Akwa Ibom State.

He was also an Assistant Inspector General of Police in charge of the Force Criminal Investigation Bureau.

He served at the United Nations Mission in Namibia and is a Fellow of the Nigerian Defence College.

Mr. Arase is due for retirement on June 21, 2016.



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  • amazing2012

    What a brief ? His state is not mention !
    Former IG was removed because of one of the followings:
    1. To punish him for “sin” of disloyalty.
    2. To give an opportunity to the new man to become an IG even if is for just 5weeks.
    3. To possible bring quasi-political problem to incoming government for sacking a newly appointed police boss for just few weeks after taking over.
    4. To ensure the seniors of the new IG get retired before handing over so as to stop them from becoming IG.
    This analysis become necessary due to the nature, timing and reason behind sacking an IG of police just few days to handing over power. Parhaps if no problem, the IG purpose to perform the duty of Handing over even if he not to serve with the new system.
    Whatever Nigeria will be great God willing.

    • Action_Nigeria

      He is from Edo State and he has verifiable WASC

    • Nwa _ Africa

      Mr. Arase, 59, was born on June 21, 1956. He hailed from Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state. ……………………Next time try and read well before rushing to comment

    • Yusuf

      think ahead my brother… there are more heart breaking possibilities, this man will be in charge of our security up to may 29, including that of our new president

  • Shimei

    Head of INTERPOL in Nigeria now in charge of the Police Force. Did I hear someone say Buruji Kashamu is on the run? With Mr. Arase’s appointment, I am certain that the Senator-Elect, Kashamu, would soon be handed over to the US authorities for prosecution.

  • Action_Nigeria


    • Ramatu Jijitar

      @Action Nigeria, i must let an imbecile person like you know the fact that Somebody somewhere ,who doesnt hv a WASC , was massively voted into power by sensible citizens who glaringly opted against a CLUELESS useless doctorate degree holder. what a shame! i advice pp like you to hide yr face in shame, infact i pity you

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      An e-thug like you lacks the moral fiber to accuse anyone of treachery when to the greater masses of Nigeria, you and the rotten PDP are on death row.

      • Tunsj

        Death row indeed.

    • Tunsj

      I didn’t think there were any more like you left. What rock were you hiding under? It is imbecile like you that make me laugh.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Inspector General of police for a month? Wow

  • Bashir hamaadama Lawan

    Doesn’t the new IG have date of birth so that we know whether if he has reduced his age just to increase his chances of getting to the top of his career?

    • Nwa _ Africa

      Mr. Arase, 59, was born on June 21, 1956. He hailed from Oredo Local Government Area of Edo state. ……………………Next time try and read well before rushing to comment….Too many olodos here

      • Action_Nigeria

        And more importantly ……. he has verifiable WASC

        • Nwa _ Africa

          That is your own cup of tea….We are not going back like you…

        • Ramatu Jijitar

          With or without wasc who cares?, the new IG MUST be retired by an electected president with or without a WASC , come may 29 2015!!!

          • F.B. Eye

            And he would replace him with another aboki who went to a Vocational school in the Sudan.

        • Cambota

          Qualifications for Govt job is not needed from May 29, 2015.WHAT SHALL WE DO? .

          • Barr. Mohammed Mursal

            Congratulation to our new IGP and thanks to president GEJ for axing S. Abba, former IGP. It is in the interest of the present Nigeria and democracy not to have a coward IGP in place like Abba. flash his childish and unconstitutional action at d NASS n restoring security details to Hon Tambuwal n Omirin of Ekiti assembly. these are clear acts of insincerity n cowardness. good step GEJ, Our presto. thank u without ethnophobia

        • Tunsj

          Nonsense talk. I’m sure you can do better than that.

    • Festuso

      His date of birth was stated as June 21, 1956….so he will be 60 in June 2016 and has to retire anyway!

  • Yusuf

    “U.S. Vice President, Biden, Urges Jonathan To Remain Global Leader”- yeye de smell…. Jonathan has not really given up, he is now on his final onslaught…. unfortunately for him he know nothing about Nigeria…

  • Shimei

    Welcome on board Mr. Arase. Do something to leave a good name in your short spell in the top job. Congratulations!

  • international games

    Buhari is a leader. If he knows this guy is competent, he will not fire him. he guy’s CV looks impressive.My question for Johnathan is, if he had this kind of guy in the Force, why did he not make him IG before now?

    • Tunsj

      Can’t think of a better way to state it.

    • Olusola

      Because they told Dr Jonathan he could trust Suleiman having cut for himself a kind of notoriety as an ADC to Mariam Abacha and that he does hatchet job. Arase on the other hand could not betrusted and he may be too independent minded. Now to compensate a South-South person that he wilfully sidetracked even though he was more qualified he is now been appointed at 59, only one year to go! I hope Dr Jonathan is not looking for another avenue to court trouble?

  • uduakomiri

    If I were in Mr Arase’s shoes as a professional cop, I will reject the appointment instantly to save himself from embarrassment because the APC administration will not accept to work with a IGP appointed under questionable circumstances by a steeply corrupt government. The first reason is that APC has pledged to fight corruption, so if it is going to be able to do that then it needs a police force that is not corrupt so APC will prefer to select officials in the force that it could work with and in any of such reforms the first person to go is the IGP. So Jonathan’s firing of Abba, whom I must confess deserves what he got, makes little sense other than further portray Jonathan and his government as grossly incompetent. The IGP’s sack must be the dying kicks of a desperate, vengeful, kitchen sink minded president, and as always, shows Jona off as an infantile, immature, incompetent, insular-minded, arrogant, unintelligent, paranoid, power-drunk, delusional character.
    As for the IGP, it is a deserved comeuppance, and should serve as a warning to every public official who forgets that true allegiance in serving the fatherland is to the people and not to any one politician, region, religion, party, or ethnic group. And for the incoming APC officials, I hope you guys can learn from all these so that when you take over power, no matter your position, try work for the interest of the people if not you will find that when those in power throw you into the trash can the people will not show any mercy because you did not protect their interest. Power belongs to the people who it is said Vox populi Vox Dei

  • ilesanmi

    I strongly believe that the old soldier will not like to work with the new Acting IG; he has too many verifiable certificates. sai Boko Haram !!

  • Otile

    This is what we call a well qualified personnel. I hate when duncees and mediocres take over the helm of leadership in the name of One Najeriyan Federal Character.

    • Accountability

      Having PHd does not stop people from stealing. Where all the (dimwits) technocrats Jonathan packed into his cabinet. What did they achieve: stealing, mismanagement…….

      • Otile

        Are you 100% sure that APC’s own dimwit technocrats that Imam is going to pack will not steal and mismanage?

    • dareolu1

      ahahaahahahahah, so funny, pls sir have you checked Suleman Abba’s CV at all, well loaded, pls lets stop been primitive in thinking, your CVs don’t really count but it is the state of your heart that do

      • Otile

        You are right, buddy. In One Najeriya CVs don’t really count but it is the state of your origin that does. What else can I say?

        • dareolu1

          I repeat! state of your heart not origin….no amount of education will convince a person not to partake in fraud but a man of conscience will never do fraud no matter how low his educational standard is….men of great heart are those we desire, they always deliver…thank for your time!

      • Barr. Mohammed Mursal

        Pls, let u know that Nigerian dont eat CV. What we need is actions n policies that benefits the entire nation. For IGP Suleiman Abba, for his cowardness n childish action at d NASS, our God has answered our prayers against him. Thank u president GEJ for the axing Abba. Next time he will start well. after all he is too young for d position and he immediently abused it.

  • katuru

    Action Nigeria, your mother should have aborted your pregnancy instead of having to laboured herself into bringing an imbecile, human misfit and ignoramus like you into this world. However, people like you had campaigned more for GMB than most of us who love him to the extend that your dumbo is now regreting more than ever for having species like you supporting him. How do you feel that a ‘person who has no WAEC’ has dislodged a ‘PHD holder’ in a free, fair and most credible election in the history of Nig. I am sure, even though your brain functions less than that of a monkey, you are having sleepless night over the defeat of your clueless president.
    Finally, I will like to repeat this powerful prayer that was yet be answered by the Jonah supporters like you to please say Amen only: May God Almighty run the affairs of your life, your family, your generation yet unborn the way Jonah piloted the affairs of this great nation in the last six years.

    • concernednigerian

      What resources did you generate to help Jonathan run the affairs of Nigeria? Do you think the oil from the Niger Delta is enough to cater for the economic needs of a country of some 160 million people? Please tell me how much Nigeria earned from cocoa and groundnut? There are so many countries in the world who could not gain as much access to the internet as you do simple because you earn foreign exchange, not from cocoa and groundnut but from oil. Next time try to reason as an intelligent man when you want to embasrk upon your daily task of abusing the Jonathan presidency.

  • Arabakpura

    Were it not that this man has a few months to retire from the police, I would have considered him an unlucky man! Anyway, Jonathan has rewarded the SS for solidly supporting him!

    • Ken

      The man has almost two years to go. He is a lucky man. Even if he is an IGP for one Month; he has attained the pinnacle of his career. Loyalty pays.

      • Arabakpura

        it depends on the kind of glasses you are viewing from!

        • Tobi

          But positive loyalty is better

  • Danakasa

    Appointed to tidy up the criminal records of Jonah before ICC call for them ko? This guy is so docile that he does things as if he is in Nollywood or Kannywood. No wonder Kanayo O. Kanayo is part of his campaign team. Do you think only Police CID keep “Boko Haram” genocite records? You will be surprised Jonah with the same Solo you appointed as IG when Hegue ask about your crime records against humanity in the North-east.