I have no regrets for abusing Buhari – Doyin Okupe

Aso Rock alternate spokesperson, Doyin Okupe

The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Doyin Okupe, on Monday said he has no regrets for attacking President-Elect, Muhammadu Buhari, during the electioneering period that culminated in the March 28 presidential election.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mr. Okupe said he would continue to stand by his action during the period because he did so to promote his principal, President Goodluck Jonathan and put down his challenger, Mr. Buhari.

“Yes I said Buhari was not electable,” the presidential spokesperson said. “I also said his victory will not happen. I said and still insist that Buhari has no WASC certificate. I said a lot of things to promote my candidate and many things to put his opponent down.

“I have no regrets for any of the statements I made. Lai Mohammed said worse. This is the nature of politics. For any one who cares to listen. We will be back. Period.”

Mr. Buhari, the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, went on to win the election with over 15 million votes, beating Mr. Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party, who garnered over 12 million votes.

Mr. Okupe said the number of votes earned by the President was proof that the election was competitive enough and that those abusing Mr. Jonathan should at least respect the 12 million people who voted for him.

Read Mr. Okupe’s full statement below.

These are very interesting times in our nation. An election has come and gone. A victor has emerged and the loser has conceded. Yet some of our folks are behaving as if we have just gone through a war between two hostile nations.

APC agents all over the place are unrelenting in their tirades of abuses, insults and lies against President Jonathan, his aides and supporters.

It is shameful that we are still saddled with denying falsehood and fabrications in the social media and even hitherto highly respected newspapers.

– Missing $20b found in an account in Zenith
– President Jonathan returns tons of dollars to federation accounts.
– N2trillion spent on elections by President Jonathan.
– Okupe says Chibok girls will not be found.

How many lies, deliberate falsehood and evil propaganda, outright curses and attacks must we suffer just because we lost an election in which we were never disgraced? Buhari polled 15m(56%) while Jonathan scored 12m (46%). Those who talk to us disparagingly should respect the sentiments of the 12 million who voted for Jonathan.

Of course, we have our reservations about the results but we will pass on that for now. We have lost this election but this is not and can never be a crime. We are all Nigerians and haven lost does not make us less. We should be allowed to bow out peacefully and constitutionally on the 29th of May.

Yes I said Buhari was not electable. I also said his victory will not happen. I said and still insist that buhari has no WASC certificate. I said a lot of things to promote my candidate and many things to put his opponent down. I have no regrets for any of the statements I made. Lai Mohammed said worse. This is the nature of politics.

For any one who cares to listen. We will be back.  Period.


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  • amazing2012

    Please psychiatric doctors should help this man before he starts to remove cloths !

    • Interrogator


      • No Comment

        “A person who has reasonable grounds to
        believe that ANY information given by a (presidential)
        candidate in his affidavit or document (submitted
        to the Electoral Commission) is false, may file
        a suit at the High court against such candidate
        seeking a declaration that the information is false.
        If the court determines that the information is
        FALSE the court SHALL issue an order dis-qualifying

        the candidate from contesting the election.”

        ……………..Section 31 Electoral Act of Nigeria

        • ekere

          But why did Muhammadu Buhari tell these lies? Nobody has been able to answer me!
          We know that he is not a mad person. So why will a normal person do such a thing?
          Why did he lie that he has WASC? That is the question nobody can answer me.

          • Maitama Tambari

            Did he lie? Have you ever read the Constitution? Have you ever been to Secondary School? Were you ever staff of INEC? Shut up.

          • musa aliyu

            Go and ask the military who have seen his cerpiticate since he was declared winner, in Badeh’s table

          • tobo

            You are obviously an illetrate

          • Mohstone

            You are the one lying here with your tail btw ya legs.

      • amazing2012

        Are you looking for certificate or better life ? What does Jonathan doctorate add to him ?
        Did Jesus has certificate above the leaders of his time?
        No great scientist has a certificate but practice!
        Jonathan is the worst and disgrace PhD holder on earth.
        Will you have masters without WASC ?
        The enemies of progress program your mind to think of irrelevant issues to stop your progress.
        Now if Bihari reduce fuel, please don’t buy.
        If he put security in order please don’t enjoy it.
        If he put our light in order please don’t use it.
        If he creates jobs don’t take it.
        You built your reason on trabilism, religiosity and regional hate. Not on fact and truth, mind you, you are antichrist and enemy of progress hiding under love of God.

      • Maitama Tambari

        Your fathers and ethnic linage are the Judges?

      • Fulani Nomad

        Bros, why do you want us to be repeating ourselves? I tell you say your brother in the military who steal Buhari’s certificate have since returned them to the DHQTS.

      • peaceometer

        Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha Hahahahaha,Hahahaha,hahaha. You simply lack basic knowledge of what education is? Sorry

  • peaceometer

    I don’t know why Okupe did not see the hand written on the walls of Villa since he was bullied by press men inside Villa. It’s unfortunate, I don’t know when you will be back and for who?

  • checkmate

    Mr. Bastard, shame on you.

  • Onyedikachi122014

    So Doyin, you feel the best way to campaign is to insult and abuse a past head of state of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Is it that you are bereft of constructive ideas/criticisms? Well, just note that one day it will be your turn to be at the receiving end. What goes around keeps coming around. What you sow is what you reap. I do hope you will not go in the night to start asking for political appointment.

  • Wähala

    Just yesterday I said fat Doyin Okupe is one of the vuvuzela who must go to prison after Change has taken root in Nigeria, but it is not for his senseless tirades against Gen. Buhari, it’s because obese Doyin has a fat file at the EFCC which must be reopened to put the fat cow away until he quenches from heart attack… Doyin “obtained” both Imo and Benue States of billions of naira in road contract deals he failed to deliver on. Doyin is an “inter-state criminal” whose cup spilled over well before his pre-election gibberish against Buhari. Even his last press conference at the Villa resulted in journalists booing and throwing chairs at him for saying Buhari was not electable. Well, Nigerian electorate have proven to him who is truly electable between Dumbo, the fake PhD holder; and Gen. Buhari, the lack-of-waec candidate. So, Doyin does not need to swallow his vomit to accept defeat, he will swallow half-done beans in kiri-kiri before he understands what hit him hard. Nigerians did not buy into their insults but will unanimously support sending fat Doyin to the shriek or Kuje Prisons if all beds are fully booked at kiri-kiri max. Oponu!

    • tundemash

      I am certain we Nigerians would not have any regrets too once President Buhari send the self-confessed b@stard to prison !!

    • Tunsj

      Oponu indeed.

  • musa aliyu

    Just as Buhari will have no regrets sending you to prison!

  • Hcredo

    Well, at least you must give it to him for standing by his principles, he is at a level above those sycophants who did an immediate reverse-back on their statements as soon as the election results were announced.

    • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

      what principles? What this b@stard is demonstrating is the lack of principles.
      Tell a lie and stand by it even when it has be proven wrong

    • Mujiya

      You mean some of his principles include insulting his elders and not feeling anything about it all in the name of politics? The man is simply a moron.

  • Maitama Tambari

    Doyin Okupe, you should ask for medical help. As a friend, you should seek such assistance if you do not at this age and level understand decorum, respect of elders in African culture, and respect of the person you are serving, that is, President JONATHAN, if you do not respect the person of President JONATHAN then you should respect the Office he is occupying, the Presidency. If you respect the Office of the President, which you and I and every Nigerian aspire to occupy one day, you should consequently respect GMB with an apology because he was electable and has been elected by the majority of Nigerians who exercised their right at the concluded Presidential election. If you believe that GMB was not electable but Nigerians ignored your sermon and elected him and do not respect that exercise of right by Nigerians, you should do the honourable thing by quitting the country and exile to the moon or mars but the choice is yours to remain in planet earth and be quite and let us Nigerians be. We do not want to hear your childish uttering.

    • tundemash

      I am certain we Nigerians would not have any regrets too once President Buhari send the self-confessed b@stard to prison !

  • Northern Masses

    Useless good for nothing money worshiper sycophant. They believe saying things to make their Ogas happy is all that they care about.
    Phsyco please try publicising your issue in phsychiatric homes if your government has built any, then go about the street and make your case. Enemy of the masses of Northern Nigeria

  • Me Abdul

    If Mr. Doyin Okupe said all those nasty things about GMB why is he feeling bad about the various issues beinh attributed to GEJ am unbiased mind will just say its politics just as he attributed his own actions as politics and he is not ready to apologise
    So Oga Okupe its a
    L politics bow out with your heads high ypir dollars worked for you in 6 weeks

  • tundemash

    Nor do you have regret being a self-confessed b@stard !
    I am certain we Nigerians would not have any regrets too once President Buhari send you to prison !

    • Tunsj

      Kirikiri will be the best place for him to retire.

  • newnigerian1970

    The 12 million votes figure quoted is made up of rigged votes. The real number of people who voted for Jonathan would be no more than 2 to 3 million, if that.

  • tundemash

    Doyin B@stard Okupe, we have no regrets sending you and Dumbo out of Aso Rock.

  • FellowNigerians

    Silly old man

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    Because you are no longer relevant, I refuse to read your article…

  • sammyctu ode

    okupe, you have always being a bastard born by bastard parents and I am sure your children and grand children are all bastards. All the billion Naira contracts you got from Benue and Abia states during President Obasanjo’s regime which you did not execute the jobs which led to Obasanjo firing you, you will soon account for them in court which will lead you to kirikiri prison for the rest of your life. GMB is not your mate in age and by abusing him, you will incur the wrath of GOD you elephant hippopotamus looking animal. OMO ALE NI E (YOU ARE A BASTARD).

  • olayinka lawal

    You have been there for over 16yrs since 1999,yet you want to come back for what,for more lies,stealing and corruption,you people insult our psyche,you make us less human and treat us like animal,people like you should rot in jail

  • Preco01

    Ewon gbogbo ro awaits self proclaimed Bastard Okupe

  • SBA

    Yes we know. Hope you have no skeleton in your cupboard because President Buhari will have not time for a plea bargain

  • Maria

    Okukpe seems not to realize the gravity of the calamity awaiting him… I am sorry for this old fat buffoon.

  • dudu


    • Tunsj

      Doyin Ole.

  • MushinSpeaks

    We will also have no regret for pushing this administration to probe your alledged corrupt practices. Shameless old man.

    • Tunsj

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Guguru

    Okupe, the human bread is talking. Did he not say that Jonathan is like Jesus Christ? This is a medical doctor turned criminal. Shame on him. This is a man that Obasanjo used to slap in his office for gross stupidity.

    The extent of denials which these Jonathanians have found themselves is very alarming.

    • jollyfella

      when was he ever slapped? guguruuuuu no over ridicule d guy na.lol

      • Guguru


        LOL. See the story below from okupe himself:

        “President Obasanjo never slapped anybody when I was there. The worst
        thing he did was when he threw his slippers at me one day when we had an
        argument. He was talking to me about farming; that he had just done
        something good for the farmers and he was very happy. I asked about
        those that were not farmers; and I said that in my family, we didn’t
        have a farm, and I had never farmed. So, I told him that he should not
        just beat his chest for farmers alone. He got very angry and said I was
        one of those that were spoiling the country, and threw his slippers at
        me. That was the closest act of violence he did.”

        Nigerian Tribune, 27 April 2013, “Day Obasanjo threw slippers at me —Okupe”

  • Haruna Suleiman

    Back? Bastard Okupe back to Where? See what drunkenness does to a Man? Certainly it is only alcohol that that will treat you to this type of self deceit. Get this into your thick skull Bastard Okupe you’ll never bounce back because we’ve killed PDP, torn the umbrella to shreds, done it’s funeral and buried it. By 2019 you and your principal will be cooling your heels in prison and by the time you get out, if you’ll ever get out, you’ll be too old to remember your names.

  • Oluwatosin

    Let Okupe stop Buhari from swearing inn May 29.

  • excel

    Okupe will not stop being clueless when the only way to promote your candidate is by. Attacking his opponent through character assassination, your children will be ashamed of you. The method that backfired on you and jonathan, yet okupe feel no regret to have cause jonathan defect. GMB never cares about you cos he knows you have no value

  • Shimei

    D O Y I N Okupe has started his shenanigan again rather than lick his wounds, He’s using tantrums to cajole the simple and unwary. Dr. Okupe is a scatological scavenger whose daily living dwells on rummaging filths and other nauseous wastes. I am not surprised that this burly elephantoid could be so disrespectful to the President -Elect. I have no regrets if I have abused you, Dr. Okupe.

  • jakara

    I would have been surprised to see a filthy pig regretting.

  • Chris1408

    It’s an utter shame to call Doyin Okukpe a human. This thing belongs to a classless specie

    • Tunsj

      Spot on!

  • shola

    Mr. Doyin Okupe try to fix your summer holidays to the time Great Britain or Germany
    will be having their elections, federal or local.
    Go and see how matured politics are played and practised without insulting each other.
    Do you want to tell me that you gain respect when you insult your wife/wives or your children?.

  • michael

    Okupe is a real man, a real man never eat his word, not somebody like lagos oba that said something and latter eat his word, nothing do u okupe, u are a real man. if the want to probe people that said something against his opponate buhari and some APC leaders will not be left behind. now we are waiting and watching to see the kind of change buhari will bring.


    I don’t know how Jonathan ended up making this Doyin Okupe what he made him to be in his cabinet,I am 100 per cent sure that he is one of the greedy monsters that pushed Jonathan into the ditch by not telling him that what he is doing is wrong because of his greed for money.Annoyingly enough he is still trying to justify all the theft and looting of Nigeria people’s money that was carried out by him and people like him in the pdp,calling people’s accusation lies.
    You can keep ranting for all I care just be ready to declare your asset because I don’t know what you must have done to have gotten all the money that you have,not as a medical doctor anyway and mind you this is the 22nd century,there is no place in the whole wide world that you can keep our money that you stole that the incoming government will not trace and find it and bring it back to Nigeria.
    People should be careful about this man called Doyin Okupe because if he can be part of this mess and still keep justifying all the rubbish that they did while in government and not been for sorry for all the trauma they have put people through then he can as well accept money to give a patient death injection. Doyin Okupe you are a disgrace to medical profession and let me just quickly make a reminder that money is not spent in heaven.Before I forget,you keep shouting about Buhari not having the wasc certificate and you that you have a university degree the whole world has seen what you can do with it.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    Time will tell, rest assured!

  • Tunsj

    Why would he have regrets? He is a sociopath and sociopaths don’t even grasp the concept of “regrets”. This clown lost all credibility a long time ago and he has no integrity, honesty or any decency at all. Whether you like it or not, Buhari won the election. This guy will never cease to amaze me and I wouldn’t be surprised if he defect to APC.

  • Ologbonlolode

    Can’t he just shut the hell of a foul mouth up for once???!!! Loquacious Bastard!!!

    • burning spear

      Yes they are here with their dirty smelly vomits——-when u tell lies against the parents of your friends–u want them to go into hiding—-because Nigeria is owned by the Fulanis—–and Yorubas abi—Buhari has no certificate—U said our kids should not ask questions why we allowed such a certificate-less man to rule us–abi—-Tinubu is a drug convict–u say we should not talk about it–because he is Yoruba————but when the Alams steal–u want the entire Nigeria to shout Ole———–barawo———–all we ask of thee is to tell buhari to show his original certs from Cambridge university period—already WAEC in Ghana say Buhari never sat for the exams—-If that is not corruption then tell me what it is—-animals

      • Haruna Suleiman

        Alams admitted himself that he stole & pleaded guilty and was duly convicted. You didn’t tell us the court that proved & convicted Tinubu for drug offences or Buhari for not having certificates. It’s unfortunate & a shame when people like you make spurious allegations against people and cannot substantiate your claims. You should be wary of the fact that your posts are being read by an educated general public and not docile & shenanigans like you. A man worst enemy is sentiments and It’s worse than ignorance.


        Buhari is your president-elect!! Get use to that or you can go and hang yourself. Those Ijaw bastards working for COAS and PDP who removed Buhari’s certificates from his file with the army will pay for their crime.

        • TC.TAMBURAWA


      • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

        Go sit in the corner ….and stay there until we ask for you.

  • burning spear

    B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G News!!!
    $500,000 Bribery Allegation Rocks APC Zoning Panel.

    President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari may have been confronted with his first acid test on the fight against corruption. Members of a panel set up by his party, All Progressives Congress (APC), to propose the zoning of political offices allegedly received $500,000 as bribe from a ranking senator from the North Central to doctor their report.

    The party’s National Working Committee (NWC) had last Thursday inaugurated a five-man committee to come up with an acceptable formula for zoning political offices in the National Assembly.what a shame

    • amazing2012

      You are made, $500,000 ? Do you how much it’s ? For what ? For joining a government that people are running away ? Please doctor another lies !


      This B-r-e-a-k-i-n-g News exist only in your empty skull. Jonah is gone forever!!

      • Tunsj

        Well said.

    • Implicit

      Mumu! The breaking news has already broken your cranium!

  • burning spear

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu: The Most Corrupt Man In Nigeria

    Before 1999, Tinubu had none of these:

    1. Oriental Hotel
    2. Falomo Shopping Complex
    3. First Nation Airline
    4. Lekki Concession Company
    5. Apapa Amusement Park
    6. Maiyegun Land Project
    7.The Nation
    8. Renaissance Hotel
    9.Tejuoso Market (Joint ownership)
    10. Ikeja Shopping Mall
    11. TV Continental
    12. Converted Lagos Poly land for TVC
    13. Owned NNPC Office building in Lagos
    14. Radio Continental
    15. Owned School of Nursing building in Lagos
    16. Tax Collector of Lagos State (Alpha
    17. Wife is a member of the National Assembly 1
    8. Son-in-law is a member of the National Assembly
    19. Daughter is the President-Gener al of Market
    Women Association in Lagos
    20. N4 billion government financed property for self at Queens Drive, Lagos.

    Tinubu acquired all of the above and many more not listed after he became Governor of Lagos State, first in 1999 and won his second term in 2003. He remains Governor Emeritus of Lagos, controlling the State’s treasury through his protege Governor Fashola. He is greedy and may forfeit all, if he doesn’t play ball. You read me right,
    people! He may lose everything if he declines to play ball with
    President Buharis certificate saga which he forged for him- Everyone knows Tinubu used Obj–Jega and the CIA to impose Buhari on us–so Buhari should commence his anti-corruption crusade with tinubu–for all to see–.

    • Implicit

      Does your father own a land?

  • ekere

    But why did Muhammadu Buhari tell these lies? Nobody has been able to answer me!
    We know that he is not a mad person. So why will a normal person do such a thing?
    Why did he lie that he has WASC? That is the question nobody can answer me.

  • Uncle Gaga (Bruce Wayne)

    Okupe, here’s to you

    • Tunsj

      Great! You need to double that finger because he is an A**hole.

      • burning spear

        BUHARI Is All About FRAUD.

        Everything about Muhammadu Buhari has been all proven to be fraud and deceit.
        **Fake declaration of Assets [150 cows for 12years].
        **Inaccurate Affidavit and lying under oath.
        **Lying that the Military board have his certificate.
        **Forging a School certificate.
        **Lying and claiming to have a Masters degree from US War college in 1980. The College started issuing Masters degree in 2000.
        **using about 6.1Million under-age voters for election victory.
        **Buhari improved on the level of Election rigging, via ballot snatching, mass Thumb printing Ballot papers, falsifying the data on Election results sheets.
        **His supporter that claimed trekking from Lagos to Abuja revealed to be a cheat. WHAT A SHAME

        • Implicit

          Another false thing is that your father’s DNA matches yours!

        • Tunsj

          You have lost all credibility a long time ago and proven yourself unworthy of my time or attention. Bye.

  • burning spear

    BUHARI Is All About FRAUD.

    Everything about Muhammadu Buhari has been all proven to be fraud and deceit.
    **Fake declaration of Assets [150 cows for 12years].
    **Inaccurate Affidavit and lying under oath.
    **Lying that the Military board have his certificate.
    **Forging a School certificate.
    **Lying and claiming to have a Masters degree from US War college in 1980. The College started issuing Masters degree in 2000.
    **using about 6.1Million under-age voters for election victory.
    **Buhari improved on the level of Election rigging, via ballot snatching, mass Thumb printing Ballot papers, falsifying the data on Election results sheets.
    **His supporter that claimed trekking from Lagos to Abuja revealed to be a cheat.

    • objective

      On a very sincere note now, please you need to see your doctor.

    • Implicit

      The only false thing on this page is that you have a brain!

      • aanda

        u ar gud

    • dah

      Goto phsycatric mumu .

    • Malik Isah


    • End of South-South

      Hahaha… We are very happy and burning spear is sad and would die for Hypertension. Hehehehhe…. Sai Buhari! Sai South West!! Sai few people of South-south….Hahaha….

  • objective

    You will soon get to his age too. Someone less than you current age is already waiting to also abuse you without regrets too. Luckily for your future abuser, it will be easier because in your own case you are well known for no pinch of good reputation.

  • Jacob

    Mr. DOYIN OKUPE I am sorry that I am not in Nigeria now when ever that I come to Nigeria I will be happy to come and see you I was with Lawyer Fawemi (RIP) & many of the people like you, this not new to me, and may (GOD) give us long life many of the people that sell their birth right because they want to buy JETS are going to regret. I will see you very soon

  • Timi

    Dr Okupe made sense. Top on the list of the ignorant who seem drunk in that orgy of electioneering victory is Premium Times. A media house that presents news reports of the so called victory as though it was a case of 15m votes against 3m votes. It is mumuist to try to educate Bokohari on the difference between his 15m votes and Dr Jonathan;s 12.7m votes. Why? Explaining such figures to one with an F9 in mathematics can only be futile.

    But the insults have just begun. Dr Jonathan absorbed the insults right from Musa Yar’adua’s days when he was VP. Therefore Duncee must brace up for insults, physical & spiritual. Period!

    • Malik Isah

      Well? Let’s see

  • Implicit

    Just like the size of your dross, I’m sure an Xtra LARGE cell is presently being constructed exclusively for you!!!

  • En

    Agbaya jatijati!

  • Malik Isah

    Mad man
    God has afflicted him with a sore on his forehead already

  • Ahmed

    Dont worry bastard Okupe, you will soon regret abusing the President-elect GMB. Do not be too over confident becouse, your plan B of refusing to hand over on 29 May 2015 will not work. That i can confidently asure you.

  • olatunji morris steve




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  • David Adeniran

    Why should you have any regrets for abusing Buhari when infact you don’t have any regrets asking to be called a BASTARD? Even though we never knew before that you are a BASTARD!

  • zubairu usman

    Doyin Okupe has no regrets for insulting elder statesmen, having been opportuned to beat drums for pay master.

  • Esther Vikthur

    Doyin okupe is of the peoples Democratic Party and not having any regrets about making an election which is suppose to be a game a personal attack on someone’s image and character actually shows what the PDP stands for and represents – the image of the PDP can’t be better seen than from the spokes man of the president – Doyin, you are not a leader in any way, you may have certificates but you are a big illiterate