Okupe breaks silence on Buhari’s victory, says PDP will return to power soon

Aso Rock alternate spokesperson, Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe, the senior special assistant on public affairs to President Goodluck Jonathan, has congratulated President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari, and his party, the All Progressives Congress, over their victory in Saturday’s presidential election.

In a statement posted on his Facebook page, Mr. Okupe said Mr. Buhari’s victory is the will of God.

He also said his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, would return to power soon.

Read Mr. Okupe’s statement below.

“It has pleased the Almighty God to give victory to General Muhammedu Buhari, the Presidential candidate of the APC and the President elect.

“We accept this as the Will of God and I personally congratulate the General for his success.

“We have ran a good race and fought a gallant battle.

“We are bowed but not cowed.

“We lost the crown but we gained a trophy.

“The PDP family must not despair;

“If it took General Buhari 30 years to come back to power, it should take us much less.

“For the opportunities we have had we give God All the Glory.

“To millions of our supporters we say thanks

“To those who are our adversaries, the battle has been fought, and it has been won & lost

“The strife is over for the next four years ONLY.

“We rejoice with APC and the people of Nigeria on the progress we have jointly made in our democratic journey.

“For our democracy to endure it is important that the winner clearly emerges while the loser concedes with equanimity.

“Certainly we will be back. We will overcome this defeat and rise again to power and glory

“In a twinkle of an eye.

“God bless Nigeria.”


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  • loye

    The Igbos destroyed Jonathan and I beg all non igbos reading this post to beware of igbos if you find yourself in power. Igbos are clannish, bigoted, atomistic and the most tribalistic tribe in Nigeria. They turned jonathan to a clannish person just like they are.

    Political history of Igbos

    Igbos have never been able to build meaningful parties, they cant even build an igbo party talkless of a pan Nigeria party. The first pan Nigerian party was founded by a yoruba man Hebert Macualey he founded the NCNC and in his innocent vision of a pan nigerian nationalism handed it over to the vocal Zik on his death bed. Igbos being clannish turned it to an igbo party puting Igbos in key posistions. eventually Yorunas abandoned it for igbos and Zik through Igbo greed and selfishness sold NCNC together with Igbos to the north for a useless meaningles ceremonial post and helped birth the domination of Nigeria by northerners and marginalization of other tribes including Igbos in the 1st republic.

    In the second republic Mahmud Waziri from Gongola states formed the NPP and invited Zik to join..through to type Zik turned NPP to Igbo party and mahmud waziri abandoned NPP to form GNPP.

    In the third republic, northern generals formed PDP and made Obj president using igbos as the normal pawns. eventually Jonathan eventually came to power largely through the help of Yorubas like Bakare who led the fight for Jonathan to be sworn in as acting president and Obj who encouraged him to run for president.

    Igbos cornered him and cornered pdp and turned the naive Jonathan to regional president. now pdp is igbo party.

    The made Jonathan belive hausa and yoruba hate him, prevented obj from having inflluence on him.

    Igbos never told jonathan the truth, they kept telling him he was the best as if the guy was perfect. everybody that tried to tell Jonathan the truth like Lamido sanusi was turned to an enemy.

    Igbos are predictable.. they can never play opposition politics…you can be sure they will soon start going to aso rock to pledge allegiance to Buhari asking him to form goverment of national unity to adress marginalization. eventually they will want to get into another alliance with the hausas in apc to edge the yorubas out.

    anyway thank God buhari has no stomach for sycophants.


    • Arabakpura

      What part of Igbo is Okupe? I need some education!

      • loye

        Okupe is tout looking for what to eat.like fani kayode yorubas always rain cursed on him but you yibos praise them in yorubaland they has no reputation unlike igbo charlatans and sycophants whom you igbos always follow

        • Arabakpura

          So, where is he from? Don’t add to my confusion!

        • SAM .A

          What about Stella Oduah , she has been elected a Senator, Okupe and FFK can never be elected in Yoruba land .
          We have bad & good in all tribes , but Yorubas will never support the bad ones. When their own is in Post & they misbehave , it is always Yorubas that come out first to criticize them .

          • Wähala

            Wanted drug baron, Kashamu Buruji is a Senator-in-waiting… how about him, na Igbo ihm be ba?
            Alhj. Bola Tinubu has a criminal record in Chicago courts yet served as a Senator after being voted for by Ndigbo in Lagos ba? How many Yorubas criticized OBJ when he was Minister-President of Nigeria? Bigot! The list goes on and I will be ready for regional, ethno-centric minion bigots like you bastards. It’s another four years to go, Buhari will soon unmask the real scammers in kerosene and fuel subsidies lets see how many Igbos are on the list. Dirty ewedu-loving punk like you trashing my people ba… bring it on, I full ground. Oloshi.

    • TKBaba

      The election is over…time for reconciliation.

    • Akanji92

      Avoid Igbophobia. Do not profile the Igbos. There are good and bad Igbos, Yorubas, Hausas, Ijaws, etc. For every Wole Soyinka there is Ayodele Fayose, for every Chinua Achebe there is Chris Uba. For every Rotimi Amaechi there is Godsday Orubebe, for every Rabiu Kwankwaso there is a Shekau, etc.

      • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

        I bow, @Akanji92.

        Many thanks for that brilliant post.

        There’s indeed good and evil in every race and tribe. None has a monopoly over it.

        • Guest

          But in case of igbos the bad people are more than the good ones. And it is true the bad Igbos have hijacked pdp. We were told by one time security adviser of our nation said that book haram is the hand work of PDP , that fact he revealed cost him his dear life. President himself said that book haram are in his government , when general shuwa was killed in Maiduguri people were shocked then they remembered that general shuwa participated in civil so that sound like a revenge killing by book haram who are in government.
          Ihirijika have a field day killing and burning their houses claiming that he is fighting book haram .

      • Basketmouth

        I agree with you that for every good there is an opposite bad. However I don’t want to classify loye’s comment as Igbophobia. If you go down the memory lane like loye did, you will realize that the summary of his comment is for the Igbos to reappraise their political attitude and orientation. Somebody commented this morning that Igbos have no apology because they are not chameleons. They believe what they believe according to him. My question is what is Igbo believe and how does that believe serve their interest within the national political landscape. Truth is politics is not the game of the rigid. It is diplomacy, give and take, resilience and of course respect for opposite views. If the premise of Igbo believe is the perceived wrong done to them before, during and after the civil war, they will never have the time to chart another road map for a better tomorrow. When the bitterness of past failure is the premise of future pursuit, history will or may definitely repeat itself. It is only pride that made people to remain glued to the wrong done to them. The person who wronged you yesterday may become your best and trusted ally going forward. Change is the only dynamic thing in life.

    • ije2014

      I’m Igbo but I’ve up arrowed you. We’re pathetic politically and the results are clear. No strategy, only a trader/hustler mentality.

    • Koffa0319

      Are you FANI-KAYODE in disguise? This seems like something he will write.

      • Wähala

        No! He is Odia Ofeimun aka, Dele Awogbeoba… worse than Fani. Dele was chased away from Auchi bcos of serial rape cases and ended up working as a junior secretary to Awolowo during the Biafran war. Odia is a sadist with psychopathic tendencies at over 70yrs of age. His anger is that the same Igbos they tried to annihilate are not only resuscitated fully in Nigeria, but on average, are better than those who tried to eliminate them. Dele is a failed author who goes around South Africa preaching hatred as African Mythology. An old tout, ignore him jare!

    • Wähala

      Dele Awogbeoba,
      you are a bastard worse than obese Okupe. You think I won’t recognize your vitriolic writings ba? Dirty rapist from Auchi. Dumbo fell bcos of clainish jingoists like Clark, Anenih, Orubebe, Kuku, Diezani, Asari and Tompolo who saw his government as “our turn to chop” and insulted or disparaged everyone else. Their worst mistake being the insults heaped on OBJ which cost Dumbo the SW. If the military weren’t used to manipulate the elections in the SS&SE, PDP would have lost in Imo, Eboyin and probabl Enugu so, Go to Hell… Ndigbo owe idyiots and sadists like you no apologies. If individual Igbos gained from Govt. appoinments, Ndigbo did not gain neither a 2nd Niger Bridge nor Onitsha from Dr. Dumbo’s pre-election promises. Only a monkey mimics humans, your hateful days with Awolowo aginst Ndigbo is history, live for today and move on. Dirty ol’ baastard… failed author and ostracized rapist. Go to Auchi nah, make the gods carry you go. Oloshi. Coward, you accepted money from Dumbo’s dirty campaign funds for cheap propaganda but now blaming Igbo after misleading your fellow moron. Opomu. Liar!

  • Nkechi

    Bastard Okupe as he asked to be called must be dreaming.

  • Coma

    Oga Okupe, why don’t you retire and enjoy your life. How long do you want to live in this world that you are already planning to come back to power? Why do we all think we are going to live forever. Leave the stage for others to contribute to the development of Nigeria. My message here to everyone reading my comment is that we should all think and approach live in a way to remind us all that we will not live forever. Once you set up your mind and thinking this way, there is going to be no need for greed and stealing of government monies that you will not never need. All the monies Abacha stole are still being dug out from where they hidden. A word in enough for the wise!

  • Interrogator


    • southsouthchairman

      Lol funny guy

    • 100% Naija

      Which certificate? The one Jonathan sent his service chief to remove from his file with the military?

    • TKBaba

      You are still in your DREAM?

    • Joe

      You mean you can not see that hugh certificate of return? Could somebody please show this man the photo of Buhari receiving the certificate? hahahahahaha


      That is old story, go and sleep. Didn’t you see INEC giving Buhari the certificate of return? Go and find your yam.

    • Northeast

      I pity you. That was how you people misled Jona by giving hope in a hopeless situation. Continue day – dreaming till you dream no more.

    • Akanji92

      While was campaining based on the change slogan, you and PDP were busy looking for Buhari certificate. RESULT = FAILURE

      • mustapha Shehu

        Please tell them.

      • Tunsj

        The failed and they will continue to fail.

    • ije2014

      I thought your contract for e-ratting ended last Saturday?

  • Africa

    Bastard Okupe, take time off and shed some belly fat! You’ve earned a well deserved rest.. bon voyage

  • Arabakpura

    Bastard Doyin Okupe, you guys have bargained away Jonathan’s Goodluck and I know that you will now leave him for a long night! What about your co-conspirator and Jonathan’s political prisoner – Reuben Abati? Hence forth, your irrelevance will be quite delicious!

  • Joe happy

    These people are so power hungry. All they are thinking is to return to power without helping the masses. SELFISH

  • Efeturi Ojakaminor

    The face of a clown.

    • Tunsj

      You got that right. The face of a BIG clown.

  • TKBaba

    “In a twinkle of an eye”…. in 2019

    By then the leaders of DSS/Police and the Service Chiefs that have been working for PDP’s agenda will be out of office.

    There will be no room for EKITIGATE election rigging method.


    Doyin Okupe, I will give you a very good advice: SHUT UP!!!. You are right the battle has been fought and won so go and rest, the only place we need you in is in Kirikiri, yeye dey smell.

  • checkmate


  • Northeast

    You have no option but to write what u wrote. You may come back to power when you learn the basic principles of human dignity and apply same in your daily life. For now u may be good only to your family because your government was for family and friends and not Nigerian masses. With card reader in place, Asor Rock has released u for ever. See u in the street of Lagos.

  • agbobu


  • Zubairu Usman

    Nigerians congratulates the winner and the looser. Okupe supposed to have wished democracy well for better service to Nigeria and humanity, as against the insecurity challenges and killings across the country.

  • Akanji92

    Okugbe is still dazed

  • Remi

    What is this self acclaimed “bastard” talking about? Nigeria has since moved on and we shall never tolerate again the type corruption, stealing and hatred for the masses that Fee Dee Fee made us experience.

  • Contact Point

    If all the PDP leaders and stakeholders are congratulating Buhari and saying his victory is the Will of God, why then are they set to challenge that Will of God? Very power hungry assholes that allowed selfishness and corruption to envelop them all. Okupe, be warming up to come back after 16 years if possible. Frog

  • jack

    Okupe you have spoken well.The battle has just begun.Its going to be a rumble in the jungle the person with the last bullet shall win the war.PDP will not sleep.Thank you my fellow patriots.

  • SaintJohn

    Who says you cant return……dry bone can always rise again. we need peeps with a right state of mind to be the leader. Nigeria is willing to welcome change and progress wherever it comes from.

  • Curseless

    Doyin, with people like you in the mix it wont happen anytime soon and I can assure you that ” you ain’t going nowhere”

  • Maria

    You wont be a free because you are going to jail for looting. You will fight the battle with godogodo in kirikiri,omo ale.

  • Action Group

    I hope Okupe now know that Gen.Buhari is no longer “a serial loser”.

  • Omoluabi

    Mr Okupe, why are you always speaking so dumb all the time, i wonder if your children are proud of your utterances

  • tuco

    Sai Babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Halima

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    • boliatepa

      Tell me more about this company. Are they owned by Okupe?

  • True Nigerian

    The PDP that Nigerians have known for the last 16 years will never be given a chance to emerge again. Never! If PDP will emerge, that emerging PDP must hide the ugly faces and abysmal consciences of people like Doyin Okupe, Femi Fani-Kayode, etc. The fact that the same ugly faces and conscienceless liars are still the ones speaking for the PDP is exactly why PDP will never be given a chance to perpetrate the eyesore represented by people like Doyin, Femi Fani-kayode, Jonathan, Akpabio, Maku, Jang, Diezani, etc.

    If PDP is serious about returning to power in the next 12 years, it must reform itself thoroughly under new crop of credible and respectable leaders. All these noisemaking about returning soon is pipe dream. The truth is, Nigerians currently hate the PDP with a passion.

    • Omonaija

      Well said my brother. Im completely with you on this. Discerning Nigerians devoid of sentiments do hate the pdp with a passion. Whats there to like avbout it? Is it the lies, lootings or killings? Thank God for giving us this opportunity, a second chance at salvaging our collective destinies.

    • Papashango77

      PDP can never return to power again in Nigeria because the party was a curse to Nigerians. Okupe and co were the people that killed Jonathan. Una think say jona no get sense till him dull Una.

      • PolyGon2013

        They were doing their master’s bidding. GEJ was not wise enough to know.

        • Papashango77

          GEJ was cup-tied..Remember how he came to power and remember all the money bags that contributed to his campaign in 2011. This men held him hostage and he did their bidding at our detriment. But the good thing is power has changed hands. They are still surprised as to what happened. JEG knew what happened.

  • Tyo, Lagos


  • ije2014

    Mr Okupe, what should we call you now?

  • Clearervision

    Bastard Doyin Okupe, can we move to the next chapter in your dossier ? We have all come to accept that you are a BASTARD and the reality of it is that your confession concerning this matter is not so much about you, but the possible kind of life your mama lived. Not so very decent, abi ? You would be better telling us more, rather than your dabbling into issues free born Nigerians are now likely to dwell on. Oya now, shoot please !!!

  • Maitama Tambari

    Doyin Otukpe missed the simple calculus in this election. You said loud and clear to Nigerians that Buhari is not electable. Nigerians proved you wrong and elected General Muhammed Buhari over your candidate. Your second failure is that PDP will return soon. How soon you did not say. However Nigerians know that the mandate given to GMB will last for four years. God Willing GMB has another four years. His Vice President, God Willing will take over for another eight years. All else being equal, before PDP smell ASO Villa would be sixteen years or more. Doyin, you missed road.

    • Enemona

      But only if APC performs else your prediction might not be correct.

  • denrele abiola

    If they return, I pray you’re not part of their future government because you’re a human liability with oral diarrhoea. You speak before you think.

  • Moe

    Mr. Okupe, please be quiet and go to sit in a corner.
    You have taken speaking in cliches to a new level of ridiculousness. You actually called Nigerians who didn’t vote for you your ‘adversaries’! Perhaps it is appropriate at this point to remind you and your ilk that what you will be vying for is the opportunity to serve Nigerians as a civil servant. You talk as if you are a deposed king in ‘Game of thrones’.
    I put it to you that you have just sealed your faith with this unfortunate ramblings.

    “We are bowed but not cowed”???
    Someone please send this ogbeni a cow so he stops making noise.

  • Olu from South Africa

    Doyin Okupe, you are history…a bad one for that matter.

  • abuasmau

    Why do you think Nigerians will allow people like you to ever come close to corridors of leadership. You must have been dazed.

  • lighthouse

    He can keep dreaming, cuz it won’t ever happen.

  • Jeremiah Mbong, Ph.D

    He has been so quiet, I thought he skipped town already. Stick around Dr. Okupe, the EFCC might have some questions for you.

    • Fredodo1

      He just came back from the IC, suffered a very high BP, you know he has an overload of cholesterol. He is still in denial but will wake up tomorrow to join the queue of PDP guys waiting to felicitate with our President-Elect.
      Nigeria will be Great Again

  • SAM .A

    Doyin Okupe you remember the press conference you addressed in Aso Rock villa where u make a FAKE PREDICTION that Buhari is not electable and he will not be elected, u will remember how u were shouted down, disgraced & thrown out of the Hall. You will also remember that you boasted that if APC last one year before it crash they should call you a Bastard , GMB /PYO victory has just confirmed that you are a double Bastard.
    As you struggle with these your two Demons , I hope the Post Election Traumatic stress and repeated flash back will not do u in. Likewise those 2 contracts you took ,got paid the mobilization , but you did not even uprooted a grass in either of the 2 states ( Benue & Anambra) Senator George Akume is already asking for their money . Your nightmare has just began.Retuning back. Forget it.

    • Lade

      Lol! Returning back? Forget it! I like that. If PDP want to stand a chance, they need to weed themselves of characters like this and bring up brilliant, composed and cultured people who will speak intelligently at all times. Guys that will not cause a division among. Nigerians but stay on issues of development of the people

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  • Tope Oloniniyi

    I hope PDP will be a good opposition like the APC was. Better for Nigeria and Democracy.

  • Nigerian

    Is dis man still talking? My God, some ppl ve no iota of shame in dia blood. He shld shot up his mouth & go & face d anti graft agency. In less dan 1 month of somebody’s aappointment he bought hose at Maitama worth 700 million Naira. Dis is y dey re killing dem self 4 continuity & God said NO.

  • favourtalk

    So, you are still been paid to talk? Nobody will run after you sha, we have a government and nation to build and it is more important than your failed master plan. What a shame that we have people like you in nigeria,

  • Rommel

    I have said repeatedly to Nigerians that God does not choose leaders for nations,people choose their leadership and in this case,Nigerians chose their leadership and we pray that God will endorse it for us and bless it because that is what Nigerians want.Doyin Okupe once asked Nigerians to call him a BASTARD should the APC survive one year as a political party,today Nigerians will him justice since it is his will and formally append that noun to his already existing names.

    • Progress CT

      Rommel and his pure hatred of anything black, Nazism is NOT a good model o.

  • Progress CT

    See how GEJ and his team of FFK, Abati, Metuh, Orubebe, Doyin, Kashamu, Bode George, Koro, Fayose, Omisore, and co killed PDP without firing a bullet! Youn can imagine how frustrated and angry Ekwueme, OBJ, IBB, Atiku, Ogbe, Gemade and other founding fathers will be feeling at the moment.

  • Halima

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  • dave jacob

    In a twinkling of an eye, Okupe, I command, get out of that villa, or else, iwo yio ku pe.

  • Chiotu Nnamdi

    This man will decamp after May 29 and many more in the party.They cannot survive in opposition.It is not in thier character.

  • logmein2nite

    This sounds like the ranting of an exploitative gangster master. Being elected to serve Nigeria should not mean rising again to “power and glory”, both of which belongs only to God first and the people. This kind of utterance exposes the mindset of this arrogant PDP, and reinforces that we made the right choice to move away from a clique that sees themselves not as servants of the people but overlords. Your access to government again will only come after a thorough humbling and self purging. Mr Okupe, never again (not in 4 years or anytime later) will Nigerians vote for a ruling party, we want and deserve only a “governing party”.

  • excel

    After days of silence okupe still says rubbish, If I want to go by what he said about APC can’t last a year means like he said he’s a basterd. CHANGE a must

  • bj

    I pity all this hawks in pdp soon they will abandon gej and follow

  • Muhammad Kano

    Nigeria finally wins against its killers

  • Festuso

    Didn’t Okupe realise that there was GOD before boasting that Buhari will never be President as if Nigeria was his father’s estate! Okupe should go and hide his face in shame ….never to be seen or heard again in civilised society! Boot-licker!

  • Vipper

    This Man should get away from the Scene now and let Nigeria have the absolute Peace it Deserve, you are nothing but a disgrace to your race and the entire Country as a whole, you are one of the Principal actor that mislead President GEJ, history and God will judge you for being in a position of trust but betrayed the trust reposed in you, the Almighty and the Nigerian People will definitely reject your ever coming back to hold any position in FEC, go now and enjoy your ill gotten loot, but know that your Concience will always judge you on the way you perform with your given Mandate against the Nigeria Populace.

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    You mean that you and your PDP would return to power “soon”? Aww Doyin Okupe, are you so inexperienced as to have come up with such childish thoughts? You don’t still understand what hit you and your party, do you? Ok, I’d help you out here. If you are harbouring any thought of remaining in the public eye, you might as well join your friends who turned coat and joined the APC, because for the next 8 years AT LEAST you would be in political exile as a PDPean. Stop dreaming and instead take PDP into hibernation and there beat the path of rectitude. Purge yourselves from corruptive tendencies and impunity which had led you to undermine and despise Nigerians during the past 16 years. Reinvent yourselves. When you are ready with a functional plan for Nigeria, come back again and do one thing: apologize to Nigerians for taking them and their country through those many years of destructive and deceptive governance. You must then enter into a covenant with Nigerians that you would be loyal and SERVE with all of your hearts (for you are servants, not masters over us.) Then, perhaps, we might find it in our hearts to forgive and have you back again. For now, burn it into your heads that the mention of the name PDP any time during the next 8 years would be anathema. This is also a warning to the APC that transactions at Aso Rock would no longer be business as usual. Nigerians have not risked their lives by kicking out PDP and ushering in an APC led government only to be dragged back into the sewers. We shall monitor APC’s every move, for the price of liberty is eternal vigilance…

  • true talk

    Infact they are all speechless…well …I fink it is time for pdpigs to learn a great lesson that ….nigerians should be taken for granted…God bless apc…God bless buhari

  • Guest


  • EPO

    Thanks Okupe, We appreciate. Please go and rest now. lets Nigeria move forward.

  • Decency

    Shameless bootlicker! This is one of the greedy, selfish Jonathan’s aide who contributed to his downfall. He mentions God now, didn’t he remember that “dearis God o” when he told a gathering of journalists that Buhari can NEVER be President? “How?!!” he asked. He was playing god then, but the main God who never sleeps and sees the heart of men has proved him wrong. If PDP continues to be replete with people like Okupe, Fani Kayode, Fayose, Edwin Clark, Asari Dokubo, Orubebe, Adams, Dame Patience Jonathan & several others like them, it will remain an opposition party (and a weak one at that) forever. God used the instrumentality of THE PEOPLE to dethrone PDP, and it is for good. Let Okupe and his cohorts NEVER ever challenge the Almighty God again; let they continue to lick their wounds outside the corridors of power and see how unpalatable it is to mismanage or squander one’s possession. Shalom.

  • Festus


  • bikky

    Dr. Doyin, anyway you are a man and man is bound to run his mouth anyhow whenever God gives him chance. We thank you so far you believe for once that there is will from God, God will is here and there is nothing anybody can do to that for now. I wish you save journey back to your previous business while Nigeria move speedily to progress we are clamoring for. Byes Okupe,FFK,Mike Omerhi,Abati,Mama Peace and President Ebele Johnathan wishing you well on your future endeavors.

  • fancytruth

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  • Deji Joseph

    PDP is free to come back if elected again, as long as YOU don’t come back.

  • Abdulazeez Oyibo

    All Power and Glory belong to The Most High God. That is the problem with pdp. They started playing god and forgot about the people. Sure, you can come back , maybe in 2040 in the year of our Lord.

  • citizenka

    Dear Doyin Okupe,
    We miss your silence please give us back your silence.

  • Be4you

    Before your party will come back, if it ever will, you Mr. Okupe will have to pay back all the public money you looted while in office.

  • Kolawole Juwon Oyelaja

    Doyin, there are
    rules that govern all games, and there are usually set parameters to be
    followed by contestants. Players and managers can be sanctioned for fouls and
    bringing a game into disrepute. You were not just a bad player who ignores the
    rules of decency, fair play and caution in a game, you were a very dangerous
    player whose penchant for recklessness and foul play on the field had exposed
    other players to imminent danger. You not only deserve a straight red card, but
    you should be suspended or even banned from participating in the political game
    indefinitely. Your style was dangerous and unnecessarily vicious; and your
    posture lacked decency and decorum. You were uncouth and arrogant. Thank God
    you abandoned the medical practice for politics, and only God knows how many
    patients your careless disposition and disturbing mentality might have sent to
    the morgue if you had not done so. Yes, the PDP would probably be back in the
    distant future, but I doubt if the party or any decent party would accommodate
    a behemoth gangster like you again ever! You were just a mere politician-errand
    boy who had bulldozed his way into political reckoning in the manner of a
    serial bully. You should be ashamed of yourself after all your recent tantrums
    concerning the person of General Muhammadu Buhari. You would be doing everybody
    a big favour if you could just find a hole somewhere in Iperu and crawl into
    it. Iperu people would probably reject you as they had done so many times. You
    said you would change your name if Buhari/Osinbajo won the election; well, they
    won, and Nigerians are anxiously waiting to see if you would put even your
    massively soiled reputation where your diarrhea mouth is.