Buhari escapes disqualification as court adjourns eligibility suit to April 22

Muhammadu Buhari

The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has put paid to speculations that the presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, might be barred from participating in Saturday’s presidential election.

Justice Adeniyi Ademola Wednesday morning adjourned the eligibility suit seeking to stop Mr. Buhari till April 22 and 23 for hearing, meaning there is no more obstacle on the APC candidate’s path.

The hearing will come up about a month after the election.

The court however dismissed the applications filed by two persons seeking to be joined as defendants in the suit. One of the applicants is a pro-democracy activist, Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa.

There had been apprehension across the country that the opposition candidate might be disqualified, with his party, the APC suggesting there were pressures on the court to bar Mr. Buhari.

Mr. Buhari had on Tuesday failed in his bid to stop the Court from examining the merit of the consolidated suit challenging his eligibility for the March 28 presidential election.

When the suit came up for hearing Tuesday, Mike Ozekhome, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, and counsel to one of the plaintiffs, Chukwunweike Okafor, asked the court to reject the applications by Mr. Adegboruwa and another person to be joined, saying the court does not need them as parties in the suit to determine the merit of the case.

On Wednesday, the court agreed with Mr. Ozekhome’s argument, ruling that the applicants had no business in the case.

One of the suits against Mr. Buhari was instituted by Mr. Okafor challenging Mr. Buhari’s eligibility to contest the presidential election.

He claimed that the APC presidential candidate perjured by allegedly claiming to have attached his academic qualifications to the INEC form he filled even though he did not do so.

The APC and INEC were joined as defendants in the suit.

The party and its candidate protested with separate preliminary objections to the hearing of the suit, arguing that they were not served the court processes as required by the principle of natural justice and the rule of the court.

Although, the court granted Mr. Okafor the order to serve the process through substituted means, the APC flag-bearer, through his counsel, Wole Olanipekun, brought an application to set the order aside, contending that as far as he was concerned, no suit exists before the court for determination.

The APC and INEC also argued that even if they assumed that the court papers were properly served on them, the matter before the court was that of perjury, which according to them, was a criminal offence.

They contended that a criminal case could not be commenced by way of originating summons.

In his ruling Tuesday, Mr. Ademola said the court would hear both the objections and the substantive suit together.


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  • The Nigerian quagmire

    Sai Buhari. Dumbo and shepopotamus will be sent back to the Otueko creek this coming Saturday.

  • dudu

    Shame on Ozekhome and his co-travellers! It is just so sad that our society abound with men endowed with intellect not necessarily wisdom but divert such to ignoble purposes rather than for them to toe a noble path. History will never be kind to such men who are against the progress of Nigeria as a united country.

    • Man_Enough

      i am especially disappointed in osekhome. he is a fake activist. how i wish the kidnappers held on to him forever.

  • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

    Escape indeed.
    He needs not be disqualified.
    He just need to be shown to have committed perjury that’s all.
    He will contest the election. Will he win is the question.
    He already has a great precedent of loss.
    Not a must he will lose a fourth time.
    But then 3 losses is something maen.

    • Jack

      You scattered punch forum and seconds later you’re here! Lol.. Paid troll from PDP trolling centre Fadeyi lagos. Shame!

      • MrFesh+Ifebuche+Paschal

        good u confirm that i scattered Punch. Good student.
        I’m sure you probably sat for WAEC unlike your cow-totting master.

        • Cattle Rancher

          You give yourself too much credit (needlessly)….when the smoke clears after the elections, you will realize that it pays off to herd cows and make a honest living, than follow the path your president and his cohorts have.

    • taewo

      Your job as one of Jona’s Internet rats is about to end.

  • Jack

    Sai BUHARI
    Sai baba

  • Yari

    All is well, APC all the way. Sai BUHARI

  • Wähala

    The last straw has broken the camel’s back. I hope all those pigs mouthing off yesterday will show up now or forever remain silent. There is no case in Buhari’s qualification to run for President of Nigeria, if any phantom cases exist, it’s perjury which falls under criminal court’s jurisdiction. Nigerians have only 48hrs more to endure of the PDP and the evil crook from Outoke. The last “Ace” in their deck of tarot cards is the release of our missing Chibok virgins, then claim Dumbo has “rescued” them. Odeku, jare!

    • Jack

      Wahala Wisdom! Great my man!

      • Wähala

        Respect! to you too, pal. Yesterday, as many faithful remained apprehensive, Höly Wähala was here aptly throwing punches in bunches at those useless e-rats. I told one chap to make sure to show up today…”when the judge balks”. Today, no @the truth, no @burning spear, no @Tawanda and no @Otile ati Oleku… they have all hidden their tails in-between their smelly balls and bolted into Amnesty Camp for re-indoctrination on what next to mouth-off at me. I dey kampe… No Shaking! Free odeku is flowing courtesy… you wan one?

        • The Truth

          Me I no mind one odeku o

    • eddy

      Going! Going!! GONE!!! PDP is finished.

    • Peter

      Buhari will now face the worst defeat of his illiterate life on 28th March. I hope you will be around in Nigeria to witness the event.

      • Wähala

        Yesterday, you were also hoping I will be around today. Keep hope alive… Wähala dey Kampe!

  • Interrogator


    • tundemash


    • Cattle Rancher

      NEXT !!!

  • Salisu Dan-Gombe



    • tundemash

      yawn !!!!!

    • Cattle Rancher

      We are tired of the same lame excuses…..NEXT !!!

  • Lookman

    Only if Nigerians could think. We are the real losers in this political games. How many of us can get Billion contract from GEJ like Gani Adam, who will use use it for his selfish lifestyle. How many of us can get 10 private jets like Gej… Doyn okupe said we are not qualified to have a brand new Train cars, but he can have 4 new bullets proof mercedes cars costing half a million dollars each. If only we nigerians could thinks and vote right this saturday for our future and the future of our children. letl vote out PDP so that APC can be scared of us that if they do not perform after 4 years, they will be voted out and replace with new party that will listen to us. We nigerians dont ask for much.. All we ask for is good road, good hospitals , job provision, and security. Ethopian just luch their light rail costing 477 million dollars, all brand new train with A/C. Our govt spent 12 billions dollars for cans (agolo) called train for us to ride on. Okupe said we are not Americans we dont deserve new ones. Dubai is a desert..their police officer are using half a million dollar car each to patrol the city. Our police are fighting for new uniforms and shoes… we believed GEJ when he says he had no shoes, not knowing that he is worst than 10 corrupt govt combined. He had shoes and 10 jets to play with now. First time in nigeria history, President personally distrbuting loots money across the country by himself. Only if nigerians could think this saturday.

  • samshindeen mohammed

    GEJ should respect himself and allow Nigerians to go the way they want. Nigerians gave him all he needed in 2011 but he failed them, thinking he can use division to spread our heads but time is changing, Nigerians are becoming wiser and more intelligent.
    I am pretty sure if A PC/Buhari takes over they will be mindful of how they came in and will work for their stay in power as no manipulation will work, power belongs to the people and nobody will joke with Nigerians anymore and this is the change we are yearning for, its not only about Jona and his PDP or Buhari and APC its about performance and delivery of services to the electorates.
    Nigeria must move forward, I am now believing God will deliver this nation from the shackles of the devils of corruption, sentiments and divisiveness.
    Nigeria is marching towards change .

    • Scarth

      One of the most honest contributions so far………thanks man!

    • Plan and How

      Given the later part of your piece, I am surprised you believe GEJ instigated the cases against Buhari. Secondly, there was a case against GEJ eligibility but none accused APC or Buhari of sponsoring it.
      I believe as a democracy we should operate by the rule of law. If you are dissatisfied with anything you only seek redress through allowable by law. I urge to read the comment above yours from @Marquise.

  • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

    Excellent. The law can now take its natural course. Now no one can accuse the judge of rushing judgement. This issue is deeper than APC online minions think. It’s not stopping him from contesting that should be their worry..but if he truly has that certificate.
    The long arm of the law might appear slow..but it’s reach is far.
    These APC people love to live for the moment without thinking ahead.
    What is unknown is when Baba will cross the bridge..but he must cross it..he can run but he can’t hide..

    • Sword of Damocles

      Remember these words on April 22: IT IS OVER. nothing go happen, write am down. Mai Gaskiya becomes President-Elect March 28th to be sworn in as the 4th President of the current Republic on May 29th. Wake up early tomorrow morning take this statement to your bank and CASH IT(dont forget to get ur receipt ooh) lololol, ha!

  • sherif A

    Buhari Promised to make the Naira equal in Value to the Dollar
    and some people says its impossible:
    Here are the options he may explore to easily achieve that goal:
    1. Any well educated person who hs read wide knows dt
    bringing back d dollar to d same value with d naira is nt even a
    difficult task. Have u pple forgotten so quickly when Chukwuma
    Soludo wnted to do it whn he wz d CBN governor under Yar’dua
    tru reconstruction? For ur infor, Ghana recently did d same
    reconstruction of its Cedis and today, d Ghana Cedi is one of d
    most valuable currencies on Africa continent. Its unfortunate d
    kind of graduates Nigeria is producing who pass tru d
    educational institutions and come out as mere educated
    2. Buhari can still make d dollar equal to d naira tru gov policy
    and executive pronouncements.For dos saying d US gvt will nt
    allow it, ds hs nothing to do with d US gvt. In fact, d USA gvt
    will even encourage same bcos it will improve America’s exports
    to Nigeria. Dont ask me how. Just go and study DEVALUATION
    Hs any one of u cared to ask why d US gvt will always hv issues
    with China dt America will even send envoy to beg China
    anytime China wnts to devalue its currency? Find out why
    3.Buhari can also increase d value of d naira tru a cut in
    importation by reviving and building import substitution
    industries. Today, its on record dt Nigeria spends over $20b
    annually on importation of refined fuel alone. Dts abt one quarter
    of all our annual foreign exchange earning. Now, imagine wht
    will happen if d refineries ar rehabilitated, new ones built and
    Nigeria stops totally importation of refined fuel. Dt mean $20b
    of our foreign exchange earning will b saved and u can imagine
    d impact of dt on exchange rate. Dt means more dollars will b
    available chasing fewer naira. Now imagine whr many refineries
    ar operating dt Nigeria begins to export even refined fuel lik
    Saudi Arabia, UAE, Brazil. I bet u d naira will even pass d dollar
    in value. Its all abt d political will to do it.
    Do u know dt Nigeria represents d highest importer of
    generators in d whole world. Dis is also another serious cause
    of our exchange woes. If Buhari can build d power stations
    sincerely and increase our generation and distribution capacity
    to 20,000 megawatts, d days of generator importation will end
    and dt also means lesser demand for d dollars and by
    implications, a rise in d value of d naira.
    D moment Buhari makes d economic environment become
    friendly tru provison of electricity, effective and affordable
    railway system, construction of refineries etc, all d import
    substitution industries will wake up and d moment dias lesser or
    no import of tooth pick, fuel, rice, cars etc, d dollar will just
    crash lik a pack of cards.
    Jimoh Sule

    • Denis_NG

      Great analysis Jimoh!!

  • sherif A

    Another one from my inbox [UNEDITED]
    Hi, Do you know General Muhammad Buhari (GMB) has been
    ruling Nigeria
    since February 14th 2015? Here are the facts.
    GMB made Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) reduce petrol pump
    price from
    N97 which Nigerians have suffered for over 4 years to N87 per
    litre. (Election
    GMB made GEJ to fight Boko haram to standstill in 6 weeks which
    he has
    refused to fight in the past 5yrs. (Election matters!)
    GMB made GEJ reduce electricity tariff by 50% (even though there
    is no light
    in nigeria) which he did not do in the past 5yrs.(Election matters!)
    GMB made GEJ beg for endorsement. (Election matters! )
    GMB made GEJ to visit traditional rulers ,Obas and emirs those he
    forgot in
    the past 5yrs (Election matters !)
    5 days from today, we would be CHANGING 5yrs of corruption,
    and ineptitude in governance. I just can’t wait!

  • Mr. Abdin

    This is a victory for democracy as all the hurdles have been crossed change has come, God save Nigeria.

    • Wise Head

      This is rather victory for forgery for which APC is now known: First Bola Tinubu, and now Buhari. That is their way to fight corruption

      • tundemash

        Lamentation of a sour loser.

  • Olutola

    Yellow card for Jonathan, you will get a red on the 28th March.

  • Wise Head

    “Anyone who will disqualify a presidential candidate on the eve of an election can only have one and only one purpose for that: to trigger chaos and pandemonium across the country” — says Lai Mohammed (in today’s PUNCH).
    This is a most irresponsible statement from the APC spokesman. The DSS should pick him up to explain what he means since whatever he says represents the official position of the APC. The APC and Buhari’s supporters must know that they do not have a monopoly of violence. If he is not qualified for the election, the courts should throw him out. He is not above the law. If you know that you will contest for elections in the future, you should have taken time to ensure your academic records are straight and unambiguous. The security agencies should ensure they thoroughly deal with anyone who thinks it is his birthright to unleash violence in Nigeria

    • Wähala

      Today, you’re hiding under another name ba? Has the useless and ugly Marilyn Ogar picked up Lady Hippo for causing multiple deaths in the SS? How about their latest recruit in their do-or-die politics, Ikuru, who just called for blood on the streets of Pitakwa? Keep fooling your fellow miscreants, your crumb days remain 2 and it’s back into the jungle and oyel bunkering… until Buhari Army wipes you Wetbacks away for good. Aboriginie Animals!

    • Man_Enough

      lai mohammed is smarter, wiser more astute and more brilliant than the entire pdp executives put together. the statement he made is impeccable.

      • Segun Abiodun

        He may be smarter but he has chronic bad breath. LOL

  • Peace9ja – One Love!

    Hey Guys, Check This Out: My Popular Twitter Banners!

    Stealing is not corruption – Goodluck Jonathan, President Of Nigeria

    Share with love, for the sake of our better future. #March4Buhari #WhyIvoteBuhari

    Peace9ja – One Love!


    • Wazobia







    • Uzoma

      Your house girl stole your jewelry. The police should charge her for corruption, right?

      • tundemash

        And i guess the rogues behind the immigration, pension, aviation should be charged for stealing or not charged at all ! na ordinary goats dey eat yams ?

        • Uzoma

          I don’t know why you people get so tensed up when these fine distinctions are made. Just so you don’t have to worry too much, nothing says stealing is a lesser crime or evil than corrupt acts. In fact, most of these criminals would rather you describe them as being corrupt than being thieves–and that says a lot about the difference between the two.

      • Onike24

        But the house girl is not an officer of the state, in any function! When the MD of a bank steals money from his client it is stealing, but when an officer of a parastatal uses his office to receive a Pecuniary advantage of any sort; it is corruption,

        • Uzoma

          I agree with all of your submission above. The reason we need to make the distinction between stealing and corruption is a fairly simple one–provided one doesn’t shut one’s mind before one has heard you out. Stealing is very easy to prove; it is easy to find the bank MD in your example guilty of stealing customer funds and, therefore, punishing him appropriately. And more importantly, even if our bank manager was a member of APC or a member of PDP, no right thinking person, irrespective of political affiliation, would say he hasn’t stolen if the evidence is properly presented to them. With the typical corruption case, on the other hand, it is not so easy. For example, suppose politician A calls up politician B and gets him to give his or daughter a job for which s/he is eminently qualified but for which 1000 other eminently qualified Nigerians have also applied. I believe this is what they call influence peddling, which I don’t know any laws in the land has clearly defined penalties for. How is a prosecutor even going to prove that there’s been corruption? Further, why should politician A’s son or daughter be less deserving of the job (considering that he is eminently qualified for it) than the 1000 eminently qualified Nigerians?

          it takes a first class mind such as GEJ’s to be sensitive to such fine distinctions and my fervent hope is that some day soon Nigerians will finally realize in GEJ they have/had one Nigerian who is/was clearly ahead of his times.

          • Onike24

            First class mind? It is easy to investigate corruption, because there is always evidence. To use your example, is Politician A’s daughter THE most qualified? If not, then there is a, possibilty of influence peddling! quick example, the chairman of my board is a conservative member of the House of Lords, we once interviewed a prospective candidate who happened to be the nephew to the deputy prime minister, and immediately we found that out, we couldn’t continue with the interview process! He was eminently qualified, an Old Etonian, first class degree from Cambridge, speaks fluent, mandarin and Arabic. There was a Potential conflict and the head hunter was so apologetic( he has not made the connection). We had advertised the Job, given the head hunter a brief, and therefore we had opened ourselves up to scrutiny. When you live in societies when things are transparent, you begin to understand the need for scrupulous adherence to transparency . There is no difference between corruption and stealing, infact, it is a distinction without a difference. Jonathan implied that ” ordinary stealing” is somehow a lesser crime! Coming on the heels of well documented corruption scandals and the Pardoning of his ex boss you must agree, that it sends the wrong message.

  • Citizen

    Let the Silent Revolution begins with our PVC. Let us take control of our destiny and that of our generations to come. Nigeria is our birthright. 16 years is more than enough to prove competence. Let us enable a dynamic and viable opposition. We stand to benefit in the long run as Nigerians. They make most Nigerians hungry and then at election time throw some bread at them so that they will continue to milk them for another 4 years. Nigerians let the Silent Revolution begin through the ballot box. Reflect on this before you cast your vote.

  • sapas

    Shame on you all P,DPigs and your internet rats,,,,,,,,All your evils against the peoples General and Nigeria People will fail and in next 2days you will all go back home and start getting your luggage ready to jail for looting and killing innocent Nigerians…

    • Peter

      The judge only decided to use some tact in the matter in order to save Buhari the embarrassment of his life and considering also the huge amount already expended on the election processes. The criminal matter will still be heard on 22nd April. He has not been let off the hook. He is only being allowed to contest because of the short time left for the election and also to enable him meet his Waterloo. Everything being equal, he will face the worse defeat of his life on 28th March.

      • tundemash

        Lamentation of a sour loser: part 1.

  • wode

    As ever, the coast is clearer, the die is cast, the history is about to be made and the change seems irreversible. Just three days to go.

    • Ken

      GMB can be elected. What the Judge did is the best for now, even if we know that GMB isn’t qualified.

      • tundemash

        Lamentation of a sour loser: part 1

  • Sword of Damocles

    just as expected. now on to the business of teaching some traitors that 170M is waaaay greater than a few thousands(Not unlike 15 being greater 19, oloshi). Jonathan!!!…..WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK.

    • Wazobia

      Sai baba Buhari! the reasons why we should vote for Buhari are as
      follows; 1. our railways, airports, seaports and other public systems
      will work. 2. there will be employment for all unemployed graduates. 3.
      there will be nothing like corruption in Nigeria.4. there will be rule
      of law and no judge will be intimidated. 5. There will be freedom of
      religion, peace and security- meaning you can practice your religion anywhere
      in Nigeria and at anytime. People can build large churches or big
      traditional shrines in Kano or Sokoto without any fear of being killed
      for practicing their religion. Mosques or traditional shrines could be
      built anywhere in Imo or Anambra without any fear. 6. Buhari is a
      commited leader and a devout muslim. Islam is a religion of peace.
      Muslims are peaceful people. Muslims do not kill non muslims because of
      religion. Muslims are the most tolerant people in the world. In Borno,
      Adamawa and Yobe for instance, majority of the people there are muslims
      but they tolerate christianity and traditional religion and that is why
      we have peace in that region. Muslims see non muslims as there fellow
      human beings and not as infidels who do not worth staying alive. Buhari
      is the answer. After Buhari it is Abubakar Shekau as President of
      Nigeria. Because Shekau is just like Buhari- He is a devout muslim. he
      is upright and straightfoward like buhari. Very soon he will start
      pasting posters to become the President of Nigeria. Shekau for President.

      • Sword of Damocles

        I take it you are a christian like myself. Do you think your words would make our Creator happy? Really, hate, discord, dehumanization of other humans because of their religion & ethnicity. You must really HATE yourself to be able to hate others. Brother, charity begins at home check yourself(consciousness). The addage we are all God’s children really applies to you @Wazobia.

        • Wazobia

          I am sure you got the message. It hit you hard ehn? Be smart. Thank you

      • Very funny that you’re born as a brainless PIG Like FFK!

  • Maria

    Jonathan is finished.

    • Meche


      • tundemash

        Olodo … did you write WAEC in CAPS ?

  • Bourdillion King

    Actually, most Buhari supporters on social media are as unintelligent as their idol, Buhari. Watching GEJ people intensify campaign across the country till the last minute was enough sign for any average intelligent person to know that the Presidency was not intending a cheap win over Buhari that might cause uproar in the polity.

    • eddy

      Hahahahahahahahaha… loser!!!

    • tundemash

      baby cl0wn !

      Go and return that fake PVC they gae to you as card readers will be used to the disappointment of your paymasters.

      Everything you threw at Buhari has now failed;
      certificate, health, ethnicity, religion ! And u are stil here crying a river !

  • sammyctu ode

    Let nobody in Nigeria call mike ozekhome a human rights lawyer and activist. He is a jeun jeun lawyer who constantly fight for jonathan and pdp causes and not the Nigerian people. I think he wants to recover all the money he paid as ransom for his release by kidnappers from jonathan before the latter leaves office May 29th. If we don’t have idiotic lawyers like mike, we wouldn’t have young unemployed graduates who have turned to kidnapping as a criminal limited liability.

  • eddy

    KICK OFF: 10:AM


    CLUB: PDP vs APC

    DEFENDING CHAMPION PDP: FORMATION: 5-3-2. As the defending champions, This is a defending formation in the bid to defend their title.
    1.Jonathan Patience GK
    3.Ngozi Okonjo Iweala
    6.David Mark
    5.Edwin Clark
    2.Ayo Fayose -yellow card
    7.Godswill Akpabio-
    4.Adamu Muazu
    10.Nnamani Sambo
    11.Gabriel Suswan
    8.Olusegun Mimiko
    9.Goodluck Jonathan -C

    12.Fani Kayode- yellow card
    21.Alison Maduekwe
    15.Musiliu Obanikoro
    13.Reuben Abati

    Asari Dokubo.

    APC FORMATION: 4:3:3

    APC Employs a diamond formation with attacking option and prolific striker leading the attack.

    LINE UP.
    13.Rotimi Amaechi-GK
    5.Bola Tinubu
    2.Raji Fashola
    3.Rochas Okorocha
    26.John Oyegun
    45.Muhammadu Buhari C
    7.Abubakar Atiku- on loan from PDP
    21.Aminu Tambuwal- on loan from PDP
    8.Bisi Akande
    11.Adams Oshiomole-winger
    29.Yemi Osibanjo-on loan from Redeemed fc

    4.John Kayode
    10.Abike Dabiri
    9.Rauf Aregbesola
    6.Dr Bukola Saraki
    17.Segun Oni

    Chief Olusegun Obasanjo- former PDP Coach.

    Match Commissioner:
    EU Election Monitoring Observer.

    Predict the score correctly……..Powered by 1960bet, Merrybet, Naijapredict and 9jabet.

    • Musbau Hamzat

      From PDP Team,

      No. 7 players Godswill Akpabio has injury as he collapsed at training camp and presently receiving treatment in undisclosed hospital in UK. They need to substitute him.

  • Ken

    The Judge has done the best. We want to show these jihardists that GEJ has it. GEJ shall win the election as has been postulated by the polls. let us go there and cast our vote. You cant gang up and think you can win in Nigeria. #GEJTILL2019!

    • sol

      what /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// he just killeg gej after election nobody will even visit gej in otueke you know Nigerians even the p.d.p.chairman will run to dubai…..wahala dei

    • tundemash

      I hope you now have an original PVC as card readers will be used to the disappointment of your paymasters.

      Everything you threw at Buhari has now failed;
      certificate, health, ethnicity, religion !

  • Made

    Only in Nigeria people open der mouth so wide to write cowardly on the social media..if you want to act for change..better come out and protest to show how much you love your nation…than sitting in your lowcost chair and borrowed mb to make a page irrelevant for literates…the power still remains where it is..you people talk about change..you havent change your household you wana change 160m people..imagine a figure of change…i met his son in lagos island club..telling his security to beat up a G just in an eschange of radical words..and such person father wants to bring out who to rule me..i wish u know this people..a whole lot of touts in the making..money miss road…who go na em know..

  • MC

    And so begins the great and final fall of APC’s Buubuu. He’s a classical example of the proverbial sick baby. Let’s even assume APC wins, they will still be at the mercy of the Court. Talk of psychological warfare. Tibunu i swear this is very much unlike you, not seeing the threat that Buhari’s lack of education posed. Well it’s too late now. Boys, hire MC in the future. Hahahahaha!!! Clowns!

    • Cattle Rancher

      Nobody will take you for free….

      • MC

        Cattle rearer. Lol!

    • tundemash

      I hope you now have an original PVC as card readers will be used to the disappointment of your paymasters.

      • MC

        Tunde nothing dey happen. We go win una again jor.

  • evi

    The judge just postponed the evil day for buhari. After buhari loses on Saturday, he will have time to face the perjury case against on April 22 .Buhari cannot escape jail.


      There is no evil day, except the one for GEJ on Saturday

      • evi

        You must still be sniffing cocaine like your drug addict leader, tinubu, that is what is causing your hallucinations .Buhari will never be president of Nigeria, the earlier you accept it the better for you, if your drug induced state will allow it.

        • Cattle Rancher

          You might not be sniffing cocaine, but you’re helplessly daft sir……why not cast your vote await the results?

    • Tunsj

      Keep on lying like your mentor, Jonathan.

    • tundemash

      Yu need to console yourself on the disapointment from the court …. don’t you Mr. evil ?

  • MC

    Liar Mohammed is even claiming the Court is being pressurized to disqualify Buhari. Oga, are we not going to follow the constitution which mandates a presidential aspirant to possesses a certain level of education because of APC???? Where was Buhari when GEJ dey treck to and from schools without shoes? Propanda rookies!


      Perhaps his outcry saved the day. Better to be proactive than be sorry

      • MC

        What outcry? Crying wolf daily?

        • TRUTH MASTER

          Better to cry wolf than allow these dead-enders to destroy our democracy. If Lai is bad, in your estimation, what of FFK? An Angel? Ponder that

    • Cattle Rancher

      Maybe you meant to type “Propaganda”…..Well since you can believe anything, Jonathan is the best thing that has happened to Africa. Are you happy now?

    • tundemash

      Go and lick your sour grapes quietly!

  • Meche


    • Tunsj

      You sound ridiculous. Nigerian troll, posting from his hideout.

    • Cattle Rancher

      The way you type says it all…

    • Winner

      You’re Mr. Nonsense.

    • tundemash

      Keep consoling yourself.

      Did you write your WAEC in capital letters? I guess your manesty laptop should have a CapsLock key, it is there for a reason , use it !

  • Niakita Kresbin

    Premium Times, Premium Times, Premium Times. How many time did I call you? Take time-o. Why the use of the word “escape” in your headlines? It is tasteless and implies you had already reached your own judgement. Well if wishes were horses……You have exposed your PDP leanings. In any case praise God for this relief. But it should not be forgeten this is only an
    adjournment. And Mai Gaskya would not have been sworn in to benefit from
    immunity (which he promised to abrogate anyway). In as much as no one is afraid of judgement being given on this case but the capacity of PDP for serious mischief is infinite. So we should still be
    prepared for more PDP mischief when the case comes up for hearing. APC jeep up your guard. Prep up your intelligence. You
    never can tell how suicidal PDP desperation can make them. As for my
    brother-from-another-mother Rotimi Amaechi, let me say this:keep the
    faith for bandwagon effect shall see you thro. By the time Mai Gaskya
    sweeps the poll March 28, Wike and his cohorts will no longer be
    relevant on the 11th April. God is your strength.

    • Etomi

      You most certainly have not been following the trial…
      Is it PDP that was busy trying hard to frustrate the proceedings???
      No…It is Buhari’s lawyers, who disingenuously have been busy working hard to ground proceedings…
      I trust the court to do justice in this matter!

  • Lawrence Azubuike

    There is no stopping the Peoples General

    • Abubakar Farate

      Thank you bros. Tell the enemies of progress.

  • halima

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  • Ibrahim M

    We all know he doesn’t have a certificate but he needs to be beaten again for the fourth time. We say a big #NO2Buhari

    • Lanre

      Unfortunately, there are millions of poor, illiterate folk who cannot grasp what is at stake. The poor, plebeian majority ruled by emotions whose lives have not improved with PDP and Jonathan. For them anyone else is better than Jonathan including someone like Buhari who served under the worst military dictator Nigeria has known to date; the most virulently, corrupt individual ever to rule Nigeria – Sani Abacha. The hope of Nigerians lies in restructuring the country into regions (at least six). Anything else is chasing shadows.

    • tundemash

      I guess you need to console yourself.

  • the truth

    When i said these APC cult group is filled with devils and scorpions people thought i was making baseless comments. They thrive on lies, propaganda, smear and devilish acts. Yesterday that bastard called lie lie Mohammed said they had reliable information that the judge has been bought and he would give a verdict against buhari. A vote for this cult group is a vote for the Devil. If you are in Nigeria and you are reading this, please be wise with your vote, don’t involve yourself with election violence because these politicians don’t even know you. Cast your votes and go back to your family. Nobody deserves you spilling your blood for.say no to election violence

    • Yari


    • yossef

      Why this venom? I regret sharing citizenship with people like you. May the house go asunder and let’s see if you don’t turn on yourself when you return to your enclave.

      • Cattle Rancher

        Look who’s calling someone a bastard….Please don’t waste precious time replying the likes of this one…..he’s finished mentally…

      • the truth

        You should regret sharing citizenship with people who lie, smear and are always prone to violence. To them Nigeria should burn if they lose.

    • tundemash

      Mr. Career Liar, we can see this news hurt you so much ! Keep hallucinating.

    • Guguru

      The Truth,

      I bought you a super clean and super absorbent handkerchief to help you clean and soak up your tear-soaked eyes as a result of this good news. You can see i am a good friend, right?

  • kammykazee

    Another hurdle scaled by the people’s General, Jona and cohorts it is high time you acknowledged defeat, It is the Lord’s doing.

  • burning spear

    The PROFESSIONAL LIARS IN APC HAVE STARTED SEXING UP STORIES FOR BOKO HARAM AGAIN–Who told them there was any type of anxiety among Nigerians—with regards to the fake educational qualification of Buhari-?The man who married his current wife at the age of 9, is a rogue–a crook of the highest order———-why did he impose himself on the people when he knew all along that he was not qualified to contest the elections–‘ That is the highest level of corruption any sane Nigerian can think of——What this event translates to is that——————Buhari contesting the elections under the platform of APC———-Is as Useless–as the old British Pounds—-sterlin in 9ja——–Cause he could still be disqualified at any given time after the elections–so why should Nigerians waste their votes for such—a certificate forger? His satanic 419 acts are gradually paving way for drug addicts like tinubu to become President of Nigeria———-via his VP————-should Buhari be sent packing back to Niger Republic where he hails from in Africa—–by d courts———————animals

    • Cattle Rancher

      Your write up smacks of lies and putrid hallucinations….do you experiment with grass from time to time?

      • Tunsj

        Well said. He is a psychopath.

    • Abubakar Farate

      You dont have manners. Why the insult? What has he done to you. GMB is almost your grandfather. Think wisely man or woman.

    • Guguru

      Burning Spear,

      Which Mrs. Transformer do you think will be best for you to hug today seeing that your vituperations illustrates a deep depression you may be feeling about this good news? Don’t forget to soak yourself in brine before you hug Mrs. Transformer.

  • Reality

    Buhari did not escape anything…If GEJ wins Buhari will still go to jail for forgery/perjury. If Buhari wins he will be disqualified on 22nd April and will go to jail for forgery/perjury. If APC supporters protest they will be crushed by the military. This is for your information…

    • tundemash

      na for evening the pure water seller dey accept reality, keep jabbing the air !

      • Jack


        • Sword of Damocles

          double GBAM!!

    • Monday O. Ikpea Cfr

      na ur papa dem go disqualify 4 life. mumu wey nor kno him left from right

  • Thepeople

    The right of the people to vote out a failed government remains sacrosant, that is what the Jugde is saying. Nigerians please vote for CHANGE.CHANGE FOR OUR LIVES. CHANGE FOR OUR DEAR COUNTRY. CHANGE FOR OUR CHILDREN. If and when Buhari wins, if he fails like the present government we would and should vote him Out. That is democracy and we must be able to tell our children that we made it happen.CHANGE MUST COME NIGERRIA.

  • Etomi

    Today’s ruling was in respect of the applications for joinder filed by Ebun Adegboruwa and another meddlesome interloper…
    The ruling was by no means reserved for determining the substantive suit as to whether or not Buhari is eligible to contest in the March 28 presidential election…
    Ever since the interlocutory stages of the suit was inaugurated on Feb 9, the court has done nothing but labour to fend off the intrigues contrived by Buhari’s lawyers, all calculated to stall trail, and make way for their client, a mere pretender to the office of president, to escape justice…
    Nimble as the court has been, and with a resolve to dispose of the case timeously, the court has succeeded in shedding all the cogs thrown at the wheel of justice by Buhari’s lawyers to frustrate proceedings…
    Now that the coast is clear for Buhari’s fate to be decidedly determined, the next adjourn date of April 22 and 23 would speak on the side of justice!

    • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

      Well-crafted post, Sir. Bravo. I am of the view, too, that it is only a temporary reprieve. Lawyers to Buhari and APC have made heavy weather of service in order to stall proceedinds. But I know that the Judge will do justice to the case especially because those APC animals have been insulting him endlessly. Senile, illiterate certificate forger, perjurer, coup plotter and Islamic fundamentalist Buhari will still meet his waterloo. He will end up doing prison time. Sir, are you Barrister George Etomi?

      • Etomi

        In fact all the rulings of Justice Ademola have been in favour of the plaintiffs…
        Even today the judge found for the plaintiffs. They’d urged the court to dismiss the application for joinder filed by some interlopers like Adegboruwa…and the court was swayed by their argument..
        From start, Buhari’s lawyers began to file all sorts of frivolous applications just to see to it that they deny the suit wing to fly..
        They started by filing an application challenging the order of substituted service..
        They proceeded to challenge the entirety of the suit, arguing that it lacked merit, hence the court should strike it out in its entirety…
        That was the most dangerous application, as they sort to use it to entrap the judge and banish proceedings to the Court of Appeal…
        They had intrigued that the judge would rule against the application, which they were to quickly follow by appealing against the ruling at the Court of Appeal, while at the same time filing for stay of proceeding of the entire suit at the trial court pending the determination of their appeal…
        Smart enough, the judge did not fall into their trap but rather adjourned hearing..
        Plaintiff lawyers were also smart in urging the court to consolidate all the pending applications as well as the originating summons (ie, the substantive suit) such that they could all be taken together in one hearing…
        But Buhari’s lawyers opposed it, saying plaintiff’s counsel was in a hurry to see the case disposed of, and that the idea was to scuttle the March 28 election!
        Can you imagine?!
        But interestingly the judge ruled yet again that the all the applications and the originating summons could be taken in a single hearing…
        The very day the court gave this favorable ruling, came yet another fresh application for joinder…
        Mercifully, the judge adjourned till the next day (today) to rule on the application—he dismissed it…
        So, come April 22 and 23, hearing on all the pending applications and the originating summons will commence…

        • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

          Many thanks for this comprehensive post, Sir. But, please, are you George? We were together at the executive lounge of THHA a few weeks ago, if you are.

          • Etomi

            I am not…I happen to come from the same part of the country as he, hence the namesake…
            Many thanks…

          • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

            Thank you, Sir.

  • MC

    Walahi if Buhari na woman eh. Him go don born tire. Hahahahahaha!!! See the way we dey chook am. This na the 4th time o. We don do am osho free tire. Oga abeg go retire jor.

  • Angel

    He will be disqualified on March 28 for sure.

    • Cox

      If your candidate is popular as it was in 2011 when buhari was a candidate too, disqualification was not on the table then but now that your candidate is unpopular and you now want him to be disqualify. Its wouldn’t work. The luck has run out on your candidate. Just two days more.

  • Rume Akpo

    3 more days to four more years

  • Allen Toikumo

    The fact and evidence is still there.This is just a temporary relief.Some how its good,as it will enable him to contest and lose woefully in the election. Buhari has lost credibility and he won’t come close to Jonathan in the number of votes cast.

    • Sams

      Wow!!! I envy your courage. How courageous of you to say ‘somehow it is good’..

    • Guguru


      I have a giant rubber pan that can hold the river you will cry from those swollen eyes of yours as a result of this good news.

    • Luman Asifat

      You are leaving in another planet.

  • Interrogator


    • Bimbo Cole

      Kevin, Charlyn & Kimberly Associates, a UK
      based research and political risk consultancy firm
      has also stated that incumbent President Goodluck
      Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party will win the

      2015 Presidential election with a margin of 13% probability.
      That means 63% of all the votes for PDP and the remainder
      37% of the votes for the APC. In my own view, that margin

      of disgraceful defeat is enough reason for Ikuru to withdraw
      from the race; confess on his WASC, and go home to Daura.

    • Duro

      “It will be a disaster for all of Africa if Buhari is elected”

      Mr. Muhammadu Buhari’s election as Nigeria’s head of state
      would be a disaster for Africa. It would also signal trouble for the
      West’s fight against ISIS and terrorism throughout the Middle East.
      Western foreign policy observers, pre-occupied with the rise of ISIS
      in the Middle East should wake up to the reality unfolding in Nigeria.

      Opposition candidate General Buhari wants Sharia law throughout Nigeria.
      In fact, he wants it everywhere. “I will continue to show openly and inside
      me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over
      Nigeria,” Mr. Buhari said. “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for
      the total implementation of the Sharia in the country [Nigeria].”

      Agitation? Is this an indication that Mr. Buhari supports violence because
      the end goal of the terrorist attacks throughout Nigeria and Africa is an
      Islamic state? It is a legitimate question that should be asked by leaders
      of the Obama administration.”

      ………..Richard Grenell

      Longest serving United Nations Spokesman in
      history, was a spokesman for four United States
      Ambassadors to the United Nations. He wrote
      in Washington Times (March 20th, 2015)

      • freeborn


        • Dulles2

          Kevin, Charlyn & Kimberly Associates, a UK based research and political risk consultancy firm
          has stated that incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party
          will win the 2015 Presidential Election with a margin of 13 per cent probability.

          • Kaybee

            Nigeria will remain a hopeless basket case filled with primates primitively bent on stealing;
            if all the years of studying by the country’s professors, doctors, lawyers, journalists, nurses,
            architects, engineers, teachers, lecturers, marketers, accountants, bankers and administrators

            convince them all that perjury and forgery are the highest ideals to embrace as CHANGE; and, to pass onto their own children.

      • Luman Asifat

        You are not a serious person because you talked as someone without sense of history.



    • Akinlola Majiyaigbe

      Dear Editor,

      With 72 hours to the presidential election is there anyone out there
      who can say confidently which state – just one state – in southern
      Nigeria, out of the total 17 states in the south, that General Buhari
      will surely win on Saturday – just one state in Southern Nigeria?
      There is none. So, is the result of the election not obvious enough?

      • newsbreak

        “Jonathan will win 24 states including Lagos” –

        Says Brookings Institute America

        A Washington-based influential think-tank in the United States of America
        (USA), the Brookings Institute, has said the odds in Nigeria’s presidential election
        favor President Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
        Though the election is expected to be very competitive, the odds still favor
        President Jonathan.

        The Brookings report gives the PDP victory in 24 states and predicts victory for
        the APC in 12. While it gave the APC victory in the North-west and the North-east,
        as well as Niger State, it gave PDP victory in all the southern states except Osun.
        It also gave the PDP victory in the North-central states except Niger as well as
        North-eastern states of Taraba and Adamawa and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

        • T.Fari

          The Opposition to Jonathan is too weak and crass

          Even Alhaji Raji Fashola cannot organise a school system, or, even organise a city bus transport system in Lagos state. School and transportation are of course the two tasks of a state. Failure to pass those two tasks is = to FAIL OVERALL. Raji Fashola is a corrupt misfit and a toxic bane on Lagos – as an example of the tenuous and incompetent opposition rallying against Jonathan.

        • jihadi

          “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor],
          we should not introduce something that will start affecting the
          consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the people’s
          consciousness what they were not thinking about before.

          Even if you look at it closely you will find that the dominant

          people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

          ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

          (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

          [October 25th, 2014]

          • Sola Awofolaju


            Why will the Muslims not declare themselves DOMINANT? Why? Tell me the reason.
            Look, let’s face the truth. Yoruba Christians are too daft and they are retarded too.
            Their Pastors don’t know better, anyway. Christianity in Lagos, for example, is now
            the religion of SLAVES.

            The Pentecostal Pastors especially receive huge bribes from their Muslim overlords
            to go and preach nonsense to their congregation that suffering is the same thing
            as Christianity. And that it is from suffering under Muslim misrule comes prosperity.

            So long as such nonsense goes on in the Churches in Lagos state, the Muslims
            will remain dominant over all Christians there. It is now a matter of time before the
            Sultan of Sokoto sends someone as THE EMIR OF LAGOS. When that time comes,
            the useless Christian Pastors in Yorubaland – such as Pastor Adeboye and Pastor Kumuyi –
            will wear their best coats to go and bless the Emir of Lagos. Nonsense Christians!!

          • dafe


    • tade

      so has he lost now? hahahahahahahaha

  • Guguru

    I guess those in support of Jonathan may be jumping off their window ledges trying to commit suicide in disappointment with this news.

  • Guguru

    Please, roll out the body bags to help collect the carcass of Jonathanians who may commit suicide because of this good news from the courts. Buhari will save Nigeria from the tempest, called Jonathan, who has probably sworn an oath to destroy Nigeria before he leaves office.

  • Guguru

    The number of Jonathan worshippers who will ask God for help in order to sleep well tonight, may top the chart. I encourage every community to have a suicide watch for these Jonathan worshipers because I doubt many of them will make it past this weekend without committing suicide because of their depression with this great news.

  • Screw-em

    Blow the final whistle, the game is over. 49million votes cast for Buhari, and 15million corruptly cast for the Otuoke chimp. The CHANGE we all hoped for has finally arrived on a silver platter……Je suis BUHARI……3 more freaking days. Just can’t wait.!!!

    • Etomi

      The earlier you stopped your wild fantasies, the better for you..
      Be warned o!

  • Isi Agwo

    Islamic Fundamentalist and certificate forger Bokohari is also a pervert, a paedophile who “married” a baby, Aisha Buhari, at the age of 8 (Born September 29, 1979 and “married” by Bokohari on August 13, 1989) and got her pregnant (raped) at the age of 13, This perv should be in jail. Is this victim the one that will go around the world as Nigeria’s first lady? Where are the freedom, human right, and sundry fighters of Nigeria?

  • Yusuf

    PDP escaped embarrassment

  • James Lucky Mike

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  • favourtalk

    God just made it easy for GEJ to pack his things and leave aso rock, it is a show of no going back to wicked ways of his rule. Nigerians deserve a change and we need a better leader and government, we can’t continue this way, we wants a better nation. We therefore ask all nigerians to vote right in the coming election to make nigeria a great nation

  • Tosan Toju

    And what nonsense change are you talking about the last time i checked we don’t a change in government because GEJ has done marvelously well and deserve a second chance to rule. GEJ – 2019

  • Aminu Baba

    In my opinion, all the adversarial cases against Buhari are a waste of court processes. It is easy to predict that they shall eventually be thrown out with costs. However we are in democracy, everyone has the right to sue, even if on frivolous basis. The lawyers must make a living