Soldiers fire at Ango Abdullahi’s car

By Mijinyawa Ahmed

The chairman of the Northern Elders Forum, Ango Abdullahi, narrowly escaped death Wednesday as soldiers opened fire on his vehicle in Bauchi.

Narrating what happened, Mr. Abdullahi said he was on his way to the Bauchi State University, Gadau, for an assignment when the soldiers attacked his car.

Mr. Abdullahi is the chairman of the Governing Council of the University.

“It was in the morning as I was traveling in my official car with my driver,” he said.

“I was going to Gad for a meeting. We had just passed the Awala Hotel roundabout when I saw a military convoy moving very slowly.

“I was trying to catch up for the meeting so my driver overtook the military convoy. The next thing I knew they opened fire at us.

“The bullets damaged the engine of the car, damaged the car that we had to park by the road side.

“The soldiers came out and were shouting angrily at us.

“They were demanding to know why we wanted to overtake them. Didn’t we know that the soldiers were exporting sensitive materials?

“That is how they just left us there and continued their movement,” Mr. Abdullahi said.

“I have never seen such a reckless act.

He said he later met the state Commissioner for Higher Education and told him about the attack.

“The Commissioner for Higher Education called the security agencies chiefs to inform them of what happened.

“The army later sent one Captain who apologized and promised to investigate and know from which unit the soldiers are from,” he said.

When contacted, the State Commissioner for Higher Education, Ibrahim Mohammed, confirmed that Mr. Abdullahi was attacked.

The Commissioner said he was pleased with the quick response of senior military officiers, immediately he informed them of the incident.

“They all apologized to the professor and he was happy at their response but he was traumatised because his driver said a bullet nearly caught the professor, because the bullet penetrated the door where he sat.

“The car was riddled with bullets but thank God no one was hurt but the car was badly destroyed,” he said.

The Nigerian Army could not be immediately reached Wednesday.


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  • taiwo

    Yuguda is actually a mole in the PDP,how can Ango Abdullahi be holding such a sensitive position in his state when he is obviously a buhari fanatic and boko haram sympathizer.The soldiers should have killed him

    • Jakadiya

      My friend, this is about academic excellence, not Dokubu, GEJ or Clark dumbness.

    • Joe

      so any Nigerian not with your GEJ must be killed? Do you see how you are inciting violence with your hate.

      • Ahmad

        Have you forgotten that GEJ has snipers? This is what we should expect from a Niger Delta militant as a head of state. Change is always difficult but inevitable. Their evil days are surely numbered.

  • Dankasa

    Taiwo, you will soon come to know who is this Boko Haram and the reason behind it and I assured you I will send you lots of vedio clips when your Godfather vacate Aso Rock Villa on 29th May a day I am sure you will regret how you choose darkness out primordial sentiment in life (of cause which showcase a clear sign of your weaknesses because sentiment is an attribute of weakness). Wake up man! You like it or not Buhari will rule this country with you in it as his subject but you have a choice of following your Jonah to the Hegue after May, 29. The choose is your, man.

    • Gabriel Olasebikan

      @Dankasa,”You like it or not Buhari will rule this country”. I am taught to say things like “by the grace of God”.Since you have assumed the role of God,let God decide who will run the affairs of this country for the next four years.Amen.

  • evi

    The soldiers should not miss next time. They will be doing Nigerians a huge favour .

    • dd

      Odesi….can’t penetrate

    • Ahmad

      By special grace of God they will not miss when they aim at your evil skull.

  • dd

    Why did your driver overtook the military vehicle when you know what it means in Boko Haram zone. They are afraid someone inside was going to inform Boko Haram about their presence. Please thank God you were killed.

  • Ahmad

    So there are sensitive materials that are worth more than human lives. This is the handiwork of Jonathan’s snipers. They knew their target. May Allah continue to protect our Prof.

    • Samson

      Oga not everything is GEJ abeg, sometimes people are just reckless.

  • Gabriel Olasebikan

    This matter is very simple.Lets ask ourselves,are convoys overtaken,and what are the rules of breaking convoys?It’s not about Ango Abdullahi,it’s about all of us that obey convoy rules and those of us that make attempts to disobey convoy rules.

    • kwazulu

      What convoy please? What is the rule of engagement?

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        @disqus_N1JcBESjoc:disqus,in a convoy,there is what you call density,ie maintaining spacing between vehicles on the convoy,then you have a lead pilot car and a rear pilot car.Every vehicle not on the convoy is to remain behind the rear pilot car.The lead pilot car controls the density.In the event that there is need to clear the roadway of traffic congestion,the lead pilot car determines when and at what point to do so.The security vehicles on the convoy also maintain same density with the lead pilot car.It is a suicide attempt to overtake a convoy without clearance from the lead pilot car.Only vehicles like ambulance or fire service vehicles are authorized to break a convoy.A VIP to VIP can not break a convoy.

        • kwazulu

          Ok, so where is the convoy rule in the constitution, please? and one last question, who is the VIP in that convoy? of course, don’t tell me electoral materials because VIP means VERY IMPORTANT PERSONALITY.

    • Samson

      Gabriel, I wonder if your opinion would be different if the victim was from your side of the country.

      • Gabriel Olasebikan

        Samson,it’s not about which part of the country,but keeping the rules.It could happen along Lagos-Ibadan express road.Break a convoy there and you will not leave to tell the story.

  • Johnson

    These military personnel have become so reckless, a similar thing happened in Kaduna about a year ago, they opened fire on a family at a busy junction, thank God nobody was hurt then too, it’s a shame

  • Shehu Monguno

    This is very careless of Professor Ango Abdullahi. In these days of Boko Haram and Suicide bombers why try to break a military convoy? are the soldiers on the convoy magicians to know that you are innocent. Professor please note it is better to be LATE than to be the LATE

  • Bin Fodio

    Mr. Evi,
    why did you remove the ‘L’ from your name Evil?
    True to the name indeed!
    May the Almighty grand unto you what you wish unto others. Say Amen!

  • ango abdullahi

    Where is the Pishure??????????????????????????

    Where is the Foto?????????????????????????????

    Me I no believe this ‘kpekpeye’ story at all. So, neither the driver nor ango nor the state officials have a camera phone with them? Not even passers-by? Haba PT, wetin? ….with your ‘pedigree’, only the dead will believe this story.

    By the way, below is the last public statement by ango abdullahi

    “I am putting Jonathan on notice that he must leave office come 2015.”- Mr Ango ABDULAHI

    So, why wont PT give us this ‘odus’ to show that everyone in the opposition is being haunted?

  • Adam Noma

    In as much as I understand with the plight of armed men in convoy (being once part of it), as a common street man I wish to use this medium to appeal NA and other security agencies to get a mean of periodically discharging other vehicles behind them. Knowing fully the motorists are harmless at that instant, and if they are informants they could discharge thier nefarious activities via communication gadgets.
    This issue is especially so rampant along that same Bauchi-Kari road, and I withness it more than 3-times while driving to the same Gadau. The journey of not more than 150min would take one 240mins or even more.
    In fact there was a time when we were at road block, just about to be discharged when the statstationed armed men saw their colleagues in convoy. They blocked us to give them way (to me this is not an issue), but then proceeded to shoot sproradically in air in commemoration with their returning colleague. Does that not constituted public nuisance, considering that that same spot is not war zone? What about the danger enforced on us the civilians whose way is blocked, apart from the trauma subjected(I am in not more 2 meters range from one of the “gunmen”). An at the same time we have follow back the moving convoy at not more than 60km/h up to Awalah junction.

    Pleaseautority the concerned, help do the necessary.

  • B.Messi

    For God’s sake, why must Naijas turn every issue in PDP / APC thing?? If people who comment here show such a high level of hypocrisy, what moral right do they have to condemn the government of the day? Seeing they will probably do same if given the ‘opportunity’?

    They are lucky it ws the engine that was damaged by the meaning the soldiers were more interested in demobilising the vehicle. THERE IS NO DOUBT THAT IF THOSE SOLDIERS WERE AIMING TO KILL, THE PROF AND HIS DRIVER WOULD HAVE BEEN SIX FEET DOWN BY NOW!

  • buring spear


  • T-Rex

    Hmmmmm,you wouldn’t be this lucky next time! Helping this country to get rid of this alhaji loquaciousness would have been a good thing!

  • Maria

    Lawless country.

    • Yusuf

      lawless country indeed, if it were an ordinary masses they would have killed him and no one will even here about it

  • hummm

    Why overtake a Nigerian military vechicle in the first place?They are crazies.

  • Isi Agwo

    “I was trying to catch up for the meeting so my driver overtook the military convoy. The next thing I knew they opened fire at us.” Another Boko Haram suicide bomber stopped.

  • Tatafo

    It is sad that a professor of Ango Abdulahi’s standing, who did not brook any nonsense when he was VC, knowing the times we live in, would overtake a military convoy carrying sensitive materials. Prof, sir, it was lawless of you, but we thank God that you lived to tell us you were in the wrong.
    If you, who claims to be a northern elder (though self-appointed) can disdain soldiers on assignment in times like these, we can imagine what the northern youth will do (or are doing like in the north-east). If this war against terrorism was being prosecuted by a Buhari, or even an Obasanjo, I am sure you know you would be dead by now. Cold dead.
    Prof., you were irresponsible and it is a mark of the times we live in that the soldiers sent a captain to apologise to you. If it was Obasanjo, some few privates would have been sent to flog you and drag you to the nearest quarter guard. Elder, indeed!

    • tundemash

      cl0wn .. how does one know a military convoy is carrying sensitive materials ? You claim it was lawless of him… can quote that section of the law please ?
      If the soldiers’ action had been right, how come their superior are apologising ?
      Are sensitive materials not supposed to be transported discreetly ?

  • Sanmi Falae

    Criterion -Referenced -Learning or Assessment is brilliant. But the issue is the infrastructures for it in Africa, madam.

  • Thanks, ‘Tola. I will also like children to be encouraged to build on the foundation and paradigms of freshness, newness, creativity; capacity to search and re-search the curricular and other materials within the frame work of such social-cultural context that will build the souls, homes and nations. All these under the rule of the Almighty Creator.