Synagogue collapse: Building didn’t collapse due to structural failure — contractor ‎

Synagogue Building collapse

The ‎expert witness and contractor for the collapsed six-storey building belonging to the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, Akingbola Fatiregun, has said the collapse of the building was not due to structural failure.

Mr. Fatiregun appeared before the coroner inquest into the collapsed building on Thursday.

During his cross examination, he said, “Structural failure in building collapse has a peculiar way, but this one beats the imagination.”

The chief executive officer of Hardrock Engineering linked the collapsed building to controlled demolition, stating that he could not link the collapse to sabotage as claimed by the Nigeria police.

“The building came down symmetrically and everything came down as if it was guided. It was like you plan to bring a building down. It was like those methods were applied, it did not come down like structural failure. I’m limited to sabotage because the building was well constructed and every other thing was ok.”

When asked about the quality of materials used, he maintained that the materials were up to standard and tests were carried out on the reinforcements.

He added that the strength of the reinforcements steel used in the construction was 419 Newton per millimetre square.

“We ensure to know where they (materials) are coming from. We carry some test in the laboratory, sometimes we do physical test, our sands are from the river, the stones are from quarry and the cement is from Dangote,” he said.

He disclosed that construction work on the now collapsed structure was in phases with phase 1 beginning in 2008 and built till the 4th floor in July 2010 while the second phase began in 2013.

Mr. Fatiregun, who himself is a worshipper at the church, ‎said he officially visited the site while under construction at least three times a month while he paid unaccountable unofficial visits anytime he was at the church for service.

No building approval

While being cross examined, the contractor revealed that the collapsed guest house had no building approval from the Lagos State Ministry of Environment but stated that his client, SCOAN, was in the process of getting the approval.

“The building has some level of approval and it was still in progress when the building collapsed. It is the duty of the client to get approval,” he said.

He however maintained that he told the church of the need to get the approval.

The inquest was initiated by the Lagos state government into the cause of the collapsed building which killed about 116 persons. The building collapsed September 12, 2014.

The coroner, Magistrate Komolafe, adjourned the inquest till Friday, February 27.


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  • Allayes

    “He disclosed that construction work on the now collapsed structure was in phases with phase 1 beginning in 2008 and built till the 4th floor in July 2010 while the second phase began in 2013.”

    “While being cross examined, the contractor revealed that the collapsed guest house had no building approval from the Lagos State Ministry of Environment but stated that his client, SCOAN, was in the process of getting the approval.”

    No kidding! No approval for building construction that commenced in 2008, even up till the time the whole thing came crashing down in 2014! Building approval process in Nigeria must be so sloooooooooow. If these people know what building approval means and the implications of building without approval, Mr. Fatiregun would not have non-nonchalantly said that on the stand. Thank you sir for finally admitting to offence number 1: building without approval. More will follow.

  • amazing2012

    What do you expect from a member of the evil church and the engineer who built the death sacrifice building !

  • Jesse

    You all constantly commit an assertion fallacy when you are unable to provide anything other than an argument by assertion which is often the result of your own brainwashing and worshiping TB Joshua, basing ones belief on blind faith or ignorance as to what forms a proper argument. Those who argue by assertion often do think such as you that they’re making a real argument here.

    You constantly commit the red herring logical error and often deceitful debate tactics and reverse psychology statements when your proposition is, (or is intended to be) misleading in order to make irrelevant and false interference. In the general case any logical inference based on fake arguments intended to replace the lack of real arguments, or to replace the implicity of the subject of the discussion or issue under examination.

    You constantly commit the fallacy of dismissal when you reject and an argument is rejected without an explanation and blowing bubbles at me.

    You also commit the debate tactic of avoiding the questions and when you are ready with avoiding the issue at hand your answer does not address the questions asked.

    You keep committing this fallacy when your own conclusion is irrelevant to the matters that are, with other words you just missed the point single handedly.

    You all said everything is glory to the Father and to God, you presented squat glory about TB Joshua and clan and you are full of it as a inflated huge air balloon of hot air that drifts all over the place except giving a proper answer to the questions that really matter.

    There would be no difficulty finding who had done it. Thermite shape charges don’t grow on trees, they have to come from somewhere, if the building was controlled demolished. And you constantly try to derail this topic about it. What is your rebuttal ?

    Now that I Fischer priced it for you is that clear enough to give me an answer. Who destroyed the guesthouse at SCOAN ? Since your false private prophet never comes with the answer, it would be clear to me that it is collapsed all by it selves am I right ? This controlled implosion crap is fiction and you know it, everybody knows it.

    IF the Devil is in the Details as you all purport why is that the self proclaimed false private prophet still does not have an answer from His God of who did it and who was involved in it. The answer of in the church he did was, “You people, who blow up my building, God will take vengeance”. Who is you people ? Generalization does not work in prophecy. Accuracy does ! When will you all deceived wake up and smell the coffee ?

    Prove to me that the collapse was caused by shape charges deliberately placed there to destroy the building at SCOAN. There is found no evidence about it. Yet everybody still support this nonsense.

    You all always commit the logical fallacy of dodging the question like TB Joshua does at all times. When the reaction to a question is avoiding the issue at all times and be in denial about it. As with all fallacies, this fallacy can be consciously used for deception or the fallacy can be made because of misunderstanding and that deliberately done. What you can see here is constantly changing the subject, explaining redundant things or irrelevant things as a distraction,creating an excuse not to answer, answering with a logical fallacy, giving and insufficient or overly simplified answer to a complex question, answering questions that were not asked, giving a deliberate answer in the wrong context to diverse the course of Justice in Nigeria here.

  • Lanre

    Asiwaju Tinubu. At a time like this, you need to identify with the people of Ile-Ife who are going through a harrowing experience from an assault. This is what a leader does. Rather than do this, you opt to ignore the signs of the times and rather engage in a self adulating trip of narcissism. Yorubas need leadership and you are not providing it. This is my birthday gift to you.

    • Uche

      “….. engaging in a self adulating trip of narcissism…”

      No one could have said it better than you.