Ekiti Rigging Tape: Soyinka demands probe of Fayose, Obanikoro, Omisore, others

Prof Wole Soyinka

The Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, has demanded investigation into the Ekiti rigging audio, which appears to show how the military hierarchy and some members of the Peoples Democratic Party, including Governor Ayo Fayose, planned the rigging of the June 21, 2014 governorship election in the state.

In a statement on Tuesday, Mr. Soyinka asked the Independent National Electoral Commission to work with the international community to conduct the investigation and make the findings of the exercise known to save Nigeria’s democracy.

He said brushing the issue aside as just electoral malpractice approaches criminal subversion and treason.

Mr. Fayose defeated the All Progressive Congress candidate and then governor, Kayode Fayemi, in the election.

However, a few weeks ago, an army captain, Sagir Koli, leaked the tape of a meeting held by Mr. Fayose, a former Minister of State for Defence and ministerial nominee, Musiliu Obanikoro; a former senator, Iyiola Omisore; the Minister of Police Affairs, Jelili Adesiyan; his predecessor, Caleb Olubolade; and army commander, Aliyu Momoh, a brigadier general.

Though some of them – Messrs Adesiyan, Omisore and Fayose – admitted the meeting held, they claimed it was not convened to plan election rigging.

Mr. Obanikoro said no such meeting held while President Goodluck Jonathan has claimed it was a mere fabrication.

Mr. Soyinka said he was drawn to an advertorial placed by Mr. Fayose, on the matter, stating that for those who have nothing to hide, disrobing lies and forgeries and reinforcing truth is regarded as part and parcel of the obligations owed to democracy.

He said, “The audio could well be one of the forgeries. We are daily inundated with allegations, evasions, distortions, image plundering and image laundering, all under the permissive canopy of electoral proceeding.

“Once in a while however, we encounter exposure of an exceptional dimension that appears to strike at the very root of Democracy, questions the validity of an entire electoral system and even erodes confidence in the integrity of the state.

“Such an event need not be regarded as a repudiation of the formal mechanics put in place by an electioneering agency such as INEC, but nonetheless extends the scope of its responsibilities, including its projection of looming hazards of future electoral exercises.

“This is why, in the absence of a Constitutional Court or its equivalent, one is left with no other course than to call on INEC to also take formal charge of the recorded incident of this alleged conspiracy to pervert the course of Democracy.

“For those ‘who have nothing to hide’, it is a call that deserves unstinting support. They should not hesitate to assist in calling on the same US expertise to assist us in exposing a forgery.”

He wondered if INEC could undertake the exercise while the nation “waits out its suspended electoral sentence?”

“It only requires repudiation – or validation – of the findings of an already advanced forensic enquiry,” Mr. Soyinka said.

The Noble Laureate also suggested that the two anti-corruption agencies – the EFCC and the ICPC – should be involved since material corruption is also implicit in the present instance.

According to him, “Let no one attempt to facilitate the rampaging course of impunity by brushing this aside as just another electoral malpractice – no, in my layman estimation, this approaches criminal subversion and treason.

“The accusation is blatant and the demand for rigorous investigation must remain unrelenting. The accounts of the inculpated General and others should be subjected to the same scrutiny as those of the earlier cited Inspector-General of police. And so on, and so clamorous! Those who have nothing to fear can sleep easy.”

“At the fount of all electoral manipulation is the grim facilitator – Money! Here, for instance, is a lesson drawn from the travails of a former Inspector-General of Police in recent history,” he said.

“That scandal happened to coincide with a barely concluded electoral exercise, considered by some as a strong contestant for one of the most blatantly manipulated election in the nation’s history. A number of bulging accounts had been traced to that Inspector-General.

“During private discussions, I exhorted the then Director of EFCC to go beyond the sensational monetary finds and track each of them painstakingly back to source. “If you succeed in that”,

“I urged Nuhu Ribadu, “you would have done more than merely expose institutional police corruption, you would have done inestimable service to the cause of Democracy.

Mr. Soyinka argued that anyone who disputes a robust connection between material and political corruption should reflect on the mild slap on the wrist that the I-G received for charges of misappropriation of such staggering dimensions.

He said now it is the turn of the army as facilitators for the alleged political crime.

He stated further, “Allied to this elite criminal corps – again, as alleged – was a former Chairman of the Senate Appropriation Committee turned governorship candidate.

“The evidence resides in the recording of a conspiracy against free and fair elections, later reinforced by a televised interview with the whistle blower – a military intelligence officer.

“That recording has been heard by millions all over the world – governments, Human Rights Organizations, election monitoring groups, business individuals, even those merely seeking real-life variants on improbable Nollywood fare. The alleged crime is in global domain.”

Mr. Soyinka said if the formal agencies fail, then citizens must learn to assert their right of access to truth.

“Let no one attempt to facilitate the rampaging course of impunity by brushing this aside as just another electoral malpractice – no, in my layman estimation, this approaches criminal subversion and treason.

“The accusation is blatant and the demand for rigorous investigation must remain unrelenting. The accounts of the inculpated General and others should be subjected to the same scrutiny as those of the earlier cited Inspector-General of police. And so on, and so clamorous! Those who have nothing to fear can sleep easy.

He said, “As is the practice in other societies, a Citizens Trial can be instituted, experts co-opted, and both accusers and accused invited to testify. Even the venue does not have to be internal, since witnesses may require protection.

“Democracy does not begin or end with the ballot box, nor is it confined to national boundaries. There is no assertion anywhere yet of a “Case Proven”, no rush to judgment, simply a craving – as urged in the said governor’s advertorial – to let “facts Speak for themselves!”


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  • Mr. Abdin


  • Abia_Man

    Take the little time and energy you have prof and advocate for autonomy for the Yoruba people. That way there will be no federal meddling. Tinubu and ACN hasn’t been rigging and bribing?

    • truth is bitter

      this is yoruba polictics get lost and go and put ur dirty Abia state in order are you not ashame of ABA

    • progress

      Bigotry is not a vitue, but a disease!

  • Baba Jada

    So Soyinka still thinks King Nebuchadnezzar listens to the voice of reason. you still don’t know who you are dealing with.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    E e like say Oga Soyinka no dey read news. Jona said na fabrication and later said e don tell DSS to investigate the mata but DSS say the Captain wey blow the matter no show face to witness, so no case.

    Oga Soyinka, you better find somewhere sidon before Madam peche pounce on you. You no she no get shame.

  • otapete

    We are talking of serious treasonable offences here. It must be thoroughly investigated. We need General Momoh to speak now as the other persons who were present at the meeting had confirmed that he was there. Is he awaiting a court marshal or what?

  • As i see am

    Wole Soyinka is no way to be a civil rights activist

    Why does Wole Soyinka like to take on the looks of those three proverbial monkeys?
    I am asking this because Wole Soyinka really amuses me with amateurish hypocrisy.
    For that, he’ll soon hardly deserve a hearing by thinking people with moral certitude.

    Wole Soyinka goes dumb and won’t find his voice when APC governors steal at will.
    Or does Wole Soyinka have a sense of outrage when Raji Fashola issues a diktat –
    that Lagosians are NOT entitled to Freedom of Information and dares any dissent.

    Such atrocities sit well with Wole Soyinka in his plastic disguise at public ‘interventions’.
    But the decibel of his scowl rises from the trough where it concerns non-APC criminals,
    and then rises through a crescendo to the peak of dire imprecations when non-APC
    criminals do exactly the same thing APC does. That’s no way to be a civil rights activist.

    • No Wahala



    • bisi

      Hahahaha! Yes, i remember those three monkeys.
      They hear no evil; see no evil, and, speak no evil.

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Where was this useless Soyinka when dirty-looking, semi-literate (IN)justice Ayo Salami exchanged numerous calls and text messages with chieftains of defunct ACN and the party’s lawyers during the pendency of the Ekiti and Osun Gubernatorial Appeal back in Oct/Nov 2010? Soyinka is clearly a puppet on Tinubu’s strings. The fake Prof is a disgrace to himself, the academic community, Nigeria and humanity at large. May God rid us of many of these oafs who only intervene in our national affairs after being paid to so do. Soyinka is an AGBA ‘YA. No time or resources should be wasted on any investigation of the audio recording crap. It is of no consequence. Fayose will be governor of Ekiti State until year 2022.

  • burning spear

    VERY SOON–WOLE SOYINKA WOULD LOSE HIS RELEVANCE————IN THE COUNTRY—–AS A NOBEL LAUREATE——-AWARE LIKE OBJ—–SOYINKA swore–he will never appear in public to comment on National issues again–but any day Tinubu beckons on him to abuse–Jonathan–u see him scamper out of his regional holes-to insult the president——–just for the fun of it—sadly both obj and soyinka——-are yorubas and from the same state————in the south west———–the only thing remaining for him to do openly like his uncle–OBJ–is to declare for—————APC—————-DON’T WE HAVE A TAPE circulation on the web about the elections that APC rigged in Osun state? Why has–Soyinka not called for a probe into that tape–is because it concerns APC———-? Captain Sagir we all know is government property–instead of doing his job as an army officer–he went into–working for Tinubu and HOLDING MEETINGS WITH OFFICIALS OF APC–spying for them-he has b4 the elections in Ekiti and Osun state been working for the opposition—-as a mole in the army—-SEE WHY OUR SOLDIERS ARE BEING KILLED LIKE RATS–BY BH?—–CAUSE OF TRAITORS LIKE SAGIR——————-Aso Rock today is filled with unpatriotic Nigerians———-most of the people working in ASo Rock with the President-and the First Lady-are not faithful to the nation—-U NEED TO HEAR THESE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THEM—U WILL CRY FOR NIGERIA————-ALL because———–the nose and lipS OF THE PRESIDENT AND HIS WIFE
    are not like theirs—————————maybe———-just maybe——————–ANIMALS

    • O

      Not very soon. He has long lost it. He is just working hard to seek relevance but Jonathan doesn’t have time for such noise makers.

      He lost it that very day he declared that my own Niger Delta is a swamp-

      Yet he & his children have benefited largely via Govt appointments at state & Federal levels.

  • burning spear

    (I have taken my time to educate our youths; the sensible ones, that we are the problems of ourselves. Those killing us are our childhood friends, family friends and neighbours.
    Children from other parts of the country are going to school, but the kids here in N/East and some Northern states are stopped from going to school because of Boko Haram threats. In the next 10 to 20 years, how on earth will they compare with their peers from the South?

    Assuming Goodluck Jonathan is actually the one behind boko haram, can’t we say no to him? Can’t we tell him that we cannot be sponsored to kill our fellow brothers and sisters?

    Fellow Nigerians, I think we deserve your sympathy and pity because our youths are being daily brainwashed by evil doers in our land.
    The Northern Politicians that want to stop Jonathan from being president are behind Boko haram and now some foreign interest has joined hands with them.

    Now that it is clear that using Boko haram to disorganize Jonathan’s administration is not working, I appeal to Northern elders, politicians and religious leaders to come out and tell these boys to stop their killing and destruction. The North deserve peace.)—-THESE ARE THE TYPES–OF MESSAGES WE WANTS HIM TO BE PREACHING–TO THE FULANI NORTH

    May allah sabhana watallah have mercy on us. Ameen ya rabb al alameen – Mallam Abubkar Biu.

  • sagereal

    It is a shame that people like oradafiya n burning spares see no wrong in this Ekitigate, but if it where APC member am sure ur Dumbo will not say it’s all fabrication. This is a serious crime here but you are busy pouring insults on the messenger what about the message, the issues raised is about our democracy that politicians wants to mess up because of greed and selfishness. May God deliver us from people like you that only think of themselves only.

  • Vladimir Otobo

    Wole should keep quiet and enjoy his old age in peace. I know he was already an adult when the first fraud case and high class corruption in millions took place during OBJ’s first tenure in the 1976-1979 i.e., The infamous ‘ ITT fraud’ which Fela referred to in his songs and in an interview he granted a BBC reporters which is accessible on youtube.

    These are some of the reason Wole should keep mute.

    1. But Wole demanded no investigations into ITT fraud then, and even many years after. Why? We know one of the two principal actors in that pioneering classic fraud is still alive busy exuding violence here and there …tearing party cards in public with no regard our laws on proper waste paper disposal.

    2. Musa who was vegetative was alleged to have signed the 2011 budget and we all know it is a lie. That budget was signed by the core of those ex PDP evil men who are now in apc…Did Wole ask for investigation? Isn’t that criminal, isn’t that treason.

    3. Farouk & Otedola Fraud subsidy scam and Dollar sharing is on tape too just like this useless allegation of rigging tape or whatever. Is Wole unaware that Farouk still earns 1.7m Dollars pa?

    4. Adams Oshiomhole & Judas Amaech both came to power as Governors when the courts overturned INEC verdict at the pools. Wole
    did not write any letter to OBJ when PDP snatched power through rigging in Edo & Rivers. These two states relied heavily on video recordings too. So, if OBJ was not pressured to act then, why pressure Prof Jonathan to act now? Why not allow the courts do their job? Keep FGN and/or Prof Jonathan out of this. Ok? ….Wole shud therefore allow the aggrieved party to seek justice at the courts which have always enjoyed their freedom under our beloved messiah President Jonathan.

    • SAM .A

      Since Jona has domesticated corruption, every evil is right, your culture has completely been submerged under the deluge of moral bankruptcy. You wake up your father by kicking him with your legs,why should you respect somebody’ s father ? Prof is probably older than your father, if you tell your father to keep quiet, please do not come here to advertise the moral decadence of your family. Omo iran kiran.
      The training your parent refused to train you, we shall do it on the blog here.
      Respect your mother & father so that you will live long , that is one of the 10 commandments in Exodus 20.

  • tsunami1earthquake

    Why is it that any time a Nigerian wants something investigated in government he/she makes recourse to the international community? Does it mean many Nigerians don’t understand the meaning of sovereignty of states? It’s even more surprising that a person in Prof Soyinka’s position would join such Nigerians in calling upon the international community to probe a municipal event? And you think the international community would just fly into Nigeria and begin to probe such? Gosh! It’s time many Nigerians were schooled on machinery of government and its organs in a nation. Any perceived infraction is within the competence of relevant national agencies ONLY, to investigate and NOT the international community or any help from the international community. We must begin to learn to respect the sovereignty of Nigeria.

  • amazing2012

    …..after Jonathan !