Why investigation into Ekiti-rigging tape is stalemated – Jonathan

Former President, Goodluck Jonathan

The inability of Sagir Koli, the army Captain who leaked the Ekiti-rigging audiotape, to come forward and authenticate the tape, is the reason investigation into the matter cannot proceed, President Goodluck Jonathan has said.

Mr. Jonathan told Thisday newspaper that he inquired from the head of the Department of State Security, DSS, if the agency was investigating the matter, but was told that investigation could not proceed because Mr. Koli, who went underground after he was tipped off about the order from the army hierarchy to arrest him, has not come forward to validate the audio recording.

After Mr. Koli escaped, his 15-year-old brother, Ahmadu Koli, a pupil of Army Children School, who was staying with him, was arrested, tortured at a military facility in Ibadan Oyo, and detained for about five months.

“In fact, when this story came up, I asked the DG Department of State Security Service if they had investigated the matter, and he told me that they had some investigations, and then called for the person who claimed he recorded it and that he disappeared and nobody can reach him,” Mr. Jonathan said.

“There was no formal petition before them, but because of the general interest, they wanted to have him interviewed to know where this was coming from. If someone comes up with a spurious allegation that has no substance and the person disappears, of course, what do you want me to do? Definitely, anytime we get him, he’ll have to substantiate his allegations. There is a lot of false stories being circulated and it is very sad,” he added.

The President did not explain why Mr. Koli needed to validate the recording before investigations could be launched into the scandal.

He also did not say whether security agencies must always wait for petitions before investigating weighty issues such as the Ekiti rigging scandal.

Mr. Jonathan admitted that he has not even listened to the tape. He however tried to save face by saying he originally dismissed it as a fabrication, despite admissions from key actors the meeting actually held, because the person who recorded it did so to achieve a particular purpose and could have manipulated the discussion.

“I have not watched the video (it is an audio recording, not video). I said that it was a fabrication because, you see, people now, especially with the social media; we could be here and discuss issues and somebody will hack some of our voices and create a story that never happened,” he said.

“Therefore I am not saying that a meeting in question was held or not held, but the issue of conspiring to rig, I said it was a fabrication,” he said.


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  • amazing2012

    Jonathan is a curse !

    • DD

      He is a curse to Nigeria and the earlier we remove him, the better for us and our unborn generation..

  • endingNaija

    President Jonathan, there is a basic conceptual and practical distinction between the message and messenger. This is too trite to even raise. It is trite and ORDINARY to say the truth of a message is INDEPENDENT OF THE MESSENGER. We teach this simple claim to our primary school and high school students. So I beleiev that you should be able to understand this President Jonathan. President Jonathan let me give you a simple analogy. Suppose that you were told by X that somebody stole your Oil money. Immediately X told you, X disappeared for whatever reason-which is immaterial to the fact that your Oil money has been stolen. First question, : President Jonathan do you need X to investigate WHETHER your Oil money has been stolen? Second question: President Jonathan do you need X to investigate WHO stole your oil money? Third question: President Jonathan, isnt it common-sensical and human that the first thing you will do is to go to WHERE you kept your Oil money, and QUESTION THOSE YOU have mandated to KEEP your Oil money ? President Jonathan if all these questions make sense, then your initial and first dismissal of the Ekiti audio tape and your failure to investigate shows your complicity and guilt in using Nigerian Military to rig in Ekiti. By that you President Jonathan had used the Nigerian Military to commit TREASON in the rigging in Ekiti state. You have committed treason President Jonathan. My appeal here is to reason and fact. President Jonathan if you want to challenge the claim here, you must similarly appeal to reason and fact-that is the only universal language we understand. And the usual hired online defenders of President Jonathan must do the same i.e. appeal to reason and fact and not some silly primordial , ethnic sentiments in challenging the claim here.

    • polo

      i like that its a good one ,I hope d message get to mr president

    • jimmy105

      You’ re super good ! Unfortunately, Gej is not articulate enough to understand this simple and direct example. He’s day dreaming everyday of becoming a president in Otuoke. To be frank, its not feasible for him to win in all indication. He cant get 25% in all the 19 northern states or even in 10 southern states. Roll the dice in all direction, he is toast !

    • Charlotte

      Well said. Where is this man’s humanity for crying out loud. They totured a child. He’s a real hot mess!

    • Kitunde

      Your analogy may be deemed cryptic to them yonder-Perhaps, the analogy of ‘Yams and Goat’ may be easier for them to digest?

  • babakekere

    Jonathan is a pathological liar, devil’s incarnate.

  • adnoy

    What a president!

  • Mustapha

    That’s an after thought Mr. President.

  • Sam

    If you want to be mentally dull, there is a PhD holder in Aso Rock who can teach you the tricks

    • Okikiola Beckley

      This is an insult to mentally dull people.

      • True Nigerian

        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Hilarious, really hilarious!

      • progress

        Hahahaha, very funny but true!

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Jonathan, the audio tape crap is a non-issue. Instead, ask the APC criminals to explain semi-literate, dirty-looking (IN)Justice Ayo Salami’s extensive interaction with chieftains of defunct AC/ACN and the party’s lawyers – in the periods leading up to, during the pendency of, and immediately following, the Ekiti and Osun State Gubernatorial Appeal matters in Oct/Nov 2010. ACN procured those judgements from that erstwhile Sharia Court Judge Ayo Salami.

    • Sani

      For the records, ACN or AC has no locus standi now because of their merger in APC.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        Precisely why I ask APC to explain.

        • Charlie Sheen

          and of what correlation is this to the story?

          • Kitunde

            Thank you…..

          • Funso Ogunsanya

            He knows what he his doing. Just ignore him. Diversionary tactics. I know the character behind this, he is not yoruba as his name suggest. He is an impostor.

    • SAM .A

      What is the relevance of this to the above topic ,it seems you have a reversed brain, front portion @ the back,back in the front in your cranium. You need help . ( omo-ale)

    • Funso

      Ọmọ àlè.

    • progress

      Omobastarrd ni e se.

  • Eniriches

    I will blame Ex- President Obasanjo for fostering a complete buffoon on us, as President and Commander in Chief. A thieving, unintelligent, untrustworthy, rapacious, ethnic and religious bigot as President, is the correct mix for Nigeria to implode. This President is full of hate and venom. Anyway, we shall meet at Philliphi.

    • Lanre

      You are the only one that has made any sensible comment. Did Jonathan come from Mars? What kind of a human being is Obasanjo? Shagari, Yar’adua, Jonathan. Ask deep questions. I never voted for Jonathan but now I am supporting him. Nigeria in its current form has to be destroyed to be recreated and remade. We need a rebirth. Jonathan is the only sure bet to that route.

  • Emancipation


  • Akanji92

    But he said the audio is fake, so now stalemate is not fake. He navigates between denial and acceptance on virtually everything. Let us just assist this man to pack out of Aso Rock, latest 28th of May, 2015..Let us vote him out two months earlier on the 28th of March, 2015. This man can not be a successful principal of a sedary school

  • Enemona

    How can a president fib so often and so badly on every issue, lies are bad and we tell our children not to ever tell lies, no matter the situation. What does the president tell his kids?

    The same man that concluded the video was fabricated is now telling the whole world that

    “In fact, when this story came up, I asked the DG Department of State Security Service if they had investigated the matter, and he told me that they had some investigations, and then called for the person who claimed he recorded it and that he disappeared and nobody can reach him”

    The DG told him it was stalemated (that’s another story) yet he told WS Journal that the video was fabricated. Fibbing at this level is nothing but a disgrace. I can almost write a full compendium of GEJ’s lies.

    • absam777

      “I can almost write a full compendium of GEJ’s lies.” My brother please write for us and posterity. This guy is a real marine demagogue.

  • tundemash

    But who keeps toping this guy’s ogogoro glass cup and makes him speak stup1d all the time?
    No wonder SSS, Army, Zwingina, Fayose, Obanikoro, Niger Delta terrorirts and Edwin Clark wants him to continue in power; he has no clue about anything and so feeble minded!
    So if Captain Koli were dead, does it mean the case has collapsed? Did Sahara Reporters not get Koli to speak on skype?

    Initially this Dumbo told us the audio tape is fabricated now the issue is that it is a stalemate! What a dunce !

  • True Nigerian

    Mr President is embarrassed that an incontrovertible proof of a horrendous crime which he stoopidly and dishonestly dismissed as “fabrications” has now been admitted as “reality”, even by the admissions of the criminals he sought to defend with his disgusting lie and arrogant denial.

    To those of us who worked night and day to earn a PhD under intense scrutiny, you are an utter disgrace to the community of true scholars. Zoology is a respected scientific discipline for those who truly studied it. But here, the holder of a PhD in the scientific subject of zoology does not even have enough intellectual honesty or discipline to show respect for the scientific rigours involved in forensic authentication of a tape recording.

    You can’t even tell intelligent lies or make cogent or reasonable excuses. Sagir Koli does not need to appear in order to authenticate a piece of scientific evidence that has been proved as authentic by world-class experts in the field.

    Mr shameless President, kindly advise yourself that Sagir Koli does not need to appear in a country in which his kid brother (a 15 year old child) was criminally and almost fatally tortured in order to cover the crimes that were committed in the name and by the fiat of your presidential office. If you have not done as little as firing or arresting the criminal generals who were criminal enough to torture a 15-year old, you have no right to wish for the presence of Sagir Koli. Mr President, you are not worthy of Captain Koli’s presence. Your mind, tongue and conscience are too sullied to have Mr Koli before you. Your courts are too corrupt to have Captain Koli before them.

    Do you also need Captain Koli’s appearance and testimony in order to authenticate the glaring fact that his younger brother was almost tortured to death by your cowardly generals who are leading a war against democracy and civilians in the same country where rag-tag terrorists have defied the existence of government for 5 years?

    Jonathan, you are a disgrace for my country. A disgrace to me as a citizen of this beautiful country. You are a sore on the conscience of this country. You are a disgrace to the PhD community. Even among corrupt and criminal presidents, you, Jonathan, are in a criminal league of your own, as you have managed to distinguish yourself as a special case that is bad enough to make other woeful leaders ashamed of you.

    • Mosaku 147

      You are a True Nigerian indeed. May God bless you.for those of us who don’t have PhDs,most could,would,talk and act better then this orangutan Jona.

    • Shina Kayode

      The only thing that will stop the embarrassment is to vote him out on 28th of March. Then those conspirators would face justice, anything short of this is lamentation.

    • Kitunde

      @True Nigerian, welcome back-Thank you for your assessment of this sorry mess we are in, if it wasn’t so tragic we should be laughing out so loudly at this gaffe prone President.

    • Lanre

      Please crave my indulgence, True Nigerian. I keep asking myself what the generational experience of many commentators is on this forum. It is for a reason, I ask. Jonathan is a symptom of a deeper malaise. Personally, I believe he is the best thing to happen to Nigeria. He has revealed the deepest rot that exists in the minds of Nigeria’s leaders. Show me your friends they say. Obasanjo knew who Jonathan was before he started dancing around asking Nigerians to support him. I have been studying Nigerian Leadership now for close to 35 years and I can tell you nothing is going to change. Unless and until we restructure Nigeria into its constituent ethnic Nation-States. WHY CAN’T YORUBAS AND EKITI PEOPLE BE ALLOWED TO DEAL WITH OMISORE, FAYOSE, OBANIKORO AND THE OTHERS? WHY??!! Jonathan is not your problem. Nigeria is.

    • dudu

      May your pen never dry

  • tundemash

    But who keeps toping this guy’s ogogoro glass cup and makes him speak stup1d all the time?
    No wonder SSS, Army, Zwingina, Fayose, Obanikoro, Niger Delta terrorirts and Edwin Clark wants him to continue in power; he has no clue about anything and so feeble minded!
    So if Captain Koli were dead, does it mean the case has collapsed? Did Sahara Reporters not get Koli to speak on skype?

    Initially this Dumbo told us the audio tape is fabricated now the issue is that it is a stalemate! What a dunce ! he can keep running from pillar to post, from church to church and from one Yoruba Oba to the other, nothing would save him from elelction defeat or ending up at ICC.

    March 28th can’t come sooner and Nigeria is rid of this smelly Otuoke Cl0wn !

  • Jerry Marok

    I keep wondering if this president has advisers at all. Or how does one describe a situation were the president keeps talking like a primary 3 child who retracts earlier comments because his mother threatens to withdraw his pocket money. How could a president within 5 days say the tape was fabricated and then next thing, he says investigation was stalled because the whistle blower cannot be found. How then did he come about saying the tape was a fabrication even when no investigation had taken place. Gosh. Mr lying President, you keep insulting Nigerians at every turn of events. Can’t you be trusted for once?

    • Mosaku 147

      Kindergarten president! That’s what he is.

  • As e be……

    Sincerely, I keep wondering if the kind of people President Jonathan has surrendered himself with. Each comment this man makes is laughable, put him on the spot with hand holding him, he will start yabbing. This guy cannot even run a local government area. Only God knows why he is our president.

  • Mr Jonathan you are disgusting!

    • Mosaku 147

      Disgusting and irritating.

  • Majek tunde

    Mr. Jonathan,you are a shame to this nation.A high school kid would have done better.Haba mr. President.

  • Preco01

    This is same as this: see the attached.

  • yemi

    i am so ashamed of this man, highly disgusting

  • Majek tunde

    You expect the whistle blower to come out oga presidio.whistle blower come out? We don enter “one chance” with jonah

  • Frendy

    I swear this guy doesn’t deserve to be our president.

  • simonibekwe

    It is either Mr Jonathan is a con man, dishonest in all his ways or a complete mad man.

    • progress

      He is a con man and mad at the same time.

    • kday

      He is both,

    • Shahokaya

      All of the above

  • SAM .A

    Mr President has once again advertised his cluelessness . You did not ask why Army arrested a Child , Adamu & tortured him for 5 months under your administration?All your errand boys has already confessed about the Meeting. Tell your DSS to use Interpol to interview him or use your computer through video . This Recording is all over the world painting Nigeria bad while exalting Captain Sagir Koli as a whistle blower.

  • Faruk Al-amin

    Lol, the guy just screwed up again,Mr president just keeps lying all the time, i wonder if he has any advisers at all

  • Amir

    Presidential Disaster Party. PDP where alcohol rules.

  • MushinSpeaks

    This man is high on ogogoro…condoning impunity and lawlessness? Is this the man that wants to rule us for another four years? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Enough psl! change!

  • Advocate

    so sergeant koli is missing, why not invite and investigate obanikoro, omisore, adesiyan, general momoh and fayose to validate the tape? All (including ffk) havel said tape is authentic so what is the stalemate here? you don’t need sergeant koli again mr president.

    • Bidemi Lukman

      Please dont debase the whitsle blower, the guy is a captain not sergeant

      • Advocate


  • Maria

    This man is a bare-faced liar. He told the Newyork times that the story is a fabricated story and hence he would not bother to investigate it…Nigerians now know that they have a criminal running their lives. We have never had it this bad… Abacha now looks like a Pope compared with this man.

    • djay

      Gej not only disgust me but also irritating. He is only fooling himself as Nigerians are much aware of the Badluck called Gej.

  • absam777

    Dunce, Yes, I call Jonathan a dunce, with no apology.. Each time he opens his mouth he never think before making a comment. Why are you an executive president if you cannot order an investigation into a a very serious case . Even a pretense will do. But rather than do so he asked the DSS if they have investigated. the matter. GEJ is unfit to be a president of Otueko, his village.

  • Maitama Tambari

    No Mr. President. If Nigeria Rules of Law is working the Captain would have come out. It is not working and he will be victim of the system. In advanced democracy where rules of law is synonymous with faith, John Dean, Legal Adviser of late President Richard Nixon behaving like Femi Fani Kayode during Presidential Election in USA, engaged Cubans to break into Democrats Campaign Headquarters. The Cubans were caught. John Dean, Chief of Staff and President Nixon discussed how to source $1 million to buy their silence. John Dean found out after the Congress stepped in with Special Prosecutor to investigate the break in at the Campaign Headquarters, that he would be the victim of the system, he told Professor Cox the presence of a tape recorder in the Oval Office where the discussion took place. This is how the rules of law work, the Congress without waisting time, instituted an Independent Special Prosecutor to Investigate the break in. The tape in the Oval Office forced President Richard Nixon to resign, after negotiation with his Vice President Gerald Ford, who was to become President to pardon him to avoid going to prison. This was rules of law in action, corrupt President, though won the election, but failed to enjoy his labor. National Assembly would have constituted an Independent Special Investigative Prosecutor to investigate the issue around the tape with the power to prosecute any culprit regardless of his position. It would never happen in Nigeria and the Government would never see the Captain until after the CHANGE,GOD WILLING. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Amir

    Presidential Disaster Party PDP where alcohol is work in progress.

  • Jack


  • djay

    The koro,fayose,omisore and co have all admitted to partake in the plot, an american security company authenticated the audio so what does he need Koli for? Gej is a shameless liar and the Face of Corruption in Nigeria. He must leave May 29th peacefully or forcefully.

    • progress

      They want to charm him with voodoo, bribe him with billions and promise of promotion to deny or renege on the authenticity, if all this fails they will make him disappear.

  • Bidemi Lukman

    Tecnology needs to develop a mic to detect if the interviewer or the interviewee is high on weed or ogogoro. if we have this tecnology, we would be spared of reading trash on dailies

  • Wähala

    Dumbo is a mentally retarded psychopath who cannot think in isolation. He speaks only pidgin English that’s why he finds it difficult to express himself when isolated before prying journalists, ends up confusing himself with mulitple lies. Imagine saying an investigation is stalled because a whistle blower went undercover, what about the men about whom the whistle was blown who have all authenticated the tape? The annoying thing is the security agencies under this man have all been infected with, “otuoke lie virus” (OLV). DG claiming the disappearance of Koli means end of discussion must be the effects of that dog brains he eats replacing his brains. DSS electrocuted Charles Ohak’s balls until he became too frail to face trial, tortured a pregnant woman until she started bleeding, tortured a minor until he developed ulcer… yet, they want Capt. Koli to come and authenticate taped voices in person, how elementary their thinking. The job of any decent security outfit is to authenticate such tapes, somebody should tell the DG of DSS that the man who authenticated the tape in New York is an ex-FBI officer. JoDumbo and everyone in his Govt are clowns and mega disgrace to their respective jobs… tufiakwa!

    • progress

      Bruv I tire o, let this man just quit and go quietly before it becomes too late, it is obvious that Fayose is going coocoo because of this revelations.

    • Chris1408

      The man is a total disgrace, animals are even laughing at us now. The security agencies are like little children, they lack professionalism. They are even worse than dumbo GEJ

  • Wale Adegoke

    I rather have Jonathan as President of Nigeria that Buhari who orchestrated the 2011 post election violence in Northern Nigeria. His fanatical and intolerant supporters forced NYSC members to thumb print ballot papers for Buhari. On Sunday morning even before the collation of results his people started burning churches in Katsina and the core northern states became the killing field. When Lie-lie Mohammed, as Baba Adesanya used to described him was confronted with incontrovertible evidence that Buhari masterminded 2011 violence. The liar Mohammed replied that the ample video evidence was manipulated. This so called Ekiti Video is clearly manipulated that is why it took months them to produce.

    • Wähala

      First, go learn how to write in simple English so readers will not spend half their time correcting your numerous errors. Second, learn to stay thematic and current, we’re talking about 2015 elections in Ekiti and not presidential elections of 2011. Finally, quit smoking whatever is frying your brains before you finally run mad which would mean one less clown for us to bother with around here. Oh! And learn to use your Aborigine name next time you post bcos Yorubas are educated people who do not reason nor write like you… Now, get lost!

      • progress

        Thanks for dealing with that nuisance.

      • Omo Olokoaroti

        The guy is a product of a burst condum! Omo ale haun haun ni Wale Adegoke. What do you expect from a bastard not different from Okugbe?

    • Layo

      Will you shut up. You crack empty head.

    • zacchaeus Akinleye

      If you’re answering your father’s name, you must be a black sheep in that setting for your absense of uprightness.

  • Olutola

    This joke of a president. Is that all Mr Jonathan will say? If we have the right senate and reps he should be receiving impeachment notice by now for his criminal activities in the alleged election rigging.

  • Layo

    This man keeps flaunting his foolishness. What if Koli was dead? In developed world, cold cases are unravelled even after 30 years, are you saying DSS lacks common sense and professionalism to carry out forensic nor voice investigation. Why are we so backward in this part of the world, is this man really a PHD holder? Can somebody pease tell him to watch a bit of crime and investigation channel on dstv. What an embarrassment.

    • Chris1408

      The president is utterly Mumu

  • Eze1

    “I have not watched the video. I said that it was a fabrication because, you see, people now, especially with the social media; we could be here and discuss issues and somebody will hack some of our voices and create a story that never happened,” he said. What do you expect him to say when he was also implicated in the audio. Koro said that he was not here for a tea party but was sent by the president. So, don’t be surprised GEJ will never investigate himself.

    • Arabakpura

      Proper Moron!

  • progress

    Where is that numskull Marilyn Orgar? Is she now deaf and dumb? Mumu bunch of morons.

  • ayobama

    This man should just stop explaining or clarifying anything! We always understand Mr. President the first time and all these makeovers are unneccessary.

  • kday

    This guy is the most deceptive leader of all time. Wao! First he claimed the taped was not real, now he wants captain koli to come authenticate the tape before investigtion? How did we get it so wrong? Every sane Nigerians should be ashamed of this guy politics apart.

  • sammyctu ode

    jonathan has once again demonstrated his folly, lack of commitment to corruption and Nigeria, his very corrupt tendencies and speaking from his foot without thinking. jonathan is a total misfit to be president of Nigeria and Nigeria’s worst president. A man who can not publish the full documents of NNPC forensic audit because his government and nnpc were indicted, then how come do we expect a corrupt president to investigate Ekitigate? This is a president who surrounded himself with thieves, armed robbers, drug barons, ex-convicts, killers, unintelligent advisers, money launderes and most evil men and women. Nigerians, don’t expect any good from jonathan but this Ekitigate will not die down because by the time GMB takes over, we shall investigate it and bring justice for the Nigerian people especially the people of Ekiti.

  • KG

    Dumbo Jumbo in action. It scary and unbelievable at how daft this man is, he is certainly beyond redemption.

  • Truthometer

    What a very dumb, Dumbo?

  • Chris1408

    The president response is scary and unintelligent. No wonder this country is sinking. Anyway, how can a thief investigate the same crime he masterminded

  • omo oba

    Abeg oo! How do you hack into somebody’s voice. Oga Jonathan don come again oooo.

  • Dan Arewa

    Mr. Jonathan, you are a f..l, a real one for that matter. So and DSS expects Sagir Koli to commit suicide by coming forward to authenticate the tape.

  • Gbenga Roberts

    P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C! This is the quality of leadership we have. Someone who could be murdered in order to suppress evidence has to come forward physically before you can investigate his allegations. Says so much for how our nation is being ruled

  • Hakeem

    We call on the civil society to press hard on the Federal government to investigate the Ekiti rigging tape.

    Let there be organized rallies across the country.

  • Nelson David

    The man should come out straight and defend his allegation about the election so that we Nigerians will have no doubt about it.

    • Murtala Aliyu

      whisle blowers always goes into hiding it is not something new. Snorden and Assange are still furgitives. If Sagir shows his face today he will be killed within 24hr.

  • Ndubuisi Chinedu

    Why is he running if he knows that he is doing something good for the country. No matter how hard it is, we should always stand for the truth.

    • Arabakpura

      Are you Nigerian or Chinese?

      • Nurse Lucy


      • Niyi Akinlabu

        You shouldn’t join issues with Ndubuisi. He’s smoking poo.

    • Olu Ade

      Only a dumb runs into a trap! Have you ever heard of Edward Snowden, the whistle blower who leaked American classified secret documents. With all the guarantee of fundamental human rights in America, Snowden is on the run to Russia not to talk of Nigeria. If Captain Koli is as dumb as people like you want him to be, he would have been killed secretly by now.

  • ILoveNaija!

    Anyone who can vote for GEJ after reading his comments in this article clearly is insane and/or does not love Nigeria. Fir example, GEJ said:

    ““There was no formal petition before them, but because of the general
    interest, they wanted to have him interviewed to know where this was
    coming from. If someone comes up with a spurious allegation that has no
    substance and the person disappears, of course, what do you want me to
    do? Definitely, anytime we get him, he’ll have to substantiate his
    allegations. There is a lot of false stories being circulated and it is
    very sad,” he added.”

    • Arabakpura

      Are you just knowing that Jonathan is daft?

  • Divine West

    When they needed him to come and defend what he said, he ran and no where to be found. Imagine the extend people will go just to make money and put their life in danger.

  • Fula

    he has not listened to it but has already passed judgment… From the treatment meted out to his younger brother, do you expect him to just walk in to DG SSS office with a petition in hand? those who know how to monitor activities of opposition parties online can suddenly not authenticate the veracity of an online video except the principal actor shows up…. very smart by half

    • opeyemi

      i cant believe our president said he hasnt listened to the tape before saying it was forged, anyways am not surprised, what do you expect from someone as clueless as jonathan with the likes of Fani kayode in his team. Mr president man words are their bond, Nigerians will appreciatew you thinkinh deeply before you utter any other disgraceful statement to yourself and your Nation. #SaiBuhari

  • Majek tunde

    @ndubusi chinedu .You will die unsung. U will be buried in an unmarked grave

  • Majek tunde

    if only because of Sagir koli, the whistle blower, there will be change.Something must bring this drift to an abrupt stop.We cannot have a nation like this.

  • Ha

    “BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE” — Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

  • Arabakpura

    If not that he is leaving by May 2015, we would have requested the president to undergo a brain and mind surgery to change his reasoning.
    We are like an undergraduate class being taught by a primary school pupil.

  • David Adeniran

    This is really a clownish talk.

    • Hassan Lawal

      Please,just listen to him,he’s such a dumb president,the further he talks,the more he exposes his dumbness.What a president!!! If this one should return as our president,we are in trouble o!

  • boliatepa

    “you see, people now, especially with the social media; we could be here
    and discuss issues and somebody will hack some of our voices and create a
    story that never happened,” What the heck does that mean? Hack your voice on Facebook? LMAO, LOL, LROF. Help me with more acronyms, people!

    • Niyi Akinlabu


    • Desmond

      Lol, some mumu still dey Nigeria, not everybody who went to school have reasoning faculty, you see most of them have confirmed there where at the meeting, when the tape was recorded secretly on their behalf, what fact do you still want from the captain, he should wait for his head to be hang? Lol

  • Trap where?? tape wey dem don forge, jonzing APC

  • All of you should keep talking, your negativity has no effect on the outcome of the polls. thank you very much

  • chinwe davis

    Technology,a lot can be done with it, that tape might be fake sef.

    • Strong System

      I hope you know that no two persons have the same voice in this world?….. Voice authentication can be used in the verification of the tape

  • Ajayi Ifayemi

    I have always had some doubt about this president. I had felt that he may be a good man but the people around him are criminals. With this, I have no double in my mind that President himself is neck deep in the corruption going on. Can any sane person believe what he just said here? Well, I know some Nigerians will still find a way of supporting this obviously self serving statement about the investigation. Is there a way to bypass government and get a special investigator to do this job?

  • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

    Haters can say all the rubbish they want#GEJ till 2019

  • Ogom

    “If someone comes up with a spurious allegation that has no substance and the person disappears, of course, what do you want me to do?”

    – President Goodluck Jonathan.

    In other words, the whistleblower is disbelieved before he even has a chance to make a formal statement, but should still present himself to the same people that tortured his younger brother to within an inch of his life?

    This must be some kind of advanced PHD thinking.. Or early onset of dementia?

    • Desmond

      When people involved have admitted to the crime and you still call that force allegation Lol pdp

  • uko bassey

    If he knows his allegations were true why didnt he wait…rubbish! APC and their tools.

    • Stomach Infrastructure

      You know why? Listen to Jonathan: “Definitely, anytime we get him, he’ll have to substantiate his allegations”. “Anytime we get him”, are the key words here. That is the reason Sagir Koli ran for his dear life. Dumbo and his co-election riggers are not looking for the truth, because they were all involved in the grand conspiracy to subvert the wish of the Ekitis.

    • Desmond

      So you want the government of the day to silent him, he has to run for he life, hope you heard what they did to his kids broda? Hiss,I hate when people see fact and turn blind eye to it, all because of tribal sentiment

  • Myson

    One thing APC should unravel before the next election is what PDP did with Youth Corpers’ Uniforms they had on the day of EKiti election. Sagir Koli said PDP have Bunch of Youth corpers’ Uniforms. If they fail, Jonathan may defeat Buhari in his polling station in Daura. Also who authorized Kris Uba to Obtain money directly from Central Bank Umuahia. Sagir Koli said Kris Uba came to Ekiti with Army Escorts from 82 division Enugu with money obtained from Central Bank Umuahia and INEC Thumb printed Ballot papers. The thumb printed ballot papers were moved to polling stations by vehicles with special stickers as confirmed from Fayose from the voice tape. Also Army General Momoh confirmed on the voice tape that over one 150 vehicles has already left with thump printed ballot papers.

  • Enumah

    Sagir Koli is planted by the APC or better still he’s integrity has been bought for some pieces of silver.

    • Stomach Infrastructure

      And how much was Brigadier General AA Momoh paid by Dumbo to subvert the wish of Ekiti people? Shame on you!

  • Nwaobilor

    Koli or whatever his name is should come and stand in defence of the Ekiti tape saga, before raising accusation on PDP.

    • Arabakpura

      Is there anything PDP that is not controversial? From Jonathan to Ekiti elections!

  • Etega

    Na audio tins na… Dem dey talk but we no dey see evidence.

  • nwaeke


  • geraldine jaja

    smelly APC gist

  • ubong ekanem

    APC have nothing to offer us

  • nafisat

    APC: association of political cowards….always looking for rubbish to say.

  • kemi

    APC are just power hunger

  • emmanuel

    APC are full of propaganda

  • Dozie

    How do you know, Mr President, without investigating?Forensic voice analysis will verify the tape. Like the fingerprint and eye colour every person”s voice is unique.

  • YemiO

    If his 15 year old brother was tortured how do we even know if the man has not been killed.