Deadlock as INEC RECs give Jega conditions for poll shift

INEC voter's Reg

Resident electoral commissioners, [RECs], of INEC, whose spirited support for Attahiru Jega, their embattled chairman, has managed to fend off plans to truncate the nation’s electoral calendar through a postponement of the February 14 elections have now tabled two conditions to resolve what now appears to be a logjam in the management of the February polls, PREMIUM TIMES have learnt.

Saturday evening in Abuja, after marathon meetings with political parties and civil society leaders, Mr. Jega huddled with his resident commissioners asking for insight on what to do with a proposal from military and security chiefs who claim they could not provide statutory support for the election process on the presumed grounds that they are commencing a “special operations” on February 14 to wipe out the six-year old insurgency in the north east of the country.

Unimpressed, the resident commissioners dismissed the military and security demands, voting 21 to 16 to give a nod on the elections that most Nigerians appear to be highly enthusiastic about.

A recent political survey by NOI Polls revealed that “majority of residents in all the geo-political zones expressed optimism in voting in the 2015 general elections” adding that the “North-West (89%) and South-East (87%) regions accounted for the largest proportions of Nigerians who expressed optimism for voting in the 2015 general elections when compared to other regions, although a with a minimum 76% (North Central).

The position of the resident commissioners, however, tally with a civil society stance that characterised the military and security claims as a virtual coup against democracy.

The civil society leaders, under the aegis of what they dubbed the Situation Room, called for the resignation of the military chiefs and security heads including the Police “on account of their inability to exercise their constitutional responsibility to secure lives and property at all times including during the elections.”

In the light of the current logjam therefore, the RECs say they are “cautiously open” to support a poll shift on two conditions.

Firstly that Mr. Jega must extract commitment from the Presidency and security agencies that further extension would not be required after six weeks.

“RECs need a guarantee that there will not be further postponement after the six weeks they (the military) are demanding,” our source said.

This view appears directed to advertised claims from partisans close to president Jonathan that they do not want Mr. Jega to manage the election because of his supposed “inflexibility.” Many see the call to postpone the election in the first place as a ploy to buy time until Mr. Jega’s tenure as INEC chair runs out soon.

The second condition tabled by the RECs is that the commission [INEC] be allowed to decide how long the postponement should last.

“The feeling is that outside forces, especially the security agencies, should not be the ones to decide how long to shift the elections. That should be solely decided by INEC,” our source said.

To this end, it was agreed that Mr. Jega should consult with the presidency and security agencies, after which another meeting will hold to give a final stamp on the polls.

“The Chairman will then brief the RECs on the outcome of his consultations,” our said.


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  • harry

    for six years the military were not able to curtail boko haram but suddenly they need six weeks to curtail boko haram and funny enough their attacks on boko haram will start on febuary 14th,how ironic,taking the Nigerian masses for a ride,from all indication,i see the end of democracy in Nigeria with the way things are going

    • Lanre

      harry. I must be frank with you. I underrated Goodluck Jonathan. This is the greatest master stroke ever played. He has confirmed what I discovered in 1993 that Nigeria is an illusion. The stage is set, my friend. I believe strongly that a group of people have decided that we are not returning to the status quo ante of domination by a certain group of people. The events over the next few weeks will be very interesting to watch.

  • Gbofia Lunar

    This Jega don fall my hand die. Extract promise from Jonothing wen never fit fulfill the promises he make since 2011. Na today we know say yansh get center parting??? Smh in anger !

  • Julie

    Please, hope Prof Jega has eaten today, meetings and consultations all day. Right now, I don’t envy him or his job.

    • Wähala

      That should be the least of your worries… remember, Aunty Ngozi was even munching epa while the Reps were handing her the 50-knotty questions? Those clowns have rice & dodo pelu stew fully loaded in coolers. Or, let him starve to death for putting Nigerians thru this high-tension of polity heating. The aboki is a corrupt crook, leave him to sweat it out alone. Oloshi ni… barawo ni Jega!

    • Philomena

      The eating will end this year…my oil money will no longer be available for an electoral chairman/chairwoman of Nigeria. This is sure the last…so he can eat

  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    Who is listening to these inconsequential RECs? They should all be sacked. Nonsense.

    • tundemash

      Omo Ole Orafidiya,
      INEC RECs should be sacked for asking for guarantee that election postponement cannot be forever ? How about your boys’ scout Generals who cannot guarantee the security they are constitutionally require to guarantee. Stomach infrastructure has destroyed of fabric of morality on yuou; may your generations unborn partake of the misery your rogue masters bring upon this country !

  • taewo

    What is wrong with Jega? What is he afraid of?

    • Wähala

      He’s being blackmailed for his crooked past… barawo ni Jega!

  • Forward_Nigeria


    No elections should take place until all these APC REC’s have been sacked from INEC.

    The cleansing of INEC must precede elections.

    • Wähala

      They haven’t decided yet, leave them to release a date before looking for whom to blame.

  • Layo

    This miscreants have turned this country to animal farm. Boko haram that you can not fight in six years, now you want to fight BH in six weeks, hilarious! How can grown men be this daft, so, the security agencies just woke up from their slumber, or they forgot that a date was fixed for election? This is a slap on our intelligence. Grow some ball and let us go to the polls. Some people are afraid. I hope you all don’t end up like Ghadaffi or Mobutu. The whole world is watching.

  • Nduka

    RECs giving INEC Chairman conditions! Oh this our country is indeed a continent Nigeria! Wonders shall never end….

  • Alcindo Satori

    I cannot believe what I’m about to say on this issue, but I support the 21 RECs who insisted that the election must go on. Let every state under serious boko haram assault – Borno, Kano, and Adamawa states – be excluded from the elections. Now that shall surely ensure victory for GEJ/PDP.

  • babakekere

    Should election be postponed that is the end of Nigeria as a country,America predictions about Nigeria had indeed comes true.

  • jimi adeseni

    Oh, what naive RECs they will be in truth if they are being accurately reported here!
    “No further postponement”, when 1999 Constitution authorises postponement?
    No wonder the illiterate Boko Haram militias behead educated Nigerians as sinners.

    • Bayshy


      • Newsbreak


        “At the meeting with us, the INEC Chairman Prof. Attahiru
        Jega, conveyed that he had received a letter from the security services
        advising that he postpones the general elections on the grounds that the
        security agencies were engaged in a renewed battle against insurgency in the
        North-East that would require their full concentration. In the letter the
        Military was demanding a rescheduling of elections by at least
        6 (six)
        weeks in the first instance

        We conveyed to INEC its disappointment with the letter from
        the security agencies pointing out that this amounted to the Military’s
        abdication of its constitutional duties to provide security to citizens and to
        the Commission to enable it conduct elections and appeared contrived to
        truncate the democratic process in Nigeria.

        We call for the resignation of military chiefs and security
        heads including the Police on account of their inability to exercise their
        constitutional responsibility to secure lives and property at all times
        including during the elections.”

  • Investigator


    • tyson

      they were all busy chopping awooooooooooooof oil revenue–animals—-And if u look at the appointment of these REC by jega–the fulanis are more than the ones hired from the South–correct me if I am correct

  • Lord Vader

    Systematically every institution of state has been coerced into behaving in ways that undermines its long term institutional relevance. Beware the dogs of war; once unleashed you cannot recall them. The decision to use the security services to blackmail the country is treason. For the sake of the republic, the decision cannot stand. If junior officers have to rebel against the army to save the army, that will be the outcome. An election postponement is an invitation to a republic wide breakdown of law and order. Beware the whirlwind Dr. Jonathan’s decision is about to unleash. An army that could not for a variety of reasons win a war in 6 years cannot guarantee victory in 6 weeks. Nigerian must not drink from this poisoned cup. Patriotic officers, you have seen Order #1. Stand down and stay in your barracks.

    • tyson

      They refused to do their jobs–In Africa if u are given an assignment—u plan ahead with the aid of an Oyibo—man or woman—-it would not have cost the rogues in INEC anything to request for help from the United Nations—They were busy chopping awooooof oil money–do u know how much it has cost the nation—to produce the PVC———–its all politics–theirs is to up the population figures of the Fulani north—while they work to disfranchise the south

  • kykkyk

    When people joke about their future, their future turn out to be a huge joke.

  • Enemona

    Next step; they will trigger widespread violence that will shake the country with innocent blood and then handover to an allied military head who would cover their mess. This government has too much to hide or to answer so would not go just yet. We already have this script, it is out there. We will not play by it.

  • Lanre

    My heart goes out to all young and gullible Nigerians who held out hope for the illusion called Nigeria. Nigeria has never had leaders. Only those interested in enriching themselves. Let us end this mirage peacefully.

    • jomo

      Na now u know???

  • tyson

    The Said RECs should go bury their janjaweed APC heads in shame—they are pigs—who should not be allowed to show their ugly heads in public again————-if they had done their jobs as expected of them by the masses who hired them—– we would not have gotten ourselves into this mess—-46m Nigerians are not going to be able to vote because of their nonchalant attitude to national issues or assignment——–Its only in Nigeria that we see such shameless people parade themselves after being forced by their Fulani boss–Jega to steal votes for a man who has no certificate———-If they had chased Buhari- and his certificate issue—he would not have disgraced Nigeria b4 the international community—-Aware of our 419 status around globe-Now some yearn to have a president who could not pass his primary school leaving certificate—where do these traitors called RECs also come from? Uganda or togo? Which state of the federation biko–Let us see their tribal marks–for once—kick them all out–now–animals

    • Uzoma John

      I have been following your comments on this platform. You really don’t make any sense. You reason like GEJ who you’ve been trying very hard to defend. You are a disappointment to your family, friends and society at large. Crumb eater. Devil’s advocate.

      • dd

        He makes alot of sense. Maybe you got no sense.

      • VOTEoutGEJ!

        Most Ijaws don’t make sense in their statement. From Clarke through Jonah to Asari and this moron called Tyson, the story is the same.

  • jomo

    Drama….poll shift is a forgone conclusion!!!

  • Thepeople

    You have to admire the recklessness of the Jonathan, PDP, the military, and the security services

    • kingbaabu


  • Abdullahi Abba Bukar

    The word Independent should please be removed from INEC. Recent events goes to show that INEC was never independent under the present administration. The military that was not able to defend the country are now use as an excuse to shift the election that if allowed to hold today will send some people parking.

  • Arogbo

    Jega integrity is on the line, he must go ahead with election. To hell with the bastards who don’t like it.

  • Forward_Nigeria


    2003, 2007 and 2011 elections were all held in the month of April ….. why the rush especially when it it is obvious to all that INEC is not ready for the elections ?

    INEC must remember the Anambra Governorship election experience and what the All Propaganda Congress (APC) is
    capable of doing if they get a hint of administrative lapses on the part of INEC.

    In fact, in the case of Anambra, they nearly succeeded in discrediting the elections based on unexpected minor and unavoidable administrative lapses by INEC.

    INEC must ensure that they give no room to the All Propaganda Congress (APC) to discredit the elections by ensuring that elections hold only when INEC is comprehensively ready.

    GEJ Forever

    p/s: Concerning the Anambra State Governorship Elections ….. have we forgotten the All Propaganda Congress (APC) sponsored demonstrations to INEC Offices …… have we forgotten the All Propaganda Congress (APC) use of local and foreign media to harass INEC.

    Have we forgotten the APC march on the Abuja Office of INEC and that the APC marching crowd included Buhari, Tinubu and all who matter in APC ?

    INEC must not give the All Propaganda Congress (APC) a chance to discredit the elections …… INEC must conduct elections only when it is fully prepared to do so …….. Let the elections hold in April as usual.

  • Gidi

    The whole world is watching Nigeria drama…JEGA has two options:

    1) Go ahead with the election on Feb 14, and let police provide the necessary security as opposed to Army. It is not the job of the army to maintain law and order but police. Let the army do their job fighting in Sambisa Forest…while police maintain law and order.

    2) Postpone the election for only 2 weeks (if need be) as opposed to 6 weeks. Two weeks is enough to perfect INEC logistics and PVC distribution.

    Shifting the election for another 6 weeks will destroy the election tribunal timetable, preventing aggrieved parties the time to present and prove their case in court. We know once election is rigged, the battle shift to court, and the rest becomes fate accompli. Nigeria’s appeal and supreme court will never overturn Presidential election despite strong evidence (see Yaradua vs Buhari). If left for me, i say election should proceed next week. We can have free and fair election despite military nonsensical threat of not guaranteeing security

  • Shahokaya

    If they now decide to end Boko Haram in 6 weeks after refusing to do so in 6 years, it means they were the creators of Boko Haram.

  • Yunusa

    On the day tortoise dress well,it didn’t meet it’s father-in-law!!! pdp i think is too late

  • Adah

    Excuse me,

    I am not a lawyer so i don’t know anything about perjury or whatever they call it.
    All i want to ask is this, “Did Buhari present Nepa bill to INEC? If not, how can
    he be guilty of perjury for somebody to say here that he can go to 14 years’ prison?

  • Lawyer Ikpeama

    The corrupt bastards in PDPig are on their deadly game after seeing that Nigerians have concluded and sealed their fates. The more they play this dirty game, the more they get Nigerians united on the fact that they must not be allowed to escape with their crimes when all these games are over and Gen Buhari ascends the throne on May 29. It is time for Nigerians to move out and force this shameless band of thieves called PDP and their remorseless leader Joba tha thief out of power before they do further damage to the Nigerian state. For niw, INEC should insist on holding the election as planned. PDP us gone, no matter Hiw they try to shift the goalpost in the middle of the game.

    • Dende


    • Bayshy

      No person can be lawfully put on the ballot paper for an election in Nigeria,

      unless the person to be put on the ballot is first shown to qualify to contest.

  • tyson

    JEGA should stop heating up the polity with his attempt to manipulate the thoughts of the Fulani RECs in INEC—he is the one planting those fake ideas- into them via the APC agents—around the Fulani North–What constitutional right do RECs have to challenge the views of the electorates who have been disfranchised by their inept attitude to national assignment–?-Every dog is a boss in Nigeria provided u are able to establish links with the media—u now tell the masses what to do with their votes———-APC says elections should not be postponed abi-? Fine—-Now we have 21 million RECs support APC—–were they hired to be partisan or natural in their jobs–sack all of them now–They assisted Buhari to hide his fake certificate from the eyes of the public—Every Nigerian must be given the right to vote–why should the Fulanis twist the census figures and do same with voters cards also———–what type of country is this? INEC knew how compèlicated this PVC was goping to be–given our african status b4 they launched themselves into it—-aware we were not ripe for it–now look–at the mess we have gotten ourselves into? Spon some animals will come here to advocate for the introduction of electronic voting again with the aid of the almajri fighters in boko haram-

    • Thepeople

      The violation of thought process

    • Reminisce6

      The same warped mentality,couple with lack of good stewardship,corruption and ineptitude that got GEJ and PDP into this pit you currently found yourself.Keep digging your grave,Nigerians are standing-by to perform the funeral right.

    • dd

      Dont mind Jega. If he has performed his duty of effectively distributing the PVC by now we will have PDP and the security to blame. But he is playing to their gallery.


      It seems that all the Metu-sellers and the Metu-sold-lies have failed woefully to induce Nigrians into comitting political suicde; and prof. Jega has finally blocked the streaming current of electoral malpractice from pasage through the channel of Nigeria’s electoral process. Every belated theory in support of the elction postponement is just a smokescreen designed to blindfold Nigerians from the truth. The truth is that the introduction of the card-reader by Jega has further dealt a death blow to electoral infractions. and some time is needed by the infractors to mess up its efficacy. All along. PDP has never bothered about citizen’s disenfrichisement. How come this later-day born-again peoples’ champion it has turned to be this week (the eve week of the polls)? prof Jega should please consult and conjure the spirit of prof Henry Nwosu and conduct this election as scheduled. Then history and currency will award him the gold-medal. finito

  • Wähala

    I don’t quite get… or, is INEC’s confusion infectious?
    If the first condition is met, there should be no need for the 2nd. Hear them…

    • tyson

      If it took Jega 2 years to distribute 30 million PVCs. So how many years would it take him to share the remaining PVCs ? Which are about(34 million) –Aware they are expected to distribute them within the next 6 weeks? –That is Nigeria for u–Answer the question with due consideration to the fact that Buhari failed his Maths sha-

      • Wähala

        You’ve just foolishly shot your uncle in the foot…
        That goes to prove that the postponement is a hoax. Jega told the Council of State he’s more ready today than in 2011, they said, ‘Carry Go!’ Why is your corrupt uncle bribing irrelevant parties to throw sand for our garri? Why is he not accepting Gov. Amaechi’s hand in arm-wrestling? Why put till tomorrow, what can be done today? It is common knowledge that the NA that could not defeat the Boko Haram have no Hail Mary to say that can defeat the ragheads in 6000yrs! Fat Alex Badeh ran away from his ancestral home, if he couldn’t defend his family honor… you’re a pfool to think he will defend you with his fat life. Abegi, biko..
        Go-sitdon! Leave me to enjoy my odeku in peace o’jare!

      • Yusuf

        u have given yourself all the answer just that u are too dumb to see it. if INEC cound not distribute 34million PVCs in 2yrs they can never did the same in 6wks, if your military could not win a war in 6yrs it will definitely not in 6wks. ^The desperation is not going to take u anywhere and do not start what u can not control

  • Guguru

    Dear Jega,

    Your integrity is on the line if you do not go ahead with the elections.

  • dd

    When Buhari tell Boko Haram to bomb more and share more blood he thought he can ride on that to Aso Rock. The same horse he wanted to use is what GEJ is now using to postpone the election.

    • Bishop

      And riding same horse in cameroun and Chad with Modu Sheriff abi? Oh sorry did u say Buhari?

  • UYI111

    Jega should throw in the towel if he have nothing to gain from all this but i know this fulani man like to feel more important than he actuallt is he will rather die doing another fulani man biding fraudulent imbeciles.

  • tyson

    Ahead of the Presidential and National Assembly elections, investigations have uncovered a grand strategy by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to rig the election in favour of General Mohammadu Buhari, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

    According to the findings, the plot to tilt the outcome of the election began almost two years ago when INEC chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega reshuffled top echelon of the Commission. Some key officials of the Commission that he perceived to be a stumbling block to the plot to rig the election were either retired, or transferred.
    Having succeeded in planting his core loyalists in very sensitive strategic positions, the INEC leadership came up with the idea of establishing additional 30,000 polling units, with about 21,000 of the new units in the northern part of Nigeria.

    The plot to use the new polling units to skew the outcome of the 2015 election was abandoned by INEC following public outcry over the lopsided distribution of the additional 300, 000 polling units.
    In a bid to perfect the plot to rig the election, one of the INEC National Officers was reported to have met with select leaders of the Northern Elders Forum, led by Prof Ango Abdullahi, on August 20, 2014 “where strategies and modalities for enthroning a president of northern extraction through vote rigging were discussed and agreed upon.”

    The plot to rig the polls went into full blast during the voters continuous registration exercise when INEC allegedly registered hundreds of thousands of underage children, some of them as young as 10 years old, in two states in the south west and most of the states in the north.
    Not only were underaged children registered, they were also issued with the Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, while millions of eligible voters are yet to receive their cards.
    When Prof Jega was confronted with reports of registration of underage voters, he merely glossed over it and said; “for now, the remedy to underage voting is to arrest such voters when they come to vote. The fact that they have been registered in error does not mean they have a right to vote.”

    • tyson

      The plot to rig the election is already causing internal crisis in INEC as Prof Jega and eleven national commissioners, including some Directors are at daggers-drawn over unresolved issues that threaten disenfranchisement of select geopolitical regions.
      It was gathered that some of the INEC Commissioners from the South are not happy with Jega when the bulk of the PVCs were sent to the North West and North East zones while only about 50 percent of PVCs were sent to voters in the North central and the three zones in the southern part of the country.

      INEC was also said to have adopted different distribution modalities for the core north and other parts of the country.
      The cold war in INEC led to near physical confrontation between one of Jega’s close ally, Dr. Mohammad Wali (Chairman of Tender’s Board) from Sokoto and one of the commissioners from the south.
      It was revealed that a ‘shouting-match’ ensued as the modalities for the distribution by INEC was marshaled out to the agents on the field – instructing that the PVCs should be delivered to the various INEC offices at the Local Government Area headquarters for the registered voters to pick up/collect – with the presentation of a valid identification card.

      The southern commissioner, Nigerian Pilot weekend learnt, discovered that the rules for the distribution for the PVCs were different for the northern geopolitical regions – the rules were relaxed to enable easy distribution of the PVCs to the populace.
      According to an INEC commissioner, the PVCs dispatched to Gombe, Kebbi, Zamfara, Bauchi, Jigawa, Sokoto, Yobe, Kano, Plateau, Nasarawa, Katsina and Kaduna were accompanied by an agent of Dr. Wali.

      The PVCs were not delivered to the INEC officer at the local government headquarters; rather, it was registered at the INEC office at the local government headquarters and then delivered to the local chiefs and local Imams to complete the distribution to the masses. The PVCs were then recorded as having been collected by registered voters.
      This distribution pattern has made it impossible for supporters of one of the leading presidential candidates to collect their cards in the far North.

      INEC is also reported to be denying non-indigenes in APC-controlled states their PVCs because of the perception that they will vote for a particular candidate during the presidential election.
      According to the PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, “This inexcusable misconduct is also being perpetrated in Kano, Edo, Sokoto, Lagos, Kebbi, Nasarawa, Kwara among other APC controlled states where fraudulent INEC officials and the APC are orchestrating hitches to disenfranchise non-indigenes.
      He emphasised that “evidence of this crime abounds in Alimosho and Amuwo-Odofin Local Governments of Lagos states; Nasarawa Local Government and Sabon Gari area of Kano state as well as other strategic places where PVCs belonging to non-indigenes are even burnt to ensure that they did not get to their rightful owners.”

      “We know that the aim is to deny the PDP of its well-deserved victory in APC states since over 90 percent of these non-indigenes are supporters of the PDP and will vote en-mass for President Goodluck Jonathan and other candidates of our great party at the elections. We are aware of a script that has already been prepared to rationalise the eventual non-participation of the non-indigenes by attributing it to voter apathy”, the party said.,

      Balarabe Musa confirms plot to rig polls::
      Worried by recent developments, a political interest organization, Credible Alternative Alliance, CAA, led by former Kaduna state Governor, Abdulkadir Balarabe Musa has alleged that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, is tilting the distribution of Permanent Voters Card to favour areas believed to be strongholds of All Progressives Congress’ candidate, General Muhammed Buhari.
      While speaking on the controversy raging over the coming election, Balarabe Musa said there is no way INEC would be able to distribute the outstanding PVCs within the remaining two weeks.
      “INEC cannot meet up with the issuance of voters cards to all registered voters, even the PVCs is not being realistic because of the past failures.

      For example, INEC is talking about distributing permanent voters cards. Let us assume that sufficient PVCs have been produced by the commission, how come the PVC is still being distributed?
      “We have credible information that in some places in the rural areas, INEC staff takes the PVCs for distribution and because of the disappointments of the past, people refuse to come out for collection of their PVCs. The commission staff then leaves the PVCs to community leaders to distribute. I believe that should not be the responsibility of the village heads to do but that of INEC.
      “Again, how can we realistically expect INEC to make PVCs available to every registered voter within two weeks, something they failed to do in many years?”

      The group presented a statistical analysis of the distribution of PVCs which showed the number of registered voters yet to collect their PVCs in various zones.
      According to CAA, South-East has (3,287, 530) , South West (7,411,205), South-South (3,844,370) , North-East (2,429,763), North West (4,835,556), North Central (3,907,849) and FCT(421,559).
      On the distribution of PVCs, CAA said it has observed “a criminal gross disparity of voter spread designed to tilt the election to a pre-determined outcome”.

      The group insists that all the 68.8 million registered voters must be given unfettered access to freely collect their PVCs and cast their vote as provided for in the constitution, adding that, it would be forced to take INEC to court if that condition was not met.
      “Let us call a spade, a spade.
      There are two main contenders for the Presidency in this election. The analysed data above depicts a worrying trend. Voters in the zones that tend to support President Goodluck Jonathan are massively disenfranchised by the application of the so-called PVCs debacle, 40% to 50% of voters in the these regions who are lawfully and duly registered to vote will be denied their right to vote by INEC.

      “That is nearly half of the support base of the President, simply nullified by administrative failure prior to the election. By comparison, the zones that tend to support Buhari are handed a massive voter advantage, nearly 80% of his support base will be allowed to cast their votes by INEC.

      In an election, which many say will be won or lost by a slim margin, to now disenfranchise 20million voters through a questionable and unlawful rule by INEC is not acceptable by any measure, the organisation said, further stressing that, “CAA condemns it in its entirety.
      This attempt by INEC to undermine our nascent democracy through this criminal enterprise to determine the outcome of this election before the ballot is cas

      • dareolu1

        you are doing the work that men who suffer God’s impending judgements do…you will pay dearly for this man…you are not ‘untouchable’ as you think…you will pay in full.

      • Chinedu

        I quite agree with you on this. There is a systematic plan by INEC in concert with members of the opposition to disenfranchise certain class of people from voting. Why did I say this? On channels tv sunrise today, a guest who happens to be holding a sensitve position of CAN from the north made a stunning revelation on air that he has been to inec’s office on three occassions to collect his PVC but to no avail. On the third attempt at inec office he was told that the PVC’S meant for his locality all got burnt. The channel’s presenter then asked what state in the north and guess what he mentioned sokoto state. This clearly shows that christians who are minority in the core north are being denied of theircright to vote. I think the unfolding of this is a miracle from the lord to expose the evil motives of this cows(fulani’s) who think this country belongs to them. Our good lord iscat work.

    • eddi

      Y didn’t you come out since. You people are hell bent on destroying the country just because of Jonathan s ambition.

    • Musbau Hamzat

      Postponement or Not Postponement – Whenever Election is held. Jonathan will loose gallantly. Go are write down what i write today! Otherwise he should resign and keep his shame at Otukpo. No amount of rigging can save him.

  • taewo

    Before 6 weeks, Jega will be removed and charged for corruption. Another INEC chairman will be appointed (remember Sanusi). A further extension of 6 months will be required for the new chairman to settle in. The public will become disenchanted. An election will be held. Bogus results will be announced. Jonathan will be declared the winner.

    Nigerians, you are being treated like fools though you will claim to be the most educated in Africa. Tell me any other country where things like this happen without the people trooping into the streets.

    The world powers will only come to your aid if you are ready to defend your democracy.

    Your future is in your hands!

  • Yusuf

    You can not get any assurance for goodness, is it Jonathan that can keep his promise or the army that are bullied by the likes of Fayose, Omisore and Obanikoro. If the same army that had states of emergency 3 time for 6months each and could not make any progress are now promising you to finish BH in 6 wks and conduct an election then we should start asking ´who is deceiving who´. Everyone knows that election in those territories will make things worst for the president, why would he be so desperate to conduct an election in those areas. If you really wan to conduct this elections you have to make all the decisions on your own and leave what is not within your powers to the ´pool of history´. Prof Nwosu went on with an election despite a fraudulent court order and despite the military might and intimidations; the election was annulled notwithstanding but the National Elections Commission then succeeded in writing our history in gold, they made it very clear who murdered our democracy then, this is the only option at the disposal of INEC; with this last minute desperation from Jonathan it means the the election may not hold which ever way but it is better if they write history in bold so that we know who to hold accountable for the future of our dearest nation

  • Lord Vader

    Nigerian officers and soldiers, you still have the fire of patriotism in your hearts. Do not follow illegal orders. You will be held accountable in Nigeria or at the Hague if you participate in acts of treason. Refusing to provide security to a legitimate instrument of state is an act of treason. Tell your commanders and the Chief of Defense Staff that you will not follow illegal orders. You will defend the freedom of the peoples of Nigeria. You will not fire on demonstrators. Reject illegal, treasonous orders. Order #1 is clear: return to your barracks and refuse to follow illegal orders.

  • hummm

    If there is any form of postponement, you guys can forget the entire election, simple and period.The REC too will be bribed and they would end up commanding all the power. This desnt smell right ppl

  • Thenjiwe Obong

    this is a ploy by the presidency to perfect its rigging tactics, because he knows he is going to lose the election, and the military are death scared of their general taking over power because of the skeleton in their closet. so sad. but we Nigerians are wise these days, and we are prepared to offer any sacrifice necessary to effect a positive change in our country.

  • Dankasa

    The Army have operation to flush Boko Haram on the very day INEC fixed election, that’s 14 February. We are in a big mess in this country…! So four years are not enough to fight this gimmick called “Boko Haram” just six weeks will be ok for the PDP militery to flush them??? ok, let me tell whoever want to hear that let the election be postponed for as much time as Jonathan like, he will not will election even in Bayelsa and rigging will not be possible this times around with smartphones in the hands of millions of Nigerians and with those ought to rig for Jonahtan are seriously fighting him…! This guy is the biggest joke on earth if he is thinking that way. let me tall you; even if Jega is forced to resign by PDP agents and ADAMU Muazu, PDP chair is appointed INEC Chair, he will never declare Jonahthan winner and lets see. And Jonathan handlers dont know that the more they are plying their theories against popular wish and interest, the more people hate and reject him. Rigging is impossible this year, men. This guy is losing popularity by the day even in his own constituency, but for those who doubt this, May Allah spare our lives to see the new election day.

  • tyson

    Were the 2003, 2007 and 2011 elections not held in April ?,. They said the so-called RECs are re-thinking Nigeria abi? The question is why must INEC be in a hurry to “throw the country into confusion and turmoil by conducting the election this month amidst mirage of complaints of non-availability of Permanent Voter Cards, PVCs.”. So just give me one reason why INEC cannot postpone the elctions?–if not to rig the elections for certificate less Buhari and the Night Soil Men and women in APC ?

    • VOTEoutGEJ!

      Olodo, your failed Ijaw poster child is afraid of being trounced in the forthcoming election. Be sure that he is hanging to Aso Rock on a thread. Where was Jonah was Feb 14th date was fixed? Sleeping slumber as usual!! Nigerians must get rid of this infant in Aso Rock….

      • Original_Raskal

        he will win this elections and you will hug transformer or buhari boys will behead you!

    • Etomi

      You stink……!!!!!!!!!

  • BTT

    Let somebody show me in the constitution the right of the military and security agencies to say they cant support election, talk less of calling for election postponement. This is the result when a country is being ruled by a weakling….Woe unto thou o land when the king is a child.

    • Original_Raskal

      you are just manifesting ignorance. Go read the constitution and see it clearly written that the president has right to postpone the elections up to six weeks. It is in your country’s constitution yet you don’t know because you don’t read….if the president’s security adviser is not happy with security situation because military and police not ready, then the pools must be postponed….

      • OrihinalNigerian

        Can you provide the section of that constitution? If you can’t, then curse unto you.

        • Original_Raskal

          but if it is in the constitution then you and your entire life is cured and you shall die like a chicken! idi0t!