Court fixes Feb. 11 to hear fresh suit seeking President Jonathan’s disqualification

President Goodluck Jonathan at a Presidential rally

An Abuja Federal High Court on Tuesday fixed February 11 for hearing in a fresh suit seeking to disqualify President Goodluck Jonathan from contesting the February 14 presidential election.

The trial judge, Justice Ahmed Mohammed, fixed the date after listening to counsel to the plaintiffs, Yusuf Alli, and Mr. Jonathan’s counsel, Olatunji Salau.

The plaintiffs, Tunde Samuel, Junaidu Mohammed, Rasak Adeogun and Yahaya Ndu, in the originating summons, prayed the court to restrain Mr. Jonathan from contesting in the election.

The plaintiffs contended that Mr. Jonathan is constitutionally ineligible for re-election ‎because to do otherwise was tantamount to allowing him spend more than eight years assigned for anyone to serve as president.

The plaintiffs also urged the court to declare that it was unconstitutional for any person to occupy the office of president for more than a cumulative period of eight years.

According to them, such a scenario can only happen when the country is at war‎.

They noted that in computing the period Mr. Jonathan has already spent in office as president, the period from May 6, 2010 to May 28, 2011 should be reckoned with.

They, therefore, prayed the court to declare that having spent a period of more than four years in office from May 6, 2010, Mr. Jonathan is ineligible to contest for another term.

Two similar cases are pending before the same court, while another is before the Court of Appeal for determination.
In one of the cases, Justice Ahmed Mohammed of an Abuja Federal High Court on Monday had on December 16 adjourned a suit filed by Olatoye Wahab and Adejumo Ajegbe till January 12, 2015.

Justice Mohammed said he would rule on the application on January 12, after he listened to the submissions of both counsel to the plaintiffs and the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke.

The plaintiffs had urged the court to determine whether the ​p​resident was constitutionally eligible to seek re-election, having participated as candidate and emerged winner in two previous presidential elections.

They contended that Mr. Jonathan had in 2007 contested and won presidential election on a joint ticket with late President Umaru Yar’Adua and in 2011, thereby taking oath of office twice.

They argued that Mr. Jonathan would have been sworn-in twice and spent a commutative period of more than eight years as prescribed by the 1999 Constitution as amended.

The plaintiffs also argued that by the combined effect of Section 135(2) (a) and (b) of the Nigerian Constitution, a person sworn-in twice as President is deemed to have been elected to that office twice.

They, therefore, urged the court to determine whether Mr. Jonathan, having been elected and sworn-in twice, would not have exhausted the constitutionally allowed maximum of two terms if allowed to seek re-election.

The Counsel to the plaintiffs, Mahmoud Magaji that December 16, 2014 brought an application seeking to transfer the suit to the Court of Appeal for determination.

The application was opposed by the Attorney-General of the Federation’s counsel, who argued that “the Federal High Court is constitutionally empowered to interpret the constitution and determine the case.”

He said that the case bordered on interpretation of the provisions of the constitution and referring it to the Court of Appeal would amount to the trial court abandoning its responsibility.

Justice Mohammed, therefore, adjourned the case until January 12, 2015 for ruling on the application.

But the judge could not rule because judiciary workers were on strike for most of January and the courts were largely closed.


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  • dd

    APC still looking for all way to stop the winner. They know GEJ will win the election. You can also see that PDP is not ready to go to court to stop Buhari even with Oluwole WAEC he will still be trash. Failbuhari 14

    • paul eneke

      In your dream! am sure you know he can never will this election,NEVER!

      • dd

        How wish you know that the bulk that vote don’t even have a computer. Never use what you see on the tabloid like SR and PM judge. Buhari will definitely be failbuhari 14

        • Peter

          If Buhari is found guilty he will be sentenced and jailed. Trust Nigerian supporters, APC and Buhari supporters on this forum like Wahala, Dr Kay Soyemi and Maria will switch allegiance to GEJ.

          • Leslie

            You’d be surprised that very soon,even your GEJ will start singing “Sei Buhari”.We’re watching.

      • Peter

        You are the one day-dreaming. If the court does not stop Buhari because of his fraudulent certificate claims, he will be disgraced at the polls come FebuHari 14 2015.Nigerians do not want that that of person to be president. Enough of all that boju boju.

    • Shuaibu Bola Victor

      The victory is clear. APC is wasting time. GEJ has the supports of the majority of Nigeria.

    • Wähala

      Why is he running from pole to post trying to defer the elections… why postpone victory?
      Thinking is not for everyone, some people must be banned… you, for sure!

  • helen

    Better disqualify this man please. He is about to put this country in to crisis.

    • Peter

      This shows that some of you on this forum are daft and cannot read the handwriting on the wall. Apart from the incumbency factor, GEJ is an educated man while Buhari is uneducated and no longer modern. People like you should be bannished.

      • Wähala

        With all his incumbency factor, why is he afraid of facing the voters? Why all their gimmicks to scuttle or postpone the elections? What he has is, “contaminated education” as I put it to @Deri Redeem years ago… have you read his Thesis paper or seen his PhD certificate? Don’t worry, he signed the FoI Bill that will soon blow his ass wide open that he committed perjury by swearing under oath as, “Dr.” which he obviously isn’t. Clowns!

  • Shuaibu Bola Victor

    For where. Where are the grounds? Supreme Court has entered series of judgments in favour GEJ’s eligibility to contest election.
    I think APC is mere dancing a macabre dance. Cheer waste of time.

    GEJ till 2019.

    • Wähala

      Precedents exist in Nyako vs Marwa in Lagos State… and also in Kogi State. Why do you think he called the national conference to try and tinker with the Constitution? Rain dey fall and it will pour on every man… get ready!

      • Shuaibu Bola Victor

        You will be bombarded with consequential precedents in a court of law on the appointed day. See Law Reports and inherent case laws.

  • Jumoke

    From the look of things PDP campaigns have crumbled. President Jonathan please #BringBackOur $15million from South Africa before you leave on May 29. I know it is chicken feed to you but it can feed the growing number of Internally Displaced People. Thank you. – from Concerned Mothers Group.

    • Wähala

      They never had a campaign in the first place, it was all mud slinging which each time they tried, earned Buhari more follwers. In the end, even a fowl fights back… a discreet group is now seeking his academic credentials from the university of Pitakwa, he signed the FoI Bill that will be used to nail him. Never start a fight you can’t win @Jumoke, my dear lady!

  • Sholoko


    • Sholoko


      • Sholoko


      • Omooodua

        “Professor Jega of INEC is only trying to shift responsibility by saying people
        opposed to Buhari’s qualification for the polls should go to court. I heard the
        APC saying Buhari has been contesting election for the past 12 years,
        and that nobody said anything about it, so, why now? And my answer,
        in form of question is, if someone has been committing robbery and
        getting away with it, the day he is caught, you are now asking,
        why has he not been caught all this while? Buhari is NOT eligible.
        That is the law.”

        …………….Chief Ayo Adebanjo

        (Afenifere Chieftain)

        (January 25th, 2015)

        • Newsday

          “The (Nigerian presidential) election is expected to be very competitive,
          but the odds still favour President Jonathan. After suffering a wave
          of defections to the APC last year, including five of its governors,
          the PDP seems to have rebounded strongly. In the battleground
          South-west, for instance, the party won recent governorship
          elections in Ekiti State and got the governor of Ondo State
          to defect from the Labour Party to the PDP.

          The All Progressive Congress (APC) is the (opposition) party formed
          in February 2013 from a merger of three ethnically and regionally-based
          political parties. The ruling party – PDP – is especially strong in South-south
          where Jonathan comes from, the South-east and among Christians in the North.

          Again, while the PDP remains weak in the Muslim North, it has gained new, influential
          members who decamped from the APC including the former governors of Kano
          and Borno States. And, of course, the PDP has power of incumbency.”

          …………..Brookings Institute, U.S.A

          January, 2015

  • Ekwekwe

    Illiterate “journalists” reporting illiterate Sharia “lawyers” working for an illiterate Bokohari. The key word in the constitutional provision here quoted is “elected.” Section 137 (1) (a) addresses one of the conditions for which someone cannot run for president: “he has been elected to such office at any two previous elections.” From May 6, 2010 to May 28, 2011, Jonathan was not an “elected” president. All that put aside, the argument is that Jonathan will be president for 9 years and 22 days if he runs and wins the Feb 14, 2015 election and leaves office on May 29 2019. The same constitution does not deny any citizen the right of serving as president for up to 8 years, which is what those seeking to bar him from contesting in 2015 are seeking to achieve – to ensure Jonathan’s presidency ended after 5 years and 22 days. To illustrate, the law allows me to “pay” for my transport from Lagos to Enugu only for two trips. Notwithstanding that someone gave me a lift from Asaba to Enugu on an earlier trip, I am still entitled to pay for my two trips from Lagos to Enugu. This case is like asking a court to stop my second paid trip from Lagos to Enugu. Stopping me from boarding the bus in Lagos is punitive. Moreover, during my second paid trip, I might decide to disembark 2/3 of the way, in Asaba (where I got the lift for my earlier journey) or finish my trip as I am entitled to.

    • Alaigbo

      “Muhamadu Buhari had clearly and unequivocally stated in public that
      he was committed to implementing Sharia law all over the country (Nigeria)
      Buhari’s background as a former member of the military, reared in the
      regimented tradition of giving of orders and unquestioning obedience
      of such orders as well as his antecedent as former Head of the federal
      military government inclines and acclimatizes him to absolutism and
      autocracy with the danger it poses, to the emergence of a constitutional
      dictatorship if elected. We are fully aware that Jonathan’s Administration
      has not seriously addressed the core promises and commitments made
      to Ndigbo during the 2011 election campaign. Inspite of this, it’s in the best
      interest of our people that he be re-elected.”

      …………Igbo Leaders of Thought

      [Statement issued by its Secretary,
      Prof. Elo Amucheazi]

      (30th January, 2015)

      • Invitro

        @ Sholoko:

        This whole thing is so suspicious to the rest of the world that since 1962,
        Buhari has only used affidavits which NEVER explain the WAEC certificate’s
        whereabouts. It is however a disqualifying offence under the law to present
        a false declaration to INEC for an election. It is also a serious criminal offence
        punishable by 14 years’ imprisonment to make a false declaration by affidavit.

        • Des Rees


          • Dale

            Editor Premium Times,

            The decisive issue in Buhari’s case is NOT whether Buhari’s primary school certificate,
            plus his work experience, may be assessed as equivalent to school certificate by INEC.
            That’s NOT the issue at all.

            Rather the issue is: did Buhari disqualify himself by writing on his INEC INTAKE FORM
            that he sat for and obtained a specific certificate called WASC, which he was then obligated
            to attach a copy of in the INEC Form. Buhari did NOT attach a copy but swore an affidavit.

            General Buhari swore on oath that his WASC certificate is with the Army Board.
            But the Army Board has made a public disclosure falsifying Buhari’s claim as lies.
            Falsification by the Army means Buhari presented a forged certificate to INEC.

            For under Section 137 (1) of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, “…a person
            shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if he has presented
            a forged certificate to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

    • Maitama Tambari

      Ekwekwe, abuses will not take you anywhere. Speak of issues if you are capable. Your submission shows you have limited education and intellectual ability to discuss which causes the abuse. CHANGE! YES WE CAN.

  • Sholoko


  • warry

    What corruption is more than reporting falsehood as truth with an intent to deceive the masses GEJ is more intelligent than Buhari. I call on Northern Youths to support GEJ till 2019 when he will hand over to a young intelligent Northerner..Forward Nigeria please.

    • Wähala

      He’s going to the ICC as he himself knows. Sen. John Kerry only came to emphasize Dumbo’s need to leave or get towed out in an ambulance like Abacha… we’ve been there before, remember? Dumbo is behind the BH insurgency and that’s his biggest fear, corruption and impunity are “local matters” but, his crimes against humanity are grave international offense. You won’t get it bcos your mind in undeveloped… The Clown Prince of Otuoke is done, pray for him!

  • Barrister P

    The only way to disqualify Jonathan…

    Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is not above the law; so, he can be dis-qualified.
    But there must be clear legal ground disqualifying him in the Constitution.
    He can’t be dis-qualified just for stepping up to the plate in obedience of law.

    It is the law that commands Jonathan to complete the term of Umaru Yar’Adua.
    So unless clear evidence can be got to show that Jonathan killed Umaru Yar’Adua,
    his simply obeying the law to step up to the plate is NOT a dis-qualifying condition.

    • Wähala

      Fake lawyer,
      The Constitution is clear on that: No man shall occupy the office of the president for a cumulative period longer than 8yrs. If Dumbo wins re-election he will exceed that legal limit, shikena. It is irrelevant whose term he completed, what if UMYA had died on the first day of his 1st term… does Dumbo have a right to serve-out their initial 8yrs, then, run and serve his own 8yrs for a total of 16yrs? It’s common sense, he doesn’t and that’s why he must be disqualified. He started the court and certificate drama, time to really test the laws of our land. Hahaha chei, indeed… when it rais, it pours!

      • King Carlos

        Hmmmmmmnnn.. nice one.

      • Udo George

        Bros,there is nothing like initial 8yrs..You only have 4yrs,then its your constitutional right to contest another 4yrs,ASAP the position of President and Governors.

        • Wähala

          We’ve been there before. Revisit the Appeals Court ruling in Kogi Guber race, the court only allowed then Governor to run because the 1999 Constitution had been Amended. There’s also the precedent of Marwa vs Nyako in Lagos State. Simply put, answer my hypothetical question above and win N1million naira. Is Dumbo technically qualified to be president for 16yrs if UMYA had died on Day-1?

          • Patto

            The answer is, yes! That’s what the law says.

    • Newsbreak


      • “Leaders of both the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
      and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria met at the Redemption
      Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, (RCCG) to pray
      for the nation and pray for the forthcoming election.

      But the meeting turned out to be for a secret endorsement of Jonathan’s
      candidacy. In attendance at the meeting, P.M.NEWS gathered, were Pastor
      Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer, RCCG; Bishop David Oyedepo of the
      Winners Chapel; Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor – CAN President; Rev. Felix Omobude,
      the PFN President; Pastor Paul Adefarasin, PFN Vice President; Pastor Wale
      Adefarasin of the Guiding Light Assembly and other key Christian leaders in
      the nation.

      Pastor Yemi Osinbajo (Vice Presidential candidate of the rival APC party)
      was also at the meeting to seek their blessing to support him and the candidacy
      of General Muhammed Buhari”.

      ………P.M News

      (February 2nd, 2015)

      • Newsbreak


        • Pastor Paul Adefarasin was said to have broken the silence when he asked
        Pastor Adeboye who they should support since his ‘son’, Pastor Osinbajo is vying
        for the vice presidency with Buhari. They wanted Adeboye to say something and
        Osinbajo was watching as he believed that ‘Baba Adeboye’ will certainly ask other
        Pastors to endorse him, but he was disappointed.

        Pastor Adeboye was said to have told them that he is a man under authority and that
        since he is under the authority of CAN and PFN, whoever they endorsed, he would
        support and go with them. It was then that (Pastor) Oyedepo stood up and said he
        had prayed and that God was leading him to endorse and support Jonathan; and,
        that was the script the Christian leaders adopted at the expense of Yemi Osinbajo
        – a Christian Pastor on the APC rival ticket as Vice President.

        Instead of the meeting being for prayer for the nation, it was gathered that it turned
        out to be for secret endorsement of Jonathan as all the leaders present – except
        Pastor Yemi Osinbanjo – agreed that both CAN and PFN should go with Jonathan.

        ………P.M News

        (February 2nd, 2015)

        • I go die O!


        • Wähala

          Jonothing is going to The Hague, forget your fake and diversionary news!

        • Leslie

          Gov. Amaechi was on point.They really collected the billions.Evil lot.

      • Wähala

        Deri Redeem,
        Jonothing is going to The Hague, forget your fake and diversionary news!

    • aso

      “It is inconceivable that allegations as weighty as forgery and perjury
      will be made against the person of a retired General and a former Head
      of State without him deeming it necessary to conclusively debunk such
      allegations but would rather pass the buck to other persons or organisations.
      We consider this as an un-statesmanlike assault on the intelligence of Nigerians
      and it represents the greatest challenge between General Buhari and the office
      he seeks to occupy. The West African Examinations Council recently declared
      that it did not have any records of Buhari’s secondary school certificate,
      just as the military authorities did.”

      ……….Doyin Okupe

      (Senior Special Adviser to President Jonathan)
      February 1st, 2015

  • Uche ogbonna

    This suit is baseless and erroneous considering the fact that the president was not sworn in as president during yar’ aduas tenure, he was an acting president so disqualifying him would actually mean kicking against the rule of law

    • Wähala

      Are you on palmy? It is obvious you can’t afford even cheap drugs. How could he have been sworn-in “during yar’aduas tenure” if Yar’Adua himself was around to man his tenure? He was sworn-in bcos UMYA croaked on the job but that’s not what the Constitution cares about… Nigeria’s Holy Book says no man shall occupy the position of president for a consecutive period of more than 8yrs. If Dumbo wins re-election, he would be occupying the position for 10yrs which is against the Law regardless how he got there. Again, maximum for all occupants is 8yrs or the Constitution has to been Amended to accommodate a new arrangement… thus, his reason for calling the national conference where he tried to sneak-in a new Constitution which Abokis blocked… like your block head!

      • Uche ogbonna

        i don,’t have time for jobless miscreant like you, all you do is sit around and render abuses on individual who have the right as much as you to air their views without making derogatory comments. i wonder how much you where being paid to defend someone who has nothing to offer this nation. As your name goes, carry your wahala and go and hug the nearest transformer, oaf .

        • blueeyedkitten

          try practicing what you preach bro.

  • Gloria Sunday

    jonathan was an acting president after the demise of yar adua so qualifying him from running the election is a stain on democratic rule

    • Wähala

      What are you saying? The point is he has sat on the hot seat for 6yrs doing nothing, if he wins re-election he will be exceeding the legal limit of 8yrs regardless that he has acting Nollywood Movies on the job. Our Constitution is clear on that: Not more than a cumulative period of 8yrs!

  • Mrs. Titilola Alarape (Lekki)

    The Editor,

    I cried a lot the day i saw Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu given the microphone
    to rail and defend the perjury charges against General Muhammadu Buhari.
    I knew that was the lowest depth Buhari could fall to nullify all he’d claimed
    he’d stood for until this certificate scandal cancelled him from history.

    • Wähala

      Dear Career Liar,
      You did not shed one drop of tear that day you claim Tinubu defended Buhari, and you’re not a woman…
      Just another “renorat” ranting for crumbs. We’re too sophisticated around here to recognize miscreants like you…
      Get lost and go read the other thread where a group has filed suit demanding to read your moron’s PhD Thesis paper. Talk about perjury, the Clown Prince was sworn-in as “Dr.” 3-times and will end up in jail if Obasanjo’s assertions are proven right. And, I trust Baba Iyabo knows what he’s saying more than the drunk from Otuoke.

      • Goro

        Ah, ah, look Wahala, these women will start running away from posting their views,
        if you hit them so hard, haba, don’t you believe in freedom of speech again, weytin?

      • warry

        And you are not aware of the response from Uniport? Why are Nigerians like this? Is it because we are too lazy to find something to do with ourselves?

        • blueeyedkitten

          we’re not aware. please give us the source to their response.

    • Bayo Ola

      Your english composition does not make sense. I cannot make a sense of what you wrote. It appears most of you guys (it is unlikely you are a woman) are recruited from your Yahoo Yahoo business to become internet urchins for FFK. He has billions of naira to waste on you, so take the money from him, but we are not buying your crap.

    • Change for the Worse

      When you write from the heart, you should pay no attention to the shrieking noise made by cockroaches. You made your point about the serial conman, Bokohari.

  • Ekwekwe

    Could it be that the case was filed before a sharia court? I thought this case has been heard before. The question is: Does Bokohari really believe in Nigeria despite his 1985 vote for his Fulani brother from Niger Republic, Ide Oumarou, to be the Secretary General of the Organisation of African Unity (now African Union), and voted against Nigerian Dr Peter Onu, then acting secretary general? Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere reportedly begged Bokohari to “give us Peter.” What a serial conman!

    • bib

      Don’t act like an ignoramus. The decisions that the court’s took b4 were that since GEJ had not indicated interest to run for the election the suits were then academic exercises. Now the situation is different. He is campaigning.

      • Change for the Worse

        It does look more senseless defending a case filed by a bunch of clowns before Jonathan exceeds the supposedly constitutional 8 years in office as president, that is before a law is broken.

        • bib

          No a case is established when one has declared his intention to break a law. If you see a man with a loaded gun pointed at person, do you wait until he pulls the trigger? No.The man can be charged for attempt to murder.

          • Change for the Worse

            By May 29, 2015, Jonathan would have been president for 5 years and 22 days. Does the constitution we are referring to forbid anyone from serving up to 8 years? For starters, no one has a right to stop him before exceeding 8 years. But the question is not about the number of years in office. The key word is “elected.” Section 137 (1) (b) of 1999 constitution notes one of the conditions for not running as :”he has been elected to such office at any two previous elections.” Has Jonathan being elected “two previous elections” as president?

          • bib

            Let’s leave verdict to the courts. May the right win.

      • Charles Amos

        bib go check your constitution he was not elected then, so he his so free to contest elections again.
        In fact Buhari should be stoped from contesting because he has contested several times and failed.

        • The True Nigerian

          Charles so because GMB has contested 3 times before, he can no longer contest? Mate I think you are the one who should be going back to read the constitution .

  • Elis Davia

    Whether you like it or not, President GEJ will win the February 14th presidential election

    • Malik Isah

      eee yaaahhh!

  • Charles Amos

    These are just senseless and baseless talks, the law stipulate 8 years as the maximum number of years an elected governor or president can stay in office, so the first time he was not elected so you guys have no facts

    • Ervine Okuboh

      Charles Amos- Well done, You have provided the answer. The key is “elected ” governor or president

  • tsunami1earthquake

    People should just look away from this court case. Fixing Feb 11 tantamount to saying that the election must go on with the candidates as scheduled. Would there be any sense in saying Buhari was not qualified on a Feb 11 decision? Then what would become of APC? Would you then expect APC to appeal the decision or do another primaries, choose another candidate, campaign for this candidate all before Feb 14? Come on, this court case is just a waste of time; we know where the verdict will go.

    • Tufiakwa

      The last date for withdrawal or substitution of presidential candidates was 30 December 2014. It is the parties’ responsibility to screen the candidates. So, if a court disqualifies any party’s presidential candidate any time after that date, the defaulting party will be unable to field a candidate in the presidential election. If Buhari is disqualified, as he should, APC will have nobody in the Feb 14 fight.

    • Ayodele

      Bros.. this is about Gej and not buhari oo. Buhari own is about certificate. . And still pending..

  • uduak akpan

    d court will find him qualified

  • Nelson David

    So because Buhari will be disqualify for forgery, they also want GEJ to be disqualify. I can see frustration in APC. President GEJ remains my President till 2019

  • emmanuel

    wasting of time n resources.GEJ is qualified

  • geraldine jaja

    Its just a time wasting tactic by the APC to delay Nigerians from voting in the man after their heart, but its nothing but a sick move because he has only been voted in by the people once so he reserves the right to go for a second term, and i dont understand why a fresh hearing should be staged days to the election. such a case file should be struck out.

  • uzo

    APC will never rest.GEJ is qualified

  • kemi

    d court shld strike out d case

  • Bassey

    If somebody died in office as a president his vice is the one that will complete that term and that term is not the term of the vice but that of the dead president, because he didn’t contest that term as president but as vice president, therefore the term is the of the late president and the oath that he took is for the completion of that particular presidency, therefore the president GEJ have to contest his second term.

  • uko bassey

    i dont understand these APC folks there just all over the place like six year olds, how many times have Nigerians voted in GEJ just once and still want him again in office. if the apc think that GEJ shouldnt be president then it should be decided by the polls, or i’m i sensing fear here?

  • Enumah

    Going by Section 137 (1) (a) which addresses one of the conditions for which someone cannot run for president is if “he has been elected to such office at any two previous elections.” From May 6, 2010 to May 28, 2011, Jonathan was not an “elected” president. All that put aside, the argument is that Jonathan will be president for 9 years and 22 days if he runs and wins the Feb 14, 2015 election and leaves office on May 29 2019. The orchestration by the opposition will not even hold air, this is a futile journey for them.

    • Thomas Ayan

      The case in question of GEJ’s re- election is in order & lets wait for the verdict of the judges.

  • Emeka215

    Where did this spring up from again now?. Evil men will really stop at nothing to bring a man who’s doing well down.

  • Kayode

    Seeing nigerians happy and getting whats due for them is a very pain full sight for the APC, but thats bad because they’ll be wathing this till 2019 when GEJ honourably steps down.

  • Divine West

    Jonathan is the only candidate that is qualified to contest for the fourth coming election and we the educated citizens of this country will not allow anybody to stop his transformation agenda.

    • August January

      “Fourth coming election”! Or you mean, “forthcoming….” At any rate, since for you, Jonathan has transformed Nigeria, I would like you to say ‘amen’ to this prayer with all sincerity: MAY GOD TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THE WAY JONATHAN HAS TRANSFORMED NIGERIA. If you can’t say ‘amen’ sincerely, then it means something is wrong somewhere, and you would need to reexamine your reasons for supporting Jonathan’s reelection

      • Divine West

        If you have something better to talk please do if not just go and want for val gift(defeat). GEJtiil2019

        • August January

          Why couldn’t you say “amen” to that prayer? Your insincerity will kill you!

          • Divine West

            I wish you and your family the same thing. say Amen to that

          • Divine West

            Just the same way it killing you Amen

    • August January

      Educated citizens indeed! You’re educated, yet you don’t know the difference between “forthcoming” and “fourth coming”! Nonsense!

  • so they have to bring this up right now, many ways coming up just to disqualify jonathan,well i know it won’t work, logically speaking the masses supports GEJ, majority would surely win the vote.

  • so much for fresh suits,obviously a plot to derail the president’s campaign effort,for it to come up barely a week to the election. mr. president will jump over this hurdle.

  • kingsley obi

    all these will not keep the truth from the average nigerian so they should be careful not to ridicule themselves ……..its GEJ all the way

  • Mrs benita akpan

    It is his constitutional right to go for a second term in office, so if the constitution isnt handy to this set of narrow minded folks…………..there is nothing more we can do but regard their steps as ignorant

  • felicia jones

    Is this a joke or something close to it???? because i cant see why this shouldd be coming up now when we will soon be going to the polls to vote for GEJ………..

  • Dr Sam Nwiyordee

    If the law interpreters do not know what the constitution says about GEJ’s right to go for a second term then i sincerely think there is something wrong somewhere…………GEJ is our man and he isnt leaving ASO ROCK any time soon

    • August January

      Good! Since for you Jonathan has transformed Nigeria and need to stay in Aso Rock for the next 4 years, I would like you to say ‘amen’ to this prayer with all sincerity: MAY GOD TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE THE WAY JONATHAN HAS TRANSFORMED NIGERIA. If you can’t say ‘amen’ sincerely, then it means something is wrong somewhere, and you would need to reexamine your reasons for supporting Jonathan’s reelection

  • Uncle Charlie

    This plea for a court restraint looks weird to me. Were they expecting GEJ to step down after Yaradua died? The president is coming out to contest for his own second tenure and now is his right time

  • if one can be restrained from elections in the name of overstay in office, whats the penalty for perjury and misleading the public?

  • Is it fear I smell or is there something we the onlookers are not aware of? What is it that seems so scary about GEJ that we dont know about? Please let us in on the secrets

  • Bunduma Mohammed

    PDP does not want election