Group makes FOI request for details of Jonathan’s doctorate degree

President Goodluck Jonathan

In what appears a fallout of the controversy triggered by the secondary school result of the presidential candidate of the opposition All progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has been sent to the University of Port Harcourt to provide relevant details of the doctorate qualifications of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mr Buhari’s secondary school has since provided a copy of the his statement of result and other eminent Nigerians who were his classmates have come out to say that they sat for the examination with him.

A civil society organisation, the Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, on behalf of one Omano Edigheji, simply described as a Nigerian citizen, is asking that UNIPORT provides the following documents related to the president’s doctorate qualification as stipulated by section 2 and 4 of the Freedom of Information Act 2011:

1.     The title of the president’s doctorate dissertation

2.     Year of registration as a doctorate candidate

3.     Name of his doctorate supervisor(s)

4.     Name of his external examiner(s)

5.     Comments/ reports of the external examiners on the dissertation/thesis

6.     Photocopy of the dissertation/thesis

7.     Date of graduation from the university

The organisation said it is willing to bear any cost the university might incur in making photocopies of the requested documents and for posting them.

The organisation gave the university seven days to provide the documents.

Following dispute over the secondary school qualification of Mr. Buhari, raised by the president’s party, the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] and his supporters, some Nigerians have been calling on Mr. Jonathan to make public details of his doctorate dissertation and other research work he did before he was awarded the degree.

President Jonathan has a Bachelor’s degree in Zoology, a Master’s in Hydrobiology and Fisheries Biology and a doctorate in Zoology. All degrees were from the University of Port Harcourt.

The president will remain qualified to run even if it is found that he did not complete his doctorate as the minimum qualification to contest for the office is secondary school certificate, and that has not been called to question.

However, he might be disqualified on the ground of perjury if found that he indeed did not finish his doctorate but yet  included it as part of his academic qualifications in the forms he submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).


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  • Rommel

    Like many discerning Nigerians,I would like to see what the president wrote on and see his level of scientific understanding of our environment,I am happy particularly that he claims that his research on environmental sciences,so lets see what he did

  • Truthometer

    This is getting more interesting. I learnt Patience (Shepopotamus) was his doctorate supervisor. Vote for GMB!

    • Gbofia Lunar

      Lwkmd @ doctorate supervisor…. U too much bo

    • Walter

      Lol. Hahahahahahhaha

    • King Carlos


    • Datti

      LOL. Una wan kill me. Da ris God o

  • Jumoke

    President Jonathan, please #BringBackOur$15milion from South Africa before you leave on May 29. It may be chicken feed to you, but it can feed the ever growing number of Internally Displaced Persons. Thank you – from Concerned Mothers Group.

    • Joe

      I like this comment. Nigerians are comedians. From #bringbackourgirls, it has transmuted/transformed/metamorphosed to #bringbackour$15millionfromSA. Unfortunately the man will not and cannot leave until 2019, when he will handover to a 35 year old Nigerian.

      • eddy

        No worry, u eye go soon clear!

  • Gbofia Lunar

    About time…!

  • Dan Arewa

    To! The shoeless doctor of zoology, it is time to prove yourself. First respond to the call of the AU by publicly declaring your ‘stolen’ asset and the university you said you obtained the Ph.D. from have to provide all necessary documents. Time will tell who is who.

  • True Nigerian

    Hehehe! Make una no give Jonathan High Blood Pressure o! Which thesis? Even smarter Nigerian graduates who did advanced studies in Nigeria would tell you that they mostly bought gifts for their supervisors and then copied a thesis from another university and submitted at the end of their degree. And bang! they were awarded the degree! And when you give them a job and ask them to draft an official letter on the spot, they will wet their pants and sweat from their eyelashes to their ears. If you insist, they may faint in your presence because they don’t know how to draft a letter or a memo! Even now, I know Nigerian universities where students who enrol on Masters degrees are allowed to do “sorting” as a way of passing out of their programme. This country is rotten!

    Buhari’s Cambridge GCSE is by far more valuable than Jonathan’s PhD.

    In no other part of the world will you fnd a PhD graduate that is as intellectually embarrasing as this president. It’s a disgrace for the academic system of this country!

    • Tunde

      I cannot disagree with anything you’ve said!

    • Wähala

      No man can put it better. OBJ said they found out that he did not finish his doctorate program but assumed it was not relevant. Ove to FFK and his online crumbies. That’s I said, “never peep into an old woman’s wrapper, for you may go blind in so-doing” during the hay days of their slander. Perjury upon perjury equals disqualification for all… Hahaha indeed!

      • Old No7

        Over to u arse-face Kayode

        • Datti

          You forgot to add Mad man. He was indeed schizophrenic while in Ghana during Abacha days. Too much Igbo!

          • Wähala

            na “igbo” drive am mad and not my Igbo people… note the difference!

    • King Carlos

      God bless you, you are a true Nigerian.

  • Spoken word

    why are they wasting their time. There is enough proof just by listening to Jonathan that he does not have a valid PHD. he obviously paid for it. No individual that went through a thorough PHD program will sound like an illiterate.

    • Tunde

      on point!

      • Spoken word

        Just hearing Kayode Fayemi talk and listening to Jonathan.then you know who has a real PHD.

    • King Carlos

      Yeah you got it right.

      • Spoken word

        They should put all their efforts in making sure he is not re- elected

  • burning spear

    i AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF AT HE STUPIDITY OF SOME NIGERIANS——————–THE REQUIREMENT FOR A CANDIDATE TO QUALIFY FOR ELECTION AS A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE—-IS——WASC—PERIOD———ALL THESE BAD BELLE WOULD NOT WORK–was he qualified to be admitted for a first degree programme at the university–of Port Harcourt—-Yes what about his second degree yes——————— Buhari nko-?-he forged his certificate—which one–his Cambridge university WASC————–result————–case close

    • Old No7

      Did u bother to read the piece u re commenting on?

  • dd

    Nonesense. You don’t need a PHD to contest. WAEC is available even if Uniport refuse to provide the details. What about WAEC of Buhari? from Olu in Wole?

    • Wähala

      We know. Even this report say so…
      Nigerians want to make sure he did not commit perjury in all his swearing-ins.
      Never bend down to look into an old woman’s wrapper… it’s always a blinding experience!

    • True Nigerian

      No, it is not nonsense. A certificate may be enough for a non-thesis based degree. But if he has PhD, then a certificate is certainly not the conclusive proof of his PhD status. There must be a thesis somewhere, unless he didn’t pass his PhD. We want to see the thesis biko! Hahahaha!

  • Wähala

    Fair is fair, let them start with his secondary school certificate let’s know how many times he sat for WAEC and how many subjects he passed in all. I have long dismissed his PhD as, “Portharcourt honored Drunk” and nothing more. As someone wrote, “There is no PhD in Jonathan” as his spoken English, articulation capacity, and every other measure of a graduate do not qualify him for the bogus title he has been flaunting. He is not alone, an average Nigerian graduate today is a mega embarrassment to academia in our times. Doubt me, read the letter of defection from PDP to APC by an Abuja lawyer on SR and #LaffGoKillYouDie. Further evidence is here on the comments section, @Kudirat is a prime example of illiterates with laptops. Where’s my pal, @TAWANDA INC. to come and share his views? Hahaha chei…

    • King Carlos

      Omg.. you just finish all of them . But you’re right sha. I know a lot of graduates from Nigerian universities that cannot write a sentence with gbagaun.

      • Wähala

        Nigerian education in the last 15yrs is contaminated education. Every press release starts with the cliché…
        “Our attention has been drawn to…” As if that’s the prerequisite sentence to responding to accusations. in-between, you will certainly read, “It is the work of mischief makers to tarnish the hard earned image of…”
        As any Nigerian politician has an image that can be tarnished. Clowns.

        • King Carlos

          Lmao… yeah

    • Leslie

      Taken by surprise. I wonder where they’ve all crawled into.GEJ e-rodents,your uncomfortable silence can be so loud.

      • Wähala

        TAWANDA, Otile, Oleku et al, can run but they can’t hide forever… there will be other threads to catch them and raise the issue again. Especially that tout, Twawanda Incommunicado, indeed. He will be deaf as well when I’m done sticking my foot into his dirty anus, not just incommunicado for now. Oloshi ni.

  • @Amuwospeaks

    he should prove how authentic his doctorate degree is, if truly he didnt dropped out ;like obasanjo said

    • Wähala

      Never mess with Baba Iyabo… Hahaha!!!

  • Nanaa

    Boy! i am begining to love this. LOSL. jona jona a child who says his mother will not sleep has automatically kissed sleep good bye.

  • Haj

    This melodrama is getting very interesting.

  • Joe

    People are so mischievous. Buhari’s case is totally different from all the presidential candidates, including Mr. President. If buhari really have certificate, why can’t he request for the ctc from waec office, just like what Namadi Samdo did.

  • Original_Raskal

    I pitied the number of illiterate journalists we have in this country. How on earth can a journalist feel that Katsina secondary school is a degree awarding institution? Buhari need waec to verify his name, results and date of birth. The result belonging to ‘Mohammed’ that Katsina school is invalid since the school is not a degree awarding institution bedsides wasc statement of result expires when certificate is released. Common sense is not common! Illiterate journalists!

    Also illiterate groups are querying GEJ’s PhD. I laugh hahaha. They forgot GEJ submitted his PhD certificate to INEC. Will Uniport, a degree awarding institute award a fake PhD to an ordinary man called GEJ in 1995? Besides GEJ’s thesis is available in public domain just that we have illiterates that don’t know where to look….

    • Old No7

      To ur comments:

  • Haj

    Now that the searchlight has been placed firmly on Jonathan Nigerians should brace themselves for the unexpected. Granted that he doesn’t need a PHD for eligibility but how are we sure of the authenticity of the previous certificates he claimed to have acquired? Occupants of a glass should know that they must not throw stones or else they become exposed to the elements.

    • Old No7

      Having thrown stones while residing in a glass house, now the gesture is being reciprocated, Goodluck(?) will be like:

      • Haj

        Thanks bruv…

        Just noticed I inadvertently omitted ‘house’ (glass house) in my earlier submission. This is what happens when one writes in a hurry to keep up with unfolding events.

  • King Carlos

    Born in Otuoke, walked to Porthacourt without shoes to attend pry school. Secondary sch in PH, Bsc – Porthacourt, Masters – Porthacourt PhD – Porthacourt. Haba….. and we’re are surprised that he’s clueless, someone that didn’t know what life is in other parts of the world. In fact, na Jona Duncan Mighty sing that song for.

    • Nelson David

      Where is his certificate ? your so called General don’t even know where it is, I believe you don’t where yours is too

    • Guguru

      King carlos,

      Great points. Very important

    • Yes o. King Carlos. The waterside boy has outsmarted the meruwa once again. A man who had the shameless effrontery to show a perjured certificate to a whole nation with his 70something year old face as passport on it. i bet if your kid or ward whom you spend money on should return with this kind of result, you’ll welcome him with open hands to show your love for backwardness and the stone age. Shame on you

  • Duro


    Premium Times should NOT have published this story.
    I have felt nauseous since reading it, actually, very sick.
    I have had to take the day off from work in consequence.

    • mao

      But it is ok they publish the story on GMB’s certificate?

  • Nelson David

    President Jonathan certificate are not hidden at all and are real not that so called GMB who cannot provide his own cert.

  • paul preston

    wild goose chase ask Buhari to publish his WAEC results not forgery.GEJ is well educated.No Nigerian youth should support a man who cannot attend Debates but he wants to rule a man who cannot produce his result but wants to fight corruption.
    It will be a big shame rfor this country to have a president whose credentials the world cannot trust.We should never allow our sentiments to drive us to such level of mistake what will I tell my children that we have an illiterate or a forger as a president.Buhari is not fit to rule this country

  • Onyebuchi

    Another nonsensical non-story brought to you courtesy of the illiterates at Propaganda Times. Every PhD submitted by anyone, in any university, is a public document. In this case, you can take the night bus to Port Harcourt, get yourself to Uniport library and ask them to give you a copy of Jonathan’s PhD thesis. While you are at it, just note that the final authority on any PhD is the institution awarding it. Uniport has proudly declared that Jonathan was their successful PhD student. If it is satisfied with the content of the thesis, it awards the PhD – which cannot be questioned by any external body. Listing several redundant questions in the FOI requests is enough evidence that the clowns making the request have never seen a PhD thesis before/ will not recognise one if it hits them in the face. Every thesis contains the several other requests made: title, supervisors …. As for the comments of the examiners’ comments, those are confidential information not covered in FOI act.

  • eddy

    Wahala dey!!!

    • Wähala

      Nothing concern me concern fake PhD from Pitakwa…
      I dey Berlin dey gulp odeku. No be me award any degrees to neither Mdm. Hippo abi OgaOgogoro…
      Wahala no dey am at all, at all… tell dem to go collect their clothes from the wire wey dem spread am…
      Never bend down to peep into the wrapper of an aged woman, it’s always a blinding experience. Hahaha chei o !!!

  • Bassey

    They will soon question him about his smile, if you need it to his school and get it



    • Naira

      Yawa don gas. Alarm don blow.

    • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

      only a bushman can support buhari.

      • Wähala

        …and a Bush-woman can support a fake PhD holder.
        Yawa don gas, na you mess? Ask UniPort to refer us to his PhD Thesis publication, shikena!

        • Etimbuk’showy Okpudo

          are u dumb? or did you flush your brains in the toilet this morning? i attended uniport and i’ve read journals he wrote as as doctor, and his final project was put on display the last time he visited. so smell off.

          • Awarawa

            Don’t join issue with illiterates bros. Would they recognize a thesis if they see one?

          • nafisat

            they wont my brother

          • Wähala

            Publish it first and see if I won’t tear it apart…
            Fact is, you can’t because there’s none. Dumbo is a deceitful creek crook, he’s hanged himself by the balls for looking into an old man’s sokoto. 7days is not enough to fake a thesis paper, besides, the request wants referrals to journals, waiting for PDP’s rebuttal, not e-rats in your mold….

          • pro-wahala

            Easy tiger!!!!

          • Wähala

            Refer us!
            Publish a copy if you can, I dare you!
            Tramp, the only thing I smell is your open knees so, keep them closed and stop polluting the atmosphere here with your lies. Idyiotic höre!

          • Babandum

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That was below the belt Wahala. But anyhow, respect!

          • Wähala

            Baba Iyabo said they investigated, found that Dumbo didn’t complete his PhD project, decided it didn’t matter before allowing him to contest as running to UMYA… yet, here’s a cheap half-illiterate trading words with me. She was lucky I didn’t stick a foot into her pungent azshole because I take no prisoners and I’m an “equal opportunity” contributor so my students know & learn how to put away the competition. Americans call it, “Affirmative Action”…if you know what I mean, pal.
            Sha, RESPECT!

          • Olu from South Africa

            Can you please tell us the title of his thesis. Someone may be interested in advancing his studies.

          • Benny Hills

            Jonathan ‘s Phd is fake.

      • Dundu

        Talking of bushman, who isn’t a bushman in Nigeria? And how many generations are we away from the bush? Do we behave any differently from our ape cousins? The fact remains that our behavior belies our intellect. If the activities of some mischief-makers online are anything to go by, then Nigeria is almost a hopeless case.

  • Divine West

    If you want his papers kindly goto his school and request for it.

  • Guguru

    I think we shall all be surprised at what we might find in this process. Mr Jonathan is not as clean as he says he is. I do not know why investigative journalists have not gone to dig up vestiges of his past.

    • Anny

      @guguru, u no see ur mumu name?

      • Guguru

        LOL! Are you turning into a bovine by making that bovine sound of “mu mu mu” like a cow?

    • Omo Oodua

      APC Investigative journalists have tried to dig up and are still trying, but they are yet to find anything illegal or fake about him. That is why they resulted into cheap blackmail and propaganda. Losers!!!

      • Guguru

        The investigations have not begun yet.

  • nafisat

    this is what i call levels….Muguari was asked to prove that he has a waec result he goofed and brought some dumb looking fake result, now they are asking GEJ to prove he is an academic doctor and people are already attesting of seeing prove of it….may Allah never let us have an illiterate as president. i support GEJ till Buhari dries up.

  • Kayode

    My brother drop the case abeg, GEJ is a full fledged academic doctor. the time you are wasting on GEJ, if you had enrolled buhari in school he would have been in js2 by now.

  • Bestvoice123

    Did Good luck submit statement of result? Why chasing shadow? Jobless people. Why can’t this group utilize this opportunity, time and money to demand for Buhari’s original certificate knowing fully that the minimum qualification to contest for the office is secondary school certificate. They said “Mr Buhari’s secondary school has since provided a copy of his statement of result” now the question is, where is the original? Did he even collect his original certificate? Was it stolen? Did he misplace it? They should be able to tell us the mystery, perplexity behind Buhari’s certificate. According to Benjamin Franklin “Honesty is the best policy.”

    • Wähala

      They’re interested in perjury, monkey. Dumbo has been parading himself as a doctorate degree holder and that’s the fraud that will be proven… never start a fight you can’t win. Didinrin!

      • Change for the Worse

        Since you were away to Yemen for advanced studies in explosives, Jonathan has attached a copy of his PhD certificate to his nomination form, that certificate has been displayed publicly, and University of Port Harcourt has through a public statement “paraded him as a doctorate degree holder” of the university.The last time a checked, the awarding institution (in this case, Uniport) is the final authority for a PhD.

        • Ette

          Are you not aware that Univeristy of Port Harcourt certificates have been blacklisted in the US and Canada because many of them were found to be fake. Issue here is his thesis which is the prerequisite for award of a PhD degree. Let us see the thesis and contributions to knowledge.

          • Change for the Worse

            As far as I know, Jonathan is not looking for a job in the US and Canada. Every university administers its own PhD based on its own guidelines and standards for a PhD. Also, I cannot remember when US and Canada started setting those standards for Nigerian universities. Did Jonathan meet Uniport’s standards for a PhD? According to Uniport, the answer is a resounding “yes.” Nobody or institution can declare a PhD awarded by another university as not up to standard. You can see why I am happy to join in declaring that those requesting for Jonathan’s thesis are clowns.

      • Kufere

        Even if Mr President fails to provide his PhD papers, facts still remains that he qualifies for the presidential race owing to the fact that the constitution stipulates that for anyone to be qualified to run or rule our country, he/she must have a minimum of a School Cert.. Let’s face the fact Buhari is a shameless old man who has dragged the integrity of our great country into the mud. He will stop at nothing to taste executive power again so he can continue his treacherous tribalism, looting, choas and anarchy. But he has missed it this time, God forbid he ever rules this country again IJN AMEN!.

      • Anny

        @wahala, u r a very big monkey. Can u prove that he is parading a fake doctorate certificate?

      • Bestvoice123

        If GEJ is not honest, he will not create avenue where every Tom, Dick and Harry will get information any time called Freedom of Information. That was why I said they are chasing shadow.

      • Etomi

        Stop feeling like Captain Caveman!!!
        Why don’t you go to WAEC and flash FOI at them, and ask them, on that score, to oblige you my papers in English, Mathematics or Geography, before you head for the University of Lagos to ask them to show you my papers in Evidence and Jurisprudence, before you would be convinced that the LLB certificate awarded to me by the institution is genuine….
        And the puerile gambit to shift attention from crime suspect Buhari just shows how brain dead APC’s hatchet men are!!!

  • salamatu

    wait oh. what is the issue here. the law says that someone who does not have an SSCE is not fit to rule. and we all know buhari does not have that cert. instead of concentrating on what is important as stated by the law. we are witch hunting a candidate who has provided his required cert. I know GEJ will disgrace his enemies and provide the doctorate cert but am jst appealing to my fellow youths not to be distracted, take a stand. if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for everything. #GEJ4NIAJA

    • Wähala

      Just refer us to the title of his thesis that’s all… fake “salamatu”, you’re a fraud and a man!

      • Emeka215

        So it’s now a crime for a woman to lend her voice to what she feels is right in her society?. You can’t still believe the fact that we’ve left the dark ages where women were no equal to men in issues like politics, sports, entertainment et.c. Am so sorry for you brother. It only takes a FRAUDSTAR to detect a FRAUD, RETARD!.

        • Bestvoice123

          We are not in dark age Wahala is the one in dark age. That wahala has been bullying everyone. Check you will see his name everywhere in all newspaper attacking people. He does not make any constructive criticism always abuse.

      • Uncle Charlie

        Young man does the google on your computer work? if it does, you should check there and stop wagging your loose tongue

      • Bigzy

        Ha ha ha ha, A leapard never changes it’s spots.

  • Ani Arinzona

    Jonathan carry go oh!

  • Enumah

    Jonathan has made a copy of his doctorate degree certificate public, which attached to his nomination form. Please research properly before posting dumb propagated propaganda.

    • Onome

      Please signpost us to the public domain where the degree certificate can be found.

      • Original_Raskal

        It is public in display at inec office in abuja! Don’t be a f00l!

    • Original_Raskal

      They are really illiterates! GEJ got his PhD when he was a common man and not even a politician. He submitted his certificate for public viewing and INEC displayed it in abuja for over a week. Even this journalist is so clueless that he thought Katsina secondary school is a degree awarding institution. What a shame!

  • Etega

    APC dem nor go rest? Dem no go sit dilute their upcoming defeat with a crate of Orijin?. E go do dem shoki for eye.

  • Ukpono

    Back in Buhari’s regime who do you think you are to make an FOI request? Dem no born you well. Once a dictator always a dictator.

    • Onike24

      That was 32 years ago; even in the USA you had no access to classified documents; in the Uk we allegedly had a pedophile ring in Westminster and nothing was done; the information was classified and is only now being released; unthinkable today, but it happened, the world has moved on

  • kingsley obi

    A drowning man will always want to pull his Saviour along with him…….for Heaven sake, do u think these few baseless and ill-gotten lies will prevent the truth?.you all should think again. GEJ all the way

  • Matthew Arikanki

    This request is not necessary since president Jonathan is going to be voted out in the election. Let sleeping dog lie and let pdp be condemned into the rubish heap of history at least after General Buhari has completed two terms and Prof Osibanjo has also completed two terms as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

    • Onike24

      Don’t be too sure oh! These people are not going to go; until we boot them out, either with our PVC or our voices.

  • Uzoma John

    Please can anyone refer me to GEJ’s PhD classmate(s). Where also can I find his published doctorate thesis- a prerequisite to the award of PhD? Anybody please. Attaching a fake certificate is not enough. They connived with the military to remove GMB’s Cambridge School Certificate, thinking they have a case in court. No wonder GMB has ignored their distraction. P.S. Nobody said that GEJ is not qualified to vie for presidency with his O level or 1st degree, but to parade himself as a PhD holder calls for verification. His lack of competence, articulation and analytical skills calls for querying his PhD. I’m convinced he did not have it, talkless of earning it. Kudos to this group requesting for GEJ’s PhD qualification. If at the end GEJ does not have PhD, what is the difference between GEJ and yahoo yahoo boys who defraud their victims with lies. GEJ’s victims are we Nigerians who he lied to (amongst other lies) that he is the first PhD to be Executive President of Nigeria, but his carriage and body language is ‘un-PhD’.

    • Change for the Worse

      Another semi-illiterate is dancing naked in the village square! No one has PhD classmates. PhD is an independent work.

      • Uzoma John

        Shut up. You don’t know what you are talking about. You want to tell me that GEJ was the only one offering PhD in zoology in ‘Unipetrol’ during his time. Or there are no other PhD students in same and similar discipline in ‘Unipetrol’. That’s why I keep saying that all e-rats supporting GEJ also reason like him. You think commonsense is common. That, you don’t have. When I mean classmate, my explanation above will give you an incite. Everything has to be explained to you e-rats like people who don’t have critical reasoning.

        • Change for the Worse

          No one has PhD classmates. PhD is an independent study.

          • Uzoma John

            You guys still don’t get it. You can’t do PhD in isolation. Even when you are conducting your research, you exchange ideas with other PhD students. PhD also has classroom taught courses, not just field research. Out of your 3 year PhD study as practiced in the UK and US, and every other place in the world, your must have taught causes, as well as, lecture as a teaching assistant if you choose. All I want is that person that will say he/she did his PhD with GEJ, simple.

          • Onike24

            Of course they don’t get it! They went to the same university as Dame Patience

          • Etomi

            If your highest “degree” is primary six, don’t come here and make Buhari look like prof…

          • Uzoma John

            The difference between you and I is that your knowledge about education and life starts and ends within the confines of Niger Delta, precisely Yakkur (Ugep). There is no need joining issues with miscreants. Even your GEJ does not and cannot have the level and quality of education I have. Buhari’s Cambridge School Cert worth more than GEJ’s fraudulent PhD. If you sincerely need to know me, I’ll oblige you by letting you know how to reach me and I’ll educate you the more.

          • Etomi

            Glorified illiterate!!!!!

          • Uzoma John

            You can see all the revelations coming out on how your GEJ, Fayose , Obanikoro and co planned and rigged Ekiti election. Same way your GEJ fraudulently obtained a PhD without a coursemate, research mate, supervisors and what have u. Anu mpam like you. Fraud personified.

          • Onike24

            True, but you must have other PHD students that will remember spending hours in the library researching with him.

        • Etomi

          Yes it is very possible to be sole PhD candidate in a subject area, tout…
          Why f00l yourself and put your low level in shameless open display?

        • Original_Raskal

          F00l! PhD classmates? Haha

    • Remigius Ihe

      I usually do not reply to a low life comments, however I will take exception on this to tell you to get a life. You are supporting a man who did not even finish primary school for the president of Nigeria at this time of age and you have the nerves to ask to see or hear from GEJ PHD course mets. That shows how much you love Nigeria

      • basic

        Course “METS” or “MATES”?

        • Remigius Ihe

          Thank you sir

      • Uzoma John

        You said I’m supporting a man without primary school education and your GEJ parading a fake PhD. Integrity not fake PhD maketh a man. GMB Cambridge School Cert is WORTH MORE THAN YOUR GEJ FRUADULENT PhD. I will continue to support GMB because he is no match to your gang of thieves and fake PhD holder. I don’t need to waste much time responding to your incoherent write up because you are one of those crumb-catchers who have mortgaged their souls to the devil. Tribal and religious bigot of your type. You think every Ibo person will swallow the nonsense coming from your Jonathan. Corrupt morons.

    • Etomi

      Classmate is not proof; CERTIFICATE IS!!!
      Besides, you don’t need classmates to enroll for and complete a PhD work…

    • Original_Raskal

      PhD classmate? Hahaha! Mumu! PhD is research! Don’t full yourself here! IIt is you and your supervisor and if your supervisor had his own research team and you are part of it then you can have research team mates who can finish before or after you. It depends on when you finish your research and able to satisfy the requirements for an award of doctorate as stipulated by your department.

      Your talking of PhD classmate reminds my of what we used to call JJC in those days! Lol

    • Original_Raskal

      PhD classmates? Hahaha! Mumu! PhD is research! Don’t f00l yourself here! It is you and your supervisor and if your supervisor had his own research team and you are part of it then you can have research team mates who can finish before or after you. It depends on when you finish your research and able to satisfy the requirements for an award of doctorate as stipulated by your department.

      Your talking of PhD classmate reminds me of what we used to call JJC in those days! Soon you will be looking for leopard skin! Scales of mackerel! Lol

      • Uzoma John

        So, who is Jonathan’s research team mate, according to you? Since you don’t know that there are PhD taught courses, as well as research, where did your education start and end, young man? Probably, same as GEJ’s. No wonder you keep arguing blindly. I don’t need to tell you who I am and where I got my education, which cannot in anyway be compared to your Unipetrol. I have seen the world. Educated both in the US and UK- quality education for that matter. Young man, there are PhD course-mates (classmates), if you don’t know. GEJ cannot and is not the only one that was in the purported Zoology PhD class. Who saw GEJ as a PhD student? Where did he conduct his research? Who are his supervisors (internal and external)? What is his thesis topic and when and where was it published? That is the simple questions you fraudsters are running from.

  • Remigius Ihe

    Illiteracy is a very serious disease, go ahead and tell me that you can read and write so you are exempt from that class. But not so fast my friend reading without understandings are the worst form of illiteracy that majority of the opposition is suffering from. APC point man can’t even count his fingers and now he wants to come balance Nigeria’s bank account. No wonder IBB chased him out at the first time. This is aserious matter guy’s we can’t afford to go backwards. Vote GEJ for better Nigeria.

  • Harry

    Sometimes I wonder why some Nigerians whom I think are educated amaze me, and can’t seize to. My learned colleauge Ibekwe, As a press journalist before you publish a news no matter how much you are paid edit it very well before publishing. I mean this is shit naaa!!!

    Is that what you call result? does it look like? We all know Buhari does not have this cert.

    there was no Secondary school as of then,
    No WAEC as of then
    Nothing like state in Nigeria as of then, what we have was region.
    No class six, it was standard. etc

    Mr Ibekwe when next you publish don’t publish as if you an evidence of what you are writting. See, “Mr Buhari’s secondary school has since provided a copy of the his statement of result and other eminent Nigerians who were his classmates have come out to say that they sat for the examination with him”

    See buhari cert.

    • Etomi

      You amaze me with “My Learned Colleague” appellation of demented Ibekwe!!!

  • Etomi

    Whoever wrote this thing called a report is a demented PIG!!!!!
    And whoever it is that hatched the idea of FOI on GEJ’s PhD certification thinks he’s smart; but comes off just as demented as the bagger Ibekwe, writer of the so-called report, for he/she unravels as only orchestrating a mere distraction, i.e. to shift attention from fraudster Buhari…

    It’s only in Nigeria that a certificate forger, a barely literate man who without equivocation perjured, would still be standing for election into the country’s highest office…

    Read what the hopeless 1d1ot Ibekwe wrote:

    2. “Following dispute over the secondary school qualification of Mr. Buhari, raised by the president’s party, the PDP and

    3. “The president will remain qualified to run even if it is found that he did not complete his doctorate…” (CERTIFICATE IS PROOF, THE HIGHEST FORM OF PROOF IN RESPECT OF EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT; AND COPY OF GEJ’S PHD CERTIFICATE IS STILL IN OPEN DISPLAY IN INEC’S OFFICE.)

    4. “He might be disqualified on the ground of perjury if found that he indeed did not finish his doctorate but yet included it as part of his academic qualifications…” (TRHE BASIS OF PERJURY DOES NOT ARISE AT ALL BECAUSE UNLIKE BUHARI, GEJ’S CERTIFICATES ARE IN OPEN DISPLAY FOR ANYBODY TO SEE.)

    Well, suffice to say that the silly hatchet-jobber of FOI on GEJ’S PhD is only labouring to raise dust where none exists and by the comparative gymnastic play down on the grave crimes of perjury and forgery now hanging ominously over the neck of Buhari for which suits are now pending to bring APC’S WOE-BEGOTTEN MESSIAH the man to justice.

  • OGK

    Thanks for adding your voice against this fraud Pastor Sunday. I could only wish you more anointing oil on your head. I am not surprised the number one guilder of this fraud is an Igbo man. When they establish their so-called Biafraud, every form of Ponzi Scheme would dominate and develop their republic. Wish them best of luck.

  • Patrick Oguejiofor Sr.

    This is eye-opening. I hope Nigerians will read this. You cannot make profit without adding value. MMM has not explained the source of the profit they pay to the contributors. Nigerians in their ignorance cared less. What matters to them is that they get paid. The most painful aspect that several of the participants are well educated. All attempts to talk them out of the scheme always fails because of greed.