Fani-Kayode denies manipulating email on Buhari’s WASC results

Femi Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, the spokesperson for President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation, has denied the allegation that he manipulated a document from Cambridge University to justify his claim that that General Muhammadu Buhari’s West African School Certificate’s statement of result was forged.

In a statement Tuesday, by his Special Assistant, Sufuyan Ojeifo, Mr. Fani-Kayode said the allegation against him were baseless and unfounded.

Read full statement below.


Buhari Certificate Saga: Allegation of document manipulation against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode is indicative of desperation by the opposition

The attention of the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has been drawn to some media reports alleging that he manipulated a document from Cambridge University to justify his claim that that General Muhammadu Buhari’s West African School Certificate’s statement of result was forged.

Chief Fani-Kayode wishes to state clearly that he never issued a statement signed by him in his capacity as spokesperson of the PDP Presidential Campaign neither did he address a press conference nor briefing where he referred to the Cambridge document in question.  He also did not validate the content of the said document on any occasion.

As far as he is concerned, he, as a person, does not know of the existence of the said Cambridge e-mail document and what the content is all about. He never commented on the content of the document and therefore how that translated into forgery beats the imagination.  To be clear, he has not been in touch with Cambridge to request for any information in respect of the issue in question.

What he has done, especially during his last press conference on General Buhari’s published statement of result was to make assertions to the effect that the statement of result was forged and illegally procured; and had called on the police to track down the masterminds of the forgery.

For the record, it is important to state that the media report on which the allegation of manipulation against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode was grounded happens to be the THISDAY news report of Monday, January 26, 2015 with the headline “Certificate Saga: Hausa Language Was Not Offered in 1961, says Report”.

The news report was apparently muddled up in its facts and presentation in paragraph 13 wherein it said that Chief Fani-Kayode “CLAIMED that he came across an e-mail dated Thursday, January, 2015 from the institution’s (Cambridge) Archives Delivery Service Officer, Jacky Emerson, to one Sodiq Alabi who requested confirmation if the examination body offered Hausa Language in the 1961 West African Examination it organized.”

It is hereby categorically stated that there is no such press statement anywhere in the whole wide world signed by Chief Fani-Kayode wherein he made any such claim.

The other references to Chief Fani-Kayode in the THISDAY news report were a recall or tie-back of all that he said at his press conference in Abuja last Thursday on the forged statement of result purported to be General Buhari’s.

The allegation of manipulation against Chief Fani-Kayode is, therefore, indicative of desperation by the opposition who should have spoken to the issue of whether or not General Buhari has a certificate or not.

Sufuyan Ojeifo

Media Consultant/Special Assistant to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

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  • James

    Please God Ohhh! I beg remove this mad man from our life. Let him go back from the psychiatric hospital he escaped! He is a serious security treat to this country.

    • Abbott

      Amen in Jesus, insha Allahu, eri wo

    • kamal Kamoru

      ‘go back from’?
      ‘security treat’???

      Abi u forge yur certipikate too??
      Nawa o!

      • James

        Forge!! Yes ohh I did forge my certipikate, thanks to your dumbo president!

  • No apology


  • Baba Messi

    Aside his perceived ethnic/religious extremism, Buhari is a person I admire a lot. In terms of integrity, i believe he is head and shoulders above MOST of our so called leaders. Indeed he was my preferred candidate in 2011 cos I never for a moment bought into the ‘shoeless’ campaign. However, Buhari’s comments since then have only helped portray him as a Regional champion. Nigeria MUST NOT be ruled by such.
    Having said that, it is getting more obvious by the day that this certificate issue might be what will finally bury the whole Buhari ‘integrity’ myth!
    It is obvious to every sane person that something is terribly wrong somewhere. For God’s sake, if this certificate truly exists, why in heavens(or hells?) name won’t the ‘general’ request for the CTC from the Cambridge University?? Why didn’t he ‘bother’ to do so all the times he contested and failed??
    I honestly do not know wether to laff or cry when I hear some Nigerians claim this is a ‘non issue’. A constitutional matter is a ‘non issue’??? Wow! How dishonest can people be?? They said the case shld be determined in the same APC pretenders are shouting ‘they’ want to disqualify buhari!
    Now I see why some artists claim ‘ganja’ and other ‘allied substances’ give inspiration. I believe this macabre dance Buhari is engaged in was ‘inspired’ by Don-Tinubu!
    First he(tinubu) mooted the Tambuwal idea..then pushed in a tainted buhari..and now tucked in his stooge Osinbajo..who is a lawyer and knows if Buhari can’t confirm his certificate, he(buhari) might have to flee to escape jail for perjury!
    No one can convince me Tinubu, Obj and IBB will be comfortable with a Buhari presidency.
    Painful, but the APC e-zombies have been sold yet another DUMMY by the amorphous cabal!

    • Samuel

      Who are you fooling, you never voted for buhari, you are trying to make a case that does not exist, please go and ask your ijaw president to show us his thesis, and asked him why he refuse to declare his assets.

      • Don Messi

        One, I am not a liar.
        Two, I restate Buhari was my preferred candidate in 2011.
        Three, if you feel everyone is as dishonest as u, that’s your look-out.
        The requirement is to declare it with the CCB!
        You appear very ignorant and gullible. The only way you can prove otherwise is to PRODUCE ANYWHERE IN THE CONSTITUTION WHERE YOU FIND ‘PUBLIC DECLARATION’!

        *incase you hav a problem with comprehension, the topic here is the certificate or NON-CERTIFICATE Of yur oga..keep yur eyes on the ball bros..

        • Samuel

          GEJ refuse to show to anybody his assets and his thesis, shebi he is mister law abiding, why is he afraid to show his assets. You know people like me we don’t comprehend except we see with our eyes, so show us for all to see it! By the way why are you getting angry, take easy if not your BP will go up.

    • MathewBabs

      are you writing from ur dream?

      • Don Messi

        ‘Babs’ as in in in endingnaija or wot??
        Bros no b dream o…this ain’t no Oputa Panel..yur oga MUST appear this time, if not na guard room!
        E go do u like ‘dream’ when u see Papa for dock!

  • Amir

    Fani-Kannabis has also employed a media assistant? People’s Drug Party will never stop their ridiculous behaviour. Obasanjo said “Fani is my boy, give him food and he will dance for you”. The Port Harcourt Doctor employed Fani who is more interested in promoting his own image than that of his master. He will be the first to congratulate Buhari on Feb. 15th, then decamp 16th.

    • Wähala

      It is so he can deny anything the tout says on his behalf, a half-smart way of speaking from behind closed doors.
      My bet is, this media assistant has his own media assistant who probably has his own… until, Yahoo-Yahoo Boys!
      aka, Oluwole in old Naija slangs. They’re all fraudsters like Femi… or, apprentice fraudsters under Femi: your pick!

    • Onike24

      Femi doesn’t smoke cannabis, that was his father drug of choice. He does the sniff sniff type

  • Jumoke

    Fani Kayode, the renowned Igbo hater and confused ethnic hate addict.

  • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

    Really all this dissipation by the APC is uncalled for.
    The logical thing any sane person will do is to provide the certified true copy from the relevant institution.
    Sometimes even the silence speaks..

    • Ibrahim Al-Asi

      Something is indeed wrong with a lot of our thoughts. Is the Provincial Secondary School (Now Govt College Katsina) not Buhari’s institution? Did he not request this school to publish his statement of result? If the school did not have it, then, that institution or where necessary, Buhari himself could now ask Cambridge to release his results. If I have any issues with my secondary school certificate, I will be asking my school and not WAEC to issue me another copy. All this illogical propaganda is sickening when we should be addressing real issues – Insecurity, corruption, and Jobs!

      • Marquis_di_Gorgonzola

        And if corruption is a ‘real issue’, why look the other way when the issue of perjury which is a form of corruption is on the front burner??

        • Ibrahim Al-Asi

          Isn’t it even mischievous and libellous to make an allegation of perjury when you do not have a different information from what the school provided? This is even more irrelevant when the work and training of Buhari has already fulfilled constitutional provisions?

  • GrantUK

    Cambridge has said they can only respond to their candidate. Why would Buhari not do the simplest thing in this case, to request Cambridge the validate his statement of result? It would be case closed if done!

    • Folahan

      So you atleast agree that he was their candidate and that a copy of statement of result is with them which then should naturally put to rest whether or not he has certificate. But i know that even when Cambridge releases the certificate you guys will still shift the goal post and require that they come down to nigeria to officially hand it over themselves. see abeg let sleeping dogs be.

  • Amir

    Go to Uni port you’ll find the president’s name has no Azikiwe etc. attached to it. It was all political impersonation and fraud. That’s why GEJ cannot publish or refer to his PHD thesis evenot when it’s full of grammatical blunders and research inconsistencies. Take a trip to Ahmadu Bello University, you’ll discover that the Vice President was not Namadi Sambo at graduation.

    • Original_Raskal

      Azikiwe is not GEJ’s name! It is a nickname given to him by the grandmother! Go and read his biography before writing nonsense!

      • Amir

        What I see in his biography is that he was handpicked by Obasanjo and brought to Abuja. In fairness to him, he told Obasanjo truthfully that all he wanted was governorship position, that he lacked the capacity for national leadership. 8 years Nigerians have found out Jona was right. While Obasanjo has apologised for his misjudgement, Jona is reluctant preferring an electoral defeat. End of biography.

        • KD

          Lol !!!

      • Onike24

        Come on! I have many Nicknames but would never put it on an official document! Even my Oriki given to me on my name day is not on any document, so I don’t use it, only close family members who knew my grandparents call me that name, so why would I put it on a document, which asks for my known name?

  • Rommel

    So even the lunatic Fani Kayode has special assistant? wunderbar!

  • Philex

    It is like this Fani-Kayode doesn’t ever remember what he says. Hear him in 2014:

    “He (Jonathan) is the problem we have in our country today and until he resigns, is impeached or is voted out of power nothing will change and Nigeria will continue to go from bad to worse. That is what you get when you vote for a man who never wore shoes to school.” (- FFK on Jonathan)

    Wake him up tomorrow and he will say something else. It is a big surprise that he even remembers his own name.

    • kamal Kamoru

      I hope you also remember the comments El-Rufai made about Buhari while he(Rufai) ws still sucking from the honeycomb?? And the crazy somersault he did now he wants to ride on Buhari’s back to get into Kaduna Govrnmnt house????

      • Philex

        Come on, let’s have it boy! Just remember to be equipped enough for the long haul, cos there’s tons and tons (and worse) like the one that just got your attention.

  • Hembe Hembe

    GEJ, the most credible candidate. GEJ till 2019

    • Philex

      Guys, I just caught this dude split-personalising like his crackpot boss/paymaster. He (HEMBE HEMBE) is the same guy posting as KAMAL KAMORU below.

      And please and please Premium Times, stop doing this dirty job for FFK by removing my comments. I know he worked for you guys before, but stop harassing me or else I will make a formal report to the editor.

      • tundemash

        I had caught the fake KAMAL KAmORU in the past and guess what he resorted to some silly prayers to prove his innocence even after i submitted documentray evidence of his impersonation.

  • kwango

    Anybody who was resident in a psychiatric rehabilitation home deserves a special assistant/nurse to help monitor his recovery and report back to the rehab. All should pray for Fani. He was led into addiction because he was desperate for Igbo women and needed the courage to overcome his inferiority.

  • MushinSpeaks

    Fani Kayode as Presidential campaign spokesman tells you that GEJ is not sincere to rule of law and ending corruption.

    Remember that immediately this man decamped to PDP on social media not even on ground, his corruption charges were stalled…tell me why he wont lick Jonathan’s ass.

  • Wähala

    I never signed any documents… Cheap Law as practiced by a junkie.
    Did he personally sign this rebuttal? Why should we believe this chap has Fani’s mandate to release this denial on Femi’s behalf? Crass Nigerian lawyers, always speaking thru their anus and believing Nigerians can’t smell their mess. One day saying one thing, another day denying ever saying so. Coward, he knows Cambridge is in the UK and can put the squeeze on his junkass for fraudulently doctoring their e-mail, that’s why the clown & drug addict is now backing off. Chump! Never signed any documents, my brown balls! OLOSHI

  • Lekan

    Please fani kayoed go and sit down, you are nonentity and roughed. I have been telling people that you will run away and we will catch you. OMO OLE.

  • Ebele Factory Child

    I write this because of millions of Nigerians who are below 30 and who constitute a significant chunk of our voting population.

    This is the ICT generation that is largely ignorant about the events of
    the Buhari era (1984-85) and so can be misinformed and misled by
    needless propaganda. I have sat with many in the under-30 bracket and
    those slightly above who only have faint recollections of the Buhari era
    and the level of ignorance about that era is amazing.

    being MILITARY Head of State, Buhari had been Governor of one of the
    Northern States (under Obasanjo’s Military government) as well as
    Minister for Petroleum. He later served as Chairman of PTF under Abacha.

    Please consider the following unassailable facts:
    He birthed and supervised the establishment of our existing refineries.
    There was no religious crisis while he was Head of State. It started under his successor IBB!

    In his time as Head of State he reduced inflation from 23% to 4%, by
    fiscal discipline and a homegrown economic team (not achieved under any
    other era, even military).
    JJ Rawlings of Ghana took over 2yrs
    before him, and killed all the corrupt leaders, while Buhari only
    sentenced the corrupt leaders here to prison.
    Under his watch as PTF
    Chairman, what he did in road construction in that short period hasn’t
    been matched by almost 16yrs of the PDP rule.
    Hospitals and
    universities around the country never witnessed as much benefits as they
    got from the PTF from any government after or before his time.

    Despite serving in senior capacity in the oil sector, first as Minister
    for Petroleum and then Petroleum Trust Fund, Buhari has no petrol
    station, much less a rig, refinery or an oil block like so many of our
    He could have retired into nauseating opulence like most of his counterparts (IBB or Danjuma or even OBJ) but didn’t.

    Instead of hobnobbing with the high and mighty, he has cast his lot
    with the ordinary man most of who follow him out of hope and belief in
    his values.
    People who know him have said of him… “All I need from Buhari is his word, I can take it to the bank”.

    He is the only politician in the Country today who fills rallies without renting a crowd.

    ·He refused to collect an allowance while serving as Chairman of the
    PTF because he said since he was already drawing a pension from
    government, his conscience would not allow him to draw another salary
    from the purse of the same government.
    He is the only former head of state that does not own property or land in Abuja .
    Every attempt to rubbish him through probes in time past eneded up vindicating him!

    The man who was asked by OBJ to take over the running of PTF before it
    was scrapped with the aim of probing and indicting Buhari, was the one
    who ended up being prosecuted for misappropriating $100m of PTF funds!
    Buhari again, was vindicated
    He has OPENLY challenged those who
    accuse him of religious fundamentalism to come out and show proof. No
    one has till today, taken up the challenge. His personal driver of many
    years is a Christian from Plateau State!
    His government initiated
    the War Against Indiscipline that has made environmental cleanliness,
    queuing up, not urinating by the roadside etc features of our national
    life even till today.
    Buhari draw NGN2.3m monthly instead of NGN23m
    drawn by other past leaders. He returns his official car every 5yrs to
    take another one while others keep theirs and collect another
    Does it then surprise you why corrupt people would be spreading such heinous rumours about Buhari?

    He is a threat to them and they know what he is capable of doing to
    corruption and corrupt people when he comes into office! So shine your
    eyes and make the right decision.

    If honesty and probity are the things you want for Nigeria, now is the time to choose right.
    Now that you know better, will you please educate others BY FORWARDING THIS TO AS MANY AS YOU CAN!!!……………….

  • tundemash

    Season of denial …… I guess you never called GEJ a President without balls too !

  • tundemash

    A liar caught in his own lies ……….. I guess you never called GEJ a President without balls too !

    • the truth

      what is the essence of bringing this issue. Please go and find all the vandetta tinubu said about buhari before the 2011 elections and now they are bread and butter, go and search what amaechi said of buhari in the port harcourt rally of 2010 and now they are friends. You have to understand these are politicians, and as such play anywhere belle face politics. You may be too young to grasp all i just said

      • tundemash

        Cl0wn ! Looks like age is the new bandwagon you guys just latched on. I may be too young to grasp the trash you just wrote indeed!
        In one breadth, politicians should not be believed and yet you are wondering the essence of what I posted. If you fail to grasp the essence of revealing Fani’s double-face then you might be too old to reason.

        • D1

          Tunde, this bloody liar, you’ve been engaging, claimed to be 21yrs old in one of the ThisDay’s article comment section.
          He has going around lying and vomiting rubbish all over discus sections.
          Should we be surprised about his kindergarten mindset, don’t think so!

          • tundemash

            The amnesty camp miscreant also claimed he lived in the US; a creek monkey who thinks he needs to big himself up about location. I wonder why he’s not bold enough to stand by his cl0wn Otuoke prince but hides under some fake “neutrality”. Such as delusional f00l !

          • the truth

            U are a f00l and since u are drowning u want soneone to drown in your quest of lies.I have never posted on thisday and I have never said I am 21 years old.I challenged your hero to show the link or say the article where I said I was 21 and ge is yet to reply.I understand you all specialise in smear and lies and I dont blame u for that

          • tundemash

            Mr. Career Liar …. why not be man enough and challenge the person who caught you on THisDay directly… why challenge him thru me ?

          • the truth

            You supported him and i challeneged him but he has refused to produce the post to the world. Who knows if you and him are the same person pretending to be different people. I know u all feed on lies and smear is not new to u. Instead of towing the part of truth u all are fixed on always lying

          • tundemash

            clearly , u are a confused numskull. In one sentence, you challenged someone and he hasn’t produced what you challenge me him and because of that i could be same person ! To say u are d@ft will be saying the obvious when u couldn’t even see the essence of pointing out the Fani Kayode’s double speak !

          • the truth

            Stop this falsehood.I have never posted on the world or tell them the link to see me post where I said I was 21.bloody liar

      • Alouche

        You want to know the essence of “bringing this issue”? I tell you – since Fani does not want us to discuss his new masters disastrous outing in Aso Rock, he should be prepared to take the beating for this wrong-headed strategy. By the time we are through with him, he would be such damaged goods he would regret taking this route or even taking the job. Even GEJ would rue the day he allowed himself to be deceived into hiring this clown.

      • D1

        Bloody liar, calling someone too young!

        You alleged in one of ThisDay’s articles comment sections, that you are just 21yrs old, and here you are claiming to be old.

        How am I not surprised about you? The way you keep chasing your tail and masturbating frantically to this certificate story, is no surprise to me about your mindset!

        • the truth

          Y would u bring yourself to lie and deceive people.I have never posted on thisday.please show my post where I stated I was 21.I believe in integrity which u do not have.please I know it is hard for u,but please toe the path of truthfulness

  • the truth

    Mr Fani Kayode the people are listening, ride on. we are against any loopsided politics. Buhari owes all neutral minds who are thinking of voting him the right to show us his certificate. You don’t have a certificate and you want to lead us. Please this is serious

    • tundemash

      are u one of the neutrals because you said “show us” ?
      Mr. Career Liar , stop shooting yourself in the leg, you are not thinking of voting Buhari and since Buhari isn’t showing you his certificate, you should be happy and use that as a weapon to win ore votes for yor cl0wn Otuoke prince

      • Alouche

        Don’t you see how his paymasters are getting caught up in the trap they try to set for other people? I bet Fani would kicking himself now for starting this whole Buhari certificate business.

      • the truth

        my brother you say you want change but you are still acting like a dictator. What does the constitution state about qualifications? Are u now saying the constitution doesn’t matter? Tell Buhari to show us his certificate or tell him to ask cambridge to show the world his certificate. Y the hesitation on his part? If other candidates have provided, y is buhari different? We Nigerians demand that accountability must be the watch word, i know u don’t know anything bout that term

        • tundemash

          And what does the consitution tell you fake “the truth” to do if a Presidential candidate does not show u his certificate ?

    • Alouche

      You try all kinds of trick it did not work, now you resort to impersonation – claiming neutral when you are neck deep in Fani-Kayode’s s–t. Be man enough to stand up for your convictions. But of course I am probably wrong in assuming that you even believe in what you are being paid to write.

      • the truth

        So standing by the truth i am standing for fani kayode? when will nigerians stand for the truth without sentiments. If you have a waec provide it. Why the hesitation?

        • tundemash

          Mr. Career Liar, if he doesn’t show you, don’t vote for him …..why do u have problem with simply not voting for him ?

        • Lemmuel Odjay

          Go to court and stop being the accuser, judge and a distraction. You don’t solve legal issues on the pages of newspapers.

          • Kisukzzy

            Lemmuel, Alouche and Tundemash, you guys apparently have some spare and probably idle time to waste on a nonentity like this one calling himself ‘the truth’. You can see how highly depraved our general love for certificates has turned us into in this country?

            Are you guys even aware that there is a lesser-than-WASC qualification in the so called constitution to qualify Buhari? With ebele’s PhD which is 99% doubtful, what good has he brought to the nation?

            You will always find people like ‘the truth’ bragging over possession of some meaningless degree certificate whereas he and his ilk should have been candidates for technical education to trully better their level of reasoning and in total, their lives. Such a shame our educational system has failed to such levels we now produce the genre of ‘the truth’.

            Let the drug addict and perpetual liar FFK continue with what he knows best, Buhari is certainly on the rise to presidency and stardom and this is by the Grace of God. We shall certainly chase all the baldheads outta town!!!

      • Dattijo

        FFK is a serial liar, whose match can only be found in Ugly Mar… !

    • Lemmuel Odjay

      …yet those with certificates are leading you astray… Keep on hiding in the dark, the light will find and expose you still. Just a matter of time. And every one of your pimply flaws will become public knowledge…

    • El-batuta

      This Buhari must be a genius. A semi-illiterate, without a certificate rising to become a general in the Nigerian army? If he had gone to school what would he have become?

  • Lemmuel Odjay

    I don’t believe one thing you say, Femi. I have noticed that you are not like “Mama”, God rest her soul. You are too desperate for my liking. If you didn’t do it, your position suggests to me that you are likely to know who did what. Your signature appears everywhere

  • Muhammad Shu’aibu Kano

    Femi are you now afraid

    • tyson