Jonathan in secret meeting with pastors; says “Osinbajo is my problem”

Former president Goodluck Jonathan campaigning. Pic used to illustrate the story.

Apparently ruffled by the momentum generated by the nomination of Yemi Osinbajo, a professor and pastor, as the running mate of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress [APC], Muhammadu Buhari, President Goodluck Jonathan is asking a group of Pentecostal pastors to help him avert what he fears could be a loss in next month’s presidential polls.

Mr. Osinbajo, a prominent cleric with the Redeemed Christian Church of God, law professor and Senior Advocate of Nigeria [SAN] emerged APC’s presidential running mate last month giving President Jonathan and the ruling party, PDP, what sources described as sleepless nights.

Specifically last Thursday, the President held a meeting in Abuja, with a number of Pentecostal pastors led by Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, with the main agenda being how to fashion out ways to solve the “Osinbajo” problem.

Sources at the meeting confirmed that President Jonathan confessed in a rather rattled and humbling manner that “Osinbajo is my problem”.

According to those at the meeting, the President added that “everything was okay until APC picked Osinbajo”.

The APC picked Mr. Osinbajo as vice presidential candidate just as the PDP was busy branding APC as an Islamist party and describing Mr. Buhari as a religious fundamentalist, allegations APC leaders have consistently dismissed as unfounded, baseless and a scare tactic by the PDP.

Many observers say APC’s nomination of a prominent Pentecostal pastor from the fastest growing church in Africa may have effectively doused such speculations and the attempt to label the party as one with an islamization agenda.

There has been a rather conscious attempt to make next month’s presidential polls a religious one especially in the Southern part of the country where there is a much larger Christian population, observers say.

At the meeting organized by the Executive Secretary of the National Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) John Kennedy Okpara, President Jonathan poured out his mind that running against a leading Pastor of the RCCG, who is also known to be very close to the much reverred General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, is an uphill task.

Sources at the meeting said Mr. Jonathan was ruffled and much distracted as he confessed to the challenge the APC naming of Mr. Osinbajo as Mr. Buhari’s running mate is posing to his reelection.

In response, the Pastors, led by Bishop Oyedepo, assured the President at the meeting that they would, “starting from today,” use every device possible including social media, the pulpit and influence peddling, to campaign in support of President Jonathan and against the Buhari-Osinbajo ticket.

Before the meeting with the President, sources said the pastors held a meeting on the same day to strategize and agree on how and what they would present  to the president.

At that pre-meeting, some Pentecostal pastors suggested that they use the opportunity of the meeting afforded by the President to express their genuine fears on growing insecurity in the North with Boko Haram killing and attacking Christians and other innocent Nigerians.

But Mr. Oyedepo, the most influential pastor at the meeting  rejected the idea, insisting that the meeting was to encourage and strengthen President Jonathan ahead of the elections and not to discuss compelling national issues of concern to majority of Nigerians.

While some of the pastors were shocked and disappointed that Bishop Oyedepo would not allow them to raise important issues bothering most Nigerians, they decided to keep silent not to be seen as spoilsports.

And later after meeting the president, the pastors gathered together again on the same day to device strategies they will use to campaign against Buhari/Osinbajo, with the main scheme being to label the ticket as an Islamist one.

Some of the pastors also suggested that there is need to impress it on Christians that the position of Vice President is not an effective one, and that having a Christian in the post  makes no difference, although the Nigerian constitution and the order of precedence makes the office the next in rank to the president.

Indeed as if implementing the resolution reached at the meeting, members of the Winners Chapel told Empowered Newswire said Mr. Oyedepo has already started using the pulpit to achieve the goals set out at last Thursday‘s  meeting in Abuja.

Some of the members said yesterday, Sunday January 18, Mr. Oyedepo raised a prayer point that an Islamist would not become the President of Nigeria in the coming to the chagrin of many of the church attendants on Sunday.


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    • Old No7

      And can u stop typing in capital letters?

      • amazing2012

        Did he type on your head ?

        • ikenna

          come my man do you believe this crap? All these media propaganda is getting too childish

        • Old No7

          amazing2012: You must really feel big and happy with urself resulting to insult

      • Jona

        At least he communicated his message……

        • Old No7

          I made a request to Yomi Falade as it rude and also considered shouting when writing in capitals, so how did that translate into “Did he type on your head ?” by amazing2012? Nigerians sha!

      • I can, but I have to SHOUT so Jonathan can comply.

        • Old No7

          lol BY ALL MEANS SHOUT THE MORE cos apparently Goodluck(?) is deaf… only in the 11th hour he is pretending to listen!

  • TrueNja

    Winners Chapel founder bishop Oyedepo is wanted in U.K for money laundering. These corrupt fake pastors are jittery b’cos they know well once GMB is swear in, they will be exposed.

    • concerned9ja

      No, stop lying and confusing us. He only has issues with the Charity Commission in the UK here, hence, his difficulty in walking in freely.

      • TrueNja

        You’ve answered yourself. Tell your fake pastor to travel to U.K.

  • DanielOsazuwa

    Very soon, Nigerians will see through the lies of these Pastorprenuers. They are part of the problem never part of the solution. It’s money for hand back na for ground: ashawo !!!

    What a shame.

    Sai Buhari !!! Because 100 Oyedipo cannot deliver dumbo Jona from defeat.

  • Matt Chuka Nwachukwu

    All lies! Premium Times, haba! Stop this propaganda. You have many informed readers and they know you’re just being used in this piece. I still want to believe you guys are not being partisan anyway.

    • Wolly

      Yemi Osinbajo and the Islamic State of Nigeria

      My brother, let’s even face the issue. The facts in the public domain today show Yemi Osinbajo
      as a defender of Islamism in Lagos state. He is the only Christian Pastor who’s publicly come out
      to support continuous Muslim rule of Lagos state. Yemi Osinbanjo went further to write an essay
      on the internet that AC/APC is NOT unfair to Christians at all.

      He further stated in his essay that there is no Islamic bias whatsoever in either Action Congress,
      or, in APC. This Christian Pastor (Yemi Osinbajo) then approved the100% Muslims executives that
      APC registered with INEC as national executives from the outset of the party.

      Now, what is the difference between Yemi Osinbajo; and, a dyed-in-the-wool Muslim Jihadist,
      like Alhaji Tola Kasali? The only difference is that Tola Kasali goes to a mosque and Yemi Osinbajo
      goes to church, but besides that, there is no difference at all, insofar as Alhaji Tola Kasali
      declares Muslim supremacy and Yemi Osinbajo agrees with him.

      • Wole

        “[On this clamour for a Christian as Lagos state governor]….
        we should not introduce something that will start affecting
        the consciousness of the people. We shouldn’t put in the
        people’s consciousness what they were not thinking about
        before. Even if you look at it closely you will find that
        the dominant people in Lagos state are Muslims”.

        ……..Alhaji Tola Kasali

        (Lagos Commissioner for Rural Affairs under Bola Tinubu)

        [October 25th, 2014]

      • “Lairs shall have their part in the lake of fire.” Is Osinbajo the Chairman of APC that he will approve their 100% muslim executives?

      • law

        PDP is made up mainly by Muslim headed by Adamu Mu’azu former governor of bauchi state where I did my youth service. He was among the governor that enact sharia law in his state. I cannot but to admit that PDP is has it in their agenda to islamise Nigeria. So people should not vote for PDP or Jonathan who attended the IOC conference in the view to buttress the aim of PDP. Lobatan

      • jude L/A USA

        So what point are you making?

  • adekenny

    I always tell people that jonathan is a bigot,fanatic, dangerous man! Can people see what’s happening now? So they are having meeting how to christianise nigeria!!! GOD help nigeria and deliver us from the unjust and hypocrites people!

  • the truth

    Propaganda times!!Lies Lies Lies, i just saw something like this on sahara reporters. dont tell me u guys have come to the same standard as sahara reporters.see how politicians have blinded the media.premium times selling their souls for naira notes

    • endingNaija

      Perhaps the religious wing of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team did not carry you members of the media unit along. So you did not know that the meeting held-right? Go back to Aso Rock and ask your colleagues on the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Team, they will confirm it for you. But be careful how you ask them so that they do not get angry with you and make you lose your pay from the 21 billion Naira OILY and POTTY Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Chop-Me? I go laaafu taya for these agents and vessels of corruption called the “truth” and ikenna!

      • ikenna

        My man use your head sometimes and don’t believe everything u read. Common sense will tell u that this story is another media propaganda.

        • endingNaija

          Sorrry ooo Reno Omokri na ikenna!

  • endingNaija

    Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is still struggling to get re-elected after what is clear to be a FAILED campaign. Nigerians must not go to sleep. We must not start celebrating CHANGE until we see the exit of Mr. Jonathan from office and endNaija the corrupt Goodluck Jonathan way. Why? Mr. Jonathan introduced religion and ethnicity to the campaign for 2015 presidency. Remember the divisive phantom and EBOLA called “Yoruba Christian/Muslim”? Mr. Goodluck Jonathan introduced this disease into Nigerian polity in a most un-presidential, dishonorable and desperate manner. But by the special grace of God, Nigerians defeated that move. CHANGE got momentum everywhere. Jonathan was rattled. The result is the last fight to tap Mr. Oyedepo-of Winners Chapel- for help again to re-introduce religion and ethnicity- to the campaign. We thank God, prominent Pastors such as Pastors Adeboye, Kumuyi and others are not part of the sinful, evil and devilish move supervised by Goodluck Jonathan from Aso Rock. But our God is a God of love. The Incorruptible Body of Christ rejects corruption. Mr. Jonathan is the very symbol of inherent corruption and corrosion and hence Mr. Goodluck Jonathan cannot be of God or our God, Lord Jesus Christ is INCORRUPTIBLE. Mr. Oyedepo-of Winners Chapel- should be very careful about this last gamble from the innately and irredeembly corrupt Mr. Goodluck Jonathan. God in his infinite HOLINESS CANNOT embrace corruption. If Mr. Oyedepo thinks otherwise that God supports corruption and therefore Mr. Oyedepo is turning himself to the campaign manager of the corrupt Mr. Jonathan, then we leave Mr. Oyedepo’s-of Winner’s Chapel’s decision and choice to the judgment of Nigerian voters and the eternal judgment of God. But Nigerian voters for CHANGE cannot sleep until we do it finally on Febuhari 14, 2015. We must wait to see our votes COUNTED before we leave the polling areas. Please be watchful, be as wise as God’s children and pray without season for CHANGE to come to Nigeria. So shall it be in Jesus name. This is our time, this the time of Nigerian youths to endNaija the Corrupt Goodluck Jonathan way. This one chance we must never miss. We must NOT sleep until we see CHANGE and BRING CHANGE PEACEFULLY and DEMOCRATICALLY through our votes. Please DO NOT BE PROVOKED and DO NOT PROVOKE OTHERS NOW OR AT THE POLLING BOOTH. PROVOCATION and VIOLENCE are the devil’s way, the way of corruption, the way of Mr. Goodluck Jonathan and his campaigners. If they PROVOKE US, Please KEEP SHUT, SMILE AND LAUGH FOR JESUS AND BE JOYFUL FOR CHANGE IS COMING. There is STRENGTH IN SILENCE. Our God is NOT a GOD of VIOLENCE. DO NOT JOIN THUGGERY. See What THUGNOR Ayo Fayose is doing. DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE HIM. Thuggery is NOT the way of our God. We are God’s children and we will defeat and end corruption PEACEFULLY AND DEMOCRATICALLY with our votes. Watch and pray without season for CHANGE to come -Keep your PVC. Protect it-FeBUHARI 14th , 2015 IS IT. God Bless you all. God Bless our Country-Nigeria. This country shall rise again and be the best God ordains it to be One God One People Under the joyous glory of God-Eternal and Divine Change forever-Febuhari 14th IS IT. If this CHANGE is of God as it is then Mr. Oyedepo-of Winners Chapel- and his corrupt Goodluck Jonathan clique cannot stop it. Eternal praise and adoration for CHANGE in the vineyard of God and his people-CHANGE forever in our dear country-Nigeria.

    • ikenna

      Please hold on till Feb 14 and don’t change your name oh oh

      • endingNaija

        Reno OmoiKENNA Omokri, how are you. New name-right? Welcome to the campaign. Ours is joyous and felicitous one for ours is of God and it is of CHANGE! Corruption is NOT of God! CHANGE is it!

        • ikenna

          Reno calm down Feb 14th is around the corner so please calm down and let us wait till then and no need to shout yet ok.

          • endingNaija

            Reno Omokri, New name eh? Abandoning otile/oleku/tawanda etc for a while! Okay ooo. The more the names you use the more pay you get from the OILY 21 billion Naira Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Chop! Our God is INCORRUPTIBLE and you agents and vessels of corruption as represented in Goodluck Jonathan and his campaign will FAIL in Jesus name-say Amen Pastor Reno Omokri na ikenna !!! yeye corrupt people

  • ikenna

    All these media propaganda is getting too childish

  • Stone

    The distinguished professor of Law is not your problem but your remarkably poor performance report card and staggering pro – corruption record. Desperation drove you to Borno in search of votes and pump price reduction announced by the unelected president. Even if you give Nigerians PMS free till 14th of February, you will still lose to GMB. No pastor can avert your exit.It is firmly decreed by the masses you took for granted for 6 years.

  • Evangelist

    The issue Yemi Osinbajo dodges to sneak into Aso Rock

    “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly
    and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping
    all over Nigeria. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation
    of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given
    us, within the context of one Nigeria, to continue to uphold the practice
    of Sharia wholeheartedly.

    What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to re-double their efforts
    and educate Muslims on the need to promote the full implementation of Sharia law.”

    …….General Muhammadu Buhari

    (August 27, 2001)

    “This is a war against Christians, democracy, and, their constitution.
    Jonathan, you’ll be surprised when this land gets soaked with blood.”

    ……Abubakar Shekau
    (Boko Haram Leader May 4th, 2014)

    • Ms. Vivian

      In my own view, a Christian Pastor who keeps quiet in the face of Muslims’ declared genocide
      is either a fake prophet or a merchant in politics for the love of money for himself and his family.
      If Yemi Osinbajo keeps quiet on genocide declared on Christians he’s either a fake or a merchant.

      • endingNaija

        I think it is best to say you either for corruption meaning voting against the Incorruptible Body of Christ or you vote against corruption meaning voting for the Incorruptible Body of Christ. Decision s left to you Ms. Vivian for Mr. Goodluck Jonathan is the symbol of corruption and therefore Mr. Jonathan cannot be of God.

      • MUSTASH

        Who declared genocide on Christians? More Muslims died in Boko Haram attacks.

    • Stone

      Tales by Moonlight. Tell us something new not this old broken record of PDP comedians. lol

      • Kunle

        Nawao they are real comedians. Bishop oyedepo has join his colleagues – the comedians called pdp who have failed to realize that change is imminent.





      • New Nation

        Seems correct!

    • Buhari’s statement was made 13+ years ago, Shekau’s a year ago. In the thirteen years, Buhari, like most Northerners, had tasted the bitter pill of Shekau’s Sharia and they want no more of it. Why should you deny them the right to change their mind for the better? Fe Buhari, Love Buhari, February 2015 Vote Buhari as President

      • Onike24

        Exactly! Did you notice that no one in Nigeria protested the Charlie hebdo cartoons? Whilst in neighboring Niger 5 people died and God knows how many churches were burnt! Nigerians have learnt the hard way about religious extremism and we have seen where is ends!

  • ikenna

    Most people here commenting will end up not voting. I don’t know why there are making noise here. Wait till Feb 15th and then talk.

    • endingNaija

      sorrry ooo the “truth” na ikenna na Reno Omokri! Do not worry. Just keep your advice to yourself.

  • Jonathan as Egbesu cult member should go and canvass their votes.

  • Gidi

    Despite all their sleazy attacks, from both FFK, Methu et al, GEJ is finally realizing that Nigerians are not dumb after all. We all knew all along that the only strategy PDP has in its sleeve is to paint Buhari as islamist, who is going to turn Nigeria into something else. Well, how is that working for you?

    Discerning minds also understand that when you don’t have a record to run on, after 16 years of PDP rule, the only option is to destroy your opponent and make him unelectable. Case in point, attack on Buhari’s health as seen on Punch newspaper advertisement. That strategy too shall fail because Nigerians can see through it. We are more wiser than 4 years ago.

    Finally, when all the mud doesn’t stick, you result into the last option–throwing kitchen cabinet at it. That is, using religious leaders to advocate for something that is not sellable to the public. This one too shall fail. Bishop Oyedepo is not the first pastor to be bought by big money and he won’t be the last.

  • Ette

    Woe to those who take side with the corrupt and wicked PDP government. When the righteous is on the throne, the people rejoice but when the wicked is on the throne the people lament. GEJ has brought Lamentations to Nigerians through unbridled corruption, shedding of innocent blood, religious and ethnic conflicts, stealing from the unemployed and taking them to stadia to kill them etc. So called pastors are serving their stomach and not the righteous God, thus no one should listen to them henceforth. This is democracy and no one can Islamise Nigeria, these cash and carry preachers are liars in god’s name. Let us trust God to give us leaders who will punish evils and reward good and manage our resources for the benefit of all. GEJ has been rejected by God because of his evil deeds. Let us see how the council of witches and wizard which endorsed him will keep him in power. God bless Nigeria.





  • boliatepa

    This is simply not journalism. I am neither for Buhari nor Jonathan, but if you must write this kind of report, mention more names of attendees and attempt to interview some of them, even if they would decline. I am trained as a journalist and have worked as one. It is very sad how opinions are being sold as news by the mass media. The press are just as bad as the Nigerian military or Nigerian politicians.

    • jude L/A USA

      So what is your point, or contribution to this burning debate? Clown!!!!

  • Abdul

    Bishop Oyedepo is my pastor and i respect him but he should be careful about how he dine with a criminal.

    • luke

      Bishop Oyedepo
      is wanted criminal. They are afraid of their 419 acquired wealth after Feb 14th. Kirikiri await him and co.

      • kenny

        did you read the heading of this article,(Jonathan in secret meeting with pastors), if it is secret then how the the writer get to even know that Oyedepo said he will campaign for Jonathan?i do not believe that, and besides, did i mention that i attend winners chapel, i listen to Oyedepo every Sunday and since this year began, he has never mentioned Jonathan or Buhari or any politician on the altar, last sunday, he only lead us i prayers for a peaceful election, so don’t believe everything you read.

    • Progress

      Your respect for him should be rooted in reality how close is he to the pure doctrines of God and teachings of Christ. If he is not what he preaches what is he and others like him then?

  • Progress

    Gbogbo won kere si number! These so called men of God thrives because of the widespread poverty, desperation and hopelessness. How many young people goes to church in US and Europe, or even in South Africa. They prefer to be buying cheap factory warehouses and abandon factories and convert such to church. Forgetting that the tithe they live on so selfishly and so EXTRAVAGANTLY will cease if there are no job or insecurities.

    This is pastor under investigation in Europe. The very end of SLAVERY OF MEN TO ANOTHER MAN comes thither. Imagine the traditionalist, Gurus, Olumbas and Muslim leaders also getting heavily and openly involved in politics like this? Oyedepo seriously now “FE GUN IGI RE KO JA EWE” and will end up disgraced.

    The Almighty Lord, Jehovah Jireh they profess (or pretend) to worship never side with falsehood and will exposed them for what they are and rub their faces in the dust very very soon.

    • Tochukwu, New York.

      long life progress. Where I live people like Bishop Oyedepo
      will be in jail for fraud, however he and co is celebrated in presidential villa. God disgrace this fake pastors for ur glory.

  • King Carlos

    Wait sef… Where is Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor? He has been missing in recent political action. Abi Oyedepo dn take him place ni?

  • True Nigerian

    I have loved Bishop Oyedepo for years as a man of great wisdom. I will be utterly shocked if he is so unthinking to reduce himself to an instrument of campaign for a Presidency that has almost destroyed Nigeria. It is almost impossible to imagine. People, including most of his members, are fed up of a government that supports criminals, encourages corruption and tells his own voters that he doesn’t give a damn. And that’s someone Bishop Oyedepo would be hobnobbing with in the name of Christianity? How Christian is Jonathan? How Christian is corruption? How christian is the Jonathan’s consistent principle of making cover-ups for the most horrific corruption that has destroyed this country including the army? How Christian is arrogance? How Christian is utter failure? How Christian is waste? How Christian is the destruction of credibility through ceaseless constant presidential lies? And talking about violence, how Christian is it really to have a boko haram sponsor that you refuse to prosecute whilst also claiming that Christians are in danger if a Muslim is the President?

    • Wähala

      Oyedapo is just a common thief that’s why he can support a fellow thief… how Christian is Oyedapo who physically abused a minor? How Christian is Oyedapo who is under investigation in the UK for money laundering? How Christian is a pastor who refuses to buy business tax in the name of running a fraudulent church? What did Jesus ride on? How Christian is Oyedapo who flies about in private jet bought with stolen money…??? Oyedapo is a cultist like any other fake pastors, they’re all thieves like Dr. Jona Dumbo so it’s no surprise that one of the forty thieves would support Ali Baba. Hope I’ve answered all your questions about Oledapo!

      • kenny

        look, my problem with we, Nigerians is that we are too quick to judge others, how sure are you that this article is completely true, that Bishop Oyedepo meet with Jonathan to help campaign for him, did you read the heading of this article,(Jonathan in secret meeting with pastors), if it is secret then how the the writer get to even know that Oyedepo said he will campaign for Jonathan?i do not believe that, and besides, did i mention that i attend winners chapel, i listen to Oyedepo every Sunday and since this year began, he has never mentioned Jonathan or Buhari or any politician on the altar, last sunday, he only lead us i prayers for a peaceful election, so don’t believe everything you read.

        • Wähala

          how certain are you this article is not entirely true? Between you and PT guess who I’d rather believe? You’re a career lair and a goddarn criminal to support criminality by claiming Oyedapo has not mentioned Dumbo’s name in any instance on the pulpit. Who do you think you’re addressing, morons like yourself? You want me to believe he didn’t give his congregation a feedback on his trip to Jericho with Dumbo and the other fake pastor, Ayo Oletsejafor? Lookie here, Nigerians like you are the reason I curse the sh*t out of punks without common sense… or, who assume we’re all pfools like them. Biko, pocket your unsolicited advise about what to believe bcos next time you cross my line of fire will earn you a foot in your dirty azshole… Didinrin!

    • psammy

      sincerely if this is true i will be utterly disappointed in a man i rate so highly, why i doubt it is true is one, is it money he needs that God has not blessed him with? two, high holds Pastor Adeboye in high esteem being the person that ordained him to ministry and i dont think pastor Adeboye his mentor will go Right and he decides to go left atleast not openly. but if this is true like i said earlier i will really be disappointed in one of my favorite writer not just preacher, because i have read his books than i have heard him preach.

      • New Nation

        Just my thought too bro. But let’s still hold on and watch events unfold. I believe Papa(Oyedepo) is too intelligent and blessed to be dragged into all this mess. Even the Lord Jesus will be disappointed in JonaTAN for not using his position to turn Nigeria around even in just 2 years not to talk of a whole 4-6 years he has been there. JonaTAN has brought lots of reproach to the Christian faith by condoning corruption and corrupt tendencies. He loves to be called president but denied the responsibility thereof.

    • Kay Soyemi (Esq.)

      Bruv, I think the question also needs to asked as to “how Christians are these Pastors that refused to speak truth to power?”

  • djay

    Dear president Jonathan if you had performed Osinbajo wouldn’t have been a problem. What u also fail to understand is that the clamour for change has since move beyond religion and its unfortunate Oyedepo has failed to learn from Ayo’s experience. Change 2015.

    • Yusuf

      i rest my case, you have said it all, a word is enough for the wise

  • tino

    go and read about Isheal in Gen chapter 16 and you will know about an average muslim and what they can do. :”Nemo quo non habet”, no one gives what he doesnot have. Buhari has no peace but violence and I don’t think we need him now. Jonathan is still the better evil. Nigerian problem is longterm Northen rule for nearly 40yrs of which Buhari was part of

    • tundemash

      I hope those your average Muslim include;
      1. PDP Chairman Muazu who signed Sharia into law in Bauchi state as gov.
      2. V.P. Sambo whose friend was caught as an armourer of Boko Haram in Kaduna.
      3. GEJ , the only President of Nigeria to have attended the Organsation of Islamic Countries (OIC) meeting. See him laughing heartily at the meeting in the picture …… how do you feel now tiny brain tino ???

      • christobel2010

        That is why his name is tino. His brain is tiny.

        • emeka

          Na waooo, you have kill me dead with laaaaffffff

      • Oladele

        OBJ also attended to show them that in Nigeria there is a third religion Chrislam!

    • tolu

      Don’t contradict yourself pls. Christianity came from those Middle Eastern society way b4 Islam did. We are all from Judaism. More over pick your history books and check how much blood has been shed in the name of Christ there in the Middle East since abt a 1000 yrs ago. This was b4 Mohammed was even born. Mind you I’m a Christian so no biases. Just read history too.

    • Kunle

      Tino u hv bin brainwashed by d devil who call himself pastor! Wake-up ooo!

  • Guest

    If it’s true then, Oyedepo is a big fooool, supposed Men of God has turned into Devil’s tool. These goes to show everything they are preaching are all fake. If no one could tell GEJ religiously to allowed the votes to decides, it means they are not worthy to be called Christians. Oyedepo and his group of fools should better go into exile, because, a change has come to stay, GEJ must go down feb14, whoever that chooses to go down with him is free to do so.

  • Maria

    I hope he is not planning to assassinate Osinbajo.

  • sypher

    This is nonsensical. Jonathan is not the first Nigerian leader that is a Christian. I am utterly disappointed in those Christian leaders who not only gave him audience to beg for their support to be used as his tools of campaign but perplexed by those that are already playing to the gallery by commencing a serious campaign of culmuny against Buhari using their pulpits. Are they really men of God or men of devil? Are we to believe that the atrocities committed by this administration have no impact whatsoever on their congregations? Or do they prefer to serve the interests of Jonathan than to serve the generality of the masses of our country?
    One fact remains obvious and that is, it will not be in the interest of the generality of Nigerians that our country is divided on religious lines as the consequences will affect all and sundry. We should also not begin to send wrong signals to other religious groups as it is my candid opinion that neither Jonathan nor Buhari will ever win elections in this country if only they were to be voted for only by those with the same faith with them. In other words, no Christian can win presidential election if only voted for by Christians while no Muslim will ever win a presidential election if only voted for by Muslims.
    For Jonathan to call the leaders of his faith secretly and request them to assist him portray his opponent as a religious bigot who wants to Islamize the country when this is constitutionally impossible, amounts to conspiracy of the highest order by such leaders of Christian faith against Islam. It is also a betrayal of trust and confidence Muslim voters reposed on Jonathan in 2011. For Jonathan to again now go round asking Muslims to vote him while he has secretly hatched a conspiracy against their religion is a crime against humanity and he must be punished for that. Given that he escapes the punishment here on earth, he should know that both Muslims and Christians believe in the same God whose punishment he cannot escape.

    • Tom

      Vote for Muslim, we Christians are voting for a Christian which is GEJ, take it or die.

  • Harry

    If it’s true then, Oyedepo is a big fooool, supposed Men of God has turned into Devil’s tool. These goes to show everything they are preaching are all fake. If no one could tell GEJ religiously to allowed the votes to decides, it means they are not worthy to be called Christians. Oyedepo and his group of fools should better go into exile, because, a change has come to stay, GEJ must go down feb14, whoever that chooses to go down with him is free to do so.

  • Richard

    Jonathan doesn’t want to go down alone that is why he wants to take some clergymen along with him. It will be wise if these clergymen could concentrate on prayers for the successful completion of elections

  • Yusuf

    This man have run mad, he may not realize that he has failed the election even after June 2015. Imagine people that said Buhari is going to die are now telling Christians that the VP is insignificant, Confusion will follow them to their graves; Surrender is not a defeat but an important tactic in the game of power

    • Tom

      Then why are you APC calling GEJ names, and you don’t want people to call your GMB names, you guys in APC are not wise. No to Islamist and no to GMB he is an Islamist

  • christobel2010

    Oyedepo have never been a serious man. So forget him. God has shoved him aside since.

  • FortB

    Gossip news. Did this reporter attend the meeting?

    • True Nigerian

      Yes, the reporter that told you about Monica Lewinsky was supposedly there when she and baba were making each other happy in the bedroom. Abi?
      The reporter that told you about third-term agenda was there when Obasanjo was planning it. The reporter that told you about who killed Dele Giwa was apparently with IBB when the letter bombs were being packaged. SMH!

      Well, 1+1=2. That’s how investigative journalism works. If one is added to another one, the only answer can be two. A conclusion cannot negate the facts that justify it. People who went to the church on Sunday have now confirmed that the inference of this reporter is true, because the pastors have suddenly started asking their members to pray against the emergence of an Islamist as the President of Nigeria.

      This country is rotten, even the churches. It’s a crisis of morality.

      • Dan Arewa

        I hope he will understand you.

      • emeka

        Don’t worry bros, let them keep praying, that when GMB takes over, God will use him to appropriately rout the islamists out of this country, what GEJ could not do

    • Kunle

      FortB – No smoke without a fire!

      • FortB

        Not in Nigeria politics. Or you want me to believe Gmb is really sick?

  • ola

    I hope they are not planning to kill osibajo

    • richard egbe

      They can’t! Their gathering is not of the lord. Heaven will raise a standard against them. #changeishere#

      • Tom

        And your islamists gathering is of the lord,

  • Jossy04

    So disappointing, Nigeria men of God. All they care about is their pockets. Please

  • Balaj

    While sultan of sokoto propagates issue base and avoid using religion on campaigns. President GEJ and pastors are working round the clock in their churches prophecising religion as a basis.

    • Tom

      Christians are voting GEJ, Vote your Buhari and his islamists,

  • Contact Point

    Pastor David Oyedepo (forget the toga of Bishop, after all who ordained him Bishop) in every passing day continue to confirm what the people have been suspecting as him been a businessman in the pulpit. Well, as for Jonathan, he should read Judges 16v20 to understand why hurricane Buhari is sweeping across the nation and why change is the password.

  • amazing2012

    I will begin my submission with questions regarding the attitude of Jonathan in causing division among people:
    How will the world react:
    —–If BUHARI held a secret meeting with imams ?
    —–If Buhari who convert the Alta of mosques as podium for presidential speech where every Friday he must speak to Nigerians from the mosque, a speech that is directed to attack some section of the country,simply to convince the mosque that Christians hate him.
    —–Imagine it was Buhari who went to mosque and the imam says (before thousand of faithfulls) that Igbo and Ijaws are the problem of violence in Nigeria, just as the primate of Methodist Church state last Sunday.
    —-Imagine it was Buhari who says “I know them (terrorist) we are eating with them”.
    Before become president, every body is happy to see him through. Because all Nigerians are tired of old casks set of people who ruin the country from 1960. In the North, they are tired of past leaders that rules for over 30 years without any development. Jonathan has the best opportunity that no any president has before unfortunately when he become president, chrisitian leadership cornered him and show him that Muslims who also voted him in are his enemies. Of course, corrupt leaders from the north who has looted the nation can be his enemies but not the millions masses who voted him. This is exactly the beginning of his problem, a president that purpose to be for all including pagans ends becoming a president for Christians by the Christian. Unfortunately we are one as a nation not tribe or religion.
    The christian leadership expand their division program by programming Jonathan to be close to Israel in the name of holiness. Jonathan is not civilized to know the difference between faith, state and politics. Saudi and Israel will never like you as a Nigerian they will only promote their treacherous interest in your country, thereby causing unrest and underdevelopment. jonathan believed that shaking hand with Rabi is like shaking hand with Jesus, he therefore submit the country to them. Israel and Arab has their problem and will engage with each other at any place or the representation of these two faiths will engage themselves supported by their respective masters above. The first problem is distrust and then action against each other, if Nigeria is at war like Rwanda, Saudi and Israel will only give us more arms to kill ourselves while they are laughing at us. Nigeria should be jealously promoted and heartily protected just as the Saudis and Israelites will protect their countries.
    To me a pagan Nigerian is close to me and better in term of nationism than a faithful follow from another country.
    Nigeria project will continue and survive jonathan damage !!

    • oladimeji

      In fact you have said it all.

    • emeka

      I couldn’t finish the post but I must say you have made a wonderful must read commentary

  • olutade

    All these are confirming what Pastor Tunde Bakare said recently.


    this is ridiculous all lies i pray that you find redemption with Christ will all these lies that you have put up just to promote your journalism. remember there is life after death i am not perfect myself but don’t speak against men of GOD you where not even in this meeting this is you bearing false witness… GOD BLESS YOU GOD BLESS NIGERIA

    • Revolution-calling

      Dont be brain washed, who is a man of God…?. Not a single man of God in Nigeria, all there just to make Money and live large. come to Europe and see how they worship God there.

  • David tumba

    Is all about money, oyedepo

    • kenny

      did you read the heading of this article,(Jonathan in secret meeting with pastors), if it is secret then how the the writer get to even know that Oyedepo said he will campaign for Jonathan?i do not believe that, and besides, did i mention that i attend winners chapel, i listen to Oyedepo every Sunday and since this year began, he has never mentioned Jonathan or Buhari or any politician on the altar, last sunday, he only lead us i prayers for a peaceful election, so don’t believe everything you read.

  • ab sadeeq

    Sorry as not even the Pope can help GEJ after haven squandered and mismanaged our country. Do the needful by way of packing your load from Aso rock today as it might be too late in the day.bye GEJ

  • Etomi

    There is no doubt about the fact that Osinbajo is simply being used..
    Pursuant to the 1999 Constitution, as amended, the position of Vice President is purely a contingent office, at best a ministerial one in terms of being only the president’s delegate…
    It is constitutionally powerless…
    Recall what happened at the time late President Yar’Adua was ill…
    The polity was nearly grounded to a halt then simply because the VP could do nothing under the Constitution…
    The Doctrine of Necessity had to be invoked by the NASS just to transcend the snag and make Jonathan Acting President before the country could begin to function again…
    The VP office is so inconsequential to the extent that were not for the intervention of the courts, Obasanjo had
    been done with sacking his Vice, Atiku…
    These are unique moments not only in our nation’s history, but also in World history in terms of the forces determining its motions and direction…
    If you don’t know, this era has been describes, a la late Harvard Professor Samuel Huntington’s characterization as (unlike the Cold War) the Clash of Civilizations, i.e. Western Christian Civilization v. Arab Islamic Civilization…
    In other words, following the end of the Cold War, the prime force that would determine the course of history is the clash, a bloody one at that, between Western Christian Civilization and Arab Islamic Civilization!!!!
    This era shall be characterized by an escalation of radical Islamic terrorism, the goal of which is to blackmail and supplant Western Civilization…
    Thus today’s world is inevitably grappling with how to characterize radical Islam and brace up to its foreboding daredevilry…..
    There is thus sound wisdom in being wary of a man who had declared his commitment to having Sharia imposed on Nigeria….
    A narrow-minded, barely literate man and religious bigot like Buhari is not good for a pluralistic society like Nigeria….

    • paul eneke

      You should be ashamed of yourself for making such comment.Am a pastor,a senior one for that matter and i dont reason so cheaply like you,my conscience is being guided by the need to paddle this country aright. Am equally ashamed to see our people creating a platform for this government to take advantage of. God Almighty will not allow that IJN.

      • Etomi

        I am a lawyer and writer, whose training spans Philosophy, Law, Religion, Political Theory, History, Literature, among others…
        I am also a committed observer of local and global socio-political dynamics…
        If you have no value to add to our knowledge and wisdom stock, why not park well and stew in your hopeless ignorance!!!!!

        • paul eneke

          I can feel lamentations! your name calling is a sign of frustration,a typical PDP thing. Its o! wait till February 14 for a full version.

          • Etomi

            What ‘lamentation’???
            You hardly have made any reasonable rebuttal of my submission than you belched, ‘You should be ashamed of yourself…’
            This is a democracy…
            It only works with enlightened citizenry, who have ideas and not insults to pelt…
            That you don’t share my sentiments, doesn’t ipso facto mean you should be ashamed of holding yours…

        • If you are a lawyer, then you are not a wise lawyer

          • Etomi

            Why don’t you expose my ‘un-wiseness’ with wise rejoinders…
            Let’s see how wise you are with your factual and logical submissions, no logical fallacies or emotional blackmail…

          • You are not very wise and by extension dishonest because you violated whatever knowledge gained in your study of postmodernism of Jacques Derrida and Michael Foucault. While you were careful to apply it to Buhari and came up with your conclusion on comments attributed to him, you failed miserably to apply same knowledge to evaluate the speeches and acts of Jonathan for the purpose of mapping his character and personality. When you apply certain knowledge in one situation when it suits your purpose and fail to apply same knowledge when you feel otherwise is tantamount to intellectual fraud. So apply this knowledge on Jonathan’s speeches and acts and give us your findings and then we’ll begin the conversation from there.

          • Deleted

          • Etomi

            ‘He who asserts must prove…’
            This is a trite and notorious principle of Law..
            Thus, the burden is on you to reflect here GEJ’s reprehensible speeches…

          • This not a law court. In journalism you give a balanced story. You can apply your law principle when you get back to the court. Apply your postmodernism theory on Jonathan. Let’s see your finding. Journalism is about TRUTH AND HONESTY. Show us how honest you are.

      • Save Nigeria Father

        A pastor and a shepherd who saw the wolf coming on the flock………….. I wonder why many acclaimed pastor cannot discern the signs of the end. I wonder why many cannot understand the prophetic meaning of this country Nigeria? So be it but the God that answers by fire let him be God. God is love and by no means a thief, killer or destroyer like the prince of this world who continue to steal our oil in exchange for weapons for killing our beloved ones in the North East.

    • blueeyedkitten

      buhari is not a religious bigot. and you can never ever proof it, even if your life depends on it. however, give us facts and not conjectures mr philosopher. by the way, islamic civilization precedes your so called; western-xtian civilization. when islamic civilization was in vogue, the west were well in their dark ages. there is no clash of anything. just stop using lies to attack and maim citizens of arab countries. the world would be at peace again.

      • Etomi

        If you have ever studied the postmodernism of Jacques Derrida and Michael Foucault, you would have been introduced to what indeed has become axiomatic to the effect that in every man’s work, acts and speech may be located a map of his character or personality…
        I don’t judge Buhari by his electoral promises…
        It would be idi0cy to so do…
        On the contrary, I judge him by a what I witnessed him do as former head of state, who ceased power from a democratically elected government, and by a history of what he has said in the past…
        Is it wise to see no evil or say no evil about Buhari’s commitment to Sharia?!?!
        Here him: “Sharia should be introduced in full across Nigeria. I will continue to show openly and INSIDE me the TOTAL COMMITMENT to the Sharia movement. God willing, we will NOT stop the agitation for total implementation of Sharia in the country. It is a legal responsibility which God has given us, within the context of one Nigeria, to CONTINUE to uphold the practice of Sharia WHOLEHEARTEDLY. What remains for Muslims in Nigeria is for them to RE-DOUBLE their efforts and EDUCATE Muslims on the NEED to PROMOTE the FULL IMPLEMENTATION of Sharia law.”
        Do you deny that he evr said this???
        Can this be said to be mere grandstanding on the part of Buhari???
        If we are agitated by his primal commitment to Sharia, are we being f00lish?!?!
        If you are not worried or wary, I am aghast!!!!
        And for that alone, I’ll spare nothing to oppose Buhari’s cynical ambition!!!

        • blueeyedkitten


    • I think you just read materials and begin to quote them thoughtlessly. You should look for the strengths and weaknesses in what you read and add your thoughts before agreeing or disagreeing with an author. You get carried away by sensational stories. Don’t just swallow everything like a fish swallowing a hook and bait. Samuel Huntington has been severely critised by western audience. I share some of the criticisms. My own criticism of Huntington is that he failed to give Arabs’ perspectives of the reasons for the clash of western and Islamic civilisation. His writing was mostly based on western narrative of the causes of the clash. If someone slaps you, although you are going to react, it will help you to know WHY he slaps you. Huntington did not exhaustively examine the resons behind the actions he predicted among a group of Muslims. Unfortunately, nobody is asking the WHY question even here in Nigeria. The strategy of the west is to isolate the violent groups in Islam and does not bother to know some or all of the reasons these groups have taken to violence. The west does not agree or does not want to expose how deeply its culture is offensive to other cultures and civilisations. The Niger Delta crisis was solved because people understood it. Islamic terrorism will not be solved because people don’t want to understand it. Military power alone cannot solve it. Understanding and awareness are needed. Have you ever asked yourself the reason Christianity is brought into the fight between radical Islam and the West? Shine your eyes.

  • brightdestiny

    Wow what a shocking news Bishop said 2 shove d national crisis yet he has d gut 2 climb up d pulpit 2 comand prayers 4 d nation devil in disguised is long
    time l ve being telling pple 2 stop beliving dis so called pastors n bishops dey ar all criminals n fskes bt I guess d huge poverty n unducational atmosphere in Nigeria will never allow dem 2 belif it n here sm fulls still defend dem saying d reporter is lying yet dey still hear dem preach about dose tins dat was reported what a naive masses.

  • sagereal

    If what this reporter said is true which i dont doubt because of the way GEJ has been going to churches to make speeches on the state of the nation on the pulpit speaks low of him. This is the first time in Nigeria we are having a President that romance with his religion when election is drawing near, Nigerians are no fools because all religious voted him in 2011 and now that they wanted him out he wants ton use religion to forment trouble after Feb 14. I want Nigerians to remember one thing; poverty, unemployment, insecurity cut across all divides irrespective of religion or tribes so we must stand and vote out this corrupt in ineptitude administration we find ourselves in.

    • Wayne

      Nigerians have always voted along religious and ethnic lines. How about that. If not why did Awolowo loose election against Shagari. Cluelesssness against competence. Support the Republic of Biafra an the Republic of Souhwest Nigeria. Let Buhari be the President of Northern Nigeria. But I pity states like Benue, Plateau, Kogi, Kwara etc.

  • excel

    Jonadaft haven’t done enough by disintegrating Nigeria with religion. This gej can’t stop showing off is clueless act, Nigerians want change and they have realise how wicked pdp/gej have torn Nigeria mistake of 2011 will not repeat it self. Is time for CHANGE, let Vote right, Vote for CHANGE, Vote GMB….

    • Wayne

      Don’t you think Nigeria is better separated? What is a dog doing with a Lion.Common be smart. think outside the box. STOP thinking like afulani slave.

  • Oyedepo has just openly boasted the God has appointed him to lead a war against Islamic Jihadists in Nigeria so I’m not surprised. My reading of the situation is that the presidency is trying to use Winners under Oyedepo to continue its religious propaganda against their main opponents, sensing that Pastor Adeboye of the Redeem is given them some short shrift. Fortunately, for them they will find Oyedopo to be a will tool. This man is an unrepentant abuser of children and a liar. Oyedepo slapped a poor girl from Imo state for refusing to admit she was a witch, which of course she wasn’t and she is still not. In his attempt to undo his bad behaviour, he even did more evil by lying against this innocent girl in his next video. He told his gullible congregation that the girl he slapped on stage had come and apologised to him. For me, no evil can be worse than what Oyedepo did to this poor girl. Pastors like Oyedepo are the ones giving empty-headed Aribisala to insult Christians. He is playing with disgrace. Politicians will give him the disgrace of his life.

  • changetrain

    John Kennedy Okpara of course will want the beat to go on. He demolished a residential building in Wuse zone 2 that he paid almost 400 million for and built a school (Cuddle). He was ready to buy the adjacent buildings for 800 million but the tenants refused. He converted a residential building to a school using his closeness to GEK. Such lawlessness and such closeness to the presidency. Change is it! If within 4 years APC under performs, then it will be voted out in 2019. This change is what Nigeria truly needs. Let the change train move on! I have boarded with my PVC and you?

  • Abex229

    It’s ridiculous who people believe everything they read. I still wonder how the writer who was not part of the alleged secret meeting go to know all that was discussed. It is only a hearsay and not a credible source of information.

    • Udo

      Thanks Abex for thinking with your head, if the writer is so sure of his write up why did he/she go anonymous. People should stop dragging religion into politics, the polity is already heated!

  • Darlington Mudiaga Atumu

    This is a crazy publication by some media actors n politicians to attack the person of Bishop Oyedepo….why did the news media not state the names of the other so called Pastors that attended the meeting…
    I am surprise that while church goers allow people of other religion to run down their spiritual leaders; these people from other religious protect the image of their own spiritual leaders…
    After the image of the christain leaders are ran down then who will stand and speak on behalf of the christains

    • Did you not read Oyedepo’s recent claim that God has appointed him to lead a fight against Islamic Jihad in Nigeria?

    • wode

      You may need to talk to your pastor(s) to stay clear of, or be cautious of their involvement in, politics if they don’t want to be “stained” or harassed. Going into politics gets you into public scrutiny, attack, mockery, blackmailing, etc.



  • Bones

    All these are cooked up stories. Nigerian junk journalism at its best. Secret meeting n you know about it n have all these detail?
    I don’t care who wins but let us do our part by leaving religion out of it. 3 questions I have are:
    Will Buhari arrest Tinubu if evidence of his corrupt practices is revealed?
    Why is Jonathan saying he will expose past corrupt leaders? Why wait till now?
    And which of these candidate can assure Nigerians that govt contracts wl not be on man know man basis?

  • wode

    A bigot does not deserve to be our leader in the first place. Enough of this deception and divisiveness. Beating up sentiment in the part of a leader for whatever reason is a sign of a major weakness, insecurity and absolute failure. Mr President, this alone should be enough to disqualify you from getting people’s mandate.